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Deck the balls!
Deck the balls!
I think it’s safe to say that Newcastle United is always on the mind of supporters, and even a special day like tomorrow, will be filled full of ‘black and white’ anecdotes in many a household.

And of course it’s only a short interlude as there’ll only be 24 hours until the next episode down at Hillsborough when we take on Sheff Wed. 2009 has been a hell of a year but all things considered, I think it’s a much merrier time to be a Mag than we could ever have hoped for back in the summer.

But between now and then, even if you’re not religious, Christmas is a canny little get-together. So whether you’re playing on a new X-Box game. If you’re out on a sledge and too young or in some cases too daft to care about the cold (cos it’s bloody perishing oot there). Whether you’re playing with the kid’s new toys (and putting your back out on the Wii) or sitting around having a good craic with ya loved ones. Or in some cases resting your eyes and avoiding conversation with the in-laws (I don’t know who would do that though…). If you’re stuffing your face with extra turkey and Christmas pudding or having a proper good sup, and I expect some of you might do most, if not all of the above…

Whatever you’re doing, from the Bowburn branch of .org and on behalf of the contributors since worky kicked off this blog in the summer – have a cracking time and all the best from all of us!!

Merry Christmas and Howay the lads!

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43 Responses

  1. I was gonna get into how ‘our pagan rituals’ have been usurped by tawdry christian oppression & ugliness.
    But i’ll just say : All the best for everyone’s time off work or school.

    At least humbugs also play in black ‘n’ white.

  2. aye – looking forward to boxing day – few pints and watching the toon on the box annoying the inlaws – merry xmas and all that bollocks to all

  3. all the best fellow bloggers,for xmas i would like 6 points a c/half cre/midfielder,L/back for cover.ime haveing a affair with jackie dee

  4. Just like to comment on an earlier thread, we shouldn’t waste money on crap players from scotland, not many of them cut it in the premiership, don’t forget a certain mr boumsong was voted rangers player of the season when we signed him, it’s hard to judge players in a crap league. Aside from that i would like to wish everybody a merry christmas, especially the article writers, keep up the good work lads and lass.

  5. bowburn – “its perishing outside” – man up for god’s sake! :D

    Seriously, I wish all fellow bloggers (and uninformed of this blog toon fans) a very merry christmas!

  6. toons – in my defence,I was only in my duds when I checked ;)

    Stayed back for later train to help get presents on behalf of others. Lo and behold this train is late!!! Typical eh? Just sat down for an Amstel in Centurion. Looking forwardto Christmas.

    Very randomly, Alan Foggon’s son says Merry Christmas. He sits next to me at work and I never knew until the Christmas party. Also the heir to the Theakston’s and Black Sheep brewery works at my place. Hasn’t given us any freebies like :(

  7. Just to rub it in a little-

    It’s about 40 degrees like and partly sunny ower here across the watta:)

    Merry Christmas to all you glorious Toon fans!! Howay the lads!!

    “… all the lads and lasses there, all wit smilin’ faces…”

  8. Well in this neck of the woods My pagan friends and I still celebrate the Solstice and Yule. Don’t do skyclad anymore though.
    Our snow has practically all gone and the snowman I built for my Granddaughter is all but gone, it were a bu**er to build as the snow was powdery and it ended up looking like Yoda, still she was happy with it.
    My new year wish is more of the same from our lads, lets have promotion sewn up before Easter,

    Seasons greetings to all. :)

  9. Roses are red, Violets are blue-ish,
    If it wasn’t for Christmas – we’d all be Jewish!

    Merry Xmas everybody – and good luck to the Toon.

  10. I hope Santa brings you’s all that you want or most of it anyway, and have a good xmas to each and everyone

  11. toonsy says:
    December 24, 2009 at 5:44 pm
    Big Dave – I hope santa brings a hangover cure for me! I’ll need tomorrow!

    If someone had that cure they’d be the richest people on earth!

