QPR’s Routledge, a surprise package and just what the fans ordered?

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That's him there...
That's him there...
Out of the blue, and out of the blue and white hoops comes a surprise transfer deal which brings Queens Park Rangers, Wayne Routledge, to Newcastle. Announced at lunchtime today on the official site, we’ve signed up the winger on a three and a half year deal for an undisclosed fee.

As the official site mentions, he impressed on his travels to St James’ early in the season and was one of a couple of diminutive and creative players seen on the hallowed turf in opposition colours, which had us hoping for similar styled recruits in the coming months. Routledge has completed a half century of appearances for the Hoops, scoring seven times since signing for from Aston Villa.

Having started his career at Crystal Palace, the fleet-footed wideman was courted by many suitors but following the relegation of Palace, Spurs snapped him up in 2005. Despite the obvious potential, he was unable to hold down a regular place, partly due to the unfortunate timing of injuries, and he joined Aston Villa three years after loans spells at Porsmouth and Fulham. While at Villa, and struggling to get in the first team, a loan spell at Cardiff City alerted QPR to his availability and he signed for them when his loan deal was ended.

One thing we’ve been crying out for on the right-hand side, is some pace and dynamism. With Gutierrez improving with his deliveries of late, Routledge could prove to be the perfect balance on the opposite wing and provide much needed creativity for the type of strikers we have, who crave traditional wingmen.

Chris Hughton is sure to be chuffed about getting in extra bodies and with the player already match fit he’s likely to be part of the next squad against Palace, which relieves some of the anxiety due to the number of players missing. Routledge is still very much in the ‘potential’ rather than ‘proven’ bracket. But I liked what I saw this season and tomorrow night’s game will also prove to be an interesting prospect as he’ll step out to face his old side.

So the current incumbent have pulled one right out of the hat, and with promise of more to come, it could be an interesting few days ahead.

Ronaldinho anyone?…

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128 Responses

  1. Jesus Christ, they’ve soon shifted in this move!

    He’s in his Toon gear, having pics at Benton sharpish.

    Touche Mr Ashley

  2. i am so glad for this signing, any signing for that matter. we norwegian geordie bastards that i know talked about this sometime a go, and i said: why don’t we have a player like routledge in the team?? we need at least one defender more, cretivity in the sentral of the park had been nice, and a goal scorer.. BTW thank u fat ash for wayne…

  3. Unexpected signing.OMG~~~

    A 25 yrs old average Winger Player who make a total of 204 Appearances,15 goals to his name, and 27 Assists in his total Club career.

    Hope He can come in and burst on more goals to his name and propel Magpies to promotion. ^,^


  4. Really glad with this signing actually. I’ve a feeling he’ll start tavernier at rb, Guthrie at rm and then at the hour mark pull guthrie back to rb and chuck routledge on.

  5. fair play to this fella, wrote on ed’s blog on the article “Newcstle pursue 6″3″ Nigerian Striker Again”, comment 14…

    craigcoozy // Jan 26, 2010 at 10:14 AM

    lads for you’s that know my source , av gt some good scoop, mike williamson and wait for it ……….. wayne routledge have checked in at newcastle!!

  6. a good championship player that should help us get promoted then hopefully promoted again the season after next.

  7. Totally agree with your comments, Houghton is proving to be a top manager, lets hope he is given the funds to develop this squad under Ashley or NUST next year.

  8. Crakin’ signing, finally a suitable replacement for the much missed Milner. With Hughton talking today about the possibility of bringing in James Vaughan on loan from Everton finally our team may have some much needed pace! I think Williamson will be signing later today since Portsmouths embargo has finally been lifted :)

  9. I dont know if i could handle seeing Routledge, Williamson and James Vaughan in on loan all in the one week. I’m only 21 and i’d probably still experience medical issue’s, lol. In saying that though, I’d love to see Vaughan come in on loan, were they direct quotes from Hughton and do they hold any substance? I havent heard anything about it.

    I’m all for Routledge asking to play tomorrow night before being a right cheeky little bugger and having a blinder of a debut against them.

