Plymouth v Newcastle – match banter!

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Tricky tie at Home Park!
Tricky tie at Home Park!
Cup fever hits Tyneside for the first time in the new decade, as Newcastle visit Plymouth in today’s FA Cup 3rd Round tie at Home Park! As the last few have been relatively successful, here’s another link you can just use for the match banter. Unfortunately, my better half changed our holiday plans, so as we’re not in the area, ‘wor lass’ frowned on the idea of me going.

Like yours truly, not all Toon fans are lucky enough to be there (if lucky is the right word to embark on a such a hike!). With the game not being beamed out live anywhere, it’s probably not going to be possible to watch directly, as I’m not sure how the ITV links will work abroad. But if anyone can find radio, video links etc to the game for people who don’t have it, I’m sure that would be appreciated. As ever, this can be the place to come together during the match and p*ss and moan, as we usually do.

There’s no probable teams news [UPDATED BELOW], as Hughton has suggested a much changed side, and it’s likely to be anyone’s guess who plays, although Deb has done a preview article and both have strong squads to choose from. Hopefully we’ll get line-ups on here before the start.

Blizzardous (sic) conditions in the metropolis of Bowburnia at the moment so looks like I’ll be stuck in listening to Radio Newcastle with my new fitness diet, woop woop! My man on the ground down there reckons the snow is bad too, so fingers crossed nowt daft happens and the game isn’t called off. Plymouth seem to have picked up some form of late, and they’ll have former Toon man John Carver in the dugout today to help outwit his hometown.

After somewhat of a frustrating couple of games for us, and the probability of a weakened side, it’s likely that Plymouth will be favourites. However, with an influx of players with something prove, I’m going for 1-0 to the Toon and hoping, despite what others may say, of being in that Sunday draw for the 4th Round and dreaming of a romantic road to Wembley!

‘Tell me ma’, me ma’, I won’t be home for tea…’ – Howay the lads!

Team news – Canny strong team actually even though there are seven changes, and only a smattering of the ‘young ‘uns’ we thought he might play –

Us – Krul, Danny Simpson, Coloccini, Kadar, R Taylor, Pancrate, Butt, Smith, Guthrie, Ameobi, Ranger

Subs – Harper, Enrique, Lovenkrands, Gutierrez, Carroll, Tozer, Donaldson

Plymouth – Larrieu, Barker, Sawyer, Duguid, Fletcher, Clark, Mackie, Arnason, Summerfield, Judge, Fallon

Subs – McNamee, Noone, Barnes, Gow, Saxton, Folly, Mason

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117 Responses

  1. Howay the Lads!
    Hope the youngsters shine today and give a good account of themselves.

  2. I never thought I would say this,but I will be satisfied with a 1-0 defeat and a good performance.
    We do not need a cup a run as the priority is promotion and a fully fit squad to choose from.
    Hope 2010 is the turning point in our history……….

  3. Nah – we need this competition to give the youngsters a few games alongside first teamers who aren’t getting much action


    Taylor (R) Tozer Collo Kadar

    Pancrate Geremi Butt LuaLua

    Ranger Lovenkrands

    That side should beat Plymouth if they all perform and give much needed playing action to them

  4. oh well so much for that idea – surprised Lua Lua aint on bench!

    Tim Krul

    Danny Simpson, Fabricio Coloccini, Tamas Kadar, Ryan Taylor

    Fabrice Pancrate, Nicky Butt (c), Alan Smith, Danny Guthrie,

    Shola Ameobi, Nile Ranger

    Subs: Steve Harper, Jose Enrique, Ben Tozer, Jonas Gutierrez, Peter Lovenkrands, Andy Carroll, Ryan Donaldson

    Would have played Guthrie inside alongside Butt, rsted Smith who’s important to us in this league and gacve LuaLua a run out on wing, surprised Shola is starting after the Coca Cola cup fiasco

  5. Big Dave, just finished a good honest account of the war in Helmand province by Doug Beattie of 1 Royal Irish, top bloke.

