The siblings of St James’ Park.

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George Robledo - Bottom row, second from the right.
George Robledo - Bottom row, second from the right.
Did anyone take any notice of the history that was made last Saturday?

English football saw the first ever identical twins going head-to-head as managers when the Holdsworth twins, Dean and David, went head-to-head as Newport County took on Mansfield Town in the Conference Premier.

Following this week’s events its certainly good to see two brothers in the news for the right reasons unlike one of our ex-players currently down the road at the Stadium of Light. It’s a historic moment which I suspect may never be repeated, but it got me thinking about Newcastle players past or present who had siblings within the game.

Looking at brother’s and Newcastle United there is only one place to start, the famous Robledo brothers from Chile. Ted and George grew up in Barnsley during the 1930’s with a Mexican father and a mother from Yorkshire. United were orginally only interested in signing George after he impressed for Barnsley but signed Ted after the twins refused to move without each other.

The pair also made history in 1952 when they appeared in the FA Cup Final together. They became part of the first FA Cup Final XI to include two foreign players with forward George netting the 84th minute winner against Arsenal. Compare that with the last FA Cup final, which included 15 foreign players with 8 for Chelsea and 7 for Portsmouth. How times change eh?

Whilst George went on to net 82 goals in black and white, equalling legend Hughie Gallacher’s record of 33 goals in a single season, and his record of the top flight overseas goalscorer in England outlived him and lasted almost half a century before Dwight Yorke beat it.

Whilst George died of a heart attack in 1989, a more tragic end met Ted who died in mysterious cirumstances. It is believed he was thrown from an oil tanker and drowned. Sadly his body was never recovered.

United may never see the likes of the Robledo brothers again, but fear not for we have now the Ameobi brothers! Sammy is progressing well in the reserves and Shola is of course still plying his trade with the first-team on occasion. By the way, did anyone go to the open training day at St James’ Park and see Sammy finishing the ball alot better then big brother Shola?

Less luck for the middle child of the pack, Oluwatomiwo Ameobi, or ‘Tomi’ for short, who can now be found warming the benches of FA Vase winners Whitley Bay following a unsuccessful spell at the mighty Forest Green Rovers which yielded just 5 goals from 28 appearaces. 

One name everyone knows at St James’ Park is ‘Lua-Lua’, and the current Lua Lua on the books at Newcastle is the young and promising Kazenga who is currently impressing on loan down at Brighton and Hove Albion.

After alot of confusion and uncertainity, Lomano finally confirmed that Kazenga is in fact his brother, with many including myself beleiving the two were cousins. Kaz certanily has all the flair of his big brother, and attitude! Interestingly Kazenga is also the cousin of Leeds forward Tresor Kandol and Plymouth Argyle’s Yannick Bolasie. 

The big siblings to make the news this week however are of course comes from our favorite defensive clown, Titus Bramble, and his big brother and now non-league footballer, Tesafaye Bramble. When not, allegedly, partaking in some brotherly love, the pair actually do have football careers with one playing for the Black Cats of Sunderland and the other playing non league football. Makes you wonder which one is more successfull doesn’t it?

I could make a strong arguement to suggest Tes Bramble is the more successfull brother, after all he does have a 100% goalscoring record for his country, albeit one goal from one cap for Montserrat in the Caribbean Cup in 2004.

Once a Decent goalscorer at Southend, well 29 goals in 139 games, which as a striker is not prolific, it was just about as good as it got for the lesser of the Bramble brothers. Spells at Cambridge and Stockport among other clubs followed before findong himself in the bright lights of Felixstowe and Walton United.

And our good old friend Titus now holds the fort for Sunderland, and proved to us he can still score plenty of own goals off the pitch as well as on it with his latest antics. Of course, he should be innocent until proven guilt in much the same way a more popular ex-mag was, Nobby Solano.

Anyway that about raps up a small collection of the siblings of St James’ Park, although there are probably many more I have missed in fairness! I Think Jamie McClen – once dubbed the luckiest man on Tyneside – has an identical twin who used to take advantage of his brothers footballing ‘exploits’ during nights out in the Bigg Market.

Can you think of any?

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101 Responses

  1. Off-topic.

    Some nice word from Harper after surgery.

