Smogs are frozen out! Newcastle 2 Middlesbrough 0.

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Proving his point?
Proving his point?
Newcastle strolled to yet another Championship victory, at the expense of our Teeside rivals and in front of a record Championship attendance. And yet as bored as I’m with repeating myself, this was another game in which we failed to get the blood flowing, on a day when it was needed most. Boro’s inadequacies and the ref’s ineptitude played as big a part as Coloccini’s immense display at the back or Danny Guthrie’s pinpoint cross for the second goal.

Despite it looking distinctly like the game would be called off, reminiscent of the game the Smogs called off at their place not long back, it went ahead on a freezing day with the travelling conditions treacherous. And yet St James’ wasn’t far off being a sellout as the supporters turned out in force, tackling the deep snowfall and icy conditions, for this season’s home derby as the attendance just about tipped the 50,000 mark.

Hughton once again made some fundamental changes to the Newcastle side as Danny Simpson replaced Ryan Taylor at right back, while Danny Guthrie came in on the right midfield for Fabrice Pancrate. And as he reverted to a standard 4-4-2, Harewood and Ameobi were paired together as Nicky Butt and the suspended Andy Carroll made way, with Nolan dropping into an orthodox central midfield pairing with Smith.

The game got off to a fairly unspectacular start and even the atmosphere in Level 7 hadn’t thawed out to it’s usual crescendo, in spite of the added derby edge. Everything seemed a little flat until a challenge on the left gave Guthrie a chance to swing one in, and his delivery found Ameobi at the back post. I haven’t seen the replays yet but it looked like a shove and popular opinion suggests he got away with it, as he put the ball back across goal. However, Boro still had chance to clear but were half-hearted as the ball fell invitingly to Harewood, who repeated his canny knack of being in the right place at the right time, to tap in for his fifth goal of the season to make it 1-0.

With two of the more laidback centre-forwards you’ll find in the game in Harewood and Ameobi, we spent most of the first half resorting to long balls, most of which were snuffed out easily by their defence. At the other end, Arca stood out as usual as being the one player who would create something from nothing and yet Boro too played a lot of deep, direct balls. That was never going to work on a day like today when Taylor was on his game and Coloccini absolutely oozed class. Anything Boro through at them, he dealt with brilliantly and continued to keep possession in the most unlikely of situations.

Just after the half-hour, Boro did have their one golden chance to get back into the game after O’Neil’s swirling free-kick was parried by Harper. Osbourne followed up the rebound and a combination of Harper, Steven Taylor’s arm (apparently) and the post combined to keep the ball out of the net. And really that was about all the first half had to offer.

With a larger-than-normal early exodus at half-time to get out of the cold and grab a well-deserved pint, it seemed like most supporters were also hanging on grimly to the warmth of the refreshments concourse for the start of the second half. And with the weather still at freezing point, it looked like being a long and perishing 45 minutes.

When Smith was forced off with an injury to be replaced by Nicky Butt, it seemed liked the afternoon was just going to get longer for some supporters after some poor early touches by the substitute. However, he settled into some sort of form after a short while and played his part in seeing out the win. And that win looked much more comfortable when he found Guthrie on the right, and with a quick shift out of his feet delivered a perfecly flighted ball into the box. The quality of the cross as much as anything else should have made it a banker but after Wheater and the keeper both hestitated, Ameobi had a straightforward header to make it 2-0.

With the crowd in better voice and the game slightly more interesting, Ranger came on for Harewood just after the hour and once again should willingness to get into good positions, and good touches on the ball. However, he might have done better when another great cross saw him slightly misjudge his jump (though that might be unfair not having seen the replays yet). Pancrate came on with seven minutes remaining and as Ameobi came off, he received a glowing tribute from the Level 7 faithful.

It’s another tough one to call because yes we won again but Boro were horrible really, it’s not hard to see why the more fickle of their supporters have chucked in the towel. Of course they were missing some key players but I hope that’s making a difference because otherwise they could be in big bother.

