Debutoons ready, willing and able for Palace game?

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Take a bow lads?
Take a bow lads?
Newcastle United ‘new boys’ Wayne Routledge and Mike Williamson having been saying all the right things, as you’d expect, ahead of tonight’s game against Crystal Palace. Despite the fact that Williamson is yet to be officially unveiled as the board apparently deal with the complications of payments to Portsmouth and knock-on payment Watford, the player himself is sounding confident of the transfer going through. Workyticket sounds canny confident too, so I’m going with it.

The club are allegedly hopeful of the transfer being finalised in time for him to play a part in tonight’s game, though he’s not played a first team game in five months. The rumours are that should the paperwork come through in time and he is able to play, then Tamas Kadar will fill in at right back, with Williamson joining Coloccini in the middle of defence.

On speaking about his future at the club Willamson said:

“This is a dream move for me, and I can’t wait to make my debut at St James’s Park,”

“The fans here are incredible, and now I just want to go out and do my best for them.”

“It’s a great move for me, and I just want to get on with the challenge of promotion.”

Assuming the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed, which is apparently all that Chris Hughton believes is required, he should be good to go, and the gaffer told local press:

“I’ve spoken to Mike, and he’s delighted to be here. He’s desperate to make his debut tonight, and hopefully the deal is finalised by then.”

Routledge’s transfer from QPR appeared to hold no such problems, as it was done so quickly that the rumours barely had time to get out before he was officially unveiled. He’s also slightly better known than Williamson and has excited Toon fans almost unanimously. The winger is also looking forward to his debut, according to quotes in The Chronicle:

“It will be great to have those fans behind me now and not against me.

“They are unbelievably loud.

“When that’s against you, you are in awe of it, but to have it on your side it must be a major boost.

“I know what it’s about because I’ve played there before, I can’t wait to play tonight.

“I’ve been around the training ground and it’s a great set-up.

“St James’ Park is one of the best stadiums you could want to play in. There are so many memories here and so many legends have played here.”

Speaking about the prospect of playing against his former club, Routledge went on to say:

“You could not have written the script.

“To be making my debut against the club that gave me my debut and my chance in football is incredible.

“It’s a weird situation, but I just have to make sure Newcastle get the three points.

“It’s massive blow for them and it was a bad day yesterday for Crystal Palace.

“Seeing them go into administration is hard, but it doesn’t change the aim for me, which is getting the win for Newcastle United.

“I’m fit and raring to go – I just can’t wait to pull on the shirt for the first time.”

So…yada yada yada, “great club, great fans…etc”. Less talk and more walk is what is required from everyone in black and white at the moment. But I suppose you can’t blame the lads for being excited and it’s what you’d want to hear, even if it sounds like rhetoric. It sounds less so when you considered we’re such a big club, I suppose, or at least so goes the rumour.

Williamson might not make this one, but Routledge seems much more likely to play a part and perhaps even start. And for the first time in a while, I’m genuinely excited about a Newcastle debut.

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88 Responses

  1. Classic timing…

    So he’s signed on some sort of emergency loan until paperwork is sorted?

    That clears that up…doesn’t it? 8O

  2. Aye, I’m with jay jay on this one.

    By the way lads, you should chuck on Sky Sports 2. Great show is on about Aussie birds doing aerobics.

  3. “He`s also slightly better known than Williamson”!, Say`s it all, dont it.
    With W/Brom recently proving to be the better side and Forest steadily kicking ass and level on points, there`s certainly room for concern.
    The recent signings do little to inspire, just bargain basement cheapo`s.
    It would be not only be ironic but painfull, should we fail to gain promotion.
    Still think the dynamic duo of MA & Llambias know what they are doing ?

  4. ROY CROPPER where are u hiding or have u took time oot for tonys court case plz let us know as u havent been on for a bit ? hope worky hasent banned u

  5. sorry lads! but all this doom or gloom why? look at forest who have cheapo buys playing up front!these lads never made it in the prem and we are not going to get any great players in are we,so if we win tonight are we not going to be further away from west brom 6 games ago even if we have drawn these games. 8 pts lead is better then none at all. who cares what forest do as long as we are clear of 3rd place. we all want us to go up the rest would be 12 to 14 behind but please win tonight lads

  6. Chuck, just wondering, who exactly are you hoping for? What signing (reasonably realistic for a championship side) would please you?

