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Hughton - A crowd favourite?
Hughton - A crowd favourite?
Chris Hughton has had to endure some critics ever since he became manager of Newcastle United, but the number of critics is most definately reducing.

Talking to fans in the stand at Molineux yesterday, there seemed to be a growing respect for the man that has overseen somewhat of a transformation at Newcastle in the last 12 months or so.

There is now a bond that seems to be forming between Hughton and the fans, and that was echoed by the chants of ‘One Chrissy Hughton’ from the stands, a chant that Hughton duly acknowledged by giving a wave. The groundwork for this bond was set last season as he led us to promotion, a 102 point haul, and The Championship trophy. He really couldn’t have done much more last year, but he still had to prove to some fans that he could cut it as a Premier League manager. He seems to be making a good fist of it thus far.

It is very much early days in the management career of Hughton, but people seem to overlook the fact that he has been a top flight coach for near on 20 years previously. Granted that doesn’t mean he will make a good manager, but it does give him vital experience that he can use, and is using, for his job currently.

I think it is fair to say that there aren’t many managers who have had to deal with what Hughton has had to. Looking back on last summer and the start of last season we were a joke, a shambles off the pitch with a whole host of problems. Yet out of all that we have a team that seems to want to play for the club, for each other and for the manager.

A lot of the players seem to rate Hughton highly and have nothing but praise for him. Jose Enrique was the latest one to say things like that the other day as he revealed that Hughton is the best manager he has worked under – a common theme among our players currently.

There is still a long way to go this season, but the start of the season has shown that there is still the presence of the never-say-die attitude that served us so well last season, and Hughton must take some of the credit for instilling that into the team. A few years back we would have lost that game yesterday. The Michael Owen’s of the world would have been bullied off the park. This team is different.

Long may it continue

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110 Responses

  1. Aye hes doing alreet if ya ask me like… bringing in Hating Ben Affleck n the rest for less than 6 mill. Long may it continue.


  2. chris hughton is a legend – good man manager, good motivator, great eye for a player and clearly no slouch when it comes to handling the board or the media. even his tactics seem reasonable despite a lot of peoples worries.

    can i just say though – is it just me? i feel almost dirty saying it but you have to give credit to ashley and llambias for the past 9 months as well. the way they operated in the jan transfer window snatching routledge out from under boros noses, getting williamson in for pennies was great business and shows they have perhaps learnt some lessons. and this summer look at gosling, perch, cambpell, ben arfa. they seem to have learned the right way about things and showed a great balance between playing hardball, and yet not missing out on players the way they did with moses.

    dont get me wrong, they had a ‘mare in their first year, but you have to give them credit where credits due. maybe some of their bad behaviour really was inexperience rather than pure evil?

  3. Aye he’s doing a cracking job.Still a couple more signings to come in me thinks.I’ve got my Everton tickets now and looking forward to Blackpool coming,canny fans and they’re more of a footballing side than Wolves so should be a decent game :-)

  4. You cant help but respect the guy. He has a quiet dignity that has inspired and enforced a solid worth ethic in the team. How he works with a squad now full on talent is his next challange

  5. I think houghton is the best manager we’ve had since bobby robson, the fact that hoots put a huge bobby canvas up on his office wall the day he was made permanent manager says it all about this man, he is fast becomin a toon hero in my eyes, players seem to love playin for him, n I love his transfer dealings n the way he goes about the transfer market, big credit has to go mike ashly backing houghton this window, n also calderwood n baron need big praise to, keep up the good work, sothern press must b sick everything is runnin so smoothly at the minute, even ppl who said we were certs to go down r startin to say they wrong

  6. Indeed. It is all quite amazing really. Long may it continue. Let’s hope a few dodgy tactical decisions and a couple of poor results don’t change people’s opinions too quick. But, from what you say Toonsy, the fans on the terraces and getting behind him and that is what it is all about. I am too far away, but I think for you guys at the games, it could be a bit of a pleasure over the next year or so. Enjoy. Great thing is, that last year gave the whole thing some perspective. This blog and .com are different but both great in their own ways, cheers for it.

