Can the Mags outwit the Foxes on their turf?

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What's on the cards at the Walker's?
What's on the cards at the Walker's?
Match facts.
Walker’s Stadium, Leicester. Kick Off: Saturday 30th Jan, 5:20PM. TV: Sky Sports 1.

With this weeks new signings Mike Williamson and Wayne Routledge being joined by on loan defenders Fitz Hall and Patrick Van Aanolt today, the face of the Toon squad is literally changing day by day, and at times even hour by hour. Both new(er) lads trained with the rest yesterday morning and will almost certainly go straight into the squad as the Toon take on Leicester City’s ‘Foxes’ at the Walker’s stadium. Leicester City are expecting their biggest attendance of the season so far for this fixture, with almost 29,000 tickets sold before the game.

Leicester have always been a bit of a dodgy team for us, so I’m hoping we do alright today but I still feel a bit uneasy about this match. The Foxes are suffering from a bit of a blip having lost their last 3 games so we should be able to take advantage. but they will also be keen to get back on track as they lie only 3 points outside of a play off place. Commenting on those 3 matches City captain, Matt Oakely, said:

“We didn’t play well in the first half against Swansea but were much better in the second half and had chances to get something out of the game but didn’t.

“I thought we were the better team at Cardiff and were really unlucky there. In this league if you take your chances you take the points but we are just not taking them and getting in front.

“When you see our statistics, when we are in front we don’t get beat, so we have to make sure we do that.”

Leicester have lost just once in their last six home games, winning four and drawing the other one. A total of 10 goals have been netted by the Foxes in those games, with 6 conceded. We’ll need to watch out for Matty Fryatt, who is their top scorer with 12 goals, and also 20 year old striker Martyn Waghorn, currently on loan from the unwashed, who has managed to bag 5 goals in only 7 starts.

With ex Toon right side legend, Nobby Solano, eagarly awaiting clearance to play against us, and ex Toon coach, Nigel Pearson managing the team there’s a bit of a Toon connection. On Pearson, Chris Hughton commented in the Chronicle:

“I speak to Nigel quite regularly and he’s somebody I’ve got to know quite well over the years. I’ve got a lot of respect for him. He did a fantastic job here and he’s doing a wonderful job at Leicester.”

On the match he said:

“It will be a tough game and one we’re all looking forward to.

“It will be a tough end to the season but we have to stay focused now.”

“They’re a side that will be there or thereabouts this season, and they are where they are for a reason – they’re a good side.”

Chris Hughton will at least have a few more experienced options to choose from with all the recent signings as he tries to plug the gaps of his injury ravaged team with Steven Taylor out for a few months, Danny Simpson, Jose Enrique, and now Shola ruled out with a dodgy shoulder. One glimmer on the injury front is the report of Joey Barton back in training.

Foxes team Tuesday evening who played Barnsley:

Weale, Morrison, Hobbs, Brown, Powell, Gallagher, Oakley, Wellens, N’Guessan, Waghorn, Kermorgant

subs: Logan, Neilson, McGivern, Howard (66 for Kermorgant), King (73 for N’Guessan), Dyer, Fryatt (66 for Waghorn)

Possible Toon side: Harps, Taylor / Hall, Williamson, Coloccini, Van Annholt,Routledge, Smith, Guthrie, Jonas, Nolan, Carroll

Nolan has been pretty ineffective the last few games and Smudge hasn’t been playing as well recently either but I still think he will pick them both.

I think this will be a draw, but good to see some of the new lads in action.

Full match report by Toonsy coming later.

Howay the Lads.

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60 Responses

  1. on recent form iam expecting a win leicster are not playing well and they dont score many and also hope nobby dusent get clearence in time too play

  2. Why so negative Geordie Deb, I reckon Ranger will grab another today, Routledge to start and the team to really go at them from the start. 3-0 by halftime and 4-0 fulltime. HWTL

  3. batts, i think we can win this one & will be investing last nights unspent funds with my mate paddy power @ a very tasty 11/8…… for old rope.

  4. I am going for the win…Classy quick passing movements,loads of pretty shapes,south american flicks and shimmys,35 yard screamers smashing in off the cross bars…Howay the Lads will miss this one as got to graft until gone 8…I will be with you all in spirit :)

  5. batty – a very tough game with many of the regulars missing and therefore resulting in a defeat.

  6. I said that yesterday cropper but changed my mind…don’t see much in it but think we will nick it.

  7. Cornish Magpie

    ‘Why so negative Geordie Deb, I reckon Ranger will grab another today, Routledge to start and the team to really go at them from the start. 3-0 by halftime and 4-0 fulltime. HWTL’

    I’m trying not to be negative but for some reason I dn’t have a good feeling about this one. Don’t know if it’s all the changes to the team, our defence has been our strongest component and now 3 out of 4 of our regular defenders are injured, which obviously unsettles things. Lets hope my gut feeling is completley off kilter and we thrash them!!

  8. Only Enrique, Simpson, Taylor and Ameobi missing. Hopefully that Chelsea LB will be half decent, anyone at RB will be ok, Williamson more than capable to cover for Taylor and Ameobi has been rubbish since he came back from injury anyway. The main problem we might have is Nolan taking on Nicky Butt’s role of being our anti-football team member. Like I said though, hopefully Routledge will start, Jonas will link up well with the new LB and we’ll run out comfortable winners.

  9. Hey Chris Hughton if you’re reading, how about this for taking them to pieces with their 40 yr old LB with our fullbacks “bombin’ on”

    Pancrate – Williamson – Colo – Van Aanholt
    Routledge – Guthrie – Jonas
    Lovenkrands – Carroll

  10. I think it’ll be a draw today.

    Think Hughton will play Carroll up front with Nolan just behind. Hopefully that means that Routlege can play right wing and Guthrie can come inside with Smith.

