Newcastle v Middlesbrough – Match banter!

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Middesbrough, on a clear day.
Middesbrough, on a clear day.
Following on from the previous games threads, I thought it would be a good idea to put up another article for the Boro game, that you can just use for the match banter. Once again, yours truly will be in attendance but not all Toon fans are lucky enough to be there, even if the expectation is that The Championship attendance record will be smashed by today’s Tyne-Tees derby.

Of course the game is on BBC but as not all posters are based in the UK, it might not be possible to for them to watch directly. So if anyone can find radio, video links etc to the game for people who don’t have it, I’m sure that would be appreciated. As ever, this can be the place to come together during the match and p*ss and moan, as we usually do. Squad news is on the preview article but hopefully we’ll get line-ups on here before the start.

As I’ll be on my way down to the game or in an appropriate watering hole, I might not be able to update with team news and craic from the build-up, as and when we find it out but hopefully one of us will. Things look like they’re still going our way regards missing key players for them and despite it being a derby game, I’m hoping it won’t be a drab encounter and we can stretch our lead at the top. And hopefully, the bad weather doesn’t stop me getting there!!

Howay the lads!

Team news to follow…



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151 Responses

  1. anyone who says this is not a derby game is talking shite – it might not be sunderland but we still know it means more than a normal game. Mick- 4-1 the toon is a big expectation esp in a derby, i am going for a narow 2-1 the toon!!!!!!!!!

  2. Im stuck in work for it :( so ill have to just watch the comentry on the bbc website

    Think we will sneak it by a goal maybe two so im gonna go with a 2-0 win , nolan and s taylor to score

  3. Listen brothers.

    We as Newcastle supporters must take nothing for granted, the game could be postponed due to snow/frozen pitch.

    Should the game be played, my prediction is 5 or 6 nil.

  4. Arthur Scargill – I see nowt has changed over the years and you still talk utter garbage!

    1 – It is a derby game, they are notoriously tight. When was the last derby day thumping anywhere?

    2 – This season we have been winning games. Of them game, can you seriously remember any match where we have looked like we will score 6?

  5. How bloody depressing, i’ve had to go to work an hour and a half early to watch the match there or i would have missed it traveling.

  6. Changes by Hughton from last week –

    Simpson in for Ryan Taylor
    Guthrie in for Pancrate
    Ameobi in for Carroll
    Harewood for Butt

  7. Obvious 4-4-2 I imagine.

    Howay lads, ground filling up, pint in hand.

    Sold my tcket to a cockernee. Happy days!

  8. Well, no rip roaring start but im not surprised really. I always though it would be tight and it looks that way early on.

  9. Mark Bright moves the sound of his own voice. He is finding faults with everything. I forgot he was a tactical genius with a wealth of exoerience.

  10. Stuck on a filthy bloody bus in birmingham, thought i’d be a work by now to watch it on the box. banter welcomed though toonsy

  11. Enrique doing well against Lita, need a little more support in midfield though when we’re breaking out from defence

  12. Sorry toonsy was on break in work and got talking! Get in Marlon Harewood by the way , nice way to finish is loan spell with us

  13. If we were still in the premiership think harper might of been inline for an england squad call up and maybe world cup but unfortuntly dont think he will get the nod in the championship

  14. Far too much long ball out from defence for me, while we’re defending well, winning the ball, we’re trying to bypass midfield and play the ball up to Bambi, and that’s where we’re breaking down. Not much creative play for me.

  15. Steve_48 – Your right, if were gonna play long ball then we need to have Ranger on as he runs towards the ball and can trap it.

  16. I’ll take 1-0 at HT, but want to see more attacking in 2nd half, we cannot think we can win this game 1-0.

  17. Not the best but we’re winning at HT. We need to step up our game in the 2nd though as Boro will come out up for it.

  18. toonsy – yep, Harewood off, Ranger on, still need some spark in midfield to spray a creative ball around. Bloody frustrating.

    Come on then lads who can we buy in January as a creative midfielder?

  19. Steve_48 think it all depends on how much money ( if any ) we have to spend. Also not sure if we should buy anyone unless they are good enough for the premiership

  20. Wolves beating Burnley. I wanted Burnley to win and watch everyone dive in a start ripping Mick McCarthy :D

  21. Indeed Level 7 is asleep. Doing my bit but quiet as feck.

    Poor game so far? Two lazy gits upfront together isn’t helping but they’re poor.

    Their fans are worse.

  22. Collo having a good game but sometimes I wish he would just hoof it. Looks like Jonas is the only one grafting. Need a good start to 2nd half and 5 more goals please. ;-)

  23. bowburn – Pretty poor match tbh. Ameobi and Harewood are standing 10 yards away from each other not moving and the ball is just bouncing off them

    We need to up our game, get the fans going and go for it. If we dont, then Boro will come back into it.

