Award-winning performances from Newcastle United?

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More room required?
More room required?
It’s already been the season for picking up awards, although of course the most important award Newcastle fans will be hoping for is the league title. But along the way so far, Newcastle boss Chris Hughton has won the Championship’s manager of the month award for the third time this season, adding November to his previous awards in August and September.

Our six-straight-wins run, included a perfect return in November as we enjoyed a 100% record in all four league games, including a couple of tricky fixtures against some of the stronger teams, and as a result we sit proudly at the top of the Championship, four points clear of West Brom in second and ten clear of Notts Forest in third.

Kevin Nolan also picked up the PFA Fans’ Player of the Month for the Championship for the second month running, following his impressive goal haul. Nolan pipped Sheffield United’s Darius Henderson and West Brom’s Simon Cox and although he still looks like he could lose a few lbs and get about the pitch quicker, his ability to score crucial goals has been invaluable, and his influence is a major reason for the current team spirit according to the rumours.

As long as we keep winning these awards, it can only mean good things, although I’m sure Hughton, Nolan and the fans would swap all of these for a Championship title at the end of the season. Again, I hate playing Devil’s Advocate because Hughton and the players undoubtedly deserve recognition for what they’ve done so far, but is it a reflection of their abilities, or more of the opposition and their lack of? I’m still worred it’s the latter and what the implications are because of that.

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202 Responses

  1. Looking at the trophy cabinet, it’s probably best we don’t go for a bigger one until we’re sure we’re gonna get promoted or win the FA cup!

  2. Are we in denial of our plight or enjoying this league?
    Suppose we dont have a choice as the Grinch has us in a strangle hold, the Toon Army are now the Mushroom Army, fed on shit and kept in the dark but still we keep going but for how much longer will the static agrressive aging midfield hold out against the younger, faster, fresher units ahead of us.
    The reason i mention this is Nolan suspended could be good for the team but not if the replacement is Butt, Guthrie has been shoved out of position but gives us something else in the middle that Butt and co cant, energy!
    These fizzy pop awards mean nothing, the team needs to move forward and start playing football in readiness for the next step, that is unless  the Grinch has a dastardly unpleasant new year surprise for us.

  3. I’m going to try and enjoy this season, but come january MA will ruin that anyway with his fooling around.

  4. As per the report I did, I honestly think if Nolan hadn’t been sent off on Saturday, we’d have limped to a 1-0 win or worse maybe conceded and dropped two points.

    As it was, it was a backs-against-the-wall job and faced with adversity the result was satisfying enough to mask the general poor quality.

    I think it’s fair to say, the awards are based on goals and points rather than performances, as my headline ironically questioned.

    I didn’t have much time for an in-depth chat about the players in the match report but I thought Guthrie was pretty poor, even though I still like the look of him. Harewood did about three things all day, including inadvertently setting up the goal, and running off the pitch when sub’d quicker than he’d run on it all day. Still can’t get away with him. Jonas played well in spells and apart from a dodgy opening, the defence played well again.

  5. I’m a bit of a luddite bowburn, can you explain what that means in such terms that even a mackem can understand, sorry mate i know that can’t be easy.

  6. We can only beat what’s put in front of us.
    & we’re beating them, by hook or by crook.
    These teams really wanna turn us over, so enjoy the winning.
    If we get up, it’ll be the other way round, teams will think we’re an easy touch as
    newly promoted.
    I take on board the need for prem players, if promoted, but we’re not promoted yet, so we can’t go buying prem class players, chicken & egg, cart before the horse, dog & duck & all that. :)
    Perspective required, along with patience, fortitude & a willingness to live in the NOW!
    Ah, you know what a mean.

  7. CLiNT re….  you take on board the need for prem players, if promoted, but we’re not promoted yet, so we can’t go buying prem class players, chicken & egg, cart before the horse, dog & duck & all that.

    Or trophy cabinets before cups eh!

  8. Lesh,
    no prem class players will wanna come here ’til they are absolutely certain that we’re going up mate, yea?
    You can always knock up a quick trophy cabinet, can’t ya?
    I’ll pop round there meself & sort ’em out, saying that, i’m pretty sure we’ve got one in place just in case we garner such a thing.

  9. Doubt any would wanna sign up in jan, on the off chance.
    So, that leaves the summer.
    It all feeds into the living in the now scheme i mentioned earlier.

  10. completely crazy,we have been outplayed by most teams this season,yet we find ourselves top of the pile?
    fat boy will have to put his money where his mouth is before the luck runs out.

  11. Yeah you’re right trojan 69, but most people expected us to play badly and lose most of our games so it’s not all bad.

