BREAKING NEWS – Steven Taylor placed on transfer list.

Posted on August 25th, 2010 | 166 Comments |

Breaking news that has just been announced has revealed that Steven Taylor has been placed on the transfer list at Newcastle.

Details are sketchy at the moment and there isn’t much information knocking around, but I can only speculate that it could be to do with his contract talks.

More to follow…

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166 Responses

  1. Nice timing….wasn’t CH saying nobody was leaving in this window the other day?
    Don’t quote me on it like but sure I read it somewhere.

  2. I for one would be glad to see us cash in on him now rather than see him sulk on the bench and let his contract run out. He was always a defender i had doubts about; concentration wise

  3. its not good news. But if it has to happen then I would say get good money for him and buy atleast one forward and one defender.

  4. Sort of hard not to see this one coming. There was a report the other day that contract talks had stalled, and another report that Williamson is in talks for a new, long term deal. either STaylor really wants to leave or his contract demands were unreasonable. Not really bothered by it as we seem to have depth at CB- just wish this could have happened before he got injured. Start the bidding at 12M

  5. is it contract talks that have broken down? if so have we not been here before with taylor, his old man and contracts. although full details to be revealed if he has asked to leave, let him go. perhaps CH has mentioned that he is not a guarenteed starter and could be fourth choice at CB when campbell is fit

  6. been on ssn. Greedy fecker wants more money I’ll bet. probs wants the same as colo. I think the club are calling his bluff, or wanting to cash in if any other club want him.

  7. sirjasontooon

    yes US Newcastle United my club

    would you rather see him go on a free ya?

  8. Sell him and use the money to buy attack minded players, Not a bad thing really as his shoulder seems to be weak now so how many times is he going to get injured and spend alot of time in the treatment room. Hopefully we can use the money to put towards the Ben Arfa deal.

  9. Being perfectly honest, I don’t mind seeing him go at all, especially if the haggle is over wage demands.

    Very interesting though this.

  10. I think his scrap with Carroll will have a lot to do with this. You can see on the pitch how close Carroll and Captain Nolan are – Taylor will want out of this perceived clique. I think we could actually do good business out of this.

  11. Can this be our next Milner case ? If Hughton still be on our helm, I think he have enough reason to let Taylor go.

    Another Gold fish bowl ? are you Geordies Steve ?

  12. I will wait and see if there is any official confirmation before I have my say on this. Sky sources have been wrong before.

  13. Love S Taylor and his energy on the pitch but he does get caught out and now seemingly injury prone.

    Hard to argue with the decision really.

    Will only have an issue if any money raised is not then re-used (or made available for January window).

  14. Doocey- agreed. One year left on his deal right? If his wage demands are still too high, I don’t see the club having a choice. Collo, Williamson look solid, adding Kadar and Campbell for cover, Tavernier and Perch can play there as well. I believe there are some other younsster CBs at the club who are well thought of.

  15. williamson is miles better n boyota n wilson are good players to, do swap deal with chelsea staylor for mancienne n van arnholt

  16. Reports flying about are that we may have bid for Bougherra from Rangers as a replacement…

    Only a rumour tho.

  17. Not surprised – if he’s saying gimme 60k a week or I’m off I’d cash in now before he just runs his contract down and leaves for nowt

  18. ”Being perfectly honest, I don’t mind seeing him go at all, especially if the haggle is over wage demands.

    Very interesting though this.”

    Agree 100% with this he is also very over rated, the club shouldnt be held to ransom over his wage demands

  19. with colo,williamson n campbell n id love to c kadar get brought on now, n go sign a top young player

  20. I meant to say Boyata is from Man city not U. Makes some sense since CH has admitted talks with them…

  21. …If the rumours of 60k are true then get rid. He isn’t even worth the 40k they were offering let alone 60k. Can’t say I am all that bothered anyway. We have enough depth at CB

  22. Crap player, crap attitude, the next Carragher. bye bye, sell him now and sign Benny please. Rather than let him leave for nothing. Williamson is a better player honestly.

  23. Well, he looked a bit sheepish at the game on sunday.
    Probably worked his way out of the team mentality & got in CH’s ‘untenable then’ books.
    Also, seems a long time to fix what looked like a minor dislocation.
    & am i right in thinking that it’s his ‘other’ shoulder?

