Newcastle name their squad of ‘no more than 25’.

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The squad of 25...
The squad of 25...
Newcastle officially named their squad of ‘no more than 25 players’ yesterday, and to be honest there are no real surprises contained within it.

Firstly, let me apologise for the relative lateness of this. Most of you know that I try to be on the on the ball as much as I can with things like this but I had a rather important hospital appointment to attend yesterday, then a series of meetings at work which meant I wasn’t around as much as I would be usually.

Anyhoo, where was I? Ahh yes, the squad of ‘no more than 25’. The only real point of interest over the announcement was regarding defender Steven Taylor. He is out until October through injury and has yet to sign a new contract at Newcastle, which is why he is on the transfer list. People were looking to see whether or not he would be named in the squad or not. You’ll no doubt already know by now that he has so I will spare you the dramatic build up.

But what could that mean? Does it mean that it is expected he will sign a new contract? Or does it mean that we have him until January anyway so we may aswell make use of him even though he may well be off to a new club in the new year? Who knows, but there is just two ways of looking at his inclusion anyway.

Right, onto our squad that will take us through until the next registration period in January. Bear in mind that players that are 21 or under don’t count towards the quota but can still be played at any time throughout the season, so don’t panic if you think you have missed names such as Andy Carroll or Haris Vuckic as they count as under-21’s.

We also need to remember that eight of the players in the squad of ‘no more than 25 players’ must be home-grown. The definition of ‘home-grown’ is that a player, regardless of nationality, must have been trained for three years under the age of 21 by a club within the English and Welsh professional system. Newcastle are fine on that count and have more than enough home-grown players. Here is the squad in full.

Goalkeepers – Steve Harper, Tim Krul, Fraser Forster.

Defenders – James Perch, Danny Simpson, Fabricio Collocini, Mike Williamson, Sol Campbell, Steven Taylor, Jose Enrique.

Midfielders – Wayne Routledge, Hatem Ben Arfa, Cheick Tiote, Joey Barton, Alan Smith, Danny Guthrie, Kevin Nolan, Ryan Taylor, Jonas Gutierrez.

Atackers – Shola Ameobi, Leon Best, Xisco, Peter Lovenkrands.

Fraser Forster has been included as he has the option of being recalled by the club from his loan at Celtic and would need to be registered to feature for us. Ryan Taylor has been put in midfield by me as I couldn’t quite work out where he would definately fit, plus I don’t like him at right-back!

So there you go. All 23 of our squad in their glory. Like I said, players that aren’t old enough to be named can supplement the squad at any time throughout the season. It does leave two spaces for new arrivals should any out oof contract players arrive, or they could fill those spaces in the January window if the club chooses to.

Don’t panic, we aren’t the only club that have not named a full 25-man squad!

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81 Responses

  1. Well,after some decent calculation,Chelsea has the least amount of registered senior players, 19 to be exact. ;)

  2. Opps,and not forgetting Wigan too. They too have only 19 registered senior players.

    And just to add on….

    If a club chooses fewer than 25 players for their squad it is almost certainly due to them having a large number of under-21 players. Clubs with fewer than 25 players in their squad are still permitted to sign free agents.

  3. I am wondering,is the rule really that difficult to understand,like come on….

    Ppl keep asking the same old questions,Like why forster in it,why carroll not in it.

    Actually if i am not wrong, 3goalkeepes are the minimum/Maximum that need to be registered and that forster is already above the age of 21.

    For example Aston villa,They registered two goalkeepers,cause THEY ONLY HAVE TWO goalkeepers that are above age 21…..

  4. the only part of our squad that worries me is up front.

    I’m a big fan of Peter Lovenkrands and obviously Carroll is playing well – but other than that it looks a tad shakey.

    Shola has been useless for years, Best looked startled at most when he did show for us, I’m really hoping Xisco has realised what he can gain from pulling his finger out and playing for us!

  5. worried or not, this is what we have. The glorious few who will be tasked to take the once mighty mags back to the summit of our powers!!!

    Or just stave off relegation!

    Either way, I am on the whole satisfied with what we have done. I wouldnt mind at all if a freebie came in, but would they be able to be added to this squad list now?

    On a different note, think the spuds have pulled off the best deal, Van Der Vaart for 8million is a steal and should cement their place in the top 4 I think

  6. I don’t think we should add any freebies in our squad now. Because we have enough players to back up and I don’t think any freebie will better than them. Now we need to improve quality not quantity anymore.

  7. When you lay out the players like that we are fine in midfield, I think In Jonas, Hatem, Wayne and Rtaylor we have four good wing options. Smith and Tiote as defensive mids, Barton and Guthrie Fox box to box and Nolan for popping up with goals behind the striker. I wish we had unloaded Shola but I think Chris sees him as the man who can replace Andy if we want to play one up top and he is injured. i’d be interested to see what Best makes of his chances when he is back but I can see him playing reserve team football alongside Xisco and being shipped out mid season or next season.

  8. nufu – read the article & see if you can workout why players under 21 are not listed, its not rocket science.

  9. How come Carroll’s not on the list?

    Who’s Newcastle? What planet am I on? What is this thing called life?

