Williamson Toon transfer finalised with 3.5 year contract.

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Mike Williamson: Transfer completed.
Mike Williamson: Transfer completed.
Newcastle United have finally reached an agreement with Portsmouth, and possibly, Watford, in the complex maze that has been the Mike Willamson transfer kerfuffle.

After a complex ‘menage a trois’ involving Portsmouth, the Toon and Watford, a completed medical and personal terms agreement, the 26 year old centre back is now finally a Toon player.

Mike has signed a 3.5 year contract for an undisclosed fee, and with Danny Simpson and Steven Taylor injured, and Ryan Taylor suspended for a straight red card, this will of course provide some much neeeded defensive support in the next few games. As to how much of a deciding factor this was in the negotiations would be a matter of speculation.

Speaking on the big transfer scoop, manager, Chris Hughton said:

“He’s a big lad.

“He’s a lad of the right age where’s I think there’s still a bit of development in him.

“He’s certainly, from what we’ve been led to believe, the kind of lad who would relish the opportunity to join a club like Newcastle.”

Meanwhile, at Williamson’s old club, Portmouth, events took another strange turn as they have been linked with yet another takeover, this time by Saadi Gaddafi, the son of Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

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50 Responses

  1. I really do feel sorry for these pompey fans they have been through hell and high water with there club and yet another takeover pending, i can’t help but think what if that had been us 4 differant owners in as many months we would have been sunk by now

  2. No, would like to know source. SSN keeps getting mentioned on these Williamson stories but have yet to find the threads myself.

  3. The following’s copied from the article attached to the link. I’m beginning to feel even more optimistic about the rest of the season.

    If Ashley delivers, then he will have gone a helluva long way to redeeming himself. Maybe he’s woken up to the realities?

    “And he [Hughton] is determined to stay patient for the last six days of the transfer window as he attempts to find three more players to strengthen the Magpies’ push for promotion.

    “Hughton is working on his list of potential strikers after learning that Marlon Harewood has fractured his foot and will not be moving anywhere this month.

    “But the Newcastle manager claims he is not overly worried and is satisfied that by 5pm next Monday owner Mike Ashley and managing director Derek Llambias will have delivered new faces. ”


    If Ashley delivers, then he will have gone a helluva long way to redeeming himself. Maybe he’s woken up to the realities?

  4. “But the Newcastle manager claims he is not overly worried and is satisfied that by 5pm next Monday owner Mike Ashley and managing director Derek Llambias will have delivered new faces. ”

    They’re not going in for some back alley plastic surgery are they?

    That might sound like a euphemism, but it’s not…

  5. I’m disappointed to find myself ambivalent about the signing, assuming it’s definitely gone or going ahead. It’s not about the stature of the player either (his rep I mean not his height, which is substantial…). It’s just the circumstances and his protracted and manufactured move from Watford. Doesn’t sit well with me.

    I’m also going to treat any forthcoming rumour as I have done all window, with a pinch of cynicism and a smattering of well disguised hope. When that window shuts is the time to reflect. Not good for my health to get all wound up for the entire month of January, and fortunately work is an unusually welcom distraction.

  6. Must say Bowburn, I’m in two minds about your last post!

    What were the circumstnces of the Watford-Pompey move that’s causing concern?

  7. he’s cra, hep aint played a game in 18 month’s, and he’s got a nice 3 and a half year deal to, no wonder newcastle are in mega debt

  8. lesh – He refused to play for Watford because he wanted a move away. When Pompey’s bid was rejected, he handed in a transfer request and refused to play against Swansea.

    It was sort of where I saw the Beckford thing going.

    Just don’t like that sort of craic.

  9. Yeh BBM, it’s just not right but being realistic, can we expect professionalism from so-called professional footballers?

  10. Nah, of course you’re right about a lot of players lesh.

    I was just hoping we were gathering a squad with a better type of player. Wishful thinking on my part probably.

  11. Anyone see Geremis suicidal back pass which cost Cameroon the game last night? Hope the deal for him to leave was set in stone before the ANC.

  12. I don’t want to cast asperwotsits or anything, but this article looks very dodgy to me. For a start, that CH quote is clearly from way back, referring to a player he’s not even met yet. Secondly, I’ve not seen any confirmation of progress elsewhere – just plenty of claims that the deal’s stuck in the quagmire of crap between the clubs.

    Will our esteemed author please clarify?

  13. Judging from the youtube vid of him i’d say that was some of the poorest defending i’ve seen! But despite that he certainly can pick out the corner of the net and will score goals for us. IF he comes that is..

  14. I think we’re being a bit premature saying he’s signed for us. Nothing is official and SSN did the same yesterday.
    The deal isn’t done until the club officially release a statement confirming it.

  15. “Judging from the youtube vid of him” is how we got that useless South American git from Mr Wise and lost us KK.


    Does ANYONE have any actual evidence to back up the title of this blog??

  16. It WAS posted pretty early in the morning. I gathered he’d seen it on SSN early doors.

    worky – this wasn’t some elaborate sleep-blogging was it?

  17. Worky, there’s no shame in it. Apparently all of us at some time will suffer from the deaded….


    Sorry – someone had to do that one. :)

  18. Williamson played from Jan through to the end of 2008/2009 for Watford and was a really quality signing. He made the difference between staying up and relegation. As for the way he left, not good, bid refused, trasnfer request handed in, declared himself unfit to play in order to force the move.

  19. wegner says that wilshire is defo going out on loan this window,we should get straight in for him.

  20. Newcastle Breakthrough As Danny Simpson Signs Up
    January 20th, 2010 by Ed Harrison · 20 Comments

    Stardust // Jan 20, 2010 at 4:09 PM

    Yet another made up Edline.

    No where in the world is he reported as signing apart from here – not even NUFC – shame on you Edward.

    Try being a bit more consistent with your criticism – shame on you stardust.

  21. Ronny – correct – and as you will note this is the first time I have logged on today – and my first comment is……

    Worky – where has this Edline came from? Please dont let this blog engage in a war of Edlines with .com. This blog is better than that.

    By the way this is Workys first offence under the Edline Act 2010 – Ed is serving 30 years for being a repeat offender.

  22. Stardy…. your first post of the day and it’s vitriolic!

    Are there eber any positive thoughts bouncing around inside that cavernous cranium of yours?

  23. bbb – it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I think they’re class mind. Always a proper good read.

  24. I do like reading the Mag and True Faith – although the recent cover of the Mag was more like gay porn than a footy magazine.

  25. Stardust, I’m sure we’ll all share your opinion that you are an example to us all – perfection personified?

  26. Your welcome Stardust.

    You’ll be able to enjoy a pleasant afternoon after digesting NUST’s answers no doubt. Have fun and….. be gentle!

  27. Well well hitman @ 30.

    It seems that the ‘numpty’ who forecast this on ed’s blog was right after all.

    Williamson’ll be next then a striker… James Vaughan?

  28. Sky Sports are now saying that we hope to conclude all of our transfers before the weekend. I can see Williamson being announced later today or early tomorrow. If not he’ll surely be in by Saturday’s match.