Ref Rage! Newcastle United v West Bromwich Albion video highlights.

Posted on January 25th, 2010 | 52 Comments |

All the goals from Newcastle United’s FA Cup farce against West Bromwich Albion at The Hawthorns on Saturday, including two from Andy Carroll.

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52 Responses

  1. 1) How could it be determined the ball was over the line? Granted there were no replays but it didn’t look over to me.

    2) Soft penalty but I suppose it’s what forwards look to do nowadays, including ours.

    3) Again soft, if you watch though, there is someone (Kadar?) covering across, so maybe the red card was harsh.

    4) Poor clearance by Enrique, unlucky where it rolled to.

  2. Abso-F***ing-lutely pathetic excuse for officiating, & to top it off, not a single mention of it in the vid-highlights, which is equally crass.
    Yet, g neville gives the finger & it’s all over the news for days.
    & wba fans giving it: oh, we thrashed you with our 2 dodgy pens, a goal that ‘maybe/maybe not’ crossed the line & a tap in from a miscued tackle.

    wba 1, the ref 3 v NUFC 2

    Mad as a box of frogs!

  3. I honestly don’t mind us being out of the ‘fac up’, but for it to be on these terms just makes me sick.
    Pig sick of feeling skanked by shite reffing.

  4. Aye the ref was pants, add it to the list, but it doesnt hide the fact that we didnt take the game seriously so why get upset that we are out of a competition we didnt fully respect.
    Truth is, the squad is so pencil thin, we are incapable of anything other than trying to get promoted and that could also be a problem given the lack of support to the manager from the board, they have been warned by the manager and senior players but have got their deaf ears on at the moment.
    From what i read, their priority is not success on the field, its reducing the wage bill, or correcting the mistakes they have made and like last season, one or two injuries have left us up the stick.

  5. Harewood out for three months with a broken foot, should be an interesting last week of the transfer window, another sigh of relief from the board as an excuse pops up for another nailed on deal that falls through

  6. bob,
    it’s a totally different game without ‘all’ of the terrible decisions going against us.
    We were back to 2-1 & in the ascendancy, their goals already dodgy, at least 2 pens refused.
    Bollox to the perceived ‘thin squad’, we’ve got a better squad than most in this league, that’s not the issue here.
    It’s about being skanked out of a fighting chance, we proved the other night we can comeback v this rabble. & that was with another seemingly biased ref refusing to give a pen for a foul on Carroll.
    Ho hum!

    No offense mate, i’m just pissed off.

  7. cedog says:
    January 25, 2010 at 10:59 am
    danny welbeck (man UTD)has joined preston on loan might have been ok for toon missed out again
    <<<<< i think thats father doing son a favor m8

  8. BATTY;could be mate,nobody will do ash a favor,wish he would do us one,see some posts having a dig at you,i dont know m8 these people speaking with forked tongue

  9. a mate who is a mackem (hisssss) went to see the reserves playing Man U last week and their new lad Diouf scored a hatrick, he said he looked class, he’s 21, worth a shout maybe on loan?

  10. Anybody else think we’re going to go off the rails, so many people said january would be decisive, think they’re right.

  11. Yup BBB…. another sigh of relief from the board as an excuse pops up for another nailed on deal that falls through!

    He who hesitates is lost……. again?

  12. Jay jay… we’ve three misssing froma very thin available squad and I’m afraid that this is wher we’ll get found out.

    I’m really disappointed in Ashley tying Hughton’s hands behind his back by promising funds and support for transfers and waht have we got so far?

    Danny Simpson @ half a million

    A failed attampt at Beckford for the sake of half a million

    Kilgallon gone to Sunderland after he was supposedly a dead cert for us.

    They’re the onew we know about!!!

  13. Lesh – for goodness sake fella – even youre hissyfitting now.

    Today there were quotes from Ken Bates re Beckford, please read the below. Bates was prepared to sell him at 1.8mn and Beckford wanted to come, BUT Grayson put the block on it and Bates backed him.

    So before you knock the club please do a bit of research.

    “I have always said the Beckford decision was down to Simon Grayson,” Bates said.
    “We could have picked up a quick £1.8 million cash from Newcastle for Beckford’s transfer and Becks wanted to go.

    “But Simon has always said he would do what was best for Leeds United and that means getting promotion, which is what we are doing.

    “I am not particularly impressed with his (Beckford’s) agent but as long as Jermaine stays on the pitch and scores goals I think all the fans will be happy and that is the important thing – the fans being happy in the short and long term.”

  14. Aye,
    it’s a good job we’ve only lost 1 game in 3 months, otherwise the screams would be terrible.

  15. I heard Nolan on the radio this morning saying we needed 3 or four new players.

    His reason for this was that we cannot expect the same players to play every game without getting injured, tired or loss of form.

    Wonder how the more unrealistic supporters will see his comments.

    Some have said it’s not imperitive we sign anyone as we’ve been lucky with injuries Hughton rotates the players really well.

    Well Nolan obviosuly doesn’t quite agree.

    Here Here Kev..

  16. Ashley, Llambias and Hughton can rightly be judged on how good their Plan B is, now that their prime targets have been ruled out. I’m optimistic enough to hope that we will get a couple of good signings before next Monday.