  10. Toonsy/Worky… How about a pull where people could decide if they were behind Taylor or the club in this contract wrangle?… I know who i think is wrong, but it could be nice to see the general conclusion.

  11. How many times we have to explain why Carroll Ranger Vuckic not in 25 list. They’re all HG under 21 so no need to regist.

  12. Regarding Carroll not on the list, try reading the article guys…

    “Right, onto our squad that will take us through until the next registration period in January. Bear in mind that players that are 21 or under don’t count towards the quota but can still be played at any time throughout the season, so don’t panic if you think you have missed names such as Andy Carroll or Haris Vuckic as they count as under-21’s”

  13. AngelOfDeath says:
    September 2, 2010 at 5:37 am

    ‘…..Clubs with fewer than 25 players in their squad are still permitted to sign free agents.’

    And we’ve got 23 registered….. mmm, what could that mean I wonder?

  14. i’m assuming “nufc” is trying to be funny by asking why the kids aren’t included.

    another sad attention seeking twat no doubt, but tbh guys, you should be able to spot them by now!

    bad form.

  15. I knew some “ignorant” ppl would continue ask such questions. ;)

    Xisco was red carded because he made a kick to a mackem player butt. :lol:

    AKA kiss in the A_S_S!~~

  16. I knew some “ignorant” ppl would continue ask such questions. ;)

    Xisco was red carded because he made a kick to a mackem player butt. :lol:

    AKA kick in the A_S_S!~~

  17. Bit short of time for topical chat but just wanted to say cheers again to StanHardy for the very kind donations to both events. Also to Brenda, not sure which username you are whether you even comment but I’ll stick your name on my shirt for the events and I know you’ll kick it’s ass. SH, I’ll also do as I did last year for you.

    GNR2010 for Bowel Cancer UK –

    450 mile bike ride for Breast Cancer Campaign –

    Thanks again to everyone else who has helped out so far. It’s much appreciated. I hope I’ll do you proud.

  18. Raffo – £8m for Van Der Vaart does seem cheap considering he was going to Bayern the week before for £18m

    all smells a bit like the Fish Quay to me!

  19. I notice we have the largest percentage of English players in our squad than any other in the PL.

    TC – Use your brain, man!

  20. Tut tut Stuart….. have patience and understanding at this time of the day.

    While you’re enjoying your tea and toast, you could have gently explained to TC that the explanation for the absence of Carroll and others is in the article!

  21. squads have to stay the same as what has been registered by the teams..doesnt matter if they have less..they can not get anymore in to play until the transfer window opens for under 21 players lads dont panic if u dont under stand they dont have to be city havnt registered ballitelli is this how u spell free agents can play in the squads as some people what is the point in having this in the first place so u can bend the rules..only big teams lose out as they havnt got bigger enough squads anymore so when they have injuries can come in..they have to play less of a player in kids all good for teams like us.

  22. “AngelOfDeath AngelOfDeath says:
    September 2, 2010 at 9:08 am

    I knew some “ignorant” ppl would continue ask such questions. ;)

    Xisco was red carded because he made a kick to a mackem player butt. :lol:

    AKA kick in the A_S_S!~~”

    Apparently Xisco likes taking shots at peoples butts.

  23. asim – i’m pretty sure clubs can still add players to their squads if they are short of 25 and the player isn’t attached to another club.

  24. they then bends the rules..u cant buy players so it cant happen..only in the lower leagues u can..if that was the case why did every1 make last minute deals like agents stay as free unless they go to agents to lower leagues thats why teams have included players in thier squads who might not play like cruz for city just to make up the numbers me grown players messed a lot of teams up like chelsea who had to name less we won out becasue most of are players are home grown..

  25. 9) Clubs do not have to name a full squad of 25 if they do not have that many contracted players and in this case they can add free agents outside the transfer window. However if they have 25 eligible contracted players, they must be named

  26. yes but they can not be registered to play..untill the transfer window opens them to register the prem league they can all play in lower leagues so they would loan them out..anyway the teams with less squads is thier f..k up not ares..

  27. Asim if they are free agents which is different to a free transfer and you have vacant spaces in your 25 man squad they can be signed and can play outside of the window mate.

  28. You know what, TC. I’m convinced your Stardust – Which is a real shame for you. But also if you’re not I guess it’s still a shame for you, as no one would want to be compared to that.

    Must have an effect on ones self esteem.

  29. @ Richietoon

    There’s no real difference between a free agent and a free transfer as effectively, a free transfer occurs when the players contract expires with it’s current club. The player therefore has no attachment to the club as is the case with a free agent. They are two different terms due the fact that a free transfer occurs pretty much straight away after a players contract expires rather waiting on the wings for while which happens to a free agent.

  30. Asim – free agents/unattached players are an exception to the rule & can be signed providing you don’t take you over the 25 player rule or they are under 21 on the 1st of Jan etc. Otherwise UEFA would be preventing someone from findind a job.

  31. @Asim

    Mate you’re wrong. Free agents who are over 21 are allowed to be registered into a teams squad if the suad has vacant spaces. ie newcastles which only has 23. if the free agents under 21 then they don’t need to be registered.

