Steven Taylor wants £60,000 a week.

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More details are starting to emerge over the reason why Steven Taylor has been transfer listed by Newcastle.

Initial indications suggest that the reason for this is indeed that contract talks have broken down, but who is to blame for it?

I would suggest that his agent isn’t too far away from being the cause of the problem, and Metro Radio has suggested that Taylor didn’t even know he was going to be placed on the transfer list.

It isn’t the end of the world though and I feel that the club may be playing hardball in an attempt to get Taylor to instruct his agent to accept a more realistic salary. Taylor has apparently been offered a four-year deal worth around £40,000 a week by the club, but either he or his agent, probably the latter in fairness, wanted nearer to £60,000 a week.

Lets put that in perspective. Thomas Vermaelen, the Arsenal defender, is on less that £40,000 a week, so this whole debacle smacks of greed on the part of the Taylor camp. Taylor was quoted as saying that negotaitions were being left to his agent, so the finger must surely be pointed at Paul Stretford.

This is another indication that Newcastle United will no longer be held to ransom or taken for mugs. In no way shape or form is Steven Taylor a £60,000 a week defender, which is why I support the club in this decision.

If it manages to convince Taylor to stay then fair enough, but if he goes then I don’t believe he will be a great loss. Let’s not forget that we won promotion without Taylor and have started the season looking pretty solid at the back, again without Taylor. The days where he was an automatic first choice have gone and he would now have to fight for his place in the team.

We have Fabricio Coloccini, Mike Williamson, Sol Campbell and Tamas Kadar who can all play at centre-back, plus we have a couple of highly rated kids coming through the academy, like Jeff Henderson, that can now move up the pecking order, so we have enough cover.

The timing of this news does not come as a surprise either. At the end of the day Taylor will be free to talk to other clubs in January and walk out on a free transfer at the end of the season. It makes sense to cash in on him now, although I don’t think we will get too much money for a player who has spent the last 8 months on the sideline through injury, who is in the last 12 months of his contract and is now on the transfer list. My guess would be £3-4 million maybe.

It’s a blow, but it isn’t the end of the world

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257 Responses

  1. 60K a week…fookin Joker.

    We don’t need prima donna’s-clearly not many players like him either….get your bags packed Steven and close the door on your way out.

  2. “Let’s not forget that we won promotion without Taylor and have started the season looking pretty solid at the back, again without Taylor. The days where he was an automatic first choice have gone and he would now have to fight for his place in the team.”

    Last season:

    Taylor 22 games 10 conceded

    Williamson 21 games 19 conceded

    Toonsy im sure i mentioned this before when you were on one of your Williamson love ins but the facts dont lie and Do you really believe that he wouldnt waltz back into the team in place of Perch…

  3. gotta agree toonsy – £3-£4 mill is the most we can expect to get at this late stage – especially as he has an injury.

    The thing is I can’t see him leaving – I think he will hold out for a bosman. I’m not sure the lad wants to be at the toon any more to be honest so the wage demands are his way of getting out.

    It’s a shame but as many have said before – it ain’t the end of the world. He is far from irreplaceable.

  4. Cropper – Tis what is being reported.

    CC – So would you put the blame for those extra goals conceded firmly at the door of Williamson, and Williamson alone? Could it not be becuase after January we started to play a more attacking game so were more succeptable at the back as a result? Just a thought like….

  5. CC

    Those “facts” aren’t facts at all. They are the types of facts journalists use to back up their points as they are easily manipulated. You have completely disregarded the endless list of variables. The other players around Williamson, tactics, opposition etc. Those “facts” mean very little.

  6. Williamson has done well in two Premiership games so far, and while i like the lad it’s a bit too early to judge him.

    Taylor was a good player for us, and played far better than Coloccini last time we were in the Prem.

    No details have been released as to why he’s leaving so it’s interesting to see all the two faced knee jerk reaction crowd condemning him and saying how poor a player he is.

    Even if he did want more money he doesn’t deserve the bile that’s being printed about him on this blog.

  7. CC aye m8 spot on quoted that myself earlier,i think he will dig in and not go till jan,for nowt,rat-bag

  8. CC – stats never have and never will tell the whole story. When Routledge came into the team in Jan the toon played a more expansive game and although we conceded more goals we were scoring a lot more. Pre January when Taylor played most of his games we were grinding out results and were definitely more defensive.

    I’m not gonna say Williamson is better than as that’s crazy – williamson has only played 2 premiership games. However he looks decent and looks more than capable of replacing Taylor if needs be.

  9. STaylor should be the first choice RB if/when he returns. Williamson/Collo/Cambell/Kadar can hold down the center. But Steven better be careful- He will end up on the bench at a big club and will not be making 60K while doing it.

  10. Macas

    “Taylor was a good player for us, and played far better than Coloccini last time we were in the Prem.

    Completely disagree, they were both shocking last time out. The only difference is, it wasn’t Taylors first season in the Prem

    “Even if he did want more money he doesn’t deserve the bile that’s being printed about him on this blog.”

    Why not? What has he achieved here? What has he done to earn our eternal gratitude?


  11. CC……….don’t forget though at the start of last season we played alot more defensively as we eased our way into the CCC,second half of the season we got forward alot more so scored more goals but also conceded more.

  12. Macas, aren’t you sick of greedy players at this club by now? And let’s face, Steven has been good at times but he is far from world class. 60K is a heck of a lot of money

  13. So would you put the blame for those extra goals conceded firmly at the door of Williamson, and Williamson alone? Could it not be becuase after January we started to play a more attacking game

    Yes fair point, But my response was to your assumption that ST contributed nowt to the promotion, It was only because of the results earned at the start of the season when Taylor was helping to get us to the top of the league, That gave Ashley confidence to release funds for Williamson, Routledge ETC. Do you think if we were midtable in january, Ashley would have given Hughton £4-£5m to spend??????

  14. El Toro – He’s done nothing to earn our eternal gratitude, but he’s done nothing to deserve all the rubbish that’s getting spouted about him either.

    If he had signed a new deal half the fans criticising him on here would have been singing his praises.

  15. CC – I see your point, but don’t forget that January came along just as we were down on our arses pretty much and looking like we may fall away. I think Ashley would have spent anyway tbh.

