Kris in after Christmas? Newcastle target Ranger’s Boyd!

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Merry Krismas?
Merry Krismas?
We’ve been linked to him a couple of times over the last 18 months or so, but there’s renewed speculation that Chris Hughton could be interested in bringing Ranger’s striker Kris Boyd to Newcastle. And this time there would appear to be more substance to the story.

Ex-Toon player Darren Jackson, spoke to press last week to say that he though St James’ would be an ideal place for Boyd to make his next step:

“I’m sure Newcastle will be looking to bring in a couple of players in January just to give them that extra strength and depth ahead of the run-in.

“Boyd’s goals would certainly help them back to the Premiership and let’s face it, that’s where a club like Newcastle should be.

“And if he does go to Newcastle then he’s going to a very special place and club.

“I class Celtic and Rangers along with Manchester United and Liverpool in terms of stature and size.

“But in terms of expectation and supporters there’s no bigger club than Newcastle.”

Talking about whether Boyd could cut it in the Premiership should we be promoted, and of the likelihood that Rangers would be willing to part with a stirker who’s contract runs out at the end of the season, Jackson said:

“I don’t think there’s any doubt Kris could score goals at Premiership level.

“Everyone knows how Kris plays the game, he’ll need a good partner alongside him.

“But he’ll score goals. That’s what he does, he’s a goalscorer.

“Unless they offer an absolute fortune, however, I’d be surprised if Rangers let him go in January.

“The decision, of course, maybe taken out of Walter’s hands.

“I don’t know how bad the financial situation is.

“But losing Boyd would be a huge blow to Rangers’ title and Champions League ambitions because right now he’s a man bang on form.

“Rangers may look at the bigger picture and try and hang on to him. Of course, you then run the risk of losing him for nothing in the summer and that’s something they’ll want to avoid as well.

“It’ll be interesting to see what happens over the coming weeks.

“Rangers will have to weigh up what is best for them. But I understand why Newcastle are so keen on him.

“He brings a guarantee of goals and you don’t win matches without scoring.”

We’ve lacked the proven smaller type of centre-forward at Newcastle this season and Boyd would seem like a decent option, having scored nearly a goal a game in the SPL. The rumour is that we’ll try to tempt them with an offer in the region of £1.5m-£2m. That would seem like good business on our part if he can adapt to the English game and even if he can’t, it’s not a fortune (as suggested by Ross on a previous article), and we’d be sure to recoup some of that in selling him on?

There are plenty of moving parts though, not least Ranger’s willingness to let him go at the right price, the striker’s own decision. And of course whether Hughton looks to extend Harewood’s loan, whether we’re tempted to cash-in on current strikers, and if Ashley comes up with the goods when it comes to the crunch in this transfer window.

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23 Responses

  1. I don’t see us spending £2m on anyone this window.

    I would stick tot the loan market and then splash out £40m upon our return to the promised land.

    Wishful thinking….?

  2. Having thought about it, if we can nick him for around 2 mil then i’d probably take the gamble. Rangers are beyond desperate for cash at the moment like. Mccoist and Walter Smith are both working for free, they cant even afford to pay their management team. He’s out of contract at the end of the season, they might take whatever they can get in Jan given their financial situation.

  3. strdy ide just like too say your the best wind up ive ever seen still cant beleive people dont know troy is u :lol:

  4. Stardust, I meant to ask you about your comment on the other thread re: Clubs financial position.

    How much do you think Hughton would get next season if were promoted and how much do you actually think he’ll get?

  5. What a Merry Christmas it is compared to this time last year.

    1 Newcastle Unite 49
    2 West Bromwich Albion 39
    3 Nottingham Forest 39
    4 Cardiff City 36
    5 Swansea City 35
    6 Leicester City 34

    Thanks for the invite Batty, if I may extend your kind invitation to the fellow bloggers:

    We are all welcome to join Batty and his family at the Peoples Kitchen – all the fresh ingredients being found around


    Wild Clayton Street Ratus Ratus with Beer Pee Jus.

    Monument Pigeon stuffed with green carrier bags and Pitt Street Needles.

    Fresh Green Hockle served on a bed of Pavement “Chung Gum”

    Lovely – Batty – count me and the family in.

    The Peoples Kitchen (and Batty) are looking for other festive menus – so feel free anyone to chip in with your all time faves lol.

  6. stardy can u tryy pick up another few pigeons for me cos iam sure komfort will turn up with his clan and they do take sum feeding

  7. and nip round the back of asda see if the butcher has trown the giblets oot they make a lovely giblet souffle

  8. Stuart “How much do you think Hughton would get next season if were promoted and how much do you actually think he’ll get?”

    Im not sure fella. As you rightly pointed out we are in a great position. Revenue will be up dramatically, Expenditure down dramatically. I expect to see Ashley buy as he has been – paying up front.

    You see by delaying NZogbia’s, Givens, Milners revenue in – we have additional income to come in there too.

    In terms of market timing, we went through our “recession” early – and are coming out of it way ahead of the pack – in fact as many clubs collapse. That means we will have money to buy when others have none. Which means prices are lower.

    My only worry – is if the fans have pee’d him off so much he doesnt care anymore – but I dont expect to see that. I think he will put right some of the wrongs and restore his reputation.

    I like Chris Hughton – he (unlike other managers previously) accepts the parameters we all have to work to, including budgets. That means there are no conflicts just people working together for the common cause.

    If we have a strong second part of the season, I see a very bright future for us. I even think in time, the fans will see this period, not as a bad one, but as a necessary one – a one that we had to go through to become great again…and at long last be free of the damage caused by Fat Freddie Shepherd.

    ……Oh no – on the horizon, here comes NUS”C”

  9. Giblet Souffle – lovely Batty.

    Is it right that Martha has been trying to make a “Kitchen Consommé” by straining the soup through the crotch of a tramps pants?

  10. Stardust says:
    December 24, 2009 at 11:49 am

    I still think he’ll look to sell. Although I think it will be easier for him to bring a partner in.

    I must admit I’d be happy with £20m per season from him when I think it’s more than obvious that Man Utd and Liverpool are going through a really sticky patch financially.

    Niall Quinn said when they got promoted that Keane could have all the extra TV money to spend on players. I think we will need something similar.

  11. batty says:
    December 24, 2009 at 12:02 pm
    stardy a divent kna cos stuart is in charge of the soup

    Do you like giblet and blue stilton soup?

  12. stardy did u get me them big carboard boxes y promised is cos mine have gone all soggy with the snow like

  13. Kilgallon @ around a million, Boyd pretty similar, both out of contract come the season`s end, seems pretty good business.
    Would`nt get them that cheap otherwise.
    Sure it`s not exactly what one would call ambitious, but could , along with two or three more decent signings in the summer be enough to enable the side to avoid relegation that first season back in the PL.
    We are not expected to be challenging for a european spot for a while and it takes time to build a good side, without splashing out big bucks.
    Martin O`N. is a good example, he has built Villa over the last few seasons, buying and selling shrewdly and is beginning to challenge for a post season slot in europe, expecting at least a EUAFA cup spot this year.
    As we go into the new year, things look surprisingly good, leading the league and appear to be doing o`k financially.
    Certainly in better shape than a number of PL sides who find themselves way over leveraged and without the additional tv earnings from european football, losing money and unable to strengthen their sides.
    It can be a vicious cycle.
    I suppose we will have to be patient and not expect to win the European cup for three or four years, Eh !

  14. I’d love to bring in a player like Boyd. I second Rangers and said ages ago that he’s the kind of lad we need up front.

    …but can we afford the fee and wages?