One week to go in the transfer market.

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Tick tock tick tock.
Tick tock tick tock.
In around about a weeks time we will all be sitting here digesting how our transfer window has gone.

Next Tuesday at 6pm (BST) the summer transfer window will be closed and we will know what we have in terms of the playing squad to take us through to the next transfer window in January.

It will also hopefully put an end to the ridiculous amount of ‘in the know’ people that have popped out of the woodwork.

There is nothing wrong with a good old rumour mind, although the lengths that people are going to to try and drag them up are, quite frankly, becoming ridiculous. Sign of the times though I guess as things like Twitter become far more prominent whilst Sky cover all the transfer activity, repeatedly, from a multitude of angles. Long gone are the days where there was only the rumour column in the printed press! Memories eh?

How are we going to do in this final week though? Chris Hughton keeps saying that we are still in the market for players, even after the imminent arrival of Cheick Tiote, but who will they be? Will they be permanent signings or loan signings?

Just to clarify, loan signings in the Premier League are NOT allowed outside of the normal transfer window unless there is an exceptional circumstance for doing so, like a goalkeeping injury crisis for example. However, clubs can still sign out of contract players at any time.

So come 6pm next Tuesday, what we have is what we must go forward with. Some rumours roll on, like the Ben Arfa one for example, some rumours will not even be heard of yet. It is only when the transfer window shuts that we will actually know where we stand.

This transfer window has been made more difficult by the fact that the club are being forced to get the best possible bang for the limited buck on offer. It’s early days, but I don’t think we have done too bad so far with the capture of Sol Campbell, Tiote, Perch and Gosling.

So with only one week remaining, who do you think we will see in at St James’ Park? Who would you like to see? How many players would you like to see?

So many questions, so let’s have a mass debate over them.


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208 Responses

  1. I think it was a lost opportunity not to bring Craig Bellamy back. For all his faults, he’s a fabulous player and just what the Toon need for this season.

  2. I don’t think we can get a single player to improve our first team. It would just be squad players. I like Cacau and Podolski would be nice but I doubt we could get them.

  3. Still wouldn’t mind seeing HBA, but he seems like he might be another N’Somnia.

    Gutted that we didn’t get Osaze Odemwingie. He’s gonna be the Baggies’ star player this season, no doubt. Fast, nippy, eye for goal, and bags of energy. Sure he’s 29, but plays like a man 5 years younger. Would’ve been a good acquisition from Lokomotiv Moscow.

  4. WELL done toonsy on 400th,nee prizes like,but would like to know over what length of time scale was it?1-400

  5. Daily Mail is a joke, so far they’ve had Newcastle, everton, arsenal, Liverpool, manure, spurs all about to bring Ben arfa to the perm, ac Milan to take him to Italy, weirder Bremen and hoffenhiem to the bundesliga and god knows who else

    Stop reading that piece of shit rag

    Good transfer window for us so far, pleased with signings but would like to see some out if we get more in (well as long as we get in first teamers, shola, smith get ya coats)

  6. Toonsy, you’ve been wittering on about it all season long, and you’re dead right: LEFT BACK, LEFT BACK, LEFT BACK!!!!!
    Jose was brilliant on Sunday, but if he pulls another hammy, we’re up the creek and paddleless.
    Now I myself am a left back, so if Mr. Ashley sends a scout out to Vancouver to see me, I’d be willing to entertain. Failing that however, a young ‘big-club’ loanee would probably do the trick at the moment.

  7. Ben arfa is still a possibility, but would that kind of player unsettle the current team. We have more players than I expected from Mr ashley already.

  8. 400! now thats time, effort and dedication! Does anyone else still write blogs on here?

  9. Same old, same old. Cover for Enrique. Another winger.

    The only real concern for me is that some hatchet man will put the Avatar into the physio room for a few months. But he is talent you cannot just sub in for – unless you find some cagey old fox willing to sit unless needed in a pinch.

  10. Ben Arfa (here’s hoping – still) and cover/competition for left back.

    Enrique is playing really well and has been our best player for a while now (in my opinion) but wouldn’t mind seeing us bringing in a young left back to keep him playing at his best!
    Patrick van Aanholt or Danny Fox would be my choice but i’m sure chris H knows who he wants!

