250 up today?

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Will we hit the 250 today?
Will we hit the 250 today?
Newcastle head to West Ham United for the Saturday evening kick-off in a match that will be beamed live around the globe.

I think most fans would settle for a point now, shake hands, and head back to Tyneside relatively happy. But what if we can sneak the win?

Not only would it be a fantastic boost after after a torrid week where the ‘old-style’ headlines started to rear their ugly heads again, but it would also signal the 250th win in the Premier League for Newcastle.

That’s right, a milestone awaits for whenever we can record our next victory, and we would be only the seventh club in the history of the Premier League to achieve such a feat, although admittedly a lot of those wins will have come in a couple of purple patches under Kevin Keegan and Sir Bobby Robson.

So, how did we rack up those wins then?

1993/1994 – 23 wins – Finished 3rd.
1994/1995 – 20 wins – Finished 6th.
1995/1996 – 24 wins – Finished 2nd.
1996/1997 – 19 wins – Finished 2nd.
1997/1998 – 11 wins – Finished 13th.
1998/1999 – 11 wins – Finished 13th.
1999/2000 – 14 wins – Finished 11th.
2000/2001 – 14 wins – Finished 11th.
2001/2002 – 21 wins – Finished 4th.
2002/2003 – 21 wins – Finished 3rd.
2003/2004 – 13 wins – Finished 5th.
2004/2005 – 10 wins – Finished 14th.
2005/2006 – 17 wins – Finished 7th.
2006/2007 – 11 wins – Finished 13th.
2007/2008 – 11 wins – Finished 12th.
2008/2009 – 7 wins – Finished 18th.
2009/2010 – Don’t even ask!
2010/2011 – 2 wins – Finished ???

So there you go, another little useless fact brought to you by Toonsy! I make our average Premier League finishing position about ninth place in the process of all that aswell.

Ah well, memories……

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125 Responses

  1. andy gray is a twat. he hates us bcos we tonked all his teams (villa, wolves, everton)why doesnt he just f off back to dundee utd the ginger c**t

  2. Has anyone confirmed that Jose Enrique is out then? I would have expected the Chronicle/Journal etc to have reported it if they had any infortmation.

  3. Given up predicting results involving Newcastle.

    Todays game could be absolutely anything. But I think its vital we pick up at least a point.
    We don’t need to be catching up points come the later part of the season. And so I think we need our points to stay ahead of our games played.

    I’m going for a draw or narrow toon win, but really, with our team, I just don’t have a clue.

  4. Aye that Jose stuff was doing the rounds last night, Im still refusing to believe it as none of the rags or websites have got hold of it and none of the updated match previews arent mentioning it.

    I guess well find out at 5 o’clock…

    P.S If he is injured and Shane Ferguson is the replacement, I will bend over and eat angel delight off me own arsecheeks…Expect perch or Simpson shunted at left back :(

  5. Ferguson did well in the cup but I would be worried about throwing him in at the deep end. If Enrique is out then Ferguson will have to play left back from now until January 1st at the earliest. Enrique is excellent in the way he holds off attackers and he is very strog. Ferguson would be targeted and I think he would soon become a weak spot in our team. I would rather have Kadar playing left back because he is at least capable of holding his own with his build (Ferguson is really small and skinny) and has more first team experience.

  6. Nothing has been said down the official channels, but that might be as to keep the opposition in the dark so they don’t plan a stronger right side. We will find out when the team is announced. If it is true then that is going to be terrible concerning these next 2 prem games. I have faith in Kadar/Ferguson tho. Please Hughton if your reading this don’t play Simmo/Perch at fullback or we are indeed in trouble.

  7. Toonsy

    Aye im available for Weddings and Bar mitzvahs where i do the seem trick with goats cheese… ;)

  8. Kadar is a good LB. Ive thought this for quite some time and all we lack is some of Enrique’s attacking, but he is getting better at supporting Jonas aswell.

  9. toonsy says:
    October 23, 2010 at 11:50 am

    “I guess we will have to wait on Jose.”

    We divven’t because it’s all shite, Toonsy. Any gadgie could make it up.

  10. What makes you so sure Worky. It has happened loads in the past where you only find that a player is out when the teamsheets are submitted. Its commonplace tactics mate.

  11. DJG says:
    October 23, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    “What makes you so sure Worky.”

    Because I’m fitted with a state of the art bullshit detector, DJG. It’s just some twatt on Twatter.

  12. Wouldn’t the media have noticed if it was true cos he wouldn’t have travelled with the team? ;-)

  13. WORKY nice to see you on blog a bit more m8,hope your feeling a bit better,or is it because your stuck in ?

  14. With or without Enrique we’re gonna get sucker-punched anyway don’t see why people are bothered.

  15. icedog says:
    October 23, 2010 at 12:26 pm

    “WORKY nice to see you on blog a bit more m8,hope your feeling a bit better,or is it because your stuck in ?”

    Thanks Icedog. I divven’t have a PC at home ATM. Well, I do, but it doesn’t have a power supply until I can get it fixed so I’m having to go out to get the ‘blog done. I’m doing more blogs because people have donated and I feel responsible to keep it busy with more stuff to read etc. Toonsy is very busy ATM as well.

