Moses’s Agent’s Real plea: “I hope you call us soon!”.

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Moses: Waiting for Madrid call?
Moses: Waiting for Madrid call?
The Agent for Toon transfer target, Victor Moses, has been speaking to Spanish newspaper, AS, of his desperate attempts to awaken the interest of high spending Real Madrid in the talented young winger. The agent, Tony Finnegan, told AS yesterday:

“There is interest from Madrid and I heard from a broker a few weeks ago. But I have not received a call from the white club.”

However, Moses’s club, Crystal Palace are currently in the hands of Administrators, who are anxious to get the player off the books before the closure of the January tranfer window. So desperate Finnigan urged Royal Madrid to get a move on, possibly so he could drive a better deal through for his player from the clubs who are really interested in him, including Newcastle United. On this Finnegan said:

“Crystal Palace wants to sell before the end of the winter transfer window on Monday, so I do not know what to expect.

“But it is clear that the player would rather go to Real Madrid.

“I hope you call us soon!”

Of course, it is understandable that Moses would prefer Real Madrid to the likes of Newcastle, West Brom and Nottingham Forest, as he would almost certainly find an immediate berth in the first team there. It is well known that the Madrid squad is currently suffering from a dearth of talent in the the midfield area, with only relatively minor talents such as Christiano Ronaldo, Kaka, and Xavi Alonso being signed by the club in recent months. :-)

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124 Responses

  1. Of course he’d rather play for Madir, but his agent was worth his salt he’d explain that better to impress in the Prem (with Newcastle!) that languish on a reserve squad. Personally, I wouldn’t have a problem if he came to us than moved on for a hefty fee in a year or two.

  2. Lets be honest Shola’s agent is probably hoping Madrid call him too – But highly unlikely.

  3. His agent is on smack – wtf a broker, he’s prob sent an email to RM scout saying this kid is ok and heard nowt back but told agent they’re interested as he’s trying to get part of transfer fee, id moses stupid he should sack his agent for being an idiot

  4. stevep says:
    January 29, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    “His agent is on smack – wtf a broker,”


    That was my translation as I understood it from the original Spanish story in AS, though the Daily Hate Mail’s translator used the word “intermediary”.

  5. Now comeon lets be honest.. there is more chance of Shola getting a call-up from the German National Squad to Start betweek the sticks than his agent getting a call of Real Madrid… I think its time he moved to Newcastle and got himself a new agent!

  6. Not even worth mentioning what an agent says tbh, most of it is boll0cks anyway! Just cast your minds back to N’Zogbia’s agent and the guff he came out with! What was it? Arsenal? Chelsea? No, Wigan!

  7. I don’t think we’ll know anymore until after the game tomorrow.

    Hughton will probably give us an undate as the press usually know cock all!

  8. I was reading on the ceefax John Terry has lost an injunction on some photos and some stories about what he has been upto in his personal life..anyone know what the rumours are?

    Not Mobile Phones on vibrate and Spit roasts again (with blokes) that is so last year!

  9. I can’t see Madrid wanting him TBH unless they where trading palace for a couple of reject spanish donkeys.

  10. If he does sign for us, the first thing we need to do is get him shot of that sleezy agent he has got himself tangled with. He is shouting his mouth off everyday without fail and is the type of agent football could really do without.

  11. well lets hope that moses is not the one driving his agents comments cos if he is it means that moses is a twat too.
    anyone know what moses goal ratio is this season? why is he such hot property?

  12. SJT @ 12 maybe he is ready to open his new company Terry Tours or maybe he was stuck on the hump of a bridge

  13. Ohhhh Juicy Gossip Worky…I have seen Terry and His girlfriend/Girlfriend in the flesh in manchester don’t blame him for playing away..she was wearing Dungarees as well looked like a HillBilly!

  14. At just 19 years of age, i thoroughly doubt Moses is pulling the strings here. I’m sure he would love a move to Madrid, who wouldn’t?…But let’s be serious, they obviously aren’t interested because he isn’t anywhere near the standard of what they currently have.

  15. Real Madrid watched Adam Johnson and even Steven Fletcher who is at the big heights of Burnley. Obviously they check out alot of players, doesnt mean they want to sign him.

    More likely he will end up at liverpool or arsenal.

  16. Batty

    Wenger has already confirmed that they probably won’t sign anyone and if they do, it definitely will not a striker. Also, MOses isn’t really a Wenger type buy. His agent is trying to instigate a bidding war and that is something Arsenal have rarely got involved in over the years.

