Campbell for England?

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Sol in days of old.
Sol in days of old.
You know that bandwagon that Joey Barton started the other week, the one where he said he was looking to play for England? Well it seems he isn’t the only one with fresh international ambitions.

Sol Campbell has now thrown his hat back into the England ring and has his sights firmly set on an international recall.

I can’t blame the lad for having international ambition. Why not? If he can prove himself worthy of a call up for England by playing suitably well for Newcastle then why shouldn’t he be rewarded with the opportunity of adding to his 73 caps? Unfortunately, I just don’t think it will happen, regardless of how well Sol may end up playing for us. It won’t happen for one reason – his age.

Campbell will be turning 36 in just over two weeks time, and that will rule him out for England in my view. In my opinion, if he proves he is good enough then he should get his chance again, but following England’s disastrous showing at the World Cup there appears to be a move for the national side to move forward and look to the future with the next generation of England players.

Campbell will no doubt be viewed by the media as a ‘has been’, a sign that Capello is not changing his ways, and I don’t think he will want the negative media attention that calling Campbell up would attract. Having said that, you never know I guess, and as long as Sol puts in the performances on the pitch with the view of breaking back into the national side it can only be of benefit to us.

“I haven’t come to Newcastle as a last hurrah, and I still believe I have what it takes to play for England. I still have the passion, the fire in my belly. I want to win. But you just can’t do anything about it anymore, so I am not going to fight,” Campbell told The Journal.

“I am going to fight on the pitch for Newcastle and if it comes to the stage where someone says, ‘Can you fight for England?’, then I will fight for England.”

“I am not going to go on about it. It is just not worth it. I think I am just going to concentrate on Newcastle and if anything happens at a later stage, it happens at a later stage. Really, I have just got to get my football right for Newcastle and concentrate on moving them up in the right direction and if anything happens in the future, it happens in the future.”

Seems fair enough to me. As I said earlier, if Sol is targetting an England recall then it can only be good news for us. Joey Barton also said he would be looking for England if his performnces on the pitch deserved it, and whilst he hasn’t been called up for upcoming internationals, few can deny that he has started the season in great form.

Good luck to both of them! I think they’ll need it.

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199 Responses

  1. hmmm,i kinda disagree.

    i don’t think is age that can’t see him back in england shirt. There are other reasons about fabio thinking.

    Great Example: David Beckham. paul scholes. ;)

  2. I am sure he said “Pie in his belly” and not fire.
    Hope he does a good job for us-don’t give 2 fooks for England…Eternally Shite.

  3. Nothing wrong with wanting it,in fact every English player should want it but at present he’s going to find it tough to get into the Newcastle team never mind England.The National team should be looking long term now and to the younger players and not looking back to the old guard imo.

  4. Joey is the man-really good to see him knuckle down and let his feet do the talking-always liked him and does not deserve any of the bad press he has had.
    Not bothered if he plays for England though prefer him to focus on playing for us.

  5. I will go on the pitch if Campbell for England !! sorry for him but I don’t think Capello will choose him into squad.

  6. @richietoon:

    That the same why we question CH selection at times. ;)

    I not being an EnglishMan,can say Fabio has lost himself in england National Team.

    And his promises are not even came about. Same old england team.

  7. Capello Sucks and the Players as a footballing unit suck.
    I mean Heskey chosen over Bent…criminal.

  8. International teams should only include those that have performed well recently and who are in tip top physical shape, there can be no room for sentiment or loyalty, thats why we left the World Cup with our tails between our legs.
    I still cant understand why England in particular, continue to select and play players who are injured or recovering, it stands out a mile.
    I dont care if the stars are missing, fully fit players are more important.
    And so to Campbell, play for your team first, England would be a reward for good performances and fitness.

  9. sirjasontoon says:
    September 2, 2010 at 1:26 pm
    I am sure he said “Pie in his belly” and not fire.

    haha canny witty for you, well done.

    anyone (mainly Sol) thought that Sol is maybe here just as back up and he wont actually play that many games?

