Barnsley v Newcastle United – Match banter!

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Nice badge
Following on from the Coventry game thread, I thought it would be a good idea to put up another article for the Barnsley game, that you can just use for the match banter. This time yours truly will be in attendance but not all Toon fans are lucky enough to be there, even if there are 7,000 mad bastards making the trip. Particularly some of our fans farther afield. So this can be the place to come together during the match and p*ss and moan, as we usually do.

And if anyone can find radio, video links etc to the game for people who don’t have it, I’m sure that would be appreciated. As I’ll be on my way down to the game or holed-up in a boozer, I might not be able to update with team news and craic from the build-up, as and when we find it out but hopefully worky will.

Results went our way this week and hopefully we can just keep rolling on.

Howay the lads!

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187 Responses

  1. Blimey, been rattling away with Penalty-Spot chatting about the game in the last thread not knowing this was here. Cheers worky :)

    Howay the lads

  2. Excellent to see we’ve managed to start quickly. I’ve been out getting the old xmas tree and missed the first half an hour,’ve we sounded lads?

  3. toonsy-to be expected really. We’re away, everyone wants to beat us and they’re coming off a win are they not?..either way, glad to see we’ve managed to nick an early goal and that Nolan has scored immediatly upon his return, he’s been a big player for us this season.

  4. Cheers for the link at posts 7 and 17!
    I’m up in the Highlands, so stuck with Sky Sports news otherwise!
    Haway the Lads!!

  5. no tv link as it isn’t being shown on tv anywhere – radio links only, sounds like we’re doing alright

  6. Lads just sitting here listening to the commentary thinking about the Get out of our Club chant, and I just think it was time to put it to bed. I know how they feel about MA and what he has done to our Club I feel the same way  but I think it is time to realise how other supporters and their Kids might Feel about haveing to listen to the fat cockney Bastard bit. Does anyone else have an opinion on it

  7. I think he deserves all he gets Dave,I have never liked him and voiced my hatred very early on on the old nufcblog but the majority started waking up as time went by.
    Football is full of swearing,spitting FCB is pretty mild really.

  8. stevep i know its not on TV, but you can guarantee that in 48hrs you’ll be able to watch the hilights on as well as other sites so it is being filmed
    i’ve looked everywhere i know, cant find diddly tho!

  9. re Ashley chants – I think a lot of it now has died down from being malicious and threatening towards no being just something to sing and and a little more light hearted.

  10. stevep i know its not on TV, but you can guarantee that in 48hrs you’ll be able to watch the hilights on as well as other sites so it is being filmed

    i’ve looked everywhere i know, cant find diddly tho!

    It’s being filmed but they aren’t showing it anyway. That means that right now, the images are staying in the camera and not being broadcasted. That means you won’t be able to see it live anywhere (except at the stadium)

  11. Blowing our chance to extend the league. We’ll go on to lose now tonight. Here comes blip number 2

  12. Toonsy we allways do it sit back and let them attack hoping to counter, come on Lads get stuck in

  13. nah toonsy, we can still have this easy i reckon… we’ll get em, take carroll off for bambi

  14. he normally makes a change round 60-70 min mark. So I reckon strolla will get a chance for another goal.
    eastend toon I think we will get em too

  15. Christ, cleared off the line by Jose. They’re pressuring now like. We need to make a change by the sounds of things, we’ve let them back into the game and they sound like they’re the ones taking an upper hand. Will have to see that Carroll chance immediatly after they scored to see whether he should have done better with it. Howay lads, regroup and take control. AHHHHH Pancrate, a gifted chance missed.

  16. Why Harewood. Ranger is an excellent impact sub AND got his first goal last week. Surely Ranger is the obvious choice here if Shola isnt 100% for a return.

  17. no point having butt and smith on the same pitch and smith should always get the nod over butt

  18. Tactics looking out of shape according to commentary, players out of position and not knowing what to do

  19. And also, surely Harewood isnt most effective playing wide right?…dont really understand this if im honest. I’d be taking butt off and sticking two up front.

  20. This game was there for the taking, the amount of fans makes this nearly a home game, and the players take their eye off the ball.

