Concerned Hughton awaits tests on hamstrung Jose.

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Enrique: Hamstrung, but for how long?
Enrique: Hamstrung, but for how long?
In yesterday morning’s papers, Magpie left back, Jose ‘the Bull’ Enrique fretted that the recent defensive crisis might derail Newcastle United’s bovine promotion charge. Later, in the evening’s home game against Crystal Palace, he became a casualty himself. Circling his hands, he then limped off almost immediately with a hamstring injury after 26 minutes. The talented but inexperienced Tamas Kadar stepped into the breach, however he has already been slotting in for centre back, Steven Taylor, and right backs, Ryan Taylor and Danny Simpson too.

Though new big lad, Mike Williamson, seemed to plug Steven Taylor’s central hole very adequately considering his lack of group training etc, the Toon backline is now becoming like the trenches of the Somme, and though out on the left, Enrique’s loss would perhaps be the greatest of all if it is for a long period. It would also break the Latin triangle of Enrique, Fabricio Coloccini and Jonas Gutierrez, which has been such an effective part of the Magpie machine this term.

Speaking on Enrique’s injury in a post match interview, manager, Chris Hughton said that he would know more today about the seriousness of the injury, adding:

“Of course it’s a concern. Jose felt his hamstring, the only good news is that he came off straight away, so he certainly won’t have done any extra damage.”

“We hope this has helped, but we won’t know more until the morning and it’s one we’ll have to assess”.

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29 Responses

  1. “Though new big lad, Mike Williamson, seemed to plug Steven Taylor’s central hole very adequately considering his lack of group training”


  2. Enriques a big loss and it’ll also affect Guiterez as they play well together, hopefully won’t be to bad – suppose Kadar can fill in but they seemed to fall like flies last night and we couldnt carry on with so few injuries – after all we are the toon

  3. jose until he went off was one of the few decent
    players we had .at least he got forward n gave us an attacking option on the left unlike the headless chicken spiderman .

  4. but i thought he was starting to put in more crosses then before…but there was more to improve if compair to any of our well known winger like keith gillespie and etc..can we get him back? He is only 33.

  5. Hopefully it wont be too bad and will only miss him for 2-3 weeks ( please god ) gives Kadar a chance to show us what we can do and gives jose a bit of a rest

    But if its long term might be another excuse to bring in another player or two

  6. Completely gutted if he’s out for any length of time. He’s without doubt, the player of the season so far and most of our play goes through him. Gutierrez began to look bereft of ideas when he didn’t have Jose bombing past him.

  7. last night was a complete pile of horses shite – if it was the entertaining stakes the toon should have been pulled up & shot.

    no suprise the crowds are dropping – they’ll get football done away with at this rate.

  8. Could definitely do with a LB. Even if Jose injury isn’t as bad as it seems. Still need cover. Some have mentioned Fox from Celtic, I thought Burnley were talking to him.

  9. shite game but the goal ranger scored was top class he still had a lot to do,ive seen top epl players miss those and he is only 18 hope thats the monkey off his back,ime sure bambi would not had pace/control to score it

  10. burnley are in talks with fox but he’s a long term targert of ours, c’mon mike put yr hand in yr pocket just one more time! Please! I’ve got a feeling this injury’s long term, 1-2 months which will be crippling for us and he’s a big force. I only listened to the game yetserday but from those of you that watched it it sounded proper shite? Even more reason to get Moses in I reckon ;)

  11. Lads,
    blah, blah, played shite, blah, blah, should kill these teams, blah, blah, blah.

    We really have to start giving the teams we pay a ‘little’ credit.
    They play us with the attitude of ‘nowt to lose’, ‘give it a shot’, ‘it’s our cup final this season’, i wonder how many teams get hammered in their next game, after leaving it all on the pitch v us?
    We won, kept another clean sheet, with a depleted back fouragainst a team desperate for something.
    Who wouldn’t have ‘snapped y’hand off’ to be in this position at this point in the season?