  12. worky – well let’s just say my take on things so far, is that the awards aren’t based on aesthetics.

  13. we’re still having our moments BBM, my earlier concerns about slotting Pancrate in on the right have been totally allayed, he’s fitting in lovely and that goal was an absolute peach

  14. Just as a quick look back at results since Blackpool, which was our first real blip. We’ve recovered well in terms of grinding out results but…

    Blackpool – outfought and outwitted (by all accounts)
    Plymouth – Toon deserved it
    Ipswich – Toon deserved it
    QPR – outplayed
    Bristol City – fairly even overall
    Notts For – evens/outplayed
    Scunthorpe – outfought and outwitted (by all accounts)
    Doncaster – outplayed
    Sheff Utd – evens
    Peterbro – they were horrible
    Preston – both horrible
    Swansea – outplayed for most of the 1st and 2nd half
    Watford – outplayed

  15. And yet we’re still top. And I have loads of admiration for Hughton for the results he’s managed and the players for coming together when required. I also openly admire the defensive displays so far, and have admitted that Colo looks a revelation this season.

    My worry is that if we were properly tested at the back, we could be worse off. And no matter which way you look at it, the football is not great to watch for the majority of the time. That isn’t just down to our lot either though.

  16. Obviously Watford being the major exception and I really enjoyed the way we held on. Great substitutions and siege-like attitude. I just think I might have come away with a different attitude had those circumstances not been forced upon us.

  17. yes we have worky,very few games this season have we been dominant,and we have limped over the line in a lot of our games.
    the problem is we cannot compete in midfield as we have very little movement.
    we are WIMBLETOON.

  18. TROJAN 69 says:
    December 7, 2009 at 12:44 pm

    “the problem is we cannot compete in midfield as we have very little movement.
    we are WIMBLETOON.”

    What do you know about Wimbledon? They were actually quite a good footballing side under Kinnear, I saw them beat ‘Spurs 3-1 once, and completely out pass them and dominate them in the midfield. Or are you just going on some stupid cliche you read somewhere in a newspaper? :-)

  19. What we need is to draw a PL team should we get through to the next round of the FA Cup.  Either one of the promoted teams or someone like Hull, Stoke, Blackburn, etc..Basically not one of the bigger teams.
    That would show how far we still need to go, IMHO.
    Yeah, Wolves away would be nice.  Good for me as it’s only 45 minutes up the road and also should we beat them it would be nice to gloat to the father in law and the brother in law. :)

  20. Ok so we’re not playing great football, but we are getting results, and it’s results that matter if we are to get back to the prem.

  21. jay jay,

    I think there may be something going on with your browser. Do you have very high security settings? Or are you using a mobile phone or something like that?

  22. worky, you in an antagonizing mood today eh!
    and yesterday come to think of it
    did you ever find proof of that staement you made re: MA not wanting the “loaned” money back from NUFC??
    i mean, great if thats the case, but everything points to the opposite

  23. I know there is a long way to go yet but what happens if we get there? I honestly think this team would struggle to beat Derby’s total of 11 points if they play like this (providing we get promoted). Teams create plenty of chances against us and a strikeforce of Carroll, Ameobi, Lovenkrands and Ranger would not be enough to outscore the opposition.

  24. Worky i’m on a mobile mate, i’ve never had problems until today mate, BBM said i got spammed, no idea what that means or how to sort it out, i’ve been living in a cave.

  25. agreed re 34
    we would be fooked in the prem and i reckon every Toon knows it.
    with the recent news of MA putting the club back on the”market” i’m hoping on the slim chance of that so a new buyer can come in before jan, start making arrangements and prepping for the premiership… alas common sense points to MA putting the club on the market at thsi time to conveniently side step the jan transfer window… (like every other one!)
    unfortunately all we can do is speculate and hope for the best

  26. although, the one saving grace this term is the team mentality… but it’d be interesting to watch how that handles losing regularly

  27. Let’s not speculate about life in the Prem yet.  We’re not there yet and when we are mathmatically sure we will be, then thats the time the powers that be have to start planning for life up there.

    Cut out the negatives and support the team going forward.  As long as we’re winning whether playing badly or otherwise, we’ve no need to whinge, have we?

  28. i disagree lesh, we should be planning for it.. sounding out potential targets, making agreements should we be promoted
    preparation is everything.

  29. WORKEY
    Yeah in a sense you are correct about the Crazy Gang under JK,   however it has become something of a cliche,  to use Wimbledon as an example when describing the long ball game.  No !  

  30. chuck – he never does with me chuck.