  16. mds – I’m not defending his (supposed) wage demands, but at the end of the day we don’t know any of the facts. If he did indeed want 60k then fair enough, let him go somewhere else, but it hardly warrants a torrent of abuse toward the player

  17. Macas says:
    August 25, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    “If he had signed a new deal half the fans criticising him on here would have been singing his praises.”

    Not me. I’ve questioned him all along tbh.

  18. I’d say just about every player who played last season contributed something to the team.I’ve said before Taylor is a decent player but not as good as he thinks he is.although I think he was much better at right back.If he did ask for £60k,whats the odds he signs for someone for what we allegedly offered or less?

  19. I think he’s a decent enough player and I’d prefer him to stay, but £40k is a more than enough (too much even) for a lad at his level – if he reckons he’s worth £60k he can fcuk right off!!

  20. Macas

    Well I’m not one of them. I have said for a while now that Taylor is suspect at CB but decent at RB where the concentration levels required are slightly less.

    At the end of the day Taylor is a player that has been living off of the ‘young, promising english centre half’ tag for far too long. He had a decent first season when he was thrown in at the deep end at a young age, but he has been average or worse since then. He is 25 in January and can anyone honestly say he is any better than any other run of the mill defender in the league? He isn’t worth the hassle in my opinion and should leave if he wants more money.

  21. I wouldn’t like to see him leave but at the same time, he isn’t worth £60k a week or anything near that, hell, Carroll is set to sign for £25k a week! Williamson has improved (or is showing signs of it) Taylor hasn’t shown any imporvement in his game in a fair while. We’ve got enough cover so we won’t really miss him. In short – bye, bye Steve it was nice having you here. Enjoy wherever you end up (although I think he’ll cave and sign the new deal):)

  22. The problem is,which club is/are still interested in Him,after knowing this news???

    Will he be willing to go to another mid-table club,or does any clubs in the tops want him?

    I got a strange feeling,he might go Liverpool or Arsenal.

  23. Fair enough Macas. Maybe we are jumping to conclusions a bit. But we’ve seen the overpaid, oft-injured thing before and I had hoped we were done with all of that.

  24. Toonsy

    I suppose if you class 12 unbeaten with 8 wins as down on our arses… ;)

    Im not against selling him as it would be daft to let him go for nothing, Im just disappointed that its come to this and i dont like the thought of him going and doing a Milner and realising his potential and im certainly not against Williamson who i have praised on numerous occasions.

  25. ~El Toro~ – People are blind to his faults as they cling onto the “he is a geordie/future captain” thing. It means that they overlook the fact that he hasn’t improved much since he was thrown in at the deep end all those years back.

    *Retrieves wooden stirring spoon*

    ;) :lol:

  26. El Toro – I realise there are some fans who have never been his biggest fan, but just get sick of the two faced fans who will jump on his back for the simple fact he wanted more money than we were prepared to give him.

    The same kind of fans who flooded the blog with negative comments about most of the players after we got beat off Man U.

    Maybe I’m just getting old and cynical.

    As for Taylor, if we can replace him with someone who has genuine pace at the back I’ll be more than happy.

  27. CC – I meant injuries, plus the fact that we weren’t being consistent. Interestingly, that ‘unbeaten in 12’ was beaten in the second half of the season ;)

  28. Macas – for all his faults I’ve always thought Taylor would eventually come good. However, if he reckons he’s worth £60k a week he can fcuk off!!

    How does that make me two-faced?

  29. i dont think people are being too harsh on st,PROVIDED the wage demands are true.lets say they are true,its a bit much to ask 60k a week like when you know they wont pay it,it could be his way of getting out without demanding a transfer after realising that he isnt 1st choice now and that the whole problem with our new hero carroll has pushed him onto the outside? i think the fans who critisice him have evry right too,just as i think the fans who back him have every right to.personally i think if the demands are true and the stories of what he is like off the pitch i.e arrogant etc then we should sell because he has never developed into the player we thought he would,he has gone backwards recently and looks like he will run his contract down,its good to see us not bowing to l’om and now staylor,just hope any fee will go into team investment coz if he does go then we need another player on top of the 2 quoted

  30. glad to see the days of us giving players what they like, regardless of cost, are coming to an end.

    definately agree that Saylor (oooo hello) is not in the £60k bracket by any stretch of the imagination – but with 6 days of the window left it doesnt leave a great amount of time to ship him out (and bring in possible replacements) either – smacks of his agent deliberately being a cock to engineer a Bosman by leaving us no time to get shot…

  31. Rich if they want genuine pace then all they need to do is hang a little fisshing rod on me heed with a sausage roll dangling in front of my face and I can provide that. Usain Bolt would be feck all compared to me chasing that.

    I’m not taking a paycut though ;)

  32. Macas

    “I realise there are some fans who have never been his biggest fan, but just get sick of the two faced fans who will jump on his back for the simple fact he wanted more money than we were prepared to give him.”

    Not being funny, mate, but this is football. Fickle is part and parcel with it. We are all guilty of it at times. It’s just because we have emotional ties to the clubs we support and it blinds our vision. We don’t like seeing players take the club for granted so we get defensive 90% of the time when a player decides another club is better for him.

    Look at the Habib Beye situation. This is a player who gave his all whilst he was here, was approached by a team chasing a top 4 position, and decided to leave because we were clearly heading in the wrong direction. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what he did and i don’t see him as someone who simply “jumped ship”. He was 30 odd years old and trying to continue playing at the highest level for as long as he could. Didn’t stop the hisses/boo’s though did it?

  33. & he’s done a massive stinking turd in his own nest, a veritable own goal, as it were.

    60k, you’re ‘aving a laugh Saylor.

  34. Toon Chicken – I’m on about the fans who will come on and say he’s no good, but if he had signed a new contract they would have been full of praise for his abilities

  35. Steve Bruce here is your chance to reunite the classic partnership of Bramble and Taylor! DO IT!!

  36. CC – But we only lost one league game when Taylor was injured, compared to three when he was fit ;) :lol:

  37. arrogant !
    overrated !
    injury prone !
    not a TEAM man?? for 60K a week we could get three players in, ST has never improved and his positional play (theatrics / hand ball / diving apart) are crap!
    he will likely move onto a smaler club and rot on the bench!!
    4 yrs at 40K per week is one hell of a contract in todays climate! wat a greedy little fxckr!!

