Hughton fumes at “incredibly harsh” ref justice.

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Hughton: Ref rage.
Hughton: Ref rage.
Usually mild mannered manager, Chris Hughton, was in danger of exploding on the touchline today, as the incompetant performance of referee, Stevie Wonder James Linnington, reached it’s nadir around the 70 minute mark of the FA Cup travesty againt West Bromwhich Albion. Seconds after refusing Ameobi a penalty at one end, he then awarded a penalty AGAINST the Magpies, along with a harsh red card for scouse right back, Ryan Taylor, sending an already livid Hughton into paroxysms of rage.

In a post match interview, Hughton fumed:

“It is normal at the end of the game when you think that decisions have gone wrongly against you that some sort of anger and frustrations come out.

“The first goal, I can’t for the life of me see how a linesman can rule that over the line from where he was.

“I thought that the first penalty we conceeded was a soft one, and if the referee is going to give a soft penalty like that he has to give the two penalties that were agaist Ryan Taylor and Shola Ameobi.

“I thought we should have had those penalties and that is what is most annoying”

“Their second penalty was a penalty, but we were led to beleive that he was going to give a yellow card to Ryan Taylor and changed his mind to red one. I think that is incredibly harsh.

“Having got back to 2-1, we had a chance. But at 3-1 and down to ten men it was going to be incredibly difficult”

He then became more philosophical, with now the familiar mantra that despite the exit from a second cup competition, it is promotion that is everything, saying:

“Losing is a setback. We wanted to make progress in the cup but it wasn’t to be, and we now have to go on to our main objective which is promotion”.

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24 Responses

  1. It’s a disappointing defeat which could affect morale considering it was against a promotion rival, but in all honesty I won’t complain that now they have the extra game or 2 this season and we don’t.

  2. Even though we’ve won only 1 in 8, we’ve got suspensions and injuries to the squad, our lead has been dwindled down from 10 points to 3 and we’ve got to play a in form team on Wed night I’m not allowed to say anything negativeas it might upset the natives.

    Just as long as what I have mentioned above is ok and acceptable with the supporters on this blog, we cannot go wrong…

  3. Stuart,
    how many times are you gonna repeat the same ‘mantra’?
    Just wondering, that’s a few times now.
    & our ’10 point’ lead was cos we had games in hand.

  4. Flick,

    Our ten point lead wasn’t with games in hand. We were at one point only 3 weeks ago or so ten points clear of Leicester who were third.

    I will keep repeating it until people acknowledge were not in the great position they think were in.

    I have been saying this all season, but I’m just really pissed off that I seem to be the only person who seen the iceberg back in September.

    All I heard was ‘We have a big enough squad, or we’ve not had any injuries’. Utter stupidity!

    We need a better and bigger squad.

    Oh ancontrary to opinion, I haven’t slagged Ashley off recently and won’t until 1st Feb if were still in this shit!

  5. Very nice of you to reduce your tone towards me with your recent, ever so slightly, condescending & quite possibly derogatory address- ‘flick’.

    I couldn’t care less what you think of ashley et al. I’m just referring to your seemingly constant repetition of certain angles.
    We know mate, you’ve telt us.

  6. To say the ref was harsh is a bit of a p*ss take in itself. He was a complete bloody joke! Even the mackems were raging about him.

  7. Hope we can emulate a Man Utd in the coke leg.

    Even losing to big rival we can still get the title/promotion at the end of the season.

    At was really most important.

  8. Even with the Homer Simpson ref we were still a poor second best today. The news about Taylor is very worrying to say the least.

  9. Stuart – you aren’t comparing like for like. What you’re saying is that we were 10 points clear of 3rd but now we’re only 3 points clear of 2nd! Well we are still 6 points clear of 3rd so that’s only a 4 point drop. I’m betting you were one of the ones who thought we would do a Leeds…

  10. BATTY 3 free games on freeview today milan derby,ajax v az,boca j v river p st34 i think,esnp saw 3 games yest all live fill your boots m8

  11. all the better for reading your blogs,at least get a laugh no good twisting no body gives a shit ha

  12. this bloody CH is as bad as the cockney t___s kept us in the dark over latest inj for two days dont care about fans,we live toon they use the toon

  13. Stuart – youre a bore to read and a big downer on everyones day.

    We have heard you – and we have never been “on par” 10 points ahead – i.e. games played etc. And judging MA on the 1st Feb is a moot point as the loan window opens 7 days later.

    Every time you use lies to make your hideously negative slant – few more days and it will be like before – I will see your name and not bother reading a single thing you write.

  14. A new start back in the Premier League, and we won’t be signing £100K mercenaries like Owen anymore? Sounds like a sensible owner to me.

    People simply cannot put Ashley down for a move like this.

  15. Stardust if you so openly disregard Stuart’s opinion, then why engage in a discussion with him about his opinion? Surely if you’re so assured that you’re right and he’s wrong, you wouldn’t need to even bother responding to him?

    I only ask you this because of the stuff you spouting about me last night.

  16. I wasnt spouting Andy – but birds of a feather flock together – it doesn’t surprise me you flock to Stuarts side.