As for us, stand out performances have to be Colo, on a day when I genuinely couldn’t have said enough good things about him. Even his hair looked nice today. Enrique was immense again and with Jonas having one of his better days, between the three of them, they took the p*ss at times in keeping the ball in tight areas. Guthrie was another who excelled and I supposed I have to mention Harwewood who scored yet again, although his overall play might yet see him lose out on a loan extension beyond December, he looked like he was putting in a bit more graft if only marginally so.

Despite it’s size the crowd was fairly subdued at times but we seemed to find our voice in the second half, and there were a selection of new and old ditties to keep us on our toes. And the season of goodwill almost kicked in early as some new non-anti-Ashley lyrics were sung to the Sloop John B tune (I couldn’t work out the words…). Even the “Get out of our club” version only had three renditions throughout. Loudest shout of the day was amusingly when we sang the “da da da da da…” song back at them, and the whole ground joined in. But my favourite was “Feed the Smogs, let them know it’s Christmas time…”.

Anyway, three points in Santa’s sack and ten points clear at the top, happy days!!

Us – Harper 7, Simpson 7, S Taylor 7, Coloccini 9, Enrique 8, Guthrie 8, Nolan 6, Smith 6, Gutierrez 7, Harewood 6, Ameobi 7.

Subs – Krul, Lovenkrands, R Taylor, Kadar, Butt 7, Pancrate, Ranger 7.

Smogs – Jones, McMahon, Wheater, Pogatetz, Hoyte, O’Neil, Rhys Williams, Osbourne, Arca, Lita, Kitson.

Subs – Coyne, Taylor, Riggott, Luke Williams, Yeates, Franks, Bent

Att – 49,644 (including some mute Smogs and a kid from Worcester who bought my spare ticket for full price, hope he got home OK!)

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108 Responses

  1. Good Report BBM sounds like over all you had a decent if somewhat cold day, as you say Colo had a good game the day as did most but jonas, Jose and young Guthrie all had a good game.

  2. I have just read on the always correct Wikipedia that Marlon Harewood has made 14 appearances for Newcastle so far (is it really 14???).

    With 5 goals in 14 appearances, this gives him a strike rate of (just about) a goal every 3 appearances. When you consider that at the start, his appearances were coming off the bench and most of the matches following he has been substituted before the end – I think we have a very successful loan signing.

    With Carroll being a loony at present, Ranger still being more miss than hit, Lovenkrands never getting a chance at regular place and Ameobi seemingly injured again – I think we should extend Marlon’s loan to the end of the season, if Villa allow it.

    Does anyone else agree?

  3. First have to congratulate BBM for an excellent report.
    Have to get used to Colo and Shola being praised though, was`nt too long ago when some were comparing Colo. with Titus Bramble and were not exactly happy with Shola.
    Amazing what a difference a few wins can make.
    On mentioning Bramble, he is having a great season so far, as are a number of our ex players, Bellamy is probably having his best season ever and Duff is banging them in for Fulham, Scott Parker is being talked about as a possibility for S.Africa as is Milner at Villa.
    Bassong is having a good season with Spurs and Beye is as usual first class as is N`Zog at Wigan, Ah well !
    With the club a full ten points clear and grinding out results ,could be we are well on our way back to the PL.
    Must say looking at the Smoggies side there`s still some quality there and can`t understand why they are not doing better, had touted them and W/Brom for a good shot at promotion.
    Watch out PL here we come !

  4. BBM- “feed the smogs” was excellent. “Your grounds too big for you” was also another amusing one. Obviously the age old “da da da da!” dance was priceless..something which i completly forgot about until the first goal went in and level 7 got it going.

    I mentioned in the previous thread but will say again, their support was horrendous. They didnt reply to any of our songs and only sang two or three themselves throughout 90 minutes, them lasting for seconds at a time. Got to feel sorry for their players!

  5. I also would like to thank BBM for an excellent report.

    I did not get up at 5am (PST) to listen/watch on the internet as in the past I have been unable to due to having a US IP address.

    However a great result to keep the momentum going. Hopefully the Baggies will slip up at home to Peterborough, (nearly did one when QPR were there), and Blackpool win the postponed game.