  24. jus ssn we offered him 4year deal at 40k+ aweek but he wants 60kaweek sell him, id take marc wilson from pompey like, or boyata from city, or mancienne from chelsea, or bring on some of youngin henderson n folan are rated very highly at the club, kadar to get his chance at cb now which is mint

  25. The problem is who will buy him when he is injured for another month or two, I know we did with Gosling and Villa did with Downing but its rare, Its a shame but if he’s playing the prick over his contract get him gone and bring in someone else, Sad but all too predictable…

  26. 60k per week does sound like a lot, stinks of sodding agents this – I would prefer us to keep Taylor

  27. Do we really need him now that we have Willo and Collo as no. 1 and Campbell as experenced cover aswell as Kadar for emergencies.

  28. My only fear is that this might be coming too late in the window for us to get proper value for him or to reinvest the funds.

  29. Steven T is a joke, It was only a month ago he was saying he loves the club and is proud to play for such a special club.

    Not so special now Steven when your throwing your toys out of the pram cos your being greedy and not getting what you want.

    Fingers crossed Carrol gives you another kicking before you abandon ship

  30. i can’t see any clubs offering him 60k a week mind; maybe Spurs but he won’t be a starting XI player there, at least at the moment

  31. Carroll didnt hit him hard enough, might have knocked some sense into!

    Im livid if the demands posted are correct……who does he think he is? He aint that good

    Ship him out and bring in Boyata, Mancienne etc as already posted

  32. I’d say we need 4 CB’s and Campbell has 2 years left – tops!!

    Shame to see him go but I think he’d only hoy his toys oot the pram when he realised he was no longer first choice anymore anyway.

  33. Rob Pyle, I wouldn’t go as far to say he was abandoning ship mind, he wants to play for us, I just think his agents are turning his head with promises that he should be on 60k a week, tried hankering for that, I think this stinks of agent manipulation

  34. if campbell has two years left jus think of what he can pass on the likes of kadar,henderson n folan

  35. felt this was comeing for the last 12months or more.let him go we had the best defensive record without him for good while,would have been good cover at right back like

  36. not too fussed about this ,in fact i think the club are doing the right thing if its true about his all acounts he has a VERY high opinion of himself within the team when in truth i dont think he is actually that good,he makes alot of mistakes and is unfit alot so if we get a good offer that can go towards other players then get rid.i actually applaud the club here,he is one player that we could get a decent fee for that wont upset the dynamics of the squad very much – even at all.can be replaced easily

  37. @ Rob Pyle

    “Fingers crossed Carrol gives you another kicking before you abandon ship”



  38. Can’t say the Chicken didn’t see this coming like…

    Toon Chicken says:
    June 10, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    If the stories about him are true I’d be very surprised if he gets offered what HE thinks he’s worth.

    Hopefully they’ll be able to meet somewhere in the middle.

    Toon Chicken says:
    June 10, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    i agree, stu. I reckon around £40k would be fair. I’m guessing he’ll want at least £50k tho.

  39. Fraid that Stretford having asked for 60Kpw when the club’s position is quite public, tells me that he’s effectively engineered this!

    I’ve no sympathy at all for Taylor and he’ll not really be a miss will he, given his record over the past couple of seasons.

  40. SHENRYO – I understand where your coming from but he is a human being and he has a right to speak his own mind but simply if your in love with the club and dont wanna leave then tell your agent where to go cos i know i would do so if i wasin his shoes, i would play for the club for alot less than what he’s getting now

  41. If we do manage to get Marc Wilson, then we’ll have signed a very good defender, and of equal if not superior quality to Steven Taylor.

    Not just saying this because I’m Irish but I’ve watched this lad many a time, real good defender, and I can’t imagine they’d look for much more than £3m for him.

  42. cc why can u honestly say u are that gutted bout him leaving am not, we will defo get buyers bcoz of the new 8 home grown players rule, hope liverpool come in for him jus ask for a swap deal with babel, or jus ask city if they want him for boyata,johnson n caicedo

  43. I will be disspointed if he goes as i think he is a good player. But no one person is bigger than the club n if he is looking for 60k he knows where the door is as far as im concerned.