  38. I think andy carroll has put Taylor’s nose out of joint in more ways than 1.

  39. Arteta signed a new contract with Everton recently for a reported £45k a week, how many people on here think that saylor should command a higher wage than one of the best midfielders in the epl?

  40. He’s sussed that he is now referred to as ‘Saylor’ & wants away.

    He’s seen Williamson do a sterling job at CB along with Colo, he’s seen Sol come in & he’s seen his automatic CB slot eroded away over the last few months.
    So him & his agent have engineered this situation, it’s more transparent than fenwicks window, for crying out loud.

  41. Clint

    I too feel that IF the wage demands are true, it is just a way for him to leave the club without handing in a transfer request.

    I feel it is a combination of his first team spot disappearing and the whole Andy Carroll incident.

  42. Toonsy

    Taylor didnt play in the Scunthorpe or Forest defeats Kizanishvili and Simpson were the centre halves… ;)

  43. let him go and replace with players who want to be here and who do not see ££££ signs in front of their eyes!!
    he isnt worth £40k per week never mind £60k!!
    How much is Williamson on?? £10-15K at most??

  44. Interesting that those chaps on twitter with all the deep throat info on the toon didn’t see this coming & tell the world about 3 days ago…..proof perhaps, if proof is still needed that their just full of wind & pish.

  45. El Toro,
    it’s gotta be, hasn’t it?
    This has been rumbling away in the background for a while now.
    I’ve been very skeptical about this ‘shoulder injury’ thing too. It seems like a long time for a dislocation to heal up.
    A drummer i know has dislocated the same shoulder twice now, quite seriously, & is back playing after one month, max. This is a pro drummer, i think he needs his shoulder on top form ever so slightly more than a footballer.
    Know what i mean?
    When he did it, he didn’t look in that much pain to me. I reckon this has been building for quite some time & CH wanted to see how MW coped in the prem before telling the board, ‘do what you want’.
    What do y’reckon?

  46. The only other thing thats occured to me is that if £40k now our approx wage limit it could make negotiating new contracts for colo, barton, jose etc quite interesting.

  47. I wouldnt even consider it to be a blow. He started well, looked promising, looked as if he could be a real prospect.

    5 or 6 years later, he has stalled. He is a player who I feel tries to hard to be the “hard guy” by bashing people out the way, sly elbows that arent very conspicuous, he has been sent off a few times already, alot of yellow cards. He is a threat from corners when attacking the ball, but defensively he is distinctly average.

    He is meant to be on around £30-35k a week plus bonuses for winning, appearances and whatever else they get. To be offered a rise, small or not, a rise is a rise, to play four more years for your boyhood team, and to turn it down and demand more money, all I can see is I cant wait for him to leave, we dont need moneygrabbing upstarts who have an ego the size of London where he was actually born. To be honest Mike Williamson has looked steady and better than Taylor, and he will be on half Taylors current wage.

    Let him go, get £6-8m for him, give Hughton a chunk of it, it free’s up £30k a week for wages.

    In the end, everybody shows their real self. Steven Taylor has today done that. Id tell you now honestly, I would play for Newcastle United for free, as would almost all of you.

    Sorry for the rant!

    3-1 tonight to the mighty mags

  48. Noir9 – It depends if this loose limit that we aparently have is permanent or temporary whilst we gat back on our feet again financially?

    That is if there is any celining in place. The club could just have said that 60k is a ridiculous request without there being a ceiling

  49. doubt we’ll get any money for him as he’s more likely to sit tight until a decent club come in for him, he’s injured till end of October anyway.
    I’d imagine the likes of Everton, Aston Villa wouldn’t mind him not sure they would pay him as much as he wants though, depends how desperate clubs are to buy him I suppose but still can’t see em handing us big bucks for a player out of contract at end of season ( can’t he buy himself out of his contract anyway?)

    He’s a good player but not worth 60k a week

  50. Actually, no Clint. Try running with a dislocated shoulder. Try holding off Wayne Rooney with a dislocated shoulder. I play drums and I can tell you that, whilst your shoulders do get a bit of a work out, your wrists and the muscles in your hands are what you are most dependant upon. Everyone plays differently, but I would think your mate will probably tell you the same thing.

    Even still…. this whole episode will leave a sour taste. ST may not be the best CB in the world, but he was one of a few players I never thought would leave.

    I’m not too gutted, but it does raise eyebrows that he appears to be trying to engineer this himself…

  51. i do not think Steve taylor is worth 60 k a week but if we do not get a replacement for him we will struggle when we get injuries(which in our case is often)

  52. I’m not saying that he should stay on£60k per week as that is just stupid money, but it’s the way football has gone. We should be happy that the club is raking s stand and not paying out silly money, but I can sort of see his point if the story is true. Look at the money Barton and smith are supposed to be on and Barton has done time inside. Maybe Taylor thinks if they are on that, I should be too.
    Be intersting to see how it goes when their contracts are up for renewal and other higher paid players. I hope we don’t see a mass exodus.

    Like I said, I agree with the cost cutting, but other clubs will pay it if the players don’t get what they want

  53. Fair point Mark,
    though i thought we could bring in players on the money we make selling players?

    BTW, on the ‘he’s not a Geordie’ thing.
    If both your parents are from say: Spain, you get a spanish passport & are spanish, no matter where you were born, you can still call yourself english, if you were born in england too, yea?
    So, if Saylor’s parents are Geordie, he’s a Geordie.
    Least that’s how i rationalize my daughter’s ‘nationality’.

  54. Before we start apportioning blame, we need to find out why he won’t sign a contract.

    Is it becuase the club are only offering him £25k a week, or is it because their offering him £40k a week but he wants £60k?

    The problem we might have now, is who is going to pay £3-4m for a player in the next week who cannot play till Christmas and could get him for nothing in a few months?

    Not suprised like…

  55. Davies,
    nice one mate.
    I play some drums myself & i reckon raising y’arms to hit cymbals & going from hihat to cymbal crash is more than enough to knack a dislocated shoulder like, though i’ve not experienced it personally. My mate said it stung like.
    But for nowhere near 3/4 months like.
    Not negating what you’ve said bud, but it seems like a well long recovery to me.

  56. Stu,
    doubt he’ll be out ’til xmas man.
    He’s ‘home grown’ so will demand more than a overseas player a la milner.

