Reading v Newcastle United – An away fan’s guide, Vol II.

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The Madejski: Setting for Tuesday evening.
The Madejski: Setting for Tuesday evening.
This guide takes a look at Newcastle United’s next away game at Reading’s Madejski Stadium, originally scheduled for Saturday 9th January with a kick-off of 3pm but unfortunately had to be cancelled due to frozen conditions around the ground. You’ll be forgiven for thinking that the game was to be held in some Arctic tundra and not the leafy suburbs of royal Berkshire.

Being rescheduled now for Tuesday evening, it is far from ideal for any travelling fans who wish to make the journey and will now face the possibility of not arriving home until after 3am in the morning. I’m sure another logistical challenge wont dissuade the Toon Army though as we have backed the team all season and I can’t see that changing in the final weeks of the season, especially as the main objective of promotion has now been achieved which means we can now fully focus on capturing the Championship trophy, and 3 points down in Berkshire would all but guarantee a bit of silverware.

We’ll set off for the 300 mile trip down the A1, meet up with M1 at Leeds and carry on south. Just keep following the M1 past Sheffield, Nottingham and Leicester until you hit J15A (A43 / Northampton / Oxford). Leave the motorway there and follow the A43 towards Oxford. If you keep folowing the signs for Oxford then you’ll eventually meet up with the M40. Head southbound on the M40 and leave at J9 (A34 Oxford / Newbury). Follow the A34 for around 30 miles until you meet the M4. You’ll join the M4 at J13, so you’ll need to head east towards London for 2 junctions, making sure you leave at J11 (A33 Reading). The whole Madejski complex is well signposted from the motorway, but just in case you miss the signs, you’lll be fine as long as you bear left!

As an alternative, you can come straight down the A1 from the Toon until you hit the M25. Head anti-clockwise (in the direction of Watford) until you reach the M4 at J15. Join the M4 westbound and leave at J11 as above. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this way as it incorporates a lot of roadworks on the A1, the M25 traffic, aswell as traffic around Heathrow airport. You should also be warned that the roadworks on the M4 at J11 are still there so you may need to leave some more time to take account of these.

At the first roundabout on the A33 there is a car park which costs £7, although if you turn right at that roundabout there is some street parking. Imperial Way is the name of the road, but you’ll need to be there early. There are more unofficial car parks dotted around but beware they can be quite expensive – I’ve seen £10 parking advertised before! Another warning is not to park in the retail park next to the ground. You will end up either clamped or with a ticket!

Another option is to use the Park & Ride which is run by the club. For this, rather than heading for Reading on the A33, take the B3270 towards Earley and follow signs for ‘Football Car Park C’. Make sure you don’t park in the residential estate as this is permit parking only and is patrolled by clampers. To use the Park & Ride costs £3 for adults and £1.50 for children for a return ticket. The first bus leaves at 1:30pm.

As the Madejski is a realtively new stadium built out of town, it unfortunately means that pubs near to the ground are virtually non-existant. There is a Holiday Inn about 15 minutes walk away but this can be pretty swamped. For this, head down Imperial Way (as mentioned earlier) and it will be on your left. If this does get mobbed or if you fancy going somewhere else, then turn left after the hotel onto Basingstoke Road. Keep following this and you will come to a carvery pub called ‘The World Turned Upside Down’. Failing that then you can always grab a few drinks inside the ground for around £3 a pint.

As yet, I’ve been unable to find any solid figures over away numbers. All I have found so far is that its likely to be around 3,000, although potentially it could be 4,300. Im sure one of other contributors will fill this in if they know for sure. One thing I can confirm is that currently the home side have quoted ticket sales as being ‘above 21,500’.

Howay the lads.

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137 Responses

  1. nice litte article, looking forward to claiming all 3 points here and then wrapping it up at plymouth (officially). then the celebrations can be ready infront of a full house at the mighty st.james – howay the lads – does anybody know if we will get presented with the trophy at the ipswich game if we can get it wrapped up before hand!

  2. and what does everybody think of cameron jerome at brum, id like to see us have a sneaky bid to try and get him in the summer

  3. if we win tonight it’s more or less certain anyway – we’ll be 9 points clear with only 3 games left and barring us getting hammered in those 3 games and baggies trouncing everyone in thier games we’ve won the league

    still would be nice to make it mathematically certain by Plymouth in order we can get the trophy at home against Ipswich (and then stuff keanos tractor boys)

  4. Reading are in great form at the moment – We could easily win but I think a draw would be a decent result.

    Depends which NUFC turn up. Our performances and results having been great away from home but we aren’t under any pressure really.

