Newcastle v Cardiff – Match Banter!

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Taffs in Toon!
Taffs in Toon!
Newcastle face Cardiff City tonight with a chance to kickstart us after an indifferent spell in the New Year, though Cardiff are almost certain to prove difficult opponents. And there could be a chance for a number of changes, following a disappointing draw down at Leicester, which was seen as two points dropped rather than one gained.

Yours truly will be in attendance and off shortly to frequent a local establishment in search of sustenance before the match, so if anyone is around and wants to buy the beers, I’m your charity. No tv coverage this evening, so if anyone can find radio links etc to the game for people who don’t have it, I’m sure that would be appreciated.

As ever, this can be the place to come together during the match and p*ss and moan, as we usually do.

There’s no probable teams news yet but Hughton has some selection ponderings with a number of injuries remaining and his new recruits to consider. Read Deb’s most excellent preview article to consider what both teams have to pick from and what Cardiff’s current form has been like.

Former Toon striker, Michae Chopra, will be hoping for a start against his former team and boyhood idols. And although he’s gone to lengths to say he won’t celebrate a goal should he score, we probably can’t expect the sort of charity he afforded us in the derby game when he turned out for the undesirables.

Hopefully we’ll get some confirmed team line-ups on here before the start. Chucking it down in town at the minute and there’s been a Welsh invasion with a load of Taffs knocking about and making themselves seen and heard. Should be a good atmosphere but might also be a busy night for the boys in blue…

Team news to follow…

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239 Responses

  1. Really looking forward to this one tonight


    Simpson, Colo, Will, Van Ann

    Rout, Nolan, Smith, Jonas,

    Best, Carroll

    Lets take it to them! 3-2 (Best Hat-trick)

  2. My prediction as to the line up:


    Simpson, Colo, Will, Van Ann

    Rout, Nolan, Smith, Jonas,

    Loven, Shola

    I would prefer Gurthrie for Nolan but it ain’t gonna happen. Shola always starts when fit- but I would get him out early if he is having his uusual ineffective match. Loven should always start in my opinion.

  3. Hoping for a win tonight ,and a better performance than the leicester game .
    Simmo collo big willy van the man

    Rout Smudge Nolan Jonas

    Carrol/Bambi Besty
    3-1 win i say ,cardiff missing 2 best midfielders in Rae and Ledley ,so need to make most of it .Come on the Toon!!!

  4. per Mick Lowes on BBC radio Newcastle, Harper, Simpson, Williamson, Hall, Van Arnhot, Routledge, Nolan, Guthrie, Jonas, Bets and either Caroll or Loverboy.

  5. Heard news that we have signed a short-term deal of Jóan Símun Edmundsson of B68 Toftir???

    Here’s one of the clip featuring him.

  6. BBB im surprised if Colo is left out i hev heard nowt about him being injured. just aslong as butter ball isnt playing :)

  7. BBB-If thats the case, hopefully the new lads have got to know each other quickly, and know each other well. Hall, Van A and Williamson all playing together for the first time against a team that scores goals for fun, away from home especially.

  8. A Win tonight before the Rot and Slide Kicks in…1 Nil will do and I don’t give a flying fk who scores it :)

  9. I think it would be good if we start with
    R.Taylor-Colo-Will-Van Ann

  10. hope colo isnt injured that would be really bad especially against cardiff. hope guthrie starts in centre mid and simpson 4 r.taylor

  11. harper

    dutch kid-big willy-one size-simpson



    Mick Lowes is on BBC tyne announcing what he heard is the lineup. new back 4, new midfield.

  12. off topic but it was nice to see Fab had the balls to take the armband of that sad sack of sh1te Terry’s all gold and i wouldnt be surprised if he paid her off to stop her selling her story, and it could be to do with her publicist being a good friend of jt’s

  13. Can’t believe Chris Hughton has the audacity to play Carroll after his diabolical performance at Leicter.

  14. Agree with you ther moondust, rooney should be captain imo because rios always injured and Gerreards far to inconsistant for England

  15. im really not excited about this if colo doesnt play, playing 3 new players in our defence when last time we played cardiff we scrapped a 1-0nil win and we had arguably our 3 best players (colo, jose, s.taylor) playing!

