Tyking liberties! Barnsley 2 Newcastle 2.

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Toon didn't need the Hassell!
Toon didn't need the Hassell!
How very dare they! With their short arms and deep pockets, those tight Yorkshire gets refused to give us three points and Barnsley 2 Newcastle United 2, was probably as fair a result as we deserved in the end. Backed by a minibus short of 7,000 fans, it was set up for and Newcastle were probably expecting, a perfect return. As it happens, apart from a spell in the first half, Barnsley were more than good for their point and battered us for spells. And this time we couldn’t sneak a win, though we came very close and it took a last gasp equaliser to spoil all of the black and white fun.

With roughly 7,000 fans spilling down the A1 and from various parts of the country, there was promise of a special day out and as the masses gathered behind the North Stand (and West Stand) in the bright wintery sunshine, the mood was vibrant. Hughton made several changes to the team that played against Coventry, as Ryan Taylor game in for Danny Simpson, while Kevin Nolan and Andy Carroll (a surprise inclusion) replaced Peter Lovenkrands and Shola Amoeobi. The formation began as a 4-5-1 with Nolan playing mostly as a second striker but as the game progressed he dropped deeper.

But it was another early goal from the midfield marksman, as he slotted him his tenth goal of the season within six minutes of the start following a couple of half chances for Andy Carroll. And with a bright start, it seemed like we might go on and build on it. But as always in football, habits set in and once we hit the half hour, we seemed happy to sit back and utilise this season’s defensive strengths.

The problem with that however, was that Barnsley’s approach was entirely different to other team’s we’ve faced this season. And despite Hallfredsson and De Silva instrumental on the deck, their ability to cause problems in the air for our defenders was of main concern. And it was they who combined for the equaliser, after a break which had seen the sides go in with us maintaining our one goal advantage.

Having been sent out early to prepare for the second half, Barnsley put us under a fairly sustained spell of pressure and when Andy Carroll gave the ball away cheaply, good work found De Silva on the right who crossed to Hallfredson and the Icelandic arrived unmarked to smash in on off the underside of the crossbar to make it 1-1.

Rather than spur us on, that seemed to give us the jitters and Shotton had a chance cleared off the line to prevent them taking the lead. But then we had equally good chances to restore our lead but neither Carroll nor Pancrate could convert with the goal seemingly gaping.

On came Harewood for Gutierrez and a switch which saw Pancrate move across to the left, and Harewood take up an unfamiliar wider role, which seemed to leave us looking unsure of what we were doing. But having momentarily switched sides, Carroll’s flick from a counter-attack found Harewood who finished well to make it 2-1 and send the away fans delirious, having had to take flack from the close quarters of the East Stand after the equaliser.

And it seemed with 12 minutes remaining, that we could surely hang on for the victory and another arguably undeserved three points. But despite, or perhaps as a result of, two sets of fresh legs in the form of Khizanishvili and Ranger coming on for Enrique and Pancrate we again seemed mishapen and unsettled and when Barnsley got a corner with minutes remaining, our worst fears were realised as Hassell rose seemingly unchallenged to make it 2-2 and send the home fans wild.

But all things considered, it was nothing more than Barnsley deserved for the grit and determination in a game that by their own admission was a big one for the season. Having started poorly they came back into the game and without having the ability to turn the screw, we always looked vulnerable from their direct play. A point away from home is nothing to grumble about, considering Barnsley’s recent form, but the manner in which we struggled to impose ourselves and the lack of creativity is difficult to accept. It’s just not like watching Brazil.

Barnsley – Steele, Hassell, Shotton, Moore, Dickinson, De Silva, Colace, Doyle, Hallfredson, Bogdanovic, Gray.

Subs – Preece, Kozluk, Campbell-Ryce, Macken, Potter, Hammill, Hume.

Newcastle United – Harper 6, R Taylor 7, S Taylor 6, Coloccini 6, Enrique 7, Pancrate 5, Butt 5, Smith 7, Nolan 7, Gutierrez 6, Carroll 6.

Subs – Krul, Simpson, Khizanishvili 5, Lovenkrands, Ranger 6, Ameobi, Harewood 7.

