Will Magpies attack high flying Bluebirds at home?

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Bluebirds flying into Toon!
Bluebirds flying into Toon!
With the disappointing performance against Leicester City behind us, we now look forward to the visit to St James Park of the second highest scorers in the Championship, and the team with the highest amount of away wins – Cardif City.

So, with David Jones’s men banging them in the net for fun up against the best defence in the league, let’s hope they dont just cancel each other out. Let’s face it, the team need to go for the home win and they’re not going to do that playing as negatively as they did last weekend. Hopefully Chris Hughton has learnt something from our last performance and will employ a much more positive approach this evening. I can’t remember when we last played on a Friday evening, but hopefully there will be a good atmosphere. Cardiff have sold their entire allocation and looking at their boards, it seems most of their fans are going to make a weekend of it up in Newcastle.

On the Magpies team news, apparently Simpson, Gutierrez and Ameobi are all fit and available for this game – with the only players still out with injury being Joey Barton, Steven Taylor and Jose Enrique. It will be great to see some of the new signings get a game and hopefully Best, the former Coventry striker and Wayne Routledge will add a bit of pace and fire power. Hopefully he will bring back Simpson into the back four with Williamson, Coloccini and Van Arnholt. With Jonas fit and available it will be great to get some pace on both right and left hand side of the pitch, although how much Jonas will miss Enrique remains to be seen as they have such a great understanding.

Cardiff are an attacking side, and away from home have scored more goals than any other side in the Championship. Ex Toon turned Cardiff striker, Michael Chopra has had a big part, netting 14 goals so far this season. He had this to say about the forthcoming match:

“Newcastle have got a good chance of winning the league – they brought in six players during the transfer window, so they’re really going for it.

“But the way we’re playing at the moment, this is the best opportunity we’ll have to be the first team to beat them at home.”

Although Chopra has respect for his former club, he does not think they are dominant in the league and can be beaten. He added:

“I saw Newcastle play Leicester on television on Saturday and they didn’t seem as good a team as they used to be.

“We’re playing some good stuff at the moment, so hopefully we can go up there and put up a fight.

“Our team is full of goalscorers. We know if we don’t concede goals, we’ll get chances to score them. It’s down to the midfield and the forwards to score goals. If the defence are doing their job, then it’s our job to score goals, and that’s what’s been happening recently.

“For some reason, we manage to play better against top teams and take points off them. We went to West Brom and won comfortably and we did the same at Middlesbrough so the lads are full of confidence, we’re in good form and looking forward to Newcastle.”

Meanwhile, on Chopra, Cardiff, Davy Jones and the match; Chris Hughton commented:

“We have no special plans for Chopra. He is a very good player with pace and finishing ability. We will have to defend well against him and nullify the supply he gets. Given chances he will score goals.

“Cardiff are rightly hopeful of promotion. They had a dip and have come through that. They have quality in the squad and two players who have scored a fantastic number of goals. And they have one of the best managers around.”

Chopra received a hostile welcome at St James’ Park last season when he was playing for Sunderland but he always looks forward to going back to the club where he started his career.

Cardiff team news is that Gavin Rae will miss Cardiff`s trip to Newcastle, having been ruled out for two to three weeks with a hamstring injury. Midfielder Stephen McPhail and defender Miguel Comminges have returned to training after lengthy absences but neither are ready for match action just yet.

Last weekend`s 2-1 win over Doncaster stretched Cardiff’s unbeaten run to eight games and they will certainly be tough opponents. David Jones said in an interview on the Cardiff City website:

‘We’re not going to be fearful of them, we know we’re in a good position and can beat anyone on our day.

“We know we can score from different positions, it’s been one of our strengths this year.

Newcastle have brought in some new players and they may need time to settle down so this might be a good time to play them.

If I look at Chris Hughton’s squad, it’s difficult to pick a team. He looks at mine and it’s fairly easy to pick the team. So we’ll have no surprises for them but they may have one or two for us.

“But our lads are in a good bullish mood, a strong confident mood at the moment, and they should be because we’re coming off the back of some really good performances.”

But Newcastle are still unbeaten in 14 matches and will want to stretch that run and gain 3 valuable points this evening, another draw is not good enough. We have the players, lets hope we employ the right tactics to take the points.

I’m going for a close home win.

Howay the lads.

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54 Responses

  1. do us a favour mate, cut out the shite headlines, it’s not clever, and certainly not original, you don’t want to compete with the journal on crap titles, they’ve successfully been shite at it for years, stick to your stories, news etc. you know it makes sense.