  57. Stuart79 – its a statement telling you what you need to know. He has been placed on the list. Simple as that. You dont need to be a brain surgeon to know why the club made this decision. What else could they possibly say on the matter?

    We made this decision as he wants too much money
    We decided to do this as his deal is up next summer, we dont wish to lose him for free

    We can work that out ourselves cant we?

  58. Mark Scott says:
    August 25, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    What about – “We made this decision because it has become clear that during contract negotiations we were poles apart and it’s best if Steven found another club as we can’t meet his demands”?

    Or; “Steven asked to be placed on the transfer list due to us not being in a position to meet his contract demands”?

    Or what about this; “Steven has been placed on the transfer list as we feel it is in the best interest of the club for him to find himself a new club after a disagreement with a team mate which has had an adverse effect on the squad”?

    They are all too honest – I mean, who are we anyway?

  59. Correct me if i’m wrong here, but Carroll is on less than £30K, and basically became a hero in our promotion campaign, added to a hat-trick in in the prem, and Taylor wants £60K?

    Talk about agents spoiling players’ careers. Look at N’Zogbia now after his agent stirred it.

    In all honesty, I would even say £40K is too much for him when we’re trying to tighten our belts and find players to buy on a shoestring budget. Would much rather see the £40/60K wages spent on Ben Arfa.

  60. Stuart I agree with you the club statement is pathetic,unfortunatly it’s what we have come to expect.Having said that if wage demands were as far apart as we are lead to believe,I don’t think the club had any choice.Also in my humble opinion Williamson looks a better centre back certainly a much steadier calmer player than Taylor,but Taylor does look a decent RB

  61. Stuart

    In these situations it is best to say as little as possible. Details should be kept in house otherwise the whole thing could turn into a legal dispute.

  62. Also, by keeping the statement minimal, it goves BOTH sides a way back.

    Still, never let that get in the way of having a pop at the club ;)

  63. The difference between Taylor and Carroll is that Taylor has been in the first team for a lot longer than Carroll. Who’s to say Carroll won’t be demanding 60k in a few years time?

  64. Ice he can talk to clubs in Jan but if they want to sign him before his contract ends in the summer they’d have to pay a fee. :-)

  65. RICHIETOON aye i know but still think he might do that,as what sort of fee would it be not a lot

  66. A lot of angst about a player trying to get paid. Don’t blame the player for what his agent is doing, and don’t blame the player for accepting more money if it’s offered to him. All of you would do the same.

  67. sounds to me like taylor is being a bit greedy…shame, de notion was going through my head today that we may have the spine of the english team on our hands….fostor, s.talyor, possibly barton ;) and carroll…very wishful thinking

  68. ice,
    if Saylor just runs his clock down, doesn’t that just justify the clubs decision?
    He’s getting plenty & he’d be already getting a raise.
    Greedy gobbler.

  69. toonsy says:
    August 25, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    Pardon fckin me for wanting to know what is the reason we are placing one of our best players on the transfer list is!

    I mean I only pay about grand a year for the priviledge of watching them!

  70. I know I’m repeating my post from the previous thread, but…


    Christ, you’re a gullible, fickle and utterly rediculous lot sometimes; it’s embarrassing.

    We have NO IDEA why he’s on the transfer list, and you know Metro have none either; just the ramblings of some “mate who knows steve’s auntie’s cleaner’s goldfish” plus some orders from the producer to “get something out” to make the best of no information.

    I’ve got my doubts about ST’s ego too, but I’m not about to go sticking the knife in with nothing to base it on – unlike so many on here.

    I’d like to see him stay. Someone earlier said he’s the “new Carragher”… well, that means he’s got about six years of being one of the best CBs in the country to go before going off the boil a bit. I’d take that.

    More to the point, how many of you lot would be shouting at CH/Ashley to sign a player if you read this:

    “Experienced PL CB available, Geordie, 22, hundreds of appearances as 1st-choice CB for top team, good goals record for CB; can fill in well at RB. Offers over £3m invited.”

    Sounds good, doesn’t he?

    He is, ya berks.

  71. Texan,
    we’d all know where to stop & take the best deal though, wouldn’t we?
    Unless we didn’t want the job like, that is.

  72. ToonArmyTexan – Well on that basis, would you like to buy something from me? I’d happily sell something to you for double what it’s worth. I mean, I’m only trying to make a living, right?

  73. Ice,that maybe his only option anyway as no one may want to buy him until he’s fit again which would be January

  74. Stuart – Like I said, the way the club have done it leaves the door open for both parties. Say too much and there could be too much dorty laundry in publc to go back on if you get what I mean?

    Also, you pay your money to watch the football. Nowt else. If you expected more communication then more fool you.

  75. And yes, Stuart – frustrating, ennit? My best guess (which isn’t really much to go by) is that it’s a shot across the bows of a greedy agent who’s trying it on. Just a guess, mind.

  76. Whumpie

    David Craig has been on SKYSPORTS and said that NUFC officials have said that they have offered the player a significant pay rise but still cant conclude a deal.

  77. You’re missing my point. The player is going to do what’s best for him, because at some point, the team will dump him in the name of what’s best for them. I’ll never begrudge a player for taking more money. If I was offered more to do the same job in another city, I’d leave in a heartbeat. My company will only be loyal to me as long as I’m productive, so why I should I show a higher level of commitment to them than they’d show to me?

  78. just shows how players differ at the same club some have bigger heeds,carroll has signed a new contract saylor hasnt,

  79. He’s 26 whumpie.
    All most are saying is: if it’s true that he(his agent) wants 60k, that’s too much.
    There has obviously been some angling going on for some time now.
    If it’s true, he’s taking the piss, if not, it’ll all come out in the wash anyway.
    & the club’s statement allows for both options.

  80. Not like David Craig to get it wro…

    Oh, wait. Yes it is.

    If any NUFC officials had said anything, it would be on the website. We KNOW they don’t say anything, from their stated policy on the matter, and from their history of saying precisely nowt, especially to individual hacks.

  81. Lets look at two things here. Firstly, the official club statement says Taylor has been placed on the transfer list, no further comment. So, if that’s the case, who’s leaked the contract info that he was offered 40k but wanted 60k? It’s not likely to be the Taylor camp.