Att – 20,079 (with 6,987 Mags, – pretty special really).<

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126 Responses

  1. Glad to see that we can agree on almost everything, especially the electrifying atmosphere.

    You were easily the best side we’ve played, and should easily win the league. Any other team would have given us three points.

    I was particularly impressed with Carroll’s presence and Jose Enrique, who I didn’t think of as especially skillful before.

    Good luck for the rest of the season, apart from when we return the favour to Tyneside. That should be another great game.

  2. Not a time to start getting a negative at all, but just a small disappointment in that we couldn’t get an 8th straight win – which in itself isn’t the end of the world!

    If we get a couple more wins it’ll be unbeaten in 10, which can’t be the sign of a bad team. Think the biggest woe is the amount of support that came to watch just not to clinch the full 3 points.

  3. All the best BTID.

    Had a chew on getting a beer like. SYP were herding us up to Metridome but they were never going to get 7,000 in there. Headed back for an off-licence but couldn’t find one anywhere in town!!

    Ended just having beers in a bar called ‘something’ Mix?? (or I might have made that up, I was hallucinating by that point) just along from the station and outside Alhambra centre. Nice pint of ‘John’ in there.

    Couldn’t believe there was no beer in the ground. I expected there to be hell but most seemed to just accept it and stuff their faces with pies.

    Saw a great shot in the Sunday Sun of a lad in a red jumper wearing a scarf, who was part of the Barnsley clan in the East Stand trading banter with us. Probably could have got nasty but most of us just enjoyed it. Didn’t actually see any bother at all to be honest (apart from one kid getting chucked out for celebrating over the barriers).

  4. Aye, proper good day out with my old man, just like the old days. Hungover, with bacon sarnie and steak pies and a flask.

    Managed 3 pints before the game anyway and one in the Toby on the M1 so can’t complain too much.

    Looking forward to the next one!

  5. Unbelievable sight – the whole north stand of Oakwell in black and white. Fantastic. I never went into the metrodome, just picked up a half and couple bottles of coke at some shop 20 mins away from the ground and downed that at half time, so I couldn’t really give an in-depth review from the state I was in!

  6. Just like it used to be Andy. Taking over the town was a regular occurence.

    Off swimming with the little ‘un now so catch you fellas later.

    I might bemoan the lack of quality at the town but I’ve definitely got the bug back and I’ve been enjoyin the games and getting involved, I’ve got no voice left today!!

  7. Good away day, took is ages to find the ground though! Like one of the lads said no drink being served was pathetic but we got on with it.. Newcastle fans at times were outstandingly loud.. bring on boro and boxing day!

  8. “The formation began as a 4-5-1 with Nolan playing mostly as a second striker but as the game progressed he dropped deeper.”

    Don’t you mean a 4-4-1-1 formation, Bowburn?

  9. Toonsy from what i’ve heard Harper was pointing at the post as well after the goal was scored…

    … But in a rare moment of positvity from me, a draw really isn’t such a bad result… after all we were never going to win every single game this season, and despite the fact we should look to win every game, a draw after a run of 7 straight wins is a still very good record.

  10. Big Dave says:
    December 13, 2009 at 4:12 pm

    “So NEWCASTLE United have lost their shirt sponsorship deal with sportswear giants Adidas.”


    The stuff they are writing in the press about Adidas being concerned about bad publicity is more made up tripe. Apart from the fact that the deal was expiring anyway, here’s the real reason behind Adidas pulling out of some sponsorship deals.

    “Adidas’ entire global sports sponsorship portfolio is said to be under threat following last week’s decision by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to restrict the use of the brand’s distinctive three-stripe design on apparel.

    “The group of rival sportswear manufacturers that lobbied the IOC over the use of Adidas’ stripes now plans to approach other sports governing bodies, according to Marketing magazine. The group includes Nike, Reebok and Puma.

    “Insiders have suggested that their case is strong, given the precedent set by the IOC, which ruled that Adidas must limit its branding on apparel to a 20cm-sq logo. Adidas will face a multimillion-pound bill if forced to restructure its entire portfolio.

