Chelsea v Newcastle – Carling Cup match banter.

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It's Carling Cup time!
It's Carling Cup time!
Newcastle will be hoping their second string has enough to beat Chelsea’s second string in tonights Carling Cup 3rd round tie at Stamford Bridge.

Personally I don’t expect much out of the game tonight and I’m not overly fussed if we go out of the competition at this relatively early juncture.

My main hope is that the fringe players who will get their chance tonight go out and have a go and try to impress Chris Hughton and prove to him that they are worthy of a place in the first team.

The match is scheduled for overseas transmission so if you guys know of any links where people can watch the match then please feel free to add them in the ‘comments’ section below.

As ever, this is the place to come together and piss and moan about what is going in the game tonight, as you will all know that is what we usually do.

If you are looking for a more in depth preview and a bit of team news along with some guesstimated team line-ups then please feel free to have a read of my match preview. You can do so by clicking here.

Also can I take this opportunity to apologise for a lack of articles today as my internet connection decided to die on me. Obviously it’s working again now but for a few hours this afternoon I have been without the internet, cut off from any form of Newcastle news apart from a bit on Sky Sports News. It’s only when you don’t have the internet that you realise how much you actually use it. I feel slightly traumatised currently after such an ordeal!

Anyway, as I said, a good performance would be nice tonight regardless of the result although I would like us to go through just so we can have a tiny bit of hope that we may actually get a decent draw in the next round for a change.

Howay the lads!

Chelsea – Ross Turnbull, Paoulo Ferriera, Jeffrey Bruma, John Terry, Patrick Van Aanholt, Yossi Benayoun, Ramires, Yuri Zhirkov, Daniel Sturridge, Nicolas Anelka, Gael Kakuta.

Subs – Petr Cech, Salomon Kalou, Alex, Josh McEachran, Billy Clifford, Jacob Mellis, Nathaniel Chabolah.

Newcastle – Tim Krul, Ryan Taylor, Sol Campbell, Fabricio Coloccini, Shane Ferguson, Nile Ranger, Alan Smith, Haris Vuckic, Jonas Gutierrez, Shola Ameobi, Peter Lovenkrands.

Subs – Ole Soderberg, Mike Williamson, Cheick Tiote, Kevin Nolan, Joey Barton, Hatem Ben Arfa, Andy Carroll.

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580 Responses

  1. Team news here. Still finding out the sibs before I get the sarcastic “hehehehehe there is no subs hehehehehehehe duh” remarks

  2. Where’d you find the line up mate? Looks pretty strong. Capable of disposing of most 2nd string sides outside of the top 4 I reckon. Nile on the wing as well is it?

  3. Devon – Contacts ;)

    Incidentally, for those who were asking about free Sky this weekend, I’ve just seen an advert for it on Sky One.

  4. The starting XI is: Tim Krul, Ryan Taylor, Shane Ferguson, Fabricio Coloccini, Sol Campbell, Nile Ranger, Alan Smith, Haris Vuckic, Jonas Gutierrez, Shola Ameobi, Peter Lovenkrands. Subs: Kevin Nolan, Mike Williamson, Joey Barton, Andy Carroll, Cheik Tiote, Ole Soderberg, Hatem Ben Arfa

  5. Oh gosh..

    Both the team line-up already showing a glimpse of what we will be facing when we meet them during league game.

    Cause it almost like both clubs first-team players playing. 8O

  6. AOD – Almost our first-team? Aye, it’s about 10 changes away from our first team. Nearly like :roll:

  7. Am I overly negative or does anyone think that’s a scary strong “weakened” Chelsea team?

    We could well get pumped tonight, Ferguson will be targeted like nobody’s business.

  8. @toonsy: I know is ten changes

    But u see,to me those playing are already first-team players just not playing yet.with the exception of maybe shane,nile and Haris,this 3 only are not near first team.

    if you use that team in N-power league champ,i am sure is possible to win though. :lol:

  9. a liitle bit of shame that ben harfa dosent get his 3 match today 2/25 and he is our! Now its just 2/25

  10. DJG – If we can keep it tight then we could be fine. I reckon those first teamers are there to do that damage early on. Look at their bench, there is next to nobody of note on it. They will come on for experience if they are winning.

  11. to be fair that is a proper strong chelsea 2nd string. Ramires, Zhirkov and Kakuta scare me the most as all three have something different to prove;

    Ramires- their star summer signing and needs to force his way into the first team/prove he’s worth his price tag.

    Zhirkov- one of the world’s finest attacking full-backs until the same club that owns Ashley Cole bought him. Major, major point to prove.

    Deal with them and there’s still Sturridge, Anelka and Benayoun to contain and Terry to get past. Not to mention PVA will be playing his heart out as he enjoyed his time with us… So far the only half weak link I can spot is Ross Turnbull…

    0-4 the toon anyone? ;)

    Kakuta- Needs to justify the furore of his transfer- the controversy caused will no doubt be spurring him right on.

  12. Im not very confident, our full-backs tonight would struggle to contain Darlo away nevermind the top team in the British Isles.