  44. I await apologies from the people who had a go at me for questioning Taylor and his attitude all those months back ;)

    Howay then Big Dave, you first :lol:

  45. If he want to leave because he don’t get 60k/w and no place for him in team. let him go ! It’s mean Taylor is the Fxxing childish loser !

    he’s not boy anymore. The place in the team, he have to fight for it. Not because he’s Geordies and he will get anything he want. I admit I like him so much and want to see Taylor to be our captain for one day, but this is football, anything can happen.

    Geordies want to leave Newcastle. Arr, what the hell going on. However nowaday we cannot ask the loyalty from local lads anymore. But it still shamed to think about it.

  46. mds says:
    August 25, 2010 at 1:36 pm
    My only fear is that this might be coming too late in the window for us to get proper value for him or to reinvest the funds.

    Sounds Familier :lol:

  47. CC says:
    August 25, 2010 at 1:38 pm
    Well that feel good factor lasted a sum total of two and a half days… :X

    Ive never felt better. Good riddence to the crocked pile of sh###e I say. He’s not p###ing on my feelgood factor.

  48. to be offered 40k to play for the supposed club he loves and to then demand 60k is a sad indictment of tayls,if true that is

  49. 6 days isn’t much time to swap him for anyone, however, if we can at least ship him out, we can wait till Jan to re invest, as we have cover at CB for now. Agree with alot of people that Kadar should get more games.

    Just when you thought things at the toon were getting better….. lol

  50. For A moment i thought the breaking News is that we bought Ben Arfa Permt. :lol:

    Anyway,I would like to know the clearer picture….Is he wanting to leave,Or the club has no choice to sell him off?

    Arsenal would be a great place for Him. Since Arsenal defense has been awful lately. ;)

  51. I’m personally not overly fussed by Taylor, canny player, but nowt special.

    I sit in the east stand, on line with the Gallowgate 18 yard box so I have the pleasure of watching his awful positioning for 45 minutes a game at close hand. Not good watching!

    Williamson’s 14 games last season (and 2 already this) has filled me with more assurance/confidence than Taylor ever has. 6 mil for Taylor, 1.5 for Williamson, which is the better deal?

    Something has obviously happened, im sure it will all come out sooner or later. And lets not start with the ‘oh but he’s a Geordie’ or ‘he gives it his all’ crap, it’s pathetic and childish.

    If he really loves this club he would in that office trying to sort out whatever the problem is right now. If they cant, well, he obviously doesn’t want to be at the club as much as what people think. So much for all pulling in the same direction eh.

    My personal opinion, he’ll be thinking he is f*cking Paulo Maldini and will be demanding a fortune. The club wont budge.

  52. Davy

    Its a shame because he will more than likely go elsewhere and become a star despite everyone saying he isnt so great, Look at Milner, Parker and N’Zogbia

  53. Steven Taylor is not a Geordie.
    He was not born in Newcastle-irrespective of when he moved to Newcastle he is not a GEORDIE!

  54. Rob Pyle; yeah I agree to be fair, I am just disappointed, especially with demands and what I believe is agents turning heads; I always envisioned him at the Toon, progressing well, but hey ho :(

  55. ILM – My personal opinion, he’ll be thinking he is f*cking Paulo Maldini and will be demanding a fortune. The club wont budge.

    Haha made me chuckle :lol:

  56. Lets all wait for tonight and cheer on the youngsters against A Stanley and see if any of them think this is there chance now to show CH that S Taylor is making the biiggest mistake of his life.

    Can you really see S Taylor getting in any 1st team Starting line ups in the top 7 in the prem??

  57. milner yes, parker was like a bloody crab when he was here he only went side ways, nzogbia is at wigan n maybe b goin to birmingham am still waiting for him to get his arsenal or real madrid move he always used to talk about

  58. TOONSY I was with you all the way on him,anyway the good news from toon is A.CARROLL has signed a new contract

  59. He most certainly does Toonsy-part time plastic geordie.

    If he is sold I think it is safe to say the money will not be spent on senior players-shame and the timing is very DeJaVu.

  60. CC,
    get y’point mate, but zog & parker are now big fish in a small pond(life).
    & milner is still worth half the amount payed for him, max.

  61. He’s not worth 60k and of course the moment you give him wages like that all the other young ‘uns – caroll being the obvious one – will start thinking they need pay rises too and their agents will make noises in the press for it to happen.