  10. Finally i see some England supporter speaking up the truth about their national team/Manager.

    OF all forums and blogs i went,Many of them are still thinking england got chance to win euro/WC with this team.

  11. BBB raises a good point. Once upon a time, national sides were made up of players who actually deserved to be there through performances in the league.

    The focus seems to have shifted now to the ‘their needs to be a team’ feeling, which means that the same players get picked, like Heskey being picked because he plays well for the team and sits the systam. Fair enough, but he hardly deserved to be there did he?

    There needs to be a balance between picking in form players and building a team at the same time.

  12. bigbadbob says:
    September 2, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    “International teams should only include those that have performed well recently and who are in tip top physical shape, there can be no room for sentiment or loyalty, thats why we left the World Cup with our tails between our legs.”

    Funnily enough, that’s more or less exactly what Fabio Capello says, bigbadbob. The problem is simple, England players psychologically crumble when it comes to the big occaision, much like Kevin Keegan in 1996. Why it happens is much more complex.

  13. In this case I don’t think it was the players in SA – it was Capello. I have zero respect for the man and his wierdo Italian man management style. When we desperately needed a goal he brought on hot shot Heskey! Played Gerrard out of position. Left Walcott and Johnston at home. He’s started the euro campaign in exactly the same way. He needs to go . . .

  14. We just don’t produce the players technically and mentally. The reason:

    In youth football all we’re bothered about is winning, not keeping the ball, or trying a trick or even trying to take a player on. ‘Get it up there’ is the stock phrase from coaches who have a big lad up front. It’s easier to win like that.

    In Spain, their not allowed to ask the young kids if they won or not until they get to the 16 yr old age group. That puts the emphisis on enjoying the football instead of just winning.

    When they start getting competitive it makes things a whole lot easier, their used to keeping the ball, trying new things and enjoying the game. There is no mental block, no negative attitude towards trying to find that killer pass incase it doesn’t work – Just no fear.

    We’re too scared of losing, too scared to try that killer pass or trick that opens up defences.

    The Spanish are used to it, they’ve gone through all their youth football (When you’re learning) without fear and it becomes second nature.

  15. i agree to what toonsy and BBB says.

    but what anger’s me is his promise to start blooding youngster’s in,and yet same ppl from WC get selected in for euro qualifier.

    IMO, if capello takes experience as an excuse,i can tell him that well,if u need experience you can put those some experience at the back and gives youngsters at the front line.

    Great example: Germany National team. Compare the germany team in 2006 and 2010. Lot’s of different. WHY? More youngsters inside. And yet though didn’t win WC,but getting 3rd is also a massive achievement.

    And i agree with one germany player,forgot who says this,but england players doesn’t seems having the desire to win WC.

  16. Spot on Stuart! I’m sure you’ve all heard Pelanty Waddle on about it. The love of football and just playing the game, having fun, is coached out of our kids by the time they’re ten.

  17. AngelOfDeath says:
    September 2, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    “And i agree with one germany player,forgot who says this,but england players doesn’t seems having the desire to win WC.”

    I’m not sure if it’s the desire to win it, AoD, it’s the fear of losing it.

  18. @workyticket: fear of losing?? They didn’t wanna win the WC in the first place from their performance i saw.

    what i meant was england players are treating WC like a normal football match,and didn’t wanna win at all.

  19. AngelOfDeath says:
    September 2, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    Their desperate to win the WC, like any other team!

    It goes deeper than just not wanting to win.

    We need to look at the mentality of the players when their young.

  20. Workyticket, is it the players that crumble or the management that buckles under the pressure of the media for every single result.
    The panning they get after a defeat is almost as bad as the unbridled gloating when they win, far too much importance is put on the national team, which is effectively a side show to the national professional leagues, i sometimes wish it was an amateur event but look whats happened to the Olympic football.
    Capello has a foot in both these camps, he wants to change it but is afraid of the media and dances to their tune to a degree, i would respect him more if he just said, feck them, and start with a fresh page with a fit players playing to a plan instead of looking like 7yr olds let loose with a ball for the first time.

  21. AngelOfDeath says:
    September 2, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    “@workyticket: fear of losing??”

