Does Hughton deserve a new contract?

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Hughton - To sign or not to sign?
Hughton - To sign or not to sign?
Most of us are aware that our current manager only has a contract that will take him until the end of the season.

He is paid peanuts (reportedly £5,000 a week) in comparison to most, if not all, Premier League managers, yet he just does what he always does and gets on with the job in hand.

There is no doubt that Chris Hughton has been just what the doctor ordered to calm down the mad house that was Newcastle United. He won the Championship last year at a canter and has brought a calmness and togetherness to Newcastle that hasn’t been seen on Tyneside for many a year. He has worked within a small budget and got the best the players he could with what was available, and he seems to be in a position where the vast majority of fans are backing him. So surely it would make sense to tie him down to a new contract now, wouldn’t it?

Well there are two ways of looking at it really. Hughton has been quizzed about a new contract for himself over the weekend, and he naturally gave the press his answers that weren’t really answers and left them with nowhere to go. He did admit he would like to sign one, but he also said that it isn’t of importance. Fair play.

You see, Hughton is still learning the trade. He does make some strange decisions, but can you argue with his results? Personally I can’t, and I feel that he is getting the best out of what is available to him. All that I have mentioned so far would surely make anyone think he deserves to be signing a new contract now, right?

I’m not so sure.

Whilst there is no doubt that Hughton has turned out to be fantastic for us so far, he is also kind of taking part in a working job interview at the same time. It would be all too easy to offer him a new two or three year contract now, but where is the motivation to do well when there is the safety net of a longer term contract? Plus he would have knowledge that should things turn pear-shaped he won’t lose out financially.

Hughton is working for his new contract. I don’t doubt that he will be offered one at some point, but the longer it goes on and the longer Hughton continues to impress then the better the contract he can both expect and demand. Kind of like keeping Hughton on his toes if you will.

If Hughton can keep us up this season, and I think he will, he will have earned every penny of his new contract. Certain managers would throw the toys out of the pram knowing that they don’t really have much security in their job, yet Hughton just goes about his business in his normal quiet and methodical manner.

I’m becoming a bigger fan of Hughton as each day passes!

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187 Responses

  1. At the risk of sounding ungrateful, as long as any contract is performance related, I think he deserves it. BTW I believe all players should be payed that way. CH certainly deserve more than £5k per week, relative to the players…

  2. GeordieDan @1… under normal circumstances yes …

    Anyway back to CH. The prospect of no contract doesn’t seem to be phasing him, but he seems to be pretty laid back about everything !!

    With all things considered I think he deserves a contract extension for maybe an extra couple of years, taking us up to the end of the 2013 season.

    Unless of course MA has something different in mind!! :(

  3. Hey guys long time reader virgin poster! Personally I reckon hoots Is definatly deserving of a new contract the way he’s got the lads fighting for each other

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  5. “He does make some strange decisions”

    Lots of managers are accused of making strange decisions, Toonsy, when for the most part they don’t. They just know alot more about football and see alot more of their players than the average punter, so their superior knowledge just goes right over our heads. Chris Hughton is a long term thinker, which is one of his great strengths. He plays a season, not just one game without thinking of the consequences for the next one, and the one after that.

  6. Don’t try & ‘fix’ what ain’t broke.

    Just carry on what you’re doing Chris, good things come to those who wait.

    CH has all the motivation he needs, obviously,
    he’s not like the rest, he just wants to do a proper job & i’ll wager he doesn’t give a toss what people think.
    The guy is fast becoming a legend & will show the way to others in the coming years.
    An ABSOLUTE diamond in the rough, getting smoother as we type.
    Football needs more guys like Chris Hughton.
    Shit! the world needs more like him.

    Total RESPECT dood.
    What a man!

  7. Coupled wiv the way he’s handle the transfer windows and our early season form. My only concern would be our paperthin frontline an our possible reliance on andy c’s goals! That said il think we’ll survive comfortably n we should give ch a shiny new contract as a Christmas prezzie around december January!

  8. Bears shit in rivers not woods, but i believe the pope does.

    Anyway’s yes OFC he deserves a wage related to the level he is managing at and currently he is not on a par with his peers. Cant wait for the Blackpool game, whos stupid idea was it to have a national team anyway’s?