    All this serves to do is to rock the boat the longer it drags on. I’ll be sad to see him go in truth because he has been excellent for us in the past but over the last 2 or 3 seasons he’s being giving it the Big I Am and, well, sorry Steve but you’re not *all* that you think you are. You handle the ball far too often, you take too long to turn, make too many reckless challenges in the box and are injury prone. Take the 40k and sort your head out!

    I’d love to see van Aanholt because he had raw potential and seemed to have a decent temperament that would fit in with the New “Us against them” Toon mentality that, frankly, is worth more than Taylor could ever offer. Plus of course van Aanholt knows the club and the lads know him; I’m just not sure if he’s ready for the Prem just yet.

  62. i think the emergence of willo,nolan and carroll as the main men in the side will have had alot to do with this,his ego needs a good massage by all acounts and he thinks he is mr newcastle-he isnt. he seems to stand on the outside of the group,the one and only pre-maddona at the club perhaps? im not sure but i think it will be something along those lines.because he was one of the only geordies in the team when he emerged then i think he was hyped up a little,i cant say i can remember any stand out games from him and when you look back at his toon career the negatives will by far outweigh the positives imo

  63. aw yes sirjason thank you i forgot about his custom twirl everytime he recieved the ball lol

  64. Well done Ashley and derrick. I applaude you on this. The only problem is Everton and Arsenal are notoriously bad payers but who knows some other clubs might be interested. Can’t see us getting anywhere near his true value with him being currently crocked and last year of his contract. :(

  65. Can see him going to Brum or Everton – I seriously reckon that’s the best he could hope for.

    Having said that, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him at Wigan. They need defenders and I think DW might put his hand in his pocket for the chance to “steal” one of his old adversaries “prized assets”. Haha – that would be class!!! :lol:

  66. I have never posted transfer rumours before but last night i was told by my Rangers supporting nephew that we were in for Bougherra but he thought it wouldnt be done until the January window, i didnt believe him until i read this about Taylor.

  67. “parker was like a bloody crab when he was here he only went side ways”

    Not in his first season he wasnt, 2nd season he started to do his daft twirly thing but he would benefit us now, N’Zogbia maybe at Wigan but we all know that he is better than them and wont end up at Brum, Marseille more likely…

  68. I trust Taylor less than I trust the clubs. Plus he’s not very good & is injured a lot. I can see him waiting until the end of the season to maximise his future earnings i.e. No transfer fee equals more weekly wages & a possible signing on fee. That said we won’t get a huge fee as his contract ends next year.

  69. I’d happily swap him for other players we need rather than cash. Robbie keane? Boyata and caceido? Ben arfa? Yakubu? Babbel? Sturridge and van aahnholt? Take your pick chris the balls in your court now mate

  70. there is better brighter younger players we could get in raid chelsea for arnholt n mannciene, by the way any heard the connor whickham rumour that would b good

  71. Ashley Williams is a good shout, similar to Williamson, nowt flashy, does a solid job, 2mil would probably do it,

  72. The club won’t get too much for him with the length left on his contract and all the other baggage. Some of the figures being bandied about may be wildly optimistic.

  73. we’ll be lucky to get 3.5/4m for him with the circumstances like contract,shoulder etc.i would try a swap,not sure who with though,send him to om and get hatem!!

  74. Can’t see him fetching much Fee wise-think most teams would rather wait ’til he is fit and get him on a free transfer.

  75. Hahaha 60k dream on Steven, I think 40k is a fair deal accept the deal or go to somewhere like West Ham for the money he’ll fit in nicely alongside Upson another overated overpayed player.

  76. Mixed feelings about this. Think he could be good at RB and I’m not sure that should he go, the cash would be spent on first team players. However to be offered 40k pw and turn it down asking for a minimum of 60 just stinks of greed from a “young Geordie” who “loves playing for his local team”. He clearly thinks he’s better than he is. Rumours have floated around for a while that he’s not exactly loved by other players off the field, Carroll has already gave him a good twatting. Seems driven by money, incredibly greedy for a player his age. If we can get 7 mil for him and make genuine moves towards the likes of Benny or other attack minded players then it’s bye bye Saylor. Besides, Williamson has looked more than canny anyway and he cost us pennies.

  77. Wheater would be a good shout like, ILM.

    He doesn’t fit into boro’s new policy either so maybe they’d be keen to get rid???

