Wayne Routledge signs for Newcastle United.

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Routledge: Just signed for Toon.
Routledge: Just signed for Toon.
Wayne Routledge has just signed for Newcastle from North London club, Queen’s Park Rangers on a 3.5 year contract for an undisclosed fee.

Routledge, a 25 year old winger who can also play as a second striker was only signed to Queen’s Park Rangers in 2009, and the player has played previously for Aston Villa, Tottenham Hotspur and Crystal Palace, with the player also spending loan spells at Cardiff City, Fulham and Portsmouth.

More on this story later…

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41 Responses

  1. Fair play to whomever at the club has managed this under wraps. Seemed a good player against us and is the type of signing we’d been hoping for. Excellent little surprise.

  2. Well I have to say well done!

    He wouldn’t have come cheap – He did a fair bit of damage against us at St James’ Park. So I say great Championship signing.

    He offers us some pace at last!

    Striker and Williamson confirmed and that’ll do.

    Well done

  3. excellent signing, pacy, direct and will bring a bit of creativity where we are really lacking on the right.
    anyone know if he is fit/match ready?
    Guess they have been working on signings then :)

  4. good signing he has been one of the best performers against us at SJP this season,now we shouldnt be so left sided all the time

  5. Wohooo :) seems like we got a pacey right winger at last ….i hope he doesnt get injured and deliver atleast until the end of season :)

    who wants Ashley out, anyways :)

  6. good player, he will have cost a few million saying as he had only just signed on for qpr. I dont think we need a striker, i think in loven, carroll and ranger plus ameobi, that should be enough for us, i think this lad has been signed instead of a striker so it allows loven to play up front all the time where he likes it best.
    Would like to see another suprise signing like this, i no bugga all about the defender we are meant to be getting from pompy. Sounds a bit of a donkey but hey, you never know!!

  7. Excellent signing, the player I wanted us to get in the most.
    If we can sign Williamson and a decent striker, and Barton stays out of trouble and injury free, then things look a lot brighter.

  8. Stuart79 says:
    January 26, 2010 at 1:47 pm
    Well I have to say well done!

    He wouldn’t have come cheap –


    Agreed. If we had money within the region of 1.8-2 mil to pay for Beckford then i imagine we’ve turned our attention to Routledge and signed him with the moolah instead.
    Talk about a rollercoaster. One day you’re tearing your hair from your head wondering if anyone at the club has a clue what they’re doing or whats going on around them, the next day you’re scratching the same head wondering how they’ve pulled off the feat in question.

  9. A Fulham supporting work colleague reckons Routledge’ll prove to be a very very good buy for us.

    Well done Mr Ashley, eyes open and focused on the Prem are we?

  10. very good player and just what we need.i cannt belive it ashly is puttind money into the club :)

  11. Yup thumbs up from me…Well done whoever signed him this will give us a much needed boost and a bit more energy… :)

  12. Sorry but I now have a complaint!!!! We have now had 3 articles posted – 2 about Routledge – within the space of an hour. This is getting like Ed’s uziblogging!!!

    Still happy though!!!

  13. toonlad89-i doubt it, he’s probably had to go for a lie down like! haha

    lesh-i’m shocked at this one tbh. I didnt expect anyone like Routledge to be snapped up this window, to say i’m pleasantly surprised is an understatement. If Williamson arrives then things are looking up. Just being greedy but i’d love to see a striker arrive too. I wanted Beckford and although not vital (I think Mcloven can do a job for us), i’d still take one!

  14. Exactly the type of player we needed, pace and directness on the right to complement Guiterez and he can also play as a second striker.
    With Williamson, if he’s any good and Barton due back soon we look to have ticked all of the boxes.
    I’m pleased Harewood is injured, we really need to give Caroll and Ranger games and bringing them up to speed ready for the Premiership next season.

  15. This can’t have been an ashley signing as he’s a cuh u nuh t, isn’t he?
    Can’t be CH as he’s a yes man.
    Maybe kk popped back & sorted it?
    Definitely! (nods, affirmation)


    Partly my fault, but mainly the gaffer’s. :)

    He posted his snippet while I was writing my War & Peace, and I wasn’t just going to dump it, after I spent my dinnertime doing it… 8O

    The NUST thing was the only thing I thought would be worth discussing.

    Nice to get a pleasant surprise!!…

    (EDITED – added smilies to show I was ownly kidding boss!).

  17. sirjasontoon says:
    January 26, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    Yup thumbs up from me…Well done whoever signed him this will give us a much needed boost and a bit more energy… :)

    Ashley spending doesn’t surprise me but SirJason smiling and be happy & positive about the club sure do surprise me :D

    SJT no offense meant

  18. Just another example of the FCB sending money down to London!!! Keep it up Mikey boy! :-)

  19. SpartanChris says:
    January 26, 2010 at 2:02 pm
    This now frees Guthrie up to play in the middle alongside Smith/Nolan/Barton.


    maybe it frees Guthrie to play in the middle instead of Smith and Nolan. FCB might be looking to move one or two on yet

    I’m chuffed with this signing but will try not to get too excited until the window shuts and we haven’t actually flogged anyone.

  20. Well, what a surprise. It’s not often nowadays that a transfer stays under the radar like this one.

  21. :)Toonkistan.
    Like I said a couple more and we are laughing all the way to the prem…woop woop!

  22. Yeah everybody estatic I see, great buy etc.
    How many have actually watched this guy ?
    And lets hear what you have to say about him a few games from now ?
    Just another mediocrity that came cheap, but I see you guys are easy to please these days.

  23. Chuck – he’s the first signing that’s really excited me for a good few transfer windows. I think his attitude is still questioned and he’s yet to become ‘proven’ rather than ‘potential’ as I said in the other article. But he was terrific against us this season at home.

    I think it’s a sign of the times that expectations are lower. Humbling times for some.

  24. Really happy – he is still young enough – will have a decent sell on value – a signing who will show great things and promise OR who will assist in the vital push for promotion.

    All of the signings have been signed with the future of football and finance in mind – that makes them perfect for me.

    Well done MA / CH and co so far.

  25. Oooh and a happy bunny stardust too?

    What next?

    Maybe he’ll start being civil to folk?

    Nah, that’s askin’ a bit too much methinks

  26. There were a lot of folks on the blogs, who were saying that Ranger had a bad attitude but he has been as good as gold so far. I reckon a lot of the negative stuff comes from players not getting a chance or bad run of injuries (=frustration). A manager who listens helps as well.