The aftermath – Hughton counts cost of Deepdale encounter.

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Ryan Taylor: Calf.
Ryan Taylor: Calf.
Newcastle United manager, Chris Hughton, was left counting the cost of Toon’s emphatic 1-0 trouncing of Preston at Deepdale yesterday evening, where a 74th minute strike by Kevin Nolan helped to keep the lads at the top of the table.

Talking to NUFC TV, he assessed the bodycount:

“The first problem was that Ryan Taylor felt his calf in the warm up and we had to pull him out” the Cockney Colossus moaned.

Moving on to casualty number two, striker, Andy Carroll, Hughton went on:

“Andy had been feeling unwell all day and probably had no right to play.

“But this lad is a tough individual and when asked the question he wanted to play.

“We probably got alot longer than we thought out of him and he gave everything he had.”

The third and final casualty was on-loan full-back, Danny Simpson, who also had to pull out during the game, this time with a thigh strain according to Hughton:

“Danny Simpson felt his thigh but we’re but we’re hoping that the time we took him off saved it getting a little bit worse”.

With Shola on the mend, Lovenkrands hopefully finding a bit of form after his lack of pre-season and family problems, and new signing, Fabrice Pancrate, entering the attacking mix, the worst case scenario would probably be if both main right back options, Ryan Taylor and Danny Simpson are both still knacked for Toon’s home clash against Swansea on Saturday.

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41 Responses

  1. According to match reports, not the best of games and we were lucky to get all three points.
    This against a team in mid league position ?
    Would`nt be counting chickens yet, still need to bring in someone who can score, JJ. Shelvey anyone ?

  2. jungle jim says:
    November 24, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    “I thought Hughton was Irish not Cockney??”

    He was born in Stratford, East London, jungle jim.

    When he was Ireland’s manager, Jackie Charlton used to be notorious for finding good footballers with the most tenuous Irish connections to play for the Republic. Hughton was one of them I think?

  3. Apparently Cascarinos Irish connections were so tenuous, no one has up untill this time found them.

  4. What exactly are the requirements to play on an international side,anyone know ?
    I know that in the past numerous Irish players from both sides of the border, played games for both sides, sort of like a recruiting drive going on.

  5. Ameobi was born in Nigeria – so probably a lot more qualified to play for them than most of the “Irish” have been who pulled on a green shirt.

  6. Think he pulled on the shirt worky, but the time I seen him on the pitch with the U21s did not constitute actually playing.

  7. Allegedly, Charlton caught Cascarino drinking a pint of Guiness round the Isle of Dogs and that was all he needed.

  8. bowburnmag says:
    November 24, 2009 at 6:45 pm

    “Allegedly, Charlton caught Cascarino drinking a pint of Guiness round the Isle of Dogs and that was all he needed.”

    As well as being a footballer, Cascarino was a hairdresser and a yoga teacher. That would have impressed wor Jackie! :-)

  9. I remember Jackie Charlton buying me a pint everytime he used to come up to see us play in the promotion season and the one before, trying to use my family link to get Gavin Peacock to play for them. I told him every time that the Irish links are on my Dad’s side and way back and Gavin is from my Mam’s sid of the family, but each time he would sit me down and try. They would try anything, but why not

  10. to be honest and simpl i dont see the use of jonas ……i was so frustrated and mad i dont know wht he was doin …..enriqe on the other hand was improved i regrate saying he is not that good……..but jonas he frustrated me like last year when he played at sunderland wowow suprised no body said any thing about it

  11. chuck, don’t waste you’re time believing the mongs that write in papers.
    Yea, it wasn’t pretty, but NO, we weren’t lucky to win.
    There was only ever gonna be one winner.

  12. Oxford English Dictionary…..

    “Colossus”…..gigantic person…..standing astride over dominions……

    Not sure how this relates to Pinocchio LOL

  13. A draw would have been a fair result on the performance but if we are going to get promoted we will have to grind out results like this.

  14. I’m with you there Rangerman. Was a scrappy game, but if we can win ugly, that’s what gets promotion. Yes I think for the price we pay for season tickets, we should have great games every week we we tear the other team to bits, but in the real world, it aint going to happen. Just have to hope we go up this season and somebody can then buy us and take us forward.