  5. I fancied trying to get in the home end if they’d sent me back down south this week but I think I might have had my annual trip out for 2010. If you’re struggling to picture my work jaunt to The Smoke, think Sunshine Variety Club…

  6. I wouldn’t want Jerome from Brum either but he has achieved more than most if not all our current strikers – He’s scored about 10 goals in the PL.

    I don’t think any of ours have. Ameobi, maybe but I even doubt that.

    They more than most have the most to prove next season I think, as it seems to be goals that keep teams up.

  7. Aye but Ameobi has scored in the champs league & the prem.
    Plenty can’t say that.

  8. I reckon Lovenkrands could get at least 10 in the prem like. & Carroll is an unknown quantity. Ameobi can get 10+ without injuries too.

  9. Ameobi has to be sold – He is a complete and utter drain on the wages in the PL. He has had ten years to do it and he hasn’t. How long do we have to give people?

    Lovenkrands is a good finisher and he has pace – He could do with a bit of practice on his right foot though.

    Carroll might do it, might not. His contribution next season might be judged more on how uncomfortable he makes defenders lifes, rather than the amount of goals he scores, create space for the quicker, goalscoring striker.

  10. I know what y’saying about Shola man, but i would say, he gives us something the others don’t.
    His hold up play & ball skills are v good, check out his recent goals & assists. No one else has give us that up top. It’s a tough one.

  11. Nah, not for me CLiNT. He has had too many chances over too long a period. He would fetch £3m and we could put that towards buying a better striker.

    He doesn’t actually give us anything I don’t think in the PL – That has been proven.

    Shola’s performances this season has shown, if anything the gulf in class between Championship defenders and PL defenders.

    In one season in this league he has looked ok – In ten seasons in the PL he’s looked annoyingly poor.

  12. CLint-

    Agree with what you’re sayin aboot Shola. He should be offered a 3 year contract and a wage cut. If he’s not willing to take a wage cut, let’s see how many other clubs will be anxious to toss the dosh his way.

  13. Keep Shola man.

    Has scored goals and never got a chance as better players like Martins, Owen and Shearer were always going to be in front of him.

    A lot of his appearances (over 120) have been as a sub and he has scored goals at the highest level. He aint a world beater by any means but has scored goals when fit and given a run in the team. Injuries haven’t helped the lad over the years.

    Are we really advocating keeping Best and flogging Shola?

    Howay man, settle!

  14. Aye,
    once you factor in injuries, lack of chances because of more expensive flops i.e. martins.

  15. No toonsy, personally I am advocating selling Shola.

    Although if I get the jist of what you’re saying you would get rid of Best?

    Why not give him ten years like Shola has had?

    He’s had loads of chances and he has just flattered to decieve. Any other conclusion drawn is bizzare, as the proof of the pudding was well and truly eaten!

  16. Owen had loads of injuries but last night you were slating him as being s disaster for the club.

    Don’t let the figures warp your view. If injuries are not an excuse for Owen their certainly not an excuse for Shola.

  17. If martins had scored just a handful of the sitters he missed last season etc.
    & we still got £9m for him, go figure!
    Whey hey!

  18. defo sell shola,use the money and wages on a striker that can score in the prem,but we can guess all day it all goes on how much the FCB is going to give hughton.

  19. You certainly can’t score if you’re not playing cos you’re injured like.
    Although the ‘pundits’ tend to overlook that kinda thing all the time.

  20. Shola scores goals, but his hold up play and ball skills good? He spends most of the time tripping over the ball and blatantly fouling defenders.

    He’s been a great finisher this season, and has shown he can do it in the Prem. Keep him cause he’s a proven goal scorer, but please don’t huff it up to him and expect him to not give it away.

  21. All strikers ‘blatantly foul’ defenders, or anyway the ref gives free kicks against ’em, ask Shearer.
    Don’t know how you can claim he has no skill on the ball like.
    No one’s saying he’s Pedro, but the lad does stuff on the ball no one else does for us, that can’t be denied.