    “Among the sports associations thought to be on the rival manufacturers’ hitlist are the IAAF (athletics), FIFA (soccer), ATP (tennis) and IRB (rugby). At stake are the brand’s kit supply deals at events such as the soccer and rugby World Cups.

    “The action could even stretch to national leagues, affecting UK deals with Premier League champions Chelsea and Newcastle United.

    “Adidas has reportedly refused to comment, adding that it would only respond in the event of official action against its current use of the design.”


  11. Worky I knew I could rely on you mate. Just the usual Sunday tripe, but I will be a tad sad to see them go as the stripes matched our Kit nice. oh and worky do you know if MA owns shares or a stake in Adidas. ?

  12. Dave, they do say that Puma are taking over, though this may be more guff, I don’t know.

    A side point: Puma were founded by Rudolf Dassler, the brother of the Adidas founder, ADI DASsler. So if this were the case, the shirt sponsors would still be ‘keeping it in the family’, so to speak.

    Yes, I do know that Mike Ashley did hold shares in Adidas quite recently, as for right now, I’d have to check.

  13. Was there yesterday. Atmosphere brilliant. Mostly well behaved. The odd drunk nothing the police couldn’t deal with. Chatted to pompey fans at services and they were amazed we had so many at an away game in the coca cola league. baffled they were.
    After having worked well in midweek the old chestnut of Smith and Butt together didn’t work nobody was supporting Carroll and Nolan and picking up the second ball. Hughton can only play one of them with Nolan. The two wide men were weel off form and I am not sure if the pitch was narrow but neither pancake or spidey would go round the outside and cut in to traffic all game.

  14. Big Dave says:
    December 13, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    Dave, apparently Ashley sold his shares in Adidas for a tidy profit some time ago.

    Incidentally, all that stuff about him losing hundreds of millions gambling on HBOS before it went tits up was a complete media fabrication as well. He massively reduced his stake in the company before it went under.

  15. Expensive at forty notes a shirt but the adidas shirt did last the weekly wash and always look smart. Has anybody any experince of puma quality

  16. budalovesa patsy says:
    December 13, 2009 at 6:05 pm

    “Has anybody any experince of puma quality”

    budalovesa pasty,

    I’ve had Puma stuff, though not a football shirt recently. It’s as good as Adidas, and as I wrote above, the founders of Adidas and Puma are German brothers. They’re very ‘equivalent’ brands in terms of quality.

  17. Worky I can remember someone coming on here over a month ago saying Puma were the new kit sponsers, I was never really a Puma fan more Adidas I remember saving up for my 1st pr of Adidas Kick lol.
    Regards the side point you are a wealth of use—- info Workypedia ;)

  18. By the way lads, the bloke Carroll punched is doing him for it – not because it was a punch as reported, but because Carroll threw a glass at his face.

  19. workyticket says:
    December 13, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    He did lose money on HBOS, he lost it spread betting that the share price would go up. Although not the hundreds of millions reported.

    As for Adidas firing us off, it’s not a suprise as the Lambs Arse has already stated that the club were looking for new sponsorship.

    It will have a negative effect on the clubs finances though, I’m sure. This is one less interested party for sponsorship – Reducing the sale price in the auction that the club would be hoping for.

  20. whilst the attraction of a – black cat – is very appealing….it’s 3 stripes for me every time.

  21. Wouldnt surprise me if Lonsdale, or one of the other brands Ashley has stakes in suddenly becomes our new kit producer!

  22. Cheers workyticket
    Might see some new designs but i suppose black and white stripes are black and white stripes

  23. toonsy says:
    December 13, 2009 at 6:39 pm
    Wouldnt surprise me if Lonsdale, or one of the other brands Ashley has stakes in suddenly becomes our new kit producer

    I think he owns Lonsdale out right toonsy.

    What odds on a kit sponsor of a Lonsdale and a shirt sponsor of SportsDirect.Com??

    Couldn’t give two hoots like as long as he pays top whack.