    ps. Bl’dy great HBA signed, as I said, its all a bit amazing really.


    match highlight for 13 min

    after watch highlight cos I couldn’t catch proper live stream I feel really sorry for Barton and I’m sure he will be targeted many more time after this. what annoyed me was the ref should protect him more than that after he got hard tackled about 7 times and I don’t moan about physical football as I can understand it. but it’s a little nasty tactic from Wolves to try to break Barton tempo but good for him that he can kept his cool and about Nolan had a go with the ref he’s captain what should you expect him to do , just watched his teammate being targeted by Wolves player !?

    and another thing that Nolan really kissed Carroll !? LoL

    time to forget this match and get ready for next game.


  8. Ditto, the guy, behind Sir Bob & KK, is fast becoming one of the best managers we’ve have in the past 2 decades :)

    I wonder tho, do the bookies still have him down as the 1st manager to be sacked this season or has that changed now???? :)

    I think the management team, including Ashley & Llambias have done a very good job so far, lets hope that they don’t do something stupid to ruin it all later on :(

  9. I really respect Chris Hughton
    He’s a nice guy , good leader and great work ethic
    He has gained so much respect from the team and lately from the fan too.

    He has never get carried away with anything just keep working hard and instruct that to the player
    he never show lack of respect to anyteam we played against.

    he’s a top class guy and that effect to the team
    I read somewhere that the manner of managers dose show by the player and that is really the case for CH and the player.

    I just hope that someone start to realize how fantastic work he’s doing for our beloved club and give credit to him.

    It’s still an early day for him so there’re many thing for him to learn in the game of football and I’m sure he will do exactly just that but so far has been so good and I hope long may it continue.

    I say I love Chrissy Hughton :)

    There’s only one Chrissy Hughton.

    here’s a good interview from Enrique

  10. Yes it’s only 3 games gone but what Chris done last season is nothing short of fantasic.
    And I’ve never been totally against Ashley but not sure about llambias mind, have we all now realised what they mean by “No capital outlay”

  11. As much as I have loved the wins, the tactics to go gung ho at home and drag out a draw (and if lucky snatch a win) away. The idea of the targets. The man motivating. The signings.
    The thing I like most about the man is his ability to have put off those trying to rock the boat. The man gives nothing away. The comments in the transfer window keep the ball in his court, granted he hints and bluffs but he aint no souness or dirty’ arry’. I think the best was his handling of the question about barton (and earlier in the year carroll and taylor) being targetted (on top of the fact he seems to have help level barton out!) where he was a picture of calm, meaning it can’t be blown out of proportion. I’m sure he’ll have cursed under his breath, and will discuss it in house but he’s dealt with all our situations admirably.

  12. I agree he’s turned the club around, but you have to give credit to the likes of Nolan, Smith and Harper. They were also instrumental in changing the wretched atmosphere in the dressing room and galvanising the team. We’re onto a very good thing with this manager and these players. I’m quietly optimistic about achieving more than just survival this season and moving up the league a lot quicker than the four or five years mooted.

  13. what a great result for us yesterday eh lads? those on the .com blog who were sying it was a bad result and werent happy obviously werent at the game! they are the type of fans who really get my goat up! always complaining about everything and never happy,cant stand it.we played a great game and hurricane hoots’s tactics were spot on again,loved the only one chrissy hughton song,made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up like.he really has transformed the club in ways only kk and sbr managed to,ok were not quite where we were with those 2 greats but he is defo in 3rd place behind them,quite comfortably too.and with the signings we have made,especially hba,we will have a great atack.cant quite figure out who will make way for hba and tiote,think it has to be nolan and smith,yes they have done well recently but just think that it will be them who step aside when you look at where they play.will give the hurricane a selection dilema and its only a good thing.HWTL

  14. Solid -the prima donnas of old would have wimped out at wolves.
    Glad CH is being backed at last Ben Arfa looks a treat and Robbie K would be great addition.