  17. Seems the kid Moses is a decent lad, the fact his agent is touting him to Madrid means he is doing his job.
    I would be worried if he were to tout him to Wigan
    And for him to not particularly want to go to another second level team (here) should come as no big surprise.

  18. typical agent speel they should all jack football in and take up politics the shower’s of shite

  19. No top premiership team will sign Moses. He is too raw and untried at the top level. It is more likely that they will let a Championship, or low level prem club sign him before nabbing him from them on the cheap if he does well.

  20. Only top team i can see going in for Moses is Liverpool as currently they seem more concerned with a players price than his quality.

  21. sirjasontoon says:
    January 29, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    “Ohhhh Juicy Gossip Worky…I have seen Terry and His girlfriend/Girlfriend”

    Jason, that was probably his missus, unless he was playing an away fixture. She’s into horses apparently, and does a bit of ‘Dressage’.

  22. worky > She’s into horses apparently, and does a bit of ‘Dressage’.

    are you sure it’s his missus and not his bit on the side, funny enough batty is into his horses and mucking about on the farm

  23. did anyone ever hear who the prem manager was that was filmed going into the brothels ??
    my guess is phil tango brown

  24. MOONDUST says:
    January 29, 2010 at 6:00 pm

    “are you sure it’s his missus and not his bit on the side”

    The horsewoman’s his missus. I don’t know if that’s who Jason saw him with though. I’ll get a picture of her…

  25. MOONDUST says:
    January 29, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    “did anyone ever hear who the prem manager was that was filmed going into the brothels ??”

    I know who it is, but I can’t tell you. :-)

  26. Victor Moses is unlikely to go to Spain. I don’t even think he’s ready to command a regular spot in any of the top teams in the Premiership. Yes he’s exciting, got lot’s of pace etc, and potentially may become a very good football player in a season or two. However at present it looks like the Crystal Palace Administrators need to sell him for at least £4.5M to safeguard the club this season. Most of the clubs that are in for him are only prepared to offer half that amount . One thing for sure the horse trading will go on right to the wire, as Moses will be leaving Crystal Palace on Monday.

    With so many clubs interested in him, the selling price is likely to be nearer £4M, that the current £2M.

  27. worky go onto uncle Eds and tell us lol oh and dont let the verification thing put u off :)

  28. Wallsend Will, we have bid 2m cash where as Forest and WBA have offered a staged payment deal, no doubt Man City and the like have 4m cash to table but he will be swallowed up and left to rot in a large squad whereas he will get regular games with us at a level he is familiar with.
    It will be interesting to see if he is in fact horse traded for the biggest amount, personally i think he has to go for the biggest pay day and if he gets a chance to stay in London he will.

  29. batty says: >worky i know u dont like people winding others up
    shall i get my coat and fetch urs for u

  30. bigbadbob where did you get the info from. as u say he would get regular games with us, and if he go’s to city well then he wont be a big loss

  31. DIBBLE says:
    January 29, 2010 at 6:42 pm
    cheers dibble

    ??? a slight slip up there almost on the same level as uziblogger

  32. didnt chris coleman when a manager in spain get caught being somewhere he shouldnt have been???

  33. I’m still waiting for my phone to ring and it be wor Cheryl, dont worry Victor, i know how you feel. Sad thing is, Cheryl will buzz me before Real buzz him like.

  34. Sound like a bunch of tarts gossiping, supposed to be about football not who goes in and out of “La Casa De Putas”, enough girls !

  35. Sorry Chuck, now you’ve spoken I’m sure everyone will immedeiately switch conversations back to football right away, just to pacify you!

  36. aye toonsy we can talk about how good things are we the toon we have got a few decent players in etc etc. then ever the optimist chuck will be able to put the doom and gloom on it :lol:

  37. Chuck will want us to discuss why we aren’t signing Terry and Vidic as cover for Taylor :D

  38. toonsy should we try for ronaldo, kaka, or messi ?

    Robby Bobson > Sky bet have suspended bets of Moses to Wigan

    i think it happens regularly but i’m not 100%

  39. Lads, if I win the Euro Millions tonight I’ll put a bid in for Moses myself!

    …and Skjelbred.

