Williamson finally unveiled as a Newcastle United player.

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Williamson: It's official!
Williamson: It's official!
Mike Williamson has been formally announced as a Newcastle United player.

As we exclusively revealed on NUFC Blog early yesterday morning, the player had already signed a 3.5 year contract. However, procedural hold ups regarding the player’s sell on clause at Watford meant that the official announcement had to be delayed until now.

The player will also be eligible for this evening’s clash with cash strapped Crystal Palace, and Mike will go staright into the squad, providing much needed cover for the wounded Magpie backline, with injuries to Danny Simpson and Steven Taylor, and also the suspension of Ryan Taylor for a straight red from radgie ref, James Linnington, in the West Brom game.

Williamson will take the number six squad number.

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37 Responses

  1. Great news, eventually. Will he play tonight?

    Form BBC/Warnock
    “The timing just astonishes me. There’s a week to go in the transfer window and we are about to sell Victor Moses for millions,”

    So he’s not been bought by us then.

  2. Keeganjr says:
    January 27, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    “palace can’t play moses today, great news. why can’t we just buy him??”

    We’ve just bought two right wingers, Keeganjr.

    Well, we’ve bought one and contracted another until the end of the season.

  3. why can’t we just buy him??

    Because he will go to a Premier League side! As much as i want him to sign for us there will be about 30 clubs after him so no chance.

  4. Keeganjr says:
    January 27, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    “pancake don’t count, he’s shite..”

    He hasn’t had a chance yet, Keeganjr. He’s had the same kind of problems as Lovenkrands and Harewood regarding having to work himself back into form because of relative inactivity.

  5. LOL’D at wwww.nufc.com

    Newcastle belatedly confirmed the signing of Portsmouth central defender Mike Williamson on Wednesday afternoon. The 26 year-old is clear to play against Crystal Palace this evening, when he’ll wear the number 6 shirt.

    However the NUFC club news release just says “a deal for” the player, with no mention of whether this is a loan or a permanent move.

  6. He’s another body – Just hope Taylor isn’t out long term now.

    I notice Hughton’s still hopeful of bringing two more players in – What’s happened at the club?

    Maybe Ashley has had the fright of his life? Although I reckon Ashley is probably enjoying owning an football club for the first time in a long time.

    So on the basis we know Hughton is looking for a striker, what other position will he be looking at? Creative mid??

  7. Mike needed to buy some players…because the wrath from the fans would have been much worse….fair play Mikey Boy get moses or other decent budget striker and maybe a loan or a promising young foreigner and we are laughing.

  8. No just believe in credit where credit is due Stuart-I have not been impressed with the MA roadshow since it rolled into town but I have always stated if I see signs of intent,some sensible decision making and taking NUFC seriously then I will be the first to congratulate him.

    Credit where credit is due.

  9. Wait til Williamson notches an own goal and Routledge keeps hitting the first man or overrunning it ;)

  10. Reet off out for a Mexican and then a few pints, before heading for Level 7.

    4-0 tonight, bring it on!!! 8)

  11. Enjoying a nice Itallian meal in a local restaurant before heading to the east stand. :-P

  12. Reet I’m having a few beers and looking forward to watching a good 2-0 win.

    Carroll and Nolan

  13. stuart79 @ 10
    apparently CH has made contact with Birminghams Martin Taylors agent to bring him here . Dont know if its on loan or to buy him . would be a good signing can play both cb & rb and also he is from Ashington another local boy in the team cant be bad . Would like to get Evertons Vaughan in as well , Those 2 would help the promotion push.

  14. SJT @ 14 nice to see you have the balls to give the Fat man a bit of Credit, as we are all quick enough to run him down when he has done wrong but we allways seem to be slow when it comes to giving credit. Like you I think he deserves some credit for trying to put some wrongs right ;)

  15. oioi, I’m bloody chuffed about the (hopefully) astute bits of transfer business Hughton’s conducted over the last week, and although I know it’s never gonna happen, everyone talking about us picking up Moses has got my excited. Can always dream, what a cracking bit of business that’d be eh!
    Team for tonight, I’d rather see Kadar start than Williamson. I’m reserving judgement on the lad, but I reckon he could turn out all right; after all Tony Adams liked him and he knew a thing or two about central defenders. Massive lack of game time puts me off for a start tonight though, and I rate Kadar highly- I saw him down at Plymouth and he was extremely composed.

    Guthrie Colo Kadar Enrique
    Routledge Nolan Smith Jonas
    Carrol Lovenkrands

    I’d rather see Guthrie at right back cos I like the idea of two out and out wingers on both sides of the pitch!

    Bit confident but I’m going for 3-0 tonight. I like Neil Warnock and I feel bad for Palace but they’ll be all over the shop. Gotta fancy our chances! Howay the lads!

  16. lads! palace administrators going on at sky news talking about moses at 6.30 i hope more palace players cant play it all helps us! we need to score early hope so it could b anything becasuse will they fight if they are going to go they cant get injured nobody would buy them or play wages the would not be getting no more.

  17. I don’t know what people are getting excited over Moses for. What exactly has he done to warrant this “next big thing” label? 11 goals in 58 championship appearances!

  18. toonsy ! i agree every english player who plays 2 or 3 games is worth millons utter garbage they turn out! look at the boy from fulham he has played 2 mintes of football and going to manu look at dawson at spurs he was coming to us and other clubs and worth nothing next minite he is playing well and keeping out bassong and signs 5 year contract fucking joke 5th choice player at spurs until injury hit them whats changed. look at are english players slow and sxxt.we play them loads getting nothing back.

  19. Im going to guess 3-0, we can still put out a very sturdy defense if we slide colocreamy to the right and put kadar in his place. With everything going on at crystal palace i dont expect too much fight from them, although you have to take each game seriously.

  20. Wounded animals are very dangerous, a win of any sort will do for me. I shold think the team ought to have been posted by now.

  21. why didnt he drop smith or nolan and play routledge again no pace why buy him drop these players thats why i dont like houghton no balls!