Warnock says Wigan, but could Ashley part the sea for Moses yet?

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Warnock: Drumming up one last bid for Moses?
Warnock: Drumming up one last bid for Moses?
Crystal Palace manager, Neil Warnock, has been giving his opinions on the hunt for Palace’s 19 year old winger / striker, Victor Moses, who has of course been the subject of an alleged £2 million pound bid from Newcastle United.

However, he was speaking of a further development, where Dave Whelan’s Wigan Athletic have apparently trumped the Toon with a £2.5 million bid. Meanwhile, Sky Sports News are reporting that that Moses is “in talks” with the North West club.

Warnock said on the player, and the move by Wigan Athletic:

“I think it’s done. Victor is going to the Premier League and I think £2.5million is a snip for one of the best young players we’ve got at 19 years of age

“Manchester City should have bought him ages ago instead of messing about, but another Premier League club have made an offer.

“I’ve spoken to a lot of managers over the last six months and one of the managers who should have taken him in the last window has come to his senses.

“I expect to see Victor do very well in the Premier League and I’m looking forward to watching him.”

However, this does seem ever so slightly premature even though Warnock is a manager who traditionally isn’t backward at coming forward. The old fox could just as well be trying to draw out the big beast that is Mike Ashley and perhaps a Sheikh or two before the deadline closes. Will Ashley be drawn back in? Will a temptation to put one over on old enemy, Dave Whelan override his financial restraint?

We will know some time before the month is out anyway, and that’s very soon.

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39 Responses

  1. As I mentioned on here the other day I thought Wigan would be in for Moses. They are the only PL club that seem to have a bit of money to spend in this window. Will be a good signing for them and Moses will get the first team footy he craves. In my eyes he definitely would have been a future Toon legend.

    Anyone else raging about Hughtons tactics today? Complete joke!

  2. so gutted about this, I mean, WIGAN ffs… Come on Ashley, table 3 mill for him an wrap it up. We wont get an oppurtunity to sign a player of this quality/potential for this little for a very, very long time

  3. just heard sumthing very funny!! my mate added tamas kadar on facebook! tells me he was lookin thru the groups he joined and they were “petition to get shay given to stay” and “mike ashley u horrible fat twat” and “i bet I can find 50,000 ppl who think Andy Carroll is better than Shola ameobi” ……pretty funni i thought! just shows how young he acutally is if he doesnt know not to be doin that like

  4. I hope we can get MOses. Then slowly end thoes “inactive” player to the current wages. Who really draw big salary beacause of their former history.

    Young Guns is the way for buy now, We can can get a rooney or a young steve G. i will be happy. Still recalling how Alex Fegie got the 17+18 yrs old rooney. (but of course eveton make a killing out of it)

    We can discover one of this gems?

  5. Not being cynical but this sounds awfully like they’re begging for more money. This will go down to the last day of the window – I guarentee it

  6. Young players are cheap because, they haven got the chance to prove their worth.

    Look at this.

    He is still having the same skill he has.
    He is still scoring the same way (the last goal)
    He is still very left footed
    He is still the shortest among all.

    The bottom line…
    Even if we cant keep hold of this kind of talent at lease we have got the money in the bank after any big transfer.

    Newcastle need to risk it! Get those young talent in. Throughout these years, how many crap players have we purchase using millions? And most are still in the team.

    We are on a transection…Get MOses/etc in..he might not be a messi but a better player them some in his position.

  7. *Those crap player in newcastle are just waiting for their contract to end. Then will hang their boots up or play lower leg or become others clubs backup player with backup pay

  8. Just watching the Wigan vs. Everton game two good teams and an exciting game, there are no easy games in this league and even the teams coming up are competitive.
    It will be interesting to see how we (with a hopefully few decent additions) will match up if or when we are promoted.
    So Mike are you gonna back down from Whelan and let him have Moses ?
    Could be the first step in the rebuilding of the side, cause i dont rate the other signings, bunch o plodders.

  9. Clubs are looking for the 18/19/20 years old playerss
    In order to get ours, we should also look beyond that,

    Then we will be able to see our future of the club in years to come.

    Ces Fabegus is one of Baca talent when Asnal took him away, baca was so fed up with Wenger.

    What im saying is not a joke. KKeegan might be able to help us with this role but too bad his term with the owner is bad. (He do play a part in Shaun Wright-Phillips develpment)

  10. Hey Charles N`Zogbia, had a brilliant game for Wigan, think how good they will be with Moses.

  11. Looking at Manu getting their hands on players. The Neville brothers might be long gone…but the da Silva brothers are coming up…

    Go for MOses..We have to risk it.

    When we do get promoted with this kind of young guns even though we might not be the 1st top half, AT Least, we will be in the 2nd top half of the table. Not regl fight.

    And do remeb, some players develop late…

    Mike its time to show us what your youth development is all about and stop talikng about Arsenal youth development (their are worldwide), we now just have to cross this hump.

  12. Anyone who is (yet again) daft enough to believe that Mike Ashley will make a significant investment in Newcastle United wants their bumps felling!

