Leicester City v Newcastle – Match Banter!

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Mags poised to outfox The Foxes?
Mags poised to outfox The Foxes?
Following a frenetic few days in the transfer window where we’ve seen more new players than you can shake a corner flag at, we get now get chance to see the buggers play. New loan signings Fitz Hall from QPR and Patrick Van Aanholt on loan from Chelsea, are in contention for a place in the first eigheen. Though the young Dutch left back has a good chance of starting, as Tamas Kadar is more comfortable in the middle.

Hall is likely to make the bench with Ryan Taylor expected to return to his more favoured right back berth. Expect Mike Willliamson to start again after a solid debut, following his protracted move from Portsmouth. Recent signing Wayne Routledge could be on the bench again, though we’re crying out for his pace.

Like yours truly, not all Toon fans are lucky enough to be there, although .org’s toonsy will be in attendance. More chance though for Sky viewers and bloggers to see the new boys, with the game being beamed out live on Sky Sports 1, kick off at 5.20pm. If anyone can find radio, video links etc to the game for people who don’t have it, I’m sure that would be appreciated. As ever, this can be the place to come together during the match and p*ss and moan, as we usually do.

There’s no probable teams news (Updated below) yet but Hughton has some selection ponderings with a number injuries and his new recruits to consider. Deb has done a preview article to consider what both teams have to pick from and what Leicester’s current form has been like. Former Toon legend, Nobby Solano, was hoping to start for Leicester would be sure to get a warm reception from the travelling Mags but is still struggling with international clearance. Hopefully we’ll get some confirmed team line-ups on here before the start.

Snowy conditions again here in the metropolis of Bowburnia at the moment, but most games uneffected by the looks of it and our’s definitely going ahead. It’ll be interesting to see how much chance Hughton will give the new boys and how well they’ll gel but we should be confident of getting something from this trip.

There’s been a bit of criticism for young Nile Ranger for a lack of goals, but he scored the other night with the sort of assurance to suggest with time he’ll prove his doubters wrong. I think he’s genuinely our best option upfront for his all-round game and if he’s getting into a goalscoring vein, it’s time to give him more minutes on the pitch. It’s unlikely, but I’d like to see him start today. Either way, with Derby helping us out with a 1-0 win over Forest, a win would put us six points clear with two games in hand. I’m going for 2-nowt to the Mags and some more breathing space, but we’ll need to be better than we were in midweek.

Team news

van Aanholt is straight in at the deep end as he and Wayen Routledge make their full debuts. Butt is back in the middle with Smudger and Nolan, who will likely play in a more advanced role to support lone striker Carroll. Fitz Hall makes the bench as expected. Old boy, Nobby Solano makes the Leicester bench as well.

Us – Harper, R Taylor, Coloccini, Williamson, van Aanholt, Routledge, Butt, Smith, Guthrie, KNolan, Carroll

Subs – Krul, Kadar, Gutierrez, Lovenkrands, Ranger, Hall, Pancrate

Leicester – Weale, Morrison, Brown, Oakley, King, Fryatt, Berner, Waghorn, Wellens, Gallagher, Hobbs
Subs – Nielson, McGivern, Solano, Howard, Dyer, Logan, N’Guessan

Howay the lads!

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199 Responses

  1. Sheff Utd back in it I see.

    Think it’ll be a draw today.

    Oh maybe Sheff Utd aren’t back in it…. lol

  2. Harper, Taylor, Collocini, Van Whatever his name is, Guthrie, Routledge, Smith, Butt, Nolan and Carrol.


    Jonas on the bench – Giving him a rest.

  3. Nolan is the one we should worry about, been poor past couple of games and too much of a hot head, he should set an example to our other players. Feel sorry for young Ranger, he will be on a high after that goal, should have started him

  4. would have liked to have seen Guthrie in the middle instead of being pushed wide,on the left today by look of line up.

  5. Yeah thats an area we will have to sort for next season.ok at this level but you need the creativity in the prem,problem those kind of players cost a bit.

  6. Anyone else noticed Hughton’s Black ‘n White hair-do? Next time you see him check out the line straight down the centre of his heed! Left half black, right half white lol.

  7. I hope Moses isn’t watching this game – He won’t wanna come to us, he’ll never touch the ball playing in Midfield!

  8. Williamson is looking good and Van Aanholt is looking like he has a nice attacking mind. Tries to play out of trouble, though.