    I assume he’s just trying to make me a more rounded individual rather than just tearing apart my opinions for the hell of it. Although sometimes…

    And actually I should add, for the first half hour against Swansea they literally couldn’t touch us. So the ‘being outplayed’ bit was only the last 15 mins of the 1st half and most of the 2nd.

  31. chuck – even worky should admit that his Wimbledon point was slightly pedantic. Probably a good example of contradicting the traditional view but there were long periods when Wimbledon played horrible and effective football. Not that I agree that’s what we’re doing or aiming for.

    I agree with eastend too. My worry is that without pre-planning we end up becoming the dreaded yo-yo team. Too good for this league but not good enough for the Premiership. Because of everything that’s gone, I don’t have faith that the board are planning for anything other than getting the best price. Which means we could be left short whether we go up or we don’t. Of course the next few months will prove me right or wrong in having those doubts. But all things considered, can we be blamed for being sceptical?

  32. How many times must we witness the transfer windows pass,  without  one thin dime being spent,  before it becomes apparent MA  believes this squad is good enough to achieve promotion.
    And he may very well be right.

  33. Soz,
    but i reckon worky & Lesh are bang on the money.
    You can try & prepare all you want, but what y’gonna do: “Hi there mr prem class player, we at SJP think we’re going up in may, wanna come play”?
    Get real!
    “Come back when you are in the prem & maybe i’ll sign” would be the answer.
    “But i hear the fans are getting a bit worried about how you’ll fair in the prem”,
    “oh! I’ll sign then”.
    Oh dear!

  34. And just when things are going right and no scandal’s….Carroll goes and gets arrested !!! I am sure Barton would be proud of him.

  35. FFS,
    ashley knows nothing about football so will not be making football decsions-just financial ones-Howay!

  36. Some people havn’t accepted out relegation, and the ramifications it entails. How many other teams have prem players in the championship? We shouldn’t count our chickens before the eggs have hatched.

    If we dont go up, has anybody thought what would happen then? A mass exodus of players. You can kiss goodbye to the Jonas’, Colo’s, Nolan’s and Taylor’s of the team. they will soon be off. Fair play to them for sticking around this season, but if we dont go up the we will be in right mess, even deeper than we are now.

  37. Guys,
    how many here predicted ‘top of the league’ by this point?
    I’ll answer that meself shall, either none or next to none.
    So therefore., we’re all crap at predicting & shouldn’t go into the clairvoyancy business.
    But maybe we should grow a sack or, if female, hire one from a gadjie.

  38. Despite everyone’s reservations – this team WILL be promoted. And with 3 or 4 solid, quality additions, hold their own up there too.

  39. Bowburn, Eastend…..

    there’s nothing to stop the club preparing potential revenue budgets based on various scenaria for next season at the moment.  From there, they could be identifying potential targets, assessing what the budget’ll afford, estimating the targets’ worth  (ie the max offers to be made), pencilling in names and then when we’re assured – strike early!

  40. wow clint, your insight into a footballers brain leaves a lot to be desired!
    so you dont think that sounding out potential targets is worthwhile? say players not currently getting first team football at top clubs? players from other leagues around the world… how about that serbian player that Manu walked away from recently? maybe have a look at him… must of had something about him, no? how many seasons do we see go by and mediocre clubs-like ourselves- bring in a quality signing…santa cruz at blackburn? palacious at wigan?
    do you know how those teams find those players? by looking. they are out there, they may be hard to find but thats why you start early!
    and ultimately, we’re not promoted now, but we are odds on, thats a fact. so you can do everything but get the contract signed come april.
    to do anythign else is really short sighted… and probably exactly what MA will do

  41. CLINT
    Dont know about that, I`m sure there are players looking at the Toons progress and thinking , hey ! I could make that side and be playing PL football next year.
    An example, Simpson, he aint gonna play on a regular basis for Man. U. but here he is and could be playing in the PL next season.
    There are a number of such prospects at the top clubs, who i am sure would jump if given the opportunity and thats where we should be looking.
    However it`s a moot point, being MA wants out without spending a dime more than he has to.  

  42. Eastend,
    that’s not what i mean, & you know it.
    Yes, i’m being a bit facetious but i’m also amazed at our collective mentality.
    Fueling our own worst fears week in, week out. & this is when we’re winning ffs.
    This is the kind of mentality that has seen us buy countless overpaid flops down the years, have we learned nowt?
    Georgio is right in what he says imo.
    Maybe the term should be ‘headless chicken & egg’
    We have to stop with this demanding what we can’t have thing that we have going on.