    Simpson and Routledge seem like excellent signings for any championship side – hardly ‘basement bargain cheapos’.

  7. Good to see Williamson signed up and cleared to play tonight. Our defensive options were at the minimum.

  8. I’m always a bit worried about new players going straight into the starting lineup, it’s really annoying, given where we are placed in the league that we might need to.
    I remember catching a late night prog with some nubile ladies doing naked yoga, couldn’t seem to find it again. ;

  9. well lads i dont think moses will play tonight wont risk a injury,there in the s—,dont think the admi will allow there best asset to play just my thoughts

  10. Glad to finally see him in black and white. Now if we could get Ambrose (I keep forgetting he played for us a few years back) or Moses (preferably Moses) I think we’ll have had a very, very good transfer window indeed.

  11. Don’t think I like the idea of throwing a new guy out there in central defense who has not even practiced with his his partner. I’d rather see Kadar there and either Tavernier or Guthrie at RB. would like to see Routledge get the start as Pancrate has been unimpressive.

  12. i think we can forget moses they say already knocked back 3mill wba already said they are out of it,mind it would have been nice

  13. Excellent, article bang up-to-date and relevant.

    And worky’s rep more than intact. How very dare they doubt you!!

    Incidentally, if it happens, when was the last time we gave debuts to two new signings in the same game?

    Must be a while?

  14. Think 3 points is a must tonight , not casue of forest ( what a run they r on by the way ) but casue of west brom , agree with asim we need to start pulling away from 3rd,

    We have 8 games ( 24 points ) between now and end of feb if we push on and went on a winning streak and picked up 20 points in those games we will give ourselves a great chance to finish the season as champs

    Havent been on last few days due to illness but delighted with our two new signings

  15. sworry but i cant get into this feeling sorry for other fans when most fans round the country were laughing there b0llocks of at us when we went doon ha ha ha ha

  16. moses is in newcastle we should be all over it,this is the type of player ashley likes to sign young talent,howay lard arse pull ya finger oot

  17. HITMAN,thanks my next guess-if toon dont sign striker by last day bexford in 2mil iif they do forget it

  18. ADAM
    They are such good players, that few had even heard of them, one @25 is on his 8th. club and they both came in at 1m. or less, what does that tell you ?
    Adam ,what i would like to see is promotion first of all and with the present side, certainly no guarantee.
    Also an attempt to rebuild, with some young talent, that is if there`s any intent on the part of ownership other than gaining a place in the PL in order to promote a quick sale, for a better price.
    There are players like Moses and Best two young strikers,one Moses, can also play outside.
    People like either Johnson @ citeh or Boro.and youngsters attempting to get their careers on track who cant get a game for the bigger clubs, thats who we should be looking at.
    Too bad we dont have a scouting system, as there`s a whole other world of talent, either on the continent or elswhere that we could consider.

  19. Hats off to the management team on this one. Still a few days to go in the window, and we’ve already plugged the main gaps in the squad. I think some brownie points for style too – they totally left the press standing with the Routledge deal.

    I’m much, much happier – I think we’ve seen actual learning happening at board level. It’s just a chink of light, but it does bode well.

    Geremi out and perhaps a good striker for cover, and I think Ashley and his team can safely call it a job well done in January. Never thought I’d say that…

    Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m confident of an easy run for the rest of the season, but I think they’ve done pretty much everything you could realistically hope for this time – quite a reverse of previous performances!

    Credit where it’s due.

    (And can people please stop whining about the quality of players – who the hell do you expect??)

  20. Moses would be a great signing. A natural leader according to the Bible. He’s also got his hands on the 10 commandments which I’m sure Barton needs to listen to.

  21. Very Sharp penalty-spot !
    Love a win tonight..come on Mike one more ya big Cuddly Bear! I love you and Owl Heed
    xxxx SJT

  22. Chuck – be realistic, man. We got in this mess largely due to over-spending on players who would otherwise not have come here. The result was a pitch full of people playing for the wrong reasons.