  2. Attack? What’s that?

    We won’t be attacking if we have a lob sided side ie Guthbrie on the left wing.

    We need to play with two out and out wingers. Hughton has to drop a midfielder, either Guthrie, Smith or Nolan – Show us your balls Hughton!

  3. alan dobson – Every story needs a headline. Why don’t you suggest an alternative rather than say it’s shite?

    It’s the quality of the article that counts in my opinion, and this beats the Chronicle hands down at that!

  4. Point 3 Stuart79
    I have your fears also that Hughton won’t have the Davina McCalls to pick two wide men and drop Nolan or Guthrie. I would drop Nolan but I can see him playing as a second strker which means no Lovenkrands (pity) with either Goala, carroll or best leading the line.
    Negative again but hey ho its a means to an end.

  5. Harper

  6. Pretty much agree with you spartan. I’m not sure if id start with 2 out and out wingers i would play carol as i feel hes better in the air.

  7. Personally I appreciate that the articles on here are original and not just a rehash of every single article on newsnow like some other blogs do.

    Hopefully we can find our “groove” again. We have really never been excellent this season but we used to dominate the middle in the first part of the season, we’ve lost that.

  8. Sturla – good to know. Though as our esteemed colleague Hugh de Payen (currently on sabbatical) suggested in the ‘About Us’ piece, inevitably sometimes we’ll grab topical stuff and have a witter about it. Goes with the territory.

    So alan dobson isn’t a fan of the headlines? I’m sure Deb can live with that.

  9. Alan Dobson
    Did you get out of bed the wrong side this morning? Sorry if I’ve upset your sensibilities with the title, maybe you would like to suggest something more appropriate? I know its probably a bit naff but not worth getting excited over.

  10. Sorry, meant to say, and so can the rest of us…

    deb – back to work, you have people to impress (albeit on behalf of other people)!!

  11. Deb, nothing wrong with the headline but can i point out that is not a picture of a bluebird.
    A bluebird is another name for a Swallow and is depicted on the Cardiff club crest.

  12. It looks like a mountain bluebird, though I wouldn’t have known any different unless prompted.

    Deb isn’t guilty re the accompanying picture though…

  13. Good article, I think. Better than having four all saying roughly the same thing… which is what happens elsewhere…

    I don’t think CH brought in players like Van Arnie, Routledge and Best for nothing. I think he was fully aware well before us that we’d been sussed as a one-sided, one-dimensional team. I think he’ll play Routledge, Jonas and Van Arnie to give us that attack. I think he’d be sensible to start with Lover and Carroll up front, then bring Best and Ameobi in to keep the energy going.

    Yes, that means giving Nolan a rest – but what a sub to bring on if Guthrie gets held down?

    Lots of goals coming at both ends, I think. Optimist here, so 3-2 to the toon.

  14. I see Radio 5 are covering the match, so we don’t have to rely on NUFC TV’s god-awful servers…

  15. I’d imagine CH will drop Guthrie to the bench and play Nolan in mid – can’t see him playing 2 fast forwards so either shola or carroll to start longside best

    simpson williamson collo annholt
    routledge nolan smith jonas
    best carroll

  16. Whumpie – 17 – lol.

    BBM – If I’m not mistaken that’s the greater lesser unspotted mountain bluebird – the ordinary one has a freckle on its beak and is only seen eating Mountain Goat poo on the black hills of Dakota.

  17. Stevep, his selection tonight is probably his most important as he has so many players available, we will see what he is made of but i have that horrible feeling ( carried over from Saturday) that he will bottle it and stick with his senior players which will be a shame for Guthrie as having played out of position for the good of the team, he deserves a crack at centre midfield.
    Nolan and Butt cannot be selected on reputation and their form has been terrible of late, i would play Best alongside Lovenkrands and bench Carroll and Shola who have also been poor of late.
    This is all wishful thinking, he will probably do the opposite.

  18. Hitman – I read the quotes and I interpreted it that he was shown the numbers he could have BUT number 9 wasnt in that batch?

  19. Republic of Ireland forward Best said: ‘They showed me the numbers that were available when I signed and the nine was there, but I took the 20. The No 9 shirt has to be earned here.

    ‘It isn’t like the No 9 shirt at other clubs. You have to earn it. You can’t just walk in and take it. There is so much history there that I didn’t want it.

    ‘I’d like it in the future, but I want to prove that I’m worthy first. I’d like to be given it rather than take it.’

