Newcastle United v West Bromwich Albion video highlights.

Posted on January 19th, 2010 | 11 Comments |

All the goals from Newcastle United’s titanic encounter with West Bromwich Albion at St James’s Park yesterday evening.

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11 Responses

  1. Their goals make our defence look worse than I thought they did last night. Very poor defending.

  2. Enrique should have warned Colo about Bedner but good goals from the toon, great header from Lovenkrands as not very often you’ll beat a keeper from that range with your head. Ashley looked like he was enjoying himself, with the state of Man U, Liverpool, Portsmouth, West Ham etc… very happy with where we are at the moment.

  3. See its not just us, liverpool are proving that any club with bad management can take a downward spiral no matter how big they are!!

    Happy with the result last night, end to end stuff….even tho I thought jonas could have nicked it at the end….him and enrique…immense!!!

  4. Was speaking to Troy Stavers / Bobby Shinton – he said Jonas was terrible last night. Enough said – there is the proof he hasnt got a clue about anything. He also though Carroll was class when he came on!

  5. Stardust
    If that is true mate Bobby Shinton shouldn’t go to another match and stick to watching bargain hunt or cash in the attic

  6. Personally I thought we were lucky to draw last night. West Brom for me were far the better side for much of the game.

    I thought Simpson was made to look very poor against Jerome Thomas. Ameobi made me wish we had Harewood back he was that bad. His laziness baffles me, he never chases a ball down, for his size has zero strength, and quite frankly couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo. Andy Caroll ran onto the field at 76 minutes faster than Shola ran all game!!!

    I even think Enrique didn’t look as good as normal, he regularly lost possession in bad positions, even though more times than not he manage to make up for his error. But he still looked a lot more shaky than usual.

    I thought Coloccini looked fairly composed at the back with Taylor. And I reckon Guthrie had a decent game on the right, with a brilliantly taken goal.

    You have to give major credit to Lovenkrands for playing last night after losing his father and he deserved his goal for his bravery.

    The referee for me was awful, he made bad decisions at either end of the pitch.

    It appears our opposition are getting Hughton’s tactics (or lack of) sussed now and unless we do something to change the way we play I fear we may face a struggle for the rest of the season

    Fingers Crossed.

  7. We were second best last night and had two very good penalty shouts waved away. I was happy with the draw before the game. Agree with the comment about Harewood, Ameobi is pure gash, if he were to score early he has a good game but if its not going for him he refuses to do anything about it.

    If we go up what players that we have would you like to see in the prem.


    Krul–Ranger–Kadar–plus a shed load more

    our right side is very poor and if Simpson does not sign it will be worse but it my force CH to give pancrate a fair crack. If we have a winger please play him rather than shoe horn a CM out there which has not worked all season with both Barton and now Guthrie.

    If Simpson does leave I would be tempted to play S.Taylor at RB and bring in Kadar. Rather than R.Taylor. But thats probably why im not a manager.