  16. Why Hall instead of Kadar? Kadar has improved with each match and is suddenly the ugly girl at the dance…what gives?

  17. Toon_Factor im just not convinced that Rooney would be armband material.
    Charlie it concerns me aswell but what can we do im looking forward to seeing Best tonite

  18. Should be a good test of exactly where this team is at.
    Cardiff should provide a good measure of our quality and whether we can have as good a second part of the season as the first.
    Possibly give our fans a look at our new striker, being as I touted him on these blogs for a few weeks , hope he can come up with a decent game and put a couple in the net.

  19. MDS i think Kadar is to young and will only be played when we need him CH allways goes with older players when possible, he finds it easier to leave the younger players out they dont question his decision. I honestly think we will lose our young 1s if they get the chance of 1st team footie.

  20. I’m not sure a player like L.Best is ready to start in such important game for us.I mean,that’s the match we can prove our class for promotion or lose under the pressure.
    But hopefully, let’s say
    2-1 by Nolan and Carrol

  21. moondust yeah i really hopes he plays and has a good game but just cant see him getting much of the ball if nolan, and fitz hall play nolan- no service and hall i dont think he is anywhere as good as our defence this season

  22. MtnSailor > I’m not sure a player like L.Best is ready to start in such important game for us.I mean,that’s the match we can prove our class for promotion or lose under the pressure.

    who do u sugest strolla ?

  23. NEWCASTLE UNITED: Harper; Simpson, Williamson, Coloccini, van Aanholt; Routledge, Guthrie, Nolan, Gutierrez; Carroll, Best.

    nice to see CH grow a pair and leave butt out.

  24. Not impressed with that team hitman. Fair enough with injuries and that, but playing an all new back 4 against an in form team, in my opinion, is asking for trouble.

    Still, hope I’m proved wrong!

  25. hitman-according to bbc newcastle Butt is injured, so it was a forced move more than anything else,lol

  26. He has made Nolan captain i would rather he had picked Harper out of respect . The guy is our longest serving player . Still it is at least an attacking lineup

  27. colo, smith and butt all out through injury.

    think we’re seein hall for the experience. if CH goes w/ kadar, he has van aanolt right next to him outside and thats a pretty young inexperienced pair holding down the left and left center of our back four, who’ve also played together very little.

  28. Lets look at the positives for a change. At least he is giving Guthrie a run out in the middle and playing two out-and-out pacey wingers. Colo is meant to be injured and I think he is right to play Hall instead of Kadar in this game given how in-form they, and in particular their strikers, are given his experience. With the options available the only thing I would personally change is Carroll for Loven but maybe he has gelled with Best in training this week? Either way should be a good game, has anyone got any radio links for the match?

  29. I have a feeling that Guthrie will put in a match winning performance tonight . The lad will grab his chance in the centre of the midfield and show Hughton that he is the man to run the show .

  30. Bloody hell. Radio 5 live join the game when its already started and 22 seconds in they’ve won themselves a corner.

  31. Ross – Poor shor from 5 live that like. Almost like they can’t be bothered to commentate!

  32. toonsy-they were blabbing on about the England captaincy, and Colin Murray is like “right, kick off at SJP!” and the commentator replied “well we’ve already started here actually, 22 seconds in and Cardiff have got themselves a corner”..terrible! lol

  33. bad time to go with an entire new back four!! not worried about routledge……….but our defence will be too strained against a team that scores for fun and is away at our place………..we going to loose and maybe by more than one too!!

  34. TF – Aye, Carroll was poor against Leicester although he was well shackled by their defence in the air to be fair.

  35. toonsy i know we normally do that but i dont think we will sit back this time. :lol:

    craig chisholm keep taking the pills mate :)

  36. Great start for us like. Routledge sounds like he’s started very quickly, looks good with the ball at his feet and he’s causing defenders problems. A refreshing change as far as our wingers are concerned!

  37. yes what a start cant believe it lets see if we push on and get a really good result, dont want to become lazy and concede love to keep a clean sheet tonight

  38. Commentator says ground looks packed. Hopefully we can beat our own record!

    49,664 to beat :D

  39. Get in!!! And here I was about to post complaining about Carrol getting the start. Shows what I know…

  40. Charlie-the second will go down as an own goal, Carroll shot and hit the post but it clipped a defender and went in. Either way he sounds hungry and this is a fantastic start, 3-0 15 mins in.