  13. No Kadar and R.Donaldson.. — –” I think Ranger will be better upfront and let Lover on winger.

  14. That Chealsea team is still a beast….i reckon they’ll be 2-0 up by HT.

    I was hoping Hoots will put out the same team as against Everton.

  15. Hughtons right like, we aint chelsea and we just can’t afford the likes of Enrique and Benny to get injured in a game like this that will mean nowt to our prem points total, and lets be honest here we ain’t goin to Chelsea. Sunderland were singin road to Wembley last night, now it’s ‘we’re on a road to nowhere’.

  16. Interesting.Why not CH take a rest and let colin take over. HAHAHA. ;)

    Alex Ferguson is apparently watching Valencia Match tonight, leaving first team duties to Mike Phelan.

  17. BIG DAVE divnt mind getting beat,but oot of sight ill give it a miss,batty will finish higher and hes not in it :)

  18. As soon as Colo didn’t put that ball out I new we’d go one down. LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES. Happenen twice against Man U

  19. Have all the streams with commentary gone? on the first row just seems weird watching in silence.

  20. Wonder when the Hughton out/I’m going to top myself/We are getting relegated bollocks is going to start? :roll:

  21. We need a manager with more Carling Cup experience than Hughton. He just doesn’t know how to win this trophy.

  22. No worries,let’s don’t concede anymore till 70mins… :lol:

    Bring on ben arfa and carroll. And we win. ;)

  23. Meh who cares, faster we’re out of this pointless cup the better and the more we can focus on the league.

  24. 82 – 75 = 7 posts. Not bad going :roll:

    I wouldn’t mind so much but Hughton did say to expect changes FFS :roll:

  25. We havent got started yet like. Jonas just broke with the ball out of defence twice and gave it straight back to them with two misplaced passes.

  26. The players don’t look up for it. They’ve probably got as much interest in this as most of us on here.
    We were never going to win this game, so I see it as a bit of a fitness test.

  27. Jonas really doesn’t want to stay here, does he?

    I swear, it’s like he is playing woefully on purpose. Is he that threatened by Ben Arfa?

    Why not ask to play on the right. It might make sense since he is a right footed winger. His partnership with Enrique isn’t that important that it means we can carry a player who offers nothing.

  28. A bit of relief from a boring game. Anyone else hear about our old mate and now friend of the scum, Titus Bramble being arrested for rape?

  29. why are we suddenly just playing long ball. there basically a team of wingers if we pass it round we should be able to pass it round them.

  30. Using another on that’s been posted on here, just to hear the commentator say it’s one one. Get in young un.

  31. Adolf-You’ve heard wrong. He certainly isn’t just hype.

    We went from average to brilliant there. Must have strung a good 15-20 passes together and scored, lol.

  32. Class act Ranger. Must be the partner for Carroll
    Young Ferguson looking the part. left back cover sorted

  33. Ranger miskick, very close to a second after Colo overlapped Ferguson and whipped one across the face. Some lovely passing moves for us past 5 mins.

  34. Unbelievable! Just to be winning!

    I’m in Brighton at the minute and I cannot find anywhere that has it on!

    I need regular comments, guys.

  35. stuart79 you wanna head to the king and queen mate. Massive pub on the one way system just down from The Level, the owner’s a Chelsea fan I think

  36. Sorry – didn’t mean to suggest Shola JUST fell over. I think it was actually what he’s good at – being in the right place to either do a job or draw a foul.

  37. Stuart-The equaliser was a good one, strung together 20 passes or so, Ferguson played a ball into the box, Loven might have flicked it on, might have missed it but Ranger snuck in at the back post and buried it. Second came from another good passing move, tried to play Ameobi in over the top but one of their young lads in the back four brought him down. Raylor got the free kick round the wall and found the net. Since we’ve scored we’ve played some lovely stuff what I saw before the stream went down, started to pass the ball round nicely on the ground, quick two touch stuff and some good movement off the ball.

  38. GETTTTTTTINNNN!!! Great first half, looks like we’re playing with real confidence. Impressive team selection from Hoots too… and what a bench – HBA against tired legs on 75 mins?

    Some good quality streams, shame about the copyright infringement forcing some to drop – is there some gadgy sat online firing off legal threats as they broadcast!?!?

  39. Been happy with all the lads, Ferguson looks decent, had some nice crosses anyway and gives the opportunity for Guitty ro run, which he’s been doing well imo. The only unimpressive player so far is Vuckic unfortunately..Ameobi isn’t doing great-but he won us the free kick to give us the lead like so :)

  40. Get williamson tiote and carroll on and park the bus.

    Raghav give the lad a chance for godsake he is just out the juniors. never played at this level before. what were you expecting a Messi like performance

  41. Geordio Cubano probably some gadgy sitting here pressing refresh then cancelling them as they get posted.

  42. Raghav
    That shows how stupid you are Carroll on for Carroll I’ll walk naked if that happens

  43. AOD is my hero. It’s 5.40am here right now and that half made it all worth staying up and throwing out my bodyclock like Carrol throws punches!