  11. Newcastle Transfer Window Latest: Hatem Ben Arfa Arrives on Loan

    Hatem Ben Arfa will become Chris Hughton’s fourth summer signing at Newcastle after agreeing to a season-long loan from French Champions Marseille.

    Newcastle will pay an £850,000 loan fee for the 23-year-old, who is set to win his eighth cap for France this week. The newly-promoted Premier League club have first option on making the deal permanent if all goes well in the next nine months.

    Ben Arfa turned down offers from Germany and Portugal to try his luck in the Premier League.

    The £6 million-rated midfielder said: “I’d like to thank Marseille fans for the way they’ve supported me, but the Premier League is now the challenge.

  12. Uh, Mark H, surely that’s from before he played for France a couple of weeks ago? He’s now played 8 caps…

    Where’s that story from?

  13. Gentlemen, I seriously doubt we will sign a LB unless its someone who can play LB/LW. Not many teams have a specialist LB as cover, most have someone who can cover if required. Perch,kadar,simpson,raylor or ferguson can do it if we’re desperate….its not ideal but I’m sure thats what the mans thinking.A Striker & midfielder are my guess’s, but I’m not related to anybody at the club or have any contact with any anybody in the know….still probably more accurate than some of the rubbish rumours posted on here tho. Roll-on next tuesday @ 6pm, it can’t come quick enough for me!

  14. BIG DAVE its a old storey m8 “4th signing” shows you, toonsy 400th birthday today,hope you got him a cake

  15. Im not going overboard on Carroll despite my faith in the lad (See my fantasy team), But surely a 21 year old with fantastic heading ability and a terrific left foot and the potential to be great should take preference over a 30 year old average footballer who has had one good season in his entire career and not be dumped in the under 21s.

    Bobby Zamora must go alongside Paul Goddard, Terry Fenwick, Michael Ricketts, Keith Curl, Francis Jeffers and Seth Johnson as one of the shittest England players in my lifetime.

    Can the FA not see this twat they are paying £6m a year is taking the piss… :X

  16. Jay Jay go on me son it just shows what having a football brain can do for ye ;)
    Yeah Toonsy congrats mate its been hard reading some but you’ve done well mate :lol:
    Ice it would need to be a big cake mate for that boy ;)

  17. Eveing lads, long time reader; decided to start posting as it feels a bit voyeuristic and there seems to be some good lads on here. Just googled that Arfa quote from Mark H and it seems to be a widely used “story” from Aug 11th… just goes to show how long this has been drawn out lol. Trying to forget about him now. As many have said, the longer it’s gone on, the less likely it appears to be happening so I reckon we just keep faith with whatever Hoots is working on and pray he gets one or two bodies in before next week. Looking forward to seeing a bit more of the young uns tomorrow night, especially the young Vuckic everyone’s frothing about :)

  18. CC Zamora has the experience and undoubtedly more of an all round game than Carroll and not to mention more than 3 goals in the prem (or however many Carroll has).

    I agree it’s time for Capello to test the hunger and commitment of the younger players, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves after a good win and think we’re the bee knees for players. Carroll’s had a good season, but I think Capello needs to see that form reproduced in the prem.

  19. welcome bristoltoon,yeah that was an old story a couple of points gave it away as soon as i saw it like 8th cap and 4th signing i have a feeling he will sign for us but think it will be just as frustrating and confusing up untill he is on

  20. see geremi has had his arse moved out of turkey already and signed for greek side didnt take them long to twig him

  21. Where is michael ball at nowadays he’d be ok cover fo left back. I member him having a stormer a city season before last an they released him. Anyway him maybe caceido and ben arfa would be soundo magnifico

  22. BIG DAVE had a ok w.c. by someones standard,that must have swung it lol,aye J.M.did say that m8

  23. larrisa had lua lua,solano,robert and dabizas is there a toon link on the staff there anybody know?

  24. have asked this question time & time again, but get no response. Does anyone know why we haven’t gone in for Skjelbred? Last I checked he fit in perfectly with the heirarchys criteria. Under 25, wants to play for the toon, not a trophy signing, can’t possibly cost much…Ideas gents?

