Simpson deal agreed?

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Simpson: Deal agreed now?
Simpson: Deal agreed now?
Sky Sports are reporting that a deal has now finally been agreed for Manchester United’s 23 year old on loan right back, Danny Simpson.

Simpson, who has put in a decent shift overall since coming to the Toon in September, played the last game of his loan period agaist West Bromwich on Monday evening.

In the midst of much supposed horsetrading over his wages and contract, it had been thought that Simpson could be returning to Manchester. While a fee, thought to be around £500,000 for the soon out of contract defender, didn’t seem to be an obstacle, it was thought that Simpson’s wages were the sticking point. A sum of £15,000 per week, rising to £20,000 per week if the club were promoted to the Premiership was rumoured to be the kind of figures under discussion with the player’s representatives. However, this problem seems to have been smoothed out now, as last ditch talks involving Chris Hughton and Colin Calderwood were held yesterday.

Though there is still a medical to be undertaken on wednesday, apparently, Simpson has been a Newcastle player for several months now, and the club have had an excellent chance to take a good look at his general fitness.

More to follow, no doubt…

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150 Responses

  1. Sensible signing – he’s played well for us this season and while he may not necessary set the premiership on fire next season, we’d probably have to pay as much for a loan fee as we have for his transfer fee and he will have resale value.

    We absolutely need a right back and the lad’s shown a great attitude so rather this signing than wasting money on Beckford or Kilgallon

  2. Assuming that Sky Sports are correct would Simpson pass a medical? He looked in a lot of pain after he was on the end of a rough challenge from a West Brom player and limped off.

  3. Decent signing-would of preferred Harewood on a perm deal.
    But hey Beggers can’t be Choosers.

  4. Maybe we willl move for harewood in on loan for the rest of the season . With lovenkrands on a scoring streak now a creative midfielder would be a beter option than harewood though .

  5. AXEL – I’d be happy with Harewood on loan tbh. He has scored goals and also links up well with another striker who is banging them in at the minute!

    Loans are the sensible way forward in my opinion.


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    Newcastle United fan-blog has returned after a two-month hiatus which had left many fans to roam-free on the internet without a permanent place to chatter.

    Longtime fan Ed Harrison, and later his son contributed to the hugely popular weblog, which now looks to stay for the rest of United’s season.

    Harrison, known for his keen journalistic instincts and rapid-fire typing skills has provided fans with an unique viewpoint on all-things Newcastle United for a number of years, and his dedication has been appreciated by many in the fans community.

    Vital Newcastle wishes Ed all the best, and encourages more blogs and fanzines to showcase Newcastle United Football Club.

  7. Makes sense he would strike a deal now, what with all the knock backs we’ve had for rumoured transfer targets. Chris needs to use the money somewhere. Although he might say the right things I personally don’t rate Simpson that highly. His distribution is poor as is often he choice of tackle. But we do need someone in his position and it’s not like people are queuing up to sign on the toon dotted line (at least not for assortment of peanut shells and bottle caps we’re offering)

  8. Good signing, as done his job well over the first half of the season, as with hm, we’ve had less goals scored against us than we have without him, so to me, that hims doing the job he’s paid for!!

    I just can’t get over the fans that are expect us to be able to sign the best players in the land like we use to back in the 90’s, get use to it guys, we’re not a PL club at present, we’re not sitting on a European place anymore, so we’re not gonna get those kind of players anymore, we need to build from the bottom & work our way back into the top of the PL, but lets first get this season out the way, get promoted by whatever means we can & then start to get better players!!

    Until then, don’t moan at the players we have or try to get because they are also able to read these bloggs & what a few fans say could turn some players off signing for us, you never know!!!!

  9. Sky transfer speculation…..

    .08 Leeds United manager Simon Grayson has suggested Jermaine Beckford has agreed a deal to join Everton at the end of the season, while there are reports that the League One leaders have agreed a deal to sign Southend United striker Lee Barnard.

    So much for Beckford’a his desire to join us!

    7.26 Nottingham Forest have rejected an offer from Championship rivals Newcastle United for James Perch.

    Why not? 75p is hardly a realistic figure for an unknown, or is it?