  15. Was thinkin bout robbie keane signing n I think a loan with option to buy wud b great, if we had him on loan n then he signed a 3 year deal he wud b 34 by the time his was up, but he is like lampard n giggs keeps himself very fit, u know what I think is mint at the moment veryone was crying saying we need new signings better than what we’ve got n now we’ve made those signings everyone is saying who r we gonna drop to put them in the team I think a few ppl maybe eating humble pie about some of r players who they thought weren’t good enough becoz to they r proven they r

  16. was talking to a family member yesterday who works for the club and he said that if they could, they would get rid of Ranger in a shot! Said his attitude is awful and every rumour you hear about him is pretty much true. He said that alot of staff and players have worked hard to get a fantastic feeling around the place so why would they have someone round to poison it like him (his words)

    Said he was in Anick (???) not long ago, trying to be the big boy and he got cracked by someone!! haha

  17. Have them wolves fans fooked off yet, Kin hell i thought Villas lot were annoying Pricks

    Cannot wait for Blackpool at home now, Also get your pennies on Big Andy being in the england squad now Crouch and Zamora are injured

    P.S. I agree with the sentiments on CH, Terrific job up to now but we have got 4 points and need 36 more before we can start patting each other on the back…

  18. I love the way CH Handles the media, he is a really nice guy and I hope he carries on doing a good job. I hope tho people will stick with him if we get a few bad results and not start turning against him. The bookies don’t have him as favourite to get sacked anymore either, he’s now about 5th or 6th favourite.

  19. agree with all the comments. notaghost,spot on I love the way he handles the media.
    SJT…totally right the team of 2 seasons ago would have bottled it and probably got hammered.
    People(mainly pundits) who say we’ll struggle cos we have the same team who got relegated kow nowt.a)player wise we have quite a few different players and the deadwood has gone b)the goings on off field had as much to do with us going down as what happened on imo c)and most importantly for me,when we went down there was no team just a group of players.CH has moulded them into a unit with the help of the senior players.There’s a long long way still do go but those lads will run thru a brick wall for each other and on top of that he has given us,the supporters our pride back.
    Long may it continue.HWTL

  20. “totally right the team of 2 seasons ago would have bottled it and probably got hammered.”

    I said that watching it, Owen would have run off and hid behind his mummys skirt sucking his thumb if big bad Carl Henry had a little swipe at his toe toes…

    As for Henry, Where have you been hiding mate, Big Sam would pay big money for a talentless clogger on your ilk

  21. Think we’ve got an excellent sqaud now n if keane n two more sign if I expect will happen u hav to say keane is better than what we hav, I feel for lovenkrands,best,guthrie n shola but no one is garenteed a starting place havin a big sqaud means everyone has to up there game to prove they deserve to start even new players, athough no one deserves to b dropped at the moment, I do think blackpool is the perfect game to bed the new players in like campbell, tiote n arfa id like to c
    perch campbel colo jose
    arfa tiote guthrie jonas
    keane carroll
    I kno this won’t happen bcoz players like barton,smith hav been superb I jus feel wud b a great game to bed players in

  22. Just add my praises to the man. Has the backing of the players and fans and has done a fantastic job handling the media.

    It’s just 3 games into the season, so there’s still some ways to go before we can assess his tactical nouse in the big league, but he gets a thumbs up from me.

    He seems to have done well in the transfer market too. That’s also too early to call – we’ve only seen one of his signings actually play.

    I remember us being very happy with some plum signings in the past, only to find later that they were lemons.

  23. Keane supposedly got option to buy for 6mill next year, got to say if we buy arfa n keane next year for 12mill id b well pleased, these two players alone cud get us mid table finish which is worth nearly 6mill for that which pays for one of them straight away

  24. Aye, the blokes a smasher, who said black managers can’t have success??

    he deserves all the praise he gets.

    Ashley has been excellent also, kept his mouth shut, ne promises but has delivered, certainly on the transfer front.. I’m enjoying my rose-tinted glasses for once..