  6. deb-i dunno, i think with Enrique winning potm and then having a great game today they thought it would be nice to give him motm. Colo was impressive though, he had Lita in his pocket all day long and you could see he was getting frustrated, shoulder to shoulder he had nowt on colo and there was only once or twice he managed to get away from him, royally fluffing both efforts on goal when he did so!

    Them poor smoggies looked so glum like, some of them were leaving the moment the second goal went in.

  7. Colo was class, enrique found it far too easy and Harper again showed why he could easily make the England squad if we were still in the premier league. Jonas seemed lost without Enrique backing him up but all in all, 10 points clear and nearly xmas. Good work!!

  8. Hi all,

    Once again, someone happen to read about the “old toon boy” how well they are doing in others club,

    This again have prove that it is clearly the Rotten Apples that when Shearer and team was incharge have get rid of. That includes from the medicial team to training team, to players, in a short spell shearer have get rid of those “worms” that’s hiding inside Newcastle club for years and creating bad things and tumor in the club.

    Apart for the good money we can pay, players who come in must really have the quality and fit to be in this team.

    If really promoted, do remember to give CH a period of time before forcing him to resign or being sack just like to rest.

    Team building needs time, esp when many new players coming all together to play with another in a new enviroment.

  9. watch the game it was great colo was great wish we put a third on in feel sorry for the smogs brad jones is just crap i dunno how they let him play well were first 10 points clear got sheff wend at saturday

    wish nufc all of th luck

  10. How the hell did Colo not get motm?

    Harper 7 not much to do, but did what he had to well.
    Simpson 7 part of a great back 4 performance.
    Taylor 7.5 great sweeping role.
    Colo 9 MOTM Top notch.
    Enrique 8 played his usual blinder.
    Guthrie 7.5 Great deliveries for the goals, bit scruffy play, but fought well.
    Smith 7 great ’til injured out of the game.
    Jonas 8 got all over the pitch, scared them silly, great engine.
    Nolan 7 not his best game, but played well deeper, got stuck in.
    Harewood 7.5 did his job, scored again, deserves 7.5.
    Ameobi 7.5 great headed goal, good defensive shift at corners & got back to stick his foot in. They tried to kick him out of the game.

    Butt 7, 1 or 2 stray early passes but far more good ones & headers, solid.
    Ranger 7 did well with the time he had.
    Pancrate 7 just for being there, not enough time to impress though.

    boro-could not compete.
    their ‘fans’-pppfffftttt!
    Toon Army-What a great turn out-Howay!

    Our defense was awesome!

    Well done lads, inc. the staff.

    Keep it coming!

  11. be watching sheff wed and derby on the box but going to reading game – looking forward to 9 points outta those 3 as long as nolan and co don’t eat to much xmas pud (he looked fatter than ever yesterday :)

  12. I thought Guthrie’s crosses were just amazing. Between him and Jonas’s running you’ve got one amazing winger.

    Best of all for me was another nail in the foreheads of the doom-mongers who ave gone awfully quiet about how we’re “not a big club”.

    2nd biggest gate in the country?

    10 points clear?

    Quite big, then. Really.

  13. Btw lads did anyone know that, on top of the glass in face incident, Carroll has been locked up AGAIN?

    So that’s incident with a lass last year, a glass in someone’s face the other week and another on top of that, not sure of the details but i’ll find out. I saw the lad he glassed yesterday and it just made me realise what a feckin nakka Carroll is – nevermind a lanky forward who’s good in the air, he wants to sort his bloody head out!

  14. AndyNUFC – Regarding Carroll, you can take the lad out of the council estate, but you cant take the council estate out of the lad :D

    Honestly, i dont really care what he does as long as he performs well on the pitch. He did that against Barnsley, setting up 2 goals. Performing on the pitch is by far the best way to shut people up. Dont get me wrong, he shouldn’t be doing these things at all and perhaps he needs taken down a peg or two.

  15. At last somebody in the rags who is not trying to cut the supporters down, quite a refreshing change.

  16. Hi Batty – it certainly makes a change from the usual dross written about us.
    Hope you and your family have a special christmas together especially with your young lad off to Afghanistan early in the new year. Stay strong and with the best wishes of his fellow toon army supporters he will be back in no time to cheer on the lads from SJP.