  9. No, I’d rather see a Keegan/Shearer/Allardyce reunion for the management position. Sort of a Father, Son and Holy Goat ‘Godhead’ set up.

    And Michael Owen brought back to lead our attack.

  10. Hughton deserves a new contract, however Ashley is planning to sell the club again next summer thats why Hughton hasnt been offered one.

  11. i get the feeling that if things are going well still in january, he’ll get offered another deal, maybe a 12 month rolling contract.

    i can see ashley preferring that sort of deal as it means he’ll only ever have one year to pay off if/when he decides to have another brainfart and sacks hughton.

    for what it’s worth, i think hughton has done an excellent job, and deserves all the credit he is due – but do i think we’ll see ashley offer him a 4 year contract any time soon? not a chance in hell.

  12. the club put themselves in a fantastic position with CH’s contract. 2 year contact for his first job, for pennies, for someone who is ambitious, driven and hungry. If it doesn’t come off? Well, we were already in the Championship, couldn’t have got any worse. Plus, it was only for 2 years, so we could have got someone else in afterwards.

    But if it paid off and we were promoted and remained in the Premiership? We’ve got a premiership manager for pennies.

    Really, his contract could be thought of as a paid internship, if he does well in those two years, he’ll be rewarded with another two years. If he doesn’t do well, we’ll get someone else in, no biggy.

    Importantly, no paying off of contracts!!! One thing we seamed to have learned!! What was big sam and KK, 5mil combined? ergh

  13. Worky & Clint @ 7 & 8 – spot on, both of you.

    Worky – it’s a pet-hate of mine when people rant about this selection or that when all they’ve seen in MoTD highlights. Daft.

    I’ll just add my support to the wonderful Mr Hughton and his team; we really couldn’t ask for better.

    As for contracts – let’s not confuse him with a player; he’s just an employee like you or me, just paid differently to most. There are no bosman rules or whatever and he’ll just sort each new contract as the old one reaches expiry.

    I also don’t believe Ashley will let him go, or that CH would want to, so all’s rosy as far as I’m concerned.

  14. ohh forgot to add,

    Give the bloke another contract man!!

    Let him carry on and finish what he has started, he’s done brilliantly so far, wonder what he would be like after a few years of considerable financial backing?

    He, and we, deserve the right to find out in my opinion.

  15. As I’ve said: CH isn’t a player to be bought and sold! He’s the same as me: a person employed on a timed contract rather than an ongoing employment basis. He, like me, will agree a term, scope of work and rate of pay, and he’ll meet that. As it comes to an end, he’ll either negotiate a new one, or go elsewhere. I wouldn’t expect an employer to offer a new one mid-term, and neither, I’m sure, would he. A deal’s a deal and he’ll stick to it.

  16. Hello, will loyalty points be required to buy the Chelsea tickets when they go on public sale?

  17. joppadoni says:
    September 6, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    “Bears shit in rivers not woods”

    Black and brown bears do shit in the woods most of the time, joppadoni, though Polar bears would have a hard time finding one to shit in.

  18. In a word? Yes.
    The man is JUST what we need. Quiet bloke who knows his job and does it, very well, without fuss.

    It’s either that or take another swing in the dark and see who we get. Then get the brush out to sweep up all the apples from the upside-down applecart. Numerous players have said he’s the best manager they’ve played under. Recommendations don’t come better than that.

    Anyway, been a while lads.. How’s things?

  19. dont belive in long contracts,they mean nowt anyway now -a days,if another club want him they pay to get him,if he wants to walk he will,a rolling contract for me keeps both partys on there toes imo

  20. batty batty says:
    September 6, 2010 at 5:56 pm

    HUGH how are u m8 and where u gettin nowadays ?


    Hi, besides the fact that this has been a crap year (mother diagnosed with cancer, dog diagnosed with cancer, me diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa), I’m bearing up okay.

    Hope you’re well mate.

  21. joppadoni says:
    September 6, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    “Bears shit in rivers not woods”

    Black and brown bears do shit in the woods most of the time, joppadoni, though Polar bears would have a hard time finding one to shit in.

    Worky im pretty sure its just head of the clergy, anyways joking aside, im over the moon with the job he’s done it’s been nothing short of phenomenal and im glad im not a depressed supporter any more.

    who would win between a bear and a lion?