  22. ime 100% with stuart on shola,get rid he is not and will never be a pl striker,was even loaned out couple of seasons ago soon sent back,dont think we will even get 2mil for him

  23. KK tried to bin him off and nobody would take him – Wonder why?

    Hopefully someone in the Fizzy will have seen he could do a job for them – Although I doubt he would leave and take a pay cut.

    He put in a couple of good performances last season then JFK gave him a pay rise and a nice new contract! Never did a thing after that.

  24. Some ccc teams will take Shola, no problem.
    He’s probably earned enough from us to retire anyway.

  25. That’s interesting Hitman,
    he’s looked alright from what i’ve seen of him.

  26. aye clint not bad,no good wingeing no sod takes any notice :) what you think about reading game,i think we will do well to get a draw

  27. OK, I’ll stick my neck out: I think Shola is our best striker.

    The reasons so many think otherwise (understandably) are:

    1. As Stuart points out: how many years?
    2. What with injuries and (more importantly) strikers costing many times more being ahead of him, he’s never been on regularly enough to establish himself in the collective phsyche. (posh words, eh?)
    3. When he runs he looks like a horse being shot going over a jump at the National.

    But you look at what he’s done – not just the stats, but the assists, the skilful backheels and wee jinks which have baffled defenders and released other strikers – and he’s just streets ahead in terms of creating chances.

    Look at Routledge’s brilliant goal on Saturday – Shola took out 2 or 3 defenders with what looked like falling over the ball… but was actually incredibly confident and skilful play.

    I say keep wor long streak of whatever he is. I’m not saying he negates the need for someone else, but I’d certainly hang onto him.

    If he can just stay bloody fit, who knows what he can do? We’ve not seen that since he was an even ganglier bairn!

  28. Whumpie,

    I have to say I nearly didn’t bother reading the rest of the comment after the first line!

    But as you said “If he can keep fit”. He has never been fit for long periods – That in it’s self is enough for him to be sold – Regardless of the fact that he’s not performed.

    People advocate Owen, Dyer and Luque as poor purchases but wasn’t it because they had so many injuries? Why didn’t we give them the same amount of time as Shola?

  29. Look, all I’m saying is why sell him? He HAS scored PL goals before. I’m didn’t say start him every game did I?

    He would be handy to keep as a squad player in my opinion.

    Your all saying flog Shola and get Klasnic? Do the maths, they are both 1 goal in 4 games strikers if you look at appearances/goals scored.

  30. toonsy,

    Micheal Ricketts scored the odd goal in the PL, why don’t we buy him then?

    Who has said get Klasnic? He’s as unproven as Shola imo. Might as well keep Shola if were going to buy him.

    We need to improve not just buy a player to make the numbers up.

    Although it cannot be that hard to find a striker who will have done more in the PL than Shola.

  31. Toonsy, the stats dont tell us how many times he loses possession, pulls a defender back with his hand or is flagged offside.
    These are his three most infuriating traits and you would have thought at 28yrs old, coaching would have ironed them out.
    I cant see him moving on as he is a cheap option for the club, suppose its down to Hughton but although im not keen on him i think its better the devil you know instead of another foreign chancy signing.

  32. Looks like the Ipswich game is going to be a sell out. Their only selling single tickets now.

    About time an’ll!

  33. Look, I’m not saying he is prolific, but he has scored goals.

    So we sell Shola, Best wont cut it, Ranger has no experience at PL level, Carroll similar and Lovenkrands. That leaves us very light up front with only 6 goals at PL level between them.

    Or we keep Shola as a squad player and add to what we have? It’s really a no brainer.

  34. But how old is Klasnic? A tad over the 26yr old max rule eh?

    Plus, he’s hardly had a sniff at Bolton.

    All teh signs of another agent touting his/ her wares.

  35. Does it not suggest we have somewhere in the region of 7-8,000 gloryhunters if we sell out against Ipswich?

    I’m missing the b*stard, so perhaps I’m just being grumpy about it…

  36. Stuart – yep, take your point. But there is an answer: Shola’s on a fraction of the wages so is still good value even at 20 games a season. His rate per minute played last season was better than Owen’s and he cost about a tenth as much.

    Oh, and I have a soft spot for him, partly because he’s not a total cock like those you mentioned.

    In my opinion, anyway. There is of course the tiny wee possibility that it could be, um… utter bollocks. ;)

  37. Whumpie – epic fail on extra tickets. Looks like a grim and hungover 5am drive down, unless someone fancies squeezing me in their lift somewhere…

    Anyone?? I won’t bring my music with me 8O

  38. Id look at Rodallega from Wigan – He fits the criteria well.

    But it brings in to question the criteria that’s in place. We don’t really know how he would do but that’s what you get when you put age limits on new signings.