    I don’t know this new CB chap, but I trust CH’s judgement. Simpon has all the right qualities; whether he’ll make it in the prem remains to be seen, but the worst that can happen is we make a profit.

    As for Routledge, I’m delighted. All the other signings (hoped and real) were just backup for injuries, whereas a new, quick right-winger will actually make a difference NOW. Oppositions had us sussed recently, and this will have them guessing all over again.

    My QPR-supporting mate is gutted – says we’ve got one of their best. As his lot just lost us our goal difference against Forest, I fail to find much sympathy!

  23. bats – Got to say I totally disagree. Banter or not, it’s sh*te that clubs are going to the wall. The fans must be sick as ****. Just saw a load of them trying to get into Lineker’s Bar before. All the way up here and potentially some of their better players not being allowed to play.

    I know some fans enjoyed our relegation, but it wasn’t all. I daresay there were some Palace fans amongst them but I would imagine there are far many more that didn’t. I wouldn’t wish it on anybody and I’m gutted for the likes of Palace and Pompey fans that the clubs they love are in all kinds of sh*te.

  24. BATTY;thats my boy,whats this with williamson toon are only saying a deal is done what kind of deal?

  25. I should also add that the more clubs go to the wall, the more problems it will bring and the more lop-sided football will become. The game will suffer because of it.

  26. chuck johnson will never be fit ever we dont need players like that! u wouldnt be saying that if he had signed for us last summer he would never of played! plus 50 thousand pounds aweek which would have meant another player bleeding us dyer, duff,owen, barton, duck vaduka smith has only started playing this year how many players add the wages u would cry and germi who cant get in are side shocking.

  27. Realistic ?
    Think I am realistic enough to understand what we are getting, basically a defender who has`nt had a game in ages and a 25 yr old winger who failed to make it at seven other clubs, these guys are each valued at amillion or less.
    In my opinion less.
    So even though YOU may be delighted, does`nt mean we all see it that way.
    And can you explain why , if we expect promotion, we are buying second tier players when we expect to be playing in the top tier.

  28. chuck!we all wont this and that but we cant pay prem wages untill we go up!houghton will be sacked if we go up and would u trust him in the market for players no u wouldnt he is useless.

  29. bowburn well can you pass a message on too them plz tell them batty is laughing his head off at them :lol: :lol: :lol:

  30. Chuck. “Expect to be playing” does not justify buying prem players. That, hopefully, is what happens in the summer. Until then you just buy what you need to maintain your promotion push without upsetting the bank balance.

    For example: We know Routledge is one of the better wingers in the CCC; he showed that against us this season. He is likely to help our promotion push. If he does, then we see if he can swim in the Prem. If not, we sell him – probably at a profit – and spend the new Prem money to get someone better.

    The main thing is, you keep your dosh then look at the TEAM you need in the summer rather than working around the mismatched bits and bobs you’ve bought along the way but can’t afford not to use.

    Your way: we spend a shedload to entice someone who otherwise wouldn’t be here. Another Owen/Geremi/Viduka… dare I say Luque? If they do well and fit in, great, but if not (as is often the case) then you’ve just devalued them by several million. You either stick with them (as per last season) and hope, or ship them out and lose out on two or three other players because you’ve blown the money.

    I know it looks odd, but Palace have just illustrated perfectly why spending no more than you have to is the way to go. Boring, but sustainable.

  31. Asim
    What are you the club treasurer ?
    What the hell you care about what`s spent, aint comming out of your pocket.
    If you want to talk finance, go to the accountants blog or bean counters, i`m talkin football here.
    Look y`all have become so used to Ashleys parsimonious attitude he`s converted you to his side, the guy did spend big initially (through his own poor business practice and ignorance of football)
    But what you hav`nt figured is he just needs to get the side promoted then sell, he`s not interested in any real improvement in the side or long time commitment, he needs to get the club back to the PL, get his dosh back and outta here.