  22. I dont think it matters what we say, Which i imagine is a resounding yes, Ashley will probably look at it at the end of the season, After his experiences with the Keggy court case and buying that fat blokes holiday home, I doubt it will be much more than another rolling contract so he isnt caught with his kecks doon and end up paying big compensation…

    P.S. Toonsy im sure people have more than likely asked this already, But why the naked Ron Jeremy??

  23. Hugh sorry to hear your getting it rough mate hopefully things will get better for you’s all mate, they do say bad news comes in 3’s ;)

    As for CH I dont see the point in giving him a new contract after only 3 games in, and as they say if it aint broke dont fix it, and I would say if CH is happy enough working that way then its good enough for me.

  24. Hugh de Payen says:
    September 6, 2010 at 6:12 pm

    “Hi, besides the fact that this has been a crap year (mother diagnosed with cancer, dog diagnosed with cancer, me diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa), I’m bearing up okay.”

    Hugh, I’m really sorry to hear that, and I know what “retinitis pigmentosa” is. My thoughts are with you, and if there’s anything I can do to help you in any way, do let me know.

  25. worky a divent kna but ide have too say lion but your gonna say bear, pluss i once saw my cat rip a teddy bear too peices :)

  26. Batty were them klondyke pics of any use to ye lastnight, im just sorry I never found them the other day when you were home alone

    Worky what type of bear is it ?

  27. The nicknames just something I picked up at work batty, something to do wiv being called alex n my weekend agenda!

  28. batty says:
    September 6, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    “worky a divent kna but ide have too say lion but your gonna say bear, pluss i once saw my cat rip a teddy bear too peices”

    LOL batty!

    They used to organise fights between them during the goldrush in America, and the Bears used to win every time because they would crush the Lion’s skull (which is very thin) in a ‘bear hug’. Got that one from “QI”.

  29. on the ch thing i think fat man should give chris a few back handers then chris wont have too pay tax on it pluss fatty is used too dodgey dealings

  30. workyticket workyticket says:
    September 6, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    Hugh, I’m really sorry to hear that, and I know what “retinitis pigmentosa” is. My thoughts are with you, and if there’s anything I can do to help you in any way, do let me know.


    Many thanks.


    batty says:
    September 6, 2010 at 6:28 pm

    HUGH do they reckon u will lose your sight completley m8 ?


    It’s actually quite hard for them to say at the moment. I saw a geneticist a few weeks ago and they took a couple of gallons of blood to send off to various places to try and narrow down the type of RP it is (and check for something called Usher Syndrome, which they suspect is what I have).

  31. WORKY hes one for you what is the meaning of the word GOLF,nee looking it up off the top of you heed now

  32. icedog says:
    September 6, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    “WORKY hes one for you what is the meaning of the word GOLF”

    Is that a trick question, Ice? Or the start of a joke?

  33. icedog says:
    September 6, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    “WORKY no trick, what did the word mean as a sport to be played”

    Erm, it’s a sport played by hitting a small white ball off a teeing area with a series of specialised clubs into a hole that is usually a few hundred yards away. Most courses consist of either nine or eighteen holes, each of which is individually landscaped to give a series of special challenges to test the skill of the participants.

  34. I’m just concerned that CH will doa fantastic job & some other club will come in and steal him away with a respectable contract. Then it will be a roll of the dice for a new manager.

  35. Nah,we should change Manager after every 2yrs.

    Each Manager the club sign,put it for 2yrs that’s it.

    Is a good way to let each manager works on different aspect.

    For example,CH job is stablise club,make sure stay in PL.

    Next Manager targets, 10-15th position,

    Then Next Manager targets Europa,and so on and so for.

    Cheers. :lol:

  36. WORKY na the word ment

    gentleman G
    only O
    ladies L
    forbidden F

    thats how it started true,check it out

  37. BIG DAVE toonsy very withdrawn latley m8,like a knocking shop quick vist and oot,jokeing aside hope hes ok.
    think c.h.with same side as wolves game with benny comeing off the bench,and tieto the same

  38. I’ve always thought that you need stability over a long period of time to build anything. Our past tends to prove that point as well, the longer the manager stuck around the better we were.