    7.10 understands that Newcastle have agreed a deal to sign Danny Simpson from Manchester United on a permanent basis.

  10. Well we need bodies in so simpson is a good deal at 500k + 15k a week wages, we def need someone who can play on the wing and track back to help him out though

    Sky just report rumours as news as they’ve got nowt else to fill up 24 hours sky sports news b.o.s

  11. Re: Beckford and any other supposed transfer targets, we’ll just have to get used to the fact that we can’t compete with Everton, Villa, Spurs etc at the moment – I’m sure they look a lot more attractive to players than us and are probably willing to pay more, we’re competing with the likes of Wigan, Bolton, Stoke etc these days – get used to it :(

  12. If we have got Simpson, it’s bloody ironic that it comes off the back of a game in which he looked decidedly average…

    To be honest, overall he’s done well and I hope we’ve got him because he’s not the best footballer in the world by any means (no offence like Danny), but he’s what we need now and would be canny cover if we go up. Above that, I’m not sure.

  13. If it’s true I think it’s a good signing. As you say Bowburn he didn’t have a good game Monday evening, but otherwise has played well this season and played a major contribution to the best defence in the championship this season.

  14. Best player we could and should sign at the moment is Nobby, but that speculation seems to have gone off the Radar. We usually manage a last ditch decent signing of some sort, Beye and Bassong spring to mind, but I won’t be holding my breath this time around.

  15. Big willy

    If colchester have had nobby on trial for weeks and decided he wont be good enough for a team challanging for a play-off spot in league 1, i cant see how he would be good enough for us i hate to say it but he’s passed it.

  16. Shame Simpson ended his loan spell with a poor performance, getting torn apart by a recent free transfer for West Brom. Not only on that performance but I do find myself wondering if he actually is a good permanent signing.

    Personally, in order to cover both RB and CB next season, I think a loan deal for Beye coming back would be perfect.

  17. I can’t stress how underwhelmed i am by this signing. In my opinion, Simpson is a half decent attacker, but a p*ss poor defender. A common trend for modern day Premiership/Championship full backs. I would rather see Taylor at RB than Simpson, but since he’s been signed i might as well hope for the best and pray he improves immensely in the coming months. Otherwise we stand a very good chance of getting humiliated down our right side week in and week out in the Prem.

  18. Andy, Beye is a good player but was he not one of the disruptive influences in the dressing room who was desperate to leave the club?

  19. Simpson has done a decent job since he’s been here and the priority is going up so I’m happy with him. You can’t judge him after one bad performance against our main rivals.

    Hopefully Fat Ash is listening to Smith saying that we need more players.

  20. Players came out last window and the one before screaming for reinforcements….it usually falls on deaf ears though.

  21. Never heard of him Chris,obviously an exciting prospect to wet the fans appetite,how the might have fallen eh?

  22. Spartanchris

    players were saying we need some signings at the start of the season and not much happened, but i’d be happy with some half decent loan signings.

  23. We have fallen jason but one day we will return and these dark days will be just a distant memory.

  24. Nottingham Forest have turned down a ‘derisory’ bid from Newcastle United for James Perch.
    The 24-year-old has recently returned to the Forest side after being out injured since April with a shin problem.
    “We must be doing something right if other teams in our division want our players,” Forest boss Billy Davies told their club’s official website. “But we are looking to build a squad at the City Ground rather than dismantle one and James is not leaving.
    “Newcastle’s offer for someone we value so highly as a player and an individual was derisory and I’m disappointed it made it into the public domain. That’s not our way of doing busines

  25. Typical of some of you lot. You bitch and moan about not signing anyone and how we should be working to sign up our loan players and when we do you still moan.
    What is the club supposed to do?
    If we went out and signed Torres, John Terry, Kaka and Messi tomorrow, you would probably moan at that too, because you’d say we were paying too much in wages or something.
    The manager is doing the best he can under very difficult circumstances and this is a good signing for us.

    There was a comment that he is more attack minded than defence minded. Didn’t they say that about Ashley Cole? If he turns our to be as good as him, I’d be happy, especially at this bargain basement price.

  26. Derisory Bids…CH’s War Chest must have managers laughing….more like a beggar with a tattered cap full of bottle tops.