  24. Toonsy funny enough I wasnt to keen on the Asics kit. my fav was the granda collar 1. I still have 2 of them one that I still wear an odd time, and one that Keith Gillispie got signed for me :)

  25. Ah! monkey boots.
    Anyone remember when they had monkey written on the soles?
    & you could only get ox blood, had to dye ’em black.

  26. CLiNT :) I liked the old Monkey boots then I moved up to the prem with DM’s lol and a Harrington jacket ? and the Crombie

  27. for those watching sports personality of the year….youv’e got about 20 mins & wor joe is on the other side…get voting.

  28. Ha! Dave,
    Aye, i know that craic.
    Y’can still get monkey boots like, they’re not quite the same though.
    You could only get ox blood DM’s first up too, i was always dyeing mine black.

  29. Worky – Bukta! :D

    Overall, my fave top has to be the grandad collar that Big Dave said. Closely followed by the ’87 Greenalls Umbro one.

    As budalovesa patsy says though, black n white stripes are what they are.

  30. Stuart79 – “has this turned into a fashion blog?”

    They are talking about Dr Martens so evidently not :D

  31. Komfort dont be getting Worky started on poor wee Geordie Joe the Sand dancer lol.
    Clint yeah I remember me Mum dyeing my first pair they were hand me downs lol. then I did get a pair of OX bloods

  32. Wouldn’t like to see Adidas go because we’ve always had special kits and always a little bit different then run of the mill type kits.

    Puma aren’t the worst solution, better than Londsdale anyway!

  33. Stuart,
    We’re talking attitude, not fashion, mate. LOL
    Fashion is for mongs.
    How Dave, my first ones we’re hand me downs too. :)
    der der der der(twilight zone) LOL

  34. what a shocking game at boro today!and what kind of attendance was that??? no way will they send 3000 here next sunday surely?wont be long before we take more away than they have at home!!was at game yesterday, well done to the metrodome to setting up the beer tent arena, good touch that, bet they made a killing – good idea tho, well done

  35. jettison1971 – It was similar when our fans stayed away after Keegan last season. Our gates dropped dramatically if you remember?

  36. Big Dave says:
    December 13, 2009 at 7:22 pm

    “Komfort dont be getting Worky started on poor wee Geordie Joe the Sand dancer lol.”

    Dave, I have nothing against ‘Geordie Joe’ and I support him generally, it’s just that I’d rather be flayed alive, hauled over hot coals then left for the birds to peck at rather than watch Simon Cowell and that awful show of his! :-)

    Yes I do remember ‘Monkey Boots’. They always seemed to look too shallow to get your feet in.

  37. clint…turn your telly on push the number 3 button sit back & enjoy….your monkey boots will be there the morra m8.

  38. Call X Factor whatever you like but when it finds a star with a voice like Joe’s it is hard to knock it.

  39. HEY BBM !
    Loved it, your report of the game, certainly got more talent than most sports writers, keep up the good work partner.

  40. Do you guys know what’s wrong with football today?

    Managers like Rafa Benitez who are making Liverpool a complete shambles and who should resign forth with are too concerned about losing a compensation package than acting in the best interests of the club and it’s fans.

    Where’s the dignity and humility gone these days?

    They cannot afford to sack him and he doesn’t want to resign and lose a pay out. What a joke!

  41. Stuart the Game we knew as Football will never be the same again money is ripping the heart from the game

  42. Big Dave says:
    December 13, 2009 at 7:59 pm
    Stuart the Game we knew as Football will never be the same again money is ripping the heart from the game

    It will Dave. This is a massive bubble and all bubbles burst eventually. House prices, the bank profits ect… All built on foundations of sand – Bit like the football industry.

    Just wish it would happen sooner rather than later so we have a more even playing field.

  43. Worky,
    mark us out a space next to you,to get flayed.
    simon cowbag sucks.
    get buying the rival xmas no. 1 ‘killing in the name of’ by Rage against the machine, do it this week to keep cowbag out of the xmas no. 1 slot, just for a laugh.