    CH has done as much as any manager to be given a longer contract, and far, far more than many of our more recent managers.

    We shouldn’t look to be changing anything just because we can, or just because a bigger name suddenly becomes available. A big name manager (or a big budget for that matter) does not guarantee success. Just look at Man City and to a lesser degree Arsenal. You still have to build a team that is capable of overtaking those around you. You can’t do that if you get a new manager, with new ideas and new goals every season or two.

  39. icedog says:
    September 6, 2010 at 6:58 pm

    “WORKY na the word ment

    gentleman G
    only O
    ladies L
    forbidden F

    thats how it started true,check it out”

    I checked it out, but it says that it’s an old wive’s tale. I once saw a picture of Queen Bess playing golf at St Andrews too many years ago too. Apparently, it comes from “kolf” a medieval Dutch word for club.

  40. A bit like:
    Fornicate Under Command of the King?

    Apparently wrote on a flyer nailed to trees after the country was devastated by the plague.

  41. icedog says:
    September 6, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    “WORKY did you google it”

    Ice, I checked a couple of reputable sources to make sure, both via Google.

    I’m still a bit stunned by Hugh to be honest. It puts my own problems into perspective.

  42. WORKY will check my sauce again and come back later

    and your spot on with your 2nd point too true

  43. Worky > I’m still a bit stunned by Hugh to be honest. It puts my own problems into perspective.
    i’m not being funny but sometimes thats a good thing my wee lad isnt too well and for a while there I felt like real sh1te and I was getting real down and the clouds were closing in round me until we had to take him to the hospital then when I seen some of the wee kids there and the problems they had to cope with, it made me realise that our problems weren’t that bad.

  44. Big Dave says:
    September 6, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    “I seen some of the wee kids there and the problems they had to cope with, it made me realise that our problems weren’t that bad.”

    I know, Dave. I used to spend alot of my childhood in the RVI and the General (the two hospitals in Newcastle). My mate in the next bed was a Thalidomide bairn, and the one on the other side was in a permanent coma after being hit by a bus.

  45. Well lads. Sorry the International Post on Tyne Time, heading off to college this weekend and need to gather some pennies together because we all know Newcastle United give us f*ck all for ‘blogging about their travels! :D

    Anyway, as for Hughton on £5,000, unbelieable really.
    Should be at least on 6 or 7 times that to start with!

  46. “If we all put our ‘troubles’ in a bag & placed them on the same table, then were told to take y’pick, we’d all take back our own bag”.
    My nana circa 1970’s.

    She was right.

    Empathy goes out to all here suffering.

  47. BTW ice,
    i reckon you could be right about CH’s team selection for the blacker game mate.

  48. CLINT think it would be a nice to see the new lads shown to the crowd before the kick off but wont hold my breath,not at the for-front of P.R. are we

  49. ice,
    understated is the term you’re looking for mate.

    I’m sure they’ll get a ‘airing’, even if it is only to show ’em off to the crowd. It’ll get everyone bouncing too.

  50. Clint yer Nana was a wise Lady ;)
    Lads I dont think the Blackpool game will be as easy as a lot of us think, I still think we will win but I dont think they will lie down.
    oh and I see alot about CH’s £5k but for all we know it could be any amount

  51. not really a problem unless other clubs come sniffing, lets get to Jan and see how we’re doing – if we look like we’re gonna survive give him a contract that ties success into it ( success in season 1 avoid relegation, season 2 mid table, season 3 push for top 8) bonuses can be tied to that.

    saying that 5k a week for a prem manager is pretty cheap and i can imagine some championship clubs would pay more ( actually I think brighton pay poyet 7.5k a week

  52. Imagine at the end of the season if we are close to being relegated, or heaven forbid we are relegated, and we look back at the games and say we should have won, Saturdays game no doubt will be one of those.

    I’m scared, because I think Blackpool will be up for it, wanting to get some points out of a fellow promoted/probable relegation team. However, as we have seen, we have a lot more about us as a team these days and its usually these games where we put in a decent performance!

    So I dont know, i’m just nervous I guess, I just dont want to be looking back come May and saying, ‘Blackpool at home, we should have got 3 points there’

  53. I wouldn’t like to see the club deviate from the rolling one year contract that Hughton has at the moment.

    I would however, like to see him renumerated much better than he currently is. Success should be rewarded in financial terms – after all, that’s what everyone works for.