  17. I’m really enjoying it all at the moment; it’s been so long since we got silent nods of respect rather than open laughs of derision. Enjoy it while it lasts, ‘cos you never know how long that’ll be.

  18. Right i booked flights to newcastle for feb 17th , can anyone reccommened a nice hotel in newcastle city centre?

  19. Johno Toon says:
    December 21, 2009 at 2:29 pm
    Right i booked flights to newcastle for feb 17th , can anyone reccommened a nice hotel in newcastle city centre?


  20. It’s amazing on that Mirror article how the next comment after Ed’s STILL tries to rail against the article by making lame excuses about stadia size and derby matches. What the hell has that got to do with a record spanning EVERYONE’s derby matches and EVERY stadium in the country?

    Unbelievable. Just sheer spite and envy.

  21. Johno

    Depending on your budget – these three arent the cheapest but are all first class. – hip – cool, great rooms and handy for town being only 200m along the Quayside from Malmaison – close to The Cluny and The Tyne pubs (both of which feature bands regularly)

    Or is near the airport alongside the Tyne – has its own golf course, and is a tenner in a taxi from the City Centre – it has one of the(if not the) best restaurants in the North East (Bewickes) and if you politely ask (at reception before you arrive) for a “cheque book” you will get a free bottle of Champagne (£35) or wine with your meal amongst other things.

    Or as Stuart says – the Malmaison – which also has a classy low key but sophisticated and cool late night bar.

    All three are great choices but for different reasons.

  22. Johno Toon – Depends how you mean by nice? If you mean something useable that will be clean etc etc, then there is a holiday inn express by SJP.

    If your looking at something special, perhaps with a wife or girlfriend, then try what stardust and stuart79 are saying.

  23. Johno – if you’re taking your Mrs – Close House is special – quiet, small, outstanding food, romantic – its where I chose for our Wedding Reception – far better than the likes of Slaley Hall, Matfen Hall etc (which to be fair are two other good choices but outside of the city by some way) as its more intimate – it has class running through it like candy rock.

    But you would need to taxi to and from town to Close House but its handy.

  24. Johno,

    Stardust is right (Am I going mad?) Du Vin is nice, owned by the same company who own Malmaison. If it’s you and the Mrs and you are over the age of 50 I would go to Du Vin rather than Mal. But if you’re younger the Mal is spot on with a great bar. Restaurante is the best in Newcastle in my opinion too.

  25. @andynufc – where did you read that Carrolls been arrested again – there’s nowt that I can find other than the glassing incident (which is bad enough), one thing getting into fisticuffs but quite another to glass someone

  26. Stevep the lad who got glassed by him and my dad (who told me originally about the glassing) were talking about it watching the match yesterday, i’ll ask my dad again when I see him tonight and report back, but, to be fair, I did have maybe a bit too much to drink on an empty stomach! Haha but nah, I am sure something else has happened, at least from what I (think) I remember hearing.

  27. Oh aye it is another thing like, the lad, even though it’s reported as minor injuries, still has quite a distinct cut above his eye… could have been quite serious.

  28. Well I’m glad to see were not the only club who’s owners and board have no class.

    Man City’s handling of Mark Hughes is a disgrace!

    But nothin suprises me in football anymore.

  29. Football managers get sacked almost every week during the season.
    Why is the m hughes one any more disgraceful Stuart?

    They didn’t hire him, gave him ridiculous amounts of money to spend & a year & a half of under-achieving later, they’ve got the hump.
    The guy’s been a ‘dead man walking’ for at least 6 months.
    They don’t owe him anything but his severance pay.

    Stuart, he doesn’t need us to stick up for him, he’ll be paid well & he hasn’t been able to supply the goods with untold millions.
    Fair enough, i reckon.
    How long would we put up with that situation, not as long, i suspect?

  30. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 21, 2009 at 5:41 pm

    I think it’s a disgrace that everyone in the stadium knew he had been sacked and Mancini was to be named manager before Hughes did.

    I would have reckoned he deserved to be treated with a little bit more respect than that.

    Also you think 1 full season and 17 games is enough time to get a basket case club like that right?

