Accrington Stanley v Newcastle – Match banter.

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Who are they?
Who are they?
Expect lots of references to that famous 1980’s milk advert tonight as Newcastle take on Accrington Stanley in the Carling Cup 2nd round.

I expect a good old-fashioned cup tie tonight. The chance of an upset, non-stop rain, less than glamorous surroundings and TV cameras will all add to the spectacle. In fact it all smacks a little bit of Hereford United all those years back to be honest.

It is the first ever meeting between the two clubs and it will be broadcast on Sky TV, so if any of you guys and girls know of any coverage that you wish to share then please feel free to post a link in the ‘comments’ section below and get involved with the banter.

As ever, this is the place for us all to come together and piss and moan about the match, as we usually do, although hopefully there won’t be much to moan about.

A much changed line-up is charged with the task of steering us into the 3rd round of the cup, and if they can manage that then we will be in the draw for the next round which will take place on Saturday lunchtime.

Howay the lads!

NewcastleTim Krul, Ryan Taylor, James Tavernier, Tamas Kadar, Shane Ferguson, Kazenga Lua Lua, Haris Vuckic, Ryan Donaldson, Peter Lovenkrands, Nile Ranger, Shola Ameoi..

SubsOle Soderberg, James Perch, Mike Williamson, Alan Smith, Kevin Nolan, Joey Barton, Wayne Routledge.

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273 Responses

  1. happy with that team, time for these lads to prove what they can do if they want first team action come on

  2. it should be a good old game tonight and cant wait to see how the younguns get on see if they are as good as what we think ;)
    Howay the (young) Lads

  3. Would have prefered, Henderson, Dummett and Newton to Tavernier, Ferguson and Donaldson, but Hughton likes to ‘perserver’ with Tavernier. Dont know why like can’t see him ever being good enough for prem tbh.

  4. ice,
    he’s a goalie mate.
    Swede i think, been here a couple of years now, ok 1 year +.

  5. He’s a goalkeeper ice, signed a couple of seasons ago. Really glad with the team like, looking forward to seeing all the youngsters and I reckon there could be one or two performances that will make a statement the night like. Especially looking forward to seeing Tavernier, Vuckic, Ferguson and Donaldson.

  6. Ermm, sorry to be awkward, but can anyone tell me how many CM’s we have and what formation we are playing. Vuckic is the closest thing to a CM there, but even he is more a support striker????

  7. Looking at that I would say Donaldson and Vuckic will play centre midfield. Also expect Loverboy to play centrally in the hole behind the big two.

    How anyone can say Tavernier wont make a player I do not know. He is barely out the youth team has played a handful of reserves games. Be patient with the lad. He played first team twice last season and against Peterboro he was our best defender. I am sorry but you make me angry with your negative comments

  8. El Toro,
    Joey’ll just shout for them to give us it back mate, from the touchline.

  9. How pleased I am to see Kadar back on the pitch. I still predict he will go to the top of the game

  10. Showing 442 on sky with ranger on the right.
    Really excited about the team. Are we the new arsenal? :-)

  11. That fourteen year old laddie is playing again tonight. he is gonna be some player when he gets older

  12. Loverboy not tall enough if he had been able to head the ball downwards a certain goal

  13. FSOTC
    The game is fast and furious with challenges flying in.
    Ranger the pick of front six

  14. Shoala has headed the ball out of the ground.
    very scrappy.
    Great chance for Shoala defender did well good build up play by Lua Lua and Ranger

  15. He can go to as many casino’s and lap dance joints he wants if he is gonna play like this

  16. “What’s this ref on?”

    What do you mean!? Lua Lua’s ankle could have damaged that poor Accrington players’ studs. Of course it is a free kick to them!…

  17. Lua Lua showing nice touches. We are creating more than Accrington. The seem to have shot their bolt for now. No clear cut chances. A threat from set pieces with shoala and ranger

  18. Ranger with quick feet created a chance for himself after a good ball from Dinaldson great save from the keeper.

    Get in 1 – 0
    Ryan Taylor screamer

  19. Ranger looks class

    What a screamer from Ryan that boy can do some amazing things with the ball

  20. Aye ToonKing- our first teamers should not get anywhere near the pitch if there is any mercy

  21. great goal, Krul couldnt have done anything about that. He maybe should have been closed down better though.

    “good time to score a goal” as they say (is there a bad time?)