    Hope he get well soon. ;)

    “There will be the proper protocol, of course, but I will be looking to be back as soon as possible. We’ve got great medical staff here and they know that me even being in the medical room for more than five minutes usually sees me banging my head against the wall so three months will be a long time.

    “I was told it could be four months but I was determined to stay positive until we’d had a clear diagnosis. We’ve been told three months, so it will be now up to me and the medical team to get down to work and chisel as many days off that as possible.

    “We decided between myself, the club doctor and Shay Given that Andrew Wallace, the Australian doctor in London, was the best option. It’s been frustrating waiting for the next step but the long road is ahead of me now. When the pain subsides it will be up to me to get myself fit.

    “I had my operation at 8pm on Wednesday night and when they woke me up they told me Newcastle had won 4-3. I wasn’t sure if the anaesthetic was still in full effect but it was a fantastic result and they fully deserved it. It showed what great team spirit we’ve got these days.

    “I think the manager said it was an unnecessary challenge and as soon as I landed I heard a crunch. I couldn’t move my arm after it. But the staff in the hospital were fantastic, although it was pretty much obvious it was a bad one.

    “I came out of the hospital and met up with a jubilant team at the airport. After that it was a case of getting together with the club doctor and making a decision on what was the next best step.

    “I know that Tim (Krul) had a few offers in the summer from other places – I urged him to stay, ironically. I’m 36 later this season (in March) and I told him there could be an opportunity coming up soon. We didn’t know it would be so soon but I’ve got every faith in him.

    “He’s a very good goalkeeper and he’s got the chance now for at least 12 weeks. It’s been a very busy week for him already and it will get busier against Stoke because they do like to target the goalkeepers.

    “He was one of the first to come over and see if I was okay and one of the first to ring me afterwards. We’ve got a really good relationship. He’s willing to listen and learn and that’s good.

    “We’re lying in sixth place at the moment and hopefully by the time I’m fit again we can at least be in still in the top half.”

  2. I think Stoke are one of those teams that have a bad name but now punch above their weight, a brief look at their teamsheet confirms this.

    We will need to turn up for this game and really play to our full potential. With people who can take stoke’s battering, (and clobber them when the ref ain’t looking) like Andy and Tiote; and the Benny’s and Barton’s that can make the differnce in class. For me it would be..

    ———–Krul( no. 1 :) )——

    Sorry to all the Nolan fans but I just can’t justify his place ahead of Jonas and Benny. At home we have better.


  3. Paul you are fast becoming .orgs Motty :) some very interesting facts there mate ;)
    DJG I would settle for your team mate but I just cant see Nolan being left out Rout or Jonas will be the ones to make way ;)

  4. Great words from Harper.

    I reckon Nolan is ideal for this game. We will desperately need his leadership and physical power.

  5. My dad often used to wax lyrical about the Robledo brothers especially George. Must have been great times at St James in the 50’s.

  6. Great article btw. I like to be educated about the toon. I was thinking the other day about my lack of knowledge about the reserve and academy teams . Not sure if anybody follows them to give us feedback and march reports.

  7. Sometime in the future we gotta be going with two up front.
    It is well documented I am not a Lovenkrands favourite.
    I would go with two from Carroll Vuckic and Ranger
    Incredibly tough on Shoala but that is for another day. Sunday will be Nolan

  8. Canny article Paul………Robledo’s were before my time but Ice talks aboot them a canny bit like ;-)

  9. I think these days it has evolved from ‘two up front’, to one back in midfield when lost the ball, three up front when winger has it ect. Todays formation depends very much on where the ball is and who has it. Notice how even Carroll defends sometimes and is always back for corners.

  10. Finally glad to see Both Danny’s on full-training…

    Can’t wait to see both playing soon.

    Go Guthrie,Go Simpson. :lol: :lol:

  11. RICHIETOON your there again you sod,dragging me oot the hole,you will get no more backers on my scooter,buy your own,and you can use your own walking frame

  12. Please give Perch time. He is starting to show that he can play RB for us now. Just needs to cut out some of the reckless challenges. Far better player both defensively and going forward than Simpson IMHO.

