Will Bristol City be a big handful? Bristol v Newcastle match banter!

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Another victory for the lads?
Another victory for the lads?
Well, it’s another long trip for the lads this afternoon, as Newcastle United take on Bristol at their West Country fortress, Ashton Gate.

Currently in the temporary charge of Keith Millen after the departure “by mutual consent” of previous incumbent, Gary Johnson, the Robin’s form has hardly been spectacular recently. Even at home, they have won only two of their last six matches. They have also been carrying a few injuries too. Having written all that though, they did manage to eke out a point out of us in a dour 0-0 draw at SJP much earlier in the season, so as usual, it wouldn’t be wise to count our chickens until they are hatched and various other metaphors.

For more in depth pre match speculation, as usual, you can check out Toonsy’s excellent match preview. There will also be full match review, once again by Toonsy, coming up sometime after the game.

This time there will be UK TV coverage, courtesy of Sky Sports (hence the 5.20pm kick off), but if anyone has any good video links to the game for people who don’t have it, I’m sure that would be much appreciated. As ever, this can be the place to come together during the match and p*ss and moan, as we usually do.

We will of course try to get the team sheet up when it becomes available.

Howay the Lads!

Kick-off: 5:20 pm, Ashton Gate.

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337 Responses

  1. Harper



    We all knew that best was gonna start. It’s a shame that Nile hasn’t been allowed to show his worth at all this season. Waste of money and hindrance to our “strong youth policy.”

  2. thanks toonsy

    I live in Florida and daylight savings time just screwed me up. I just now realized that we have another hour almost until the game starts.

  3. AndrewT I agree about Ranger not getting the chance he deserves, but maybe he will get a 20min run out later, and maybe we might even see Best score today and see a different side off him to what we have seen up to now as I havn’t seen him do much except keep Ranger from getting a chance.
    2-1 win for us
    Howay the Lads

    Worky what about them muppets lastnite mate on here

  4. Andrew T – Bookmark that link mate, they always have radio and if there is video they will have that aswell.

  5. Big Dave says:
    March 20, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    “Worky what about them muppets lastnite mate on here”

    It would have been easier if someone hadn’t deleted nearly all of his messages before I could get to see them! It was just a clown from Manchester passing through, but if I he comes back again, I know where he lives.

  6. Thanks again Toonsy. I’ve got it set. I’m really excited, this is unfortunately the first game that I’ll get the chance to watch this season.

  7. Andrew T – It’s much hardr to find a stream in the championship so most of this season has been radio only unless it’s ‘game of the day’ on the championship round up show or unless it’s on TV like this one is.

    If we go up then we should be able to get them for every game as PL football is more widely broadcast.

  8. AOD – If your still up now you mat aswell take in the whole game. just have some Red Bull or something ;)

  9. woIt would have been easier if someone hadn’t deleted nearly all of his messages before I could get to see them! It was just a clown from Manchester passing through, but if I he comes back again, I know where he lives.

    does that mean you will write them a nasty letter like m8 ;)

  10. Yeah, I watched quite a few games of the team being crap last season. That’s another reason why I can’t wait for us to grab promotion. Also when I finally make it to Newcastle next year I’ll be able to watch an entertaining match!

  11. “Also when I finally make it to Newcastle next year I’ll be able to watch an entertaining match!”

    I wouldn’t count on that like :lol:

  12. Worky
    You say best has done nowt. I think he is like heskey he creates space for others while looking like he couldn’t hit a barn door. Swansea a typical example we were doing nowt till he came on. Other sub appearances have kept the goals coming just not for him. lets hope today is the day and its the winner

  13. ok no barton is squad.
    father stockley isa double hard bastard mate, hes doing very well

  14. haha, good point. Who knows, maybe the team spirit will stay alive and we’ll actually compete?! Crazier things have happened.

  15. leon best pftttttttttt!
    he’ll probably have a stonker and score the winner now.