    Another reward for Hughton in time would be for the club to give him more tools to improve the club.

    Maybe when Ashley trusts Hughton more he’ll get more money to invest.

  54. A lot of it is the rags gash and some still fall for it,like the report today that ashley was going to break the wage limit to sign keane if he came here,do we belive that one too.
    all paper shite imo

  55. Big D,
    she was an angel mate, ta. ;)

    it’s what gets you through sometimes mate, as you probably know. ;)

    I agree with Big D & ILM on the game, blackpool will see it as a potential ‘upset’ game, no doubt.
    We have to approach it properly, a lot like last season v them at hyem.

    agreed too, nowt to add to that like.

  56. we can only go on what’s reported, if it’s 5k a week it’s pretty poor as o almost earn that myself, 50% tax on anything above 150k this year as well –oooooof

  57. hughton has brought back everything we were lacking the season we went down. i know its just 3 games in but i love to see the lads fighting for there team and thats exactly what hughton has done made us into a team again. i do think its abit early in the season to start extending his contract lets get to jan and if were still looking decent then sort it out. also about the blackpool game i think in the past we probs would of gone out full of our selves and ended up getting beat but i dont see this team doing that to be honest so i think we will win on sat.

  58. ice,
    aye, they also ‘informed’ us(in that piece) that we had a definite £30k wage limit in place.
    Gossip, hearsay, crap, shite & words to that effect spring to mind.

  59. Big Dave says:
    September 6, 2010 at 8:33 pm
    Stuart how do we know he isn’t being renumerated much better than we currently think he is ?

    I don’t, Dave. I just know that someone who perfoms as good as he has in his or her job deserves a whopping great pay rise.

  60. CLINT aye m8 like the 45k (they)offered taylor when he wanted 60k,i just let it all gan owr me heed and watch the match

  61. ice,
    me too mate, it’s the only way.
    They work on the premise that ‘if y’say it enough, it must be true’.
    Pathetic really & totally transparent.

  62. icedog says:
    September 6, 2010 at 9:14 pm

    “BATTY ive asked aboot toonsy a few times but heard nowt m8,dont know whats up”

    Up to his neck in it like myself by the sound of things, Icedog.

  63. Blackpool will be up for it as they always are,but probably no more than they were last season though when we were the biggest stadium/team/crowd they were going to play at, and after they’d beaten us at their place.
    They’ll be up for it but Toon win 3-0/3-1.
    Hughton.fantastic and ipmressive job so far,new contract,possibly not quite yet….more money(if the £5k is true)definately.

  64. Get rid of CH as its about time anyway. He’s been here over a year now and thats more than enough for most of our previous managers :)

    Seriously this question is not even a no brainer. CH has achieved a great deal at this club and IMO deserves to be here for a long time to come. OK he may not be SAF or Jose but I’m happy with the way he’s masterminded our comeback after an “annus horribilis” (which btw is not a case of anal warts as some of you may be thinking) when the Board, Managers and Players were all to blame for our woeful demise.

    He (with the help of CC and the rest of the backroom) has managed to resurrect life into a team that had nothing left to give after a very sad day in Birmingham and yet somehow built a unity among the survivors that rivalled the Crazy Gang in its heyday. Not an easy task considering the financial climate at NUFC was not conducive to buying in a whole new squad of highly paid mercenaries to replace the Owens and Duffs of this world.

    I believe (given a reasonable amount of leeway with injuries) that CH can take this team to a respectable top half place by the end of this season. If he does he’ll deserve a medal and I’d also like to think that would be the springboard for him (and the players) to go on to better things in the following year.

  65. If our manager is not Hughton but the one who help us promote and destroyed Villa 6-0 is Shearer, Now he will be no.1 candidate next England manager for sure. That’s show how excellent work Hughton have done for us.

    He deserved to get higher wage. 5K per week is ridiculous.

  66. Sky sources…..2 premiership managers apply for Southampton job!!!..haddaway and sh!te man……………….possibly 2 ex prem managers ie the orange mackem maybe.