    The toon aren’t serious about signing players..just trying to look busy during the window and we will get the usual “It’s difficult in January”,”We tried so hard”,”The squad doesn’t need reinforcements”….spin.

  27. Bargain Basement is the way forward…it’s the Ashley way,bet he is starting to pimp out the senor squad right now as the window begins to close.

    He’s like a Rag and Bone Man.

  28. i think danny is a good signing,we can allow him the odd bad night surely.
    we still need an attacking midfielder,we should pension butt off now.if we get nicky off the wage bill,we,ll save a few bob,for a player who will only play a few more month.we have plenty cover in defensive mid with slowlan and guthrie and papillon on his way back soon.

  29. I keep forgetting about Barton!!! He’ll be by far the best midfielder in the league when he comes back.

  30. Simpson is average at best but for 500k he gives us an option for this season and cover for next if we get promoted. I would prefer to see Hughton linked with better players or unearth some gems that we haven’t previously heard of but I can’t see it happening.

  31. posted this late last nite but…..

    is it just me wondering where this 6 million is gone for our transfers. are sports direct gonna bother paying us for advertisement or is ashley swindling money out of us again?

  32. Buddy:

    Mike’ll be swindling us you can bet. But hell we’re not Portsmouth just yet. If portsmouth ceases to exist as a club does one more team go up or one less down? I suspect the latter.

  33. Simpson signing is good news, we will not lose out on buying such players in the long run, buy em cheap sell em high…..rat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat

    Off to my next blog

    Uziblogger signing out

    rat tat tat tat tat tat tat

  34. Jay Jay, I aint a gambling man but I would happily put a fiver on him doing a good job for us, I dunno why Colchester didn’t want him but I doubt if it was his ability or fitness which was the reason.
    I mean if Arsenal are going to have Sol back and ManU want Viera I would also doubt if age is a problem either, I’d bet he was fitter than both of them. Nobby would be a very good gamble. CH also ought to have a go at getting Habib back for a spell.

  35. Solano would be a good signing plus he wants to join us, we should sign him quickly

    Off to my next blog

    Uziblogger signing out

    rat tat tat tat tat tat tat

  36. Mickey Toon

    Agree wiith you. Sadly some fans will never be satisfied no matter what the club do – exasperating really.

  37. Some fans will never be satisfied, yes we can all agree with that and yes it is exasperating

    Off to my next blog

    Uziblogger signing out

    rat tat tat tat tat tat tat

  38. Nobody has seen Solano play properly in English football for years..not what we need unless he is being brought in to train or scout for the club.

    Rat tat tat tat Uzi is a Twat.

  39. im delighted that mike is saving 6 million a year on advertising for sports direct and in spending 20 million a year paying back his own loan to himself…….maybe one day just one day we can hope for some significant investment in the first team squad or even make an ambitious signing (woah makes me excited to even mention it these days)…..mite be one of these south american favours we are owed(the same one that brought the club to its knees)…..i also see the sunday sun are barred from st.james….these guys must really hate communication…..soon they will be barring supporters for chanting

  40. sirjasontoon, i saw you swearing on peter lovenkrands blog on .com recently – you can not claim i am a twat when the evidence says it is in fact you.

    solano is a good player everybody knows, solano should sign for us, thats the way it goes

    Off to my next blog

    Uziblogger signing out

    rat tat tat tat tat tat tat

  41. SJT, thats true but he has been playing competitive football in a decent league and I wouldn’t think he has totally lost his ability. If it was a (small) gamble that helped our promotion bid It has to be worth a punt.

  42. Really hope we don’t get nobby back trumpet and all. Love the lad and he’s a hero as I grew up watching him but he’s past it these days. Would be s typical signing however. The pathetic bid for that lad from Forrest doesn’t surprise me either. I seem to remember us making an enquiry about beckford maybe a while back? And it was piblically stated that our potential bid could only be described as an insult to club and player, bargain basement stuff just won’t cut It big mike.

  43. FCB always bids low, buy em cheap stock em high sell em high. At the last home game tickets were up £5 in level 7 where I sit.