  39. Ah – fair enough, bbm – haven’t seen more than highlights; just liked that setup for Routledge. Still think he’s one to keep, though.
    Some good points about his bad points on here – far too much cheating out of him recently; wastes lots of opportunities with shirt-pulls and dives. But he also scores a lot and sets up a lot in a way the others just can’t.
    He’s like Peter Crouch only cheaper. And a bit shorter and darker. And, um, more fragile. And perhaps just a wee bit less likely to play in a world cup final.


    I’m losing this. Going home to get me head down…

  40. Shola is aweful in the Premier league, but the point is, until we get someone better in. He has to stay purely on numbers!
    Klasnic is over 30 years old. He won’t be signed…

    I’d love us to go for Podolski though.

    Stuart? You honestly think Owen is a good player on 100k a week? If he was on 40k I’d say he’s decent. But the other day your compared him to Messi. And he certainly wasn’t ever worth the 17Mil we paid for him. 8Mil at most…

    It was a terrible deal from the get go!

  41. bbm – still trying, mate. Tony’s used his allocation and doesn’t know anyone else. But there are other avenues yet – they only went on main sale today.

  42. Rodallega – Another 1 in 4 striker, but I guess that is all we will atrract being a newly promoted club and all.

  43. Shola has scored 32 goals in the premier league from 192 appearances – and not all were starting in the first 11. 1 goal in 6 games ratio is not prolific but its still better than we’ll get from Best.

  44. I know we need to keep a lid on things with regard humility but we’re not just the average ‘newly-promoted’ club if we’re being honest?

    We have lots of things going for us as a football club that would attract players, which other clubs don’t. The tradition, the thought of playing in front of 50k every other week, the passion that is recognised by most people.

    But I guess, these days, it will no doubt all be down to the coin at the end of the day for most players. Hopefully, most clubs will be less willing to offer silly money, so we stand a decent chance of matching or coming close to matching other clubs.

  45. Of course we are the average newly promoted club/

    What does tradition offer? It certainly didn’t appeal to Moses, or Beckford in January.

    The main aim is to stay up next season. It isn’t exciting but it is a neccesary step in the right direction.

  46. Toonsy-

    As regards Beckford and Moses, we weren’t assured promotion then. Had the transfer season happened right now, I bet we’d have bagged one of if not both.

    Will be interesting to see if we go after Beckford in the Summer.

  47. btw-

    How’s everyone today? I’ve been oot for a little while. Had a nice 3-day weekend to take care of some Masonic stuff ower here.

    Hmm, any of you blokes Freemasons? Just out of curiosity, as I know that’s WAY off topic :D lol.

  48. Still, Beckford chose to remain a league below what we are in now?

    And Moses chose Wigan, who are a soul-less club with shite attendances to ply his trade in?

  49. Toonsy-

    Yeah, Moses’ decision was pretty ridiculous. Not even the Nigerians like him. Wish I knew what had transpired in the backroom during THOSE negotiations…

  50. Toonsy-

    LoL, well I could show you, but then I’d have to kill you… unless you know how to tell a brother in the darkness as well as in the light… (there’s my cryptic statement for the dee hehehe)

  51. OHurley – I don’t even think it came to a negotation stage with us. Wigan and the PL and he was off mate.

  52. Yeah, that’s not surprising at all. Still shocks my mind that it went down like that. Ya think it was mainly his agent that pushed him there. “A bird in hand is better than two in the bush” kinda thing maybe?

  53. And also-

    I really want to see us bag some silverware. It would be fantastic to be awarded the trophy right in front of Keano (he wanks his dog).

  54. Rodellega is good, and his record is lower because he has to always play as a lone striker.

    Carlton Cole would be a good buy as he’s averaged over 10 Premiership goals a season the last few years.
    But for me, the Ivorian Gervinho would be the best buy at 22.
    He averages more than a goal every second game. He plays for Lille who we apparently have had our scouts watch for Eden Hazard, but I reckon they would have taken note of the Lille front man… Heres hoping anyway. He’d be a great buy!
    Put Hutton, O’Hara, McGeady, and Gervinho in the squad plus a utility defender like Aaron Hughes, I’d be very very happy with the squad.