  13. never been quite sure on simpson,but he was carrying a injury so we will see,perch gives 100%,taylor is good crosser/dead ball striker,but not the best at defending,its a hard one

  14. BIG DAVE dont worry i will keep it to myself the storeys you told me about when you used to push around in his pram

  15. I see pick on icedog night eh this is all going in my revenge book,everything comes to those who wait ;)

  16. Ice your a rascal lol :) I take it the post hasn’t been yet ?
    Ice Re Simpson I know he isnt the best RB in the prem but I think he done well before he picked up his injury, So I would prefer him to Perch although Perch has done well I still think he is a back-up and was signed as 1 ;)

  17. Lads TBH I like Raylor again he isn’t the best defender in the Prem but he doe’s have other good parts to his game aswell, we here all about Delaps throw-ins but Raylor is just as good and he is handy at dead balls + he doesn’t get a yellow a game :)

  18. That article on Ben Arfa on Eds site has p!ssed me off. What was he thinking of? A major fan site sending out that negative message???!!!? The media will use that against us no doubt. But what is worse is if hears about it. Ed just lost me right there. What a total douche bag. The guy just won us a major game and ain’t done anything remotely wrong. Honestly I am fooking seething.

  19. BIG DAVE no post m8 yet,
    dave big nose doesnt let young players go that cheap and i havent seen anything to change my mind,balls played in behind him his heeds all over imo

  20. LACE havent seen it but will look now,sounds shit,i keep off it like as richietoon is always on causeing bother

  21. I use newsnow too so there is no point reading his blogs as he rarely expands on the news item but merely rehashes it as his own journalism. I see ‘nufcblog’ on newsnow but always check for the American flag first before reading it. The great thing about ed’s blog was always reading other peoples comments. This was the valuable resource – us lot posting up what we had heard or seen. Reading match day experiences I just wish i had shared. He also fooked off quick sharpe when we were relegated with some cooked up story if his own this time. He left us high and dry when things were already rock bottom. That is primarily why I stopped using his site, it showed the quality of the man. But this blog post is just so irresponsible it is unbelievable. We have had bad vibes in the media, no circus style soap operas, the fans are almost completely unified (currently) and he chooses to stir up some ill feeling! Well I hope he reads this, the little wretch of a man.

  22. Looking forward to hearing delilah on sunday Stoke fans give their team good support. That is where my hospitality ends I really wish for three points. It is still early doors but if we can quickly accumulate points its amazing how long it will keep us in the first half

  23. Ice……not me never caused bother on Ed’s,tho someone did suggest I was the fake craigcoozy but I’ve never posted on either blog under a fake nick.
    Very very rarely post on it and occasionally read the comments.

  24. whey like I said to the kid who thought it was me,just ask Ed or Worky if I’ve posted under any other nicks :-)
    ……….unlike wor Dave picking on poor batty :lol:

  25. Well I won’t be at the match on Sunday. I will be watching it from a bar in Spain – They better have the fckin match on!

  26. Some the posters on there were asking if Ed had heard anything about some such cackery, like he is somehow in the ‘know’.

    I remember talking to Alan Oliver at my cousins wedding that we were signing Robert from PSG. He told me it was just a rumour. I told him the commentator on Eurogoals seemed pretty clues up like. I never asked him for info again like.

  27. Lacedaemonian says:
    September 24, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    “Lacedaemonian says:
    September 24, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    “I remember talking to Alan Oliver at my cousins wedding that we were signing Robert from PSG. He told me it was just a rumour. I told him the commentator on Eurogoals seemed pretty clues up like. I never asked him for info again like.”

    Why not? The secret to understanding Anal Oliver is to switch everything he says or writes into it’s exact opposite, then it will be right every time!

  28. Just been to look at the article on Ed’s blog, pathetic. Jesus we have enough crap from the rags to put up with without one of our own fuelling their fire. Think he needs to retire permanently

  29. Yeah Rich, weather not too good at the minute though, bit all oiver the place.

    Batty – there may be some baccy coming back with me…

  30. Batts I noticed there was no comments, to think that I used to think Toonsy wrote lots :lol: Ed mustn’t have to much of his skin left on his fingers it must be down to the bone :)

  31. He doesn’t even use his keyboard. Just copy and paste job every time. Probs wouldn’t have noticed the blog post a year ago but it just seems so out of sync with what i am experiencing at the minute. I am hoping he was just off the pulse this time and wasn’t chasing hits and headlines or journo jobs. I am a Geordie so I am always hopeful.