  25. F666 havent got a clue m8,has been talked about for couple of years,havent seen much of him to judge,but then again is it paper talk,got me beat

  26. fernando666 says:
    August 24, 2010 at 7:11 pm
    have asked this question time & time again, but get no response. Does anyone know why we haven’t gone in for Skjelbred? Last I checked he fit in perfectly with the heirarchys criteria. Under 25, wants to play for the toon, not a trophy signing, can’t possibly cost much…Ideas gents?

    Maybe he aint good enough? Ive never seen so i dunno

  27. Peter Loverhands

    Dont you think at 30 he should have a better all round game, He has scored a total of 40 top flight goals in 9 and a half seasons in the premier league…

    I dont think im getting ahead of myself when i see Wilshire, Gibbs and Walcott who are undoubtedly terrific talents but nowhere near the finished article getting a run out and not Carroll who IMHO fall into the same category shunted into the U21s while we use a load of no marks like Heskey, Carlton Cole, Zamora and the goalkeepers he has called up in recent matches are way behind Carroll in their progression.

  28. I think we need a winger who can cross a ball. We have potentially the best aerial threat in the league, capable of dominating any pl centre backs but the only player we have who can put a decent ball in is Taylor and he’s never gonna be a regular.

    Bentley would be ideal but can’t see that happening at all.

  29. Ice: He appears to be built in the tomas rosicky/aleksandr hleb mould…At the peak of their abilities. & a fairly efficient passer of the ball too…Shame…Could’ve used someone like him…

  30. 52 Elliot – “I think we need a winger who can cross a ball”

    How about that lad from Southern France?

  31. Cheers SS11!
    As I said, been reading on the various blogs for a while (still get confused which is which tbh) but I think the HBA saga has been one of the most commented upon things I can remember for quite a while (B****cks, I’m in on it too now lol). There should just be an ongoing blog dedicated to the guy but I guess he’ll still get mentioned on every other bloody one.

    I think aside from all the rest of the positivity after Sunday, I was most chuffed at the amount of homegrown talent in the team, it’l be a nice change to see a few of our lads announced in England squads in the next few years.

    In an attempt to make a comment on topic, like most on here, in an ideal world I’d like to see a winger (preferably to cover either wing), a left-back and a proper number 10.

    Realistically, I think we could do worse than give Xisco a go in the No.10 role (if not, Nolan can carry on behind Andy if he continues to support like he did Sunday). Henri Lansbury is probably one of my preferred choices of the linked players as he could on the wing or as cover for right back.

  32. congrats on the 400th toonsy

    I think the transfer window so far has been great, we’ve added quality to our squad in crucial areas for very little outlay, just as CH said he would. I dont doubt we will see one or two more before next week, again, like he said we will, has he given us reason to doubt him?

    Who they will be? God knows! (if there was one) Dont know about everyone else, but I love it when we sign players under the radar like Tiote, big two fingers up to the shit slinging press.

    Obvious where we need further additions, an attacking winger who is comfortable on either side, a player maker who is also comfortable on the wings, and cover for left back. If we get this, we don’t need another striker, enough ammunition even Shola will score.

    I think Arfa Fowler will still happen, think it will go down to the wire though. But someone will have to make concessions somewhere, just cant see at which end it will happen that’s the problem, but still, think it will happen though.

    One last thought, I think we will get this/these flair player(s)in, but a key thing, adaptability. It seems CH is not one for nostalgia (442) and likes a player who can play in a few positions (451, 433, 4231), so if we’re linked with an attacking player who is comfortable in a few positions, al la Cleverly, they may be on to something.

  33. The Transfer window the best and worst time of the year….. But it is really annoying me now how little we are doing.

    The Man U game highlighted how much we need to strengthen our team… Yes we destroyed Villa but can we really expect to do that. Don’t get me wrong it was fantastic but we cannee get carried away. We still need more creativity and cover at left back.

    So in summary 2 buys and 1 loan (experienced / young premiership player on loan.

    Then we can expect to stay up this season no problems

  34. VanToon-

    You’ve never seen a Geordie folk singer named Tim Readman, have ye? I hear he’s based out of Vancouver BC. Does a quality rendition of Blaydon Races :D

  35. Basil: Listen, don’t mention the war! I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it all right. [returns to the Germans] So! It’s all forgotten now, and let’s hear no more about it. So, that’s two egg mayonnaise, a prawn Goebbels, a Hermann Goering, and four Colditz salads.