  41. Just going to take a journey on to the Cardiff boards….. just to see what they are saying like ;)

  42. toonsy @ 78 dont worry he forgot to take his medication

    I hope this is the long awaited hammering ;) now we need Best to net 1 atleast

  43. MOONDUST – How do you do that funny smiley @ 93?

    Quite embarrasing really, I write ‘blogs on here but don’t know how to do that :(

  44. Makes a change for us to put some pressure on the others. They know thay have to win to keep up with us now!

  45. I’d love a halftime interview with Chopra – too right he’s not going to celebrate!!!

  46. toonsy-exactly. I imagine a large portion of the current listeners are either Newcastle or Cardiff fans, strangely enough and couldnt care less about the superleague or whatever it was,lol

  47. MtnSailor – Why not Nolan? Harper deserves it on longevity but personally I’m not a fan of ‘keepers being captains.

  48. Toonsy, me too, but now i don’t see a resaon for that change.We have Harper since 17 years??

  49. The debutants must be loving playing in this atmosphere! At the end of the day Cardiff deserve all they get, with reports in the press like “I won’t celebrate if I score” and “Newcastle are nothing special” – WE KNOW! They shouldn’t shoot there gobs off, a little bit of dignity doesn’t go a miss and it leaves them liable to look like tits if they get a beating.

  50. I hate to say it, but maybe it WAS right to rest Smudge.

    That said, sounds like Carroll and Guthrie are having a great game. Bloody shame that Sky didn’t put this on.

    Nice to see everybody is playing well and AS A TEAM! Let’s hope the second half is as good as the first.

  51. Get in lads! And yes Toonsy mate you’re spot on there, lets NOT get the latest from the feckin rugby league! The fans are ripping the shite out of Cardiff, haha this is ace. Hope we don’t take our foot of the gass we could do with Best and possibly Routledge getting goals while the goings good

  52. Spot on toonsy, mate.

    I should clarify, let’s hope the second half is as good as the first – assuming we don’t do what we did last time we went up early in the game.

  53. MtnSailor – Like I say, Harper deserves but I’d rather have my captain out in the thick of the action. Nolan fits that bill.

  54. What did they say Routledge did with his showboating? It sounded quite funny. He fell over and took a bit of stick for it after beating his man, so he pretended to fall over again, gave a little bit of trickery with his feet, beat his man again and stuck a ball into the box? lol

  55. MtnSailor Nolan is the obvious choice for captain after Smith and Taylor get over it mate ;) I’d like to have Harper as captain an arl seeing as he’s a good man and a Geordie who’s been loyal to the club, but as toonsy says, you need your captain out in the thick of the action. Harper would be no good defusing a situation just outside the opposition box would he now? :)

  56. Toonsey

    “Nolan fits that bill.”

    If Nolan doesnt score in a match, he doesnt do anything else to influence the game so why make him captain?

  57. they’re saying best hasn’t been that good. but it might be the old combo of the pace meaning cardiff have to sit deeper, getting the big fella wreak havoc

  58. MtnSailor – “Would like Shola next half
    really miss him”

    Now I know your taking the p1ss :lol:. Seriously though, I agree. Bring him on for last 20 mins to get some fitness back in him.

    TF – A captain doesn’t have to lead by example performance wise, as long as he can control the situations with players on the pitch. Besides, he sounds like he has had a decent game so far.

  59. On the captain debate , if it had to be an outfield player then how about jonas he has been here longer than Nolan .

  60. Why jonas ? because the lad runs his legs off in a game and gives everything . That is what a captain should do .

  61. MtnSailor – Fabregas is a foreigner, are you suggesting that that makes him a bad captain?

  62. Now but Fabregas will be leaving in sevral months,because he doesn’t care about his own club,as every one foreign player in premier league. Do i wrong,or Jonas was one of the first who wanted toget out of the club when when relagation came..

  63. We could do with keeping it quiet for a bit, or getting another goal. Whichever, I’m not fussed.

  64. MtnSailor – To my mind, I can’t remember Jonas ever wanting to leave, Maradona guaranteeing his world cup place probably helped mind.

