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Positive thinking will keep Newcastle United up – Dean ‘Midas’ Maynard.

Posted on April 22nd, 2010 | 86 Comments |

Dean Maynard - The man with the Midas touch.
Dean Maynard - The man with the Midas touch.
Many plaudits have been directed at manager Chris Hughton and the players in the past few weeks for what they have achieved on the pitch, and rightly so. But has there been a greater force behind us, driving us towards success this season? Psychic expert Dean ‘Midas’ Maynard believes so and cites the positive thinking that has increasingly emanated from areas of the club as a major contributing factor behind the stunning season the team have ended up having.

Some of our long term readers may remember that we last spoke with Dean back in December, and he tipped us to lift the title way back then, even as we sat amongst a sea of what appeared to be some dissappointing results at the time. It turned out he was right all along, something I’m more than happy about as we prepare to recieve the Championship trophy in front of the home crowd at St James’ Park on Saturday afternoon.

Dean has an impressive track record of predicting the fortunes of celebrities and sports teams from around the world. He was part of the ‘Bring back Beckham’ campaign that resulted in David Beckham being reinstated to the England squad in 2007 and famously predicted that Stoke City would survive and thrive in the Premier League despite many people doubting the ability of the team. Dean also enjoys a track record of success in the Grand National and has beaten a panel of professional race tipsters for the last 4 years running. He also does a lot of charity work, including association with The Meningitis Trust, Clic: Caring for Children with Cancer, Comic Relief, St Teresa’s Hospice and the one that is most personal to me being a former Prudhoe resident, The Megan Armstrong Appeal.

Here at, we decided to catch up with Durham lad to see what he has been up to, and what the future holds.

Toonsy: Firstly I’d like to thank you for taking time out to speak to us here at, Dean. We last spoke in December in an interview you gave to us, what have you been up to since then?

Dean: Well apart from backing Newcastle United, I have been heavily involved with Chico’s ‘It’s England Time’ World Cup record which comes out on June 7th. All the proceeds from the sale of the song are going to charity as well. I also had another reality tv winner when Hayley Tamaddon won Dancing on Ice, that means that my ‘Midas’ act has finished in the semi final/final 18 times out of 21. I have also appeared on ‘The Lakes’ TV show on national ITV.

Toonsy: So what do you have planned going forward? Do you have anything lined up for the not to distant future?

Dean: Well apart from promoting the record with Chico I will be choosing a ‘Midas’ act for ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and ‘The Lakes’ television series is being re-run at the end of May on ITV. I am also appearing in a few national magazines with regards to my work.

Toonsy: You said last time we spoke that Newcastle United would be fine, and he we sit as champions with a swift return to the Premier League in the bag. Congratulations on another success! But in your opinion how important is the influence of positive thinking?

Dean: I think it has a great influence, it’s very quick to forget how much doom and gloom there was around the club last summer, Chris Hughton himself always comments on being positive and how positive the players have been throughout the season.

Toonsy: Obviously your a Durham lad, and obviously you find it hard to support one team as you work with so many, so as a kind of local neutral, what has been your opinion of the Newcastle United fans this season?

Dean: I know most fans are sceptical about the kind of work I do but I have had a very positive response from Newcastle fans, in fact once promotion was confirmed I got a lot of messages thanking me for my support and even from a few Newcastle fans who work in the national media. Now that is a compliment because the media are the biggest sceptics of them all!

Toonsy: Fair play! So how do you think we will fare in the Premier League next season?

Dean: Well I can now exclusively reveal that I will be backing Newcastle United next season. It will be hard but I believe they will be ok and this time next year we will all be looking forward to another season in the Premier League.

Toonsy: To finish off, as it’s a World Cup year, can England win it?

Dean: I predicted back in July 2009 that we would win the World Cup and even after some of the turmoil in 2010 with some of the players, I do still beleive 100% that we can do it.

Thanks for your time Dean, and all the best for the future from Hopefully we will have another catch up soon!

Dean ‘Midas’ Maynard

Sports & Celebrity Psychic, Luck Guru, Chat it’s Fate Columnist, X-Factor Blogger for & Psychic Predictor for Eclipse Racing


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86 Responses

  1. Thought about it, but then I thought that I don’t play the lottery so it would be pointless :)

  2. hope its just paper talk that toon are looking to b/pool for m/f,think i would go for one of our kids first or set our sights a bit higher than him.think it stinks that F.A. are going to give l/pool p/mouths place in euro lge place

  3. completely off topic, so i apologize in advance.

    for any nyc area based supporters, the toon army nyc is planning a pub crawl this saturday night, starting at 9PM down at lunasa (1st ave btw 7th and st. marks)

    should be a good time for those who can make it!