  12. OHurley says:
    December 24, 2009 at 4:42 pm
    Just to rub it in a little-

    It’s about 40 degrees like and partly sunny ower here across the watta:)

    Merry Christmas to all you glorious Toon fans!! Howay the lads!!

    “… all the lads and lasses there, all wit smilin’ faces


  13. Agreed RE the snow, its a proper pain but at the same time, there’s nowt quite like freezing your balls off in the gallowgate end throughout the festive season. Especially when we’re winning! haha

  14. Yeah, snow is great! Brace for the sarcasm!

    Snow is great apart from the mad health & safety culture that causes our country to grind to a halt everytime it looks like snow!

    Snow, RAM IT! Especially as im going Hillsborough on boxing day. I want an easy journey and a game that wont be called off thnak you very much!

    People should stop being sentimental about snow and realise what a pain in the arse it is to get around.

  15. toonsy-exactly. A little bit of bad weather and its armageddon in the UK, haha.

    Hopefully your away day goes smoothly though, dont want it being snowed off or owt like that. I reckon boxing day will be infront of the box, a few tins with the match and then hopefully the standard celebratory lash that night. Gotta be the first happy xmas i’ve had in football related terms for a long, long time, haha.

  16. Yep, Happy Christmas to all who add their two cents on the blog and also those who only read it.
    My wish for the approaching window is at least a couple of decent reinforcements, not much to ask for !
    Looking forward to the rest of the season, where hopefully we will be kicking ass and taking names.

  17. oi oi, charva’s!
    Hoo man, radgies, whats gannin on? A’ve just gettin oot of Durham pokey! Am gutted man!!! They’ve kicked me oot for Christmas man!!!! A had aal the Xmas bingo, cards, Dominoes and darts competitions wi the lads aal set up man!! Am fizzin man!!
    A was hoping to stay in for the festivities wi me mates! Am noo back in Benwell wi only me drug dealing money to live on! A wouldn’t care but since ave been away they’ve aal got new dealers man. Crimbo’s ganna be hard noo like. The bastard screws divvent understand man!!!
    Anyways, whats gannin on wi the toon? Last time a was oot we were crap. Top of the league but nee skill like. Has owt changed?
    Anyways radgies, am gannin doon the offies to get some white diamond in!
    Toon Toon!

  18. HEY, GUYS, LOVE YA ALL, JUST LOST MY PHONE, BRING ON SHEFF WED, AND ANOTHER THING…MAKS, BURNLEY, WOLVES, EVERON, YEAH GREAT TEAMS…. I BET JOHANN Cruyff watches it waith ablomb! how I love to watch Wigan, Burnley, Maks,great football etc… We arent too bad.

  19. just been caught stealing santa’s brandy by the wife

    bottoms up

    oh-err sailor, you’ve got summat on ya shoe like son

  20. Toon 10 points clear
    Smoggies taught a lesson
    Mackems on the crest of a slump
    Merry Xmas Toonfolk

  21. Aye aye! Crackin crimbo dinner like. Wu splashed oot this year like! Pie and chips! Wor lass made some bisto gravy and mushy peas. Big mick and dekka came roond. Hooters couldn t make it like, he reckons he was gannin sledgin on the toon moor wi Shola. A reckon mick loved the steak pie like but dekka was more interested in sniffin his toot like. Crackin bloke like but he was off his heed man aal day. Anyways, wi just ganna roll a giant spliff and watch ant and dec! See yi laters radgies. Toon toon!

  22. Aye aye! Crackin crimbo dinner like. Big mick and dekka came roond. Hooters couldn’t make it like cos he was gannin sledgin wi Shola on the moor! Pure radge that like. Anyways, a had to splash oot cos a kna big mick likes his food, so a bought in sausage and chips from benwell chippy! Pure cush man. Degs was off his box by 3 bells man. He was on the toot aal day. Anyways, am rolling a spliff for wu aal and wu ganna chill oot. A think ant and dec are on later like. See yi’s aal laters. Toon toon!

  23. Troy-whats the crack with Buzzcocks? you not seeing him to sort out some Benwell chalky over the festive period like?