All this ‘Carroll for England’ talk is a bit premature.

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Carroll - Future England number nine?
Carroll - Future England number nine?
Most of us Newcastle fans have known for quite a while now that Andy Carroll has enough about him to make himself a force to be reckoned with in the Premier League.

We have seen glimpses of that already this season. Even if you take out the three goals he scored against Aston Villa, you can still see that there has been an all-round improvement in his game.

As a striker, he will inevitably get judged on how many goals he scores, and what better way to grab the headlines than scoring a Premier League hat-trick? Andy Carroll’s exploits of last weekend seem to have caught the attention of the press, with the result being that Carroll is now being thrust around as England’s next great thing, a saviour, a shining beacon of a new era for the national team. Haddaway man!

In our opening game of the season, nobody wanted to know who Andy Carroll was. He didn’t score in that game, so all the roughing up of one of the best defenders in the Premier League, all the running, fine hold-up play and excellent distribution was overlooked. In fact that big fat hairy oaf, Martin Samuel even went as far as suggesting that Andy Carroll had blown his chance in the Premier League after that one game, which is quite frankly ridiculous.

Fast forward a week or so later, and now Carroll is the toast of the nation, the centre of attention because he scored a hat-trick, and rightly so. But much like it was too premature for Martin Samuel to write the lad off, it is also too premature for people to be touting Carroll for England at this early stage in his career.

Don’t get me wrong, and to pen a cliche, if he is good enough then he is old enough, but that time will come when it comes, and not on the say so of the media. It wouldn’t happen as the bandwagon is in full swing, but I feel that they should lay off Carroll and let him go about improving his game week in and week out in the Premier League first.

Carrol still has plenty of time to play for England, and plenty of time to prove that he deserves to be playing for England. I think all of this mass hysteria on the back of one or two games is going a bit too far in all honesty. I mean if he doesn’t score today then I have no doubt he will be written off again in the Sunday papers.

There lies part of the problem though. The media build things up to a level so they can knock them down at a later date. I’m pleased, ecstatic, that Andy Carroll is getting talked about for his performances on the pitch, but I feel a little, or maybe a lot, of perspective is needed.

Give Carroll time and he will prove he is good enough!

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129 Responses

  1. If he opted for Scotland he would get straight in the team now :lol:

    Can’t see that happening though ;)

  2. All i am saying is,is still way too early for him…..

    though i was wondering how come rooney/walcott get in at an early age,and not Him.hmmm.

    And Fabio might not choose Him at all,if he continues as england boss. :lol:

    And i thought Carroll mentioned he did given a thought on switching to Scotland? ;)

  3. To be honest the longer he stays out of the England picture the better. The media pressure and expectation is not what he needs. He just needs to concentrate on banging them in for us!

    Pick Bent! Then he can get injured to screw the Mackems big time!

  4. i think the yanks have a spot for him and im pretty sure he has a relative over here…dempsey, donovan, and carroll…i like it…lol

  5. I think he’ll make it sooner or later, I mean how old is Crouch? 29-30? Heskey’s already gone, Carroll is the next best target man out there. Also, he doesn’t seem the type to be bothered by bad press! Come on Andy, 3 more today please..!

  6. Two things are keeping out of the England setup at present, 1) the court case against him pending in Oct! 2) He plays for the Toon!

    Now under Capello, if you’re not playing for certain teams, you don’t get picked, no matter what sort of form you’re in, I mean, take Darren Bent for instance, last season he scored 24 PL goals & was in shit-hot form but because he was playing for the Muckems, he didn’t get picked, why??? Capello always said he would pick players who’re in form, so instead of picking Bent, he picked Heskey for the WC, a striker who cannot score goals, it’s a joke, if Bent has still been at the Spurts, he’d have been at the WC & England would have probably gotten further than with no-goal Heskey & Rooney partnership!!!
    Forget that he’s a muckem, he’s still a decent striker & he should have been picked by Capello but wasn’t & that’s why AC will not be in the England setup while Capello is England manager!!! plus he may also get sent down for GBH like Barton did!!! :(

  7. Mick Mcarthy says he’s good enough…….so maybe he’s not ;-)

    alreet batty,what did ya mean last neet I’m a wee bit confused :-)

  8. Who was the last toon international then? Owen? Jenas? I guess it has been a while

  9. Far too early. Media needs something to talk about and what better to invest in than a Toon number 9.

    If he comes good, it’s a great local hero story.