  22. The big up I gave Ranger has bitten me in the bum.
    Funny old game.
    He will get a goal to make up for it

  23. we need to send a senior player on in midfield because it lacks any sort of cohesion. We have played poor as a team, but a few individuals have played well

  24. All the injuries that their goal scorer went through were ridiculous! Was it a fractured spine, hip replacement, hernia operation, and more! Holy crap!

  25. Ranger has made Shola look like our bottom choice striker. Or has Shola been making Ranger look better?

  26. Davy, you missed vuckic. He’s been a but quiet but only made 1 pass that didn’t land perfectly at it’s targets feet.

  27. Shame Ranger couldn’t stop the goal..but he’s been pretty sharp all night imo, looking good. Vuckic has been quiet though ;(

  28. I dont think we will see the best of Vuckic and Donaldson whilst they are just bunched together like this. It’s all too scrappy. They need a senior player in there to calm things down.

  29. Where does Lovenkrands go?
    This is why I don’t fancy him in the first eleven

  30. I think there was a bit of head tennis in the box from a corner and it dropped to Shola who sort of scooped it around the keeper with his left.

    Then again, I’m running a fever, typing two e-mails and may have got all of this wrong.

  31. Andrew T
    Long throw into the box Ranger flick and a smart turn and shot by Shoala from eight yards

  32. Get Smith on, (ant believe i just said that) that’ll rattle a few cages in the middle of the pitch.

    my streams gone n all :(

  33. Well glad to see the youth getting a game. I thunk saylor will stay, just all games at moment I think, I hope he stays

  34. OMG, VUckic carrys up lovekrands.

    18yrs carrying a 30yrs old lad,he is strong. :lol:

  35. Just a question, why isn’t Lualua used more often? Is it his attitude? Seems really classy little player

  36. Lovenkrands has gone missing today… he has 1 goal and 1 assist?? Football is a funny old game, eh?

  37. nice shot across goal from ranger, unlucky that the keeper managed to get something on it

  38. lualua has definitely shown that he has something to offer. At least as a sub on the wing. He’s right footed isn’t he? I say we loan him out for half a season

  39. didnt know lualua has got a strong left foot.
    if he keeps this up, hopefully he can be an alternative to jonas on the left wing.

  40. Don’t forget we don’t have to include these kids in the 25 man squad. they can all be extras

  41. OH! I would have loved to have seen Ranger bury that one. good cross from Ferguson though!

  42. Micky Toon
    Are you watching?
    Have you chabged your mind about Krul being better than Harper.
    Krul is our number one

  43. Got to seriously start thinking about Krul ahead of Harper now. Kadar good enough to make it and potentially better than Staylor. Danaldon & Haris disappointing. Keep Ranger and play him before Shola.

  44. Hoping we stick with the kids for as long as we are in the competition. Im telling ya we are the new arsenal.
    Good week for the club.

  45. Lua Lua Ranger and Tavernier have done themselves a favour and look great potential.
    Kadar and Krul we already knew were good enough.
    Donaldson should be loaned out to gain maturity and strength. Vuckic I need to see more of. Struggling to see that central midfield is his position

  46. wow, there is just no stopping that shot. Poor Krul. Although I would say Accrington are definitely promotion candidates after watching this game

  47. Well done Accrington and the Fans-Lovely Touch with the RIP Bobby Robson Flag-Should give the kids a bit of a boos as well.

    Toon !

  48. Great match. I was actually worried there at the very end. They have some guys that really know how to hit a ball at Accrington.

    Our star performers today had to be LuaLua, Ranger, Lovenkrands, and Raylor.

    Our back four were solid throughout, with our fullbacks doing plenty of work going forward as well. Kazenga definitely showed Hughton that he should get a contract extension and then promptly put out on loan to further develop his game. Could still be quite the prospect.

  49. Good run out for the bairns there.
    Lua Lua looked good, deserved a goal.
    Ranger did well too.
    Krul made some good saves but was slow off the mark for the last one.
    Most of the others did alright, bit soft in the middle though. allowed a bit too much through to threaten Krul.
    Great stop on the line by PL.

  50. “Vuckic I need to see more of. Struggling to see that central midfield is his position”

    It’s not. I said it before the game, and he demonstrated nothing in the game to suggest otherwise. He is clearly someone who plays in Nolan’s AM position just behind the striker. Anyway, even if he was a CM he wouldn’t have had a good game today. Too much inexperience and the high pressure of the Accrington players made the middle far too scrappy and untidy. That’s clearly why we overlooked the CM’s for the majority of the game.