  10. Good effort on the part of CH and co – nicely kept under wraps, now if we can get a pacy striker and williamson in I’ll be feeling a lot better about rest of season

    we’ll need to see if we ship anyone out but fair play to fat ash if we don’t

  11. @ Ross

    Check out the chronicle website:


    “James Vaughan is a player we’re aware of and one we’re interested in, but I don’t know if that one will happen.”

    Apparently Derby has a gentlemans agreement with Everton that Vaughan will return there after a short loan spell at the end of last year but we could possibly nick him from under their noses.

  12. Pardon me for peeing on this parade but you might want to ask the following question: Why has Routledge failed already at 2 decent PL clubs and failed to stay at 3 CCC clubs for more than months at a time?? Might I suggest its that old devil called “attitude”? Although to be fair if its a bad attitude you really wanted Jermaine Beckford awaits Ashley’s contract offer…..

  13. Ross, agree, great signing and none of the media had a sniff, have we learned our lesson at last and is the ship turning around away from the rocks, good start and lets hope the next two are also home based ready to go young players, no more foreign gambles please.

  14. RunLike- Always worth a shot, we wont know unless we ask. Routledge is an excellent example, we’ve managed to swipe him up from right under Boro’s nose in the blink of an eye, it shows we are capable of wrapping a deal up quickly when its needed. I’m still quite shocked about the whole thing to be honest like.
    Along with that, Vaughan can obviously turn down the loan deal should he not wish to return to Derby. His feelings may change should he be offered the chance to come and get some first team football with us, no offence to Derby but we’re top of the league and it would be an entirely different proposition.

  15. According to QPR fans Routledge hasn’t been that good recently, and has a poor touch, but time will tell. He gives us an option we don’t already have which has to be good.

  16. He might not have been too good recently but he was pretty impressive against us.

    But more importantly, he has serious pace – Something were lacking.

  17. Jaysus, never saw a happier bunch with a signing of a player most have never even heard of.
    Truth is we are rummaging in the bargain basement for anything that`s cheap.
    The recent injuries to Shola and Taylor must have scared the hell outta Ashley &co. forcing him to put his hand in his pocket, probably get at least one more and a couple of loaners if we are lucky.
    Dont expect any one special, we have a 30k salary cap.

  18. Chuck – 30k a week in championship is [rob as much as any team will pay, what do you recommend paying 65k a week for donkeys as we’ve done in the past

  19. He’s no good – a qick player but a headless chicken who rarely delivers a good end product. Enjoy !

  20. This could be Mike Ashleys “Fait Accompli” to NUST’s bid.

    If he adds one or two more signings / loans – People will view Ashley as wealthy enough to support us and interested enough to support us.

    NUST havent got the money for a long term future Ashley has and we are in excellent financial shape for the promotion push.

    It looks like NUST bye bye. But youve just wasted a great deal of other peoples cash on your pipe dream.

  21. Well Let’s Make A Guess. How Much does he cost when he wings down to Us???? 1.3Million??? 800k???

  22. “QPR Fan says:
    January 26, 2010 at 3:06 pm
    He’s no good – a qick player but a headless chicken who rarely delivers a good end product. Enjoy !:

    Great, then he’ll be an upgrade…thanks.

  23. Hitman – my own view is that Wilshire maybe a bit too lightweight for this league – and needs players of a similar mindset around him – of which I dont think we have them. Will be happy with CHs final decision either way.

  24. What just happend…i dont know about any of u but he ant a star and defintly not a type of class that nufc wants. look his record like 7 clubs what the fuc**…i like the nigerian better

  25. stuart @ 21 usian bolt has serious pace but he can’t do anything with a football either.

  26. To the QPR fans – he’s already scored 2 league goals and 4 league cup goals for you this season. Why the sour grapes? I think if he was rubbish that you would not be coming on this blog, trying to wind us up. Sour grapes methinks!!

  27. Stardust says:
    January 26, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    NUST havent got the money for a long term future Ashley has and we are in excellent financial shape for the promotion push.