    Off to my next blog

    Uziblogger signing out

    rat tat tat tat tat tat tat

  44. ross,ray ranson came out after last january,s window after newcastle made a bid for the fullback fox at coventry.
    ranson said the bid was that derisory,it would not have bought the lads big toe.
    he also said he put the phone down on llambias,and started p***ing himself laughing.
    ranson says who ever,s in charge of signing players at newcastle are clueless.

  45. Trojan, I had heard that too

    Off to my next blog

    Uziblogger signing out

    rat tat tat tat tat tat tat

  46. All of the negativity on the blog is really starting to depress me, anyone got any good news?

  47. Big Willy, yes I aim to be a record breaking Uziblogger, that is good news

    Off to my next blog

    Uziblogger signing out

    rat tat tat tat tat tat tat

  48. I read that toonsy as well , seems a bit odd to me , he has been here for how long? Surely we would know if there was any outstanding injuries or problems with his fitness by now

  49. Simpson is exactly what we need: young, cheap, has potential and we know he’ll be good enough for what we need right now: promotion.

    Beyond that, I really don’t want any money spent yet. It’s my money and I’d rather it was spent building a full squad when we know what that needs to look like.

    But I would like to see Nobby in too. Just would. Biased, I know.

  50. .Com is reporting he is signed up, they are ahead in the blogging stakes, .org is a long way behind. Quick off the mark Mr Harrison

    Off to my next blog

    Uziblogger signing out

    rat tat tat tat tat tat tat

  51. The Simpson deal is a good one, he’s been an integral part of a solid defence that we need to keep together, it could be the case of keeping the ship stable or starting to leak goals and risking promotion….I know which option I’d choose!!

    Now lets get some more bodies through the door!!!

  52. Ws only thinking that after i posted toonsy , nice to have him signed up , dont think he is great player but will certainly aid us getting promoted ( hopefully )

  53. I’ll believe it when it’s on NUFC.CO.UK – not before.

    Anyone know of any right-wingers we’ve been linked with? That’s the only other signing I’m desperate to see. Harewood’s loan extension, sure, and possibly a CB – but those can both be covered with emergency loans if the need arises.

    By the way – anyone know of any telly or online coverage of Saturday’s match?

  54. Whumpie

    I will cover the match online on Saturday, I will type as fast as Jonas moves his spindly legs.

    Off to my next blog

    Uziblogger signing out

    rat tat tat tat tat tat tat

  55. Looks like Dr Ed Harrison has been engaging in sharp practise again, apparently there in no release to the press association, nor have my contacts any info, .org leads the way in honesty, booo Ed Harrision.

    Off to my next blog

    Uziblogger signing out

    rat tat tat tat tat tat tat

  56. Stardust – Aye I agree. In my mind it’s pontless spending money on players that won’t really cut it next season, that’s why loans are the way forward in the short term.

    I fully exoect us to be back up for sale come summer anyway so we know we won’t have to hang around for fatty to open his wallet for transfers.

  57. 68 Uziblogger says:
    January 20, 2010 at 4:05 pm
    Looks like Dr Ed Harrison has been engaging in sharp practise again, apparently there in no release to the press association, nor have my contacts any info, .org leads the way in honesty, booo Ed Harrision.

    What did ed say?

  58. Johno – I have just posted on Eds site – he is claiming he has already signed.

    He is using the most underhand tactics to get readership – shameful I think. Especially that he gets paid for click thru’s on his site from his advertisers.

  59. Eh? Not sure where that one came from Spartan – I made the term up – not sure who has latched onto it.

  60. Uziblogger shall remain anonymous

    I can be seen from time to time changing in the telehone boxes on Blacktt Street.

    Off to my next blog

    Uziblogger signing out

    rat tat tat tat tat tat tat

  61. I havent seen him , and ill be honest i spend most of my time in work on this site , tho i dont post as much as i like

  62. Just went on Ed’s site for 1 minute and got hit with two adverts. Its a sure way of losing contributors that.

  63. I use noscript with firefox so aint pestered with Eds adverts – they are sooooo annoying !! :-)

  64. stevep – But he hasn’t signed yet has he? It states in the article “subject to medical”. It’s just making up more stories to get on NewsNow more often to get more hits which means more ads which means more money. Cynical? Me? Hell yeah! Especially when this site and other blogs are run without any ads.