    If it goes pear shaped, it’s another geordie messiah joke.

  10. Cornish……I said that the other week…they might not be able to afford his personal terms though ;-)

  11. £50k a week doesn’t seem too extreme for a £9m purchase tho, not that I think he’s worth that, he’s like a Lualua with a final ball

  12. AC’s day will come but at the moment he just needs to concentrate on the Toon & continue to develope. We seem to have a good down to earth group of players & a good steady coach….the last thing we want is AC going of with England & mixing with the bling boys & getting his head turned.

  13. ahh got ya now batty…..the “possibly ice” was in answer to him saying it was an age thing and the “is it?” was me asking him if it was an age thing cos he’s way way older than me ;-)

  14. another injury for me in my fantasy footy! thats keane and gomes! i sold defoe cos he was getting op now the fcuker not getting it! happy days???

    looking forward to what jeff and the boys are going to say

  15. It’s not really too early for him. When you look at his game – He’s unbelievable in the air, can finish with his feet, gets stuck in, has good movement that is getting better and better and he’s not exactly slow.

    I was banging his drum last year, when many were saying he’s not good enough (Stardust/BBM), he’s going to get better and better.

    There won’t be a centre half who can cope with him in the air this season.

    We need to be more worried about keeping hold of him, before we worry about England.

  16. whey I’m away up seahooses…..I should be above jay jay at ff when I get back :-)

  17. I’m with Stuart here like. I see no reason not to stick him in the squad for a friendly or two. In saying that, do we have any before the qualifiers?.. Either way, he’s had plenty of experience at u-21 level and see no reason why he shouldn’t get a go. Adam Johnson, Theo, Wilshere, Rodwell could (and should) all be involved. What’s wrong with giving Carroll a go?

  18. Waddles mullet says:
    August 28, 2010 at 9:32 am

    It’s done, man!

    We’ll hear something soon. NUFC aren’t exactly renowed for confirming signings.

  19. “We need to be more worried about keeping hold of him, before we worry about England.”

    of more immediate concern is the court case..i think people are overlooking the consequences if found guilty..there should be no chance of him playing for england with this hanging over him….

  20. Just enoying my breakfast before I head to Wolverhapmton for my liquid lunch before taking in the match. I’m glad the football is back

  21. I’d rather caroll completely ignored England and stuck to his toon career. Last thing we need is caroll getting his head turned by all this national team talk. We need him keeping focus on trying hard and scoring for the toon, not thinking he has to try too hard to get in to england and having his game affected as a result (just speculating of course). And besides, if he plays for England that’s more games, more exertion and more chance of injury. Forget England Andy and just stick to doing it for the mighty mags!

  22. I’ve got to say I’m not too fussed about Carroll not being selected..for now or the rest of this season and next much as I’d like a return to the days of Shearer when a local lad is banging them in for England, Carroll’s main focus has got to stay with Newcastle promotion/stabilisation, what good is it if we got relegated after he plays a few good games for england? all the bids will start flowing in and he’ll be out the door, for good most likely. Its just more chance to get injured anyway, so like someone said earlier..Select Bent!

  23. “Just enoying my breakfast before I head to Wolverhapmton for my liquid lunch before taking in the match.”

    Very Jealous!!!


    Flippin heck is Bruce a knacker. I would hate to think that this wazzock may manage us in the future…

    “The five subs cost £100million and behind me, there were five people sitting in suits who cost £100million too, so that’s what you are up against, that’s what the Premier League is…. no it’s not, who spends money like that apart from 2 clubs ?

  25. Toonsy…give it what for at the Wolves match mate, have a great time and come home with three points, would be just the job…

  26. morning fellas!

    does anybody really think we have a chance to sign robbie keane? i think it would be a brilliant signing and i cant understand those who dont want him here like,he is a proven pl striker which is what most fans were saying we needed! honestly think with ben arfa,carroll and keane terrorising defences then we would have the best attack outside the top 4! does anybody have any info on the keane move? just up and if i dont get me skates on im going to be late for molinuex at 3! think hba will be in stands? going to start the ben arfa song today

    think we will win today,there is a great wind blowing through nufc just now and i honeslty cant remember the last time i felt so confident in our club and what we are trying to achieve.the hurricane hoots has landed!!