  78. I remember hearing how Ryan Taylor was a good replacement for N’Zogbia because he can beat the first man from set pieces and wont moan…

    Wheaters a fair shout because he is out of contract in the summer, As for people sayng about selling ST to Brum or Wigan, Do you think he will sign for them he will sit back and go for nowt and more than likely realise his potential like Milner

  79. Derrick : So Steven when was the last time you kicked a ball for the first team

    Steven : Er 8 months ago boss, but my Shoulders sore.

    Derrick : Ah well, Have you signed your new contract yet.

    Steven : Er no boss my agent said I was worth 60K a week not 40K.

    Derrick : No Steven he said you wern’t worth 60 carrots a week.

  80. CC – aye I reckon Taylor will prove to be a great player for Wigan… in the Championship!!! :lol:

  81. Have to say I, like Taylor am dreaming if I think we’ll actually get 7 mil. 4.5/5 is more likely I think.

  82. well done NUFC – talke no crap!!
    he is over-rated
    he is arrogant
    he is not even worth the salary he getin no
    he is injury prone!!
    we have cover in that position!
    at best he could have been rite back!
    let him go and rot and to play infront of 15K at Wigan or 30k at Everton!
    well done NUFC 4 calling this arrogant guys bluff!!!

  83. I think the club had no option but to take this stance. Pity it is so near to the window closing.

    I hope I am wrong, but I think we will have to let him go for as little as £2m /£3m or risk him sitting out until he can go for free.

    As already pointed out, he is not going to be named in our 25, so if he does not leave now, he will be picking up his wage for nowt till Jan soonest.

  84. RLTR – And the airport woman gets her paycheck for doing that? Where can I apply :lol:

  85. anybody know of any clubs looking for a cb just now? got a feeling he wont be going anywhere till long is he out injured for?

  86. Saylor’s been working towards this for a few months, with positive noises from him & then planted story’s from his agent to try to get a bit of interest.His agents next tactic will be to say its about ambition not money. Can’t see us getting much of a fee either, he’s in the last year of his contract & injured.

  87. I have gone off Taylor over the last year or so, i think his opinion of himself is far too high, he was used to being our “best” defender for a while, but he was only made to be the best because if he made a mistake or messed something up all us fans would forgive him because we would say it was inexperiance or it was because he is so passionate about the club. The players he looked good against where Bramble, carr and Colo. Colo seems to have come to grips with the english league now, Bramble & Carr have gone, we also have Enrique who looks good and i think Taylor was a big fish in a small pond, and now even though he is still a good defender he is as not important to the club as he wants to be. if it is a mater of money and he wants more than the self imposed pay cap by nufc he should get lost, if this club meant anything to him he would take the 35 or 40 grand being offered to him, i hope he gets sold we make a nice profit and he sits on the injury or subs bench at his next club talking to Shay Given or Beye thinking what a mistake they have made

  88. see one of the twitter agents saying he wants to stay but doesnt feel he is being paid his ‘true value’!! which the agent says is ‘understandable’!!! really sums up these leeches like.cant stand them

  89. These football players will do well to remember that at a time where the general population, the fan in the stand, is feeling the pinch, there will be less sympathy over this kind of behaviour.

  90. He won’t get 60k anywhere,he’s asked for a figure he knew he wouldnt get because he never had any intention of signing a new contract whatever was offered.He wanted away last year but nobody came in with a decent offer.We’ll be stuck with him until January then we’ll get £2-3m for him.Thats my opinion anyway.

    Toonsy I’ve been watching that thing for ages….when does big Andy catch him?? ;-)

  91. Has everyone forgotten the incident involving Carroll? He gets the No.9 shirt, and the innocent victim gets transfer listed? Is that fair?

  92. danny, Who says Taylor was the ‘Innocent Victim’? It certainly doesn’t sound like he’s been listed because of the alleged incident that you mention.

  93. He’s ‘home grown’ so should still be worth a decent wedge.
    Can’t see him getting 60k anywhere real soon like.
    So, he & his agent will be forced to accept a deal, cos they won’t have the pulling power at another club.
    He’s mad, coulda stayed, took good money offered him & played for his ‘beloved’ Toon.
    He’s either taking bad advice from his agent or fatha, or he just doesn’t wanna play here anymore.
    Either way, he’s making a dumb move.
    He won’t have the support/patience he’s had here.