  65. this is the blog to be on,ed went too far on his with the security log in,you had nothing but problems trying to get on.he also puts out too many story,s that are hearsay and rumour,that lack any truth.
    when he started with the adverts that was it for me.

  66. toonsy – why dont you go on ed’s blog anymore ? is because of the ads ? that never stopped you going on in the past , spouting your bile & hissy fitting against fat boy – is it beneath you now ? you write a couple of articles on here and now suffer delusions of grandeur.

  67. Roy – I never went on as much after the ad’s. Partially because they did my head in, partially because i could never get rid of them. So having to faf around just to get onto a site, wait for the page to load up, then an advert to pop up, then the page to load up again, got too annoying.

    It’s not exactly delusions of grandeur either. Things move on, although not your memory it seems. Is there anything wrong with wanting to help out and do a bit of writing (which I like doing) about the club I love?

  68. toonsy says:
    January 20, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    “Cynical? Me? Hell yeah! Especially when this site and other blogs are run without any ads.”

    This site DOES have a few ads Toonsy, along with nearly all the other blogs that get a few visitors. I suppose I’ll have to make them little less discreet, like Ed’s site, if you haven’t even noticed them yet! :-)

  69. Big Dave – Yes, it’s just basically the same as IE but a different name and some other new bits. They both serve the same purpose, just Chrome seems to block things more than IE.

  70. worky – Howay, discreet ad’s at the bottom of pages are fine, they don’t detract from trying to get on the site. There is no need for full page pop-up’s however, even i know there is a difference in revenue accoriding to size of the ad.

  71. Roy – I don’t have Chrome, It’s just what I’ve read about. Stardust says that it seems to block them though.

  72. Big Dave says:
    January 20, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    “stardust I am on IE now so is the google chrome a replacement for IE”

    No it isn’t, Dave. It’s a different kind of browser, like “Firefox” or “Safari”. As a web designer, I use all major browsers on a regular basis, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

  73. Worky – at least your adverts are applicable to the people on this site. Ed has all sorts of nonsense on his – unless you want a loan in florida for a breast enlargement in las vegas.

  74. I see an MP has questioned the legitimacy of Northern Rock sponsoring us using taxpayers money.

    Seems a bit rich coming from an MP like.

  75. toonsy says:
    January 20, 2010 at 5:32 pm

    “There is no need for full page pop-up’s however, even i know there is a difference in revenue accoriding to size of the ad.”

    The correct term for those blocking ads that Ed uses is “Interstitial” ads. Revenue from ads in general is usually paid in one of three ways:

    *a very small fixed payment for each ‘click’ to the advertiser’s site generated by the ad,

    *A much larger commission, but paid only on goods actually sold on the back of referrals.

    *Just a regular fee paid weekly, monthly or whatever just for having the ad on the site.

  76. Worky @ 100 what one do you think is best just for normal browsing. or should I just get a different type of pop up blocker, saying that its really only Ed’s I would need it for and tbh I dont really go on from he started ” uziblogging ” on his return.
    Stardust I see batty has stole that word from you and has decided to call himself uziblogger :)

  77. There is not much real news around today, only Simpson and that still hasn’t been confirmed yet, stevep, Ed.


  78. Big Dave – Worky will no doubt professionally advise you – I love Chrome as you can add loads of extensions like Translate, Page Rank etc etc etc

    Its quick – easy to use, the tabs and screen drag and drop into each other – try it – I did and never went back to i.e. which has got slower and slower over the years

  79. Worky

    please do some kind of short cut to the bottom of the page, takes ages to scroll through all the comments when ever i post.

  80. Stardust lol maybe he has a new spell checker ;) . I am going to try that google chrome on the missus’s laptop I presume you can uninstall it if you dont like it

  81. “I am going to try that google chrome on the missus’s laptop”

    Nice one Dave, that way if it buggers up it wont be you who is affected. :)

  82. Toonsy she will think im all caring to her by saying that the GC is better and quicker for her, gets me brownie points ;)
    Right may go do a bit of work catch you’s later

  83. Simpson is an OK signing, but I worry about how poorly he was in his last game… Any full back worth their salt shouldn’t be doing 360 turns in the box from poor positioning. He is a decent player going forward though, so for his game to be more complete i’d like to see an experienced player in a similar position come in. It’s not a secret i’d love Beye back.