    Good save by Harps.

  9. Good to see nobby warming up, he’ll get a huge reception fom us should he come on i imagine. Liking the look of williamson, he’s started well. Routledge been quiet. Good chance for them there, they had all the time in the world in the box

  10. Don’t know why Guthrie is playing on the left, like. I know that Jonas needs a rest and all but can’t Routledge play on the left? I’d much sooner see Pancrate on the right with Guthrie taking Butt’s place.

  11. Couldn’t agree more Thump. Guthrie should be in the middle, he’s making the team so unbalanced.

  12. Hughton is a smashing lad

    but the football we’re playing is disgraceful.

    even with the best transfers, we wouldn’t be able to beat anything!

  13. Never good when Harper is the best looking player so far. Wouldnt it be nice to dominate possession once in a while? Sheesh.

  14. Christ almighty wish our fans would stop singing that song – sounds embarrasing considering our current situation – no wonder people think we’re bloody deluded.

  15. I’m watching the game with an Italian commentator. It’s a fairly boring 0-0 but he’s got me completely radged up like it’s 4-4 in a cup final!

  16. Even down to 10 Leicester look more dangerous… good effort by Van Aanholt though, both the block and the shot.

  17. That was disgusting. He’s ran from The half way line right through our back four no problem what so ever. Good passage of play from van a there

  18. geordie deb says:
    January 30, 2010 at 5:53 pm

    “Worky – why an italian commentator, you fancy a change from the Sky lot?”

    I hate Rupert Murdoch, Deb. So I don’t like the idea of paying Sky one penny for anything unless I absolutely have to.

  19. Stuart79:

    January 30th, 2010 at 5:56 pm

    Were absolutely desperate for a centre midfielder who can create something.

    chances are we still wouldn’t be able to use his abilities..

    hughton’s tactics are just poor

  20. I’ve seen Routledge make at least two good runs and we haven’t even seen him let alone try to find him.

  21. @mds: I’m watching it on sky mate think you’ve tot me confused with somebody else

    We’re getting into a rhythm now. Let’s hope we can keep it up…

  22. Well that was terrible, we’ve been rubbish. Need to go 442 given the advantage of an extra man. That van aanholt is the only one to have had a decent crack at goal so far like

  23. I mean honestly, hoofing long balls to one lone striker is probably not smart. even more so when we have a man advantage.

    surely we have the kind of players that are able to play abit of short passing to try and open space up slowly?

    with that said, we really need butt off the field.

    Butt + Smith = fyratt runs wild at our half of the pitch

  24. HalfTime – Andy Carol and Butt is (shit)playing badly today

    These newly bought players is playing quite well.

  25. As per usual Butt utter toss, why does CH insist on sticking guthrie on the wing hes no winger, hopefully Jonas on for the second half, guthrie in the middle

  26. davis_toons:

    January 30th, 2010 at 6:12 pm

    HalfTime – Andy Carol and Butt is (shit)playing badly today

    These newly bought players is playing quite well.

    that is true, its quite nice to see.

    I think the centre backs are getting TORTURED by the pace of their forwards.

    we really need to keep possession. at the rate things are going, their probably gonna kill us with a couple of well carved throughs.

  27. Stuart-forgot to mention actually, my mate text me earlier. His dad’s friend is on the Wigan board and he’s apparently nailed on to go there.

  28. Yeah for £2.5m. Think we bid £2m so I presume Wigan have just offered more money and the administrators have taken it.

  29. Consistency is key as far as officiating goes, they should be down to 9 men. Thats a quite blatant second yellow card.

  30. bummer about moses,

    nonetheless, no window is going to help unless we sort our tactical NIGHTMARE.

    im off to bed, its like 2.30 am in Singapore.

    Enjoy the game lads.

  31. Falling asleep here-fookin DULL as dishwater….Need new manager with creative ideas and a striker methinks.

    Awful this Leicester 10 men taking the Pi55 out of us!

  32. Stuart-i was saying yesterday i’d be surprised if it was them, They’re a bit of a nothing club, not really going anywhere. It’s not like he’ll be able to greatly advance as a player in their ranks.

    A 10 man team are currently dominating us, this is quite frankly embarrassing.

  33. Big Mikey might up the stakes if Wigan are interested,get one over his old mucker Davie Wheelan…Wigan is a dump how could someone chose Wigan over us!

  34. Our midfield is just putting alot of presure on the defence. Cant even hold on to the ball.

    When is the forgotten barton coming back?