  51. Even though Shola scored, Ranger played far better than him today, and was far more dangerous going forward with his pace. He was also playing right wing, even though I saw him right next to Shola sometimes.

  52. A little news update on ben arfa..It looks bleak. :(

    Guest RTL and “We redid the game” on the plateau OMtv Tuesday night, Jose Anigo an update on the case of Hatem Ben Arfa who trains with his club over the last fortnight in confident: “It is as yet no firm proposals clubs but appointments are set. ”

    If August 31, he has not found a team, it will always be with us and will make amends by going to see the president, the coach and athletic director.

    We are a big family and our children can slip and return to home “recalled the athletic director who admits, however, is quite a departure in the agenda.

    It has potential with two or three clubs, “he warns, adding that he does not see the player in England (he would see the ball go over his head”) but rather in the Bundesliga: “If a good German club holds out his arm, he has the qualities to succeed there.And it might save him a little lead in the head. “

  53. Cracking game, even if I did lose the feed for a lot of it. REally happy for AS – team and fans gave a really good account of themselves, and I hope they keep playing like that and get promoted now.

    Lua Lua showed what he’s all about; a good potential understudy for Jonas, and a different option when up against slower right-backs.

    And (yes, I know I’ll get some stick) I thought Shola pulled off some cracking tricks and gave their defence a torrid time. NOt sure all of it would work against prem defenders, but you can occasionally see why SBR rated the lad and how he manages to stick in more goals than you’d expect from watching him at times.

    Lovely goals, too; Taylor reminded the boss why he’s a good option to call upon.

    Krul good as always, but I’d still have him just about 2nd in line to wor Harper.

  54. Tbh i thought that was a decent performance from the lads. They worked hard and were clearly a cut above AS. It’s difficult for Donaldson and Vukic, don’t think either are central midfielders but u could tell they are both technically good footballer. Very encouraging all round. However, i think the most disappointing players were our most experience Shola and Lovenkrands. Shola looked like he was playing at half pace as per usual and Lovenkrands just wasn’t in the game.

  55. I was impressed with Lua Lua.

    unlike Routledge this kid has an end product, instead of just running into dead ends…..

  56. Defence:

    I thought Kadar was exceptional. Ferguson and Raylor were decent. Tavernier looked a bit on and off today.


    Lua Lua was exceptional. Donaldson and Vuckic were both quiet, but that was expected given the circumstances.

    Front three:

    Ameobi was a handful, but was a bit on and off. Lovenkrands was quiet but very effective as his goal and assist shows. Ranger was MY MOM. Didn’t stop trying and really set the pace from the first whistle. Quality young player and clubs will be queuing up for him after todays performance.

  57. Hopefully we can get through a few more rounds with these youngsters…Lualua looked bril, sometimes had the luck go his way like but he did well, good positioning.
    Think Vuckic still needs some games with someone solid, you could see the difference where in the Villa game our midfield was dominant, here it was virtually nonexistant, and a dangerous arm from him as well.
    Krul/kadar/tav/raylor looked pretty decent.

  58. Always a success when you can run out the youngsters and get a result.

    Leaving the regulars aside, I was really impressed by: Lualua, Ranger, Tavernier, Ferguson and Krul. Ranger and Lualua looked fantastic

    Not so impressed with Donaldson, Vuckic. Agree with those who have said Vuckic was clearly played out of position. Seems most at home in the box…

  59. If Krul continues to progress and play some more senior games, obviously in all the cup games, he could have the #1 spot by the end of this season. Harper better watch out!

    Again, I was very impressed with Kazenga and Ranger. Worked hard and delivered plenty in the final third. Should we loan them out to definitely progress or keep them and use them as back up for our starters?

  60. El Toro: “Ameobi was a handful, but was a bit on and off”

    THere you have the perfect summary of the man! Personally, I think he’s a goodun to have on the squad. Doesn’t always pull the tricks off, but also turns a lot of defenders. Looks like he’s running slowly, but actually covers a lot of ground.

    Trick of the game has to be when Kaz backheeled to himself… through the legs of the CB. Fantastic move!

    Awww. This kind of game makes you miss the CCC a wee bit…

  61. kadar and tavernier did fairly well as our center backs. I’d say kadar showed his superiority though. Ferguson did great at left back! Plenty of ability to mark, tackle, and hold off a man, while also showing a whole lot going forward. Could be the deputy that we’ve been asking for for Jose

    Raylor played like he always does, not a whole lot of pace or tricks, but can pick out a pass and can just belt a shot every now and then.