  67. Off-topic. Maybe toonsy can do an article of the planned naming stuff,Since not much news on NUFC team recently?

    i got a link from NUST showing me the full details of the documents….

  68. 2010/1153/01/ADV | Display of three non-illuminated fascia signs to Barrack Road elevation and three non-illuminated fascia signs to Strawberry Place elevation. | Saint James Park Strawberry Place Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4ST

    I am talking abt this btw. ;)

  69. angelofdeath the naming stuff is more workys thing as worky loves the big advertising boards that are gonna ruin the veiw :)

  70. I dunno how the signs will “dominate the skyline” …….surely the stadium dominates the skyline?

    “NUST raised a petition that collected 30,000 names against the idea, one for every season ticket holder at St James’ Park this current season”………a wee bit misleading surely?………It gives the impression every season ticket holder signed which won’t be the case or am I interpreting it wrong?

  71. FFS!

    How on earth is a big sign going to spoil the view for anyone?

    Jeez, these do gooding half wits need to get a job and stop moaning on about a company wanting to pay for the priviledge of sponsoring St James’ park.

    More money in the better, I say.

  72. Well, Lousie Taylors chucked her three pennorth in by suggesting that contract talks may have stallled.

    If, and it’s a BIG IF, that is the case and CH’s requirements aren’t less than reasonable, then it’s a classic case of pi$$ing off the one who’s motivating the guys who try to get the points!

    Let’s hope it’s tripe and that things will be sorted quickly to both reward and incentivise Hughton. It’s appreciated he’s relatively green but so was Alex Ferguson and dare I say it, KK when he started.

  73. Richietoon

    That’s what groups/people like NUST do, manipulate and twist the truth to the, how can I put it in a P.C. way, f*cking vulnerable simpletons who believe everything they read and love nothing more than to have a moan, :D and report it as a major issue, when really its not.

    Like the name change issue of St James’ Park. St James’ Park will never change its name and the board have never thought about changing the name, however that’s not how it was reported. God knows how many people, and even on here, petitioned against the ‘name change’ of St James’ Park! IT’S NOT GOING TO HAVE IT’S NAME CHANGED!

    But hey ho, why let the facts get in the way of a good old moan.

  74. Richie @134….. ….”NUST raised a petition …..”

    Whose side are those idiots on? Surely they ought to be building bridges with the club rather than burning them?

  75. I think we should ‘raise a petition’
    Get 30,000 signatures to politely tell NUST to F*CK OFF! :D

  76. ILM,Lesh,Stu exactly,I must admit my kneejerk reaction was no way when it was first announced but as long as he’s paying the going rate for the sponsorship.
    The name of the stadium is and always will be St James’ Park.So there’ll be signs on the outside which although quite large they’re not as big a some would have you believe.Is it so much different from companies advertising around the pitch? is it worse than companies advertising on the famous black and white shirts…imo no.It’s extra cash and cash rules football.
    Extra revenue = players(hopefully).What would people prefer no advertising or no signings,they are intrinsically linked.
    I’m afraid.As I’ve said,its an advertising board,no more no less…It will always be St James’

  77. batty…I kna I cant wait…….bring it on…..blody weather wants to change sharpish tho………………….Ashley…whers wu big tv’s like man??

  78. Not nice for Rooney knowing his mates have read about how he’s hung like a hamster and lasted about the same time as making a pot noodle… ;)

  79. The NUST email/article on the SJP/SportsDirect thing is misleading – if better-written than their previous stuff (do they have a new PR person?)

    It talks about the current application for advertising boards as if it’s the same as the ‘renaming’ proposals from way back. It’s not. It’s selling advertising space. To quote their 30,000 petition is just misleading, as that petition was against RENAMING the ground.

    I’m with Stu: provided the council make sure the signs aren’t overly dominant or ugly, it’s just doing what every stadium dues; selling ad space to raise money for the club. It grates a bit, but I don’t see any major harm in it.

  80. 30 years ago people would have felt uncomfortable with a name on the front of a football kit. Football moves on and so should everyone else.

    Who’s it hurting?

    Obviously I’m not Mike Ashley#s biggest fan but I honestly believe that this is being blown out of all proportion because it’s Ashley who’s wanting to do it.

    Pathetic really!