  36. pearceet says:
    August 24, 2010 at 7:25 pm
    “The Transfer window the best and worst time of the year….. But it is really annoying me now how little we are doing”

    here you go mate, look at that and tell me who has done more work this summer, cause unless they cost a fortune, or are some foreign nobody who are getting ridiculous wages and couldn’t give a shit about the club (do you want those type of players?), then I think we have done as well as anybody else.

    “The Man U game highlighted how much we need to strengthen our team… We still need more creativity and cover at left back…So in summary 2 buys and 1 loan (experienced / young premiership player on loan.”

    Man U, contenders for the league and going to be there or there about in the champions league latter stages, and you want us to be at their level with 2 buys and 1 loan?

    Mate, its all relative, we need players to stay up and then consolidate, added to that our team spirit I think we will do better than most think this season. I think CH has done a great job and has got us the right men for the job, for the right positions, at the right times. I think he deserves our trust.

  37. Lets not get too worked up about Ben Arfa. If Ashley cant afford him, he can’t afford him.

    This Tiote guy will be a good player I think. He will replace Butt, accept that he is apparently quick, strong, athletic and can burst forward, nowt like Butt then. :)

  38. Sunderland have started Bent, Campbell and Wellbeck.

    Not taking any chances then Brucie eh. lol

    Would be funny if they got injuries to their first teamers. :)

  39. I Love Mike

    I’m not comparing us to Man U but its just we looked so out of our depth against Man U. I also feel that we we should have looked more at free agents. We could have got some for a year and seen how it has gone. We’ve done ok in the transfer market. Gosling excellent signing, Perch…. i’m still not sure he is prem quality. Campbell good for a year but a bit past it but will be a good mentor for younger players so good signing and Tiote who knows but i have high hopes for him so good signing…..

    I agree we have signed good players on the whole but we havent signed enough of these players this was the point I was making, not that I was comparing us to manure or that we have done badly this transfer window

  40. it is strange how people meantion larissa. There is a link to newcastle and nico dabizas was the club captain at one point and i believe ketsbuia was a short term manager.

    In regards to newcastle i believe that we should be looking for a left back, a winger and a number 10. And i want them in that order…

    In regards to the villa match did anyone notice the suns ratings jose 8 williamsona nd colo 7 and perch 8 star man… We were commenting how we were thinking perch is our week link. The sun makes me think otherwise but i would of giving willianson and jose a higher rating than perch. Williamson for his two assists. Comments always welcomed

  41. CH is building the team slowly, bringing in good players for relatively low outlay. I’ve said this since the end of last season, this season is all about stabilising the club in the PL after the shock of relegation. A mid table finish would be an excellent first season back. Then we can build, slowly but surely. That’s CH’s style, steady lad…

  42. Follow the blog daily, first time post. Feel it has been a fairly sufficient transfer window. Obviously would like to see cover for Enrique but with two defenders already signed don’t know how likely. If a Man City loan is going to happen think Caicedo would be the ideal player good size good pace can play on the wings as he does with Ecuador from time to time.

  43. aye totally agree Munich, I think 99% now see that 4th bottom is the target, anything above that is a success, we’re getting the amount of players, as well the right type relative to those targets.

    Im usually pretty conservative when it comes to targets but I really can see us doing well and causing a few teams problems this season, especially with the height we have. They wont be expecting anything special of us, we may surprise a few teams.

  44. Totally agree with MM N ILM , I think CH is slowly but surely building a very good team here. Im very impressed the way CH gone about his business , very quiet no fuss about him but I get the impression from him ( this is just my opinion ) that when a tough call nees to be made he will make it. I really hope he is given the time ( by the board n the fans ) to make this team his own

  45. MM he hasnt done bad up till now, more so when you look at the tools (cash) hes had to work with up to this point

  46. saltysellars11

    That was a belter of a volley probably should have been used more in South Africa

  47. if we stay up and west brom get relegated i’d like us to sign their defensive midfielder and this would allow us to sell smith. I no its miles away but hopeful thinking

  48. Johno Toon..CH is a perfect foil for MA, he gives nowt away and always plays a straight bat. I’d like to think that his tactics are for away games play deep and come home with a point, and give it lowdy at the home games in front of the toon fans…Could be a good plan. Hope it doesn’t go to rat shit against the Wolves…

  49. The problem is that now we are all aware we are after a player of the quality of Ben Arfa, our hopes have been raised. CH new what effect this would have on us if we fail to get him. a few wins will soften the blow though lol!