  44. LONG LONG way to go yet but 1st half very pleasing indeed.

    Number of yellow cards is worrying, but Chelsea bench isn’t. :)

  45. lol probably true PolloDiablo… gotta love the internet though, they can shut off as much as they like but everytime they kill sites another 3 sprout up. One day they’ll just let us watch stuff legally – I’d happily pay a couple of quid to watch and likewise for film and tv, but they just wanna fleece us all the way and control access the feckers… when will they learn!

  46. We put a 20 pass move together for the first goal? If that was Arsenal or Man U everyone would be waxing lyrical about it.

    We are without doubt one of the best passing sides in the PL at this moment in time.

  47. Patsy, Ferguson is also from juniors but he looks good,anyways he has the ptotential & I quite hope he has great second half..HWTL

  48. As stupid as Raghav is hopefully people will stop saying ‘Vuckic needs more playing time WTF is Hoots doing’ etc. Seems like he’s a little hot headed too. Makes silly tackles, looks like he went in for a trip at half time there

  49. Im really pleased with the team selection and surprised at the bench, I didn’t think CH would risk 1st teamers but im sure Benny and Tiote would have wanted to get games in ;)

  50. Stuart-Yup, we must have played 15 or so passes through the midfield and the commentator mentioned how we were doing well to keep the ball but not going anywhere with it, then suddenly we zipped one out to Ferguson and he burst into space, got chalk on his boots, whipped one in and we scored.

  51. Hilarious the way Alex just stands off Shola. Don’t worry sonna, none of us expected him to come up with that either. :D

  52. Kalou back off with an injury. 17 year old lad replacing him. Looks canny serious, might have done his groin.

  53. yes,this is what was required,Kalou looked like a threat & we have injured him..hae a blast guys,Josh McEachran on for Kalou.

  54. Although Kalou is injured i should be happy for NUFC,but i just bought him in my fantasy team. Geez.

  55. And that’s why you don’t play your best players in this compo.
    We kept carroll out of it and put a no scoring donkey on instead. Oh, wait……:D

  56. Whumpie-Got an irresponsible corner shop round your way like, he’s far too young to be earning, looking at him he should be tucked up by 9! lol

  57. bloody hell, Benayoun stops the chase of a ball and asks for an immediate sub. There’s another self inflicted injury, and a bad one. Asked for a change immediatly.

  58. Chelski arnt getting it all there own way tonight :lol: its a pity we wern’t playing them at the w/end with the way they are losing players :lol:

  59. Tiote and Williamson coming on. Chelsea have made 3 subs and Benayoun needs to come off. Looks like they’ll have to play with 10 men.

  60. Well well well. Expectations will rise after this but he’ll let’s be happy eh? I’m glad we didn’t risk the first team and a couple of guys have done themselves no harm at all

  61. Chelsea are crap…we’re the first decent team they’ve played so obviously they were gonna struggle :lol:

  62. Does the game look as good as it sounds…I just tuned in via Sky SportsCentre…best i can do at work at the moment.

  63. NorCal – Still too early for me, but for a second string playing, on paper, a much superior second string, we are playing really well.

    Should have been four there. Loverboy should have scored.

  64. Its all down to StuartP
    he is not here to jinx us.

    Thats my point with lovenkrands. intelligent runs but no finishing. and dont give me all them goals last in year in fizzy pop league

  65. Now Shola’s missing ’em. ONly a matter of time now before someone scores. Chelski not as dead yet as the commentators are making out, though.

  66. Too bad…i hate carling cup commentary on sports centre…very unentusiastic. Oh well, better than nothing.

  67. GOAL! Scunny 1-5 Manchester United Michael Owen has scored his second of the game. Tap-in for Owen, who is now on 199 goals in English football.

    8O 8O

  68. Tell you what that 17 year old lad they’ve replaced Kalou with has came on and looked more than capable.

  69. Look at the state of us. At the start of these comments we are all cup is not worth it, don’t care, quicker the game is over, the better. An now we are all excited that we are beating Chelsea and could go through.

    I bloody love it!

  70. Micky-Too right haha :) It’d be nice to beat chelski like, still not overly fussed by the cup itself.

    But I hate that feeling when the confidence goes and it just feels like your gonna have a heart attack every time chelski go forward..

  71. I originally called for 4-3-3 with Jonas, Ranger and HBA up front which is what CH should do now and not let 10 man Chelski take the initiative

  72. If this goes to extra time, we’re screwed. Hopefully Ferguson’s knee is ok and CH can get Barton on to restore the engine a bit.

  73. If these scores are still accurate, I am loving Man City down and the Pool level. I know it’s “Only hte League Cup.” But for teams like City and Liverpool (and really the nmanagers) shouldn’t these games still count for something? I mean, i am sure the Sheik of City would like to get a trophy eventually…and Hidgoson better prove that he can at least beat a npower League team, right?

  74. BBC One has “The League Cup Show” tonight, by the way.

    Should have decent length highlights.

  75. Commentator did say at the time that NUFC would rue the missed chances. I though not likely we’re 3-1 up.

    Oooo. Nearly.

  76. CH needs to sort this out and take the pressure off the back four. Whats the point in holding out for extra time when you’ve got a man advantage ?