  62. well done kiddo !!!
    the most important thing is get the job done
    and they did it.

    LuaLua had a very good game worth place on the bench maybe ?? what a fine form Tim Krul had really put more
    pressure on Haper

    I chuckle about the way CH interview after the game
    He doesn’t give anything to the press ,dose he !?
    I like that haha

  63. Lua Lua had a great final ball on him tonight very pleased to see him put in such a good shift.

    Tavernier looked great too, very quick and did what he had too do.

    Ranger was excellent too

    Vuckic was a bit ominous hopefully he didnt get injured

    Well happy with the result

  64. Shola did well, he’s got tricks the others don’t have.
    Taylor’s goal was amazing.

  65. AndrewT- agree on Ferguson. With he and Kadar able to fill in at LB, not sure it is much of a priority for this transfer window

  66. Aod that ben arfa news is couple days old, thought some of the kids were great tonite lualua specially, thought ranger n taviner did great bein out of position

  67. Decent performances from lua lua, Ferguson, tervernier and krul. Did the job, into next round. Well done Hutton, gamble paid off and fringe players got some experience.

    Taylor needs to go, we’ve just got back to the premier league and nobody should be on £60,000. He believes that he’s better than he actually is.

    Let’s hope that we can edge a win at wolves on Saturday and continue a winning streak.

  68. The ref was a f***ing mong in that game.
    I’m all for letting the game flow, but not the blood.
    He musta left his cards in his handbag.

    What league is he used to officiating?
    The bairns did well enough v a team that wanted to do us.
    I think Vuckic is used to a more cultured game tbf.

  69. Evening lads. Glad to get the win with the bairns out and a few observations on the game.
    The Sir Bobby banner was a lovely touch from them, real show of class. Ranger for MOTM, he was excellent. Looked fast and strong on the ball. Thought kadar did well, some excellent saves from Krul. Tavernier was hit and miss but looked fast. Lua Lua also looked excellent. Lightening fast, good with the ball at his feet and deserved axgoal. His accent is also rather amusing. The ref was terrible. Vuckic was a silly boy with the elbow but a few shocking challenges from them. Also, hughtons interview was top notch. Set him straight about not answering questions. The man is a legend!

  70. The ref was poor to be fair, there was a lot of two footed tackles with studs showing, could’ve ended with a few injuries.

  71. The commentators said something during the game that i thought was spot on. He was complimenting the work ethic and togetherness of todays team and saying that it was basically a reflection of the first team. Seems to me that Hughton and co. have brought a real togetherness to NUFC and it has transcended even to the lower/younger ranks. This is great news for us as I feel attitudes have been the only thing holding NUFC back from producing some top class youngsters.

  72. Agreed, nasty challenge from vuckic, I was expecting better. hughton is doing a good job, he concentrates on his job and let’s the board get on with theirs.

  73. Good point, just paper talk, but obviously the agent is trying to get as much as he can. No smoke without fire, now that he has been transfer listed.

  74. Cheick Tiote will be confirmed tomorrow. Hmmm, I wonder what shirt number he will receive???

  75. It’s just a good job we didn’t have our 1st team out there tonight, as there would have been a few sending offs & possibly injuries. Luckily the young ‘uns just wanted to get on with it & didn’t over complain.
    Lua Lua was my MotM with Ranger up there too.
    AS give it a good go, but the bairns were too good for them & deserved the win.
    Some corking goals too, there’s were blinders too btw.
    AS did themselves proud apart from being well rough in the challenge.
    But hey we’re through & CH did the right thing preserving the 1st teamers.
    Nice one lads.

  76. El Toro I dont think any of the players didnt put a full shift in tonight they all done well and some done even better I really thought Lua Lua was real good tonight as too was Ranger except for one bad pass. The only player I would critisize was Vukic WTF did he do that for there was no need for it and I hope CH rips into him for it.

  77. Big D,
    aye, that was well naughty from Vuckic, maybe it was avenging some of their ‘stuff’ & the ref was just letting everyone get away with GBH, so it was his fault really.