  44. Stuart I honestly think that one day we will have almost all one team in each town on a proffessional basis. I have allways believed that Money allways ruins everything

  45. As for Adidas, bit unadventurous in the fashion field, except of course for the UGLIEST EVER strip that is our present away one, wonder if there was any negative intent there.
    Yeah the continual variation of the three striped concept, was becoming more boring as they ran out of ideas.
    Perhaps they may improve with a new ruling on what they are allowed to advertise as their trade mark, undertand it will be reduced to a small badge type logo.
    Curious, whats the story (forget the renaming) on Northern Rock and Adidas, have the contracts run out, if so any chance we may pick up some lucrative alternates.
    Cause hey we gotta look the part when we get promoted back next season, right !

  46. Soz komfort. :)
    Some of the ‘acts’ definitely have talent, it’s just that big self important bairn coining it in, he needs a clip.
    A big DM to the heed would sort him out. :)

    Go jay jay!

    Dave, damn right brother.

  47. Why Rage against the machine for xmas no1? I mean, surely there must be something else rather than dragging up a song from 1992ish or whenever?

    Here’s an idea, how about getting an actual xmas song to no1? Like Wham or Slade?

  48. toonsy,
    cos it’s got the line: ‘F*** you, i won’t do what ya’ tell me’- Of course.

  49. chuck – I think Northern Rock runs out at the end of this season. Who knows, we may have some cash to play with. Or we could blow it all at once again on one player? :D

  50. CLiNT – Ahh, swearing. Thats why the kiddies like it :D

    Related, does anyone remember a time where any controversial song got banned, then subsequently made no1?

    I like the look of that Ministry album of 80’s electro stuff. Thing is, if i get it it will be turd as the best songs are probably the ones that are played on the ad.

  51. Hmm ! duh, just figured it out, Simon Cowel/ xfactor.
    Yeah we got a show like that here in the US,unwatchable unless you enjoy seeing people humiliated and insulted.
    A kind of Wilfred Pickle or Carol Levis show on steroids, who ?
    What`s he talking about ?

  52. I think Royal Bank Of Scotland should be our next shirt sponsor.

    We have a very uncanny likening to them.

  53. Big Dave – I draw the line at Cliff Richard!

    Worky – Think about it though, is x factor really that bad considering in the past we have had no1’s such as Mr Blobby and Joe Dolce, the latter keeping Ultravox and Vienna from being no1

  54. i know toonsy,
    i’m just a cynical auld get, or is that clinical?
    Don’t answer that. lol

  55. So,
    who’s dropping down from the prem next year lads?
    hull, wolves, pompey?
    everton? bolton? west ham? mackems? liverpool? LOL

  56. I reckon Pompey have their work cut out. Bolton might struggle. Hull will be around the bottom. Realistically it could be any 3 from 6-7 teams.

  57. toonsy,
    they might even go into admin, which wouldn’t help.
    But there’s a few teams flirting with danger.
    It’s a pretty open contest this season so far, same goes for the top end too.

  58. Portsmouth are a shambles, why do these idiots takeover clubs if they haven’t got the money to even secure their future.

  59. jay jay,
    it’s not like there’s any prestige?
    & they have no way of making money with a small ground (you can’t call it a stadium) & especially if they drop a league. Mad!

  60. Lads I think when they DO go down they will fall apart.
    imo AlFayed bought it to make money on

  61. See where Man. U. are at present a very average team, especially without Ronaldo.
    The old fear factor is gone , with teams coming to Old Trafford believing the can collect all three points.
    And the now the “long in the tooth babes’, excepting perhaps Giggs, have reached there sell by date.
    It`s been rumored that there`s a willingness to let Machado come to the Toon on loan, with hints of Taylor going the other way as a stopgap for their injury ridden central defence.
    Not something I would like to see, at least on a permanent basis, what I would like to see is a trade for both Machado and Cleverly for our Argentine International Collocini, then bring in Kilgallon to replace him alongside Taylor.
    Settle our CD and Frontline with young up and coming talent.
    Wont happen you say?, well Fergie and Man. u. are at present in a financial bind, even though they received an enormous sum for Ronaldo, look at the recent case where they would`nt pick up the option on the Croatian wonderkind.
    Doubt if either Simpson, Macheda or Cleverly will make it to the first team, so why not tempt them with a bid.
    I`m certainly not advocating buying players below whats required in the PL, who knows the could develop into very good players, point is we have to strengthen if we are to compete as a PL side, we must also cut our cloth accordingly concerning available funds.
    We really dont have much choice in the matter and imo this, or a similar deal for youngsters at present not getting games for the top PL sides, should be closely examined by both ownership management and above all scouts.
    That is if the clubs future means anything to,
    Mr Ashley ?