    So where else are we lacking? Well, as much as I hear you all wanting a winger – come on; the only players Hughton has wanted are defenders or one dimensional strikers… I can’t see him saying “Let’s go all out for an exciting, young midfield talent!”, can you?

    Only 12 days left now in the window, and in my personal opninion, only one more player will be signed, we’ll be hit by injury, and then the squad’s numbers will really show through. I don’t even think we can sustain our position at the top for an automatic place at the end of the season.

  84. Big Dave says:
    January 20, 2010 at 5:52 pm

    “Worky @ 100 what one do you think is best just for normal browsing. or should I just get a different type of pop up blocker, saying that its really only Ed’s I would need it for and tbh I dont really go on from he started ” uziblogging ” on his return.
    Stardust I see batty has stole that word from you and has decided to call himself uziblogger”

    Batty is innocent! It isn’t him.

    As for the browsers, that’s a very good question! Hmmm

    Opera is very quick, and Chrome and Safari are quite quick too.

    Firefox is good for security and plugins offering extended features, but personally, I don’t like the way it renders pages at all. It makes them look a little ugly. The fonts look very thin and ‘scrawly’, the ‘box model’ is wrong, which can again affect the appearence of pages sometimes.

    Alot of people say that Chrome is a very pretty browser, and it has some good features too, although some say it is lacking in other features. There are privacy issues with Chrome as well.

    But despite all this and much more, I still use IE as my ‘usual’ browser.

    Sorry but I didn’t really cover everything there at all, however browsers are a subjective thing, and the best way may be to install Firefox, Chrome, and possibly Opera alongside the latest IE8, then use them all a little bit before you come to a decision on which is the right one for you.

  85. Stardust says:
    January 20, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    “I love Chrome as you can add loads of extensions like Translate, Page Rank etc etc etc”

    You can do that with other browsers too by intalling the Google toolbar. As I hinted to Dave above though, there can be privacy issues with some Google / Chrome features.

  86. Cant believe I have just seen the words “Batty” and “innocent” in the same sentence lol ;)

  87. AndyNUFC – I cant believe your getting on Simpsons back, the guy had one below par game! Aside from that he has been excellent this season.

    Beye – fcuk him! A turn coat like that will never be welcomed back by me. He loved the club, loved the fans but was quick to ship out when the chance arose. I have a bigger respect for Colo than i do for him.

    Re: Creative mid. How do you know Hughton doesn’t want a creative player in? It’s been demonstrated so far in this window how much fatty is willing to spend, and it aint much.

  88. Aye Simpson would be a good signing for this league. Unsure about him in the PL but where not in there so it doesn’t really matter.

    I think were desperate for pace all through the side. All our midfielders look like their pulling a tractor through a muddy field.

  89. Simpson is a good addition, will be sold for more than we paid for him, good business all round

    Off to my next blog

    Uziblogger signing out

    rat tat tat tat tat tat tat

  90. Hey Stardust, what do you think of the rumours that Ashley is gearing the club up for a sale?

    New shirt sponsorship, new kit sponsorship, a nice trim wage bill and more than double the average crowd he budgeted for.

    All roads lead to Seymour Peirce eh?

  91. Good words Toonsy. Agree that Beye is just another merenary that fled when the going got tough. I will always respect Jonas and Colo who could have buggered back to Spain. especially colo who really struggled last year and could have just tucked tail and ran.

    Simpson- very good bit of business there. Sure he has some issues but is young and at the very least will only get better and would provide solid cover if a better RB is brought in the summer. He will certainly be worth more than 500K in the future and appears to be on sensible wages.

  92. well its on the official site we have signed him , hope we get harewood in on loan and a creative midfielder in before the window shuts . Hope but not really expecting .

  93. toonsy says:
    January 20, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    “Re: Creative mid. How do you know Hughton doesn’t want a creative player in?”

    The answer to that problem could be right under our noses, so long as his recent big injury hasn’t knacked him for good.

  94. Stu – Thats if we were ever not for sale privately. I very much thing we are geared for a sale come promotion. The signs are there. Very little long term planning, sponsership – any deal will do, minimal outlay on transfers, cut back on wages. All that points towards streamlining the club for a sale. I just hope he is already sounding out buyers or else we’ll be up the creek with out a paddle in the summer.