  77. Or mabey it is our night.

    I nearly said I have a feeling it wouldn’t go to extra time.
    I just didn’t want to jinx it.

    Oh no. six minutes extra time.
    I thought we’d done it.

  78. WTF is the deal with Metro stream – can barely hear what anyone is saying with all the banging tunes they keep overlaying!

  79. Well, everyone was waiting to see how Chelsea would do up against decent opposition. Well, they lost. So who’s next? :-)

  80. Brill
    Please don’t be too hard on Vuckic. The lad is a striker playing in midfield.
    13 heroes tonight

  81. This match reminds me of the never-say-die attitude of the liverpool 4-3 Newcastle years back.

    But we are on the winning end here….

    We broke everton unbeaten home run~~~

    We finally won at bridge after 24yrs. 8O

    Record-breaking week.

  82. cracking result and sounds like a belter of a game. Gutted i missed the second half cos of work.

    Nice to beat chelsea but id rather it had of been in the league and we got three points rather than an away trip to man utd probably as a reward


    Somebody invite me round for the Stoke game!!! =)

  84. Well, what a cup tie that was and what a result. Everyone out there should be proud of themselves like. Thought Ferguson was excellent, Jonas had a great first half when he settled down and Bambi was excellent when he came on. Absolute whirler, what a game.

  85. so the question again……..who cares about the carling cup? :lol:

    does the blog keep crashing for everyone else or just me?

  86. Fantastic result. Who would of thought it. Dead proud of them all. Our Stamford Bridge jinx broken. Just gonna ring me brother in law – chelski fan …..

  87. I am in shock , never in my wildest dreams did i think we would do them at the bridge tonight . WE REALLY ARE BACK , yes i know it was not their first 11 , but it was’nt ours eithier . Just goes to show we have a more than decent squad

  88. Riche-We don’t-lets all just not care until we win it…seems to be working for us so far :)
    Also yeah, has been crashing for the past half hour for me.

  89. Toonsy-For me the next round is irrelevant. We’ve put Chelsea out the cup, scored 4 goals at the bridge. They hadn’t conceded in 10 hours of football before our lot turned up, a team that wasn’t even full strength. Huge confidence booster and one to enjoy tonight.

  90. fantastic game from our second string 11 – that was cracking, def reminds me of the liverpool 4-3 game but even better as we won

    come on the toon

  91. who’d have thought it,we’ve been beaten at home off Blackpool but I’m still happy as a pig in sh!t at the way our season has gone so far :lol: …………….need to cap of the week by beating Stoke tho ;-)

  92. Wow! So proud of these lads. This will surely boost us for the weekend. I bet Stoke fans are well annoyed that we were so close to extra time, but ended up winning it just in time.

    Everyone, and i mean EVERYONE should hold their heads up high. I think Vuckic had a decent game, why is everyone criticising him? He was steady, nothing spectacular.

    P.S. Phil Dowd you are a cnut! A complete and utter coward!

  93. Lot of love for Shoala tonight

    If the squad can say happy with not regular playing we will have a good season.

    A home draw next round.
    City out
    Spuds out

  94. One of the best games that i have ever watched.absolutely brilliant,just freaking amazing……….
    going crazy by waking everyone of my chelski buddies and screwing their cases.thought we were a walkover and went to sleep,assholes…….

    Dont mess with us…….


  95. If we can beat Stoke I’ll be bloody bouncing off the ceiling for a week.
    On another note-Northampton 2 Liverpool 1 lolo.

  96. ‘Type C@NT if you love the Toon, Type F**K if the refs a C**T’.
    What a game.
    They weren’t down to 10, they had the ref.
    F**K the chavs.
    F**K the ref.
    GET IN.
    You put y’left head in, y’left head out in out in out,
    shake it all about, y’Shola Ameobi & y’score a goal, now that’s what i’m talking about..Woah Shola Ameobi.
    Great display.
    But still don’t care about this cup.

  97. Ahhhhh love this damn game sometimes…. now THAT was NOT expected!

    Can we lay off the Bambi-hate now!? I’ve been as guilty as anyone and whilst the guy may not be our ideal first-team striker, surely he’s proved we should be happy to have him as back-up? That was no donkey finishing tonight!

    Flying back to UK tomorrow to head up to Toon for my first game of the season, this was a lush warmup like :)

  98. Please post links to highlights if you get em folks. No pleasure of watching the game or Sky…at least not until later. I may be lucky and see them on Fox Soccer Channel tonight, but cannot count on it.

    That, or Toonsy, put together a wee piece of the highlights for us all to enjoy.


  99. batty,
    that should shut a few up.
    Still didn’t manage to stop the commentators creaming all over chelsea though, to$$pots!

  100. I think Ancelotti underestimated the Toon by not having enough in reserve on the bench having lost two players to non contact injuries. At least we had first team players ready to come on if things went pear shaped.

  101. Is young ben tozer playing for Northampton tonight
    Great result in more ways than one if they hold on
    Can’t stand them scousers.
    benefit cheats and scallywags

  102. Disgusting reffing again, like ET said: Cowardly.
    & the sky lot, C@nts.

    Clothes off if you love the Toon.