  43. Sorry, have I missed something? What exactly is it that the board have done in the last few years that suggests anything other than ‘winging’ it.

    Fortunately, in Hughton they seem to have struck gold with a rookie manager and our luck is definitely in this season (about time).

    Nobody is suggesting we start hunting down players who will not be inclined to sign for us. But the fact is we have nothing to go on but the word of the board that anything is happening in the background. And that doesn’t worry you, if nothing happens in January?

    Unless I see evidence in January of progression off the pitch and continued progression on the pitch, I would be concerned about the future. And honestly, I’m as vociferous a supporter as you’ll see inside the ground.

  44. So, Andy Carroll became a first time dad in September?  He’s in the Blu Bamboo at 1.30 Sunday morning to boot…. doing what? 

    Do we suppose he had his partner and baby out for the evening or should he really be getting a grip of himself, before any more damage’s done?

    Get a grip Andy!!!!

  45. Chuck,
    therefore, are we suggesting buying intermediate players cos we’re not prem, cos that’s what it sounds like? Or are we actually stuck between a rock & a hard place right now & therefore need to wait a little longer.
    In the prem = prem quality.
    Not sure if we’re in the prem = intermediate quality.

  46. ok, so can we all agree on what would be the right/sensible/professional/intelligent thing to do
    and also agree that its very unlikely, and none of us expect it to happen?
    but what good is a blog without having a bit of chin wag eh?

  47. Wheyaye man, hoo man hey man hoo man…

    I reckon we’ll start playing well shortly, lord knows it’s due and I’ll be a happy chappy.

  48. Not going to chastise Carroll without details but it’s a bit silly a young dad being out on the town late doors with a midweek game coming up.

  49. Eastend,
    seems to me you’re a good lad, with a brain n’all.
    But i’m doing me best not to worry as it’s counter productive.
    Y’worry, y’die, y’worry, y’don’t die, why worry?
    I’m definitely up for the craic, but sometimes people start believing their fears & worse still other peoples & pundits fears-Then it all goes horribly wrong-usually.
    Hey, it gets the blood moving doesn’t it? :)

  50. How man bowburn easy tiger!
    Is there any sense in what i’m spouting?
    Rudyard Kipling: ‘IF’
    Calmness personified!

  51. we haven’t been particulary outplayed over 90 mins – watford had a 30 min spell in 2nd half where we sat  back and allowed them to attack us last 10 mins we were on top (as per much of the first half)
    We’re not going to be on top for 90 mins in any league , we are surely going to be promoted and then we’ll see what happens – there are poor teams in the prem so its not a definite we’ll get relegated straight away – tho we’ll def be in the bottom half
    I’m going to enjoy the rest of this season and worry about the prem when we’re promoted – hopefully we’ll win the championship with 6 or so games to spare and the remaining fixtures will be one long party :-)

  52. wtf was carroll doing in the bigg market in the early hours of the morning – surely he can afford better bars than those dumps :-)

  53. CLiNT FLiCK – one of my favourites.

    Course there is. You know I’m winding you up. I’m enjoying the ride in many respects, but partly because of the banter in Level 7. I think I’d be pretty unimpressed paying £25 in my old seat and having to watch some of what’s been served up though. That’s mainly what I’m saying. I’m not all about the winning, but that’s just the way I am.

  54. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 7, 2009 at 2:31 pm
    how many here predicted ‘top of the league’ by this point?
    I’ll answer that meself shall, either none or next to none.
    So therefore., we’re all crap at predicting & shouldn’t go into the clairvoyancy business.
    But maybe we should grow a sack or, if female, hire one from a gadjie.
    <<< me clint put 200 on 9 to 4 to get promoted and 200 at 11 to 2 to win the leauge m8 

  55. Your roond for the game after we win it then bats!!!

    Imagine we have to go to Plymouth to win the league? Canny trek like and hadn’t planned on it but might to have be done.

  56. bowburn,
    i know mate.
    & i reckon you’ve got a perfect right too.
    I know it’s not pretty, but we’re doing exactly what we have to do to get out of this league-for a change.
    I don’t know if it’s down to CH, the team or who/what.
    But all i know is that we’re getting there, building from the ground up, that’s gotta be a good thing, hasn’t it?
    I just think the last thing we need is to go diving into trying to buy players based on desperation.
    Maybe, just maybe, NUFC is trying to do it the right way for once.
    let’s pray.

  57. Get in there batty,
    good lad, loving your optimism mate.
    All round to yours for drinkies then, come may?
    I’m rooting for you & the Toon then.

  58. Might need to re-issue that Barnsley guide. Another 500 going now!!

    Nearly 7,000 for a league game in the Championship…

    Barmy eh?