  25. Well well, a decent start, a couple of really good additions and maybe even more to come in. I for one am very happy with the state of things at the moment. I think there will be alot of people having a re-think on the anti-Ashley stance, and whilst I agree he started poorly, surely he has proved that he has changed and it is time togive the ownership a chance? Where’s the plum that was on about starting the protests again? I always said judge them at 6pm Tuesday and that’s when we will know. Smashing

  26. Its shame if he’s goes id of liked to c him prove he cud make it but if xisco goes n keane comes in that is crackin business

  27. I´ll certainly not judge him on his past. Last season he did great. This time it´s a new season. Every manager has his faults and what worries me about Chris are a couple of things. 1. Ameobi. 2. Why´s Krul not number 1 ? Harper´s been awful this season. Fake competition? 3. Nearly the same as number 1. Why isn´t Ranger ahead of Ameobi in the pecking order? 4. I feel like Jonas has had his mind elsewhere this season. What´s happening there? 5. The midfield. He seems to have solved that worry with Ben Arfa and Tiote but we´ll see.

  28. The window shuts at 6pm rich mate but yeah there’s always late deals announced etc so midnight a fair shout. I hope shola goes and xisco stays, but if we have to find money for leaned wages then needs must, plus we must be close to the 25 limit now anyway?

  29. @35
    1, shola, to most he’s a joke but he did score some decent goals that helped last season, and doesnt cost much having around..
    2, Harper is the best keeper he have.. he’s played well this season?
    3, Ranger hasnt seemed to progressed for me, Shola does have that experience.
    4, jonas is mint
    5,was there a concern at 5 or just a rhetorical question:)

  30. Anyone else think Shearer should be a little embarrased after watching his performance on MOTD? The way he was laughing about Barton? Just a thought….. I mean I’m a Newcastle fan and I wasn’t laughing about it..

  31. Mite b 31 but b best striker at club he looked awsome n pre season for spurs, he turns 31 at end of season if he signed a 3year deal next season he wud jus turn 34 at the end of the contract n he keeps himself very fit good signin I say let’s us develop airey for a few seasons, like campbell couple of seasons out of him n we can develop kadar n henderson or folan they can learn from campbell n keane n in a few years time hopefully there ready to step up

  32. Like others I wasn’t sure of ch, but that’s only because he hadn’t managed before. Cracking job last season and like others have said, perhaps we have unearthed a diamond here.
    Love his interviews. Wonder if anyone could ever goad him into a keegan “love it” style rant?

  33. I think Als still a bit sore about Josephs questioning of his managerial ability and calling his pal Dowie a c*nt…

    If we could sell Xisco and bring in Keane and another left back it would be superb business IMO

  34. Agreed toonsy – not just al but all 3 of them, and I for one like to see the game played hard but fair, can’t stand Spanish footy for all the rolling on the floor, but there were at least 3 bad tackles there. We all know it’s because they were against joey that he got the reaction he did, I’m disappointed with al. Everyone knows he’s a toon fan so why keep up the pretence of being impartial too? Hanson doesn’t so why was he like ‘they’ this and ‘they’ that. Shocking. I think he’s crud on tv anyway

  35. Toonsy, shearer has made his feelings on Barton clear in the past. He just can’t stand the guy. Probably for his off field antics. Seems to be able to forget about caroll though.

  36. @40, very true mate. I certainly rate the player I just think Ashley wouldnt sanction the deal at £6 mill. I’d love to see it happen, he’s one of those Peter Beardsley player where managers don’t know where to play his as he’s more of an attacking midfielder than an out-right striker..

    Ashley has knocked some deals back this window, not sure which ones but he’ll have the final say, obviously.

  37. Toonsy I have to agree about that MOTD piece, shocking, if it was Barton committing those fouls it would be all over the papers. Guess Shearer is pretty straight up tho, it’s obvious Joey isn’t one of his favourite players :lol:

  38. I can see three or four players leaving before the deadline. Maybe even January.

    and believe it or not, Jonas.

    There has been a lot of speculation this summer about Lazio etc being interested in Jonas and now we have Ben Arfa I can see him being sold if the right offer comes in. I won’t be happy if he does leave though, as he represents everything NUFC fans love in a player. Honesty, hard work, trickery and the willingness to take on a player or two.