  35. Routledge looks like he has good feet, he should really start testing that LB, he should have been sent off already and Routledge looks too quick for him

  36. Took them 57 minutes to figure out how to attack.. And still the most dangerous is this LB kid. Shocked we havent attempted 4-4-2..

    Where is this Moses-Wigan news coming from?

  37. Bring Guthrie into the centre for butt and bring butt off for jonas. Give us some options down the left side ffs

  38. Everything Butt touches turns to Shit.
    What do you reckon CH will do cos this is not working at all?

  39. Wigan are now a better team their passing was so much better and their team is so much exciting to watch.

    Ours just give us heart attack.

  40. SJT-He’s getting Ranger on so we’re obviously going two up top. I’d stick Guthrie in the middle, get rid of Butt and bring Jonas on. As it is, Smith is going off. Why the bloody hell is Butt staying on.

  41. SJT-no, my mate’s dad, from Wigan, apparently has a mate, who works on the Wigan board, lol.

  42. Agree we have become so Dull…if we don’t get promoted the crowds will be plop,all over us at the minute Harper been a busy lad tonight.

    Not good enough this like.

  43. Finally Ranger is here!!! Please rescue the senior player do save us some face.

    Poor Haper got to keep saving against the 10 ten man team

  44. If anybody comes on here and tries to defend this performance and the last few performances their idiots!

    Were a pile of shite and I’m not suprised Moses wants to go to Wigan. If the lads a good footballer he’ll stay away from this crap.

    Can someone tell me what Smith, Nolan, Guthrie or Butt have done?

    We may still win this game but it’s just ridculous to watch it.

  45. Leicesters kit looks like something you get out of one of those cheap catalogue’s for your sunday league team

  46. “Can someone tell me what Smith, Nolan, Guthrie or Butt have done?”

    Run and breathe.

  47. Loven and Jonas should add some freshness CH is far too defensive…he is like the new steve bruce

  48. I hold nobody but the manager responisble for performances like this week in week out.

    In my opinion teams have seen us play, know how to play against us knowing we only play the long ball and we don’t create very much.

    There may be a point to be made about new players bedding in but we’ve been this bad all season.

  49. SJT—

    I will give them credit for being living breathing humans..

    Thats about all though

  50. Barton will take a while to find his feet I am sure.
    Winning more possession just need a goal to see this game off…very poor.

  51. Golden Boy has to do better w that header… Sorry for those who think he should start… not ready yet.

  52. Thats a chance for Ranger. At least Routledge looks like he can put a ball into the box and that Van A put a great ball in for Nolan earlier. Christ Nicky Butt. We need a goal here but its not going to be anything special because we’ve been horrendous since the word go.

  53. I just think CH tells the team to defend too much….been awful all season if we where out of the top 3 I think the fans would be getting the bedsheets out and old sam allerdyce songsheets “You don’t know what your doin’!”

  54. I hope this is not sam allardyce football we are talking about.

    If its is so, please give us a free kick or a corner.

  55. Phil-he might have more in the tank than Butt though. To be honest, i’d have stuck Jonas on over Pancrate. At least he runs with the ball at defences which is what we need at the moment. The long ball nonsense clearly isnt working and we seemingly dont have the quality to pass it through them

  56. They say you should never turn ya nose up at an away point but they’ve been down to ten men for most of the match.

    Anyone think that the fact that all the coaches were defensive players is resulting in our lack of creativity or attacking menace?

  57. Hopfully but can sit deep and defence, for us to sercure a DRAW.

    Waht an off side for ranger. Carol needs to shoot more often.

  58. My thoughts Exactly Stuart…CH is defensive through and through,must be very good though as we have the best defence in all the divisions..sixteen goals conceded I think.

  59. Stuart > Anyone think that the fact that all the coaches were defensive players is resulting in our lack of creativity or attacking menace?

    keep a clean sheet at all cost’s with the hope off hoofing 1 longball

  60. Come on lads….this is shocking against 10 Men.

  61. Although we have the best defensive record I personally don’t think were that impressive at the back. Every game we conceed good chances.

    Why did we only start playing in the last five minutes too?

  62. New boys look good. Guthrie our only CM with any awareness in the final third. Ranger will get one shortly

  63. Hopefully this continues, us just taking the ball back at them time after time for the remaining 10 mins or so.

  64. Wigan in talks with Moses after agreeing fee with Palace. Just looks like they’ve offered more money.

    I can accept losing out to a PL club but only a decent one. Wigan? WTF?