  40. Thump – You could rent them to Newcastle then, like that bloke did with Tevez and Mascherano at West Ham.

  41. See there`s a lot of abuse being directed at agents, they are an essential part of the game, who look after the interests of players.
    Get used to it, no different from movie stars or any other highly compensated people.
    Would`nt want the good old days to return , where players got whatever the club decided to pay them and that was it, no such thing as any arbitration.
    If some believe the clubs are paying over the top it has been the choice of the club.
    The EPL has the highest compensated players due to having the highest earnings.
    Some clubs are in deep shit, overleveraged and on a treadmill not knowing how to return to profitability.
    But to blame agents is nothing but a red herring.
    If Moses`s agent is touting him to RM he`s doing his job and may be entitled to a raise.
    As far as coming here, love to get him, a real talent, but we supposedly have a salary cap , not the most attractive incentive is it.

  42. Chuck – Our wage cap is £30,000 a week. How much would you pay a 19 year old who has only played 68 championship games and scored 11 goals in that time?

  43. Why would I want to sign Vidic or Terry when we just brought in Ermm whatsisname and thingmyjig, for under
    2m, thats 2m for both.
    We are buying them by the handfull and maybe more on the way and if we make it back to the PL could have one of the lowest team cost`s in the league.
    Also a team full of second tier players, which would suit us when relegated back to the fizzy.
    Seriously I believe both Moses and the kid @ Coventry Best have good futures ahead of them, thats who we should be rebuilding the team with not a dozen mediocrities that most have never heard of.

  44. to all:

    chuck is a deluded fantasist trying to style himself on some sort of new york wise guy (thanks to that frank sinatra song) , the truth is he lives in the north east of england by the sea with a lot of other people just like him each having to wear padded helmets giving them added protection when they start nutting their favorite door frames.

    now we at the home would be so grateful if the good people of this blog would be so kind as to perhaps take chuck under your wings and show a little kindness to him.the reason i ask is every time he is shunned and made fun of on this site he smashes the computer up and fills his trousers.

    thank you all

    and for the record chuck has never seen a bottle of amstel in his life , he only ever drinks warmed milk.

    again thank you.

  45. I dont seem to remember advocating Moses be paid over 30k. do you ?
    I do recall in regard to players agents that any salary cap imposed by a club is a disincentive.
    How much would i pay him if we signed him, the lowest acceptable to both parties.
    Thats how it works.

  46. Moses off to Wigan? Really? Big mistake for the lad if it ends up going through. We’re a championship team yes but Wigan are a nothing club as far as the premiership is concerned. Just ask old Insomnia how Wigan turned out for him when he had dreams of Arsenal in his eyes. If it does go through, you can thank his agent for being desperate to get his hands on a pretty cut of the fee, whilst filling young Victor full of the broon stuff (and sadly not our fine ale), telling him how this is the start of his path to Madrid.

  47. Chuck > Seriously I believe both Moses and the kid @ Coventry Best have good futures ahead of them, thats who we should be rebuilding the team with not a dozen mediocrities that most have never heard of.

    and if there agents are advising them in the players best interest, then we should get them as with us they will have the chance of being part of a massive team while they are on there why back to the prem. which means both team and players get a gradule build up to the big time again ;). if he goes to a big team then i believe it is for money matters.
    though i wouldnt rule out wigan as he would fit in there

  48. Think we should divert our attentions from Moses now and probably already have,I think we would have been a good option but can’t see it happening.
    If he ends up at madrid he will be a bench warmer and reservist for years and I can’t see him getting a sniff at many premiership clubs,seems like his agent is pulling the strings though.
    If he wants to play championship football next season he will get that signing for the mackems.
    Be good if he signs but not holding my breath on this one.

  49. moses would be a fool to go to either wigan or real madrid. should defo come to newcastle and show what he can do in the prem next year

  50. SJT – I’d stick with Moses up until £3 mill. Anything over that then they should forget it.

  51. Probably link up with N`Zogbia at Wigan, a talented couple of players, not like the plodders we are presently signing.
    Just cause Mike is getting a bit scared about not getting promoted, he decides to spend a few bucks.
    But who he spends on says more about the management or lack of it at the club.
    When is he going to wise up and appoint someone at the top who has a track record in the game, instead of stumbling through with his equally ignorant, odds maker pal Llambias.
    Believe me he`s on a very slow learning curve here !

  52. Agree Toonsy,Bout 3m,defiantly think we would be a great option football wise,seems his agent is pimping him for a much commission as possible,shame as he seems a decent prospect but at the moment that is all he is in my opinion.