  62. jayjay – Whats more worrying is how easy it must be to pass that fit & proper persons test the FA insist on!

    Gerrin geordie joe. It could be our year this year :D

  63. I’m f***** if i know mate, it doesn’t seem ‘right & proper’ though, does it?
    I honestly can’t work out what the point would be, unless they didn’t know what they were getting into & the last owners sold ’em a pup?

  64. well done …. JOE ! , the new geordie micky – if you can manage to stay away from the public netty’s you’ll be fine bonnie lad xx..

    ps…mr mcartney it’s about time you put your funny looking guitar into storage..it’s over mate.

  65. I love the top half of the Premier League now compared to as early as last season or the season before. Teams like Villa, Spurs and City slowly but gradually staking a claim for a top 4 spot, whilst teams like Arsenal seem a far cry from their irrestible team of Henry, Viera etc, Liverpool still being second best to Fergie, and Man Utd losing their “untouchable” image.

    The fact Man Utd have replaced stars like Tevez and Ronaldo for players like Tosic and Valencia show it could be the end of a glittering era. With Fergie set to retire sooner rather than later, and the finance deeply in the red, only speculation to the calibre and adaptability of the next manager will see whether Utd can maintain their success under SAF. Liverpool seem to go from one disappointment to a next too.

    On an entirely seperate note, and a repeated one as it seems nobody acknowledged it, Carroll is being done by the lad who he “hit”… Actually I have it on good knowledge that Carroll threw a glass at his face. Could be a slippery slope for the lad.

  66. Pompey can blame old ‘arry for their financial meltdown tbh. He maxed out the credit card and now they have to pay back.

  67. AndyNUFC – Lets not elaborate on something we dont know the ins and outs of eh? So long as he performs on the pitch is all im worried about. He did that at Barnsley with 2 assists. Thats the difference between him and Barton, Carroll came out to prove a point where as Joey doesn’t seem to want/is incapable of.

  68. Well to be fair the lad who got hit with the glass is my dad’s mate so I do pretty much know what the craic is. Barton’s been blighted with injury but still hasn’t lived up to what we’ve seen in his City days.

    I still maintain that Carroll’s a lucky lad to have his height, otherwise I’d go with Ranger every time, just looks a lot more classy, naturally talented player.

  69. AndyNUFC > On an entirely seperate note, and a repeated one as it seems nobody acknowledged it, Carroll is being done by the lad who he “hit”… Actually I have it on good knowledge that Carroll threw a glass at his face. Could be a slippery slope for the lad.
    If thats true he deserves to get the book threw at him

  70. Harry’s just one type of manager, and if he’s given money then shouldn’t he spend it? He led them to FA cup victory with the best team they’ve had in years, and look to have in the foreseeable future. He’s built Spurs up from relegation certs to top 4 challengers – that’s what a manager backed with cash does.

    There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just a different, and more glorious, style to that of an Allardyce, Moyes or Bruce.

  71. Aye well Dave what i’ve heard is that a lass Carroll was with swilled this lad, the lad done it back and Carroll kicked off and threw the glass at his face. Now, Carroll is 6 foot 3, the lad who got hit off the glass, no joke, is like 5’9, 5’10.

    Bigg market at 1 in the morning is a stupid place to be anyway for a professional player, should have some more class and composure.

  72. The lad who swilled the girl back should man up and not retaliate. He deserved it doing it to a woman.

  73. Sorry, that sounded harsh. What i meant was, why didn’t the lad just walk away? Ive had stuff chucked at me by women before but i never felt the urge to chuck owt back. Why did he get swilled anyway?