    Is the world famous ‘club insider’ back again? We know the club hierarchy wouldn’t brief the press on the quiet.

  82. i find it hard to imagine that a player that stuck with us through the championship would then turn around and make demands with their contract renewal. i think the agent is the sticking point here.
    would be a shame to lose him, not just because he’s been a good player that’s come through the ranks, but also because we’d only get a fraction of what he’d be worth :(

  83. Whumpie says:
    August 25, 2010 at 4:26 pm THEM??

    “Christ, you’re a gullible, fickle and utterly rediculous lot sometimes; it’s embarrassing.”

    Cheers for the insults :roll:

    Lads, can you stop speculating please? :roll:

    “Experienced PL CB available, Geordie, 22, hundreds of appearances as 1st-choice CB for top team, good goals record for CB; can fill in well at RB. Offers over £3m invited.”

    1 – He isn’t a Geordie.
    2 – He isn’t 22, he is nearly 25.
    3 – Hundreds? Make that 132 appearances.
    4 – £3 million? How do you know, or are you just speculating? You know, the very same thing you have been so terse about the rest of us doing?

  84. Whumpie – Taylor isnt THAT good, he is average. He is about as good as Matthew Upson, can have a game or 3 in a row where is great, match saving even. Then about 15 or 25 in a row where he is dangerous, making stupid mistakes, trying to be hard by elbowing people and studding people.

    Sum Taylor up in 3 words anyone? Let me know yours

    Here is mine


  85. “Experienced PL CB available, Geordie, 22, hundreds of appearances as 1st-choice CB for top team, good goals record for CB; can fill in well at RB. Offers over £3m invited.

    Sounds good, doesn’t he?

    He is, ya berks.”

    Can we add ‘injury prone’ and ‘error prone’ to that summary.

    Not so hot now is he?

  86. Toonarmytexan……If the reported figures are true though he’s unlikely get £60k anywhere else and maybe not even £40k unless he goes to one of the top 4.

  87. Clint – yep, if that’s what people were saying, it’d be fine. But they’re not. They’re saying “ST is a greedy git and should go drown in his own bile” or words to that effect.

    Until the club give us any info, we have none. To take what the press give us and draw conclusions on a blog is the modern equivalent of storming the castle with torches and pitchforks.

  88. Texan,
    if the player wants more than the club/employer want to pay, they/we all know where the door is.
    No one is bigger than the club, or at least they shouldn’t be.
    There is no ‘I’ in team, although, it’s interesting that nearly everyone/pundit refers to teams as ‘side’ these days & there is an ‘I’ in ‘side’, a bitter & apt indictment, me thinks.

  89. i really don’t know what to say in all fairness.the money taylor’s asking for is far too’s ridiculous.though we do pay similar or higher amounts for messr.’s coloccini,barton,smith and co.personally i would like to see smith gradually taken out of the side but not as yet.not this season,because the team spirit is a really strong thing going for us at the moment.we need them all together to weather through this the meantime i think the club should actively look for suitable replacements for said players, and true enough they have been.tiote is a direct fill-in for smith.
    i have full faith in our rather serious gaffer to quietly go about his business of strengthening the team.he’s been calmy doing it so far.hopefully this new quiet measured approach by the club will put us in a good position looking into the future and that’s what it’s really about,innit?

  90. Id love it if we went to Wigan and did a swap + cash deal for Victor Moses for ST

    That would be good like!

  91. Whumpie,
    yes mate.
    But, as we know, some will always spout ‘orrible bile’ whilst others, plenty in this case, have just said, ‘if he doesn’t wanna play for us with a pay raise, he should leave.
    I don’t agree with slagging a player that is ‘effectively’ still ours, but others see it as an opportunity to have a go.
    Most sensible posters/fans don’t do that.

  92. El Toro I agree also, error prone and injury prone. Correct son 2 points per answer so thats you on 4 points lad!

  93. can we not speculate about his age and stick to facts…………greedy bugga wants £60kpw ;-) :lol:

  94. Ok,
    i thought he was 26 in jan, is it 25 in jan then?
    Defo not 22 though.
    Soz. i was 1 year out.

  95. Sorry – bit out of context – that was in response to Mark’s “Sum Taylor up in 3 words anyone? Let me know yours” ;)

  96. Don’t be surprised to see him go for nowt……

    Fifa’s Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, Article 17 grew out of European Commission regulations on freedom of movement for workers and allows footballers to break their contract once a “protected period” has expired.

    For those younger than 28 when they signed their contract, they must be three years into their deal – the 28 and overs can use it after just two years.

    It does not act as a get out of jail free card though – the player must pay compensation to their club which is worked out based on wages and their original transfer fee. But since their new club can get them for no official transfer fee, they should not be short of a bob or two to pay their previous employers.

    Players must give notice that they plan to use Article 17 within 15 days of the final league game of the season.

    That time has already expired in Frank Lampard’s case so if he did want to use that clause to quit Chelsea, he could be hit with disciplinary measures.

    Andy Webster was banned for two weeks of the 2007-08 season after sending his notice in four days late.

    Case study: Andy Webster

    The Scotland defender cost Hearts £70,000 when he joined from Arbroath in 2001. He signed a new four year deal worth £250,000 a year in 2003.

    Three years later and unhappy with life under Vladimir Romanov at Hearts, Webster invoked Article 17, giving notice he intended to break his contract as he was outside the protected period.

    He joined Wigan before returning to Scotland on loan with Rangers.

    Hearts reckoned he would have cost £2m in an ordinary transfer. Fifa ordered £625,000 to be paid to Hearts, based on his future wages and legal costs.

    Both Webster and Hearts were unhappy with the verdict but Hearts were left even more upset when the Court of Arbitration for Sport reduced the amount Webster would have to pay to just £150,000, tipping the scales even further in players’ favour.

  97. Toonsy – I’m not referring to those saying “if it is true, then…” etc. it’s comments like this one (sorry to single you out, arka – yours is one of the more reasonable ones; just more recent!)

    “the money taylor’s asking for is far too’s ridiculous”

    THAT is what I mean. What money? We know nowt, so stop having a go based on what is almost certainly made up by a hack!