  4. Good article Toonsy – so rare for anyone to go out and actually generate some material rather than just making it all up.

    Let’s hope Dean’s right on all counts. The World Cup is what’s making this summer ‘footie drought’ seem bearable after such an exciting season! It may keep the press from making up crap about us too.

    Yeah. Right.

  5. I really wish I was up in Toon this weekend instead of 400 miles away in a place with too few Toon Army for a decent piss-up.

    Still, I got to Monday’s match in less than an hour, so I suppose I can’t complain! If anyone knows of a similar bash to Eastcoastmag’s pub crawl going on in the South West of England, please let me know!

  6. Icedog-who from Blackpool? Charlie Adam would be the only one considered I reckon. Been a standout performer for them this season. How did he do at rangers? Had to be a reason for him being shown the door?

  7. batty – :lol:

    Whumpie says:
    April 22, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    “Good article Toonsy – so rare for anyone to go out and actually generate some material rather than just making it all up.”

    Personally I prefer to do that. It’s easy to peddle news but it’s more challenging to find your own things to write about. Professional journo’s could learn a thing or two from that :D

    The way I look at it is that by the time I get to write about some news it will probably already be in wide circulation from any number of people and syndicators like Tipstar etc.

  8. ROSS sorry late reply, i adam was who i was on about,dont really think he would cut it in epl,canny player in ccc,but the way he plays would he get that of time on the ball,he gets in the ccc might be wrong like

  9. ROSS toon have made 2mil bid for husekiepp,acording to his club they want 4mil,so deal dead in water,chelsea said to be sniffing at him

  10. UTD111 says:
    April 22, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    “Must have been a slow day for news eh?

    Who you interviewing next – Jonathan Creek?? LOL”

    I have bigger plans than Jonathan Creek ;)

  11. dog-I cant say i’ve seen him play like but i’ve seen his name thrown around on here before and he’s apparently quite the talent?…End of the day mate if we’re already making moves thats a good sign, and thats the type of player we should be buying in my view. Young and talented. If Chelski are sniffing around you know he has to be canny. His club obviously want to cash in on him, and I imagine Mike is canny when it comes to a bit of haggling,lol. Where you hear that? That’s encouraging mate.

    As for Adam, i get what you mean. He’s ran their midfield but i dunno if he’d cut it in the prem. Like you say, he had time on the ball in the CCC. Given the fact he’s one of their stars we’d pay for him n’all. Risky business, literally.

  12. ROSS being reported on VITAL FOOTBALL m8,bit sad that we cannot push the boat out to 4mil like if its the true fee,not going to be much cheaper good m/f would have to pay about that sort cash for the likes of o”hare etc

  13. WORKYGetting this done at last, Toonsy. It looks like you have a knack for interviews.

    got his hand well in now,has had some good ones with stuart :)

  14. ICEDOG – that vital article on Huseklepp is from february. It even says the window is about to ‘slam shut’! Its must have been edited and reuploaded onto their sit so NewsNow thinks its a new article… Pity cause I really like the sound of Huseklepp…

  15. What a moby! Get him in as manager if he thinks positivity will keep us up!

    Is it a currency?

  16. ROSCOE good spot mate,missed it.means we might still be in with shout eh,wonder why they reuploaded it mmmm

  17. Stuart79 says:
    April 22, 2010 at 8:09 pm

    “What a moby! Get him in as manager if he thinks positivity will keep us up!”

    He’d have a field day trying to get some positivity into you!

  18. Stuart79 says:
    April 22, 2010 at 8:09 pm

    “What a moby! Get him in as manager if he thinks positivity will keep us up!”

    Don’t scoff too much, Waldorf. Many of the very best sportmen and women use positive thinking, creative visualisation techniques and such. What I think is interesting though is the effect positive thinking by tens of thousands of supporters can have on a team.

  19. Off topic but as we were talking about a certain Japanese car manufacturer that I work for last night, I see that Vauxhall are having to recall a rake of cars.