    Least we’ll have a bit of pace and creativity for the counter attack.

  11. Big day in the championship. We all have big games. Forest have an away match at local rivals Derby, WBA play Sheff Utd and we play Leicester. Lots could happen.

    I think we will go.

    R.Taylor Colo Williamson Van Aanholt
    Routledge Butt/Guthrie Smith Jonas
    Carroll Nolan

    He seems to like playing Butt away from home!

  12. Northern Echo

    If Moses does move to Tyneside in the next three days, he will join a club that boasts two new loan defenders after the arrival of Hall and van Aanholt.

    Like the play on the word “Boasts”…..”CH Oi Check us out,two loans!,beat that you muppets”

    I was mulling over the Moses move last night and i think if he moves for football reasons he will come to us,if he is a puppet for his agent he will go elsewhere…He will do nothing at Madrid apart from clean Ronaldo’s boots and carry the bibs and balls.

  13. sjt

    You can completely discount Madrid in this case.

    Our only real threat will come from Fulham or West Ham. Maybe one of the big four but I doubt it.

    My personal opinion is he will end up at PL club.

  14. I like cornish- magpies team @ 14
    would start hall in place of Pancrate though , if CH plays 442 and uses the pace we now have then we will win . Hope to god its not 5 across the middle and 1 upfront , that would spell trouble . Lets get at them from the kickoff high tempo .

  15. Carnt see W-Ham going for moses at the minute,the position there in they are going for experence players they no can do a job,not talent for the future and as Gold/Sullivan were saying the club is in a financial mess that they need to sort out,no offence to wigan but there not the most attractive club and the towns first sport is rugby

  16. Fulham possibly an option Stuart I think Hodgson is a very good manager and would love him to come to newcastle…has he signed his new contract at Fulham I know his other one was running out end of this season.

    Didn’t realise Moses was at our last home game…hopefully he was impressed.

  17. According to CH non of the 1st team are being sold,another gold star for Mr Ashley,keep up the good work!

    Hopefully shift Geremi though the useless fkin TOOL.

  18. I think he went to Forest found his feet they would win the title…if we end up with no striker in this window I don’t see us getting promoted.

  19. SJT said on here before,on last day of window,if no striker in bexford 2mil if we do forget it,se leeds signed striker on friday,just gut feeling:P

  20. Come on Derby!
    Prefer Moses,younger and less likely to upset the apple cart.
    See what happens we need a goal machine though as I don’t think we will get prompted otherwise.

  21. Just been lurking on the Coventry boards, they seem to rate that van Aanholt highly and were really impressed with him. For a month in this league it seems he can do a job for us.

  22. icedog says:
    January 30, 2010 at 1:55 pm
    BATTY;wigan 4/6 toon 15/8 sky bet,you having a punt m8
    <<<<< 7 to 2 last night m8

  23. batty says:
    January 29, 2010 at 9:23 pm
    aye were still favs too sign him but quite like the 7 to 2 wigan

  24. Reet lads, I’m off to the Walkers. Catch ya’s later, hopefully Forest and West Brom dont win and we do!

    Howay the lads.

  25. Ya,GO derby GO. But i am still a little gutted why can’t we seems to win derby both in BPL and now. And their only win In BPL that time was us. :lol: =.=”

  26. aye aye yi daft radgies!
    Get yorsels doon the independent in elswick to watch the match. Me, big Mick, owl heed and stardy are here!
    Its jumping like! Here man, big Mick has splashed oot for a new tv for the pub like! Proper 32 inch wide screen! Crackin picture like except when owl heed spins his heed roond. It keeps knockin the picture off like!
    Its not dekka’s fault like, hes pure off his nut on coke man. He cannit sit still like.
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    Anyways laters gaters!
    Bizzies are deing a walk thro so ave got to gan.

  27. Looks like it is gonna be a draw match bt derby and forest. time for Newcastle to win. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

  28. And GOAL~~~~~~~Derby scores.

    whoa that’s is fast. Straight after i type finish. =.=”

  29. hoo nora! Pure raker gear like!
    Big Mick is up ravin noo. He looks belta like cos hes got his pants below the crack of his arse so you can see his lonsdale undercrackers and only has a vest on! Proper mental like, big Mick!
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    Howay nora, bring ya bike an aal.
    A reckon stardy is gettin beat off both of them noo man! Stardy is movin like a proper peeve heed. Hes got is saturday night sliders on and is skating on the wood dance floor man!
    Great craic this like!
    Toon toon

  30. Fantastic Derby win, if we can get the result today, 6 points clear and another game in hand after that

  31. Thankyou Derby County, what could be a huge victory, for us, over Forest. This should motivate the lads, they’ll know the result, 3 points the day.

  32. jamie o hara has said he wants to leave tottenham in the summer and probably wouldnt be able to stay at pourtsmouth, does anyone think he would be a good signing?

  33. I’d prefer Tom Huddlestone from Tottenham but Jamie O’Hara is probably too high quality for us at the moment so I’d snap him up if we could get him.

  34. O’Hara would be a great signing at the end of the season imo, a proven premiership player who probably wouldn’t cost too much, no big ego or anything like that.

    Would love to sign Huddlestone, I rate him very highly but I couldn’t see that happening.

  35. huddlestone is a good player,but would not like him at toon he is very one paced not what toon what,even HR picks him only certain games

  36. Hooo Lads look in ya sheds for them old bmx bikes wor Mick and Owl Heed are putting on a BMX Championship next Satarday for all the locals in Byker and Walker.

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