  12. We have to give the players some credit – we’re top of the league, 8 points clear of 3rd place and we have the lowst goals against in the league along with that Ashleys finally getting some players in!

    I’m all for some attractive football but not at the expense of dropping down the league, Doncaster, Scunny are lauded for “trying to play football” but are in relegation battles, Baggies play well in spurts but are completely inconsistent and looks like they may have to be happy with playoffs, Forest are on a bit of a role which is likely to stop as soon as they get a couple of injuries
    If Routledge settles in and we can get one creative midfielder I’ll be more than happy for this season

    One thing is that we’ll def need to sort out playing side when we get promoted but lets cross that bridge when it happens

  13. We woulda lost these type of games last season, this season we’re digging in & showing some proper resilience, that what we wanted, wasn’t it?

  14. Spot on, clint.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing fox brought in, but personally I’d be happy with giving kadar a chance there seeing as he didn’t sound too bad in the lb role.

  15. CLiNT FLiCK – You’ll hear no arguments from me on the resilience point. I think it’s a great foundation but I’m uncomfortable with the idea that some fans think it’s enough.

  16. Proof of the pudding mate.
    Top of the league says it’s ‘enough’, for now.
    Next season is a long way off.

  17. I was relieved to get the win last night and pleased with both the new signings’ contribution to the game.

    Special mention too to young Kadar who greatly impresses me. Whilst I would love us to be in a position to play open attacking football, the most important thing is to win games and get back into the premiership. Therefore seeing Jose limp off is worrying in the extreme. He is crucial to us if we are to get promoted.

    This led to a couple of half time discussions:

    1. Just how Jonas faded in the game and debated whether it was due to him been badly clattered or being ineffective without Enrique and the final opinion was a bit of both.
    Our team is getting little or no protection due to inept refereeing. I lost count of how many fouls for pushing in the back on young Carroll went unpunished.

    2. The lack of penalties that the said referees are prepared to award Newcastle. From memory the last one we could collectively remember in the league was against Reading in August!!!!!

  18. Was at the game and the amount of times Jonas gets chopped down is unreal, couldn’t believe there was only one yellow card, Palace with their 10 point deduction were desperate for anything and certainly weren’t going to lie down, a crowd of 37,000 wasn’t bad for a mid-week game, not everybody can afford to go to 2-3 games a week, I thought Williamson was excellent and easily desereved man of the match, didn’t look like his first game for months, Kadar looks promising although looks odd having a left footed right back, would have thought he would have dropped to left back when Jose went off as it looked like Jonas was trotting over to the right back position before Pancrate came on.
    Wasn’t the best spectacle ever, but at the moment the points are the important thing.
    Tough on the fans who left early as Rangers goal was excellent.

  19. Mags09
    Dont undrestand why playing open attractive football would lead to not winning games as opposed to playing ugly.
    Fact is we just dont have the skilled players to play an open attacking style, wish we had.
    The present side is just better suited to a long ball, boring game.
    We got rid of BSA and still end up playing crap football, eh!

  20. hammy – I was close like, because it’s a pain getting the last train. But I’m a committed roving reporter 8O

    and can’t afford to miss the action. Paid off last night, although I was on the balcony by that point, ready for the off.

    Still amazes me how one game I’m fine and the next it takes me five minutes to recover from those Level 7 steps!!

  21. bowburnmag says:
    January 28, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    “Still amazes me how one game I’m fine and the next it takes me five minutes to recover from those Level 7 steps!!”

    Didn’t you fill your belly with some Mexican awfulness before the game yesterday evening?

  22. worky – divn’t mention it, I’ve got horrible indigestion. The 3 pints probably didn’t help last night either.

    Seemed like a good deal though – main and starter at Blue Coyote for £6.95. Can’t complain really, until it feels like you’re having a mild heart attack…

  23. Chuck 25 we have to win the way we do at the moment because all our flair players have been sold