  94. Mags09 says:
    August 25, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    “Don’t be so naive.”

    Naive is one word. I could think of others :lol:

  95. @Danny (142) I guess none of us know for sure but from all the indications, Saylor was by no means Mr Innocent in it all. Carroll definitely seems to have the greatest support in the dressing room of the two so will always have come off better off…. And he will not have gained that support over him in the first place if Stevie was the all round nice guy.

    If the £60,000 reports are accurate, I definitely think Steve has gone in with a figure he knows will be turned down and therefore lead to the transfer list; although I think destinations may be more limited than he thinks… I wonder if he’ll still be here with tail firmly between legs next week or end up like N’Zogbia and lower his sights club-wise just to get out?

    Interesting times…

  96. i wonder who will buy him as in the past hes been linked with chelsea liverpool arsenal or will he end up somewhere like stoke which wouldnt suprise me

  97. Danny-somebody tapping up your lass would get a clip aswell, it just happened in the public eye with them!

  98. What confirmation of this do we have? All the usual suspects are on here taking press garbage as fact and having a go at ST and others. Do you never learn?? Do you honestly think those red-top hacks are given any clue about wages, who said what and so on??
    Incredible gullibility.
    I’ll sit tight and wait for some real info before judging anyone.

  99. Whumpie – agree that we don’t know the facts. However, if ST was such a Newcastle fan and wanted to stay I have no doubt that things could have been sorted and he wouldn’t be on the transfer list.
    I have mixed feelings – he’s still young enough to get better as a defender, he’s English so OK for the squad of 25 palaver and he has played some good games for us. However, IF he or his agent were playing hard-ball with the club in this financial climate then, as I say, it gives the impression that he wasn’t that emotionally tied to the club. For the reasons above and because some managers have long memories, he may attract a decent fee, if not now, in January. Let’s hope so.

  100. What’s the betting ‘Arry comes in for him?

    Shrewd as he is, he’ll see a solution to his annual injury problems at CB – King plays the first half of the season and Tayor the second. King and Taylor get their time off sick and ‘Arry’s got cove all season….. maybe!

  101. I cant believe this news, what are the geordies on about!!!! Steven taylor is a quality defender and if Stretford hadnt been a tit at the start and mike ashley actually new what the hell he was doing, he would be sitting there with a new 60 grand contract. Anyone saying he isnt worth it is out of touch as city have blown the blocks off what footballers are being paid in the modern game, so in order to have some sort a parity, equal-ish wages must be paramount. At newcastle their are 2 quality homegrown premiership talents, Taylor and Carrol. They have both had their differences but these 2 players are newcastle’s steven gerrard and jamie carragher, if you arn’t gonna give these players decent contracts why would you give them to anyone else. Steven taylor has always maintained his commitment to playing for his hometown side even rejecting Stretfords attempts to shift him before we went into the championship. Loyal player who wants to play for the club and get what in the upper echelons of the football industry is a now standard wage! This is just gonna be James Milner all over again. Aston villa didnt create james milner, newcastle united did, and how much money did cashley get for him 12 mill or something only to have a year and bit later aston villa selling him to city for 28 million. Is that good buisness!!!! that seems to me of managment who doesnt know much about the industry. Steven Taylor will get sold for next to nothing and then in a season he will be sold again for some kind of silly money. Speaking of money where has all the money gone from the exodus of players at end of the nightmare season, players like obafemi martins (9 mill), seb bassong (8 mill), duff (2.5 mill), beye (2.5 Mill). It would be a cold day in hell before costing 22 million being relegated from premiership. Then theres the supposed windfall that being promoted to premiership brings, where is this money!! Other smaller teams who have been promoted seems to be spending some money to strengthen their squads!! Were at newcastle united the infrastructure has been at this club forever so what the hell is going on when we are now seen as the paupers of the premier league! It pains me to see this, as the great bobby robson said about his father, “If he cut himself he would bleed black and white”, all i know Bobby and his dad will be rolling in their graves at the prospect as he was a firm believer of bringing through young local talent and would never of sold him on unless it unevitable. We must keep hold of our geordie players, they are a key component of showing what football in newcastle can be. Liverpool would never sell steven gerrard or jamie carragher, why? Coz they’re scoucers. They deserve to be treated better as they are home grown heros. Give steven taylor what hes asking for coz in todays game 60 grand just aint what it used to be. I know what il be asking Santa for this Xmas….. The same as last year……. A new chairman or an unfortunate accident to the current one. Come on Santa!