  16. maybe the people who are bothered are the ones who care about their team, surely if you’re not bothered then you can’t be a fan?

  17. If and its a big if Jose. Is out injured for a long period that will be us fcked! Every team we play know that down the left is our only threat, without him we won’t even have that.

    I’m hoping we can scrape a draw but I dunno, WH’s performances have been getting better recently.

  18. WORKY don t feel responsible m8 the lads know what you and toonsy do,its us that should be grateful m8

  19. stuart79 says:
    October 23, 2010 at 12:38 pm
    If and its a big if Jose. Is out injured for a long period that will be us fcked! Every team we play know that down the left is our only threat, without him we won’t even have that.

    Come on now Stu, thats unfair on Routledge, without him I don’t know how we’d cope.

    Hint hint. R.Taylor today please C.H. ;)

  20. icedog says:
    October 23, 2010 at 12:40 pm
    WORKY don t feel responsible m8 the lads know what you and toonsy do,its us that should be grateful m8

    hear hear.

    Mind there’s some on here so often that Im sure could chip in with some threads. Then again im sure the comments is quite enough from some, meself included. :)

  21. DJG..can’t see it mate,I think Routledge will play but possibly Perch may be dropped cos his confidence is shot…Raylor may get a game at RB tho I think it will be Simpson.

  22. Toonlad…think it was Kadar who started it, some people will do owt to get a game ;-) :lol:

  23. Toonlad89 says:
    October 23, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    “Here’s Mark Douglas stating the fact that Enrique is NOT injured:

    & here’s Mile Starforth saying the same thing:”

    I telt yez! It’s just shite from some gadgie with a Twitter account.

  24. Richie

    I don’t think R.Taylor is any better at RB. I just think he would offer us more at RW than Routledge and Guthrie, and not just in set plays as some seem to think.

  25. DJG…I agree about the RB,but really think he’ll drop Perch to get him out of the firing line and replace him with Taylor/Simpson and I think he’ll want Routledge’s pace for the away game even tho his end product has been poor.

  26. Afternoon guys and girls – off topic but need some out on the Toon recommendations. Up home for the Chelsea match with Chelsea supporting brother in law and his rather sophisticated wife.Need some ideas on nice places to go out in Newcastle Saturday night. Her first visit to Newcastle so want to show her we have great places to go out as well as London. Think nice club/bars for 40’s age group. Any ideas would be much appreciated..

  27. Deb…I think everyone on here goes to Idols, Flares and Grey’s grab a granny nights ;-)

  28. icedog says:
    October 23, 2010 at 12:55 pm

    “love sir sugar just said toon will win 3-0”

    It’s “Lord Sugar” now, Icedog, which makes him sound like a drug dealer, a pimp, or both.

  29. G DEP,are you saying your not sophisticated ;)think the quay-side should be ok,not far to walk between places if you dont like one,nip next door to another

  30. It was some guy called cwarr07 on Twitter who said the Enrique thing first.

  31. There are teams who will drop down too. Blackpool, West Brom etc won’t be in the top 10 all season. Everton were always going to improve because they have quality players and they work hard as a team too.

  32. RICHIE :)

    DJG not till later m8,batty is oot robbing,big dave counting his money,richie deeing both :)

  33. ‘another little useless fact brought to you by Toonsy! I make our average Premier League finishing position about ninth place in the process of all that aswell.’

    Goodness me, 9th our average! People would be dancing in the streets if we managed to finish 9th this season.

  34. I’m here DJG…

    Hope there’ll be some internet links later for the match.
    Failing that, need to head off somewhere to find a pub showing the match here in France..

  35. DJG…I asked ya a few threads back when ya named Lua Lua in a team line up but don’t think ya seen it.Do you think he’s good enough for this level? I havn’t been overly impressed when I’v seen him(Acc Stanley apart) but I think you’ve seen more of him cos ya watch the reserves don’t you?

  36. Aye Richietoon, coming up for 8 weeks in Marseille, 2 more weeks to go. Job cracked, I’ll be back in Munich on 08.11. Where yi gannin in Germany, up north somewhere ?

  37. Icedog, am close to Marseille at the mo. Suns just coming oot in time for the match, been baltic cold so far today mate…

  38. Aye mate just using up the last of my hols, 2 nights in Hameln then down to Goslar for a night then back up to Hameln for a night then home.Looking forward to some Weissbier, already booked a table at a restaurant for the first night there…one of my old haunts :-)

  39. I might be touching on an old story with Andy Caroll, but the lad is a total wazzock. If he was on civvy street, he’d be gannin doon with the rest of the chavs, but cos he plays for the toon and drives a fast car, he thinks he can get away with slappin 18 year old lassies ?

  40. M.M.hasnt been owr good here m8,neet-time bloody cold,just hope the game warms us up like.
    richie will be alright in germany hes got a square heed they say :)

  41. CC-

    Im pleased he’s gone (Calderwood). I don’t understand what he gave us that Hughton didn’t and I think he’s part of the reason for our long ball dross of late.