  24. I wonder how many corporate seats and things like bar 1892 are empty? Them being empty is costing our attendance.

  25. FSOTC – Who cares? Taylor blocked a shot on the goal line with his hand. These are decisions we didn’t get last year!

    49,644 attendance = a new record!

  26. Smith coming off, Butt coming on!

    I disagree. Smith off, Pancrate on – move Guthrie in the middle.

  27. Lita having a mare against Colo, when do loan spells for Danny Simpson and Marlon Harewood run out – is it January?

  28. Steve_48 – Harewoods last game today i think. Simpson has an option to extend till the end of the season.

  29. Jones is a sh*te keeper, he had all the time in the world to come for that, has no confidence whatso ever. 10 points clear.

  30. I just hope we dont sit back completely. Take the sting out of the game by all means, but invitng boro to attack will be a bad move.

  31. Big Dave – I keep saying how poor Butt is yet he doesn’t prove me wrong! :D

    Who shall i call shite next? :D:D

  32. Toonsy slag Jose off I want to see him get 1 or Jonas a we can see if he has the mouldy mask with him ;)

  33. Jonas is pap, never does anything, never scores, we’ll never see his mask :D

    That alright Big Dave? :D

  34. Johno Toon – So so. It hasn’t been wonderful but we’ve done enough to be in front i’d say. Definately not a classic match though.

  35. Johno – not great I have to say. Defensively playing well, but just lacking in creativity through the midfield, we’re 2-0 up thanks in part to smoggies poor defensive play.

    Might be 10 points clear but need to be more convincing play for me, especially if/when we win promotion, need some better midfielders.

    OK I’ll get off my soap box now.

  36. Steve_48 – Lets cross the promotion bridge when we come to it eh? We dont have a great past history of maintaining big points differences at christmas do we?

  37. Well toonsy 3 points is all that count

    I would like to see either pancrate or mclovin come on , think mclovin and ranger could be a very good pairing upfront for us

  38. Toonsy fair point – cannot help but start thinking ahead. I know Cashley has been a tw@ with his “management style” but for me if he just makes the money available, and stops Houghton from being a yes man, we might stand a chance come the January sales. Better the devil you know?

    Shoot me down people. Can’t say I like Cashley but given nodoby really seems to want to buy us, should we not try to make the most of what we have?

  39. Steve_48 I actually like Ashley. I think he has done some good things for the club. Yes he made a complete mess of certain things ( lets not drag that up again ) bt i do feel he had the right intentions when he started. Yes he messed up but I would like him to stay. And like you I think we will get promoted this season. I know I shouldnt count my chickens beofre they are hatched but I cant see us not winning another 14 games or so to win promotion

  40. Hi Big Dave

    ‘what a player Colo is turning out to be’

    Completely agree with you. I think he has looked a class act today. Hardly put a foot wrong. Just goes to show that we need to give these players time to adjust to the english league. Hope you’re well by the way

  41. Johno – I think I agree with you.

    He’s tried to sell three times now, nobody wants us, and nobody has the cash either. And yes he’s made a complete arse of himself and alienated the Toon Army, but when we are promoted surely that’ll mean the asset value rises, more cash for TV rights, ought to fuel some decent Premiership player calibre purchases.

    Let’s be honest for a moment here we’ve been tottering on the brink of relegation for the past 4/5 seasons, and I for one think that in order to rebuild from scratch you have to go back the bare metal and start with nothing. We now have a basic squad, very few superstars, but what we do have is team spirit and a squad who want to play for each other, and we’re getting results – might not be pretty but look at Arsenal a couple of seasons back – they won lots of games 1-0 but they always benefit from Champions League money.


  42. 1 Newcastle 22 25 49
    2 West Brom 21 22 39
    3 Nottm Forest 22 14 39
    4 Cardiff 21 16 36
    5 Swansea 22 2 35
    6 Leicester 21 3 34

    nuff said

  43. Hi geordie deb everything going well all ready for xmas, and were beating Boro ;) I have said that for once our back for are our strongest link, we have a Prem league back 4. Jose and Jonas are have settled in well to.
    Hope alls good with you

  44. Think its been very much one step back to take two forward. Think we have a core of a decent sqaud , even for premiership level , good few young lads that could break into that sqaud and first team. We just need to add the right type of player when we go up.

  45. Big Dave

    yes great to see us beat Boro. It’s great to have a decent defence – how long is it since we’ve been able to say that? Getting ready for xmas – still loads to do, seems to have creeped up this year.