    Yes, fear of losing, a pall of negativity which frightens the collective when it comes to the crunch. It’s an English thing which has many constituent parts, history, the awful media, the fans etc.

  22. bigbadbob says:
    September 2, 2010 at 3:17 pm

    You’ll never, ever get away from that I’m afraid, as long as we (as a country) have this obsession with football. The pressure will always be immense as we take it so serious.

    It’s the same in Brazil and other countries, so we cannot really use that as an excuse anyway.

  23. bigbadbob says:
    September 2, 2010 at 3:17 pm

    “Workyticket, is it the players that crumble or the management that buckles under the pressure of the media for every single result.”

    They can all get sucked into it, then walk away to their club sides, play brilliantly and win trophies galore because they are in a different psychological paradigm.

  24. Think of it in terms of the Toon. When was the last really talented kid that came through – probably Gazza, although I think Steve Watson had his talent and skill coached out of him, principally by KK! Anyway it’s far too long for a region obsessed with football.

  25. Totally off thread but here’s an overheard conversation between two scousers. You’ve got to imagine the accents.

    Scouse 1 – “Been anywhere nice at the weekend?”

    Scouse 2 – “Yeh, Prestatyn”

    Scouse 1, looking puzzled – “Pressworrin?”

    ….. skulks away sheepishly

  26. Nicely put, Stu; makes total sense to me.

    Let’s hope our youth system is learning from that. I’d love to see footie at SJP in the style of that stunning Spanish side; let’s hope they’re giving the younguns the right start to deliver it.

    I’m also hoping Hating Ben Affleck may bring a bit of it starting next Satda!

  27. Tnanks for the kind words Whump.

    To answer your question about me coat, my dresser’s just put it on for me – it’s the one that has the sleeves that wrap under me armpits and fasten at the back!

    It’s really a winter one that saves on having to wear the gloves that are joined by string!

  28. Whumpie says:
    September 2, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    I slept with a scouse lass once. I woke up on a pile of bricks and the bed had gone…

    What would the world be like without them? There’d be less crime for a start.

  29. I’m planning on flying up with some mates for the Liverpool game next April. I’ll brief them on my favourite song for the occasion, to the tune of “you are my sunshine”:

    You are a scouser
    A scummy scouser
    You’re only happy on giro day
    Your father’s thieving
    Your mother’s dealing
    Please don’t take my hubcaps away.

    (Or summat similarly subtle, empathetic and politically correct.)

  30. Saint Peter was manning the Pearly Gates when twenty scousers showed up. Never having seen anyone from Liverpool at heaven’s door, Saint Peter said
    he would have to check with God. After hearing the news, God instructed him to admit the ten most virtuous from the group. A few minutes later, Saint Peter returned to God breathless and said,
    “They’re gone.”
    “What? All of the Scousers are gone?” asked God.
    “No” replied Saint Peter “The Pearly Gates!”

  31. Capello has basically just stuck to the same tactics and players as every england manager before him, Terry, Gerrard and co have far to much say in matters and now the FA are telling him who to pick, the whole setup needs changing but it’ll just never happen

    Senior english players earn far to much money in the prem which is the only league that will have them – Becks is probably the only player we have abroad and playing in a foreign league and thats probably more to do with his celebrity status and ability to bring cash to the club through merchandising etc
    England can take a hike in my book

    Hopefully Sol will put in some stellar performances for the toon, doubt he’ll get picked for england tho under the current setup

  32. Whumpie – did you honestly think the Spanish team’s football was “stunning”?

    Technically I thought they were excellent, but for me it was very boring to watch at times. Personally I’d take the cut and thrust of the Premier League any day of the week.

  33. I really must apologise to any “scouse toons” who may read this thread. We are not bigots. We are just bored due to having a well-run, happy team and no match at the weekend. And we happen to have a limitless supply of scouse jokes. That’s it. Honest.

    Please don’t put poo through my letterbox. Or steal it.