    Are you sure Stardust?

    I see our financial situation as pretty poor at this moment in time. We still have a huge unsustainable wage bill and a massively reduced turnover, still depending on the genorosity of our owner.

    I only see a good financial position IF we get promoted. Another season in this league and Ashley could be on suicide watch.

    Although with this signing I’m enthused and if we get Williamson and another striker I see us as more than capable of sustaining our promotion bid.

  28. Diana Vickers says:
    January 26, 2010 at 3:34 pm
    stuart @ 21 usian bolt has serious pace but he can’t do anything with a football either.

    I can only presume you don’t go to the games and you didn’t see him play against us? He looked useful enough for this league.

  29. At first I thought this was the Routledge that plays for Chelsea. I thought we might have scooped a brilliant load. While Routledge is an ok player, are the comments on here genuine excitement or just sighs of relief that we have *someone* through the door?

  30. Anyone remember another speedy “jet-heeled wingman” that didn’t make at Tottenham ? Franz Carr anyone? Unplayable on his day… but that day came around once a year.

  31. In this league if we have two wingers with pace, it will terrify most defences. That will divert attention away from our regular goalscorers.

  32. guess we will just have to wait and see, I got quite excited over the signing of Pancrate but he’s done nowt as yet. Dunno why we don’t bring Godsmark back and give him a go.

  33. Wow, i think he is a great signing considering all that’s happening with our club…he’s in my fantasyfootball team :)

  34. @Micky Toon says:
    “While Routledge is an ok player, are the comments on here genuine excitement or just sighs of relief that we have *someone* through the door?”

    I think its the fact that we’ve all been screaming for a pacy RW but have heard nothing in regards to anything but a CB and ST in this window. I think a lot of us are just happy that this need was unexpectedly addressed- we will find out if he can play soon enough. I’m just applauding the effort right now is all.

  35. spartanchris it’s ok having wingers speeding past defenders but you have to finish off with putting good crosses in aswell.these two couldn’t finish off their dinners.

  36. Diana – And the goals he has scored for you in the first half of the season, were they flukes?

  37. batty says:
    January 26, 2010 at 2:28 pm
    well done fatman: Hope you did’nt choke on that comment

  38. MickyToon@37 at first thought this was the Routledge that plays for Chelsea……

    Some of the posters here wouldn’t have been happy even if it was!

    To those whom the cap fits, this is a step in the right direction after all.

  39. STEVEP
    Sure it`s a decent wage in the second tier, but with teams in the PL spending in many cases over 100K. per week, it`s peanuts and I believe thats our goal , to compete in the big league. No ?
    To attempt to make the recent signings look like bargains and believe they are good enough to be competative in the PL, is like putting lipstick on a pig.

  40. No sour grapes from me. I hope he does well for you but he failed at Spurs, he failed at Villa, and I reckon he had 8ish good games for us out of 49. Maybe he’ll get more chances to shine for you ?? We’ll see.

  41. SpartanChris says:
    January 26, 2010 at 4:34 pm
    Anyone got a link for the Palace admin story? I’ve not seen anything

    It’s showing a brief headline on BBC news/ sports web site

  42. Thanks lesh – Just seen it. What does this mean with regards to our match? Can it go ahead?

  43. Well Chuck.

    Palace down the pan, Pompey to follow soon I’d guess, wonder what you think about our spend/ wage constraints now?

    There’s no doubt had MA not got a grip of us, Newcastle United would’ve gone the same way.

    Despite his sometimes clumsy methods, we owe Ashley such a lot and if we get up, tbh I’d be happy if he stayed for the long haul.

    Tin hat on, head down and expecting the salvo!!

  44. Spartan, Wednesday’s match will go ahead as the Administrator’s role is to maximise any income he can from the club so’s its creditors can be paid and the business sold on as a going concern, if possible.

    If not, it’s liquidated

    It’ll mean that the likes of Moses’ll be up for sale id necessary and whether their manager likes it or not!

