Andy Carroll’s time will come.

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Carroll - England career will come.
Carroll - England career will come.
Another international break, and another period of the football calendar that doesn’t really interest me one bit.

Am I still spitting the dummy out over the way my national team, England, let me down over the summer? Probably.

It could have been very different though had a certain Andy Carroll recieved the call from Fabio Capello.

At least having a player involved in the England team that is from the team I support would have given me a reason to keep an eye on the build up to the match against Montenegro. Carroll didn’t get the call, and to me that means that the England team is now just the same closed shop as it was over the summer. Others may disagree with though.

I personally think it’s too early for Carroll to be involved in the full England setup, although I wouldn’t mind if he did get the call to answer his country. That call will come in time, although Carroll will need to make sure he keeps performing for Newcastle first and foremost.

Carroll has scored four goals already this season, which isn’t bad by all accounts. The problem is that aside from those goals he hasn’t really looked like scoring. You can blame that on any number of things from player attitude to team selection and tactics, but whatever the issue is it will need addressing sooner rather than later.

Personally I feel that our tactics are wrong, but then Carroll scored four goals with those same tactics. Go figure eh? That is probably why I’m not a football manager!

Anyway, the long and short of it is that Carroll’s time will come eventually. The lad is still learning his trade in the Premier League and has time on his side in his efforts to make the national team. He was close this time, and hopefully he can use the fact that didn’t make the squad as a motivational tool to step his performance up a notch and get him into the squad.

His time will come!

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48 Responses

  1. Nice to see fabio crapello thinking of the future and calling up kevin davies. Knobhead.

  2. jay jay!! the story about a.carrol doing something wrong.may be true dropped by us and england..the fact he couldnt get in the under 21..said it all..but different rules for rooney and terry..or who ever are untouchable..who cares if he plays for england apart from a.carrol..they are crap going no where.

  3. I think he doesn’t get call-up now will be good for Carroll improvement. Because he still have plenty of room to improve and long way to go. Under Hughton and Nolan guidance he will be alright.

  4. JAY JAY spot on m8,but i belive carroll is a long way off being a england c/f,then again “who” is, cappo just running down the clock imo.

    benny rejects vist from jong,wonder why, saying he doesnt know if we will sign him mmmmmmmmmm

  5. “Under Hughton and Nolan guidance he will be alright.”

    Nolan is sh*te Ginkoh, Carroll doesnt need guidance from a player like him.

  6. From a newcastle point of view i think its great that he is not england squad. I think internatonal teams r nothing more than a distraction and a hinderence.

    Imagine if Andy Carrol ( r any other player for that matter ) picked up a serious injury while playing for england ala Owen? Or he got in his head that playing for england was more important than newcastle ala Owen again?

    R maybe Owen is just a pr!ck :)

  7. England are terrible, how anyone has the cheek to call newcastle fans deluded and yet think england have a chance of winning anything is clearly insane
    England have won nothing since 1966 – thats even longer than newcastle and were lucky to even win that with plenty “home town decisions” going their way.
    Since then they’ve been mostly utterly shite despite being lucky enough to get to a semi final once ( and even then we had been shite in that world cup)
    I have no time for england and despite the FA and Capello saying they’ll give youth a chance they still persist in the same old players – these are the same players that were so bad in the last world cup where they cared more about personal sponsorships and who earned the most rather than actually care about playing

    I hate the lot of em

  8. I noticed Man Utd have lost £87m this year…

    Although a very impressive operating profit of £100m.

  9. “ANDY CARROLL’S TIME WILL COME” too right , he’s up in front of the beak shortly , it could be walking around with a bottle top stuck up his a**e.
    his butthole maybe in constant jeopardy , if he gets a stretch.knowing our luck he will get sent down , and another player less in the squad.

  10. Toon Factor @5 – go somewhere else (like Ed’s blog) if you can’t resist slagging off your own players like that. Criticise if you must, but calling one of our own “sh*te” is not criticism; it’s mong-level dirt-slinging. (k – rant over. it’s not a friday without one)

  11. Not really Stu. It just has no bearing on us, but if you sih to discuss it then what has profit got to with it? The bottom line is they lost £80-odd million in the year.

    It just smacks of “we done shyte, but look what it could be so it’s ok”

  12. Carroll’s definitely had a big drop in form, at the worst time for him. Dropped from both England squads and the Newcastle squad, so it must be reflected in training too.

    I got very frustrated on Sunday with the number of times a winger (particularly Jonas) was trying to beat 3 defenders and nobody came in to give support. I expect at least one of Carroll, Barton or Nolan to be within 5m of them in that situation, but they just went absent too many times. Barton was the possible exception, and we ended up either losing the ball or with it going back to Tiote to start again.