  53. Aye Hitman if he ends up at Madrid he will rot in the spanish sun like a fooking tomato :)

  54. Aye where is the unwashed bid talk coming from? Papers hopefully and i wouldnt think too much of it, It was seemingly said he was off to Wigan and betting has re opened so god knows whats going on with him. Nee offence or owt Victor but if you end up at the scum i hope you’re a massive flop, haha.

  55. wigan and mackems both relagation candidates we are promotion candidates looking to re build and become a good premier league team again if moses has any sense he must choose newcastle

  56. Its a tough call Charlie – often agents will advise on the deal where they get the most commission – they can be very short termist and not think long term in their clients interest

  57. i suppose but does the player not get a say can moses not just decide (if our bid is accepted) he wants to join us

  58. Yes of course but agents are there as counsellors – to be trusted – so when someone in that position guides you you are prone to follow. And remember footballers arent always the brightest

  59. Stardust-exacty. His agent seems to be filling his head with alot of nonsense and the bigger the fee, the more he pockets. I get the impression he really doesnt care where Moses goes, if he makes money then that is that.

    Charlie-Given that administrators are handling the in’s and outs regarding transfers, i’d imagine it is just a case of whomever bids the highest amount, is where Moses will be playing his football from Feb. Obviously if all clubs submit near enough identical bids then i imagine he’ll be allowed to choose, but if there is a stand out price, thats where he goes.

  60. @toonsy: I’d give them both to the Toon if it meant promotion!

    @Ross: I can’t think of any young player to come through the Mackem youth academy that has had a massive impact on the EPL or the CCC, same goes for almost every young player they’ve signed and at the hands of the Mackem Messiah Mr. Bruce he’s doomed for burning out.

  61. Ross – I disagree – Moses holds all the aces – he is out of contract in the summer – they simply have to sell him by Monday or they get a nominal fee

  62. Therefore he can refuse to sign for a certain club – if they then dont sell him to the club of his choosing he leaves for next to nothing in the summer

  63. ross in that case i say we get the game tomorrow out of the way without talking about him and then put in a 3.5mill bid or something in that area to make sure we secure, because i think he is worth that and we would be stupid to miss out when we are in with a chance

  64. Stardust-but what if a CCC club offers say a mil or two more than a premier league club?..You think Moses just says “i’m going where i want or i’m not going at all” and they’re greatful with the money they get?

  65. Were 5/4 favs to sign him. We were 7/4.

    Still think he’ll end up at as PL club – Money talks and whatever anythone says we cannot compete with PL clubs economically in the Championship.

    Although I think I would prefer to join NUFC rather than Wigan – Who wants to play in front of 20,000 every week??

  66. 20,000 a week that being generous. also i see mackems are now interested in adam johnson he is surely well outta their league?

  67. Yes Ross – thats what I am saying – he can and will decide which club he is going to. Not the club itself.

  68. STUART79;there saying on EDs blog adm have excepted bid from w/ham now up to player how true it is i dont know

  69. Id heard last year that we were nailed on the get Johnson in the summer – times change though – he is a great prospect

  70. i would love to sign johnson and moses add some competition for places in the squad, i don’t think that we have had enough of that in most positions this season. also i am a little worried about next season seing as routledge was tried in the prem and didnt do to well apart from when with crystal palace. and williamson couldnt get a games for the worst team in the prem!

  71. Charlie, at the risk of sounding like a broken record – THEY COULDN’T AFFORD TO GIVE HIM A GAME!

    Pompey had an agreement with Watford to give them money after a certain amount of league appearances and they just didn’t have the money.

    I honestly don’t think people understand how dire the situation is (was?) at Pompey. They couldn’t even afford pay the website, man.

  72. Thump,

    Pompey are to be the first modern day club to go bust.

    Their up sh1te creek without a paddle and when they get relegated they’ll be up it without a boat let alone a paddle.

  73. oh i didnt know that. we’ll see how he does tomorrow, remember colo had a blinder of a debut against man u but had a poor season, i hope that doesnt happen, but it mite.

  74. 1st comment by me, good site, c its v busy. anyway i suppose sum1 has already left link for the overhead kick by v moses….but 4 those who aint seen it yet worth a peek lol.

    these signings seem 2 be just wat we need atm, keenly priced with form nd potential. we needed sum pace nd creativity in midfield, as well as defense cover, but the squads lookin fitter than a month ago :)

    another 3 points on sat, a cheer 2 nobby, but the band will be playin the blaydon races post match celebrations lol HWTL