Simpson: “This is the first place where it’s really felt like home”.

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Has Danny finally found his 'dream date' with Toon?
Has Danny finally found his 'dream date' with Toon?
New signing, Danny Simpson has been revealing his feelings on what it’s like to be Newcastle United player. The 23 year old right back completed his medical yesterday, after agreeing terms in “last ditch talks” with Chris Hughton and Colin Calderwood. He also revealed that his below par performance in the last game was due to him carrying an injury.

On the transfer he said:

“I’m absolutely delighted. I’ve wanted this move ever since I walked in the door back in August. I’ve loved every minute!”

Since joining Manchester United as a young trainee, Danny had been shunted out on loan to Royal Antwerp (twice). Then, the poor unfortunate had to suffer the ultimate indignity; a season in hell with the unwashed vagrants at the Stadium of Blight. His life on the road then continued at Ipswich, Blackburn Rovers, then, finally, Newcastle United. Touching on this nomadic lifestyle, he commented:

“It’s hard when you’re going from club to club. This is the first place where it’s really felt like home and to secure my future here is all I’ve ever wanted.

“I can’t wait now for the rest of the season and helping to put this club back where it belongs.

“We’ve had a good start but the job is only half done and I’m happy to be here to help finish it.

“It would have been awful having to watch the lads on TV for the rest of the season having been part of it, so I’m delighted that’s not the case.”

Simpson also looked back on what could have been his last game for the Magpies, against West Brom, and how he received a standing ovation from the fans:

“It was a nice ovation from the fans when I came off. I was desperately hoping I could get such an ovation again.”

On the situation at that time though, he added:

“I knew then a deal was up in the air.

“The following day I went back to the training ground and spoke to the manager. I knew things could change.

“I did not train last week. The injury started to hurt and got worse in the second half.

“I just did not want to let the lads down or come off. I tried hard to play through the 90 minutes, but I told them after an hour I wanted to play on.

“It was just one of those things.”

If Simpson continues in the same vein, and with the same attitude, he will doubtless be a great addition to the Toon squad.

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53 Responses

  1. “This is the first place where it’s really felt like home and to secure my future here is all I’ve ever wanted”

    Hmm, yes Danny. It’s all you ever wanted. Thats why you were flapping over more money!

  2. toonsy , that’s not his missus…..she kicked him into touch coz he’s a first class prick !…

  3. hitman says:
    January 21, 2010 at 8:23 pm

    “id put love bites on her”

    Hitman, I was just about to go and enjoy my dinner when I read that. Thanks for putting that image in my head before I did.

  4. Yet again a player comes out and speaks highly of us and how much he wanted a permanent move, that was after proving on the pitch that he was one of ours, But as usual he get slated and accused of sh1te talking, etc etc WTF doe’s the fella have to do to prove he is honest and genuine.

  5. Big Dave..if he posts pics of himself putting lovebites on bitch turd that’s good enough for me…

  6. Well said big Dave. I think he genuinely wants to play for us. And if what was said in the paper was true he is only going to be on £10K a week which is alot less than some of the others at the club.

  7. I just can’t get the hang if life under this regime…like living in a fookin nightmare.

  8. If he’s on £10K a week then good. He’s never a player that should have cost that much or deserved a huge wage. I would have been very disappointed with anything over £15K.

  9. I think the Simpson news is good. Anyone whinging about it needs something better to do. How bad’s the injury to Simpson, just a niggle?

    Off thread but Kilgallon’ll regret that when we kick Sunderland’s butts alover St James’ and the stadium of sh!te. That will be sweet man, sweeeeeet.

  10. So anyone expecting more than thruppence ha’penny a week is now a mercenary ?
    We bid peanuts expect fookin monkeys :)

  11. Probably rename the club Mike’s Monkey’s…this is not on a racial tip by the way…just incase wickywoo the tartan TIT is about with his HaggisHysteria.

  12. I think we need a caption competition for that photo; here’s mine:

    “I know I know. I told her the stripes went the other way”

  13. I thought he was on about 15k a week and was being offered 9k?
    I love how people on here act like if they were doing a job for a company and then the same company offered about 40% less per week you’d take it.

    Get some perspective ffs. He’s a solid player who does all the basics well and I personally like how he doesn’t bomb on too much, which I think we need as Enrique is our best form of attack IMO and Simpson holding back and putting an extra body back with a bit of pace which I believe is good for the team, unless you want to rely on Nicky Butt, Alan Smith or Kevin Nolan to run back against the counter attacks…wait we’ve got Colocinni’s pace….give Simpson a raise!!!

  14. Big Dave says:
    January 21, 2010 at 10:40 pm
    batty hows the youngun settling in
    <<<<< good thanks dave he,s got a 2 week taking over period or summit

  15. Who gives a toss about kilgallon going to the mackems? He never struck me as particularly impressive even in this league and frankly if he moves to the unwashed after pledging his future to Sheffield united he certainly isn’t a player we wanted.

    What’s bothering me more is that now I have to put up with the tramps going on about ‘stealing our transfers’. I honestly hope he gets ran off the swamp they call a pitch.

  16. I just couldnt be assed going on there now but I have seen him trying to wind you up but he is normally a decent guy when he has been on here

  17. I wonder if we will get that portsmouth guy Mike Williamson, and it seems like they have kept it out of the press until fee was agreed etc which makes a change ;)

  18. dave i find it very hard too bite on here because worky went oot of his way too open this blog wen judas sed he was closing i wouldnt want too ruin it thats why iam alway calmer on here

  19. aye dave not a bad young un but we have needed a decent winger for 2 years now and we still havent got 1

  20. Batty @ 35 yeah I know what you mean. but I was surprised ED reopened and at 1 st I thought it would be good but as I said before the adds and uziblogging and the fact that Ed done so much for the blog but would very rarely be on it.

  21. JayJay Mike will spend peanuts and accumulate proper coin….almost like occupying the deluded ones with a game of ker plunk while he takes your auntie joan from behind :)

  22. :)
    At least we will be younger than yesterday.

    On a serious note Mr Ashley will defiantly cash in on a current senior player-possibly more…KERCHING !!

  23. Agree SJT when we have an owner who will only spend when he really has to, and he looks to buy players in our strongest position it can only mean one thing, the first time we were linked killgannon i thought straight away colo will be on his way, he is most likely the top earner at the club and i’m sure cashley would love to cash in on him. colo will fetch a much higher transfer fee than williamson and if rumours are true colo is on 70-80 grand a week, cant see williamson being on more than 10-15 grand a week the poor sod. it’s a cashley special!

  24. Backup/Useful addition for EPL
    He is a decent lad. A useful player for this current leg. Would be a good addition too when things are tight. eg. with injury or players rotation.

  25. @davis_toons

    I wouldn’t mind if I thought he was cover, but he isn’t, do you really think MA would spend between 1-2 million on cover? of course he wouldn’t, he will be colo’s replacement.