    Carroll got his goals through sheer hard work and determination, but recently he (and others) have gone back to that irritating tendency to lose the ball, then sit there complaining rather than go and win it back.

    His time will come, but not until he’s learned to raise his game at times like this. Same with others in the team recently.

  13. Talking of Barton (well, kind of), was it me, or was his passing just awful on Sunday? He worked just as hard as usual and made some good runs – but the end product seemed to constantly be a pass to a blue shirt.

  14. Carrol has had a drop in form because he has no support and we very rarely create any chances for him.

  15. @Stuart79: That’s why we need new wingers who can cross…and not strikers. ;)

    Btw,who rmb the exact date of Carroll court case??

  16. Is it just me, or does that pic of Bigger Lad make him look like a lumpy housewife doing an impression of the Angel of The North?

  17. i am going 2 work..what drop in form..he is playing up front on his player on this earth can play week in week out flat refs have cost us nothing else..we have created more chances then many teams..but havnt taken them..and also less chances against teams creating chances against us..but the chances they have created..they have taken..states mean shit..but we are looking good..with a bit of luck soon..

  18. Stu – agreed, but I think he’s also looked less tenacious himself. Definitely less support behind him in the past few games; it seems to always stop either with a winger running into a cul-de-sac or Barton passing it to the opposition. Quite unbelievable gap sometimes where Nolan’s supposed to be.

  19. Asim – agree that our luck will change and results will come. Thought we looked pretty handy on Sunday overall against the world’s most expensive team. Especially once we went 4-4-2.

    I think CH will use this break to put in some new approaches and fix that final third problem. We’ll take Wigan 3-1. :)

  20. I’ve said it before but we get in brilliant positions but either the final ball is poor or there is only Carrol in the box.

    I disagree about Barton. He’s been pour best midfielder this season and one game against City where his passing wasn’t great isn’t enough to complain about him. Although against City sometimes when he got the ball there weren’t much on for him so he ended up losing it.

  21. I hope Carroll’s defence is sound and the prosecution is shown to be just another shyster looking for a pay-out.
    Can’t be easy for Bigger Lad to keep his head on the game with all that looming, though. Not at his age.

  22. Agreed Stu – the Citeh game was just an off day for Barton and even then the rest of his game was pretty good. He’s been great for us recently. Let him have one, eh?

  23. Whumpie – I’ve said it before, but I very much doubt that Carroll’s, no douby hugely expensive, lawyers will have to plead not guilty if they couldn’t get him off of it.

    If anything was wrong and Carroll was culpable for wnything then they would have told him to plead guilty and get a reduced punishment.

  24. @toonsy: is that the final court appearance where the final verdict is being made?? Or is there possibility that there will another court appearance?

    Since there is possibility he might go jail and miss the mackems game?

  25. AOD – It starts on the 25th and is scheduled for three days, It could end sooner, it could get adjourned to a later date, it could end up with him being sentanced…..

  26. I can tell you quite easily that Carroll has stuff to answer for with this court case – it’s not a typical opportunist exploiting footballer’s wages for a pay out.

  27. It doesn’t matter what his solicitors think or tell him, if he wants to plead not guilty he’ll plead not guilty.

  28. Is there any financial information available regarding NUFC?
    Kevin Davies is just a short-term patch, everyone knows that, even him probably.

  29. Loverhands – sounds like you know something we don’t on Carroll’s case. Can you enlighten us?

  30. what’s this aboot kevin davies?he couldn’t beat captain tugboat in a footrace lol.
    the kid who carroll glassed , his face was meant to be a right 2 and 8.

  31. someone i know was connected to the redheugh boys , said carroll has always been a heed the baal , even when he was 10 year old.

  32. I’m glad Andy Carroll is suffering in respect to his goal scoring form, rather now then at the at the season when we may really need some of his goals!!

    Whumpie says:
    October 8, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    “Talking of Barton (well, kind of), was it me, or was his passing just awful on Sunday? He worked just as hard as usual and made some good runs – but the end product seemed to constantly be a pass to a blue shirt.”

    Said this a few days ago, if Barton plays well, we play well, if he plays crap, we play crap. It’s no coinicidence, and I hope people start to realise the impact he can have on the team, as for me, he is technically our best midfielder. His partnership with Tiote already looks sound.

  33. jay jay , i’ll take that as a compliment , you brummie b*****d lol.a brummie is just a cockney with his nose blocked up.
    i’m to subtle as harold shipman was to geriatric medicine lol.

  34. Interesting that we sign Carroll for 5 years, just before he goes to court?
    Would be typical Newcastle ‘luck’ if he went down for, say 10 years, but did 5 for ‘good behavior’ on £Xk a week.
    england probably don’t wanna be ‘associated’ at this time.
    Also typical.