  6. Guess it’ll have to be highlights on ITV later, unless they do the same as the Telegraph today and don’t even bother to give our game a mention, in any way!

  7. Pancrate should have scored according to Ando.

    Fecking blizzards in Durham still. Apparently cold and snowy down there but nowt like up here.

    Howay Toon.

  8. Bit scrappy, owing to the pitch by the sounds of it.

    Krul and defence looked a bit uncertain, fortunately Plymouth strikers didn’t take advantage.

    Ando thinks we look “edgy” and that they don’t look like they have the belief. Whereas we look like a team who have made loads of changes.

  9. bigbadbob Doug Beattie is as you say a real top bloke, I have meet him a few times. He is one real hard man but was brilliant to the younger ones. which meant that some of his men would have have done anything for him, me nephew served under him and he thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread. There is a lot of stuff that isnt in the book as it was rated too bad

  10. Pancrate hit the post when he should have scored but free kick against him anyway…

  11. Aye, Ando gets on my t*ts sometimes but he can be funny and pretty candid which is refreshing…

    Pancrate has had all the opportunities so far but not had enough quality.

    Corner to the Toon…

  12. Im pretty glad to see that CH thinks enough of the FA cup to put a good team out.
    and yeah Kadar seems to be doing good

  13. Guthrie great hit and saved from the top corner, out for a corner kick.

    Keeper missed the corner, out for a throw!

    We seem to have had the better of the last 20 mins. Goal before half-time, howay!

  14. Coloccini volley…ooooohhhh past the right hand post.

    Starting to sound a bit like the Derby game, got to take our chances…

    Half time!

  15. bowburnmag says:
    January 2, 2010 at 3:38 pm

    “Pancrate has had all the opportunities so far but not had enough quality.”

    Not had enough match practice before joining Toon and needs to gradually come into focus with first touch, not snapping at chances etc, like Harewood and Lovenkrands.

  16. Yellow card for Ranger and their full back but sounds like they could have had a few more.

  17. worky – aye perhaps. Jury still out on Pancrate. Love his enthusiasm at times but he has to do it at the right times. And just hope he doesn’t tuck in or get asked to tuck in, so we keep the width.

  18. Ni probs bowburn, I’ve got the radio on, but thought I might get to see it. Lets hope we can win it today with no replay needed

  19. Great play by Kadar again.

    Just realised, I’m sittin here like everything is normal and getting ready to go out for a meal after this. Luckily I checked in the mirror because the little ‘un drew Toon stuff on my face for when I was listening to the game. Would have looked a berk going up to the bar…

  20. Gutted that Ranger never got into it today. Off for Carroll. About 20 minutes left.

    No real upsets today looking at the results.

  21. Smudger has been boshed and looks like he might go off.

    Looking groggy and holding his cheekbone. Just what we need.

    As much as I love the FA Cup, not sure I fancy the prospect of a replay!

  22. Unfortunately, probably the worst outcome we could have wanted if this ends up a draw? Another game we didn’t really need!!

    On the flip side – Villa winning, Forest drawing and Burnley winning, so my Treble is looking OK so far.

    Not really a gambler but it was a £20 free bet. It’ll no doubt go pear-shaped before the afternoon is out :)

  23. HOWAAAAAAY Mags!!! Just the one and we gan hyem and get ourselves sorted for Reading and look forward to the draw tomorrow!

  24. Sounds like Derby syndrome again. A game we have had the best of but cant score in. Out and out goal scorer needed!

  25. Absolutely battered them for 20 minutes again.

    Feck me howay put the barl in the net.

  26. Thats it then i guess. An extra un-needed game, Smith out injured possibly. Aren’t the cups great?

  27. come on Lads, as with the last 2 games it was there for us, but we didnt take the chances we had.

  28. Final whistle – back to St James’ week on Wednesday.

    Should have won it again.