  50. Did anyone notice after all the fuss that was made about Dorrans last year, how average he has looked in the prem.

  51. ice I agree mate, CH has done brilliantly so far. It just goes to show what can be achieved when a team play as a “team”…
    I’m also really looking forward to how Routledge develops this season, he could be a real secret weapon for the home games with his pace..just needs to improve his final ball and he’d be excellent…

  52. ConnecticutMag……welcome to the house of lunatics ;-)

    Munich….vie gehts?……agree about Routers with his final ball,hopefully it’ll come……..he’ll get his first goal v Wolves too ;-)

  53. icedog says:
    August 24, 2010 at 8:46 pm

    “MM he hasnt done bad up till now, more so when you look at the tools (cash) hes had to work with up to this point”

    He has also had to work with tools in the form of Del Boy and chunk… ;)

  54. icedog says:
    August 24, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    “see geremi has had his arse moved out of turkey already and signed for greek side didnt take them long to twig him”

    I loved Bobby Robson’s quote about Geremi, Icedog:

    “Jose Mourinho told me last season that Geremi’s legs had effectively gone.”

  55. agreed about Routledge, is 1 of our best players near the end of last season we need to give him a chance to get used to the pl ?

  56. richardj1986 says:
    August 24, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    “if we stay up and west brom get relegated i’d like us to sign their defensive midfielder and this would allow us to sell smith.”

    We’ve just bought a defensive midfielder called Tioté, Richard.

  57. I loved it when he signed for that Turkish team last season and it was like a carnival, loads of people there going nuts to see him, then we came out and said we havn’t sold him yet! hahaha

  58. richietoon…yalreet big man. Did a four hour hike on Sunday close to Garmisch with the fraulein, I’m knackered noo though, been deeing the Crouch robot walk today. Could handle any of those 50 mile yomps that you lads used to get up to thats for sure..

  59. Munich…I hope there was a pub at the end of it!………..I was REME,we didnt walk anywhere.My truck had a tv,video recorder and fridge in the back of it ;-)

  60. I wouldn’t bother about anything Stardust says.

    Nobody takes anything he says seriously now. Especially after he’s made it clear he doesn’t rate Andy Carroll!

    Oh and the infamous ‘Taylor has no positional sense’ quote!

    Can anyone really take him serious after his obvious lack of football knowledge?

  61. Flippin heck it must be rally garbage being a Liverpool fan these days. “Another” consortium want to buy them…madness. Still, we hold the record for the number of words written about one of the best players we never had…Hatem…come on down…

  62. Munich Mag says:
    August 24, 2010 at 9:13 pm
    kin el Geremi…he was a 60K a week man too…glad we got shot of him the waster.

    Aye who used to hand out the contracts santa. Now we got the grinch. and penfold (Lamearse)

  63. noot tino, reckon it will go down to the wire with him like, still optimistic as ever though.

    Have a look at the link ive posted above for sky sports, OM have signed Remy and Ginac so hopefully something might happen soon – doubt it like :D

  64. nice on Richietoon, travel in style…your own mobile fridge nice one, I take back my yomping comment !! Aye, a couple of weiss biers were quaffed, then straight into the scratcher, lights out big time !!

  65. I may be wide of the mark on rout,could be he was trying to hard to prove a point in pl,hopefully he will settle down and release/cross the ball at the right time and quality,he not a nugget,the same can be said of jonas as regards crossing imo

  66. OM are really hoying their money around at the moment. Hopefully HBA will join us soon..

  67. Stuart79 says:
    August 24, 2010 at 9:15 pm

    ‘Can anyone really take him serious after his obvious lack of football knowledge?’

    Well they do reckon the exams are getting easier to pass every year Stu. ;)

  68. Munich……ya shud start taking it easy at your age mate……….like me,I even get a taxi to the bus stop ;-) I could just neck a weiss bier now like.

  69. Ice I reckon if Routledge develops his game this season he could be one of our best signings for years. 1 million quid for the lad isn’t too much when you consider some of the madness going round. I mean he’s got two legs and a heed just like Milner, but is Milner so much better than him ?