  32. Umez……….a free agent has no club but a free transfer can still happen between 2 clubs i.e when one club has a player under contract but don’t want him but they can free transfer him as it gets him off the wage bill ;-)

  33. sorry lads got that 1 wrong!so if ronaldo buys out his contract he then can go to that would be bending the rules.

  34. Stuart….. Herr von Stardust was and continues to be a legend….. in his own lunchtime!

    Nobody could emulate the wit and repartee he displays using his sophisticated comand of the English language to……. er, to, er…

    Sorry Stuart, words fail me!!!

  35. @52

    Umez – a free agent is different to a free transfer

    in a free transfer, the players registration papers are transfered from the “selling” club to the “buying” club

    in the case of a free agent – no club holds the players registration papers

  36. Whoa, Stu – there’s no fooling you is there! :roll:

    Howay man – you’re developing a bit of an obsession now.

    If you’ve seriously got nowt better to do, just take a stroll over to Uncle Ed’s blog, have search through the archives (back to day 1 almost) and I’m sure you’ll be able to satisfy your curiosities. ;)

  37. Yes, you’re right, you are getting a bit tiresome.

    I thought we’d agreed to play nice anyway?

  38. so got a bit sick of people mentioning gui auslin, so googled him.
    For a ‘wonder kid’ why havn’t more (any?) teams had a look on trial?

  39. man city did..dont no what happened they were going to buy him..never seen him play..if he is that good barca wouldnt have let him go..they are bringing players throu left right and centre..pedro played in the same team as him and the other 1 who plays in midfield is it busukets dont think i have spelled it right.

  40. Toon Chicken says:
    September 2, 2010 at 12:02 pm

    No, you agreed, due to your weakness. That’s what gave you away really.

    Weak, weak, weak!

    You should never go easy on irritants.

  41. It looks like the ‘who is named in the squad or not’ is the new ‘no new capital outlay’ debate…this could run & run!

  42. Not really, Witters. The rules are there in black and white. It’s all reasonably straightforward.

  43. Ya know, it is a smidge boring at the moment. Nowt to complain or worry about with the club. Everything peachy. No complaints about our registered squad. No match this weekend.

    (taps fingers…)

    Yup. Dull. Good, apparently, can be dull.

  44. “New Sunderland defender Titus Bramble believes the club can finish in a European place”

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  45. MonkeyMagic – another day, another pitch-fork wielding half-wit ripping through shola; who according to you has been ‘useless for years’. That’s heartbreakingly dismissive and negative. I picture you – arms folded, gossiping over the fence about the Jones’ at no. 32 – nay, alas you probably have a weapon dog, wear a loose grey tracksuit all day, and spend 5 min’s negotiating the amount of barbeque sauce you get when you have your DAILY trip to Mcdonalds.

    I know people will tell me about everyone being entitled to an opinion – poppycock. Opinions are reasoned personal outlooks, not just sneering naysaying – such as MonkeyMagic’s miserable spleen venting.

  46. Technically he’s right, toonsy.

    Sunderland is a place in Europe – a pretty shitty place – but a place all the same! :lol:

  47. lol @ poprobson

    sorry to pop your bubble, I spend my days at work – earning an honest living in IT, I have no pets and have never owned a “track suit”

    as for McDonalds – the place doesnt agree with my IBS

    my opinions on Shola however, have been built through observation. I’d much rather see PL upfront, his pace and ability to pass the ball are more appealing on the eye that that great lumbering idiot

    and your final point on “miserable spleen venting” – kinda fell on your own sword with the whole of your comment about someone who couldnt be further from your pre-conceived stereotypes

  48. @ Poprobson, on the Shola thing: while I’m not sure about the ranty nature of your statement, I do agree with you!

    Shola ain’t Torres, but he gets completely unfair stick because he LOOKS like he’s slow and fumbling, and because he falls over a lot.

    The fact that he scores more per minute of play than any of our strikers, or that he tends to be part of so many goals (he occupies 2 or 3 defenders brilliantly) doesn’t seem to stop people from calling for his head.

    My particular pet-hate is when people say he should be below Best and (worse) Xisco in the pecking order. Neither of these two has done anything to justify our confidence (nor derision), yet because they don’t look like Bambi on Ice when they run, people prefer them.

    Thank gawd CH isn’t so shallow and daft, and realises that Shola gives us elements that none of the others can, which is why he tends to either set up goals or score them when he comes on.

  49. @ monkeymagic. Please see whumpie’s excellent response ref. the subtler merits of shola’s game. i would only add by saying that he has clearly improved over last 2 full seasons. He will never be shearer but he is a decent technically adroit option for our forward line. His passing far out classes loven, and maybe still AC on the deck.

  50. Excellently put whumpie, top stuff dood.

    Quay means down the riverside, the ‘quayside’
    Newcastle’s quayside is legendary & beautiful (these days).

  51. CLINT sad to see jackie sincliar past-away with the big C,not to bad a player on his day during the fairs cup 69.

    r.i.p. old lad