  103. ahhaha loved this match even more that we won!! How much did chelseas second string cost…ferriera 12m…zhirkov 17m…ramires 12m….the list goes on hahaha

  104. we might do ok in CC, Spurs, Man City out Liverpool look to be going out – we just need arse and man u t get drawn against each other and we have a great chance of making the final

  105. “Dare I say we could do well in this? Chelsea and man city out, hmmmm”

    plus Everton, Spuds and maybe who knows the red scallys ?

  106. That’s Man City, Chelsea, Spurs and possibly Liverpool out of the cup. Let’s pray to god we don’t draw the Mancs or Arsenal; any other team I’m confident we could do now!

  107. icedog says:
    September 22, 2010 at 9:53 pm

    “RICHIETOON aye m8 mine does,pain in the bum”

    I think I know what the problem is, the site needs a better server due to it being very busy and being ‘choked’ by the hosting provider. Unfortunately though, I can’t afford a new server at the moment as I’m having a few problems in that department.

  108. Devon

    After seeing United tonight I wouldn’t mind getting them. The scoreline flattered them tonight and I think we could actually overthrow them as again there would be no pressure.

  109. Arsenal are the team to avoid as I feel the players and manager are really gunning for the CC this season.

  110. What were the Sky lot saying like? I watched a stream and listened to that commentator who was decent to us tbh, said we were good for our lead at 3-1 and should have had more.

  111. Probably won’t happen, but do you think Man City’s and L’pool’s managers are in trouble as a result of this? I mean I know it’s only the CC, but still Liverpool to lose to a lower team at home and Man City to lose. Surely the owners will want some trophies or something more to show…

  112. CLINT kept breaking up mate did my heed in.
    think they thought we were easy meat,c.h. seems to have there mind about right

  113. batty
    aye mate, sooooooo much funnier.

    it was on off here too, didn’t really spoil me fun though.
    Stroll on the highlights show.

    & the inquest begins on talksport about liverpoo.

  114. Holy fighting donkey balls… we actually WON with our second team against Chelski?! Am I dreaming? Jesus god almighty, mates!! Happy times!!!!

  115. We give a head start with the first one, the ref got ’em back into it, with the 3rd. He tried to hand ’em the win with the 6+ mins over time.
    & still they couldn’t beat our second team at hyem.

  116. dog i had us doon for a draw against blackpool win at everton and thought we wud get a drw tonight so let toonsy keep saying wel lose hes our lucky charm :)

  117. We’ll have to be first in the league cup show, surely? Probably due to the fact Chelsea were involved like, but thats one of the best CC games in years.

  118. batty/ice,
    Honestly, if i thought we had a fair crack with refs, i’d say it, but we really haven’t had a thing for yonks.
    & that homer tonight was a scandal.
    Ain’t the first time this season, is it?
    Never mind this time, we won, i woulda been bouncing if we hadn’t mind.

    Tell y’what, young Ferguson covered himself in glory tonight, wand of a left foot, well done lad.
    Shola shut everyone up too, good lad, top stuff.
    R Taylor scored a blinder too, well done Ryan.
    Ranger made up for his daft, sloppy mistake with a good goal too.
    Their Geordie goalie had a ‘mare though.

  119. batty,
    thought he was off to Camp Nou mate.
    Or liverpoo/manc/everton/chelsea all need new bosses.

  120. Whey I’m off up the dancers cos there’s sod all on telly………………………………..or I may just watch the Toons 2nd string beat Chelsea on the 40 incher in the bedroom ;-) :lol:

    Neet lads

  121. Bloody hell, even the Carling Cup highlights follow the same format as the football league show : Rubbish. Rushed voice over rubbish.

  122. If anyone else is listening to bbc 5 live radio, Shola just gave a good little interview, that memorial game can’t be to far away surely :)

  123. Love the fact Hoots couldn’t help the wry smile on his face in his post match interview. He’s very professional but you could see he was beaming with the performance like.

  124. Didn’t show half of our great play & chances like, typical.
    & had a good old wax lyrical about their bairns.
    Ah well.
    3-4 will have to do then.

  125. Can someone bring me upo to speed, what has happened? I left it at 3-1…

    Batty – the only gambler I know who never loses!

    I’m at fontwell tomorrow so I’m expecting lots of winners!

  126. Stu,
    3-4, Shola with the winner 90th min.
    After the ref allowed them back in it with the dodgyest pen ever.
    Cracking game.
    We played great tbf.
    Ah yea, the ref then added 6/7 mins over time too.
    We stood firm.

  127. Watched the highlights couple of times over now..who says Jonas can’t cross/take a corner :) Plus we’re not one trick ponies with Andy Carroll! We have a donkey perfectly capable of scoring headers as well..

  128. LADS LADS LADS…..

    I am DRUNK on the fumes of success that wafted from western london to wellington new zealand , streamed it and watched in disbelief , been texting two chelski fans iver since and they are blanking me , cockerney winkers !!

    What a game I thought Jonas was great and shola had a blinder did what was asked could have had four himself !!