  70. STUART@97,apart from the two you quoted do you really think he knows owt about footy iyi

  71. Richietoon, your right mate, the old ones are the worst. They all think they’re boy racers man…Nee more hill walking for me, I’ll just go straight for the weiss bier from now on..

  72. The Makkems suck…with their plastic Geordie manager…the guys in the same mould as that other makkem Chris Waddle..

  73. Hope we get a more respectable attendance for Blackpool like. Not on telly so no excuse. Ive bought 2 tics.

  74. 113…..see Toonsy…MA was right all along not taking too many away tickets…doh…

  75. CH has promised to play a few of the sprogs tomorrow against Accrington..should be good for them.

  76. Ice…….any idiot can rough it…… the intelligent ones make their surroundings more comfy ;-) ……perks of towing the generator too :-)

  77. My and my mate towed a 45Kw generator to scotland. Powered the whole campsite and could have powered the next village probably. :)

  78. DJG knowing richietoon it would be the smallest one he could find. nay the smallest somebody else could find while he was filling his face lol

  79. Me mate is stupid man, we could have took a one half the size, the thing was a bloody power station, we only needed about 12Kw.

    richietoon would have had a 50cc lawnmover one. ;)

  80. Munich at 107.

    Williamson as well…doubt we even paid 2M for him and he looks the part. Perch showed a lot potential on Sunday with his speed. Alll good buys by the looks of it

  81. Munich Mag says:
    August 24, 2010 at 9:13 pm

    “kin el Geremi…he was a 60K a week man too…glad we got shot of him the waster.”

    To be fair though Munich, he was a great player until someone stole his legs. There was something extremely fishy about that transfer, unless Geordie Satan and Fat Sam just thought that Bobby Robson had finally gone gaga.

  82. even if wor bob had gone gaga which he didnt,he would still have a better footy brain than fat sam could hope to have imo

  83. Stu
    Im sure he was really 40 not 30. Similar to Martins, howay man not hard to fake a birth certificate in Nigeria is it. ;)

  84. Anyone else been watching the game between Sampdoria and Werder Bremen? Maurin looks a quality player.

  85. DJG says:
    August 24, 2010 at 9:52 pm

    I’m flattered that you have me on your mind, but what are you going on about?

  86. icedog says:
    August 24, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    even if wor bob had gone gaga which he didnt,he would still have a better footy brain than fat sam could hope to have imo

    He was fighting a losing battle trying to talk any sense into Allardyce, The mans over inflated opinion of himself is embarassing, Anyone else may have heeded advice from Managers as succesful as Bobby and Mourinho, Just not someone who tugs himself off at the sight of his own reflection…

  87. Looking at this Bremen team, I can’t see them forking out for Hatem Ben Arfa. They simply do not need him. They have young Maurin who has demonstrated more quality in half a game than Hatem has in the last few years. They have also just signed a Brazilian to replace Ozil. I just don’t see where Hatem would fit in this team. ???

  88. DJG……..not sure it was a while ago but 16/24kw is ringing a bell………had to get used to sleeping on the back of my wagon with that thing going all night next to it.

  89. Ya right DJG especially my ex wifes theres nowt quiet about an army generator tho plus the vibration because it had to be hooked up to the wagon all the time

  90. Ah right, we had a 10,000W sound system blasting so didnt really hear the generator. ;)

    Night lads.

  91. see Wolves have gone to extra time, dont know how close the team they have out is to their first choice 11, but we’ll have that like

  92. ILM-very good for us like. Ebanks Blake and Doyle both came on from 70 mins I think so they’ve played at least 50/60 mins each given the fact they “scrambled in a winner deep into extra time”. Shouldn’t be an issue for a professional footballer, 150 mins or so in a week but them being forced to play helps us. Glad we’re giving the kids a go the Moro night like.

  93. Something fishy about that mob at the hammers, keep being linked with players & promising signings….then nothing happens…”over promise & under deliver”…at least our mob don’t promise anything.

  94. Re Geremi, I was just saying earlier, watching him try to keep up with the pace of a game when he was here, was like watching a blind man try to get beetroot out of a jar with oven gloves on.