  17. 3 signings would be good.
    Or we could play some of the young ‘uns?
    & actually work them into the team.

  18. Hughton says they will give taylor a fitness check before wednesday nights match, doesn’t sound like a long term injury or is this another bluff?

  19. It could be a bluff for whichever team they are negotiating with. With all three players who could play right-back injured, we could be held to ransom.

  20. with the injuries piling up we need to get some players in pronto,even ashley must know this,he carnt be that daft.

  21. batty,
    no, they’re not having a laugh, its made up.
    this ‘sky high’ quote thats been doing the rounds isnt even a quote, google it, the media regurgitate their own crap so much they loose track of what is actually the truth.
    10mil?? who says? quote? its blatantly made up, its there in front of us all! there is one person to blame for Beckford not coming, Simon Grayson.
    Not Ashley – money that was needed was put up front and accepted.
    Not Bates or Beckford – Both wanted the deal done.
    However Simon Grayson (and in fairness well done to him for doing it, dont see many managers doing it these days) said, do one Newcastle, ive got a job to do and i want him here, he’s under contract, ill do whats best for my employers Leeds.
    Lets move on I say..

  22. Stardy, I take your point but the key’s in the phrase “…… BUT Grayson put the block on it and Bates backed him.” Bates backed him, that’sthe key… backed him!

    MA doesn’t appear to be backing Hughton though I ma be wrong.

    And Mr Stardust…. I aint hissyfitting…. so there!

  23. Lol – but if Ch wanted Beckford and Ashley put up the money – that a sign he is being backed surely?

  24. lesh
    you seem to be making an argument over nothing, the situation seems pretty simple, Bates accepted the bid, then when Grayson didnt wat him to go, he said, ahh ok, ill back the manager.
    How is this a sign of MA not backing Hughton? if anything he is doing exactly that, Houghton went to him and said i want Beckford. MA put the money up and a fee was agreed but Grayson didnt want to sell as he thought it against the interests of the club.

  25. Were obviously just jinxed!

    We meet Leeds’ valuation for Beckford but Grayson says no, our other choice breaks his foot, the defender we want to buy is still half owned by his previous club and to top it off, we have blind supporters!

    Jinxed I tell you, jinxed!

  26. That’s it Stardy you’ve done it now….. dummy’s on the floor and me toys are oot the pram, says he flouncing off, pet lipped!

    Fair dos though guys, I’ll take that point about MA supporting to the tune of £1.8m.

    But, we’re not having much luck are we?

  27. Not having much luck?

    In the words of sid the sexist “If I fell into a bucket of t1ts I’d come out sucking my thumb”

    I can see us being (hopefully) quite busy up til next Monday.

  28. lol – Cant help yourself Lesh can you!

    What about “Fair dos though guys, I’ll take that point about MA supporting CH”

    And “I base my hissyfits on nothing really, its just I panic when I dont know whats going on”

    And “I have no evidence to suggest the club arent trying to strengthen its just I go a bit knock kneed this time of year”

  29. Stardust @ 35…….

    1 – I don’t do hissyfits

    2 – I aint panicking but am concerned at the state of the uninjured and available squad, like us all I’d guess with a game on Wednesday fast looming up.

    3 – If the powers that be are keeping their powder dry now, then we trust they’ve learned from leaking targets befor the deals were done.. or in our case, not done.

    I think you’ll agree that the heirarchy at Newcastle United have a lot to learn about conducting transfer business?

  30. He’d have been a better option that Williamson in my opinion. Wouldn’t have cost as much and we could have give him back at the end of the season.

  31. The club seemingly are making positive efforts to strengthen the squad, but i will continue to worry until solid advancements are made and confirmed. With the Beckford deal that was seemingly ready to go through collapsing, Khizan going elsewhere, Kilgallon doing the same, Harewood being injured and the Williamson deal still up in the air, recruitment is needed. Granted, the club do look like they’re trying to bring players in however it needs to be sooner rather than later.

  32. Of course one line of thinking is this…

    I (very) occasionally end up shopping in some fairly expensive shop to browse and may even pick up an item or two without ever really having any intention of buying it.

    It must just be a remarkable coincidence that the main targets we’ve set ourselves so far have been essentially ‘non-starters’, despite having loads of time to do the groundwork and preparations for the deal. I guess we’ve just been shafted by greedy counterparts in each of the deals?

    It would be very cynical of me to suggest otherwise?…

  33. James Milner for 12m – at that time was one of the best bits of business we have ever concluded.

    Even now I would snap your hand off for it.

  34. stardust;dont normally agree with some of your posts,this one i do just a pity we didnt re-invest the cash

  35. The manager/s didn’t have the sense to play milner in the middle/free role anyway, so there was no point in having him here anyway.
    Plenty asked for him to be played there, while everyone else just kept saying ‘he’s a winger’. Well it turns out he isn’t, doesn’t it?

  36. It still is a great deal hammy.
    I’m just saying that only a few here even worked out his best position is where he’s playing now for villa.

  37. Good luck to him anyway, who says he can’t nick Gerrard’s or Lampard’s place for England, they look pretty ordinary on the International scene…