  59. batty,
    you take the plunge mate, you get the spoils,
    more power to you, i’ll buy you one if it comes up mate.

  60. Nearly 7,000 for a league game in the Championship…
    Barmy eh?

    Nah, what better near Christmas than a visit to Barnsley’s wonderful botanic gardens, and early lunch in the Ritz followed by a perambulation to Oakwell afterwards for an afternoon of sport?  

    High tea, then off home in the charabanc a warm glow of a good victory passing the travelling hours away.

    Sheer bliss!

  61. Batty can you remember who it was used to come on Eds and would ask you to stop picking on him and would ask me could I stop you from bullying him ?

  62. so all, will hughton be sticking with his 451 come wednesday??
    will he really be putting butt back in the side?
    will he stick with the hare and  loven?
    will pancrate get a full game?

  63. eastend toon I think we will see a 451 + I really hope Butt doesn’t start and I wouldn’t mind seeing Pancrate start.
    Oh I think I will go for the Nikon D3000 ;)

  64. big dave, i’ve heard of the new 000’s range there’s a 5000 as well i think? but i know nothing about them
    i hope it does what you want!

  65. This 4-5-1 thing with Hughton has been something of a myth. He has mostly played 4-4-1-1, 4-3-1-2, both with Nolan as the “1” and a 4-4-2.

  66. Worky,
    my one axe to grind with CH is the sole striker up front , at the likes of teams like scunthorpe , we were top of the table , and they were 17th at the time where’s the sense in this . Surely we should be turning up at these venues with two up front to give the opposing  defence and midfield less space , and more to think about ?

  67. Big Dave, have you checked out Canon digital cameras as well? They’re very good and the lenses are good too, which is very important.

    Olympus are very good in some respects also, but the lens choice can be a bit restrictive.

  68. Well we’ll be missing Nolan so there is 1 vital missing piece of a 4-5-1/4-3-1-2 whatever you want to call it.

    I’d say 4-4-2. Guthrie in the middle where Nolan would be.

    GK – Harper
    RB – Simpson
    CB – Taylor
    CB – Colo
    LB – Enrique
    RM – Pancake
    CM – Guthrie
    CM – Smith
    LM – Jonas
    CF – Lovenkrands
    CF – Harewood

    As a starting 11

  69. I have just seen on the Beeb’s site that Carroll has been arrested on a suspicion of assault. I hope he didn’t get himself into any trouble!

  70. Alkinou, i’m often told i’m ridiculously skeptical, negative etc towards the team despite our position… But Carroll, it has to be said !…

    I’ve always felt he’s not got his head screwed on properly. I like the lad (half because he’s local… that’s not racist, I just like local talent doing well haha), but his poor attitude when on loan at Prestong (swearing in the dug out, kicking off about stuff) then him getting into trouble for clipping a lass when out on town (don’t hold me to that, but I’m 75% sure I remember hearing it)… He could a leaf out of Ranger’s book.

    Ranger obviously got in trouble with the gang he was hanging around with, but after hitting rock bottom, becoming a young offender and released from Southampton, he’s joined us, become a hit at international youth level and still is gratefully thanking Hughton just for half an hour run outs in the championship.

    I really hope it isn’t true but it very much seems the women, drinking culture, cars and especially money is too much a distraction to a young Carroll…

  71. bigdave see you still peeping through peoples bedroom windows take it thats what the camaras for :lol:

  72. Batty he’s displayed a poor attitude in other circumstances and i’m very sure he’s been in trouble for related instances.

  73. ‘Oh! Carroll, you are but a fool’.
    Quote attributed to neil sedaka.
    I’m paraphrasing him there like.

  74. “Last September Carroll was cautioned for an assault on a woman in Newcastle city centre.
    The one-time winner of the Wor Jackie Milburn Trophy for rising stars of North East football was taken away for questioning, then later accepted a caution for the attack, which was caught on camera.”

    That was in the Chronicle article about his arrest yesterday morning.

  75. andy not being funny but it couldnt of been that bad if he got a caution m8 all that iam saying is dont jump on the band waggon british justic is shit m8 just look at the gerrard case not guilty

  76. Sorry Lads had to do a bit of work . cheers eastend, Worky I was looking at a Canon. and Batty no mate I wouldn’t do that look through their windows well not from the last time I got caught :)  and yeah think your right about Billy no mates ;)

  77. batty says:
    December 7, 2009 at 9:31 pm

    “british justic is shit m8 just look at the gerrard case not guilty”

    It’s sh*te lawyers that are the biggest problem batty. I once had a mate who was looking at several years for violent disorder. He got a duty solicitor who told him to plead guilty and he might get a year off or something. I got him a very good one and the case was thrown out in five minutes and the CPS and the bizzies got a right kicking off the judge too.