  98. Can’t say im not disappointed if this is true, but 60k a week, come on lad, he has been here awhile and i remember thinking he was future captain material (feels so long ago now). Just hope if he is sold we won’t be stretching ourselves too thin in defense and we invest whatever we bring in immediately.

  99. Ok, for what it’s worth, my opinion of ST isn’t that good either. I think he cheats, gives away penalties, gets caught out of position and has ego problems. But I’m not about to call him a greedy git because some arse has made up a story about his demands just to fill column-inches.

  100. Just been on SSN. Taylor camp says that speculated about figures are wildly innacurate and they are still comitted to talks. Taylor is surprised to learn that he is on the transfer list and will continue to give 100% etc etc.

    It’s the agents behind all this IMO.

  101. Woo! Got some good stuff going here.

    Richietoon – nice one!

    Whoever it was said he’s not a geordie: You remind me of the Cumbrians when I lived there, who classed you as an ‘offcomer’ unless you’d lived there for four centuries and were married to two cousins and three sheep. You think Londoners think he’s a cockney??

    Age thing: ok, so he’s 24. Same point.

    Clint: “if he doesn’t wanna play for us with a pay raise, he should leave” – proves my point, doesn’t it? If most of you are saying that, most of you are again just fuelling speculation and falling for the sh*t-stirring by the press. Again. (Although it’s a bit more politely put!)

    Er.. the three words thing.. good one. I’d go with:


    Not funny, though. Sorry.

  102. David Craig just been on SKYSPORTS with a statement from Taylors representative. He is claiming that the figures in the press do not represent the figures being discussed

  103. Toonsy: could you at least change the headline to something like “Steven Taylor alleged to demand £60k a week”? After all, few on here think he’s personally demanded anything. If you were a rag-top, you’d have ST’s lawyers on the phone by now…

  104. Whumpie,
    that’s fair enough mate & magnanimous.
    But his wage demands were a problem last time round & it would appear that they are this time. Judging by what DC is reporting from the club on ssn.
    It ‘seems’ the club have offered him a raise i.e. an improved contract, more per week than most of us see in a year, for doing a harder job than something you love doing at your home town club.
    That’s what people are up in arms about man.
    I just think, if they can’t come to an agreement, he’ll have to leave & see if anyone else will pay up to his demands. in which case all the best Mr. Taylor.
    If he really loves the Toon, he’ll take a raise & stay, won’t he?
    I’d like to think he can disregard his agent if he needs to.

  105. Life would be so much better if clubs refused to deal with agents and players were represented by the PFA or similar in contract negotiations.

    Whumpie…shall we talk about Ben Arfa instead mate ;-)

  106. not bad……..usual crap from ashley……waits til window nearly shut then puts up taylor, will sell him and say not enough time to buy another player, thus, another window that ashley has made more money than he has` spent… nice one. Contract negotiations have been going on for a while, this being the case, why is it they only transfer list the twat now when he has been asking for the 60k the whole time??? dont blame us selling taylor but i am not in agreement that we will not use the money – which we will not of course. all sides are guilty.

  107. Whumpie – Not changing the headlines. If the lawyers wish to get in touch then they can. I’ll just tell them to read the fecking article and not just the fecking headline!

  108. Any comment that David Craig is throwing about is likely to be from the club but off the record.

    I think he’s average so I’m not too bothered if he goes, £40k per week is more than generous considering his ability level and I don’t see many clubs jumping to offer him £60k.

    We run the risk of him going somewhere else and becoming a top class centre back but I don’t see him getting any better here, I don’t think he’s improved much since he was 20.

    I’ve also heard he’s not a very popular member of the squad so I don’t think he will be missed, one thing I do look forward to is if he ever plays us and has to mark Carroll!

  109. I preffered it when Alf was masterminding proceedings it was funnier because he was an idiot and had the negotiating skills of a trained chimp, Agents turn everything into a devious, money grabbing exercise, I hope the club are trying to force his hand and get him to accept a reasonable offer.

  110. Exactly richie,
    it would calm the whole situation down & be better for all concerned, club, player, fans.
    Who needs to pay a middle man? They just stymie the situation & muddy the waters.

  111. His best position to me has always been at RB. For proof see his performances in his England U21’s outing for Psycho. Bombing down the the right doing overlapping wat-hav yous, brilliant. Imagine sum of that to go along with sum Routledge action action, more brilliant.

    Question: Is Saylor(oooo hello) better than Simpson in that role? Do we need a 40K DR/C?

    I want Willo, Soul Man, Kolo Man & Kadar at CB. Perch kinda growin on me at RB but more defensive cover for him when we play the big teams. (eg. Man U game) Have to say Saylor kinda useful to have around for those derby games. Seems to be genuinely interested & motivated.

    6-0 tonite boyos. Ranger, Vukic, Soul Man, Shola hatrick HWTL!

  112. RICHIETOON the pfa often bang on about,but maybe a lot of players dont want it.

    think they would miss out on better deal,guess its down to greed again

  113. Think the agent has tried to play bluff n club hav said ryt if u can get 60k aweek somewere else go

  114. ‘Arry’s bound persuade Spurs to come in for him and if so, he might get a full season between Taylor and King!

    You know what a shrewd planner ‘Arry is….. King for the first half of the season and Taylor for the second!

    That way, they can share the load, have their share of injuries and still give ‘Arry cover.

  115. Tayls agents have released a statement just now saying the figures being quoted are not accurate and they are still prepared to negotiate!!!!!

  116. ice…aye mate thats why it would take all the clubs to refuse to deal with them,but we all know that will never happen.Unfortunately money comes before everything else in football :-(

  117. Toonsy – not having a go at your well-recognised blogosphere; I’d just hate to see things go the same way as Ed’s one, where misleading headlines were (still are) a large chunk of the problem.

    If the headline states speculation as fact, it’s just plain wrong.

    Sorry, fella – hate having a go when I get so much out of this site; just a bit of a stickler for not dropping to red-top standards of sensationalism.

  118. RICHIETOON who will sign him just thinking of advert for;
    we buy any
    citey we buy any
    citey we buy any :)

  119. Mags09 – if that’s the case, then we have a lot more to go on. Sticking point is money; most likely much to do with an agent being a dick and Ashley firing a shot across their bows by listing ST.

    T’aint finished yet…

  120. Whumpie – But it’s not sensationalism is it? I mean by that token it would be sensationalist if any article, anywhere, mentioned the 60k a week at any point.