    I think he will be. (Maybe as so as next season). He just seems to have that athletic style and scoring knack of his brother. He has been scoring and playing regularly at first team level recently and I think he will get better and better for it. Having watched him in the reserves he had some aspects of his game that he needed to iron out, but I think this season will go alnog way to doing that and I would leave him there. I know its two leagues down but first team experience is invaluable, just look at Forster, both are becoming favorites at their loan clubs. I think LuaLua will be better than Routledge in a few years, just can’t see Wayne doing it at this level unfortunately but I can see LuaLua stepping up, he’s talented enough.

  42. Richietoon, are you taking here indoors with you, or are you doing the 1 week power-drinking version ?…could do with some Weissbier myself mate. The beer here is crap, having to make up for it with red wine and Pastis…

  43. Icedog, have a bad feeling about today mate. Watched the Everton win on tele ower here and hadn’t felt so excited about a toon performance for years. Then De Mong fettled Ben Arfa and the wheels started to fall off the toon caravan…

    Could be just me being negative though..time of the month and that…

  44. DJG….I hope so mate,would have preferred him to be loaned out to a championship team like.
    I have my doubts about seeing Forster play first team football for the Toon mores the pity.I just don’t see him wanting to be 3rd or even 2nd choice after being 1st choice at other clubs for 2 seasons.My only hope is because he’s a Toon fan he’ll stay.

    Munich…I wish it was the power drinking version but unfortunately wor lass is coming.Fly oot on the Friday and back on the Tues.

  45. M.M.lord sugar says toon will win 3-0 i never trusted the sod like but we will see.
    i had a good feeling last wk,maybe this bad feeling will have opp effect

  46. DJG

    Im not into criticizing the guy, Because none of us really know how input he had, Although i remember the improvement in football and results when Wadsworth fcuked off and Bobby promoted Carver to assistant.

    Just saying its not the start that new managers usually have, Honeymoon periods and all that…

  47. richie

    True but I actually don’t think it can be that easy to score regularly against League 1 teams, some of these are seasoned professional defenders. They might not have reached the absolute top level but their no mugs. Just have to watch a few cup games to realise this.

    Isn’t it ironic that Krul and Forster are getting first team games in EPL and SPL. And both Harper and Given aren’t playing atm. What odds would you have got for that last season? I actually think Krul and Forster are gonna be both taller and better keepers in terms of all round game than their predecessors.

  48. DJG…Agree about Forster and Krul, just can’t seeing us being able to keep both happy :-(

  49. who’s the better anyway, Krul or Forster ?
    Maybe Forster will get the nod in the long run, being a local lad..

  50. A couple went to a psychiatrist because they were having marital problems.

    The psychiatrist asked a lot of questions, but didn’t seem to be getting a clear picture of the problems.

    Finally, he asked, “Do you ever watch your wife’s face while you’re having sex? If so how does she look”

    The man replied “Well, yes, I did once and she looked VERY angry!”

    At this point the psychiatrist said, “That seems somewhat unusual. How did it occur that you saw her face that time?”

    The man replied “She was watching us through the window.”


  51. icedog says:
    October 23, 2010 at 2:27 pm

    “WORKY stotty sandwichs and dripping bread dee that to you”

    I remember what the ones with lots of pease pudding in can do, Icedog. I could play “Blaydon Races” oot me arse after a big one of those.

  52. C.C. hears one for you,
    taecher asks to put the word contagious in a sentence.
    ron says measles are contagious.
    mary says theres a bug going around its contagious.

    young batty says my neighbour is painting his house with a 2inch brush and it will take the cu@tages :)

  53. Couple of facts.

    I says on Wiki that Forster is 6′ 7”.

    Both Krul and Forster where born within 1 month 1 week of myself.

  54. WORKY can you get pease pudding doon there,
    once asked for some in supermarket in swindon looked at me as if i was “rang” in the heed like?

  55. icedog says:
    October 23, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    “WORKY can you get pease pudding doon there”

    It’s a bit of a “speciality” dish down here, Icedog, but you can get anything if you know where to gan!

  56. WORKY would have sent you a tin m8 if you could not get it or fresh,got to keep the music up m8 :)

  57. Guys,and ladies if any.

    do u agree my assessment that out of the 3 promoted teams,we are ranked the 3rd best atm?

  58. I wish we had gone for Di Matteo a couple of years back.
    That’s a proper manager and to all those clowns who say people like Allardyce and Pulis have to play a certain way because they haven’t got technically gifted players, well take a bow martinez, D Matteo and holloway who play the beautiful game the right way.

  59. DJG

    Totally agree. very happy calderwood has gone and hopefully taken his route one crap with him. Ask Forest fans they couldn’t take it any more.

    we need a good technical coach commfortable with playing on the deck.

  60. Talking of Ham & Peas pud sarnies, Greggs have agreed to bring back the said sarnies at 52 of their N.E branche.

    Good news as I was getting fed up with cheese savoury.

  61. TonyGreenSupreme says:
    October 23, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    “Talking of Ham & Peas pud sarnies, Greggs have agreed to bring back the said sarnies at 52 of their N.E branche.”

    That will certainly increase methane production in the North East.