  45. lesh@60
    Totaly agrea with you mate been saying the same thing about MA for months (have got a Bunker available if you need to join me)

  46. lesh comment 60 ive mention that befoe a few times thank fat man for his cash but in my eyes he still got a lot of making up too do lol

  47. no wonder i prefer girl on girl action with pondlife like lesh and barton12 representing the male species – creeps.

  48. Lesh – Barton.

    Wont say I told you so lol.

    I feel like I have my own little commune of folk who have to live with tin hats on underground with me.

    Welcome aboard the red bus lol.

  49. Crystal Palace administration then. 2 things:

    1) I gate playing teams in turmoil, they seem to turn it on the very next game.

    2) Sticking with Ashley’s business model of buying young, promising players, we should get straight in for Moses. He will be available at a decent price now and should be worth more in the future.

  50. Moses will now be available at a discount – guaranteed to be sold quick sharp – but I gather theres too much competition for us to stand a chance.

  51. Well with simpson and routledge in and williamson looking very likely to sign soon , this is starting to turn into the best transfer window under Ashley . If we were to get Vaughan in as well then all of a sudden we will have pace upfront to scare the hell out of every defence in this division . One thing is for sure lovenkrands will now be used through the middle with Jonas and routledge out wide . That is a lot of pace to let loose

  52. All the people who are underwhelmed about Routledge, all I can say is that I’m sure he played against us in that impressive QPR performance earlier this season at SJP and my recollection is that he looked pretty good.
    We have been begging for a bit of pace and skill on the right / midfield and he could provide that – better than anything we’ve got at present. We weren’t going to get Aaron Lennon, Ashley Young etc., were we? I think he could be a much better acquisition for us in terms of our team needs than Beckford. I’m very pleased – hope he performs and I’d like to see him tomorrow night.
    Someone suggested Him RW with Danny G at right back – could be a decent call, even if DG does lack pace.

  53. magpie6699 – Did you even read me article? 8O

    He was a different gravy in terms of pace and enthusiasm compared to our lot. Dyer from Swansea was the same.

  54. well it looks like stardy will be having a gang bang tonight with lesh and barton 12 and any 1 else who wants too join in

  55. Just when I was thinking that Diane’s smart & witty, she goes & lowers herself to the same level as those she (rightly) critises. Sigh.

  56. My God – I haven’t seen so much positivity since the fat man first took over.

    I always said he wasn’t all bad. And no matter what anyone tells you he certainly aint stupid.

    All we need now is 1 or 2 more and 3 points tomorrow night! :)

  57. TC – Fancy popping on and all you can muster is a “told you so” and then bugger off… 8O

    Get back on here and have a bit craic man ;)

  58. Haha – how you doing BBM?

    I’ve been lurking on here since Ed shut up shop but this is the first time I’ve been compelled to comment.

    Ashley’s “suicide watch” seems to be the running joke – but SJT’s and Stuart79’s constant whinging and moaning is enough to make any man contemplate a jump off the Tyne bridge.

    Anywho – things look a lot brighter today so I thought I’d bob me head in and say alreet!

  59. Arrrrllllrrreeeeet?

    Aye, pleasant surprise. Even if he doesn’t fulfill his potential completely (even elsewhere)it’ll be bloody refreshing to see some bugger on the right hand side run with the ball at pace.

  60. TC – I needed a wingman in the middle of Stuarts and SJT doom and gloom – where were you?

    And dont be fooled – BBM has of late become infected with whatever those two have ;)

  61. I think Routledge is the sort of signing that could really galvanise the team. It frees up Lover to play up front and means Guthrie can concentrate on his preferred position in the middle. It also gives the rest of the team another option rather than… 1. get it out wide to Enrique/Jonas or, 2. hoof it to whoever up front.

    I seriously reckon a lot of our players will be as excited as the majority of our fans appear to be, and that can only be a good thing. :)

  62. I am over the moon with this signing. He has come on leaps and bounds in the championship. He was absolutey electric against us for QPR. Really happy with this capture.