    People will take it how they want. The sensible people will take the headline as an indication of what the artcile is about. The simple ones will just read the headline and react without reading the article behind it ;)

  121. Apologies seem to be in order – apparently Saylor was only after £59,950 a week and not the alleged £60k! :lol:

  122. Taylor is now in a weak bargaining position now that the nufc management leaked then confirmed the transfer; seeing which way the wind blows; good tactics I say

  123. Taylor n his agent hav thought ryt well try n play there bluff but club hav done ryt thing taylor myt panick now if he really dosent want leave

  124. But a statement released by the agency that represent Taylor, Triple S read: “Figures released to media today by Newcastle United do not accurately reflect the position of Steven and his agent.

    “However, both are happy to continue negotiations over a new and extended contract at Newcastle United.

    “Steven’s disappointed to learn he was placed on the transfer list through a third party.

    “He has always given 100 per cent at Newcastle United, and will continue to do so given the opportunity.”

    Like the way the agent says ‘both are happy to……’
    Saylor has obviously shat himself & told his agent to get back in there.
    The perfect reason to sack your agent there Steven.

  125. The third (or should that be ‘turd’ party?) party is the agent. What a waste of space.

  126. Damn,CLiNT FLiCK….U posted earlier than me. :(
    Even though the time is the same. grrr..

  127. it says ”figures released to the media by newcastle united are not accurate”….. where,when and to whom have newcastle united released any figures too in the media then?……anybody?

  128. Well, it is quite simple for Mr. Taylor: either sign for 40K (a very fair sum), or ply his trade somewhere else.

  129. Better yet,
    sack y’agent, then sign on the dotted line & you’ll see more of y’raise.

  130. I’m quite enjoying this. I’d like to think this is the club giving an agent a deservedly rough ride. :)

    Still like ST to stay; think we’re gonna need him.

  131. i smell a rat in this storey,from both sides,just my evil mind, do the club know more about his injury (repeating) than they are letting on and this is a way out,has been injury prone a lot,does taylor think it too and wants to keep talking about a deal,could be a mile out like,just seems suss imeo

  132. Maybe if we get a good couple mill for Taylor we will just actually stump up the rest and actually buy Ben Arfa instead of farting about with loan fees

  133. @CLiNT FLiCK: nah,just joking. :lol:

    Well, left few more days,either he sign on dotted line or leave quickly,cause the window is closing soon. ;)

    I rmb Roy Hodgson have interest in Him before. Maybe it would be a great replacement for Jamie there. Juice out about 6-7million,and use that to buy ben arfa permt.

    1stone kills two birds.

  134. Evening Lads Toonsy would love to know where you got the £60k from ?? as you do seem to be quoting it as fact. I think that is and will be later proved that it is a load of sh1te. I honestly think it will be the club that is trying to push him out the door as I dont think Taylor is or ever has been one of Nolans mates as it was suggested before that Taylor was to close to the Big Al camp.

  135. Well Ice hows it going mate I to thing the whole think is fishy and things dont add up. But then I dont think S Taylor ever fitted in with the new regime and the fat Controller is maybe needing to get the money back for Perch and Tiote

  136. Big Dave, it’s been on Sky and other sites, but now Taylor’s camp disputes it so who really knows

  137. Whumpie,I prefer him at right back.As I’ve said on here before many many threads ago that I think Taylor’s game has suffered because he never had a decent experienced cb to play alongside him and bring his game on.Instead for much of his time he has been the experienced one at a young age.

  138. Lockwood’s prediction………


    Think he’s got that wrong like. We’ll get turned over.

  139. Dave – I’m intrigued to know how this:

    “Taylor has apparently been offered a four-year deal worth around £40,000 a week by the club, but either he or his agent, probably the latter in fairness, wanted nearer to £60,000 a week.”

    Can be me stating something as fact????????????

  140. Thought I heard that Xisco had a groin injury. If that’s the case, he wont be near the pitch tonight.

  141. richie,
    aye mate, good RB.

    i’m pretty sure it’s the other shoulder this time, i could be wrong like.

  142. BIG DAVE aye ok m8,i have trusted taylor from his past dealings with club via his dad then again we dont trust ashley from his past so as normal the fans are left to debate one way or the other right or wrong,thats footy m8.
    still 2 to come in like ;)

  143. Accrington Stanley selling t-shirts sayin “Newcastle United…. Who are they?” :lol:

  144. anything come of the swp rumours? there were a few city fans saying it was the talk of eastlands monday nite like,anybody heard owt? think he would be a good loan like

  145. Icedog – I agree. I am the master at putting sneaky little thing in to cover my own arse. It’s just people need to find them ;)

  146. Ice – Probably Ashley. Gave them a good deal I hear £2.50 each or 2 for a fiver. Roll up roll up ;)

  147. 60 toonsy says:
    August 25, 2010 at 1:43 pm
    I await apologies from the people who had a go at me for questioning Taylor and his attitude all those months back

    Howay then Big Dave, you first

    Toonsy where is your prove or are you just going to blame Taylor before you know the Facts ???? if you are right i will grant you that but there is no facts at all.

    Toonsy @ 188 you are normaly so careful to nearly allways end your Headlines with a ? mark if they arnt fact based which you have pointed out the ? to me before when I questioned a Headline but this time you seem to have forgot the question mark ?

  148. Dave – I went even sneakier on this one ;)

    To be fair, I probably should have put my ? on the end, but I was in a rush trying to get this out so kind of forgot. Then Whumpie started getting all huffy so I got stubborn and thought bollocks to it, it stays as is :lol:

  149. cousin was just on Tyne Tees setting of on the bike ride to Wembley earlier.She looked knackered just cycling along St Mary’s causeway :-)

  150. I reckon that the £60k per week figure is likely where Taylor and his agent started, and they were hoping that there were be a bit of back and forth with NUFC and that they might get somewhere in the middle of what the club started at and the above.

    However, I reckon that as Taylor and his agent didn’t drop their asking price quick enough, and weren’t getting anywhere near what the club were willing to offer, that the club put ST on the market to try and show that they weren’t willing to be held to ransom by ST and his agent and were williing to listen to offers if they weren’t prepared to negotiate at a more suitable level.