  15. The team that produces one great moment in a hard fought game like that,
    deserves to win.

  16. Yeah Clint, sometimes that’s all it takes. If we were to win all our away games like that or at least a few wins and a few draws, and play well at home, we should be ok

  17. Simon, if we won away 1-0 like that forever more, i’d take that.
    So long as we win pretty at home generally.

  18. To be fair, i’d take a scrappy 1-0 everytime. Sure its not nice to look at, but its something we havn’t been able to do for years and years, grind out results.

  19. The Championship is a quagmire and you don’t get the top teams beating the other teams 5-0 every week. They just keep dragging out the 1-0s and 2-1s most weeks, and even the top teams can expect to to get beaten 10-12 times a season. 

  20. Talking about the many “pseudo-Irish” in Jack Charlton’s team, anybody hear the story about the team standing to attention for the playing of the national anthems before a game? One Irish player whispers to his neighbour in the line-up “God, their anthem is bloody awful!” His mate says, “That’s not their anthem, it’s ours!”

  21. Aye, ball in the back of the net is all that counts, sometimes the only fun is the win.
    I’ll put up with any amount of boring footie for now ’til we get back up, so long as we’re winning i’m happy & the gap to the next game feels a hell of a lot easier to get through.
    Shit! i sound like an addict. :)
    I’ve got black&White coursing through me veins.
    Howay the lads

  22. Even though Jonas might not be of what we have expected. He tried hard everytime, in the match he even run back to cover his slow running country mate colo, where’s S.taylor then?

    We have saw the hype side of Newcastle Utd, currently is the ugly side or the rebuilding process which will take a long time.

    Jonas is no David Ginola. …but he will surly run back to cover the defence when everyone have give up chasing or does have the energy to run anymore but not him. 

    Just think in this way to feel better when we win. A winn means a win. Nice or ugly. 

  23. And again, opp defenders on the right are often tired when Jonas play, he will used their energy up quite alot when he keep attacking and running on the field.

    Once the opp defence is tired, the rest will attack.

  24. So people here were complaining and said Hughton was useless for taking Carroll and Simpson off during the match but now its come out they were injured and in Carroll’s case, shouldn’t have even played, people aren’t mentioning it at all?

    Is it so hard to admit being wrong and give Hughton credit?

  25. The Hay days are gone…we all miss them. But this is just the begining, once the club has got more cash and the management is stable and the accounts are on longer in RED. We will start building from there.

    No more expansive buys. Branded players out of the club range.

    For new til next time, i hope the club can get the promotion, to generate more income and the management can help keep the club stable or grow or expand it and stay in the EPL.

    From there, a top half finish will be good for then. Dnt expect too much.

    Currently Spurs are the team expanding and they are building a newer, much bigger and more technological advance  stadium then us/ all and we are still in the damn old erra. That’s what i hate about it.

    Common, we need to keep it up. no more old erra, we have to slowly brance out to reach for better things, with our fans base all over the world, if proper management, Newcastle Utd can do as well as Man Utd. Generating income/status all over the world.

    Newcastle will rise once again may be not in this erra but will be the next one.

    (maybe when KevinKeegan Jr takes over, he knows what mistake Snr have make and improve on that. It will be perfect.) 

  26. Yes, wickywoowoo well said.

    On the other hand, when Caroll was taken off,  the TV camara was on Harwood. (That block of wood) and can see his expression was nervous when he bite he’s lip and stick out abit of his tongue. There was pressure.

    Hughton might just wanted to force Harwood to perform in a way. Just like when i watch Man Utd last game when Owen was just a clown running and blocking the way of his teammates and Fegie just let him stay on.

    If Harwood is determine to make a come back surly he can score in this leg.

    Just wonder where is Mark Viduka now (if Harwood and all can come on loan why can’t he?).

  27. i’m happy with mondays win, awya from home on a cold wet monday night… rather them than me!

  28. Yes I believe the requirements to play for national sides have changed recently, one such change is that in the case of Ireland it will be judged that anyone having downed a pint of stout, within the previous six months, will become eligible.