  34. Who is the over-opinionated moron who writes, ‘the view from the shite seats’. Come on you must read this own up.

  35. Fair point, TC; I do see what you mean. I actually rather liked the CCC stuff too!

    But what’s that got to do with the thread? I thought we were discussing the perceived disposition towards cleptomania displayed by the populus of the metropolitan area of Liverpool :)

  36. 21 Stuart79

    I think it has a lot to do with in this country the kids are getting fatter and lazier.
    We can produce technically good players, look at A Johnson. Players that are super skillful and talented are a one off in any part of the world. The main problem is that kids would probably prefer to play on Pro Evo or Fifa these days than the real thing. Also our society is partly to blame how kids simply can’t ‘play out’ any more for fear of perverts & charvers ect.

  37. never thought ide say this but relegation could of done us a favor if it wasent for havin shearer playing for us i think it would of happend a good few years ago.

  38. I wish this international break would hurry up. I wanna see Benny rip the s### out of Blackpool. :)

    On another positive note. Does anyone agree that Benny’s close control is Messi like when he cuts across from the right wing. From those clips I noticed similarities. :)

  39. Steve Watson was a great young Talent used to have a kick about on sundays with him his nana lived near me in High Farm-proper good athlete and was also an excellent gymnast as a kid-hence the acrobatic overhead throws he used to do.

  40. DJG-

    Don’t know if I wanna compare him to Messi just yet, but I’ll admit, he does look pretty dangerous coming in from the wings like. His control is great and I LOVE his flicks back to himself like. I love on the video where he totally nutmegs that defender.

  41. OHurley:

    A quay is a concrete, stone, or metal platform lying alongside or projecting into water for loading and unloading ships.

    I suppose you’d call it a dock in the States??

  42. I’d still have Bassong back like, and Milner, although I don’t think he was one of the cronies you were referring to, Batts :)

  43. OHurley

    yeah, I think he will love playing at SJP. He has already said that he could ‘have some fun in that team’. :)

    A couple asked my last night, ‘where is the quayside’. It is the river side area of Newcastle. I think it means dock or port.

  44. Batty yer right in some ways Relegation was maybe one of the best thinks to happen to us in a good while, and if it wasnt for Big Al it would have happened sooner. Its not often I agree with Toon Chicken but I agree 100% with him @ 64 :)

  45. DJG :lol: very good mate. Richie I didnt see him on lastnite and I scrolled through this thread and never seen his name, But most go now do a bit of work catch you’s later Lads, Richie keep the peace mate :)

  46. TC and DJG-

    Thanks mates! This Geordie folk singer I listen to, Tim Readman, has a song called “The Coal Quay Market” and I always wondered what exactly it meant. Thanks!

    And yeah, I’m really hoping that Sol finds a good home with this team. I really think CH has put together a squad with team spirit and a togetherness that we probably haven’t seen in many a year.

  47. haha sum nobed WUM posted this on eds blog wolfsays:newcastle have been sold to a malaysian billionaire..thats all i have at the mo but this comes from ashleys keep yous up to date when i find out more.Posted on September 2nd, 2010

  48. Whumpie-

    Me and my best mate (a Liverpool fan) just had a GREAT laugh at all your scouser jokes! Class, mate. Class. :lol:

  49. Dont think Ashley will sell until we’re established in prem. Why would he sell with his investment going up, surely if we get in europe or top 10 or something we will be worth more.

  50. OHurley says:
    September 2, 2010 at 6:41 pm

    “For the record, his daughter is kinda hot”


  51. Can anybody confirm that at least one of MA’s daughters IS of legal age? I just saw on Ed’s blog that someone thought they were both bairns…

    If that’s true, I all of a sudden feel like an unwashed mackem… :/

  52. OHurley
    “I all of a sudden feel like an unwashed mackem”
    does that mean you’ve gone from wanting one of his daughters(if of legal age) to wanting an unwashed mackem ;-) :lol:

  53. Richie-

    LoL, absolutely not! Although, I hear the lasses from pennywell are notoriously easy… :D

  54. LoL Pennywell… monkey smell…

    Man, I’ve been singin’ that song for 3 years now! LOVE it! My friends think I’m mental coz they divvent understand it!