  29. Well that’s what happens when u gamble and change the team, another game that we could do without. I can understand why he did change it, maybe too much to risk, but another game ain’t good

  30. Just gotta try and persuade the boss I should buy a ticket for the replay ;)

    Gutted like but what can ye do?


    I’m happy we’re in the draw for the 4th Round and Kadar played well. Also we battered them and created chances again.
    Ah aye, my bet came in! :)


    Ranger was off form. We’ve got another game we probably didn’t need. And hopefully Smudge’s cheekbone injury isn’t as bad as expected but looked nasty by all accounts.

  31. Just got back from Kielder Forest where I’ve been for the new year, jesus it can really snow up there! Was supposed to be coming home yesterday but couldn’t get out! Even the 4×4 was pissing in the wind!

    What have I

  32. How long can we keep saying it ok and that we should have won for?

    For me, its another team near the bottom of the league that we couldn’t beat resulting in another game we cant afford.

    Look, we are supposed to be the best in this league. Man Utd are the best in the premier league but how many games to they not score in? Same with Leeds in league 1. If we want to continue to be the best in this league then we need to start taking chances.

  33. Let me finish that:

    missed. Hve we signed anyone yet?

    I have to say if we manage to sign Beckford and Kilgannon I will be very impressed with the guy signing the cheques.

  34. Thank you to everyone who posted a link.
    Poor Smudge, I’ve had a broken cheekbone and it is very painful, mine swelled up so bad I thought I was going to lose the sight in my eye. Hope he makes a swift recovery.

  35. With Smith injured it might persuade Hughton to play a more attacking team. We won’t have a 3rd centre half playing.

  36. toons – I’m as pessimistic as they come. But relatively speaking Man Utd got surprised with a home defeat to Villa and then spanked off Fulham.

    Yes, I do worry about our future and I pray for a natural goalscorer to be bought and to fit in nice and easy and to good effect.

    But we’re still creating chances, which is good to see.
    We’re also top of the league and in the 4th Round of the cup. If we hit top gear, we’ll be laughing.

    Just hope we bolster in January.

  37. toonsy says:
    January 2, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    “Look, we are supposed to be the best in this league. Man Utd are the best in the premier league but how many games to they not score in?”

    Burnley beat Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and ‘Spurs in cup competitions last season when they were in the Championship, and they also knocked Liverpool out the Cup in 2005 and beat Manchester United in the League this year too. Neither Liverpool or Manchester scored in those games.

    Awful pitches, like the one at Home Park apparently, are a great leveller too.

    Personally, I think that the lynch mob are just waiting for the first opportunity to hang Hughton from a tree.

  38. I’m feeling positive! Mind you, I just banked £208 on my Treble which will probably be my last bet of 2010 :)

    And I’m away out for a good scran and then back to watch the footy.

    Have a good one ladies and gents of the blog.

  39. I don’t actually think the players would have played with the same intensity today as I would imagine they would in a league game.

    I wouldn’t have minded losing today if the truth be told. We ain’t going to win the cup and the less games we play the better.

    There is a bit of a negative atmosphere around at the minute with us winning only 1 in our last 5 games but I really think 2 or 3 good signings and there will be a whole new feel to the season.

    Sooner the better an’ll.

  40. From what i have read it is becoming more and more urgent to get a real finisher in the transfer window . it sounds like it was a repeat of the derby game , hope ashley gets the cash out and gets beckford signed this week .

  41. A Leeds fan friend of mine said that best way to describe Beckford is like Andy Cole, he’s a great finisher who is always in the right place at the right time. Misses a few but it doesn’t bother him.

    I’m sure he’ll score in the Championship, if he doesn’t cut it in the PL who cares? Just as long as he scored goals to get us there.

  42. dead right Stuart pay 2 million and if he finds the same form as in division 1 then promotion will happen . if he fails in the prem sell him , his reputation in the lower leauges would mean thier would be teams willing too part with the cash too achive promotion .