    I can only presume you are one of those fans who is always wanting our managers sacked after 3 months…

  31. Stuart79 > I think it’s a disgrace that everyone in the stadium knew he had been sacked and Mancini was to be named manager before Hughes did.
    Not that it makes much difference but he was told that morning as he said he didnt want to take the mackems game but the LMA told him it was his duty to the team

  32. Big Dave says:
    December 21, 2009 at 6:11 pm

    Gary Cook has just said in the press conference he was told after the match.

    I understand it that Hughes had an inkling on the morning of the match so he contacted the LMA.

    There not going to say to Hughes on Saturday morning ‘You’re getting sacked after this game’ are they?

  33. Stuart,
    you don’t believe that bollox do you?
    ‘Course he knew, he’s a liar.
    Haven’t you ever seen one of his interviews?

    & You presume wrongly stuart.
    I never boo, never call for the head of a player or manager, ever!
    I was referring to how some of our fans have reacted to numerous players & managers down the decades.
    If you wanna argue that that attitude doesn’t exsist, y’on y’own.

    All i’m saying is hughes knew damn well it was coming, shit! everyone in football knew. How much money does he need?
    He’s a ‘second tier’ type manager, building from nowt eg. blackburn, bolton, fulham etc.
    I find the fake punditry that’s been trotted out on tv since saturday, about it, to be trite, but sadly typical, crap. They don’t half spout some bollox.

  34. What makes me laugh about the Hughes thing is a group of players have already made moves for a transfer out of city according to the bbc . Among that group a certain Shay Given . Maybe a bit of deja vu shay ?

  35. Stuart79 I understand your point, but in this case I think Hughes knew he was getting sacked thats what happens when you spend about 200 mill Your employers will expect instant results even if its obvious that a manager needs time to built a team. Plus I must say I wouldnt be surprised if Moyes thought to him self that will teach Hughes not to play dirty

  36. Axel,
    strange how he’s shipped a shit load of goals with a supposed better defense in front of him, isn’t it?

    All of those players have played in the prem long enough to have no excuse for their mediocre performances. If anything is to blame for hughes sack, it’s them.

  37. Stuart79 I hope Lescott and Barry are part of that group. TBH I think it was mostly the players Fault

  38. CLiNT I’m a great believer in you reap what you sow, But only in this case Hughes get 3-4 mill to make getting the SACK that little bit easier.

  39. good point CLiNT FLiCK just goes to show that your club can have a shit load of money and it can count for nowt or you can build a team like the late great SIR BOBBY and get into the CL .The amount of money Sir Bobby had does not compare to the amount that Citeh have . I wonder how many of Hughes signings were his choice and how many were forced onto him by the Owners .

  40. AXEL I have often thought that some players were bought without Hughes say so. Robinho being a prime example

  41. Well personally I don’t think that 17 games is long enough to gel about £200m worth of new signings.

    I think he’s been treated poorly, if as it’s being reported he asked Gary Cook if his job was safe and he was told yes it’s safe.

    But I take the point that he was never their appointment. But then why give him £200m to spend?

  42. & also Stuart,
    if hughes felt he had to ask if his job was safe, he knew it wasn’t, hey?

    I know what you’re saying about time n’all, but all of those players know the prem & should be pro enough to make it work, quick. They’ve looked slack really.
    Don’t you think?

  43. Sheffield Wednesday- 10 games without a win, 10 hours without a goal and 10 years out of the Premiership. How much would you bet on a 10-0 win?

  44. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 21, 2009 at 8:05 pm

    In defence they have been really poor.

    I have never been involved in proffesional footie but those who have (all of them, to a man) have said for as long as I can remember that putting an expensive team together doesn’t happen overnight.

    In any job people work as a team in it takes time to build up the spirit. In football the players will need to get to know their new team mates, how they play and what their like in the dressing room ect…

    I think he asked Cook about his job due to all the press speculation.

  45. Toon_Factor says:
    December 21, 2009 at 8:11 pm
    Sheffield Wednesday- 10 games without a win, 10 hours without a goal and 10 years out of the Premiership. How much would you bet on a 10-0 win?

    To Sheff Wed?