  21. @Toonsy.  I agree, not as much linking up through midfield for sure.  Runs fizzing out again and again…

  22. Ranger has to come on. He’s came on in the past with 15-20 minutes to go and turned games on their heads. He’s got his first goal, will be full of confidence and we need someone who can actually hold the ball and let us play some football in the final third.

  23. We’re still 8 points clear of the Baggies :-) and 10 above Forest.  Butt off now, has to be?

  24. i apologise now Marlon for claiming it should have been Ranger on over you as far as impact subs go, get in sonna.

  25. ….We’ve gone 2-1 up, and we’re now taking a defender off for a striker?…Khizan to LB, Harewood, Butt, Smith, Nolan is the mid, Ranger, Carroll up front.

  26. Big Dave – No room for sentiment regards to Khiza :D

    Some strange subs going on though. I hope Jose isnt injured.

    We need to watch that Hammill thats coming on.

  27. for “gods” sake rather, that wont get moderated. Rubbish goal, just bounced off the lad and into the net in a full box. Bugger.

  28. @Toonsy – you did that!!! You predicted it.  Aw man. 2mins for a Toon goal ;-)  ooo Andys fighting.

  29. We should have never let Barnsley back into this game! Its our own fault, we took our foot off the gas waiting for the result to come and got punished. Complacency at its best

  30. Penalty-Spot – Its a gift, it comes from years and years of following the toon. Let downs are standard.

  31. Taylor shot from a ridiculous distance has he? Rubbish, whip it into the bloody box. It can bounce anywhere, it can hit anyone like their goal proved!

  32. Well, i fell slightly harsh criticising the players but at the end of the day the points were there to be taken today and they failed to do it. 7000 fans to motivate them and they bottled it.

  33. Eastend-fair enough, Ando said he should have whipped it in so i wondered. Gutted they’ve managed to get an equaliser with minutes to go but it sounds like a draw was probably fair. Not that i care, i wanted 3 points lol

  34. That’s OK, we could’ve lost easily! the Smogges next :-) 3 points for sure.  Laters everyone :-)

  35. Shame, but Barnsley are in good form and we still have a nice cushion.  We just have to look to the next game now and hope for this won’t lead to a dip in form.
    I’d rather Guthrie was on in place of Butt, though.

  36. chuck – You need to reference my entire post before selecting parts of it. I said its Barnsley, but we’re making them look like Barcelona.

    Thump – What was he saying? I turned my stream off in disgust at the final whistle

  37. You lot are ridiculous.

    We have drawn 2-2, AWAY, to a team near the top of the form table at the moment – and this is a disappointment to you?

    No wonder Newcastle fans are called deluded.  I honestly think some of you are loony enough to expect to win every game, it’s incredible.

  38. Well they muted his mic after he said “F**king hell, it’s like talking to an apprentice”.  Ando must have felt proper awkward, though haha
    Lowes: “You haven’t been feeding me, Routen’s been feeding me…. no I haven’t!  I can’t hear you, why wouldn’t I be responding if I can’t hear you?”
    Ando: “…Bellamy was sent off… *sigh* …uh…”
    That was the gist of it.  Apparently the guy who was supposed to be giving him info from other games couldn’t talk to him, so a younger lad hopped in and started giving him the crack.  The guy who was supposed to be couldn’t get through for some reason and claimed that Lowes was ignoring him.
    Highlight of the game for me.

  39. wickywoowoo – Or you could look at it and say, we were ahead twice, let them get back into it twice, therefore 2 points dropped. Weren’t we top of the form table? Form is temporary, class is permanent. We showed neither today!

    Your also mixing up peoples dissapointment with being dillusional

  40. Yes, we were infront twice but people seem incapable of admitting the fact that even after leading twice, that doesn’t instantly mean you should win.

    The game plays to the final whistle and if both teams are level at the end, then they were level.  It is irrelevant who took the lead at the end of the day.

    We got a draw, away from home, against a team in top form.  I’d have hoped most fans would have seen this is a good result and a win would have been a great result but it seems unless we win every game in the season, it’s a pathetic result.

    It is delusional and enforces everyone’s stereotypes about Newcastle.