  65. Mtn if he had wanted to get out he would not be here now , his agent would of fixed a transfer back to spain where he is still well thought about , as too is Colo another foreigner and he is still here as well . Then of course thier is Lovenkrands who could of joined the unwashed or Enrique

  66. i remember it very clearly,but it doesn’t matter.All i mean is the gap between local and foreign boys -they understand the name and tradition of the club quite differently

  67. MtnSailor – Foreign players can equally love clubs. Look at players like Ginola, Albert et all. They still bang on about how much they love Newcastle.

    I agree, in an ideal world we’d have an all English, all Geordie starting 11, but to do that would limit the quality available quite a lot.

  68. That said, the foreign players are very much about how good the fans make them feel. I don’t think they’ll ever feel 100% committed to the Geordie cause, but if we as fans can make them feel on top of the world, we can spur that confidence on and help them feel like continuing the battle to the top of the table.

  69. don’t think it needs to come down to where you’re from as long as you can show the proper leadership on and off the pitch, and give 100% all the time. come from pluto for all i care.

  70. Also, said it earlier and will again, Routledge sounds excellent hugging that touchline. He’s caused them all sorts of problems tonight and by the sounds of things has put a very effective ball into the box near enough every time he’s went past his opposite man with ease. Get in, Loven, 5-0

  71. i rekon tht nolan has ahd a good game but routledge has ahd a great game with him and jonas we r deadly

  72. Do any of you remember a few years ago against Southampton when Newcastle went 3-0 up early doors and went on to win 5-0 Southamptons manager that day Dave Jones I bet he loves ST James Park

  73. wickywoowoo – these guys are fantastic to listen to. they’ve been pickin on darcy blake the entire game. it’s hilarious.

    “he sounds like a character on one of those tv shows on sunday afternoon on BBC1”

  74. wtf bang there goes the clean sheet and the white wash
    stevep yeah mate it would be a good one to see

  75. its stupid, saying 5 nil to yourself sounds so much better than 5-1. 5 nil sounds like a hammering, 5-1 just doesnt sound as embarrassing. lets get 6. six one still sounds like a complete thumping, haha

  76. AXEL-i’d just love to see Carroll or Loven get a hattrick. Loven especially to be honest given his recent situation

  77. This is a real statement to the rest 5-1 against the 4th placed team . We now have one foot in the premiership , bring the rest on :)

  78. great result tonight we needed it hopefully we keep guthrie in the middle now, and nolan can play well like he did toonight again

  79. @moondust – it’s gary glitter with a kid in a carrier bag – not that i condone that behaviour but it’s just a laugh

  80. stevep > it’s gary glitter with a kid in a carrier bag – not that i condone that behaviour but it’s just a laugh

    lol thats good i thought you might be a fan :lol:

  81. Ridiculous how the fact they got one back in the dying minutes is eating away at me a bit, but regardless, to put 5 past a team who have scored 30 goals (the highest tally of the league) away from home this season, and only concede one at the death is a fantastic achievement and a fantastic result.

    From listening to the game, Jonas and Routledge sounded like they were causing their fullbacks all kinds of bother from start to finish. Routledge im sure set up a couple of the goals and they said he was beating his opposite man with ease, very encouraging when he’s doing that to a top 4 team. We seemed alot more balanced having natural wingers on either side and it seemingly made us a far more dangerous outfit. A quiet night for both Hall and Williamson, however when mentioned they didnt seem to put a foot wrong so fair play to them playing in an inexperienced back four. (inexperienced together, that is). Both Nolan and Guthrie seemed to have good games through the middle also, a simple fact of players being allowed to play in their natural positions and excelling, showing we have the ability when all the pieces are in the correct places. Very pleased for Loven also. He’s had a tough month and to come on and bag two goals shows he has that killer instinct, he did his job brilliantly as an impact sub and put a tiring defence to the sword with fresh legs and his second finish sounded quite special.

    All in all a fantastic win. I cant quite remember who was feeling nervous about this one earlier on in the day, but feel free to do so every week from now on! haha. Sends a clear message giving a complete thumping like that, well done. Howay the lads.

  82. I think you call that ‘a thrashing’

    Passing, movement, creativity and goals!