  32. batty…….don’t even know if I seen any of the posts from ya “mystery stalker” cos I rarely look on Ed’s so bit hard for me to guess ;-)

    Stu……..we almost booked up to go back to Alicante in October but easyjet would have cost about £400 when I priced it up so was gonna go to London for a few days and take in the Arsenal game instead………then that went oot the window cos wor lass didnt fancy it so now we’re going to Germany start of November which costs twice as much as Alicante!! :-(

  33. Guys i am a subscriber to the Barclays premiership channel and i keep hearing that we boo’ed our team off after the Blackpool game… Anyone know something about that?

  34. valle – there was a few at the end of the blackpool game but not many. I think the few boo’s were born out of frustration at the match and not at the team.

    On the subject of Ed, i haven’t read it but im guessing it wasn’t great from the reaction.

    A cynic would think hits are more important to him than anything else at times ;)

  35. I remember my grandfather talking about robledo. Says he was a canny player like.

    Always talking about watching the match at st James then heading to St James boxing hall afterwards

    Hope Nolan is dropped for the stoke match. Im sure also shola will get at least 20 mins

  36. just a reminder of wor batty’s identity (2nd in)

    batt’s if i was that arab man doon at man city i would’nt be happy with the job mancini is doing would you ? – i’d bladder the useless get & give it to king kev.

    a top 4 finish while playing fantastic fitbaal – luv it just luv it.

  37. Yep there was booing(tossers imo)the sort of fans who helped us go down…….we played well and the loss was down to poor finishing,great goalkeeping and bad luck.So if you boo when we play well god knows what you’ll be like when we go on a bad run(which we will).Does anybody who boos think it makes your team play better?…no it doesnt,it lifts the opposition.If a player f***s up by all means have a moan and a whinge it’s your right and your opinion,but booing whether it is done during or after a match is not giving an opinion,it’s the act of a moron imo.If you like to boo f*** off down the road and support Sunderland,we don’t want or need you………rant over(not much sleep ;-) )

    howay-james….I doubt Nolan will be dropped mate,nor should he imo he was great v Everton

  38. @ 73 – well that’ll put a smile on your dish as you were on here encouraging the fans to do it.

    sad b@stard.

  39. Ok thanks guys… It really makes me feel embarresed when that we have boo’ed the team. We actually hand the media a stick to beat us with at a time where i thought we had learned.

  40. True Richie… Well as long as its a minority, im sure there will be fans around them trying to “knock” some sense into their heads.

  41. have a gud un ya lucky sod.

    valle……..I’ve got a tw@t who sits behind me who used to boo certain players names when the teams were being read out….not anymore ;-)

  42. no mate,just the threat of it………..he still spouts crap(not as often) but he doesn’t boo anymore :-)

  43. Is it me or has soccer AM totally run its course, Cannot stand that smug twat presenter they brought in and even Chamberlains looking past her prime, Still would like but not aging as well as Gabby Logan… ;)

  44. valle……..shouldn’t need anyone mate,thats what p!sses
    me off…… I say nowt against a whinge and a moan but booing should be a big no no imo.
    The bugga that sits behind me even annoys me when he’s talking sense cos his voice grates on me :-)

  45. CC – I stopped watchin when Lovejoy went mate. It was not the same without him. Chamberlain? I still would! I reckon she would drink a bloke under the table then take him home and screw his brains out. And she like football, and her mam and dad ow a pub, and she has money!

    Perfecto ;)

  46. Toonsy

    I said i still would and i bet shes a reet mucky shag but its the show ive got a problem with now, It just seems a bit tired and when Lovejoy fcuked off they should have brought in someone like Jason Manford funny guy, Big football fan and not smug to the point you want to give him the back of yer hand around his gob… ;)

  47. Without trawling through the rest of the replies…
    Other brothers who have played for NUFC
    Keith & Alan Kennedy
    Ron & Chris Guthrie
    Peter & Chris Withe