  63. Ideal results tonight? Obviously the best outcome is West Brom and Forest to lose, but i’d settle for Forest winning and West brom losing. Anyhting to keep/widen the gap to third place.

  64. Stardust – I salute your staying power but for me it was too much like banging my head against a freshly starched bedsheet. ;)

    I think in time most will come to realise that football could not contain the vulgar over-spending that many took for granted in the FFS years.

    Ashley may even be seen as a pioneer when salary caps are imposed throughout Europe.

    Saying that, I don’t expect Ashley to stay much beyond next season though. I just hope whoever takes over can match Ashley’s business acumen.

  65. Lads well pleased we got him and as before there was no mention of him before he signed which is pretty good.
    batty im surprised your running off there is only 3 off them :)

  66. We have been calling out for a quality right winger for ages. Now there won’t be as much pressure on Jonas and Enrique, and Danny Simpson’s awful defending won’t be exposed as much because the opposition winger will be too busy trying to help his full back stop Wayne.

    Stardust –

    Yeah, mate. I Still read on here, just rarely comment.

    Ross –

    Good to see you are still on here, mate. I will be back on here to get your thoughts on everything NUFC soon.

  67. TC – “it was too much like banging my head against a freshly starched bedsheet. ”

    lol – right that’s all I needed – batteries recharged and rejuvenated for another year lol – cheers!

    Dragonera – to be fair fella – the banter is good hearted and the debate good here from time to time. Much better than the old .com – Even the likes of Batty have become like an old smelly dog that you have to give a Bat to – sorry pat to every so often.

    And despite the temptation – no one has poured any salt on the despicable Stuart the Slug.

    But generally a good day for NUFC – anyone else think the same as me that if MA does make sure (loans or signings) of one or two more – that itll kill of NUST stone dead – I cant see the appetite of folks who are a bit short gambling their savings and pensions when they have a man with the wealth who is doing it in a way that they would approve of – and to be fair if they dont approve of it – they cant afford the alternative if they wanted to anyway.

  68. Think you’re right about NUST Stardust, that this could be a nail in their coffin. There’s nothing like good news to kill a good protest.

  69. Batty

    Nice to know you remember my old alias.

    In regards to Pancrate, i don’t think it is over for him. We have just added depth to our squad. He still has something to offer in my opinion.

  70. Stardust I still think there is so much MA could do with us, IF ONLY he came out at times and said a few words the PR is shocking.

    batty says:lesh comment 60 ive mention that befoe a few times thank fat man for his cash but in my eyes he still got a lot of making up too do lol.
    I see your starting to soften your stance ;).

  71. Dave – Lesh has been emailing me for some time – he is in full agreement with me – but he enjoys playing devils advocate on the blog.

  72. Ashley is a very poor communicator but prior to buying Newcastle he was almost a recluse, and many were surprised when him and Chris Mort started going out on the lash with the fans.

    But if you think about the owners/chairmen of clubs who are quite profile and are always spouting something to the press e.g.

    Hicks and Gillet – knobs
    Simon Jordan – knob
    Barry Fry – knob
    Glazers – knobs
    Freddy Shepherd – knob
    Peter Ridsdale – knob

    Maybe its better that Mike Ashley remain silent.

  73. SpartanChris > Maybe its better that Mike Ashley remain silent.
    I would normally agree with that but with lambsarse as MD I think it best coming from MA himself.;)

  74. LESH
    Hey, no doubt MA has invested heavily in the side and quite possibly saved the club from administration, never denied that fact.
    However all of his investment was determined by the fact he failed to look at the books and simply got conned by Shepheard and the Halls, that combined with poor choices of those he hired, the chaos following kk`s walk out, recession, etc.
    I could go on but I guess you get the message.
    There`s just no way back for him to the halcyon days of hanging with the fans and buying drinks doon the quayside.
    Too much bad shit gone down, in which case Ash. wants out as soon as he can find a buyer who comes up with a reasonable price.
    He`s apparently concerned about promotion, so he`s spending, but instead of going after class (Moses @ Palace)he is scrounging in the bargain basement, not willing to spend.
    Just get the team promoted and sell, with the least amount of expenditure.
    Perhaps he did`nt actually place a salary cap on players wages, but if it`s true simply wont work anyway, Man U. attempted it with Keane ,did`nt work !
    So to imagine MA who has made nothing but bad decisions in regard to this club is now about to change the policies of the EPL and bring about fiscal sanity is nothing more than a pipe dream.
    But believe what you want.