  129. Really disappointed with hughton today because he almost managed to mess everything up today,the team that started was really good but it was pretty clear that smith was having a very bad game but what did he do to fix this,he brought a midfielder in tiote to play as a right back for taylor who was having one of the best games i have seen of him as a right back but maybe he was saving him for the game at the weekend.

    But i ask why not put guttierez who has been proven to be a good cover for right back in the past and then take off the bad smith and then play tiote alongside vukic or maybe even taken off vukic who had been caught on the ball at least 4 times already,the team needed an enforcer especially after that young lad mceran who completely made their midfield tick from the time he entered the field of play so tiote down the middle would have been a good move to combat this kid vision and skills.

    Another bad move for me was taking off coloccini who had been the best player on the park and was creating a strong duo with sol campbell at the back,i think campbell and coloccini should be our defensive centre backs because they are quicker,read the game better and don’t resort to silly fouls the way williamson has been a little prone to.

    Lovenkrands was a little bit dire in the open play but also in taking his chances but he did get into some nice positions and put in some decent crosses,ranger is still young so should learn hopefully with time that football is not only one way and that the defensive side is just as important as the offensive one,happy with fergusson who didn’t look his age apart from whenever he was clattered into i guess he will need to bulk up to be able to withstand them challenges that come with the territory i guess.

    Ameobi i guess those days on the bench have shown him that he needs to be putting his way and cannot be playing rubbish the way he has for all of his career and i was really impressed with him today,good strength,work ethic,kept the ball very well and should have had a hat trick,hopefully he can keep this form up,just in case god forbids something happens to caroll.

    Strange but not really disappointed with not seeing hatem but it would have had a field day with that chelsea defence looking at the way shola and co were able to get them,i can only imagine what a quicker,more skilled,better vision and a great finisher like hatem would have done to them,now hoping for him to have been well rested and to come and teach them thugs stoke a lesson at st james on saturday,hopefully the ref will be alert to their crazy tactics and sanction them on every bad challenges.

    Well done lads you deserve this victory because not many teams can or will be able to go to stamford bridge and not only beat chelsea but score 4 times in doing so.

  130. Think Colo was the key in defence for the whole 60 minutes he played. Cut out so many passes and winning so many tackles.

  131. What on earth are you on Zinaldo? How anyone could be REALLY disapppointed in Hughton today is beyond me. I might have accepted ‘slightly’ or ‘mildly’ lol! To refute:

    I think it is obvious that Hughton disagreed with you and specifically put Tiote on to replace Taylor for a reason. Whilst Tayls had a decent game, scored a good goal, Chelski were getting plenty of joy down their left wing and Tayls hadn’t shown he could lock it up. For me he has defensive flaws and his position should really be RW. RB backup at best.

    Smith had a bad game? You sure!? Considering he was shoring up central midfield mostly on his own alongside a teenager with a handful of appearances and in a fairly attacking formation for going away to Stamford Bridge, I thought he was pretty decent. Fair does at fault for Chelski’s opener, but looked solid after that.

    Guiterrez has proven good RB cover?! Dream on, the WC proved decidedly otherwise.

    Colo was taken off as it was clearly preconceived to save him and Willo from a full 90 mins with the weekend in mind. Regarding his silly fouls, if you meant the pen, no way was that a foul from Willo today – if anything it was Tiote, but still it was a raw deal from the plonker Dowd. Also you SURE that C & C are quicker than W?

    Having said all that… agree with most of the second half of your analysis! ;)

  132. What a great game to watch it turned out to be. After the first 10 mins I was in despair and really wanted to stop watching! So glad I didn’t turn it off! Huge thanks to AOD for the link he came up with after all my links went down. Cheers mate, Jilly Bean

  133. @Jill: you are welcome. ;)

    Anyway,Here’s the teams that progress to next round.

    Brimingham Wolverhampton
    Brentford Arsenal
    Leicester City Aston Villa
    Stoke City Newcastle
    Burnley Man Utd
    Ipswich Town Wigan
    Swansea City Northampton Town


    I seriously pray hard that we can avoid meeting Premier league teams in the next round.

    6 Non-Premier League teams. 8 Premier League teams. :(

  134. I am fairly sure we will get another prem team away next round, but I would rather that than play a club from a league down as they will fight harder, much the same as last year. As long as we avoid the obvious Man U and Arsenal I can see us doing ok.

    I think last night only gave us positives all round. A back up team who fought hard, played with style and substance and won away at the Champions elect. Fair enough they rested players too but we did what 99% of all football fans thought we could.

    I think Sholla has perhaps shown he is now a credible alternative to Carroll, and Ranger looked decent again played out of position. The slight worry is Krul didnt look too assured for me and that is why I was advocating a short term loan for a more experienced keeper, but hey ho. He has the gloves and needs to step it up. We didnt need to use the players from Everton and CH MUST change the team back for this Sundays game. We MUST MUST MUST keep this cracking form going and I really think we could target 10-12 points from the next 5 games. Really winnable games, Man City aside. We are starting to see the passing game and the 20+ pass move for Rangers goal was a real delight to watch, and as many mentioned if it was Arsenal there would have been cream all over it.

