From Old Trafford to Tyneside or Wearside?

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Proud to be a Geordie?
Proud to be a Geordie?
According to reports in the Sunday papers, Newcastle’s expected move to bring Danny Simpson in permanently from Man Utd could be scuppered by Geordie (sic) boss Steve Bruce, who wants him down the road at our less fortunate neighbours Sunderland.

The full-back’s loan deal runs out on the 18th January, and from all the reports we’ve heard and interviews he’s given, it would seem he’s very keen to make the move permanent. According to the rumours, there were representatives from Man Utd at the smogs game last week, in order to thrash out the details of a January transfer that would be likely to see us pay somewhere in the region of £1m-2m now rather than hang on until his contract expires in the summer.

But having had a stint down the A19 for Roy Keane a few years back, the speculation is that Steve Bruce would be tempted to bring him back up to Wearside again.

As with the Madrid rumour about Colo, this could be just that, a rumour. However, Danny Simpson has been part of an impressive defensive unit this season and has provided a reliable option at right-back and in covering at centre-half. The likelihood is that Simpson will be keen to continue his role in black and white but with the desire to get something more permanent, we’ll have to act quickly if our plans to sign him aren’t undercut by other suitors.

There’s obviously his unclean history to consider after his previous spell for the mackems, but his endeavours have done his popularity no harm. He knows that he’s admired for his efforts as much as his ability, as he appears fully committed and always put in a good shift. Let’s hope he doesn’t blot his copybook by doing one back down the road, but let’s hope he’s got the option of staying up here first!

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16 Responses

  1. I am suprised Man United are so unconcerned about losing a decent local lad. They must have come to the conclusion that he will never be good enough for the devils but viewing his current form you would have to think otherwise. With the reds having virtually no fit defenders and the aging Gary Neville on his last legs, it has suprised me they are seemingly not interested in recalling him. Looking the only decent loan player, truth being told Harewood was poor and wont be missed, we could pick up a decent bargain even at 1-2M. Especially as he is only 22, it would be an investment.

  2. Seems he has had a decent season and is making noises he would like to make it a permanent deal.
    It`s players like Simpson we should be looking to bring in,
    at present with a world market for players the PL can afford the top players from every league, meaning some of our young up and coming players are unable to crack the first team after coming up through the various clubs youth systems.
    These are not sub par PL players, they have however to compete with the worlds best.
    Finding and building a side of such youngsters along with developing our own youngsters could very well be a successful policy.
    And face it better for Simpson playing on a regular basis for The Toon, than sitting on Man. U`s. bench.

  3. I’ve been impressed with Simpson in the right back position, struggled as a centre half IMO. Good lad, right attitude, let’s hope he gets his wish and joins us. The plastic geordie down the road can keep his hands to himself.

  4. aye a did thanks deb nice and quite just how i like it and stuffing meself full of rubbish how about u

  5. Without drastic changes there is no way we should blow it from here, not even cashley would risk pi$$ing around now, would he?

  6. Aye you’re right batty, at least your not working while the match is on tomorrow mate, four days off just isn’t long enough

  7. I remember an interview with danny not long after he arrived to us and he said the moment he got here he felt part of the team, he was happy with the club, loved the area and i might be wrong but i get the impression he said given the choice he would most probably make his loan move permanent?

    He’d be daft to nip down the road to the unwashed. We might be close geographically but if he likes Newcastle and is expecting the same sort of life down in scumderland, he’ll be sadly mistaken! I’ve liked him since he turned up, he’s played well, has the right attitude and is young. Keep him!

  8. Ross – I read that aswell mate. Matches i go to, Simpson always seems to be enjoying being here. Im not on about his performances, which have been sterling by the way. I mean more like his attitude. He is one who is always clappping the fans before the game, and always going to the crowd after the match pumping his fists and the like. To me, that would indicate he likes it here!

    Perhaps we already have a deal agreed for him and thats why Man Utd couldn’t call him back? Wishful thinking eh?

  9. He’s a good player, good lad has a good attitude and (perhaps most importantly) he’s certainly taken the sting out of losing Habib Beye.

    @Toonsy – I hope we agreed a price before the loan move. I’d love to see him in the black and white stripes for a season or two yet.

    However I’m sure the whole backroom staff is aware that Ryan Taylor can play at right back (I think he’s fooling himself in that position) and it wouldn’t surprise me if you see Danny go back home to Mancland and Taylor to move in next to Stevey boy.