    Suppose if we match their bid we’d still be in with a chance and I would have thought £2.5m is a snip for him.

  65. Wigan is a bad destination and a dump as well.
    Lure of the prem I suppose if it happens.

  66. solano play so well when he is on the ball…why carol just dont want to shoot…? what is he doing?

  67. Yup seems like an over cooked pancake to me….’part from that goal that’s all he has done so far.

  68. anyone who thinks CH is the man to take this club forward needs there heed checked,we will get murderd in the prem with this man at the helam..

  69. I think we will die in the premiership Hitman..be woeful dealing with defeat after defeat.

  70. Another terrible game….off out to get blitzed now have a good weekend,fingers crossed for Moses.

  71. Absolute disgrace. There wasn’t any drive or commitment in the game, it was like they were told to sit back and get a point at the least because hey – we’re already top of the table, right?

    Good job Moses isn’t coming. Don’t think he’d touch the ball.

  72. Hughton foooked up massively today….imo Butt and Carroll have no place in any team and Guti should play 90 mins every time…

    Happy with the new boys though….both Williamson and Routledge did good…and Aanholt too…they were the only brightspots.

  73. Smith, Guthrie or Butt don’t know what to do when their facing forward.

    Obviously were not getting Moses but we still need someone who can pass the fckin ball!

  74. Aanholt surprised me, actually. Didn’t know what to expect but aside from a few mistakes (trying to play his way out of danger), he had a good game and he had some good tries.

    I’m absolutely foaming about this, like.

  75. Terrible…

    Guthrie…Butt…nah not good enough. why play BUTT when Smith has had that postion nailed most of the season? Wont say anything about Ryan Taylor apart from he was shite.

    Still a a point away from home isnt a disaster.

  76. sorry to say but i dont care how many good or bad players we have or get CH to me is shit on tactics,i know we are top of lge,never seen toon play a meanfull attacking game ecp ipswich epl will find him out (again)like watching SA all over again

  77. Like I said, icedog – there was no commitment. The lads looked like headless chickens most of the match and took their time thinking they can knock the ball through 10 men from 30 yards out.

    Absolute farce.

  78. We stop laying a big guy p front from the start of the game, big guy subs only, they ‘invite’ the long/mid-length ball game.
    Don’t play Sith & Butt at the same time, unless absolutely crucial.

  79. Desperately poor performance from us, we looked like the team with only 10 players on the pitch not Leicester. Too many of our players underperformed massively.

    Hughton is so negative and defensively minded – why have Jonas on the bench when he obviously had no intention of using him? I can only assume he is still recovering from the clattering he got in the last match,

    Another opportunity to widen the gap at the top has gone begging.

    Fair play to Leicester, their commitment and energy levels were far superior.

  80. So where`s the post game report ?
    From reading the above comments, sounds like we played a crap game.
    Perhaps having new signings playing, has affected things,tactics, understanding, etc
    Give the new guys a couple of weeks, by then there should have both a tactical understanding and player familiarity.
    That is if in fact we have a tactical plan, seems we should be using varying tactics against different styles of play.
    Having only seen highlights of games, not in a position to judge , but from comments i understand we are a long ball side, neither pleasant to watch or productive, unless you are a BSA team with everyone over six feet and 220lb.
    From reports looks like Wigan are favorites to sign Moses, be playing alongside N`zog, who is having some season, hmmm !

  81. Moses is signing for a PL club –forget him we need to find a forward fast(or a fast forward)

  82. chuck says:
    January 30, 2010 at 8:28 pm

    “That is if in fact we have a tactical plan,”

    Play safe, but sometimes rather dull and lacking in attacking threat. Then, bring Ranger on and maybe someone else who’s nippy and try and snatch things in the last half hour when they’re more tired.

  83. even you cannot defend that worky….it was very poor tactically! in a game like that leaving butt on is like playing 10 on 10 thus negating the extra man. they always seemed to have more numbers in midfield than us….i wonder why?
    and to leave butt on for the whole game is a sin, just shockin. nolan and smith have dropped off greatly recently so i see central midfielder on loan as being vital.

  84. Don’t think worky’s actually ‘defending’ the tactics, so much as pointing them out, based on answering a rhetorical question.
    Although that would involve reading & then understanding sequentially.

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