  78. Batty I don’t mean to sound like i’m jumping on some bandwagon but 2 similarly related instances – both involving violence and alcohol and then his black mark against him for his attitude on loan just paint a side to him that I fear in a lot of young footballers. In that case i’m extremely glad we didn’t get Michael Johnson from City… 21 and happy to be a benchwarmer on ludicrous money.

  79. I think it is a case of some young’uns learn from their own mistakes but there is allways some that dont learn. I think Ranger has come a long way after all his mistakes and probably realised that it could all be took away from him so easy. But maybe Carroll is one of the ones that wont learn until it is to late, I do wonder if CH knew he was out on the toon at that time of night with a game on wed and a wife and child at home. But he is young

  80. Andy-not to chime in and give my two pence as i’ve missed pretty much the entire convo but i feel slightly sorry for Johnson. For his age he’s been horribly plagued with injury and is a serious talent from what i’ve seen. If the rumours about him finding alcohol are true then thats his own fault, yet again its a massive shame for a player his age with the potential he had. I would have loved to take him on loan had he been fit but i get the feeling he’s going to end up one of these lads where he promised so much yet constant injury issues will hold him back.

  81. I reckon team for Wednesday has to be:

    Simpson S.Taylor Coloccini Enrique
    Pancrate Guthrie Smith(c) Jonas
    Lovenkrands Carroll.

    Subs: Krul, Khiza, Butt, R.Taylor, Harewood, Ranger, Ameobi.
    Very very good width imo with them both full backs and wingers and alot of pace there as well with Lovenkrands, and also Carroll gives us a different option with his height and then Guthrie with his creative spark in the cm instead of rm, and then Smith to do his usualy job of to sit and protect the back 4. If these things come off i reckon we will win 0-2.

  82. I also thinks it’s a good debate as to what team we should play by the time we play Plymouth in the cup because it will be the 3rd game in space of 7 days and just after the Christmas period and i personally think we could all do without the FA cup for this season, so in think the team should be something like:
    Tavernier Tozer Kadar R.Taylor

    Geremi Butt(c) Vuckic Lualua
    Ranger Donaldson
    Subs: Soderberg, Coloccini, Inman, Guthrie, Ferguson, Pancrate, Beheng.
    I reckon that’s a very good blend of youth and experience, maybe the defense is a bit vulnerable but it will stand them in good stead. Also like to see Tavernier given another chance because in the Peterbrough Carling cup game, him and Krul were the only ones who came out of the game with a bit of credit.


  83. Ross I suppose to a degree I do agree with you. He is definitely a talent, unlucky with injury… but in terms of attitude seems to not have his head in the right place. Personally, if I was a 21 year old professional footballer plagued with injury, i’d be concentrating on recovery instead of alcohol and request some loan moves to get my fitness up. To be fair though, I don’t like a lot of City players for their willingness to just sit it out.

  84. Dan4tooN I would settle for your team mate but I just dont think it will happen.
    Ross like you from what i can gather he has found the demon drink, which could ruin his life in football. I often wonder would Keith Gillispie have had a better career if he hadn’t found the Demon but then he found the Demon bookies aswell.

  85. Andy-i too agree with you as i see the other side of the argument and can understand it. Personally, if i was a professional footballer at this age all i’d want to do is play football. However, i dont know what its like to have millions of pounds at my disposal (i’m 21), so maybe my moral ethics would go right out the window when i actually got to that position. The other argument i’d consider is the fact that City might have spoken to him. Buying the squad they have, they’ll inevitably sell off alot of young (and fringe) talent, however they might have sat Johnson down and said they want to see him through his injuries as they think he’ll be an integral part of  a team near enough as soon as he regains full fitness. I agree though that he could maybe ask to go out on loan and gain extra experience should that not be the case, but who knows where he is mentally or how City feel about him. I remember we tried to get him on loan, can you remember what actually happened? like did he say no, did man city say no?..i cant immediatly remember how it all panned out, but i think we might have tried for him on the final day of a window and city rejected the loan bid?

  86. City rejected a £6million bid for him I think… Which to be honest, after selling Given for £6million, made us look like top notch, world class mugs.