  13. This club and the way it is run and managed is starting to really infuriate me!!!!
    OK coupla half decent signings…..strengthening our best bloody area!!! One creative winger which is pretty much to cover Geremi leaving, no strikers as of yet and is that 7 draws in 9 games or something similar???
    Worst thing is the misses knows very little about football yet watching it “ohh hes been sent off, they should bring on that fast one whos scored loads for that fat one” even she bloody knew what to do!!!!
    Weve turned into a Stoke, Bolton etc team! pundits this season say the only reason were top is its a poor league and im starting to believe it….we should have been 12+ points clear by now destroying those teams weve drawn to! Why play so defensively all the bloody time????
    Apologies for rant its taken me a day to calm down after last nights showing!!!

  14. Mikey,
    Can’t add any further to your post as you are spot on.
    Disgusted at CH for bottling it last night.

  15. Tony, not for the first time i was absolutely boiling at Hughtons tactics and team selection, everyone and their granny knows you can only get away with playing one of either Butt, Nolan or Smith in the engine room and he plays all three with the result that they had their legs ran off them all game.
    And a five mean mid field and one up top against ten men is the answer to a goal less draw which he deserves, this is not the first time he has been found wanting, people can throw all the stats and league positions at me but i will never be convinced that he has got what it takes to put some zip and flair into a team or make significant changes when they are needed.

  16. Jill
    No, you are not reading it correctly.

    Hughton knew who he was – he just didn’t know him personally.

    I know who Kevin Keegan is, but I dont know him.

    Also looks like Hughton is signing players for the future, not from the past

  17. Just reading a few posts from other threads, a few fans thinking that Barton is going to come riding to the rescue with his imminent return to action.
    Is it me or can I not recall him having more than a couple of half decent games before being suspended/foot injury or other/locked up?

  18. Cannot say I’m suprised he’s moved to a PL club, but I am dissapointed we lost out on him for the sake of 500k considering his potential and sell on value.

    We desperately need a striker now then.

    Oh and a manager who’s not obsessed with defence.

  19. CH was def player,is def coach,has not a clue on tactics,just def.even if we spend 3mill its just a con,if we go up or not this year this is what will happen;
    collo-out-big wage gone-replace williamson in
    jonas out big wage gone- replace w r in
    j en out big wage gone-replace will try to tie-up v Aaholt
    butt gone big wage gone
    could go on but get the idea just a con man,then will sell club with low wage bill

  20. TGS;no thank you having a good spell i admit but had his time and def could not cut the mustard in epl m8

  21. The football last night was very poor. CH needed to take the game by the scruff of the neck and go for it. Butt is useless. He couldn’t even pass 2 metres, to his own players. How can you be so defensive against 10. Their right back was yellow carded early in second half. Why didn’t WR attack down there, take him on, force the tackles and possibly another yellow. RT wasn’t much better, but every time he overlapped no-one passed to him. Same on the left. I can only assume Jonas Lovens were carrying knocks.

    It was the tactics last night that let us down. CH, we are watching you now! Is this getting to him? He looked stressed and clueless on the line. Unfortunately he’s had it very easy so far. Now the pressure is starting to build, big time. We are getting to the business time in the season and I feel he is going to be found wanting?

    Very disappointed but atleast we are still top. Our saving grace is that Forest and WBA are doing their best to let us win this league.

  22. ive got alot of respect for CH but hes no manager,if we go up i can see us getting played off the park every game under CH,i think we might need a new manager if we go up like.

  23. Pretty clear he’s going to Wigan after Warnock has came out with this like. God knows why, they’re 2 points off the relegation zone. Just weeks ago him and his agent would be talking about a top four club, Real Madrid and Champions League football. In the end, he’s got the Insomnia treatment and he’s ended up at the JJB, or the Dave Whelan stadium or whatever it is, probably playing infront of 20-25000.

    They’ve offered the cash, they have the lure of PL football, so they’ve got him. Thats fair enough. But i wouldnt be surprised if after what his agent has been spouting in the past few days, Moses was secretly incredibly underwhelmed.

  24. looks like moses is having medical right now at wigan,im not too sure about this myself ,jason scotland was banging them in at swansea but cant hit a barn door in the prem,big question is will he hack it in the prem,wigan are not a bad team though its just we are short of someone scoring hope it works out for the lad ,anyway good luck rest of season hope to see you all at the DW stadium next season loooking forward to having a beer with you lads …..good luck

  25. Things are really bad when Wigan are outbidding us for a player. How the mighty have fallen. Although I do think Moses would be a good buy, I sometimes wonder if other teams young players get more chances than ours.
    For example why wasn’t Kadar left back yesterday – not a criticism of the dutch lad by the way as he lookes promising, but so does Kadar. Would Lua Lua be good if he was actually given a few games? The truth is that we always want the finished article and our young lads don’t get the chance that those at other (smaller?) clubs do.
    Finally CH’s tactics yesterday were a joke. My heart sank when I saw Butt and Smith in midfield and only 1 recognised striker. Even then, why wasn’t a change made immediately they went down to 10 men? One of the aforementioned (preferably Butt) should have been immediately withdrawn for a striker – am I being too simple?