  46. Lads and Lass’s I dont think we really need many quality players for the prem,
    Steve_48 @ 111 I can see your point I think it is real sad as I still think it could have been so different if MA came out and talked

  47. We handled them pretty easily in the end. If we go back to the show this season though, how will we fare against the bottom half of the prem? I wonder… Teams like Fulham have improved so much. Did anyone see them yesterday? Duffer was excellent. And Milner with Villa looks to have found his way. Martin O’Neill and Roy Hodgson… man, what would I do for either one of them as our manager?

  48. Fans should own the club , i think with 3-5 good signigs I dont think we would have too much trouble in the lower half of the league, we will need a goalscorer and a right winger if we go up

  49. Thats hoping we can keep hold of young Simpson but I think he wants to stay. I think we need a decent back up for Jose aswell.

  50. fsotc I think guthrie is better in the middle to be honest. I think we would have better balance in the team with two natural wingers. We have too many centre midfields. Thhink some more width could help some of our creative problems and if you look at the majority of our strikers , big strong lads , I think the more crosses we can get into the box the better, tho by all accounts Guthrie ball was a peach for our second

  51. Jonno and fsotc – you’re both right, Guthrie is good enough, but better inside but his cross today for Bambi was awesome. Still think that after today’s performance we need a playmaker in midfield, need a creative spark. Defence was great but had little to pass to as we’re playing too deep and nothing to then give to the forwards.

  52. Fans should own the club , i think hughton could turn out to be just as good as hodgson or O’neill . he is doing a fantastic job this season and remember its his first go as manager . His coaching abilities where never in doubt and dont forget as a player he played all his carrier at the top under some very good managers and will have learned from them . Lets see what he can do with a couple of good signings in the transfer window .

  53. Great result today Jonas and Enrique worked the left brilliant Guthries crossing was great but did look a bit shaky when taking on defenders overall 10 points clear cmon the toon

  54. Yet again another beaten team moaning about their luck – let’s keep that up for the rest of the season!
    Anyone who didn’t see the game, my star players were Colo and Jose with a vastly improved performance from Danny G and lots of good work from Jonas. Strolla is still recuperating – but did some good work even so and there were a couple of unlucky bounces that stopped him getting a second. I have to admit that after his first 10 minutes which were a succession of groan-inducing misplaced passes, even Nicky Butt got well stuck in and did a lot of useful work.
    Overall, not an outstanding performance – but I think very satisfying. I thought we were well in control in the 2nd half and I never felt anything like the anxiety I have felt in other tight games. For all their huffing and puffing I thought Boro were less than average and I don’t recall Harps having to do anything in the 2nd half – but I may be mistaken.

  55. I laugh at everyone here trying to catch a stream on ustream or whatever while the official BBC website had a full stream of the entire match up for free.

    Silly people.

  56. Wicky,
    You could also watch it on peasant-vision but the ex-pats don’t get that either.

  57. yet another 3 points with money well spent on a thoroughly entertaining game – not !
    wicky woo woo woo woo – whatever – you silly twat.

  58. hello arthur – yes i agree & it tends to be the foreigners , especially those from south africa.

  59. Boro stayed at home, watched it on the tele
    Boro stayed at home, watched it on the tele

    The Unstoppable Toon. At least in the fizzy pop.

  60. roy crapper , you come on here with your derogatory & smutty remarks about other bloggers (poor chuck & toon_factor spring to mind )& the toon (you aint a proper supporter), i really cant see the point of it !?!….and i’m sure other people feel the same way….. i think it’s about time the owner stepped in & removed your membership.

    …confiscation of your equidy card should also be considered.

  61. oh dear ! – tit factor & half pint harry , what a frightening combination – you’s deserve each other.

    now run along and have a word with yourselves.

  62. areet lads, just got back from the match. A poor first half performance but we improved second half and 2 nowt is an excellent result in a game like todays. Anyone else think Colo had a great game?..He had Lita in his pocket for 90 minutes and didnt set much of a foot wrong i didnt think. Him, Jose and Jonas all had great games.

    On another note, i’ve mentioned it before but it baffles me to the point that i have to mention it again. How shocking are Boro’s support?..i’m genuinly starting to feel sorry for their lot like. God knows what its like to play in front of them. They must have song two or three songs today tops, all lasting around 15-20 seconds before they were (obviously) met by the rest of us with a song in retaliation. You’d think they’d perk up and fight back, but nah..they just sat there glum faced. Rotten!

  63. crapper…did you go to the game today , or did you listen to it on the tranny ?

    toon_factor did you enjoy the game today.

  64. Yeah, I thought Coloccini, Simpson and Jonas were superb, pity Nolan blocked Jonas’ Shot which was going in. Easy promotion in my opinion.

  65. what a pleasant suprise !! – the tv watching tit_factor yet again crawling all over coloccini and jonas , you creep !

  66. toon_factor…i completely agree , they all had good games.

    ..just ignore the queer fella & he’ll go away.