  74. Both ways Toonsy, I don’t condone retaliation against women, but it’s bloody annoying when one swills you or hits or whatever. And in that context of composure and self discipline, the same applies for Carroll.

    Interesting !
    Have to agree, It appears we no longer have a top four, there are perhaps as many as eight teams who could make it into that group.
    Plus the fact that the teams below them are capable of taking points from the big boys, look at Bolton vs. Chelsea, who da thunk it ?
    The other factor rarely discussed concerning the EPL is it`s financial makeup.
    There are a number of clubs who are very highly leveraged and could be close to a financial meltdown.
    Both Man. U. and Liverpool are feeling the effects of a reckless policy of spending and quite recently have began to react.
    Both sides owners (Both from US) are finding it difficulty in servicing the debt acquired during the last few years and although the clubs have in fact been successful on the pitch, are no where near so financially.
    If the present W/Wide economic situation continues, and the banks who at this time are very selective in who they are willing to loan too, (loans without the required collateral to back them), both teams and perhaps other famous old clubs in the EPL, could find themselves in a serious financial situation.
    Not that the fans give a shit,all they are interested in is winning and if lucky a bit of silverware.
    Leave that stuff to the owners !

  76. Not sure of the fine detail toonsy, but to be fair, the lad is a bit of a gob so I really wasn’t surprised when I heard.

  77. To be fair out of the top 4 Chuck I have to say I still think Chelsea look the best. Drogba, for me, is now the best in form striker in the world, he just oozes class and is the modern day idol of pace and power, with a deadly finish. I think what the big thing i’m thinking of is, 5 years time, will Man U, Arsenal and Liverpool all have finished in the top 4 till that time, and, will we be a self sustaining premiership club? Ah anything is possible and I love it.

  78. toonsy , i hope i haven’t offended you ?..so as a goodwill gesture – my current partner works in the house of fraser (metro centre)on the chanel counter and if you go in and mention my name she will furnish you with some samples….but that said she reckons they only have mascara samples left of which your more than welcome to.

    …but there probably more appropriate for eastend toon.

  79. Andy NUFC
    No question Drogba stands out head and shoulders above the rest of the PL strikers, actually Chelsea are a modern day power team, Sams Bolton with skill and technique.
    The only striker who comes close is Liverpools “El Nino”
    I have also always admired Carvalho, has to be one of the smartest CD`s I have watched, reminds me of Dennis Ervine @ Man. U. very rarely saw either one have to make a sliding tackle , due to their great reading of the game and positional awareness, I realize they played different roles LB as opposed to CD but they had the same awareness.
    I still find it hard to believe they could`nt beat Megsons Bolton, although as mentioned above, on any given day with a bit of luck and the fact that the teams from the lower half have not stood still when it comes to strengthening their sides, It`s tough to get the three points.
    This is what makes me concerned in regards to promotion, just about every side can beat you on any given day and it`s essential to survive that first season back.
    Nice to see the progress made by Enrique, think he has a pretty good future , just hope its with us.

  80. Took the ferry from North shields there one time long ago,
    having a few beers with friends, almost became a cropper that night Roy, therefore saw no reason to return,though I am sure it`s a nice enough town.

  81. Stuart79 – Messsage 54,

    If you think that guy is a good singer, you have never heard music before.

    Google “Adam Lambert” from this years American Idol and listen to what America gets on these karaoke shows. That bastard has a voice. This X Factor spastic sounds like a school kid whose balls haven’t dropped yet.

  82. Re the Dassler brothers, Rudolf and Adi, there was a third one – Bobby!

    Shame about Saturday’s result though but at least it was a point won rather than three lost!

    Fingers crossed for WBA feeling the cold and blowing it tonight.

    Who the Joe that won something…. have I missed something?

  83. What’s the craic about a S Taylor/ Machado loan swap and Chelski running the rule over Taylor and Carroll?

    The first one sounds ludicrous and the second…. well if Ashley managed to screw a measly £7m out of Citeh for Given, then might he be tempted by a Chelski offer

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