  27. hurricane hoots,thats chris’s new monniker for me now,wont refer to him as anything else now,he really is a hurricane..hoots.

  28. SS I agree, Keane would be a great loan signing imo.

    Tuesday sees the end of the transfer window…thank goodness for that !

  29. “But I feel we’ll need to pick up a percentage of points away from home. All we can hope is the experience we gained on our travels last season will keep us in good stead for this season.” Chris Hughton

    I’ve got a bet on at work that NUFC will finish above Sunderland and we will get 15 or more points away from home, starting with today. My reasoning is pretty much what CH said above.

    I’m 27 and have been following NUFC all my life and I cant remember a time when we have been so organised defensively as we are now. I lost track of how many times last season we shut up shop after going ahead (I know this is a different league etc etc) and went on to win. I dont necessarily think we can shut up shop in this league, but I think we have a fantastic chance to get some points away from home.

    The players are used to a 4-5-1 formation and seem to thrive under it. I think teams will underestimate how organised and well we play with this system, Wolves for one. So I’m going for us to get a draw today.

    I think if we look at the Villa game in comparison with today’s performance/result, we should get a decent idea of how well will do this season.

    Professional, organised, get a result = mid table
    Dont turn up, poor attitude, loose = relegation fight

  30. Can’t see Keane coming personally, his wages are a problem and Hughton would have to drop Nolan, Smith and one other to accommodate Tiote, Ben Arf and Keane – I can see Smith being dropped for Tiote – maybe the signing of Keane is dependant on Shola and Smith moving out on loan or sold

    who knows – I’ll be glad when tuesday comes around and the bloody window shuts

  31. All games are televised, it depends whether your service provider shows all the games or not… I’ll be watching it in HD over here in Dubai…

  32. not sure whether keane would be a good signing or a bad singing.
    hes one of the most over rated players in britain (bit like owen before he joined us) but he does work hard and would be a good dressing room influence (unlike owen)
    would it be worth it to get him in for a year? i most certainly wouldnt want him long term (too old and is not going to be banging them in at the same rate these days)
    he also goes weeks and even months at a time without scoring and can sometimes be a bit like nolan…where if he doesn score he doesn contribute an awful lot else.
    also if we bring him in and he scored 10 goals or so….we are back at square one next year

  33. I’ve just been on some Olympique Marseille websites and they have reacted very angrily to the whole Ben Arfa situation.

    Not so much the fact that he is leaving, but more the fact that he is leaving for very little. Buying players and then letting them go for a mere percentage of what they cost seems to be a common theme in recent Marseille history.

  34. Ice did ye see Toonsy @ 48 mate. As for signings I take it Stuart was right all along about Arfa Daley signing, as I was reading CH’s quotes and there is noway he would talk about him unless we had him. So who needs Craigcoozy when we have our very own no frills no sh1t Stuart ;)

  35. Also, I read somewhere that young Jose didn’t really know what to think about KK as he apparently never spoke to him…

    …There goes that old ‘superb man manager’ myth, eh?

  36. Big Dave

    Agreed. That is why I am taking such pleasure in bringing such facts to everyones attention :-D

  37. Big Dave says:
    August 28, 2010 at 12:10 pm
    I Love Mike just out of interest what is it you love about MA ?

    haha tongue in cheek matey, cant stand the guy, but dont tell anyone, shhhhhhhhh

  38. to be fair to k.k.jose wasnt playing that well at that time,even fat sam didnt play him all the time and he signed him

  39. jay jay i got abducted. Come too walkabout. Bit of a sing song going on. Not a wolves fan in sight

  40. All that Jose lacked was confidence. Its a manager’s job to give them that confidence. Footballs all about confidence as well as skill. Roader destroyed Luque’s confidence and the same could have easily happened to Jose. Fans can also make or break a player.

  41. Stuart79…regarding cups…and owt else for that matter…no…!…apart from the Texaco Cup and stuff…!

  42. Carroll shouldn’t be picked for an int. team yet.
    His first touch ain’t good enough yet.
    Don’t know why he’d wanna play for england anyway.
    & he’s got court case’s to come, so will be given time to get better.
    It’s just press bollox anyway, trying to suck us into thinking he’s good enough for int, then they’ll jump on it & say we’re delusional.
    They make a better window than a door like.
    he should just get his head down & play for us first, f*** england.
    F*** chelsea in the cup too.
    If we do well, sweet, if not, who gives a f***?