  75. bbm (85) – I wasn’t having a go at your article – just one or two sniffy comments about Routledge!

  76. Chuck, message 118,

    While I see your point about how we should be after Victor Moses, you are overlooking the fact that Wayne Routledge has been long touted as one of the most expensive players in the Championship.

    If you were looking for the most expensive people in this league to buy (not including Newcastle players), you’d like be told Chopra, Routledge, Moses, Dorrans, Brunt and some others.

    I haven’t included any Nottingham Forest players because they are such an effective team, they have no individual players who stand out. That works for them because it means teams have no idea who to buy. Forest have things sewn up at the moment, no transfer worries and incredible form.

  77. To be honest i think he will be used as an impact sub. Surely having the technical ability of Guthrie or Ryan on the right compliments the gung-ho left wing.

    Either way, shocked, amazed and impressed with this signing. QPR aren’t exactly cash-strapped. Although it does say the sorry state of the club that we are all so excited about Routledge.

  78. magpie6699 – aye, I kna. I was just being facetious! I thought he always looked dangerous. Hoping for more of the same but in a black and white shirt tomorrow night. Just hope I can see him from Level 7, he’s canny small…

  79. Stuart79 – I see our financial situation as pretty poor at this moment in time. We still have a huge unsustainable wage bill and a massively reduced turnover, still depending on the genorosity of our owner.

    I only see a good financial position IF we get promoted. Another season in this league and Ashley could be on suicide watch.

    Although with this signing I’m enthused and if we get Williamson and another striker I see us as more than capable of sustaining our promotion bid.


    I doubt we’re in that bad shape at all now, I wouldn’t be surprised if we are turning a small profit actually.

  80. 113 Stardust says:
    January 26, 2010 at 7:07 pm

    Said….. “Dave – Lesh has been emailing me……”

    Emailing you? Oh really?

    And for the avoidnace of any doubt, I have never criticised the need for prudence at the club and support what MA’s done – probably having realised that not invest would have ruined his investment.

    However, what I have been consistent about is the lack of nous about people management, communication, the deceit and the fact that he appears to have no one by his side to adivise him on matters football-business.

    Apart from that, yes a period of severe budget control (eg cutting the salary overheads) was necessary and if we go up, I’d be happy for him to stay at the helm…. provided there was a planned investment;

    he tried to rebuild his bridges with his customers in the form of the loyal fans and most improtantly;

    that the fans realise that the club is a business that exists in a harsh economic environment where it has to be managed sensibly – otherwise it’ll be deja vue…. again!

    And Herr von Stardust, I am not, never have been and have no desire to board your little red bus!

    Keep smiling

  81. And Darren Ambrose, with his 13 from midfield would be a good acquisition to help Crystal Palace out. Maybe we’ll see him in the shop window tonight?

    Just a thought though, I wonder if MA will have his chequebook to hand at the match tonight? A good cash offer for Moses, Ambrose or whoever, may prove very tempting to the Palace Admisnistrator!

  82. Lesh – your ticket for the Bus is booked already – we even have kept a space in the luggage rack for you – welcome aboard lol.

  83. Gee thanks Mr Conductor – your generosity knows no bounds….. a ride on little Stardust’s magic red bus!

    Do you keep it in the little garage you’ve built next to your cot, along with your magic little toot-toot train and pedal car?

    Anyway, let’s hope that the lads do the business tonight – this really is a must win to try to re-establish the gap between top and second. It’s not plain sailing I’m sure but with this lot, you never can tell.

    Not too much pop tonight now, you know how it sets your wind off!