    Interesting to see if the US congress directs it’s spin in the direction of GM as it did with said Japanese car manufacturer ;)

  20. icedog – Yes, you are, but only because you should have bought a Japanese car instead ;)

    Nah, if your car was brand new it should be fine.

  21. Though many who profess an extra sensory ability are charletans, there`s more than meets the eye in regard to ESP.
    Just one more thing like magnetic poles and their variations, that is yet to be fully undrstood.
    as for the power of positive thinking, worked for Andrew Carnegie.

  22. workyticket says:
    April 22, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    “Whilst we’re on the subject of a certain Japanese car maker, have you read ‘The Certain Japanese Carmaker Way’?”

    Is that the one about management? I haven’t read it but I have had to sit through various meetings explaining about it. These philosophies are all over the building, on notice boards, everywhere.

    Of the top of my head they are; Respect, Teamwork, Kaizen, Philosophy, Challenge and something that I cant remember how to spell, Genchi something? It means go and see or seek to explore depending on how you take it.

  23. Chuck says:
    April 22, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    “worked for Andrew Carnegie.”

    The railroad guy who was richer than Croesus then became a big philanthropist? Didn’t he die a looooong time ago, early in the 20th century?

  24. TOONSY cheers i brand new still hasnt got 300miles on yet,just havent had time with it,thought it was going in dock like me lol

  25. toonsy says:
    April 22, 2010 at 8:31 pm

    “Is that the one about management? I haven’t read it but I have had to sit through various meetings explaining about it.”

    Aye, toonsy, I think so. “14 management principles from the world’s greatest manufacturer”?

  26. icedog says:
    April 22, 2010 at 8:41 pm

    “TOONSY cheers i brand new still hasnt got 300miles on yet,just havent had time with it,thought it was going in dock like me lol”

    Oh aye icedog, best of luck for tomorrow, if luck is the right word :)

    workyticket says:
    April 22, 2010 at 8:41 pm

    “Aye, toonsy, I think so. “14 management principles from the world’s greatest manufacturer”?”

    Nope, still haven’t read it :D

  27. icedog says:
    April 22, 2010 at 8:55 pm

    “any body got any up-dates on so called buy out of l/pool,would make my day for it to t-ts up”

    Hicks and Gillett want way too much for it and they won’t sell it at the current price, Icedog.

  28. icedog says:
    April 22, 2010 at 8:55 pm

    “any body got any up-dates on so called buy out of l/pool,would make my day for it to t-ts up”

    Me too, but you already know my feelings about Liverpool ;)

  29. WORKY hicks said on ssn he would not take less than 800mil,dont know if that was with 257mil dept plus 250mil for new ground,or without

  30. David Blane is reported to be absolutely gutted that his record of 42 days doing f**k all in a box has been broken by……Dimitar Berbatov……

  31. It’s all bollix!

    Positive thinking my arse!

    If you have talent you will prevail-unless your weak minded.

  32. Jermaine Defoe walks into a nightclub and goes up to the first girl he sees and says,
    “Get your coat love, you’ve pulled.”
    She replies, “F*cking ‘ell, you’re a little forward!”

  33. Stuart79 says:
    April 22, 2010 at 9:05 pm

    “It’s all bollix!

    Positive thinking my arse!

    If you have talent you will prevail-unless your weak minded.”

    It’s actually been scientifically proven that positive thinkers get on in life better and give a better impression of themselves compared to negative thinkers.

  34. Ferdinand and Vidic are leaving Man U this summer to star in the new Batman film.
    All they have to do is stand around and ask, “Where’s Robben?”

  35. Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman discussing their families.
    Englishman says, “My son was born on St. George’s Day, so I called him George.”
    Scotsman says, “What a coincidence, my son was born on St. Andrews Day, so I called him Andrew.”
    Irishman exclaims, “I don’t fecking believe this, just wait ’till I tell our Pancake!”

  36. toonsy says:
    April 22, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    Right on cue, toonsy.

    Didn’t think you would jump in so quick.

  37. Oh….just one more….

    I was in a bar with a Scouser yesterday.
    “It’s a lovely day today.” I said.
    To which he said, “Yeah, if I had a job I’d take the f*cking day off!”

  38. icedog says:
    April 22, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    “WORKY hicks said on ssn he would not take less than 800mil,”

    Lets take a look at wor club, Icedog, and how it was priced when Ashley tried to sell it twice.