    What difference a bit of pace and movement makes.

  83. that was the best we have played all season. batts how da hell r ye it would be mighty fine to get promotion out o the way early

  84. TF – Same goes for Swansea and why is Berwick in the Scottish league?
    Google will have the answers but I can’t be arsed to look.

    I’m with a lot if people on here. 5 – 1 seems disapointing after being 5-0 up. Daft I know, but a clean sheet would have been nice. I bet the defence and harper are gutted.

  85. Micky Toon says:
    February 5, 2010 at 10:51 pm
    TF – Same goes for Swansea and why is Berwick in the Scottish league?
    Google will have the answers but I can’t be arsed to look.
    <<<< u cant be arsed too do much today can ya lol

  86. Wales is actually still part of england, it was never ‘given’ independence.
    Not that the welsh like that fact too much like.

  87. top night – out on the lash with some old mates in the smoke and getting texts after 3, 6 and 15 mins was beauty – only gutted i werent there

  88. Great win the night, just like to say i think Best has the best hold up play and first touch in our strike force!!!

  89. just back from match for me williamson man of match never put a foot wrong,in second half just shows what a bit of pace and skill can do

  90. icegod-they were talking about williamson on the wireless earlier like. Saying it must be strange for him, he’s twiddled his thumbs for over a year and out of nowhere is now playing for a top of the table team and looking good in the process given how long he’s been out. I said on here earlier from what i’d heard the back four sounded like they didnt really put a foot wrong, so fair play to them. How was Routledge? He sounded like the best player on the field, him and Jonas seemed to give their fullbacks problems all night.

  91. ROSS,first half they played down left side 90% of the time,when jonas went off they played down the right and he showed his pace and skill i ws impessed vmuch by him

  92. Just got back from the match, great game.
    Nolan had a blinder in front of the back 4, dare I say it but he was far more positive than Smithy/Butt,
    Again impressed with Williamson, the remaining back 3 also had good games particularly Van Anholt.

  93. sounded like guthrie made a case for stickin him at CM again as well. all around, can’t complain winning 5-1. the boys who didn’t get the start for whatever reason (colo, smith, butt, ameobi) now really need to step it up. seems a little positional competition is just what the doctor ordered!

    anyone got any links to highlights? non-bbc as they won’t stream here in the usa.

  94. I think the striker department is showing who the SENIOR HERE. They just and always needs competition

  95. I would stick with that line up for the rest of the season. Also from what i hear Van Aanholt as been impressive, wouldnt mind seeing him in signed permanently.

  96. Oh Worky! I just opened that link with my Mum, who is also an avid NCL fan sitting beside me. OOPS! I’m still blushing!
    Never mind, I’ll make it up to her tomorrow as I scored a couple of tickets to the VIP shuttle launch of Endeavour at Kennedy Space Center. Just keeping my fingers crossed the launch goes ahead as scheduled.

  97. At last, a team with pace and a cutting edge, doesnt matter if it came about by injuries, surely Hughton will stick with this style of play from now on and use the plodders more sparingly.
    also, well done Hughton for the sensible signings, spot on.

  98. I’ll take no credit for this result -Although I should. I’ve been saying for the last 3 months that Nolan and Guthrie are our best midfield pairing.

    We shouldn’t need Smith – Certainly at home.

    Just hope we take the same team to Daerby and give them a good thrashing – Their crap!

  99. Great result and a great performance by all accounts, I was worried about this game but cant argue with that score!

    It really puts pressure on wba and forest to get a result this weekend we showed we can do it can they?

    And just in regards to our defensive approach at the start of the season , I think CH had to set up the team like that as it was the only way the team could play and win on a regular basis , becasue of what happened in the summer he had to work with what he had , now after his 1st transfer window he has shaped his team to more of what he wants , look at the way Spuds played when he was assitant to Jol.

  100. Jill says:
    February 6, 2010 at 7:53 am

    “Oh Worky! I just opened that link with my Mum, who is also an avid NCL fan sitting beside me. OOPS! I’m still blushing!”

    Oops! Sorry about that Jill! I think they were gannin’ on about a poll in Ed Harrison’s ‘blog, but they put in the name of this ‘blog instead.

    Hope you have a great time at the Space Centre.