  39. The guy that kept fouling barton looked solid in the tackle.. I use to love the old style David Batty challanges, most players are too gay to tackle like that now-a-days..

  40. JOHN

    Are you talking about the talentless hoofer, Karl Henry?

    He is a shocking player. He is a championship player AT BEST.

  41. toonsy 39 – yes, I agree! If those tackles had been perpetrated on Jow Cowl of Chewsea, Waynetta Slob of Manure or Cess Pit-Fabregas of Arsenal there would have been an uproar with cries of “refs failing to protect” and “managers and players clogging the skill out of the game”. Talk about hypocrisy.
    Two other things – much as I like successful managers, I also like those who know how to be calm, civil and thoughtful whilst still being enthusiastic (SBR, Woy Hodgson to some extent) and tough if necessary. Proof that you don’t have to be a b****rd to be successful.
    It’s still early days – Glenn Roeder had a great first season – but I think CH is far better than him and has had far less to work with and he has certainly earned my respect.
    Let’s not kid ourselves though – there will be some hard times and disappointments ahead – some people on this blog need treatment for bipolar- we’re rubbish when we lose and all is great when we get a good result.
    Finally, does anybody have a friend who is as miserable as my mate? He makes Victor Meldrew look like the Chuckle Brothers! He was predicting before the Villa game that we would beat Sunderland’s low points record of 12! Well, we’re already a third of the way there….

  42. TOONSY on J.B. what comes a round goes around i think he did really well,and we have a little fellow comeing in from ivory coast who ime sure took “note”of it,and that wolves player is a pussy cat compared to this guy belive me,not that i condone that like ;)

  43. Sorry – Jow Cowl of Liverpool!
    PS Can’t see Xisco or Leon Best (remember him?) getting many games – unless we are absolutely knacked by injuries. Taxis?

  44. Rich – the window should shut at midnight tomorrow but it’s extended due to bank holiday.

    I wouldn’t be suprised to see someone leave, would
    hope shola as I think on balance he offers the least, but there’s defo Gota be someone going out on loan now, esp if keane comes in. If he does that’s him and mclovin similar and corrol and shola/ranger/xisco similar so someones off, got to be.

  45. Icedog – Going by that video I posted of that Tiote, if he did “take note” then I would worry if I was Karl Henry. The guy Tiote is built like a brick shit house and loves a hard tackle. Can’t wait :twisted:

  46. Good points John. Not really a question number five. But I still think Harper hasn´t been good this season and I´ve always preferred him to Given but I have to be fair though I like Harper a lot. And I forgot my most serious concern where like against Manchester play broke through there time and again. The right back position. That needs to be addressed but probably won´t. Can someone please tell me anything positive with Perch? (I know he´s young)

  47. Johann

    Perch is still finding his feet. Guys, please remember that this is Perch’s first time at top level. He will adjust if given time as he certainly has the minerals to do so.

    Both Perch and Williamson will only improve if given more game time.

  48. So judging by the comments on out new hard man, we are only upset at wolves cloggers because they were doing it to us. If we were kicking them its ok?

  49. “So judging by the comments on out new hard man, we are only upset at wolves cloggers because they were doing it to us. If we were kicking them its ok?”

    Was thinking the same thing.

    Anyway, those expecting us to repay the favour to Mick McCarthy’s thugs at SJP will be sadly disappointed. We wouldn’t be able to get away with it. We have far too many players with a reputation of bad tackles etc and the referees would have that in the back of their minds. Wolves got away with it because 1. It was against our lot of “bad lads”, and 2. None of their players have a bad reputation…None of their players have ANY reputation as for the most part they are bunch of talentless nobodies.

    We will repay the favour at SJP, but not with thuggish antics, but by blowing them away.

  50. Micky – If we set about trying to injure one of their players out of the game then I wouldn’t agree with it BUT they targetted Barton as they knew there was a possibility he may react. It was pre-meditated.

    Besides, it was only pissing about anyway. We are better than that

  51. @58.

    I think guys like perch need a few more games before he’s critisised, it’s the highest level hes ever played. Danny Simpson wasnt that good when he first came her but looks ok now. Look at Colo first season.