  43. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    August 28, 2010 at 1:20 pm

    “Don’t know why he’d want to play for England anyway”


    Get back to washing cars – I presume that’s the limit of your working ambition!

  44. I agree – hope hughton sticks with kids in CC rather than risk injuring first teamers and end up getting relegated because of it

  45. Ok Ice,I See your point… IMO KK was not the same manager we knew from the 90’s anyway.

  46. Jay Jay meant to say make sure Toonsy sticks to shandy’s and only a couple, as you know what he’s like when he has more than 2-3 ;)

  47. Cheers Munich Mag

    They said on the BBC that it was today! =S Just watching Blackburn V Arsenal, do you reckon Big Samantha would swap Taylor for Phil Jones? No…me neither

  48. Where is eveyone? Thought everybody would be checking in every 5 mins today see Ben Arfa finally sign lol. Well done to Hughton for closing the deal. Where does the number 37 come from?

  49. You just have to laugh at how clueless Andy Gray is.

    “Arshavin has been quiet, he has been quiet so far this season. Im surprised he even started today”

    1minute later, 2-1 to Arsenal. Goalscorer? Andrei Arshavin.

    Does the idiot make any statement in regards to his comments just before the goal? Of course not.

    …Moron, haha!

  50. ATLAST well done Stuart you got it spot on ;)

    Atlast the Club seem to be showing a bit of ambition which is all most fans asked of them. Although I dont know much about him and I didn’t really think he was a player we really needed, but I just have a feeling that he will fit in here real well and will become a cracking exciting player for us to rant and rave about ;)
    Howay the Lads

  51. El Toro spot on mate ;) he is a complete tosser I cant stand his smug face or his voice come to think of it I cant stand his name either

  52. Dave get ya head oot Stuarts arse man – I’ve just had me breakfast and its making me sick!!

    When this story first surfaced he was saying there was no chance we would sign him or anyone else for that matter, just like craig jizzum, sjt, hitman, trojan and the rest of the moaning mob.

    Well I hope them miserable fcukers are gonna quit their whingeing now!!!

    Somehow I doubt it!

  53. Get in there! Fantastic news. I cannot tell you how much I checked the blog, google “ben arfa” latest news search, and the other various sites to see if there was any news over the weeks and months virtually but now his here and it’s fantastic news! well done to the entire team who made it happen!

  54. Never thought we would sign Ben Arfa to be honest. Ah well, can’t grumble at a loan. If he doesn’t deliver, we can always get rid.

  55. Has to play second striker or wide right, surely? Can’t break up the Jose/Jonas partnership

  56. Toon Chicken you are a complete knob that continually spouts sh1t on here I honestly think you have the hots for Stuart as you seem to stalk him all the time. So take yer head out of MA’s arse and try to stop running others down, ye really should try to get a life of yer own and stop worring about others

  57. Whatever Dave you pr1ck.

    Hope you’re enjoying the taste of Spews left ower chinese.

  58. I just hope it was worth the wait! I would like to see Smith or Tiote with a four of Barton, Ben Arfa, Jonas and Nolan switching positions and supporting Carroll. Perhaps thats abit technical at the moment so HBA on the flank or maybe in for Barton if he has a dip.

  59. Dunno like batts – seems like there might have been a bit of cottaging going on between Stu and Dave.

  60. Excellent signing!! Well done NUFC and well done owl heed!! Impressive transfer window! I guess now would be a good time to say I TOLD YOU SO!!!

  61. good news on the arfa front, jeez ashleys finally got his act together
    happy with our signings in this window , any more will be a bonus tho we could do with cover for lb – kadar can play there but feel he may get exposed

  62. wonder why they have said nowt about that algerian lad that had his medical along with B.A.might have failed it like

  63. Well Batty Lad hows you :) As for homo queer fest Toon chicken has a thing for Stuart as he never really comes on here to talk about anything else apart from Stuart this or Stuart that. I just dont see the point of coming on here to stalk other bloggers or argue over their opinions. if you dont agree with others thats fine but it gets real boring listening to it

  64. batty says:
    August 28, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    “iam gannin over too com they have a better class of fighting”

    It all handbags ower there man. Give my regards to Stardust, batty.

  65. lol worky who would of thought all the times u pair of fairys tryed too gang up on me you would end your love affair :lol: