Newcastle United v Plymouth Argyle – FA Cup replay match banter!

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Our third tussle with the Pilgrims this season.
Our third tussle with the Pilgrims this season.
Another wave of Cup Fever comes to Tyneside in the shape of the 3rd round replay with the Plymouth Argyle. Thankfully, this time, it’s the Pilgrims who have to make the long hike, and wor lads will have the hordes of (probably frozen) Geordie radgies behind them.

In terms of recent league form, The Toon should lord it over struggling Plymouth, especially with home advantage. However, Toon manager, Chris Hughton, has made it clear several times that the Championship and promotion is his prime objective, and that he will not shy away from puppywalking a few junior members of the squad in cup games. Unless, that is, he feels that some of the big boys are out of practice with the big freeze wiping out Newcastle United’s Reading away clash at the weekend. Of course though, if football was played on paper, we probably wouldn’t be playing a replay in the first place!

Anyway, more speculation on that kind of thing is available in Geordies Deb’s excellent match preview of the game, and I will try to post team news etc before the match begins.

If you have any good links for match coverage etc for those who aren’t travelling to the game, please feel free to post them.

Howay the Lads!


TOON: Krul, R Taylor, Coloccini, S Taylor, Enrique, Jonas, Nolan, Butt, Pancrate, Carroll, Lovenkrands.

Subs: Harper, Guthrie, Ameobi, Ranger, Tozer, Ferguson, Donaldson.


Referee: Andy D’Urso

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198 Responses

  1. Oh lads must say im really looking forward to the game tonight it seems like ages since we played.
    Howay the Lads

  2. If he starts ranger to get a hat-trick, got a feeling in me water. and no it’s not a dose!

  3. Krul,r taylor, s taylor, colo, enrique, pancrate, butt, nolan, jonas, carroll, lovenkrands.

  4. Every time I say this it works, so here goes, we’ve got no bloody chance of winning with butt in the side!

  5. That starting XI has route 1 long ball written all over it. Kadar must be injured, that must be why we are ridking our 2 first choice CB’s.

  6. “That starting XI has route 1 long ball written all over it. Kadar must be injured, that must be why we are ridking our 2 first choice CB’s”

    Neither Kadar or Simpson made the bench. Not sure what all of that’s about…

    Subs: Guthrie, Ameobi, Ranger, Tozer, Ferguson, Donaldson

  7. I’d like to see Ranger, Ferguson and Donaldson get a run out at about 70-75 minutes… But I highly doubt this will happen.

    Tozer is a left back, or predominately left sided CB, isn’t he?

  8. Why do you see it as route 1 MDS? He seems to be going to play with 2 wingers – not world beaters I know but at least we haven’t got both smith and butt in midfield.
    Here’s hoping for a good performance, good win and no injuries.

  9. NUFC: Tim Krul, Ryan Taylor, Steven Taylor, Fabricio Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Fabrice Pancrate, Nicky Butt (c), Kevin Nolan, Jonas Gutierrez, Andy Carroll, Peter Lovenkrands
    Subs: Steve Harper, Danny Guthrie, Shola Ameobi, Nile Ranger, Ryan Donaldson, Shane Ferguson, Ben Tozer

    Not seeing route 1 all over that like???

  10. Soz worky,
    but ta anyway, i went off & sourced one.
    It seemed a lot longer than a 3 minute gap, but when i just checked how long i waited i realized i’m more impatient than i thought.

  11. It’s just good to see a right winger on the right wing for once.

    I reckon only about 20k tonight.

  12. Any team with Carroll has route 1 written all over it, up to the big man getting people trying to get on to the knock down.

    Im not knocking him like, thats what his strenghts are at the end of the day.

  13. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 13, 2010 at 7:56 pm
    Where did ya’ read that Stuart?

    I have my sources.

    Get in!

  14. But surely with more willing runners than big men, that would therefore denote a passing team, would it not?
    Or can we just by-pass that logic?
    Not having a go toonsy, just can’t buy into it.

  15. CliNT – I know what your saying, and to be fair now we have an early goal it may not end up that way now. But generally when Carroll plays we just try to hammer the ball up to him.

  16. Some of you guys asking about why no Kadar. The young lad was told he was playing this morning but took ill after lunch so Colo got recalled.

    Want to see Ferguson. Irish reports are he is the real deal for his tender age

  17. toonsy mate,
    i’m not knocking you man, just the common held belief that
    that’s how to do things.
    Y’d think players would learn something now & again, but hey, maybe i expect too much?

  18. sirjasontoon says:
    January 13, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    “Looks Like Boro on a busy day!”

    I thought they stopped doing the car boot sales at the Riverside?

  19. Reading have nowt to lose in that game.
    Liverpool are potentially there for the taking.

  20. Don’t they do it (car boots) on saturdays instead of the game now, bigger crowds, more turnower?

  21. SJT – I’d wait to see our attendance first before knocking others, any other way and it’s asking for egg on our face.

    CLiNT – I wouldn’t neccesarily say the players need to learn more, at the end of the day they are pro footballers and i doubt they would get there just on 1 strength alone such as heading or pace. Footballers need more in the locker nowadays and i have no doubt the likes of Carroll can do more that head, Lover more than run fast etc.

  22. Torres just gone off injured. Something has to give somewhere. He has a world cup coming and needs to get his niggling injuries sorted, despite all his “we need to get in the top 4/i’ll play through the pain” drum banging.

  23. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 13, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    “Don’t they do it (car boots) on saturdays instead of the game now, bigger crowds, more turnower?”

    That’s a good suggestion Clint! One of my uncles used to organise the boot sales there, I’ll tell him to suggest it to Steve Gibson. :-)

  24. we are not clinical enough.
    got to convert more chances
    bring in beckford
    sorry lover boy just scored
    spidey again the provider.
    spidey one of the reasons i pay £600 a year

  25. Jill says:
    January 13, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    “Can anyone help me out with a radio link for the game in the USA?”

    I can tell you that Loven’s just scored a second, Jill.

  26. Again the provider? In all honesty I haven’t seen a whole load of clinical service from Jonas – not to mind probably never a cross we’ve scored from.

  27. I have said constantly that Lovenkrands is the absolute key to us getting promoted and if we give him games, he will get us up.

    He HAS to be a first choice striker now. Unless there is a worry about an injury, he has to start.

  28. Lee Ryder from the Ronnie Gill is claiming that a 2M final bid has been tabled for Beckford. I would take this with a huge pinch of salt (that is if you can find any lol)

  29. AXEL – Lovenkrands is certainly making a case! For me though he just doesn’t do it regularly when he gets the chance to.

  30. TGS – Us mere mortals can’t afford salt in this climate (both weather-wise and economically) :D

  31. My god Liverpool look like a team on the downfall. GOOD. I hope they don’t make the top 4 – Spurs, Villa and City are good bets though.

    I hope they don’t win any cups and when at the end of the season, all their financial problems build up and people witness – just look Portsmouth and other clubs creeping up to it – that recent spending trends were ludicrous and unsustainable.

    That’s why I can see Arsenal doing so well very soon. They’re run like a finely tuned business and have a collection of fantastically talented youngsters who will only grow together and better.

  32. @wickywoowoo

    Lets offer him £60k a week then

    Lets not forget we’re playing Plymouth who are in the bottom 3 of the championship.

  33. the link at ustream doesn’t work anymore, so you have to use or something if you’re outside the uk.

  34. Lovenkrands never gets a regular chance to play nevermind be a regular scorer.

    Lovenkrands is better than Beckford. We do not need Beckford, we already have a better version in our own resident Danish Bacon.

    Let’s use the guy who already have a 3 year contract and has already proven he is a premiership quality goalscorer last season and use our limited transfer kitty to get a left back cover.

  35. Save the £2M for Beckford, bid it for Chopra and if we get turned down then fair enough, worry about a striker for the Premier League at the end of the season when we’re promoted.

  36. wickywoowoo @ 69 agree 100% and have said many times that Lovenkrands will cut the prem but Beckford ? no one knows.

  37. HT 2-0, so far so good! Cue our taking the foot off the pedal complacent attitude kicking in.

  38. Lovenkrands will cut the prem? I’m really not sure about that. He’ll do OK against the lower teams but I can’t see him being reliable for every game against any type of team upfront.

  39. Beckford and Chopra, forget the both of them tbh. We already have 4 strikers and Nolan and there are more pressing positions to cover, like LB or a creative mid.

  40. AndyNUFC – To be fair, Lovenkrands was probably one of our better performers last season. He just got sheisted by the bigger name Owen, Martins and Viduka

  41. Toonsy > HT 2-0, so far so good! Cue our taking the foot off the pedal complacent attitude kicking in.

    I hope we dont see it this time but TBH I think your right.