  102. LoTTeBoXeD

    Im afraid I can’t understand what your talking about at all. Your transcript is very poorly researched and naive to say the least. Firstly to suggest that Newcastle should offer Steven Taylor £60K a week because of ‘parity’ with Man City is frankly rediculous. Newcastle have recently reduced the amount of money it offers players for new contracts, not increased them. Ok if you suggest S Taylor should be offered £60K where else in the prem apart for Man City would he be offered that because he certainly wouldnt at Everton or Arsenal, the two clubs he has been linked with.

    To compare A.Carroll and S.Taylor to Gerrard and Carragher is also naive. S.Taylor is a ‘bad egg’ in the dressing room at Newcastle, he has a bad attitude and is disliked by most of the squad, who backed Carroll when they had their well documented fight.

    I would agree that he is like Garragher, in that he is slow, has poor positional sense and is vastly over-rated, for no other reasons.

    The stuff about comparing him to Milner is just rediculous so Im not willing to comment further.

  103. 60 toonsy says:
    August 25, 2010 at 1:43 pm
    I await apologies from the people who had a go at me for questioning Taylor and his attitude all those months back

    Howay then Big Dave, you first

    Toonsy where is your prove or are you just going to blame Taylor before you know the Facts ????

  104. Good defender but if we get £6m I’ll be happy enough, haven’t missed him much so far, might be a different story when Campbell retires. Gives Kadar more motivation to stay and fight for his place too.

  105. LoTTeBoXeD @161…..sorry mate, but I have to disagree with most of your points here, regarding Steve Taylors salary and with you arguing salary parity with clubs like Man City. Why break the bank for players ? I have grown to absolutely hate City, they have an insane policy splashing money everywhere. How and why should we compete with these clubs just to bankrupt the club for “average” players…

    Every player has their worth, and what they themselves think they should earn. I think we have cover for ST,if he doesn’t want to stay and fight for his place, because he is by no means a certain starter even when he is fit, then it’s his own call. MA and CH know this, and have now called him to see which way he will jump. In the mean time they have put him on the transfer list cos the club know he is a potential source of some real income which the club can spend elsewhere (or MA stuffs it under his mattress like normal !). Of course what will really happen is that he will stay at the club, and leave on a free transfer at the end of the season. IMO this was always the more likely scenario anyway.

    Canny lad Arsene Wenger….

  106. First my point was not to have salary parity with man city but to have your two home grown talents on contracts were other teams wont be so quick to start the rumor mill trying to upset then sign these players.
    what are you talking about the point i was making about james milner was that he left nufc for i think 12 mill then was sold on by villa to city for silly money a year and bit later. If we had kept ahold of him then we would of got silly money, and that the whole move of selling milner smacked of desperation for money and i can see the same thing happening with taylor. We loose him for 5-6 mill because his contract is about to expire, top team buys him then in a season and half he gets resold for some kind of silly amount! I understand that these are difficult times for nufc and that a salary structure is adheared to just like at arsenal, but for me you have to have your home grown talents on tip top contracts. They are ambassadors not just for newcastle united football club but to the city of newcastle, and for the youngsters watching they are local idols / heros. As for my point of drawing lines of comparrison between gerrard/carragher and carrol/taylor as being naive, what are you talking about! My point was thay they are all home grown for their respective clubs, not what type of character they are. So what if taylor’s character is a bit “unique” i think you would have same outlook if the club you love so passionatley were so unremorsefully trying to hawk you about to potential bidders, i can certainly agree with his outlook, when such a shambles of a football chairman is in charge!!!!.
    Munich Mag
    I hear you and agree you shouldn’t break the bank for players if they are either unhappy or uncommited, by taylor is neither he wants to play for newcastle. If you hear what he says on this issue, he blames stretford for a lot of things and the club for underappreciation of him. This i would have to agree with, when they were trying to hawk him off to highest bidder, which understandably would make him upset. I think this 60k a week is a sign of that, in that he want a contract that would make him be seen as a pivitol component of the side. Whether he is good enough to remain as a starting player at the moment is up for debate. Finally DJG i think you need to learn how to have constructive conversation not just critise things as naive just because you dont agree with them.