  95. worky – Barton? I agree. I just wish he would get given a chance in the middle. Admittedly it’s hard as Nolan has been scoring goals and Smith has been holding it together, so I can’t see either being dropped barring injury.

  96. Toonsy,

    I’ll be amazed if someone like Keith Harris isn’t hawking the club around wealthy investors as we speak.

    Something smilar to what Sunderland did, they had Ellis Short waiting in the wings with the sale agreed and it all hinged in them staying in the Prem.

  97. I think Worky is talking about Vuckic.

    Although I would be weary of putting too much pressure on him, especially if he’s the only creative player in the squad.

    He’ll be sold if he’s any good anyway, as per the business model.

  98. toonsy my gut feeling is thier will be a sale as soon as promotion is sure . The buyers will be taking over a club with a not too high wage bill and premiership money coming in and the sold out signs up for every game .Just hope its not Barry moat , he does not have the capital to ensure premiership survival .

  99. AXEL says:
    January 20, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    “i thought worky was hinting at vuckic also .”

    I am. He has the potential to be a great, and he can play in virtually any attacking position.

  100. Vuckic has potential, but it’s a bloody big ask of a kid who has never started a league game.

    Although on the other hand, if your good enoud your old enough, to put a cliche on it.

  101. Worky,

    Where and how mnay times have you seen him?

    ‘Potential to be great’ now like pressure hey?

  102. toonsy says:
    January 20, 2010 at 8:17 pm

    “Vuckic has potential, but it’s a bloody big ask of a kid who has never started a league game.”

    That’s the problem. He’s been set back for months with a pretty serious double injury which has hampered his development in the squad at a crucial stage.

  103. On the subject of Beye and some of the others to have left afer saying they didnt want to, maybe I’m being niave, but perhaps they were sold by the powers at the club and they didnt really want to go but left with not a lot of choice.

    On the other hand, put yourselves in their postion and take the fan away, with the way things were and still are really, who would not have moved to say in the big time?

  104. How old was gazza when he made his debut , about the same age as vuckic i think . Not that i am saying you can compare them but it shows that every now and then a youngster can make a diffrence from the first game they play . From what i have heard of vuckic he does have bags of skill .

  105. AXEL,

    Hughton seems to have a problem playing the youngsters. Ranger doesn’t get a look in or Lua Lua. The latter played in the PL under KK so he does have a bit of experience at a higher level, he also spent time playing for Colchester in the Championship.

    Still no chances to add a bit of pace to our slow, slow team.

  106. Simon – I don’t and never have bought the “I was forced out of the club” argument players say.

    If they don’t wan’t to go, they can point to their contract and stay.

    That’s why (grudgingly) I have a bit of respect for Owen. We all knew he was off, and he didn’t give us any patter like Beye, Martins, Duff, Bassong etc.

  107. Toonsy, I agree with you about Owen, he didn’t hide anything and maybe you are right about the pointing at the contract and staying. But I still think if we were fooballers and not fans, we might do the same. Mind you, if your International career isnt under threat and you are earning more money than we could dream of, you could stay and give it another season I suppose

  108. It’s difficult to thing some players have honour these days.

    I suppose some fans will say that the likes of Jonas, Colo, Smith and Nolan only stayed because nobody would pay their wages. Others will say they wanted to get us back up.

    Dunno where I stand to be honest.

  109. I’m sure Hughton and Calderwood have been in the game long enough to decide when someone is ready for first team fooball, between them they must have over 50 years experience as players and coaches. Let them get on with it as they haven’t done too badly so far and I can’t remember the last time I heard a player moan to the press….

  110. hammy,

    It’s funny isn’t it, players don’t tend to moan when the team is winning. Although I’m not too sure who would actually be able to moan with justificationin our squad, it’s that small they all play.

  111. agreed hammy69. Plus I think propotion is so important that every point counts.

    That being said I don’t see why you can’t inject Lua Lua dfor a bit of pace now and agin. Plus, from what I’ve seen, Ranger plays every bit as well Carrol and Shola, just missed a few sitters.