  55. RICHIETOON must have been a while ago when you got that cd,youve been banned from most bars from what ive been told :)

  56. RICHIETOON been haveing house re-pointed muck and shite all over with the grinding-out.
    one of the dogs got out nearly ragged one guy off scaffold,was worried like dog could have hurt his-sel

  57. should have asked BATTY to do it he would been cheaper than this sod,after all he built a bunker for hitman :)

  58. BATTY,meant to ask you couple of days ago there was two comments on here which i knew was not you useing your name,did you see them,could be some one stalking you,true m8 ime not kidding you

  59. BATTY cannot think m8 heeds been done in,but defo not the real you there was two or three one after the other,i was waiting for toonsy to step in but he must have been off-line,and nobody replied to them

  60. BATTY na m8 took nee notice as i knew it wasnt you as i started to read it,and yes m8 every word was perfect,and boreing and quite long

  61. Richie-

    Sorry for the delayed response, but it could have been worse like… :D

    That song was absolutely MINT!! Who is that guy and does he have an album?!

  62. Campbell for England? No chance. Barton for England, would have to be an english manager like Redknapp or someone similar with the guts to pick him, on form he should be in there.

    By the way, how many keepers have to be injured before Harper gets a call? I know he hasn’t started great this year but he must be the only english starter who hasn’t been called, no offence to Scott Loach but Harper has masses more experience, ridiculous.

    Sack Capello, bring in O’Neill/Redknapp/Hughton (kidding! He’s ours for keeps!)

  63. Cornish Mag-

    Yeah mate, I don’t think Harps would have let Clint Dempsey score that shocking goal (which I loved, I might add… me being a yank n all lol).

  64. And, Idk about Barton being ready for England just yet… only played 3 games. Yeah his form is great atm, but let’s give him half a season or so and see what happens. If Carroll isn’t called up, I’ll be shocked.

  65. Batty-

    I’m good, mate. Moonshine business is pickin’ up like. And I’d love make it ower there, but it ain’t in the cards until I get a better job. Unless someone feels like payin’ half me ticket and puttin me up in their house like haha!

  66. Carroll is another that I would certainly pick, forget his off the field misdemeanours, deal with that after the court case. I think Barton is ready, he has the drive, composure and already has 1 goal and at least 1 assist this term. Better than Gareth Barry and Michael Carrick anyday.

  67. And, could anyone see Joey freezing at a major tournament like the wasters in South Africa, no chance

  68. Ice-

    Hehe, just stay away from them unclean and loose women you may find roamin’ the streets like! Don’t care care pissed ya get, you’ll get VD from just bein’ in their presence. I hear they also turn into bats at night and suck innocent Geordie lads’ blood right oot from their unsuspecting necks! As the Spaniards say, no bueno!

  69. OHURLEY lol its a ploy m8 filled them with a couple of micky-fins and swim in the wear,got to stop the sods breeding some how :)

  70. OHURLEY,dont have one m8 you will be asleep in five,and have your pockets emptied.

    slipped in your drink m8 lol

  71. I’m a mite older than that. 28, actually. I’m sure we’d still have fun though haha. What’s a settee?

  72. 125 – Yeah, good point, not many managers could deal with his behaviour as well as Mr Hughton but could be worth the hassle. I think if they keep their form up could be outsiders for the next squad or the one after, especially if we lose against Hungary.

  73. Ice-

    Ahhhh, gotcha. We call it a rufi here. My best mate got rufied once. Totally by accident, mind.. Me and my other mate spent the night makin’ sure he didn’t fall flat on his face like haha! He slept for about 15 hours, totally missed work, and called us the next day askin’ wtf happened HAHAHAHA!

    not really funny, but I had a laugh at his expense. A fine friend am I, right? :lol:

  74. Batty-

    Ahh, I see. I could do that! If I’m ever makin’ it out that way, I’ll let ya know well enough in advance! Lots of friends I’d like to see, ya kna? Everyone from this blog that lives out there. Would have to come see a Tyne Wear derby, for sure.

  75. OHURLEY who needs enemies with mates like you.

    whats a settee,i think you lads call it a lounge or sofa!