  52. Re Perch, looked ok to me yesterday again. Seems to be improving and links up well with Routledge. I can see and understanding between the two developing.

    Still, he hasn’t scored a hat-trick and saved three penalties or done anything else super-human in his 3 (yes three) Premier League appearances to date so let’s write the lad off eh? :roll:

  53. Aye, it was a pen, although I couldn’t see in real time as I was at the other end of the ground. Still, it wasn’t given soooooooooo fook em :lol:

  54. It looked like a good challenge from where I was stood, but if I’m honest there was a fit bird stood infront of me and I kept looking at her arse.

  55. I hope players are still given their chance, like Williamson. I hope hes not dropped for Campbell once fit, he’s been superb and set two goals up for carol last week.

    would you be happy for Smith to be dropped for Tiote and Barton or Nolan for Ben Arfa as he’s been promised a central playing role?

  56. TOONSY thought carroll had signed a new contract last week it was reported,now talk of him yet to sign it ?

  57. Great solid performance by the lads yesterday, well done. A draw was a fair result, though we could and should have nicked it judging by the chances shown on MOTD.
    Clear pen for Wolves imo, 2-0 down would have been difficult to come back from, but the pen wasn’t given so tough luck, it happens all the time…

    A tough tackling game it was too, and probably if Wolves had of been the away team they would have seen red cards instead of yellow…the ref obviously favoured the home team.

    Compare the two managers comments after the game, CH steady lad, totally sensible and politically correct. Mick the mackem…just ask Roy Keane… He manages like he used to play, with no skill, panache or whatever…he was a clogger himself the muppet…

  58. toonsy @ 56
    Having watched tiote here in holland i just know he is going to be idolised by the toonarmy once he gets up to speed with the premiership . The guy is going to scare the shit out of many players. As for CH i would say in my lifetime he is up their with the best managers we have had imo, he is as good as Arthur Cox and Keegan but still has some way to go to match Sir Bobby . THe reason he is as good as keegan is the guy has had to work on a shoestring budget unlike KK .

  59. I have a lot of respect and admiration for our whole management and coaching setup at the moment. Not only have the known good guys like CH come through magnificently but even the ones who have done such damage in the past – Barton and Ashley are putting things right.
    Tis enough to make me all misty like… ;)

  60. Where does this promise of central role come from? I’ve only read CH saying he canplay either wing and up the middle.

    Maybe the Daily Mail has hijacked reality again.

  61. I am kinda worried that Lovekrands will not get any chance to play alot….Judging that CH is adopting a lone striker formation.

    I hope not.

    What CH has done over the season is good,But i am still questioning about His substitutes choice he made,and the timing.

    For example,yesterday Match,is CH playing for a Draw or what? IF he is geniunely upset that the team didn’t get the 3points,why he only made 1 sub at 70+Mins,and that sub is SHOLA??? He can bring In SHOLA yes,but he also can bring in Lovekrands as well,then winger yesterday,seems tired at around 68+mins,especially Jonas…

    Bewildered indeed.

    Rant Over. :lol:

  62. You do need some steel in the side, but only if its controlled. Look at scholes. Good skill, buy can also put a tackle in.

  63. oh Team for Blackpool:

    Jonas ..Arfa… Rout
    ……Barton Tiote
    Jose Willi Colo Perch

  64. AOD not really a shola lover but think ch put him in to keep the height in the box with carrolls niggle “rested” with ankle

  65. On comments 60 & 63…. I think the real issue here is that hard tackles are all ok, as long as they are fair, and mainly about the ball rather than the player.. Henry was nothing more than a thug yesterday, and credit should go to Joey Barton…2 years ago he would have stabbed Henry in the ribs with a concealed shiv!

  66. dont mean to blow my own trumpet, but yee knah, toot toot

    only a few days ago I was talking about how tall a team we are now and to watch out for us getting goals from corners and free kicks.

    How did we score again yesterday?


  67. @80
    we won the league last season getting draws away from home with a few wins thrown in.