  16. AngelOfDeath says:
    March 20, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    “Mr Worky: are you tired????

    Kick-off: 5:20 pm, St James’s Park. ?????”

    Ah! I had to finish off the article hastily yesterday evening and get my arse somewhere else quick. I was quite knacked too. Apologies AOD, corrected now.

  17. worky – you looking for a job on the sun – bristol handful headline ……….. ooooof bring out the tumbleweed :-)

  18. No sweat Worky there goes my theory of who it was out the window then :lol:
    in Toonsy’s defence I think they were removed cause it was vile shit all from the same person just different displayed name, but thats behind us now.
    Right lads getting excited now.
    Lets get it on ;)
    Howay the Lads

  19. Anyone see thae Toon fans, dressid banana suits? Bowburn must hane sneaked his stag party on :lol:

  20. Dave – One at the top of the thread, that nufc radio one, and worky posted one aswell.

  21. They’ve started brightly, already had an effort or two on goal. To be expected from the home team against us though i think. Looks like Best is going to be playing higher than Carroll early on.

  22. The game is also streamed live via bet365.com (free after sign up and more reliable than iraqtv et al = good source imo).

  23. That call on Routledge was pathetic! I hope we’re not up against these for the rest of the game

  24. 1-0 City. I wouldnt have even said it was a free kick but everyone has just stood and watched when Harper spills the ball. Poor goalkeeping to be honest.

  25. big mistake from harper – now this game is gonna be tough as they’ll be well up for it – we need to reply asap

  26. Best
    Why did he not shoot. No confidence Isn’t going to improve if doesn’y buy a ticket

  27. Sorry, reaction post @ 67

    He should have shot earlier though and not give the defender chance to get back in.

  28. If best keeps this up, he better be off by the half. What made Hughton want to be this guy, I’ll never know.

  29. Why do they look full of energy and speed and we look like tomorrow will do

  30. Haper did well to well a very hard and power shot, stright at him, but the ball just came off him a little.

    My question is – Where is all the newcastle players, that should clear when the goalkeeper keep the ball out.

    What i is saw was 3 on rushing Bristol City players!!!

  31. Yes, best is not play too well. He is lacking of confidance, can be seen by his play. Only can hold ball.

  32. buda – Becasue it is there FA cup final, they have a new manager and want to prove a point, they have a full house and wamt to impress….

  33. We’ve settled a little now by the looks of things, starting to see more of the ball. That was a chance for Carroll given the form he’s in n’all.

  34. It’s only 20 minutes into the game and we’re still running the game for the most part. Why is Jonas playing in the center so much?

  35. “launches himself to the ground”-I wouldnt go that far mate. He’s beaten two men and been taken down.

  36. If Routledge’s foul was a free kick, thats a penalty. There’s an arm in his back as he jumps for the ball

  37. Ross – Aye, like the “there wasn’t anything there to give a penalty”

    Apart from the arm pushing Carroll flying mind!

  38. toonsy, i dont know who this commentator is but I dont like him. He always does our games with Sky and he’s constantly putting us down. He gives us credit should we score or that, but just in general as the game is going he likes to have a bit of a stab every now and again. Claiming Jonas launched himself to the ground, before claiming there was nothing going on in the box like you say. He’s either holding his shirt or got an arm in Carrolls back. Both are fouls.

  39. Ross says:
    March 20, 2010 at 5:48 pm

    Seeing is believing. See the link for yrself. Just heck care about the stupid commentator.

  40. Buda-I didnt want to mention Best again like but to be brutally honest he hasnt even struck that cleanly,lol

  41. The commentator has Best pegged. What is his strength? He’s not particularly quick, not big, can’t finish…

    Please bring Ranger in early.

  42. Nolan not influemcing the game and Routledge has to pick somebody out with a cross

  43. Christ Jonas if you lose the ball dont just f***ing stand there moaning, chase back. Thats lazy.

  44. Look at Jonas just stand and complain when he lost the ball there. Totally pulled out of a 50/50. Do some work and try winning the ball back.