  20. roy theres difrent stories oot the day,some are saying he was offerd the number 9,and some are saying he wasnt,what to believe eh

  21. I really hope we do start with Jonas and Routledge on the wings , I would drop Nolan, think he needs a rest but if we have good balls coming into the box from out wide he could be very usefull for the rest of the season

    But I have a bad feeling about tonight

  22. hitman – aye, I’ve done an article about it. Just waiting for the blessing from the rest of the crew to chuck it out.

  23. It’s a shame this isn’t on the telly. This has the potential to be a really good game. It’s about time we had one. I’m really puzzled as to why it isn’t. Sky always show a Friday night championship game. I wonder if it’s anything to do with us being on telly last week?

  24. Stardust says:
    February 5, 2010 at 11:01 am
    Whumpie – 17 – lol.

    “BBM – If I’m not mistaken that’s the greater lesser unspotted mountain bluebird – the ordinary one has a freckle on its beak and is only seen eating Mountain Goat poo on the black hills of Dakota.”

    …. Stardust, the Greater Lesser Unspotted Mountain Bluebird can only eat the Mountain Goat poo on the Black Hills of Dakota if it can find any left after you’ve gobbled it up and regurgitated it for the consumption of visitors to this site!

  25. Enough is enough! I read this blog daily and I really like reading the opinions of fellow Toon Fans and articles written by the various bloggers. There are a few things that bother me though…..

    Why are the bloggers continuously attacked for not coming up with new news? Unless they are hiding in Chris H’s office surely most of the topics will be second hand observations on articles or news stories released by journo’s who are paid to do this. What are they supposed to do, start making stuff up?

    I love the banter, generally it makes me laugh and sometimes makes me cringe! How rubbish would this site be if everyone agreed? Imagine “Team list for Cardiff game released”
    Toonsy – I agree with the selection
    Whumpie – I also agree with the selection
    Stardust – I third your agreement
    Stuart79 – I agree with Stardust

    Pretty boring you will agree? I prefer it the way it is, everyone disagreeing that’s the whole point of a discussion blogg! So what I don’t get is when people take it so seriously you would think that a comment that disagrees with their own had reached out of the screen and slapped them in the face!! I mean really alan dobson, have a word with yourself! What kind of life do you have to get so annoyed by the structure of a blog headline, honestly get a grip! I appreciate that I am at this moment doing exactly what I am criticising, but after reading for months I feel that I am entitled to at least one rant! I don’t get the opportunity to contribute to the site as I would like as I have to work and work hard ( I am not saying that others do not work hard I am just more closely managed I presume)so I am making the most of this one post!

    Fair play to those who come on and comment, filtering through the stupid posts seeing their posters for what they are, scared weak boys pretending to be men on a website. I am starting to get the impression that the people that take time to construct blogs on this site might at some point give up leaving us with just the bitter and purile. Often I don’t always agree with your sentiments but occasionally I have changed my opinion after listening to your views, I like that, I like my opinions to be challenged and then learn from others,. Don’t listen to people like alan dobson Deb, take satisfaction in the fact that you are, through your hard work providing an interesting and useful service to true Newcastle Fans!

  26. Re Micky Toon @31,

    …. there are those of us who haven’t or won’t have access to Murdoch’s Sky – on principle!

    When are the BBC going to pick us up?

  27. Morning lads. We’re gonna have to play well tonight if we want 3 points and keep our lead at the top of the table. Cardiff have been scoring for fun recently and i’m sure theyre the highest scoring team away from home with around 30 goals on their travels so far this season.

    Just a few other points, RE the headline: I personally find that .org manage to come up with headlines that aren’t as corny as many others. Some simply tell the story, others quite witty and worded well. I wouldn’t listen to people demanding the headlines stop. I was actually listening to talksport last week, and a headline in a paper down south was “Fulham against Pompey”. It was ripped to shreds, wonder how long it took them to come up with that.

    Also RE Best’s number selection: He seemed to be quie aware that the no9 shirt is sacred to us and you dont just get it when you turn up, you have to earn it. That sort of says to me he wasnt ever offered it and he wasnt expecting to be, as he knows the importance of the number to the club. At the end of the day we might take stick from other clubs, but people tend to forget that our no9 was worn by a player you could argue to be the best striker England has ever produced.

  28. Yeah I too have a really shitty feeling about tonight, it might disappear when the team sheet is released but I highly doubt it. Been very happy with the way the team and Hughton have performed this season till lately. We have been sussed out and there is no plan B. And after the Liecter (can never bloody spell that) game that really did worry me. I know I am a slight pessimist but hey I’ve been proved wrong a lot this season and long may it continue.

