Sol back on the radar.

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Is he or isn't he?
Is he or isn't he?
Chris Hughton doesn’t rule out bringing Sol Campbell to Newcastle United.

I think Hughton is yanking my chain because back on 31st October I wrote an article suggesting that Campbell was one of his transfer targets but then on the 3rd November I had to write an article saying he wasn’t after Hughton said:

There is no truth in this whatsoever. The first I heard about it was when it was on the television in the morning. We are looking elsewhere and it is an ongoing thing. Sol is an excellent player but there is nothing happening regarding him coming to Newcastle.”

However, it now seems Sol Campbell is a transfer target for Hughton after all. Hughton said yesterday:

Sol is one signing that might possibly happen here.

He’s still got a lot to offer the game and, although he’ll get a lot of offers, I wouldn’t rule him coming to Newcastle out.”

I wouldn’t expect Sol to be fit enough to play again until after Christmas.”

Apparently Campbell’s fiancée is from the North East, which is one reason why he nearly signed for Newcastle in the summer before being tempted to Notts County by Sven (and presumably a lot of money). The Notts County stint ended after just one game though and Campbell is now struggling to regain his registration as it is being withheld by Notts County in protest at his walk out. The whole thing is due to be settled at a Football League disciplinary commission on 10th December.

Campbell said:

I would be very interested in a move to Newcastle.

Newcastle are a very big club and could well be heading back to the Premier League. I’ve been approached by a few clubs, Newcastle are one of them, and I have reasons for wanting to go there.

I’m happy big time the Football League will hold the commission.

All I want to do is play again – sooner rather than later.”

I suspect a loan deal from January to the end of the season could be mutually beneficial if we still look like promotion candidates: Campbell gets to join a team with a good chance of returning to the Premier League and we get a player who can help shore up a squad with too few defenders. We need to get him on a relatively low wage, although I can’t imagine Ashley would allow it anyway if Campbell’s wage demands were too high.

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19 Responses

  1. I don’t doubt for a second that Sol would be a useful signing and would help our push for promotion……… but I see him as exactly the type of player we should start shying away from. I have had it up to back teeth with NUFC signing players (no too many recently mind you:) that are here for the paycheck.. Sol has been a great player but he is only chasing coin at the moment. We have a squad now that looks hungry and are gelling as a team.. Even though it will be a loan, it would keep the like of Kadar from developing… Me say no Sol please…

  2. Perhaps he could train with us thus getting his fitness up and letting him and the club assess oneanother before putting pen to paper?

  3. Your too soft Lesh… no more mercenaries mate… Understand where your coming from though

  4. I agree Aussie Magpie Fan. Campbell has demonstrated that he is motivated by chasing the big pay checks at the twilight of his career. He allegedly turned us down in the summer by following the cash to Notts County, that imploded so all of a sudden we have to listen to the mealy mouthed ‘Newcastle are a big club routine’. We know he has a house in Northumberland he recently bought with his geordie girlfriend so I’m sure it would suit him fine to join us. However he is typical of the old nags that Fat Fred would sign, the over the hill trophy signing, coming to the St James Rest Home to fill their boots before being put out to grass. Sol may well have something left to offer as a player, but I think it would send all the wrong signals if we were to sign him.

  5. Aussie and Deb, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head and that his only motivation for wanting to sign for us is that he’s living in Northumberland now!

    A pay per play arrangement might give him the incentive to play to his best?

  6. I dont want him I rather have Kill. He is still a young man 24, I guess and has alot to come though he is injury prone.

  7. I think nearly every Newcastle fan has had enough of these types of players.. We all used to get excited by the prospect of a “big name” signing. Now they fill me with a sense of dread… it’s time we start unearthing some talent… They are out there, we just have to find them and more importantly, give them a go.. 

  8. I think he could do a job for us this season but only this season. He would do a better job centre half than khis…. WHATS HIS NAME AGAIN? :)

  9. “before being tempted to Notts County by Sven (and presumably a lot of money).”

    Maybe, but he had a five year contract at Notts County too, which would have made him almost 40 by the time it ran out!

  10. Even though I appreciate the sentiments of this could hark back to the trophy signing days, IF we can get Campbell on a free – on terms that suit us – I can only see his signing being a good thing – and good business.
    But I appreciate the terms have to be right.

  11. Short term fix Stardust…. that’s all… we need to  keep signing the likes of Simpson. If we have an option to buy on the loan, it would be very good business..

  12. Doesnt Simpsons contarct run out at the end of the season? Is a solid enough player.

    Feel we need another striker myself,  I dont think Ashely would spen the money and I dont what his wages would be or if he would even come here but if possible I would look into getting Benni McCarthy , I know he is 31 but at 3 million i think you could get 2 very good seasons and maybe a 3rd one at that

  13. Depends on what he is asking for, personally I believe he could do a good job for us, strengthening the back line enormously, his experience alone is worth having.
    Think of what he could do for our younger defenders, in marshalling the defense, to sign him would do a great deal to-wards a promotion drive, therefore unless his wish list is over the top, get his signature.

  14. How about offer him a player coach role, he could teach the likes of Kadar and Tozer a hell of a lot on the training field, even tho like some have said it has to be weighed against him keeping the young guys out the side/off the bench.