    I think the one slight concern I still have is RB. I think our best option by far there is Saylor, but I think we should keep Perch there until he is back fit and contract signed. Raylor should be wing back up, but he couldve been sent off for 2 reckless challenges yesterday which wouldve seen a different result.

    But happy times at the moment, I wont get carried away but quietly happy with what is happening and hopefully the things to come. Maybe come Jan the pundits will have to eat some humble pie for the second season running. I dont get why they are all so desperate for us to falter.

  135. morning lads,dreamt last night that we’d beat Chelsea :lol:
    Zinaldo……eh? Hughton played a blinder yet again.Ryan Taylor was prob taken off cos we were gonna be under pressure at the end and anything from him that even resembled a foul and he would have been off.

    Raffo but we’re not allowed a loan for a keeper unless we get special permission which I don’t think we should.
    If,after everytime 1 keeper gets injured you’re allowed to get an emergency loan in then you may as well say that the transfer window shouldnt apply to keepers.If as a club your reserve keeper isnt good enough(I think Krul is) then tough it’s your own fault.
    If Krul isnt ready now he never will be and can only improve by playing first team prem football imo.
    He will make mistakes but so does Harper so did Given,both great shop stoppers but both average in every other department of goal keeping imo.

  136. stuart79 says:
    September 23, 2010 at 12:14 am
    Can someone bring me upo to speed, what has happened? I left it at 3-1…

    Batty – the only gambler I know who never loses!<<<> had a £30 bet tonight and lost ?u due on agen stu or have ya caught ya missus with ya neibour agen :)

  137. Colo was absolutely imperious last night. Awesome

    Taylor should get some games at Rm, his delivery is miles better than any of our mr. He ain’t no right back though.

    Ferguson looks a player, reminds me of a young Ginger Baines.

  138. Wow, what a night, absolutely fantastic performance and result and what a night for the travelling fans, we had the match on in our club on Digitalb without commentary and our fans sang with gusto all night, brilliant.
    But what was that penalty all about, we could all sense he was going to do something stupid to be the centre of attention but after all the recent non penalties, that decision was a disgrace, they say it evens itself out but a bit consistency and honesty would do for me.

  139. Elliott, the young lad had a great game, got stuck in and shifted it when in danger, awesome when you consider he is a winger.

  140. Morning, batty. Do you need help with that hook?

    Bit dissapointed to conceed 3 goals like.

    Brentford or Northampton at home will do in next round then we’re nearly in quarters.

    Is it too early to say we could have a trip to Wembley this year?

    Arsenal are the biggest threat, they seem to be taking it serious as Wenger is under pressure to win a trophy.

    Anyhow, it is just like us to go and lose on Sunday. Hope not, confidence should be high.

  141. Richie toon,regarding keeper course we should be allowed an emergency loan keeper ,last season Man City had one and they had about 200 keepers on their books

  142. Are we not jumping the gun with Krul? Has there been any definite time frame for Harper’s recovery?

  143. Anyone notice how SSN did not show the goals last night, but showed goals from ALL other games? watched it for effing ages …..waiting….and waiting

    I think SKy provide Chelsea TV, so probably did not show them deliberately ……protecting subscriptions to Chelsea TV….stinks a bit.

    Had to wait for BBC highlights later on.

    What a result though….get in…

  144. Just watched the highlights show – thought commentary after was reasonable – but from “watching” the game last night through comments posted live on here , I had the impression we missed a few chances in the 2nd half – no sign of those on the highlights?
    Also, I am getting funny looks as I keep shaking my head as I walk around! You see I keep thinking about that “penalty” and last Saturday’s “fair challenge” on Nolan and am wondering if I have been transported to another football dimension where the rules of the game are different…WTF?

  145. stuart79 says:
    September 23, 2010 at 8:41 am
    Morning, batty. Do you need help with that hook? :) morning stu how are u this fine morning

  146. Ok, batty. Just cannot regonise our football club at the moment!

    All good I’m just getting ready for the racing.

  147. Interesting stats from one website:
    We were only playing Chelski’s reserves of course but see the transfer costs of the 2 teams put out last night?
    Toon – £23,300,000 – Colo, Guti and Smith of course
    Chelski £72,900,000!! WaaaaHH!

  148. Of course that’s putting Shola at £0 whereas of course we can now sell him to Man City for £15 million!

  149. Morning Richie mate – I take your point with the keeper business etc, I think he should get his chance But with Harps injured and Forster away all year he has no real pressure being put on him for his spot in the team, but if there was a senior man who could do that until xmas then I think it would be of benefit. But never mind.

    Harps will be out for a while, he will only be able to do limited gym work and as he is a keeper they will make sure they dont rush him back as he will be diving etc, and need to ensure the injury is fully healed. Thats whats happening with our youngan which is frustrating for him but keepers are a little different to the outfield players in terms of recovery etc

  150. Morning Batty…. and you’re with and charm is as ever riveting.

    Toonsy must’ve been a bit tied up with the day job and he obviously needs an understudy to deputise. It may be a good time for an assistant scribe to join the ranks: You know anyone?