  43. the mackems & smogg monsters have now entered the bidding for young danny simpson… unless the fat bloater splashes the cash he wont be signing for us.

  44. komfort says:
    January 2, 2010 at 6:26 pm
    the mackems & smogg monsters have now entered the bidding for young danny simpson… unless the fat bloater splashes the cash he wont be signing for us.

    Where’s that info from like?

    We can totally discount Boro as there a joke.

  45. Ok here’s my report:
    Pasties: quality
    Home fans: crude but up for a laugh. Failed to get a round of ‘who ate all the pasties’ going.

    Their motm – the goalie, although the main reason we failed to score was that every cross to a big man was intercepted by one of theirs- I don’t remember us winning any headers in the box except Caroll late on and the keeper has that.

    Our motm – Kadar. Totally dependable and solid. Looks like he’s made of girders.

    Pitch: more suitable to growing spuds than playing footie. It was never going to be a slick passing game.

    Overall: glad I only had a 60-mile round trip. But don’t be too harsh on the lads – we basically thrashed them nil-nil.

  46. Whumpie says:
    January 2, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    So you think someone like Beckford would be the perfect goalscorer for us then?

  47. It depends. It does look like Simpson will be sold by Man Utd and the fact that he is now cup tied will help us to sign him i reckon. At the end of the day, none of us know whats being said behind closed doors.

    I dont mean to sound negative, i understand we are still creating the chances. We do however need to be more ruthless. If we keep missing these chances then we will also miss the chance to go straight back up. Failure to do that and we will really be in the sh1t.

  48. Macas, what I would do as soon as we get promoted back into the Premier League, is buy back Beye. Hardly getting a game at villa, has the experience and was loved here. £2M tops?

    Thing about Simpson is though, he’s back at Man U till the rest of the season, and although i’m sure if we put the money up we’d get first say; 1, will he be good enough in the long term, 2, can we afford to not have a recognised right back till the end of the season? If he’s cheap then I don’t have a problem with it but either way i’d definitely get Beye back start of next season.

  49. I’m just ordering a chinky, any suggestions?

    How did Simpson play today if his loan finished on the 1st Jan, and how did Man Utd let him get cup tied if we haven’t already agreed something with him and them?

  50. AndyNUFC – Beye will be near on 33 at the start of next season. I think we should perhaps look a bit younger than that tbh.

  51. Well Done Worky, Your site has really taken off and given us all something after Ed shut his down. Was good to have both but its great to still have something, so thanks Worky

  52. Stu – Thats what’s bothering me. I thought he was due back so have we extended his loan? The fact he is now cup-tied and also that despite Man Utd’s recent defensive crisis Fergie still didn’t call him back suggests that he is not in the plans at Old Trafford. Perhaps there will be movement soon? Hopefully in our direction!

  53. Toonsy i’d sign him for cover to a permanently signed Simpson, and let’s not forget he can play CB too. To be fair we aren’t sure of Simpson’s premier league quality and we don’t have any outstanding youngsters coming through in that position, so a well known, PL experienced player, who can cover an extra position, would be a good buy IMO. By the time he’d retire, 34/35, Simpson would be 23/24 so if he wasn’t good enough for the PL by then he probably would never be.

  54. oh stuart i couldn’t possibly reveal my contacts..

    ..& macas wake up and smell the coffee , he’s more than good enough for us.

    ..another evening in the pub beckons…& well done worky.

  55. I for one would love to have him full time. He has played in the PL with Blackburn last season and did ok.

    I can only presume we have something arranged as him being cup tied reduces his value a little I’m sure.

  56. Thanks Simon, komfort, but the other idiots have had a big hand in it too, especially Hugh and Bowburn! :-)

    I want us to overtake the official site now and get players, Hughton and the rest to do interviews and such.

  57. komfort says:
    January 2, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    Aye, you came up with some bull about Simpson the other night and I see he played today.

    Great sauces…. Is it daddies or hp?