  32. still cannot find out what this DEAL is,ssn saying its emeg loan deal other sites saying bought for 1mill what is true

  33. Whumpie
    What are you another acolyte of Ashley , worried about his money ?
    Seems there` a theme running through these blogs concerning spending on players.
    Must be some kind of Pavlovian effect, hav`nt spent anything in so long that the mere mention of any amount over half a million sends tremors through the faithfull.
    Get over it, apart from the present high wage bill (for the fizzy) this club is in sound financial shape.
    Better in fact than any in the fizzy and some in the PL, so stop worrying about spending Mikes money , it`s o`k really .

  34. The emergancy loan’ll be nothing more than an expedient way of running the move through ’til the Pompey-Watford formalities are sorted out.

    I just don’t see a problem or anything sinister in this at all – it appears that we’ve learned how to do things by thinking smart and acting slick.

    What a transformation in proceedings – remarkable.

  35. LESH;cheers mate,not saying there is anything sinister in it,were did you get gen,just nufc saying deal has been done nothing else

  36. Chuck: you need to get your head around the fact that this ISN’T Ashley’s money – it’s yours and mine. He will get his money back, which means whatever is spent eventually has to come from tickets, beer, shirts, TV and so on. You and I.

    Now that it’s not your money, do you still want to pay £5m and £60k a week when you’re just trying to beat Notts Forest?

  37. Workey
    Suns not over the yardarm yet, awaiting the muezzin`s call to the Amstel faithfull.

    Moi, could`nt beat an egg !

  38. Just speculating icedog. In fact I’m not sure they’d need to call the loan an emergency one.

  39. Whumpy
    You got a learning disability or something ?
    TV is where the majority of earnings come from, then attendance and shirts plus sponsorships.
    Regardless of what happens as a fan you pay for your seat only, you are not required to mail in a check for any transfer fee.
    It would only be your money if as part of NUST you in fact bought the club, but as of this minute it`s owned in it`s entirety by Mr. Ashley.
    Ergo, it aint your money, geddid !

  40. Where do you think the TV money comes from???

    WE pay the sky subs.
    WE pay our license fees.
    WE buy the beer in the pubs which pays for THEIR sky subs.

    It ALL comes from us. Every penny. Stop wasting it!!

  41. batty says:
    January 27, 2010 at 5:26 pm

    “thanks worky and have u banned stardy yet lol”

    When he jumped in to agree with those WBA idiots that I was a “loudmouth supporter”, then suggested that I was was making up sensationalist “Edlines”, I wasn’t exactly pleased, batty.

    I may unmask him if he keeps it up! :-)

  42. To be fair Worky – I thought the real Mightymaggie was a reasonable bloke and I spend a great deal of time outside the region – when others hold certain opinions when they arent directly involved – you have to listen.

    And the Edline tag sticks – you cant claim you have a secret source and expect thats OK as a defence!

    Youre getting very very tetchy in your old age!

    As for unmasking me – I will tell everyone here and now to save you the trouble. I am Clark Kent.

  43. workyticket says:
    January 27, 2010 at 5:38 pm
    batty says:
    January 27, 2010 at 5:26 pm

    “thanks worky and have u banned stardy yet lol”

    When he jumped in to agree with those WBA idiots that I was a “loudmouth supporter”, then suggested that I was was making up sensationalist “Edlines”, I wasn’t exactly pleased, batty.

    I may unmask him if he keeps it up
    <<<<<< i have my supsisions any way

  44. lol Batty (better not laugh Worky thinks its attention seeking)

    Sorry Worky – for my lol (lol)

  45. Figured Stardy for one of the Bronte sisters, writes like them.

    Anyone old enough to have read the old comic series, such as the Adventure, Wizard or hmm what was the other one…?

  46. Chuck do you mean when they were proper stories instead of picture stories, used to last me all week. We could do will Wilson or Bernard Briggs in the team now. :)

  47. Wow, yeah I remember Wilson a phenominal runner, used to run in long woolen underwear. Dont ask !
    And right Willy had to read em ,no pictures, was the other one The Champion ?
    Yeah, got all three, nicked em from the newsagent where i had a newspaper delivery job, part of my wages I considered at the time.
    Did it for a year to pay for my racing bike, Flying Scott Frame, Simplex four speed with double chainwheel, Brooks B17 saddle, GB brakes, South of france handlebars. Thought I was Fausto Coppi, Who ?