  29. Lesh – fair enough if you don’t want to or can’t afford to line the pockets of and ozzie TV baron, but there’s always the pub. :)

    We’ve been on the BBC a couple of times, but it’s a Friday night, you can’t mess with the usual dirge of Eastenders, Holby, and Dom Littlewood.

  30. Ross, I know we are very biased, but Shearer was THE best English centre forward to grace the premier league. I’m not sure he was the best English striker ever, because that would be a difficult one to prove, plus there have been some excellent strikers in days past, a certain Jackie Milburn for one. But also don’t forget players like Jimmy Greaves.

    Ask most football fans and I think they will agree, unless they are a mackem.

  31. I may be wrong but did’nt Moan U consider the 7 shirt in a similar way with Cantona, Beckham and Ronaldo in the recent past. Only to give it to Owen.

  32. @38 ….Yup, the boozer is an open option Mickey and take your point about Eastenders etc on a Friday. Can anyone help find a boozer on the south coast that would trouble to show us if we’re not paying Palace or some other ‘local’ side

    But, the BBC’s never shown us for ages…… I think?

  33. Micky Toon-Only being 21, i grew up with Shearer at his peak, i remember Euro96 perfectly, THAT volley against Everton (for me, his best goal he ever scored), his 5 against sheff wed, so many to choose from. I havent seen enough of strikers from the past to say he is the best English striker ever produced, however i will agree with you in saying he is the greatest English striker to ever grace the premier league. And like you say, i doubt we’d find too many fans that disagree.

    Him and Thierry Henry have been my two favourite strikers to watch growing up. Henry on his day was untouchable and he just made everything look so simple. Scored some unbelievable goals like.

  34. Whumpie says:
    February 5, 2010 at 10:37 am

    Radio 5 are covering the match…..q

    Thanks Whumpie, a couple of beers, home, radio on, a glass or three of something strong and fingers crossed for a cracking game with a close scoreline…. say 6-0…. I wish!

  35. THAT goal against Everton…

    I was halfway through my sentence “what the **** is he hitting it from there for?”.

    So that just as it struck the back of the net I’d managed “what the ****…”

    I always enjoyed his goal when he sidefooted that lob over Schmeichel, against Villa, from the edge of the box. Delightful it was…

  36. Micky Toon says:
    February 5, 2010 at 11:51 am

    “I’m not sure he was the best English striker ever, because that would be a difficult one to prove, plus there have been some excellent strikers in days past, a certain Jackie Milburn for one. But also don’t forget players like Jimmy Greaves.

    Ask most football fans and I think they will agree, unless they are a mackem.”

    They say that Jimmy Greaves once turned down a big offer from Newcastle just before he went to AC Milan. He did score a ridiculous amount of goals. In 57 England appearences alone, he scored 44.

  37. WORKY.T very true on J.G saw the interview on tv a long time ago,said he didnt know how we live up “there” so dam cold!

  38. bigbadbob says:
    February 5, 2010 at 10:30 am

    “Deb, nothing wrong with the headline but can i point out that is not a picture of a bluebird.
    A bluebird is another name for a Swallow and is depicted on the Cardiff club crest.”

    bigbadbob, it’s a mountain bluebird.

  39. BBm-Deb-Toonsy-Worky
    I was thinking about the criticism of your headlines and feel they aren’t sensational enough. I’ve therefore thought of a few other possibilities.

    1. Chris Hugheton has gay love affair with John Terry
    2. Mike Ashley named as slimmer of the month.
    3. Pedro claims he was born too handsome and had to have ugly operation when young.
    4. Messi and Kaka reveal that their lives ambition is to play for the Toon
    5. Ashley thought he was buying Sunderland
    6. St. James Park.com built on an ancient cursed Druidic burial ground.

    Just a few to be going on with and they don’t have to be anywhere near truth, I’m sure your bloggers can come up with a few more.

  40. I’ve repeated this in next thread if anyone wants to make suggestions or comments of an up to date nature.

  41. Big Willy says:
    February 5, 2010 at 1:21 pm

    Big Willy says:
    February 5, 2010 at 1:21 pm

    I was thinking about the criticism of your headlines and feel they aren’t sensational enough. I’ve therefore thought of a few other possibilities.”

    Bowburn’s are the worst. The cheeky get once wrote one about “Raul” signing for Newcastle. I think it’s still the most highly read ‘blog on here.

  42. I think the one I was most pleased with myself over was…

    “Hughton…we’ve had a problem.”