  78. I dunno what Vuckic put the elbow in for. I don’t think the lad caught him with a rash tackle at any point. It can be put down to inexperience but there’s still no need/reason for it and it’s age isn’t much of an excuse for that sort of behaviour. Could have been an accident but it didn’t look it. I have no doubt that Hughton will have a quiet word in his ear. On the subject of Hughton and touching on what Toro has already mentioned, I get the impression he is a fantastic man manager. There seems to be a real togetherness in the team as a whole. All fighting for each other, all playing for each other and it’s a great thing to see. Hughton really is a true gent and is seemingly, quite quietly doing a fantastic job with the squad and with individual players. I can honestly say I’ve stood by him since day one but he’s really impressing me just now.

  79. I don’t know if it was a dirty play by Vuckic. It looked as if he was trying to push off a bit and hadn’t realized that the guy hadn’t jumped for the ball…..

    That being said it was a rather chippy match. Glad Joey wasn’t out there…

  80. Aye the youngin’s played well, I take it back because Tavernier had a canny game. Thought Ranger did v good even though played out of position by Hughton, really don’t think he will get a fair chance in the first team under Hughton, who obviously doesn’t like him or something. Pleased to see Ameobi and Lovenkrands get 90mins and a goal each although they were dissapointing by their high standards against a League 2 team. R.Taylor fantastic game and wonder goal. Showed us what we are missing when he sits on the bench for 89mins. All in all we’re through, mission accomplished and no injuries/fatigue to important players so v happy.

  81. Clint- his post match interview was also brilliant. Tried to keep it match related and when the bloke from the box was persistent he was met with “that’s something to do with the player, his agent and I’m not going to discuss it at this moment in time, simple. No, thankyou”. Legend! Little Lua Lua’s accent with his Geordie twang also had me laughing like

  82. DJG,
    CH did give Ranger a good run out, so he can’t hate him that much mate.
    & he showed what he can do, could have had a couple too. He needs to be a bit more merciless in front of goal, but he’s getting there. & he didn’t take no shit!

  83. Ross,
    aye CH always plays a straight bat in front of the mongs like, love that about him. He gives them f*** all.

    Lua Lua is getting his game face on which is nice to see.
    Loved the accent too.

  84. Anybody else think we might get a sneaky result against Wolves and then be estabished top 10 material with Blackpool at home to come. Things are certainly looking up, and Sunderland have 1 point and Man City at home, Wigan away, then Arsenal at home :)

  85. CLiNT FLiCK

    Aye man. Needs to get his laces through it instead of trying to place it but he’ll be fine.

  86. DJG- I definitly think a result at Wolves is a possibility. I’d take a point but with the first team back out after Villa, who knows?..then Blackpool at home is a game we should be looking at taking 3 points from. Can’t remember who it was on ESPN but they highlighted the fact that when we get the mackems at home we could be in a canny league position if things go our way and they could be in the deep stuff. Would be brilliant! :D

  87. Blimey just looked at the poll results…Most people on this blog sure are confident after the Villa game eh :)? Or perhaps we should be anyway..I’d be happy with a draw tbh…but i’m not voting due to superstition..heh

  88. Would definitely take a draw.

    Draws away and victories at home against the bottom half teams will keep us up.

  89. Think people may be getting a bit carried away with Lua Lua. Lets face it, this was League 2 opposition at the end of the day. The prem is a whole universe apart. One good performance isnt going to make me change my mind. I still think he is a headless chicken.

  90. toonsy, i would not say lets not get carried away , there are premier teams in the league at mo., and toon not so long ago that would have been easily beaten by accrington tonight , it was a fair – good test for a second XI , I loved the end to end feel of it , if it were not for Krul , could have been different !!

  91. Shame to hear bout Taylor, I think and hope that its all part of the games. I can see why the club has done what it has and agree with it, just hope Taylor comes back with his tail between his legs, but we are certainly going to find out shortly if he loves the club as much as he says he does.

    Its nice to have a different topic to talk about for a change other than the usual!!!

  92. @Mark H: Look at my the comment No. 214,that’s the small news about him From OM. :(

  93. AoD……..thats nowt they weren’t saying 2 weeks ago.L’OM have been trying to get him to go somewhere else all along as they would prefer the permanent deal.Benny will decide where he goes but it won’t be L’om

  94. Watching the kids being caught out optionally, tevernier especially so reminded me if the old first team when we were relegated. The difference is that these were mainly kids with hardly any, if any, experience.
    Agree with Toonsy, we need to remember who we were playing before we decide to send last nights team to play chelsea. Lualua was lightening fast. I couldn’t believe how quick he was. Hopefully r Taylor will be fit enough to get back in the first team soon.