    “Oh erm Shake Al whatever, he’s our top international goalkeeper we’ve had for years, and erm… What was that price?… 6 million?… Oh go on then… Actually, wait! We’ve just gave you Given, one of the best goalkeepers in the world so, erm, could we please have your hardly played players like Onuoha and Johnson?…”*Door slammed in face*… Oh… that didn’t exactly go fairly. I think we best get Derek to explain it. Yes, take him off mute. Actually, leave him, silence is golden, i’m sure our fans will completely understand selling Given then being turned down from a bid at the last minute of the market”.

  87. too true. Probably didnt look brilliant when we after selling out starting GK then turned round on the final day of the window in a desperate attempt to buy one of their youngsters. Quite clear they were just going to hold out until 5pm and we’d be left red in the face. It seemed quite clear to me that Given did want to leave however, as heartbreaking as it was for us lot. I’ve been incredibly impressed with Harper this season though and always knew he had it in him i think. Doesn’t say much for the league though when our squad is still painfully thin and we’re sitting 4 points at the top of the league with the best defensive record going. Bugger it though, i’m going to enjoy it while we’re here. Its incredibly refreshing to see us win games and shut teams out regardless of what league we’re playing in.

  88. we had johnson bis accepted by city b and apparantly he wanted to join but he failed medical we were then supposed to have bid for the makums richardson

  89. saying that Kinnear had more clout than keegan it seams when it came to transfers ,wise ruled the roost over keegan but when it came to lovenkrands,nolan wise didnt rate either however Cashley backed Kinnear over wise

  90. Worky i just wish i could put these things right but i haven’t the first idea how to do it, it’s crap being stuck in the dark ages.

  91. Yeah, you’re right mate, but there wasn’t many poor signings, he didn’t need baby sitting.

  92. keegan also had a gift of knowing a players true position Howey from striker to centre halve (capped) rob lee striker to midfield (Capped) venison fullback to midfield (capped)

  93. jay jay says:
    December 8, 2009 at 12:22 am

    “Did keegan ever make poor signing as our manager, I can’t think of any?”


    Ironically, Keegan’s most catastrophic signing wasn’t a bad player at all. It was David Batty. It was Keegan’s blunder in trying to tinker around and force him into a team of cavaliers which lost us the league. It wasn’t Batty’s fault at all though, or Asprilla who took alot of the rap for it at the time. It was Keegan’s. Too unstable when it came to the crunch.

  94. that season it was not batty or asprilla we needed it was a centre halve with a bit of pace if keegan had bought a player of that ilk we would have had that title

  95. yeah i always thought buying asprilla was a player too many like trying to have 5 aces in your hand probably unecessary but seemed like a good idea at the time , not to say tino wasn’t a star , and his goals against barcelona in the champions league were priceless , but we had lost the league the season before by then !!

  96. Barton-remmber Hottinger swiss right back,and who was that Greek left winger papavasilou or something?

  97. It was a different game in those days. They said that Keegan had virtually unlimited tranfer funds at the time, but they look like alot smaller by today’s standards.

  98. Yeah you’re right worky, and suddenly i can post normally again, don’t know what changed though mate?

  99. Very vaguely on the subject of Keegan signings and transfer records, a big piece of analytical software was designed for managers quite a few years back. It predicted that Darren Huckerby would be the world’s first £30 million pound footballer. :-)

  100. And on the subject of the January window, let’s hope Ashley heeds the implicit message in this Journo article.

    Will he or won’t he is the big question of course.

    If he does as he has in previous windows, I think he’s well on the way to pulling the rug from under Hughton, undermining all the sterling work Hughton’s done in diffcult circumstances, the City and the supporters.

    One I think who could be away is Carroll if he’s turning into a Bellamy style jack the lad. 

  101. i think cashley will keep the squad together and maybe add 1 or 2 if he  had wanted to mothball the playing side he would of in the summer it may seem daft but it looks like the club did the best they could in summer ie. got rid of wasters got a bit money in cut the wage bill and kept the right players to get us up

  102. I slid-tackled Huckerby in a cup game once against the reserves. Well I ‘slid’ anyway. Didn’t get anywhere near him to tackle him though. Quick as…

    My mate pulled off a great save to stop him scoring a few times though. We won 3-1. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Dazza.

  103. Got a good chance of keeping simpson as he is out of contract in summer man utd problem is in centre of defence they are well coverd in both fullback positions

  104. @lesh – wilshire was in the london papers this morning saying he wouldn’t go to a championship club as he didn’t think it could further his career – bit cheeky from a young kid who’s started just 2 games all season and been a sub in 3 – goes back to young overpaid pretentious little twat comments earlier

  105. We should go for john fleck of Rangers take advantage of there cash problems if that kid was english we would be talking about him in the Rooney league

  106. Barton12@163 – ManU’s problem area is CD and they’ve two choices ’til the window opens:

    Play with what they’ve got or
    Recall Simpson and shuffle the pack (they’ve massive injury problems).