    When Ashley tried to sell it in the Premiership, it’s turnover was around £100 million per annum. Going by the very rough rule that a clubs sell for roughly twice this figure (without taking other factors into account, like high debt liabilities etc) the club was worth around £200 million. Take into account that Ashley was going to scrub the £100 million soft loan, leaving the club in a great financial position for the new owner, add on £50-100 million, making £250-300 million, which is what he was asking.

    When Ashley tried to sell in the Championship, our turnover was half what it was in the Prem, ie £50 million. Double this and you have the £100 million figure that Ashley was asking.

    Now Liverpool.

    Turnover is roughly £180 million there, and going down without Champion’s League money and exposure. Unlike the position with the first sale with Toon, which was virtually debt free minus the soft loan, Liverpool’s debt is going through the roof with those two shysters in charge.

    I think you can work out the rest.

  39. workyticket says:
    April 22, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    But we don’t actually know if Ashley had in fact wiped the debt out when he tried to sell last year – This year when he tried to sell the debt was to be repaid, either lump sum or repayment installments, only at a higher interest rate than the 0% it is currently at.

  40. Ice :) got it all counted now ;) and good luck for tomoro mate hope it all go’s well for ye ;)

    Toonsy so much for the broken jaw :)

  41. BATTY you normally have good shout,your lass spent your winnings yet m8,nearly time for lad to come home :)good luck to you

  42. BIG DAVE cheers m8 whats your shout for sat,no cheating mind,will get son to keep eye on you :)

  43. Stuart79 says:
    April 22, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    “But we don’t actually know if Ashley had in fact wiped the debt out when he tried to sell last year”

    Stuart, When he tried to sell the first time, that was all in, including the soft loan to the club. It was according to Keith Harris anyway.

  44. On the subject of NEGATIVE thinking, why has this been reposted today on ‘Vital Football’? It just makes them look like complete planks.

    “All in all, another toothless performance which will remain a trend as long as Chris Hughton stays in charge, or, Newcastle hire a coach who can drill some intelligence and creativity into the heads of the club’s biggest resource suckers, as well as the younger ones, whose development is being infringed by a coaching team of inept pansies.

    ‘Wounded animal mentality’- don’t make us laugh. It’s more like the ‘dying animal.'”

  45. AYE WORKY and they invite you to join debate on foram d–k heads,whos worse them or us for reading it

  46. liverpool may have a much bigger debt but they’re a bigger club than us by a long way have a huge overseas following and have been consistently in chumps league – however the debt incurred is huge and reliant on champions league footy, it’ll only take a frw seasons of mediocrity for them to suffer our fate
    to be honest i reckon there has to be a return to reality to all teams at some stage, unless you’re lucky enough to have a major financial benefactor who doesn’t care about throwing hundreds of millions into a club ala abramovich, sultana whoever then you’re pretty much fvcked – saying that i wouldn’t be surprised to see some rich git buy man u or liverpool

    on another note what do people feel about the prem parachute payment being extended – personally i think its diabolical as it just means that only relegated clubs have a chance of getting promoted as they can hold onto best players as a 4 year payment means they can prob afford to pay the for remaining contract

  47. st. george is also patron saint of portugal & georgia.

    A little factoid for you there. :)

    & down with st george’s day & anything to do with saints in general & count-ries.

  48. on another note i lost my poker night tonight …… gutted had a pair of aces dealt and cards on table were shite – beaten by three 2’s with only one 2 on table and last card turned was the 3rd 2

  49. stevep,
    the parachute payment extention sucks mate, is a fix up, yet again.
    Yet another slanting of the playing field.

    Maybe they’ll get non-league teams to pay manu & liverpool next, or do they do that already.
    Typical status quo protection racket behavior.

  50. Great post guys. Well done to everyone involved with this blog. I think if possible we should involve more this kind of content.

    Enjoying Sun in South WITHOUT A JOB :)

  51. St Geordie, was`nt he an Egyptian.
    Who would have known it was St. Georges day to- morrow, so why is there no St. Georges day parade ?
    And who actually knows anything about him (St. George)
    or St. Andy (Well we know he was crucified upside down ergo the St. Andy`s cross)
    St. Davey, whats the story on him, was he into leeks ?
    And then we come to San Patricio, patron saint of Ireland and Brasil, we know more about him than the other three combined, how come ?