  42. AndyNUFC, message 85:

    Lovenkrands may not exactly shred teams up like Wayne Rooney, but I’d put £100 on him being a hell of a lot more prolific at scoring in the Premiership than Beckford.

    He scored several important goals last season, he broke the Man Utd clean sheet record, he’s a solid speedy striker. Not world class but the best we have in that role and better than we can afford as a replacement. Let’s give him a serious chance.

    Why is he never given a chance while Ranger misses open goals on a weekly basis and seems to do no wrong?

  43. you are absolutely wickywoowoo …we should forget about buying any strikers in january and use Løvenkrands more often, he just needs games.

  44. This is turning into a good evening for the toon ,in the fa Youth cup we are 3-1 up against reading

  45. @toonsy

    True we have 4 strikers which cant consistently score or are injury prone.

    Ameobi can Score but has poor work rate

    Carroll Excellent work rate but rarely Scores

    Ranger Given far too little time to impress

    Lovenkrands Too inconsistent, Will have 1 blinding game followed by 3 games of disinterest.

    How do you balance that?

  46. wickywoowoo > Why is he never given a chance while Ranger misses open goals on a weekly basis and seems to do no wrong?

    I think Harewood was getting the chance instead. To be fair Ranger has been played on his own at times I think he needs more games but thats just my opinion.;)

  47. I am not doubting Ranger or his potential, he has the potential to be a pain to any defence like you say. My problem is how he is given almost a completely free reign to be a poor finisher at the moment while Lovenkrands scores regularly when he gets games yet people doubt him. The same thing happened with Harewood too. It’s like if your face doesn’t fit, you don’t get a fair shake.

    We absolutely need to pair Lovenkrands and Ameobi together for a long streak of games. They are both in potent form this season when they play and if we can get them as a unit, we will be running away with it.

  48. Does anybody have a radio link or can you let me know where I’m going wrong, I click on the ones here and nohing comes out?

  49. on lovenkrands all i will say having watched him last season and this is he is like the little girl in the nursery rhyme.
    when good is very very good
    when bad is horrid.
    he is either in the game or completely out of it.
    please just be more consistent

  50. Let’s get that third goal quick please- would like to see Donaldson and Tozer get a decent run out. I assume we’ll see ranger at some point regardless…

  51. Now the hat-trick.

    I accept your compliments to my incredible knowledge of all things Lovenkrands. He terrorized the SPL long enough for me to know all about him.

  52. wickywoowoo – We know he can score, he has done it before. I’ll eat my words if he doesn’t go missing for the next 3 games ;)

    Fair play to him for tonight though.

  53. cornidh – Im not so sure. I always think that complacency is a major issue for Newcastle, always has been! I don’t know why but it always affects us more than others.

  54. Wor Man Peter Runs like a Cheetah !!
    Nice work fella…didn’t think he had a goal left in him !

  55. Wicky can you shut the FK up about the SPL nobody gives a shit about scottish football,it is a pile of GASH.

  56. If ranger started in his place he would have got the hat-trick, but the feeling in me water must have been a bit cloudy!

  57. sirjasontoon says:
    January 13, 2010 at 9:27 pm

    “Wicky can you shut the FK up about the SPL nobody gives a shit about scottish football,it is a pile of GASH.”

    That’s more like it Sir Jason. It looked like you were in danger of cheering up for a minute there!

  58. Can somebody tell me why we failed to beat them first time around?

    It’s not like we’ve played world class football tonight.

  59. Newcastle Mole – Just pne of the things. We had the chances forst time around but couldn’t capitolise.

  60. AngelOfDeath – Pitches don’t matter. Plymouth were playing on the same pitch. Its no excuse. It was just an unlucky day where we couldn’t take our chances.

  61. Word on the Text update I was following was that Butt went off from an injury. Anything to be bothered about? (That is, if we want Butt to be on the squad at all…)

  62. toonsy says:
    January 13, 2010 at 9:37 pm

    “AngelOfDeath – Pitches don’t matter.”

    It can make a bit of a difference, Toonsy, and lessen the disadvantage against a team that is better generally. This is because they can’t be quite as precise when the pitch has an unpredictable surface.