    Then, and bearing in mind that they appear to be a little strapped for the readies) in January they could go for Campbell for free or heaven forefend, make a bid for Taylor!

    And, Stevep agreed – cocky little person – who does Wilshire think he is?

  107. Thats what i said man utd problem is in CD sir alex has never played simpson in that role only fullback i think they would recall cathcart from watford befor simpson

  108. Ha ha, I think I was on £15.00 a week at 17.  Seriously, I know it wasn’t more than £20.00

  109. to be honest 15k a week gets you jack all these days – I don’t know how I ever survived, I’m struggling on 60k a week at the mo what with my gambling, prozzies and drug taking – on top of that I have to run around a field for 2 hours 4 days a week and 90 mins on a sat or sun afternoon – no wonder I look foooked

  110. do you reckon kilgallon will come? is he worth it?
    personally,  i liked the performance he put in against us at sheffield utd
    tough, strong and held his own.

  111. i remember readin somewhere where they turned down our initial offer but i cant remember how much we bid
    no doubt utd think they can squeeze cash outta us cause were loaded (sic)

  112. @eastend toon – not meaning to get personal but why do you have that gay avatar – looks like a proper nonce

  113. kilgannon is not the quality i think we should go for,rather we waited got promotion and go for proven prem quality somone like upson take advantage of west-hams mess we could get him for around 8mill and befor you say cashley wont spend that kind of coin he is going to have to,he has got to get that kind of quality to stop us being a yo-yo club

  114. @176  anyone who starts a sentence with “not meaning to” is clearly quite meaning to, no?
    stevep, you’ve got such wit, you must be the life and soul of wherever you go… i tip my hat

  115. i think wenger got even less cash than us to spend if you look at who he has cashed in and then bought since there stadium move

  116. well, i thought i’d refrain from upsetting stevep’s sensibilities… he might have trouble sleeping at night

  117. I fear we will only bring players in, if players are being sold. kilgannon in, colo out i think.

  118. to be honest you can understand why cashley wont sanction any large fee’s at the moment we still have what 5th-6th largest wage bill in the country and theres no money in the fizzypop league and we all know the financial situation the club was in

  119. and then just how much coin has cashley actualy got they reckon he lost a few hundred million in the financial crash(read someware he lost 300 million on shares with barclays

  120. butt and gezza are done come the summer thank god
    that nonce is me batty, lock up ya sons!
    and no, my missus doesnt approve of my homosexual activities but i earn shitloads so she’s quite happy f**king the gardener… everyone’s a winner!

  121. @eastend toon – pleasure mate, I’m available for bar mitzvas, weddings parties etc at reasonable rates :-)
    Wenger needs a striker – can’t see him going for upson
    anyone know what parking is like near Barnsley ground?

  122. I would say ‘busy’, given the numbers.

    Might be worth staying out of Barnsley if you’re in the car. Bound to be hell on with 7,000 Mags down there and it being such a small place.

  123. Barton @188… you’ve hit the nail on the head and it’s really irrelevant how much Ashley’s got.

    A lot of folk seem to have run away with the notion that because he’s got a few quid, he’s expected to put his hand in his pocket to sponsor new signings.  Doing that would not get the club onto the sound financial footing that would make it attractive to a potential buyer or buyers.

    The payroll as a percentage of turnover is a key ratio and in getting the wage bill down, he’s done us s huge huge favour….. given we’re neither in the Prem or in Europe.

    I’m as sure as anyone can be that he’ll do something positive this window but we must remember, whatever”s spent on players or their wages shows in th club’s accounts and they need to make good reading if it’s gonna be sold.

    Let’s show a bit patience and keep on supporting the team – we need to keep up the head of steam generated in this, the first half of the season.

  124. Kilgallon , Upson or Collocini ?     Upson `s by far the best player,  but a bit injury prone and older than the other two.
    If we were to bring in Kilgallon,  we could then sell Collocini and make some money on the deal,   I think  they are probably on par as players and an U21 England set of CD`s (Taylor- Kilgallon) is not a bad thing .
    Possibly use the profit from a Collo. sale to strengthen the side elswhere.

  125. i think some fans want to make there minds up about cashley one of main complaints of his tenure seems to be that he wont invest on the playing side and that he has made profits on deals in the last 4 windows now all of a sudden your all saying you understand were he is coming from and that the club finances need sorting first (that is the opinion i share) so what is it lads are you in agreament with cashleys policy or is he the anti-christ