  55. JJ says:
    April 12, 2010 at 5:26 pm

    I never compared Owen to Messi.

    I used Messi as an example of how cruel football could be.

    If you’re the best player in the world move to a club but then get a lot of injuries it’s unlucky – It cannot be helped. Regardless of how good you are.

    It would be a failure that could have happened to a £1m player on £1k per week – Just because Owen was on £100k a week and cost £17m doesn’t make his injuries his fault.

  56. toonsy says:
    April 12, 2010 at 5:36 pm
    Rodallega – Another 1 in 4 striker, but I guess that is all we will atrract being a newly promoted club and all.

    Well we would attract alot better quality if we paid the money – But that’s the same for every club.

  57. I know ;)

    That is the thing that bugs me about keeping it low-key. What about the guys that have never seen us lift a trophy? Or the people who were not old enough when we won promotion last time.

    They aren’t important enough apparently. Being kept low-key to avoid the press? Fcuk em, they will just pick on something else, something they are already demonstrating their ability to do!

  58. Toons – I hope you’re not roundthe negotiaing table in the summer!! 8O

    They are what set us slightly apart from te also-rans. We just need to sell it to them. KK used to do it, so did Sir Bobby. Hughton can do it too, with a slightly different spin when it comes the contentious issue of wages…

    You gave part of the solution yourself! Premier status is a big feather in the cap of the negotiators. So too the way we’ve done it. We just need a good pitch and we’ll get players wanting to play for more than just money.

  59. toonsy says:
    April 12, 2010 at 6:07 pm

    Beckford was desperate to join us – Leeds rejected a bid of £1.8m from us.

    But the rumours are that he’s off to Everton in the summer on a free.

  60. Stu-

    I agree about splashin’ the cash to get better talent. But- I have a feeling the days of indiscriminate spending are about done. Let the top 4 have their fun in the sun. It’ll all come crashin down before too much longer, no doubt. And if we keep the ship steady and the course true, we will be a VERY attractive club in the next few years.

    Survival (preferably upper-mid table finish) and I’m chuffed to bits next season. Would love to see us beat Villa and Spurs though. And Liverpool. And Scumderland, but that goes without sayin’.

  61. Toonsy-

    Yeah, as annoying as stayin’ low key is, I still would rather them keep things low key. I’ll deal with the anxiety provided we have some success in the transfer market. Still sucks though haha.

    And as for the press- fcuk ’em. Especially wheez keez louise. What a cnut.

  62. OHurley says:
    April 12, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    Yeah spending ridiculous sums of money that we don’t have shouldn’t happen but I think we need to realise that when Llambias says we should live within our means our means are bigger than all but the top 6 teams in the PL.

  63. Hopefully, CH will be able to attract players after they’ve seen how he galvanized this squad. Maybe, just maybe, a good player or two will be swayed by the idea of playing for a squad with as much comaraderie (I know- I just butchered that spelling…) as us. I’ll be the blue guy in the corner holding my breath…

  64. Stu – The finances will be as of next season when we have the money in the bank, like Lamearse said.

    At the minute we don’t. The illusion is that we get a shitload of money for going up. We do, but not all up front. At the end of next season, should we survive, then we will have the cash in the bank.

  65. …And another thing I would bring any potential signing to St James’ Park walk him to the centre circle and say “look around you, now imagine what this is like when it’s full”.

    But he would probably turn round and say “I bet it’s fckin awesome but Stoke are offering me £10k a week more so thanks, but no thanks.”

  66. toonsy says:
    April 12, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    Is that not the advantage of havin a billionaire owner then??

  67. Ya know-

    If the NUST really wanted to help, they could take all that money they raised to buy the club and put it into a nice little transfer kitty. No money out of the Club’s pocket and enough to spend on some quality lads.

  68. Stu – lol

    That is if he gets allowed on the pitch by our grumpy groundsman!

    Groundsman: “Get of the pitch”
    Hughton: “But you do know this , right?”
    Groundsman: “I couldn’t give a shite if it’s the Virgin Mary, get him off the pitch”

  69. Ashley would loan against guaranteed income even if the PL payments are staggered. This stuff about playing kids with potential is all well and good but how many of any of them go on to be rock-solid PL players? Very few. Even Man U with the cream of the crop to choose from get it wrong – lots of their ex-players are all over the leagues. Keegan wouldn’t play kids in a man’s environment unless the team was doing well and could carry them whilst they found their feet – if you will forgive the mixed metaphor.