  63. (hoho)

    what a sucker punch to loserpool~~~

    I reckon the dressing room morale is as bad as our’s last season.=)

  64. cornish-magpie says:
    January 13, 2010 at 9:45 pm
    Nice work Reading. I see we have come in from 200-1 for the FA cup to 80-1 on Betfair, might stick £2 on that, lol
    <<<<<< why not cornish it could happen promotion and the fa cup in the same season

  65. Aye worky, i was about to say something similar.
    & didn’t hit the bar, the post, their goalie made top/lucky saves.
    Basically, just cos we don’t win, doesn’t mean we played crap, that’s a fallacy. & possibly a Geordie disease, or what?

  66. Worky – I know what your saying about the pitches, but its not as though Plymouth play hoof ball, they try and pass it around so it was to their disadvantage aswell.

  67. sirjasontoon says:
    January 13, 2010 at 9:38 pm

    “Worky it’s true Bud…fookin Tartan Tit!”

    Now, now, Sir Jason. A very high proportion of Newcastle United’s greatest ever players came from north of the border.

  68. I’ll settle for beating WBA on Monday and losing to them in the 4th Rd.
    Promotion is an absolute must.

  69. All I can say in my defense of the SPL is this:

    You create a national team and an entire 4 league system based on players solely born in London. Because people seem to forget that London has a larger population than ALL of Scotland.

    You manage that with mind blowing success and THEN you can mock Scotland for its poor standard of football. Fool.

  70. workyticket says:
    January 13, 2010 at 9:53 pm
    sirjasontoon says:
    January 13, 2010 at 9:38 pm

    “Worky it’s true Bud…fookin Tartan Tit!”

    Now, now, Sir Jason. A very high proportion of Newcastle United’s greatest ever players came from north of the border
    >>>> Aye Worky I was one of them. lol

  71. Right on TGS.

    plymouth are used to their pitch & conditions, home advantage n’ all that mate.

    Right on worky-Wee Hughie for one.SJT

  72. Cornish magpie,
    I am not saying I want us to lose at WBA,I was trying to make the point of which game realy matters.

  73. love it liverpool on a downward spiral wel see how loyal gerrard is when they dont get champs leauge football lol

  74. TonyGreenSupreme says:
    January 13, 2010 at 9:57 pm

    “Aye Worky I was one of them. lol”

    Was it the sad, premature end to your career that turned you into a grouchy cartoon barman, Tony? :-)

  75. workyticket says:
    January 13, 2010 at 10:05 pm
    Was it the sad, premature end to your career that turned you into a grouchy cartoon barman, Tony?

    I’m a right auld Barsteward

  76. Batty im off here mate tell the youngun look after himself and stay safe. and I will be thinking about him Bud.
    Nite Lads

  77. I’m expecting spawny Liverpool to grab a late one…..
    Hope they don’t though, they need to start feeling the pain of being a poor side.

  78. liverpool in disarray has a canny ring to it,
    Would prefer it to be manu or chelsea like, much more satisfying.

    The league is way more important than the cup this season.

  79. Oooo! isn’t it strange how fergie gets off with slagging yet another ref & brucie gets busted. What a surprise!

  80. Micky Quinn on SS is saying that Liverpool’s fans are the most loyal…..Er excuse me fatty.

  81. If we get a couple of decent players in we should be able to go on a cup run – I’d prob play this lot in cup and add a couple of others when we’ve sewn the league up :-)

    Taylor (R) Kadar Killgallon Tozer
    Pancrate Guthrie Butt Lua Lua
    Ranger Lovenkrands

  82. Maybe, just maybe, this liverpool collapse is ‘karma’ bestowed upon gerrard for being let off for being a thug?
    Poetic ‘justice’?

  83. Well clint whatever it is I take much pleasure in watching Prem. clubs struggle on the pitch, made all the more worse by the crippling debt they’re in. Liverpool could be a huge casualty if they don’t over achieve next season IMO.

  84. I can’t see either leaving too soon truth be told, but like I said next season will probably be the real crucial one for them – and they don’t look like in a healthy position to make big money signings in the summer either.

    If next season is anything else than top 4, a good cup run and European venture then it’s Rafa’s head or ‘Pool up for sale I reckon.

  85. Yeah batty they will both go, liverpool supporters always banging on about gerrards loyalty, if they didn’t fluke the champions league he was going to jump ship to chelsea?

  86. Getting plenty of hits I see, problem is it`s the same three guys.
    No craic on this particular blog.