  45. routledge crossing seems a bit poor, colo is god. So calm and collected, just reads the game a treat. My link just switched to a French Ligue one game haha I think it’s Toulouse playing…

  46. oh my god. This pr!ck from sky, im going to have to mute this. THAT IS A CLEAR FOUL YOU BIAS W@NKER.

  47. toonsy it looks like he’s terrified of taking a shot when there’s somebody between the posts.

  48. Wonder strike but should not have been allowed to come inside basic defending

  49. KINNEL!

    Really have been playing like a pub team all over the pitch.

    Still might scrape a draw.

  50. Can’t believe it. Have we even been in a position to come back from 2 goals this season?

  51. He’s picked the ball up on the touchline in a 3 on 1 situation, cut inside no worries and to be fair the strike was excellent, but we just havent really turned up. They’ve pressured us from the word go and have looked hungrier. It was quite obvious they’d be galvanised given their current situation but at the end of the day this is a team that have won 2 in their last 12 games and they’re taking us to the cleaners. We’re missing Lovenkrands in the final third. Alot of what he does goes un noticed. He makes intelligent runs and drags defenders out of position. There’s been none of that today and they’ve defended rigidly. We should have scored there. he should have hit it early.

  52. Guthrie should have shot there.

    Pathetic half and flies in the face of people who claimed we just had to turn up to win!

    Marks out of 10 = Fecking zero!

  53. Had a feeling before the game that this had a Derby away written all over it. If we lose this i hope our goal difference doesn’t take too much of a battering

  54. I reckon that miss will cost us, 2-1 there and I would have betted on us turning the game.

  55. When that happens you may as well pack up and go home and forget it about it. Donny on Tuseday here we come

  56. You can clearly see it is their cup final and they are up for, purely for the high 5’s when Guthries shot got blocked.

  57. Don’t write us off yet lads jesus it’s like being on Ed’s blog last year! We’re playing some good stuff but haven’t been clinical in the final third, Guthrie came so close there and that woulda turned the game right on it’s head.

    Hughton will get a rocket up the player’s backsides at half time and we’ll come out fighting, and with any luck start to dominate possesion. I reckon we could, maybe, nick a 2-2 draw here, which would be a result.

  58. best & Jonas off , Ranger and R Taylor on for the second half and we can still pull this around . I hope that hugton is reading the riot act in the dressing roon . come on Chris give them the sir Alex hairdrier treatment .

  59. Lets hope CH rips them apart in the changing room I know its not just down to 1 or 2 players but Harper should have had the 1st, Nolan hasn’t been on song again but Best is a fuking Donkey. I still hope we can come out and give these ones a game and stop it turning into a rout

  60. devon – I just don’t get people saying we just need to turn up to win. It’s not like that and there are many many examples of it not being the case.

  61. simpson so sh.t like i said to that guy who thinks he is class!best is going to stay on if CH has got any brains put ranger on thats why he cant be trusted to manage us in the prem stick with shit all the time and it takes him 50 games to change it like guthrie was playing on the wing then he brings him in midfield.

  62. no chance of bugga all out of this game. lets forget about it. what is important now is we dont loose the next one… away again… to another easy team like bristol and scunthorpe eh!!! forest now 9 behind. we loose again and they six behind… could be intersting ha ha. if we implode now it would go down as the biggest f*** up in football history i think.

  63. Ask yourself who is playing up to their potential and it is easy to work out why we are losing two nowt. Can only afford to have one player on a off day not all

  64. craig it’s still too early to write us off mate, they scored 2 goals in 45 minutes why can’t we? Granted, it’s not looking so great…

    and Toonsy yeh I know, it is confusing- especially considering we’re toon fans. You’da thought that by now we were well and truly used to the unpredictable and turbulent nature of our club! This is Newcastle FFS

  65. asim the fact that you’re calling hughton a clown completely undermines anything further you may have to say about football. I suppose he fluked us to the top of the league, or maybe they just taught him a few tricks in clown school and he’s been using them to devestating affect for the past 8 months?