  76. OHurley says:
    September 2, 2010 at 10:21 pm

    Ahh, I see. I could do that! If I’m ever makin’ it out that way, I’ll let ya know well enough in advance! Lots of friends I’d like to see, ya kna? Everyone from this blog that lives out there. Would have to come see a Tyne Wear derby, for sure.<<<<< aye ya could pop doon too manchester too see stu :lol:

  77. 9. Hatem Ben Arfa, Newcastle (loan)

    As a product of France’s highly regarded Clairefontaine academy, which has produced the likes of Louis Saha, William Gallas and Thierry Henry; Hatem Ben Arfa is considered to be one of the hottest talents in French football today.

    Newcastle secured the 23-year-old winger on a season-long loan from Marseille after Ben Arfa went on strike in a desperate bid to leave the Stade Velodrome following a series of fall-outs. Ben Arfa is a mercurial talent and if manager Chris Houghton can help him overcome his disciplinary problems then The Magpies could reap the benefits this season.

  78. Ice where have ye been Lad I thought ye got banned for winding Toonsy up.
    Ohurley could you not take on another paper round get some extra cash ?

  79. shes off doon too the staffordshire county show tomoz with a freind and her mam she reckons £400 will be enough i nearly choked on me tea lol

  80. fvck me – after last nights bickering we seem to have a bit of a love in tonight with batty offering ohurley his couch/sofa/setee/lounger dependant on how posh he thinks he is :)

    pain in the ass this break for england but at leat it’ll give ben arfa a chance to sort himself out on the training ground – looking forward to watching him play – we’ll prob need to give him some time to settle in before we slag him off, reckon he’ll end up a mixed bag ala robert/ginola, great when they want t be but …….
    I’ll take that everyday personallly, been a whie since we had a player who coule change a game out of nowt – think last time was when we were getting hammered by spurs and martins scored that wonder goal – best thing about that was I was with a load of spurs mates – they were so fvckin bitter, fantastic!!!

  81. of course the rule, in its short form as above, has many common exceptions, such as species, science, sufficient, ancient, society (where ie follows c) or seize, weird, theism, weight, protein, sovereignty, foreign, vein, feisty, kaleidoscope, being, and neighbour – hehe

  82. anyway I need to come back up home to see my mam and family – need to pick the next game, can’t do blackpool which is a shame as i reckon we could end up hammerin them or getting a 0-0 draw – waht do you reckon is the nailed on after that, sons coming up so need to make sure we win :-)
    maybe I’ll throw a few million around……. oh shit how about 40 pence a man

  83. Batty-

    In answer to your question-

    The only one that I miss is Beye. And not really that much, mind. He was good though. And solid. I don’t think we’ll have much of a problem without him though. Duffer was decent, but he’s past it now and I think Jose and Jonas are better than Duffer ever was.

  84. Oh well.. too bad I’m not on the drink.. I could do like Rodzilla used to do and have arguments with mesel after everyone had already gone to bed hehe

  85. Hmm, I will be later tonight though… so if any of you lads are up at 6AM (ehem, Toonsy… lol) you might get several drunken comments from the old iPhone 4. That’s right, I have an iPhone 4. In your face :D

  86. Ya kna, I have a weird habit (and my dad’s got it too). When i’m talkin to someone, my accent has a tendency to change to match theirs. Very annoying and I seldom realize I’m doing it until it’s pointed out. I wonder how long it would take me to sound like a Geordie… Maybe I could get a job in England as a Geordie to English translator?

  87. Maybe if I get real good at it like, I can get a job as a footy commentator. How mint would that be? Neebody need kna that I’m a yank. Could pull the proverbial wool over the erm… ears?.. of y’all English blokes :lol:

  88. Jay Jay-

    That’s a great song. A bit sad though, bein’ as that it’s written in D Minor.. the saddest of all keys

  89. Look, you keep folding it and then you get this. I don’t want this. I want larger bread. It’s a complete catastrophe! lol!!!

    One of my fave movies

  90. I’m actually leavin’ work right now too. But it’s only a quarter after 6 here. Adios, mate! See ya tomorrow