  81. batty says:
    September 7, 2010 at 10:05 am

    ffs your comments get more optimistic by the hour batty, fukin darken up a bit

  82. batty – mebs not manure and chelski, but certainly against the second tier – the likes of sperms, liverpoo, shitty and of course aston vile (3 points already in the bag – kerching!!).

    Can I also just say – FCUK NUST!!!

    Oh and, Stu – totally agree with you @ 153.

  83. Stuart79 says:
    September 7, 2010 at 10:10 am
    batty says:
    September 7, 2010 at 10:05 am

    ffs your comments get more optimistic by the hour batty, fukin darken up a bit << :)

  84. anyone notice how we are in agreement alot on here when things seem to be going well? We’re actually defending the club :D

    But totally agree with everyone, including stu! Barmey I know :D, but it all seriousness, is good to read that we are all in agreement about this.

    Selling of space in/around the ground for advertising if done in a tasteful way, and brings in some extra revenue = A good thing!

    Is St James’ Park changing its name? No!

    Is the NUST attempting to mobilse the masses for nothing more than a self serving, hollow, bitter and vindictive agenda? Yes!

    The NUST are supposed to be a representative voice of the fans, we are the fans, and we are saying to you, stop misleading people, stop filling them with fear, anger and misinformation, and start doing something useful and beneficial to us all, thats after all, what people pay their subscription for. More of this, and you might find you will have less subscribers than before.

    “dominate the skyline”? Just pathetic…

  85. Completely disagree, hughtons motivation is not money based!! Can’t believe this article even suggests that. The guy is a true football person, it’s easy to see that by looking at his career. If he wasn’t managing at a professional level… I reckon he would be volunteering at his local club.

  86. I Love Mike says:
    September 7, 2010 at 9:17 am
    I think we should ‘raise a petition’
    Get 30,000 signatures to politely tell NUST to F*CK OFF!

    I think they are worth keeping around for pure comedy value…

    To those of you from the northeast, do you know a lot of supporters that participate in the NUST or is the attitude toward them pretty much as it is on here? Just curious how big a deal it actually is…

    As for the stadium naming rights, I personally could give a damn, then again I’m not a Geordie. Naming rights are quite common in American sports- there is simply too much money involved to turn it down. The only ones that don’t do it are the real old historic stadiums, of which there are very few left, but they make up for it by posting huge advertisements on every square inch of the stadiums. So it seems it is either one or the other…

  87. @167 “Well he should do it for nowt then!”

    I wasn’t aware he was born in Newcastle and that was his local club????? :)

  88. 171 DublinToon says:
    September 7, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    Haven’t you any potatoes to plant, or something?

  89. DublinToon says:
    September 7, 2010 at 11:23 am
    Completely disagree, hughtons motivation is not money based.

    Dublin, I take your point but an increase or reward implies praise and recognition of the work done. The latter two being motivators and as they say, every little helps!

  90. DublinToon says:
    September 7, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    “and batty do you fight all his battles???”

    DublinToon, batty and Stuart are like Dennis Wise, they could start a fight in an empty house!

  91. I’ve said my piece on the naming rights issue before, suffice to say I still don’t agree with it.

  92. Call me a traditionalist, call me a romantic fool, call me backwards. Whatever you do, just don’t call me a mackem. A life sentence worse than death.

  93. I’m beginning to wonder, BBM!

    Why don’t you oject to shirt sponsorship or official club sponsorship? Is that not just as ‘sacred’ as the stadium?

    I notice you don’t object to people sponsoring you when you run – If I was a romantic I would say you should run just for the achievment, not for peoples money.

    But it’s for a good cause, so you do it. The stadium sponsor is for a good cause too – To aid the possible future success of the club.

  94. I don’t care about myself as much as I care about my club and it’s tradition. I’m selfless like that…

    Hence all the charity events!

    I can see why you made the ‘charity’ link though. We’ve been a charity case for a while now.

  95. Shirt, club, player sponsorship was around well before my opinion counted for anything or could be aired somewhere like this to be honest.

    But most of this money is wasted on the grotesquely-inflated wages of players in the current game. We the fans pay the price for the way the game has been allowed to go. Sacrifices are made on things which mean something to us, all in the name of progress.

    I’m not about to start marching down Northumberland Street but I don’t agree with it in principle.