  66. Well, a like for like change for Bristol with Sno coming on however it looks like we’re starting the second the way we did the first. Lets see if we start brightly. There’s another silly free kick given away immediatly. Maynard is having a v good game.

  67. devonmag im 40 next month been a suporter since birth and still not used to the unpredictability it never fails to amaze me . :)

  68. asim says:
    March 20, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    “cant see us not getting at least a point if that clown CH doesnt change it.”

    Why is CH a “clown” exactly, Asim?

  69. Will Colo be suspended now or have we got to the amnesty stage of the season where accumulated bookings dont count?

  70. Enrique loses the ball, jogs back and they play a ball into the gap down the channel, why does it look like we’re just not giving 100%?

  71. Help – lost my link. Anyone got any streams you don’t need to download software? On my work laptop, security like the Pentagon not allowed to download software – bit of a pain

  72. budalovesapatsy from what i have seen first half he is coming inside too much he needs to stay out wide and get some crosses in , he has the beating of the fullback .

  73. Best off for Butt and move Nolan up. Our midfield is doing bugger all and our defence can’t handle with the rushes that BC are throwing at us.

  74. Thump, thing is we need to chase the game. If anything is changed then it should be Ranger on for Best who has been truly woeful.

    I don’t want to get on his back like but it’s not looking good for him.

  75. Craig chisholm-I wouldnt go that far, we’re a point clear at the top of the league with two games in hand.

  76. :lol: asim says:
    March 20, 2010 at 3:41 pm
    the teams in ccc are nothing we only have to turn up to get some thing away. at home we are way to strong for them.today with routledge and jonas plus enrique we will score 3 or 4 this is the first time we will have them away from home playing fit.

    asim says:
    March 20, 2010 at 4:34 pm
    see you later toonsy me going down to watch the game.

  77. F*ck me – the t*t on SKY’s now going on about the toon “knowing what it’s like to see a lead whittled away in different circumstances”, etc. Blah f*cking Blah!

    Sky really put out the f*cking B-TEAM for the championship games!

    That’s it. I’m turning the f*cking sound down :(

  78. Ranger’s coming on. Thank f*ck for that.

    Aye, I agree toonsy but I’m a bit concerned by how easy they’re getting through our defence.

  79. Broon-its terrible like. Andy Gray is the same with the top four. Lucky to get a corner there because thats a poor ball from Guthrie.

  80. Our crossing is wicked.
    Routledge looks one of those players who when we are winning looks a world beater but when its a battle goes missing. Haven’t heard Nolan or Best names for last ten nminutes

  81. Look like we cant be arsed at the minute. Losing the ball left right and center and not fighting to win it back. We need to make changes.

  82. My only criticism of Routledge would be his lack of strength. It seems to be his quick feet that let him beat players but shoulder to shoulder he loses out every time.

  83. Ranger should come on now. Best has proved that he can’t put it in the back of the net for an hour already!

  84. Cannae see a goal coming unless it is a fluke or an own goal. Huff and puff with no end product.

  85. What bothers me is that Best is higher on the pecking order than Ranger. Yes, he has more experience but Ranger seems to have more interest in the game than he does and can do a lot more imo.

  86. thought todays scores ie wba/nf would have them fired up for this,how wrong can you be,ah i forgot this is the toon

  87. For christ sake hughton please take Routledge off and put him out of his misery and mine

  88. Hopefully we wake up now and give 110%. We’ve done the basics poorly today, the goal was a huge mistake on their part but who cares.

  89. Aye Andrew.

    Looks like that might have broke BC, too – they’re playing anti-football.

  90. I know people cream about Vuckic but Kadar looks like the best thing to come out of the academy, can shoot, pass, defend, get forward.