    I’m quite happy we didnt go gun-ho and play 2 strikers yesterday. we were under the cosh quite a bit.

    we’re 5th now, keep this up we’ll be in the champions league :)

  68. I love Mike @88. You’re the biz mate, always thought that…well done.. we have some muckle players in the team now, nobodys gonna muscle us out of the game now. Well done JB for keeping his cool yesterday..

  69. I have to admit CH has done a fantastic job so far and I think being a coach for so long has made him good to work for as I would say man on man he will be used to working that way and I think the players will like that opposed to Mancini, Benetiz etc who dont really talk to there players. But I wouldn’t say he was one of the great yet I think that would be getting carried away a bit. I think I will wait till the end of the season to make my mind up because I think how he handles a bad run will be a big factor in my final judgement of him. So up to now he is doing a super job, and I am also pleased with the Fat Controller that he has give him the tools to work with and hasn’t as I feared left him out to dry. ;) catch you’s in a bit im away to get me Birthday Fry up yum yum

  70. CH has done a great job so far, long may it reign. If he keeps this up he’ll have earned himself a nice new juicy contract extension….

  71. @icedog: But If CH is going for a win,he can bring both On right????

    I know SHola can score,…But as lone striker i don’t so.

    Anyway,is over.

    I Hope Peter starts to play.

  72. AOD – CH may have been disappointed not to win, but I think the primary foucs was to make sure we didn’t lose. Changing the dynamic of the team could have cost us a draw, or could have won us the game. Who knows, but wht would you be saying if we lost?

  73. AOD i hope loverman gets a run at some point,if only as a reward as the lad gave up his to spend time with his family and get “fit”for the comeing season with the toon

  74. Let’s say if we did change to 2 strikers at around the same time like last night,around 70+mins,and yet concede a last min goal,then the only thing i would say is hard luck…..

    But it does still shows me there is a certain element of prove that CH wants to win…..

    I only feel gutted that Peter didn’t get a match over Shola. ;)

    I am happy for a draw,just His choice over certain sub’s CH makes. Oh well.

  75. I know AOD, I mean apart from nearly scoring with his very first touch, what else can Shola do? ;)

  76. hes been brilliant, i absolutely love the bloke for what hes done for my football club. so humble so respectful and a really nice guy. id like him to be with us for thhe next few decades. well done Chris :D

  77. Raffo..sorry for late response went to watch the village play. Aye ya right about the 1800 finish.That was down to the FA and other European leagues as FIFA say it can stay open til midnight.It hasn’t been extended this year though as it always finishes on the last day of August unless that falls on a weekend or Bank holiday like last year.I’m gonna miss staying up until midnight waiting for transfers now tho :-(

  78. toonsy says:
    August 29, 2010 at 10:39 am
    Anyone else think Shearer should be a little embarrased after watching his performance on MOTD? The way he was laughing about Barton? Just a thought….. I mean I’m a Newcastle fan and I wasn’t laughing about it.<<<<< yes i love the guy but didnt like what i saw the dipshit

  79. Think it’s a bit early to start calling him a brilliant manager and a toon legend..but I hold nothing against him and firmly believe he can attain that status, but it will take the rest of this season at least just to show what he is truly made of. I feel indebted to him for getting us back in the Prem at the first time of asking, and in such a brilliant fashion after I would have taken blackpool’s flukey route back in if it was offered to me at the start of the season :). Anyway yeah, come on the Hoots! You can do it matey :D Hope he can stay with us for a while…I hate how Newcastle feel the need to switch so often-stabilisation is key imo, just look for fergie and venger, would help us no end :)

  80. I luv the fact that for months we’ve been here sayin r players arnt good enough n now we’ve bought better players in we sayin we hope the old ones don’t get dropped classic, u seen what wenger said bout hba some of the things he can do with a football r like maradona

  81. davy, thats jus coz we love the the useless bastards haha :D seriously though, id struggle to fit our team captain in the squad unless he can revert to a midfielder that actually plays midfield, personally id have tiote, ben arfa in middle just nforn but with a total free role, gutty and routledge on the wings. bring in smithy for tiote if required. id prolly have vuckic up front with cazza, playing just behind him, that or lovelyhands