  95. Waddles – hope it’s wrong, but if they want him they will get him. Fergie did say they wouldn’t be making anymore signings….but he has been known to lie & with anderson injured & nani in bother you just never know. Roll-on 6pm tuesday.

  96. Gave up on Benny a while ago now like. If there is an ounce of truth in someone like Manure being interested then obviously that’s where he’ll go. He wanted to play PL football and we were the only ones interested. People around him essentially said we weren’t good enough for him, he’ll be paid more and will play CL football. Fun whilst it lasted, Insomnia!..sorry, Hatem.

  97. For anyone interested, I’m going to kick this off at the next game…

    X-I-S-C-O, X-I-S-C-O

    He is X, Exciting
    He is I, Indecisive
    He is S, Supersub yeah
    He is C, Costsapacket
    He is O, oh oh oh

    He is X, Experimental
    He is I, International
    He is S, Spanish
    He is C, couldbegaythough
    He is O, oh, oh, oh

    X-I-S-C-O… to fade

  98. Davy-aye the Daily Fail are pretty much clueless but how surprised would you actually be to see him appear on the official Man U site inside a matter of days rambling on about how they’re the only club that could have attracted him to the PL? I wouldn’t exactly be stunned. The whole saga has reeked of Modric for weeks now. I’ll be more surprised to see him on our official before next Tuesday, put it that way.

  99. Yea ya ryt is id rather he went to bremen than nother prem club, his agent has said he will make his debut n Saturday so has to happen tomorro I reckon were ever he goes hopeits us like got a sneeky feeling it cud be ya kno

  100. Guys, what are you on?! Why the hell would Fergy go for Ben Arfa!? He couldn’t even get on their bench. Why does everyone on here think he is such a quality player? He is a decent, but inconsistent player who had a lot of hype around him 3 or so years ago but never delivered. If United, Arsenal or Liverpool were interested they would have him already. He won’t be going anywhere near those top clubs. West Ham rumour has more credibility as their owners are morons and are just chasing every man and his dog in a desperate attempt to improve their squad. They remind me of us a few years back.

  101. Would love to see the youngsters Elia and Afalay who played for Holland in the World Cup. They were pacy and very exciting to watch and were the reason I backed Holland to win the WC! Just wish they had been picked to play more than they were. At the risk of everyone wanting to lynch me I’d like to see Habib Beye back at RB!! Congrats Toonsy on the 400th article. Enjoyed every one of them! :)) Cheers, Jilly Bean

  102. Jill……elia was class I thought but Hamburg just pated 9m euros for him last year(I checked who he played for during the WC) so he would be out of our reach.Looked a quality player tho.

  103. When will people realise that Ben Arfa will not be coming to the Toon! His wages are more than we can afford and who wants an arse who will upset the team!

  104. mossa
    ben arfa its not about wages that is a load of crap what the papers written it about a loan deal and he would get what ever he is on at om

  105. I can’t see ’em on line so am unabel to post the links to two letters on the back page of today’s sports section.

    Believe it or not, each is headed ‘In defence of Joey Barton’ and they’re laying into Lousie Barton for her article on Joey’s Nazi salute.

    In particular, they’re saying she should report facts and stop being unfair to us. One, a bot naughty, said there’s no need to make up stories that make the club look silly as…… give it a few days and it’ll do just that.

    Will the owners of these letters please stand up….. and take a bow.

    Well said an compliments to the Grauniad for printing ’em.

  106. El Toro ~ says:
    August 25, 2010 at 12:12 am

    ‘Guys, what are you on?! Why the hell would Fergy go for Ben Arfa!? He couldn’t even get on their bench……….. the West Ham rumour has more credibility……’

    ElT, you have noticed that WHU appear to be bidding for everybody?

    The Daily Snail’s reporting that the Pope’s impending visit to the UK is a smoke-screen as he’s really coming to talk terms with West Ham!!

  107. Benjani’s old (32) legs have probably gone and he was never prolific even in his pomp (about 25 goals in 100 Prem appearances).

    Nicky Shorey is also knocking on now (29) and I doubt any footballer in their right mind would want to play second fiddle at that stage in their career, even at a club as great as ours.

    What we need are young, hungry, ambitious players who are prepared to wait their time. To be honest I can’t believe we haven’t got anyone coming through the ranks by now to challenge Jose (I’d class Kadar as more of a centre half come makeshift left back).