  46. did not realise that its 10 years since Sheff Wed were in the prem , thats a bloody long time for a club of that size . I think on boxing day we have a real chance to get a big score , 5 or 6 nil . Its only a matter of time before we slaughter some one .

  47. I think saturday will be tight. Only 1 goal in it for me. Sheffield Wednesday’s bad run will come to an end at some point, i just hope its not against us as i like travelling back with a decent result in the bag.

  48. Stuart,
    yea, definitely!
    They are all very highly paid pro’s in a results lead business & they’ve let their manager down.
    I don’t know what your job is, but i suspect you wouldn’t get 20 weeks to ‘gel’, would you?

    The owners of manc have decided to appoint their ‘own’ man now & that’s their prerogative. They at least have put their money where their mouth is. Who are we to argue?

  49. Can’t see us getting a big win, especially with Hughtons away line up of 4-4-1-1 – more likely to be one or two nil to toon – imagine Carroll will start in place of Ameobi if he’s still injured – harewoods useless as a lone striker as he can’t hold the ball up (same for Lovenkrands)

  50. I think CH will start with Harewood on Saturday – it’s his last match on loan and he won’t be available for Monday’s game whatever. Even if we decide to re-sign him that can’t happen until after Jan 1st. CH might look foolish if (heaven forbid) we lost one or more of our other strikers and were short for Monday’s game.
    What do others think?

  51. Sorry batty , stuck in work today and busy tho we did do kris krindle today and got a box of bud so happy with that! Not finished jsut yet , got most of it just a small few bits left, how about you/ Your son coming home for it or his he still away?

    O hurley how u? All set for the ‘ holidays ‘ as you would say over that side of the pond?

  52. Johno Toon-

    Good to see you too m8. And thanks for the “holiday” wishes! What do you Geordies call the “holiday” season? :)

  53. See the donkeys at NUSC are at their spin again.

    Maybe their slogan should be “Yes We Can – Ruin the Club”

    Mike Ashley can afford to run the club, they are scrounging like beggars to get a first base offer together – only to find that the price will have went up as we near promotion. (Oh yes remember they called the club a “Toxic Asset”)

    So what do they do if successful – do they support prudence (something they hate Ashley for) -do they borrow more money and leverage our futures like the American Goons at Liverpool.

    If anyone wants to help ruin NUFC – sign up to NUSC’s campaign. If anyone wants to save the club – tell even the most well meaning of volunteer to back away from their money making scheme (they described it as an investment – not me)

    The key people behind the scheme will be the ultimate benefactors – just like when FFS took the £500 to guarantee seats that meant nothing – this lot are no better.

    They have conducted themselves as idiotic amateurs (was going to say muppets but I didnt want to hurt Kemits feelings) – lets hope the ghost of Christmas past, present and future visits them and gives them a Rock on Christmas morn – for them all to crawl back under.

  54. O’Hurley – We call it christmas over here mate. Or if your well heeled, it may get called the festive period. I call it a pain in the ass! :D

  55. Was going to do an article for today, but its a very slow news day as far as Newcastle is concerned!

    Any ideas/suggestions? I’ll do one if someone can give me some ammo ;)

  56. Toonsy “I call it a pain in the ass!”

    Well we all know what you are getting for Christmas…each to their own…it is the season of goodwill to all men (and queers are men I suppose lol)

  57. To exoand, its only a pain in the ass becasue i have done everything for xmas. Its therefore an inconvenience that people are rushing around like blue arsed flies doing these last little bits and bobs as they get in my way! :D

    People, get a grip! Christmas is the same date every year and they should be prepared for it!

  58. 76 – Toonsy lol.

    You could do an article called “NUSC appear carrying Jesus in Xmas Nativity”

    A Donkey and Ass are similar arent they?

  59. Worky did you get word back from FSA ?
    Stardust are you looking forward to the child 1st xmas, but it gets better as they get older. I love Xmas with the kids

  60. Stardust – I try to stay away from the NUST to be honest. I dont know enough about it to be able to do a full article on it, and as you point out, ther aren’t overly forthcoming on details of how the whole thing works or how they plan to implement it.