  91. lol caps

    This stream keeps dropping off when we score. I swear uStream is out to do me :(

  92. what’ve you got to say about that Craig Crisholm and Stevep? You just can’t write us off this season!! Ranger on to nick the winner HOWAY THE LADS

  93. What happened with Carroll? Is he okay or what?

    @Craig: Mate, as Newcastle United fans we have no choice but to keep the faith. Keep on keeping on, man ;)

    Why isn’t Ranger on yet?

  94. Elbow in the face by Bristol City player “doesnt even know he is there” the commentator says.

    Newcastle player does the same “that a violent assault and the player should be locked up and castrated” the commentator says

  95. hehehe none taken toonsy but technically Bristol’s not in Devon, although they are cider drinking yokels! Actually I think the main vice in Bristol is ketamine – most of them have forgotten about booze entirely

  96. Christ, unlucky leon best, excellent header, excellent save. Best just cant get that first goal

  97. Thump, ball looked like it quite clearly crossed the line for a Bristol corner and it wasnt given.

  98. Sod it, I’m done with streams, they’re all bloody crap!

    Typical that Sky had to cut me off just as we get a run of games on it lol

  99. I can see why that Haynes is narked aout coming off. Need to watch that Sproule though as he is fast as fcuk!

  100. toonsy your right Sproule is worth watching I have seen him a few times for Norn Iron.
    Look like Ranger is getting nowt today

  101. @Dave: I tried but “I don’t have Sopcast installed” apparently. Funnily enough no other site seems to have a problem with detecting it =/

    @toonsy: The money was there for them to take, but the daft b*stards couldn’t set up a direct debit to save their lives!

  102. Was that the Bristol end shouting cheat at Jonas? The lad is tugging on his arm to hold him back, of course its a free kick whether Jonas goes to ground or not.

  103. This is hilarious. Booing Jonas constantly, EVERY SINGLE ONE of these challenges have been worthy of a free kick.

  104. Aye, they’re shouting “cheat”.

    Don’t get me wrong, he falls down like it’s nobodies business, but it isn’t his fault the players are crap.

    3 minutes added on time, howay!

  105. Christ, Jonas came to life after he got that goal like, he was giving them the run around something rotten. Wasnt putting that effort in earlier on! Have to be happy with a draw there under the circumstances

  106. Far happier than half time.
    It just shows you can be the better players but if you don’t match the battle and committment of the other side like we did first half you don’t win football matches.

    Jonas great second half. Kadar also impressed Jose too
    Guthrie and others didn’t hide but were just below best.

    Best and Nolan massive under achievers

  107. Well – that’s saved my weekend!

    It all seemed to happen when Jonas just suddenly switched on. He had a blinding five minute purple patch and we got both goals – the second one was a blinder.

    He was outstanding toward the end as well.

  108. ross amis been all day saying we only have to turn up today to win,dont think hes seen what a ball looks like never mind kick one m8

  109. Been trying to think of a catchy headline for the report, speaking of which i’ll crak on with it now.

  110. well what can you say..that was pure shite totaly void of tactics…for the people on here who think this team/hughton can do a job in the PL need to have a rethink…we need massive investment in the summer IF we go up its as simple as that..

  111. Hi Big Dave thanks for posting the link – still couldn’t get on. Never mind. At least we got a point

  112. Ehhh two games in hand*

    The lads are looking complacent. Nolan is looking to get a few goals in as often as possible, Guthrie is looking ot set up a few goals as often as possible, Routledge and Jonas are continuously attacking so that leaves a massive gap between the defence and the midfield.

    I’m all for attacking football but not when we’re away. Smith is back for Donny away, aye?

  113. That was exciting!
    That’ll do, i suppose.
    If Guthrie had scored at the end of the first, we’d of won that.
    Thank you Jonas, worked his ass off for the result.