  108. Tsepo Masilela would make excellent cover at left back. He is young, has a massive engine on him. Is excellent at getting forward and overlapping and solid in defense.

    He plays in Israel and would probably around what Perch cost. But he is a far better player.

  109. Sounds like a decent shout, JJ. I was thinking more like early 20’s, but at 25 I’m sure the lad has still got a lot to offer.

  110. morning fella’s eagles from burnley has been touted as a possible signing i see? think it would be a canny bit of buisness mates a season ticket holder at burnley and has followed chris’s career with interest,seems to think he would be perfect for us,the more i think about it the more i tend to agree like,he’s young,british,has bags of skill and delivery is fairly consistent which would be the main plus for me and im sure he would fit in with the type of player the mighty hoots has built team around,hungry,good age british players who are genuinley thrilled to be playing for nufc and will give everything! i really am getting optimistic with what hoots is building here,its the type of squad/team that most fans of clubs who arent rich would kill for,players who love being here and who have great team unity and spirit and ego’s kept to a minimum, not seeing us as a stepping stone but actually seeing us as the pinical of their careers and playing really well.some of hoots’s transfer dealings have been nothing short of amazing! take williamson for example,he looks like a great find.also the way he has the foreigners playing is superb and they seem to all be in trust of what he is saying,the foreign players are now of the same mindset as the british players who are showing such deisre and commitment to the club/team spirit! i must say that he has done a fantatic job so far.he is getting more than the best out of these players and they will run through brick walls for him and us! i may be getting carried away but im just so impressed with what he has/is doing and all this while working under asley which cant be easy.if this was being done by one of the media darlings like redknapp etc then they would be creaming on about him and wanting him for the england job or something stupid like that.loved the fact that the toon army are falling in love with hoots and the first few whispers of songs being sung in his honour is something special alright.and to think of the mess we were in before he took the reigns! outstanding is wor hoots and he deserves a bumper new contract asap! thers’s only one chrissy hughton,walking along,singing this song,walking in a hughton wonderland!…boy just noticed what a long post that was,oh well,it needed to be said

  111. Not even gonna attempt to read that, salty. Do us a favour and try and use the space bar and return keys a bit more will ya? ;)

  112. any ideas for any hoots songs to debut at crown ground tonight? going on me own for this one,my regular away game mate cant make it.

  113. sorry toon chicken,had a sudden rush of hoots fever and had to scramble it down quickly,its just a general rambling praise for our wor hoots and the amazing job he’s doing at our they would say to ace rimmer….what a guy

  114. i got my glasses boiled the kettle and read all of that saltysellers11…and all ill say is…i agree!!

  115. Ah, Red Dwarf. Was never the biggest fan like – didn’t know his first name was Ace.

  116. smegging brilliant show,they dont make comedy like that anymore.we could try and devise a hoots song using the red dwarf theme tune…its cold at sjp,thers no kind of atmosphere,we were all alone,more or less,take ash far,far away from here,hoots hoots hoots in their boots boots boots..

  117. ssn report that o.m.have not agreed any deal with ben afra with “any” club,thats the latest from france

  118. didnt they say they had, or was that an agent?

    man i’m confused, just hope we have a plan B!!

  119. I hope im wrong but cant see Ben Arfa joinin us , its just gone on too long , anyone have any team news for tonight?

  120. we still lack a winger that can consistently cross the ball..we should put in a low bid for Whittingham and give big Andy the service he needs!

  121. Aye JT – all I can think is he was asking for a lot more than the club was prepared to offer.

  122. Just flicked on to SSN and they’re going live to SJP after the break.

    Anyone fancy a game of bedsheet bingo? ;) :lol:

  123. Just read recently his agent saying agreement was a long way off,that and Williamson playing far more consistent than Taylor ever managed probably made there mind up

  124. flan says:
    August 25, 2010 at 12:53 pm
    we still lack a winger that can consistently cross the ball..we should put in a low bid for Whittingham and give big Andy the service he needs!

    Is Whittingham really a wide man though? I though he was more of the playmaker for Cardiff with Burke, McCormack and Etuhu the wide players last year. Danny Guthrie was good on the flanks for a spell last year and has a good delivery, bit like James Milner.