  58. workyticket says:
    January 2, 2010 at 7:21 pm
    Thanks Simon, komfort, but the other idiots have had a big hand in it too, especially Hugh and Bowburn!

    I want us to overtake the official site now and get players, Hughton and the rest to do interviews and such.

    Good idea worky.

    What’s happened to Hugh?

  59. Stuart79 says:
    January 2, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    “Good idea worky.

    What’s happened to Hugh?”

    Thanks Stuart, coming from my foremost heckler, that means alot! ;-)

    I don’t know what to say about Hugh as I don’t think he wants us to say too much, but he hasn’t been too well recently. I wish he’d come back.

  60. workyticket says:
    January 2, 2010 at 7:21 pm

    “I want us to overtake the official site now and get players, Hughton and the rest to do interviews and such.”

    Next stop world domination eh?

  61. Simpson’s loan doesn’t expire until the 18th but I would
    assume something is in the pipeline. I’m not sure Man Utd would have allowed him to be cup-tied unless it wasn’t going to harm selling him on.

    Stu – just had a black bean sizzler round Bowburn Hall. Pure quality! Get something along those lines!

  62. The radio link I listened to said Simpson is with the club until after the next league game (Reading, I think??), then he returns to Man Utd.

    Remember, we didn’t get the loan deal straight away, it was about half way through the month – which would be when the deal ends.

  63. Guys some of you would welcome Beye back at the club. i cannot see him coming back into that dressing room after Smudger had him pinned against the wall of the orient dressing room when he played an abject first half and said he wanted out of toon

  64. Caught a bit of the Reading game on tv and they played decent stuff. Loads of energy. Nobody to put the ball in the net. It won’t be easy to get three points down there next week. Saving grace is forest play wba so someone will drop points

  65. Just back, great atmosphere poor football for most of the match. Kadar was excellent alongside Colo, Simpson ok but had plenty of chances towards the end to put a ball in the box and didn’t even get past the first man. Ameobi, mostly invisible but positioning was mainly good. Carroll and Jonas looked great when they came on. Shame about the result but think we’ll win by a couple in the replay.

  66. Well,
    another clean sheet away on a crap pitch.
    & a run out for players outside the 1st 11.
    The more experience the second 11 eleven get, the deeper the squad becomes.
    Pity we couldn’t hit the back of the net again, that run is gonna end.
    Another game required, that we can well do without. Cool!

    Btw, Go worky! well done mate.

  67. BBM,

    I opted for Singapore Chow mein and it was lush!

    I’m in training as of Monday for the great North Run! Not sure whether it’ll happen but gotta give it a go.


    Who is going to be the roaving reporter for the blog? They need to be hanging around the training ground trying to get a quick interview with the players. We need someone who is unscrupulous!

    Where’s Batty?

  68. workyticket says:
    January 2, 2010 at 7:08 pm
    This site now has the same Google “page rank” as the official Newcastle United site. Wahey!
    <<<< well done worky now we have ed oot the way think ile start on newcastle mad shouldnt take long for them to retire oh worky have u posted my check yet :lol:

  69. @batty Don’t worry about Page Rank mate. It will take care of itself as long as interesting content is published here. Good luck in New Year. I am sure you guys will make it better every year.

  70. aye stu cant wait to see his class buys million pound wonders because u wonder who they are :lol:

  71. Would`nt get too emotional about getting more hits than the official site, who the feck ever reads it, gives boring a whole new meaning.

  72. The official site is awful but it’s getting a facelift shortly. Moving away from the generic official site look.

  73. So we are not sure about keeping Simpson, eh!
    Think it will work out o`k, just a matter of the details.
    Whereas both Beckford and Killer will probably be signed too, as we are aware in every negotiation there`s an opening bid, not always accepted.
    Personally would rather have Boyd, I know he would cost a bit more but he is a proven goalscorer, perhaps we should sign both, yeah right, what am I saying !
    If that does`nt work out we could always get Rooney for around sixty million and El Nino for another forty mill.