  70. OHurley – I’m sure people will be really chuffed that part of their pension/savings/hard earned will be spent on a disposable assett that doesn’t guarantee a return and that they don’t have a say over.

  71. murvar – That is the thing, what is guaranteed though?

    I worked out the other day that TV money is £25 million guaranteed minimum, paid in monthly installments.

    All the rest is dependent on finishing position.

  72. Toonsy-

    Well they shouldn’t be such selfish knobheeded b@stards then, should they?? :D jk

  73. Happy to see the ammount of peace and love on the blog today, give yourselfs a pat on the back :)

  74. Jay Jay-

    lol m8. We’re all bro’s here, right? Except Big Dave. He’s a tosser.

    :D jk Big Dave. I could never hate the man that taught what a “hackle” was. LMAO

  75. our club will bounce between the leagues under ashley,he hasnt the heart to invest what it takes to make us great again….we need a new owner

  76. I’m with bowburn ^^^^^^ back there a bit.
    When he correctly states that we have a hell of a lot more going for us to attract players than most other teams in the prem.
    wba will be able to boast about 23k fans in the black country for instance.

  77. kadar come off sat with ankle inj,then sunday it was thigh strain,today hamstring,why not tell the truth he spat the dummy imo

  78. What was up with him ice?

    BTW, i try not to give predictions about results mate.
    You asked about the reading game, they won’t be a push over at their yard, that’s for sure.
    They have games in hand & will be trying to squeak a play off spot. A good time to play us, depends if we show up.

  79. OHurley > We’re all bro’s here, right? Except Big Dave. He’s a tosser
    This Tosser is going to slap you on the back of yer heed with a hatchet Boy.

    Icedog how’s you me ol bean I think you could be right about Kadar but tbf Ando said after the match that it was his hamstring ? ;)

  80. Ice I heard from a reliable sauce the day that you have been cleaning the bookies out for the last 3 weeks with the right score predictions ;) any truth in it ? you rascal

  81. clint,to me he got “done” a couple of times on sat ch had a right go at him,,then asked to come off with so called ankle inj,i know he was played out pos,still should have got stuck in,i might be wrong but it was suss to me,i”ll say nowt about JB like in case big dave 365 is reading ;)

  82. dave you have bloody spys all over the place,trying a few bribes to change 0-1 score line lol

  83. Oh yer still talking to me then Toonsy I thought ye fell out with me :)
    I was reading through and seen you said that you thought Joey played well so ye have finally got over yer bias of him, was that hard for ye to admit that

  84. Not many tickets left for the final home game. I think this will finally be the one thet sells out. Only single seats left. There’s no cash turnstyles. If you want to go order a ticket now!

  85. big dave 365,i”ll have little side bet with you,pick 4 players who will leave sjp in summer and i will pick same,not who YOU want to go but club will let go,dont cheat and put butt in like

  86. DJD,dont worry m8 toonsy normally has one he charges about £300 like thats what he was asking jay jay last time :)

  87. OHurley the Hatchet is coming to get ye ;)
    Ice I dont think 4 will leave if I cant count Butt but give me 20 mins to think about it. who do you think will be the 4 not counting Butt or Lua Lua ;)

  88. Dave – I’ll judge Barton game by game.

    Then we can go back and see if he has been good or bad more often than not ;)

  89. Big Dave-

    See, over here in the States, they let us radgies keep our firearms. My 30.06 trumps your hatchet :D

  90. Big Dave-

    I have a Browning 9mm too!! What model is your’s??


    A 30.06 is a large 30 calibre hunting/sniper rifle. Used to kill big game at long distances. The .06 refers to the year in which is was originally devised.

  91. Big Dave-

    Excellent sidearm, sir. I come from a long line of Marksmen. Only civilian on my university’s Army Rifle Team. I know my way around them things like:D

  92. whats this pick on big dave day or what wouldnt pick on the mafia member myself like

  93. Worky-

    LOL yeah, that’s a good point m8. That Palin woman is pretty ridiculous. Had to be educated on American history (easy things, like why we fought WWII, what the Civil War was about, things like that) before she could even go to the debates. What a sham!

  94. worky apart from the odd pain in the necks,hows your aches and pain injurys feeling m8,better i hope m8