  41. They equalised with a matter of minutes to go, two or three maybe, with both Ando and Mick Lowes pointing out that it was just shoddy defending from a set piece. Its not people becoming delusional and re enforcing the Geordie sterotype, i think thats a little ridiculous to be honest. It’s people being disappointed about the fact that we conceded a weak goal and were unable to hold out for 10 minutes to gain 3 points away from home against a team in form

  42. wicywoowoo – I expect Newcastle to beat Barnsley home or away. The fact that im dissapointed with the result just adds to it. Of course i dont expect us to win every game but i DO at least expect a performance from my team. That wasn’t there today.

    Should i be worried about stereotypes? No. Ive been a geordie since birth so why should i care? Its a sad day when we have to change ourselfs to try and make others like us. Two words – Fcuk them.

  43. toonsy-i’d say its more the manner in which the result was obtained that everyone is disappointed with, rather than the result itself. I’d put good money on saying you wont find many fans that are satisfied with 1 point instead of 3 when you concede in the dying minutes of a game. Especially when you’ve been ahead twice.

  44. Fair enough.

    I just don’t see how anyone can expect to beat anyone home and away.  It’s extremely arrogant and we certainly don’t have a team capable of doing that anymore.

    If you were talking about Havant and Waterlooville, I’d understand, not a team on form in the same division as us.

  45. i think its because  CH is relying heavily on defence as our prime concern , and when our defence lets in silly goals or whatever , then it exposes our shallow strengths in the team ….we cannot always rely on no goals being scored against us … even manu get draws against weaker sides fact of life….move on and 

    KEEP THE FAITH>………..

  46. wickywoowoo- Thats the thing, i dont think anyone is expecting to beat everyone, home and away. The reason people are disappointed today isnt because we drew, its the manner, with which we drew that is frustrating. I certainly wasnt expecting to walk the game/get an easy win today. However, am i disappointed that we didnt win? absolutly, because we were minutes away from doing so and it was a lapse of concentration that seemingly let them get their equaliser. Maybe a draw was a fair result, but at the end of the day we were minutes away from taking 3 points instead of one. Regardless of feelings or expectations before the game, we probably should have won today.

  47. Toonsy      re your  156# post
    Dont get your knickers in a twist , my post had nothing to do with you, I was merely being facetious.

  48. wickywoowoo – The fact is, we may be in the same league in a competition sense but we are by far in a different league when it comes to players. Some of our players are international household names earnign mega money. How many Barnsley players names rolled off the tongue today? Exactly.

    With players like we have, we should be aiming to go and win every game home and away and at least play a 4-4-2 (and keep Butt away from the team). Im not naive enough to say we will win every game, i know we wont. What i do ask for is a performance, that was lacking. Ross has a point about us playing defensive. It does leave us very short of options should we concede.

  49. Who`s it gonna be W/Brom or us , I think I hear footsteps !
    Watching out for Cardiff,
    only the top two are automatic.
    Dear Santa, can you find us a center forward who knows where the net is, please !

  50. joe , ignore the the kiss and tell mate coz your the x factor ….. chuck i love you aswell…..

  51. chuck says:
    December 12, 2009 at 9:04 pm

    “Soh !   what happened to the BANTER ?
    Banter; good natured  and witty teasing or joking.”

    Chuck, I think everyone will either be out drinking, or, if they’re bereft of all taste and possibly mentally retarded, watching ‘Geordie Joe’ and ‘Geordie Cheryl’ on that abomination of a show called the ‘X Factor’.

  52. you cockney sympathazing get !…..try supporting  the local lad to win the factor ffs….worky please educate us  in the type of music we should be enjoying ?….

  53. worky i hope you never decide to finish/end this blog , coz if it wasn’t for this site i dont know what i would do – i haven’t got anything(no friends) but this blog to look foward to & if it was ever to finish i would  truly be beside myself for sure……and if anyone could be so kind to offer me a chair at their table this xmas – i would be so grateful….thanking you. like you mean it…….i love you worky !!….bless you.

  54. Workey
    “X Factor”, sounds like science fiction.
    Dont think it`s available here in the US., am i missing something ?

  55. chuck,
    if y’like proper music you’ll hate this.
    It’s like listening to paint dry with glass in y’eyes.
    Saccharin coated pop fluff.
    That’s the cleaned up version. :)

  56. Edno vreme kato malak si zapisvah konkisurtete nindja na video kaseti i mislq 4e gi pazq, 100 % sam siguren 4e q imam taq reklama na nqkoq video kaseta 6te se opitam da pomogna