    Likely conclusion is that either ST and his agent become more realistic, or perhaps a contract will be offered which will have clauses relating to certain targets where ST will get bonuses that will give him the money he wants.

    Perhaps NUFC winning a cup or getting into Europe etc… Stuff that will mean a financial windfall for the club, which they could share with a “loyal” player…

  151. Rich – He got further than I would :lol:

    An indication of “jump in with both feet” philosphy. Took the dog for a walk round a country park at the weekend. It’s 5 miles, and I quite enjoyed it, so by the end I was debating doing the three peaks. Shit or bust woth me, all the time :lol:

  152. I saw one of Ashley’s deals at St James’ on Sunday
    2 pies and 2 bottles of Coors…a snip at £11 :shock:

  153. It was mentioned ages ago by CH that Xisco was ‘injured’.
    He won’t be, but he won’t be playing either.
    Ask richie, he reckons he’s fit.

  154. Well TBH it dissapoints me as all I think it does is turn fans against S Taylor thinking that he is just a greedy c*nt with no love for the club and only what money he can get out of it. I would hazzard a guess that he has 10 times more love and loyalty to the club than most of the squad including Captain Nolan but then its Saylor own fault he is a Geordie ;)
    Here endeth my rant

  155. Aye Dave, ten times more love for the club my arse ;)

    It aint the forst time this has happened remember. He has tried to rip the piss woth money before. He has previous for it.

    On the other hand, Carroll (an actual Geordie) quietly pens a new deal after actually improving as a player and earning it…….

  156. there at 13.10 got 2 pints for a bargain £7.20 necked them and was in my seat for 13.22…………had them rifting up on me all 1st half :-)

    Clint :lol:

  157. if tayls isnt carefull then he is going to find himself in ned flanders shoes after a hurricane blew down his house….”its gone…everything…gone-diddly-on”

  158. Soz richie,
    thought i’d take the opportunity, knowing your good for a laugh mate.

  159. anyone no the team for tonite yet looking forward to seeing some of the young play, hope for the ones that aint seen him yet vukic puts on a master class

  160. I think Hughton is gonna get the team all wrong here. Tavernier and Ferguson are gonna be too freshfaced and lightweight and I just can’t see the likes of Donaldson controling the midfield. Ranger, Ameobi and Lovenkrands will get us goals but I can’t see us getting the ball to them that often.

  161. DJG – I back the team selection. They have to foght at some point, and if they aren’t going to beat a League 2 team then perhaps they aren’t as good as is being made out.

  162. Ice your right mate but he wasn’t to close to Shearer and he is a mate of Nolan ;) so he will be allright and should be safe

  163. i dont rate donaldson like but some of the youngings like taviner n ferguson look good to me special since ferguson is a winger playin at left back

  164. Dave..probably,either to get get negotiations going again or to make him look bad cos he wont budge on what he wants.Its the way its done everywhere these days it seems now mate.

  165. “August 25th, 2010 at 4:42 pm

    Made my day that, Toon Chicken.

  166. Just having a read through the comments there it seems like a lot of fans think its a good deal to basically swap a young 25yr old future Captain S Taylor for a 35 yr old over weight Sol Campbell for a year and a make weight CCC player J Perch. I personally think it is a sh1te deal considering we are allready light in numbers, but I suppose we cant expect the Fat Controller to pay for Sol and Perch without having to sell of our better players to give him his money back :(

  167. Big Dave says:
    August 25, 2010 at 10:14 pm

    well yes..all depends if he was offered the 40k/wk..if so u can’t level that criticism..

  168. Pity I’m on here waaaay too late for anybody to read this. But what the hell, it’s my favourite subject.

    I agree with Whumpie and Big Dave. The article is about STs demand for 60k, despite what Toonsy says. His defence hinges on the word “apparently” in one sentence. Unfortunately, its use doesn’t disguise the fact that every other statement made in the article takes the 60K and 40K figures as truth.

    There’s nothing wrong with admitting you aren’t a journalist, Toonsy. It’s a blog – you don’t have to be accurate, and we’ve all been brought up with awful journalism and sensationalist headlines and, even though we might say we don’t believe it, believe what they say – especially if they support our prejudices.

    What you might think about doing is stop acting as if you are reporting things and simply put up a discussion topic like:

    Steven Taylor has been transfer listed.

    Then you can give us your opinion.

    Neither you nor Ed are good journalists – don’t try. However, at least, Toonsy, you package your reports far more cleverly than Ed.

    The writers at Shite Seats hav got it right.

    O well, pity nobody’ll read this.

  169. From what i have just read on the om planete forum,someone mentioned that us and them had agreed on a deal for ben arfa but that he and his representatives were still talking to werder bremen.

    He said he heard it on french radio and when you look at it maybe this is why they are think of offloading taylor and use whatever they can make out of him and maybe had that to the 1m pounds they have offered marseille to actually buy him.

    Wouldn’t surprised me the slightest really,he is said to have 3 options and i bet we are one of them,along with marseille and bremen.

  170. Brisvegas – But that would be boring and wouldn’t wind anyone up, and I like doing that, epsecially when there is a proportion of people that bite at everything that lays out there on a certain subject ;)

    Anyhoooooooooooooooo, if it was that clear that I’m not a journo, something I have never tried to be, and that this is a ‘blog and not a news-site, with such shite articles I write that you pull us up on quite often (as you say, your favourite subject), surely you should know that these are just rumours that have been bandied about anyway, and not fact?

  171. I think losing Tayls would be a very sad thing to happen. I feel so sorry for someone who is dedicated 100% to the club. Someone who gets assaulted by a fellow team member. Maybe if the club had told the true story of what happened, then maybe people would want Andy Carroll to leave. Once a trouble maker always a trouble maker.
    I hope that when Carroll is in court in October he gets sent down as that is what he deserves.
    I hope this is resolved for Tayls sake. If he leaves then he has my support for the rest of his career.

  172. They’re not shite articles. You do yourself an injustice. You do a good job.

    Yeah, I know they’re rumours. I do think, though, that anybody in a position of power with regard to disseminating information – or is a public figure of some standing (even in a virtual sense)- has a duty of care to his/her public, a moral responsibility to be, er, well, responsible.

    I did my PhD on this subject 20-odd years ago, that’s probably why I keep commenting on the subject.

    I enjoy your blogs.