  61. Yeah Dave cant wait – to be fair next year will be even better as you say.

    The first of everything is great, swimming – she saw Christmas Carol today in 3D lol (not sure if I went for her or me lol)

    She muttered something about Ebeneezer being batty? not sure if she meant he was mad or just a mad blogger lol

  62. Toonsy you could do an article on nobby training with colchester and is it worth us signing him.

  63. Stardust is correct AGAIN! It’s a record.

    I heard someone challange NUST re future funding and his response was that for the past two years Ashley has been making profits fromthe transfers so it’s not as if we could do any worse.

    He forgot to mention that even after making profits in the windows we have still needed an additional £20m per season to continue.

    Although I would still rather it was somebody elses £20mrather than Ashley but hey ho….

    Merry Xmas one and all

  64. So it seems like we are no longer the rags soap opera they have turned there Venom on Citeh. it was funny to hear them slagging that city had went behind hughes back to recruit his successor, but surely that was the best thing to do before sacking him, I think that was one of MA’s biggest mistakes was to sack BSA before having someone to take over.?? I think it could have been so much better if he had

  65. Boring! Let’s leave the NUST stuff alone – after all it’s nearly Xmas, season of goodwill and all that.
    I’m looking forward to Boxing Day when hopefully yet another manager whinges on about how his team deserved more from the game – while we pocket the 3 points! Likewise next Monday.
    Then maybe, just maybe, next week we get to buy Simpson, Kilgallon and a skilful mid-fielder. I don’t even mind if we extend Harewood’s loan.

  66. Big Dave says:
    December 22, 2009 at 7:13 pm

    Ashley thought he had Arry Redknapp in the bag so he sacked Alladyce, but as soon as he was told there was to be a DOF and no money he backed out and stayed darn sarf.

  67. jay jay – Neither would i. I think Kadar is useful as a back up aswell. Im not sure where we can strenghthen in January. Its a choice of risking unsettling the team or not. I’d agree with a creative midfielder, but who would we drop as they have all played really well.

  68. Stuart / Batty – even NUS”C”s biggest supporter BBM must be cringing right now.

    Come on BBM a challenge – time for you to denounce the morons!

    Be a man!

  69. We need to stay with the loan system in Jan as we couldn’t afford any players who we could use next year if were in the PL. If we bought players just for the sake of it it would be a waste of money as they wouldn’t play next season.

    It’s more important not to let anyone leave the squad. D Day for the regime January.

  70. Stuart79 – Your spot on, especially about the D-Day part. January will give us a big indication of what Ashley is planning.

  71. Nice one, i’ve not been able to watch the toon since i’ve lived in plymouth and now the opportunity is here and i can’t think of anything better than watching home park shudder under the magpie attendance!!!

  72. nathandio – You’ll find a lot of away games are like that. I live near Coventry currently and when we played at the Ricoh i found a large number of fans are local toon fans.

    Suppose its the territory of having a large fanbase :D

  73. Toon Factor – You’ll notice that the teams with higher attendances get more arrests? This rings true apart from Stoke who have a proportionally higher %age of arrests vs attendance.

    As it says, most of our arrests were during the Sunderland game and their place, where we had to endure sharpened coins being thrown at our fans. There were kids in there, they should have realised that!

  74. toonsy >we had to endure sharpened coins being thrown at our fans.
    Wonder where they stole the coins in the 1st place

  75. So it seems like we are no longer the rags soap opera they have turned there Venom on Citeh. it was funny to hear them slagging that city had went behind hughes back to recruit his successor, but surely that was the best thing to do before sacking him, I think that was one of MA’s biggest mistakes was to sack BSA before having someone to take over.?? I think it could have been so much better if he had

    good point but i wouldn’t get complacent with the rags just yet they are no doubt waiting in the wings hoping for us to slip up or there isa slow news week you can count on them to do something stupid like link us to osama bin-laden angain and about citeh i agree what he done was best for the club but hughes should have been given more time the thing is though it sort of lookks as though they couldn’t wait for him to slip up so they could bring their own person in a bit like m.a with big sam

  76. Nathandio, I got tickets for the Plymouth game yesterday, first game away, first game for my 7-yr old daughter and also first game I’ll have attended for 6 years, can’t wait! Hope it’s not entirely the reserves tho…..