  114. toonsy says:
    March 20, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    “Been trying to think of a catchy headline for the report, speaking of which i’ll crak on with it now.”

    Do what I did, toonsy. Try a trite, lazy, breast related double entendre. :-)

  115. 007- there will be no massive investment. i dont think i even want it anymore, all of the other MASSIVE investments apart from shearer have not been worth a wonk. all our best players were cheapos. the big names – all fucking crap, every last one of them, it means nothing without having the heart for the club or fight in your belly. big money does not mean big improvement.

  116. @Clint Flick: That’s an Andy Gray line if ever there was one. “If he scores, it’ll be a goal!”

  117. big dave whos the clown! we turned up in the last 20 mins and got a point like i said and then why did u want best to come off when CH is so good why didnt he take him off then u losers.

  118. asim… simple fact is, we should be thrashing every team other than brom and boro. christ, colo alone is worth more than all of bristols team twice over. If you think that what we have will work wonders in the prem you are so wrong. we will struggle like mad in prem. end of.

  119. never said that mate! Thats why i dont like CH even if he has done wonders for us!the facts he has got no clue about tactics or just playing players who are not good enough to play in front of others like best. the centre midfield area is a must which i have said all season too slow but he has not even bothered about it and it took him 32 games to play gutheri there if he plays them we will struggle so thats my point. he is not going to get rid is he.

  120. Well made, well finished 2nd goal.
    As was their 2nd.
    & both teams first goals were ‘keeper ‘errors’.
    At least the lads showed some fighting spirit, to get back into it.
    Pity we couldn’t just nick it like.


  121. Thought we bossed the game myself both there goals were against the run of play.Didnt think we would get back in second half cause of the rain was pissing down.

  122. Jonas was disgustingly poor today. He only came to life when Gerkin passed the ball to him. Before that, he was awful.

    I like Ed and I always read his blogs but he has posted one saying this is “2 points lost”, completely oblivious to the fact Bristol City are a seriously difficult team to beat at home. Yes, they’ve been hammered a few times recently but check their record over the past 2 seasons, it’s a great home record.

    A great home team record + a hideous first half = a good draw.

    We’re still in pole position to win the league nevermind get promoted so lets not get too negative.

  123. Mostly unhappy campers to-day folks, whadda you want ?
    to win em all ?
    Got your excitement with a late comeback for the draw and a point, not a lotta teams capable of that.
    Still top of the division, with the probability of promotion yet no-ones happy.
    Lotta player criticism and name-calling, c`mon folks we are N.U.F.C. in the second tier not a PL first four team
    and may never be one for that matter.
    Hey ! lighten up and enjoy being the best in the fizzy, things wont be so easy next season.

  124. Looks like you have been designated as “the goat”
    on this blog Asim, the pack mentality, dont let them get you down, say what you believe, that`s what the blog is about.
    feck em !

  125. I am positive. I have loved the Championship, its a much more pleasant and enjoyable league than the Premiership.

    My only negative was how bad Jonas was for 70 minutes. He was misplacing passes, he wasn’t even defending like he normally does, he wasn’t making runs, he was diving like Tom Daley and he was just atrocious. The moment Gerkin messed up, he suddenly came to life.

    I also note Hughton only made one substitution again today, lol. I love Hughton, he’s a top class guy but his hatred of substitutions angers me, lol. Stuff being on his bench, you know you’re only getting on if someone breaks a leg.

  126. NUFCELITE I think your right he’s a WUM

    Chuck some very good points you made @ 323 but I especialy liked when you designated asim as “the goat” :lol:

  127. NUFCELITE!Yes he is a toon Fan! he makes good points look at the bright side he got it right in the end when he said we wont get beat when we were losing not like most of the blog saying thats it or we are shit and why is best on the only answer is he was right in the end not beliveing we would not get beat and that all that matters.

  128. Thoght we bossed it really from start to finish, there goals were sagainst the run of play, bit of magic for there second he took that well.