  151. Krul perhaps didn’t “shine” but apart from his collision with Sol I’m not sure he did too much wrong-certainly I can’t blame any of the goals on him, although the first wasn’t helped by disorientation/Sol being out of position due to their collision. So he did a good job for us, and whether we like it or not looks like he’s our keeper till January at least.

    As for slagging of Hoots, you must be mental-He almost lost us the game? Bear in mind that we did win it..and for the first time in about 24years at the bridge, and put 4 past em as well. Fair enough its not their best 11, but Colo was our only starter from the Everton I’ve already had to explain several times to Chelski fans.Raylor was getting skinned in defence time after time and we risked going down to 10men, what would you have said then? Smith did well, so Hughton tried a little gamble at putting Tiote at RB. He did look out of position/sometimes a tad lazy, although maybe he was just confused at being out of position. Fair enough, Hughts knows more of what he’s capable of now like.

    As for Collo being subbed off? Well, Williamson didn’t put a foot wrong, and my bet is that they’ll be starting at stoke so we couldn’t have had either being knackered for that game..whereas for Sol it was time for him to prove he could do 90mins and battle it out for a first team starting position…lets not forget PL survival is still our goal and Hughton proved that he believes it as well…hence not risking the likes of arfa. Shola had a brilliant game and I reckon he’s capable of doing a job for us should anything happen to Andy. He could have been criticised for being lazy at Accrington, but he bloody pulled his socks up for this, and if Hughton can get him motivated and playing to the potential he’s always had then I think he’ll suprised a few people this season..and maybe the Shola haters will quiet down for a bit at least. Ranger shows potential, and Loven does have pace, but Shola has to be our no.2-Partnering him with AC is another matter, but if we want a lone man up there, its Shola all the way.

  152. Newkie – good points. Better a goal-scoring donkey than a lad full of promise but yet to deliver?
    No criticism of Ranger _ like the lad – but if Shola had a) given away possession for their goal and b) swung that air-shot with the goal gaping he’d never have heard the last of it from some fans. Another thing – and it may be just an impression – but I think Shola has to “work” for a lot of his goals – either a good shot, header or to or make room for himself in the area and doesn’t seem to get a lot of open-goal / tap-ins. That probably means that he’s not a natural finisher / poacher / speed merchant of the Owen or Beckford type – but as I say just my impression.

  153. Best away game I’ve ever been too.

    I said before the game I thought we’d lose 3-0 or 3-1 and when I saw their line-up (Anelka FFS) I thought I might have undercooked my prediction.

    All I can say is well played lads – fcukin incredible performance and richly deserved.

  154. Highlight of the night for me…

    Chelsea making it 3-3 and their fans singing “That’s why we’re champions” (the winkers) and then Ameobi rising up in the 90th minute to score the winner and then US signing back to the Chelsea fans at the top of our voices, “THAT’S WHY WE’RE CHAMPIONS!!!”.


  155. “Really disappointed with hughton today because he almost managed to mess everything up today, the team that started was really good but it was pretty clear that smith was having a very bad game but what did he do to fix this,he brought a midfielder in tiote to play as a right back for taylor who was having one of the best games i have seen of him as a right back but maybe he was saving him for the game at the weekend”

    The problem for CH was there was no obvious replacement for Raylor who was in danger of being sent off if he’d stayed on much longer.

    Can see why you think that though Zinaldo. We were looking at extra time in a match where we outplayed them for 70% of 90 minutes until Shirley came up with that text book header.

    IMO CH can be too cautious, eg Blackpool at home, but there are times when it pays to be a little more attack minded and I felt CH should have changed it when we were under the cosh and struggling to get the ball away from 10 man Chelski. A front three of HBA, Jonas and Shola or Ranger would have re-established our superiority but their substitution, when Kalou was replaced by Mceachran, changed the emphasis of the game and he looks a real prospect.

    The pleasing part was seeing them all work as a team, not quite sure what Shirleys first goal celebration (or lack of) was all about though ?

    Highlights on iplayer for those who havent seen them.
    move the slider bar to 5 minutes 20 seconds

  156. Magpie-Agreed, I’m a big fan of Ranger, did brilliantly to get his first in and considering he was being played out of position he did well…But I don’t think he’s quite ready for genuine first team contention as a striker..I suppose we’ll see how many games we get with the Cups..but maybe he should go to a championship squad in Jan? He needs more games really.

    Toon chicken ;)

  157. Chelsea making it 3-3 and their fans singing “That’s why we’re champions” (the winkers) and then Ameobi rising up in the 90th minute to score the winner and then US signing back to the Chelsea fans at the top of our voices, “THAT’S WHY WE’RE CHAMPIONS!!!”.

    Thats one of those “For everything else there’s Mastercard” moments :)

  158. Mick G………aye ye reet about city with the emergency loan but that was a wrong decision as it would be if we were allowed to…………..or they should just change the rule ;-)

    Raffo,I know what your saying and I would love to have another good keeper to back up Krul….I just think it makes a mockery of the rule……but as Mick pointed out Citeh did it last year………………….but dare I say it would be one rule for one…