Breaking news – Andy Carroll signs new 5 year deal at Newcastle.

Posted on October 8th, 2010 | 44 Comments |

Sky Sports News are reporting that Andy Carroll has put pen to paper on a new five-year contract at Newcastle.

The new deal will keep Carroll at the club until 2015.

More to follow….

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44 Responses

  1. He’s a geordie man, course he was going to sign. Could you ever imagine leaving your boyhodd team, as their no9?

  2. Apologies for the vagueness of the article, but I literally only just seen it on SSN before I had to go to work :(

    I’ll cover it on more detail tomorrow :)

  3. Icedog you keep him right mate ;)
    Now that we have Carroll tied up maybe they can sort out S Taylor contract as I think it is a bit more urgent before we lose him for nowt.
    on a different note I was reading that Benny to De Jong and City to sling their hook when they wanted to visit,

    But on making contact with Ben Arfa’s representatives, it was made clear to City that the player did not wish to meet De Jong or any representative from the club.

  4. That Ben Arfa story is much a do about nothing really isn’t it.

    Talk about the deal when the time is right, at the end of the season, NUFC is bigger, and always will be bigger, than any player.

  5. BIG DAVE aye hes getting slack m8.didnt like to see c.h. hinting we might not sign benny,has ash being haveing a word in his ear :(

  6. Good news. Should send a message to the ‘Corporate’ clubs that not everyone is for sale and that loyalty still counts for something even in this day and age.

  7. Ice I dont know whats going on with the PR at our club, They seem to say stuff that doesnt need to be said . Then when thinks need to be said ( like when our players are getting kicked round the pitch or having their legs broke ) they say fuk all :(

  8. Ice I hope it was only a strain and wont be too long as he has been on good form. and yeah it has been all Benny I think he is heading back to France for Rehab so hope all goes good for him.

  9. Well, even if perhaps he was for sale, now the price is going to be mighty hefty. Good move on MA’s part. Secure the kid for 5 years at probably a not-so-outrageous salary, or make a ton of cash on a sale, win-win for the club.
    I just hope he can find his shooting boots here soon.

  10. Interesting that we sign Carroll for 5 years, just before he goes to court?
    Would be typical Newcastle ‘luck’ if he went down for, say 10 years, but did 5 for ‘good behavior’ on £Xk a week.
    england probably don’t wanna be ‘associated’ at this time.
    Also typical.

    He’ll also be cheaper to sign right now.

  11. I imagine it’s in his contract that if he gets ‘sent down’ he won’t be paid while there.

    He’ll be in good company. Quinn and Barton to start with.

  12. & Big Dunc.
    Aye, maybe with regard to his contract?

    But the timing is ‘useful’ to the club, leverage.

  13. BTW Stu,
    i thought those manusa figures you put up on the earlier thread were well funny.
    Cheered me up.

  14. 1979gooner
    Been reading your link with interest. Some great comments on there especially the past week regarding dangerous tackles and the FA’a complete indifference to it all. Your article showing the FA do have the power to act but choose not to citing FIFA prevents it would be laughable if it were not so serious. I agree with the comments that until one of the FA’s darlings like Rooney, Gerard, Terry cop a broken leg by a reckless challenge, absolutely nothing will happen. Until this level of violence masquerading as a ‘firm but fair challenge’ is eradicated from the game and the mindless cloggers and their neanderthal managers who encourage this stuff punished harshly then it will continue and more talented players will end up with broken bones and careers ended.
    Until fans join together in a concerted campaign to change things and embarras these dimwits at the FA and the pathetic excuses for pundits on MOTD, ESPN etc it will be status quo. Well done on Arsene Wenger at least trying to highlight the issue for so long.

  15. Deb/everybody – i’m not taking the piss but i personally see that a well timed tackle is a thing of beauty. the more i see the dejong thing – the more i really firmly believe that it was a tackle that at the time we would have cheered if one of ours had done it. personally i dont want to see this eradicated from the game.
    i beleive that HBA was injured due to a set of unfortunate/unforseen complications around the make up of the pitch – his standing leg etc blah blah. However much of a bad bastard dejong may be – i still cant see that he would intentionally want to cause such injury – but merely wanted to stamp his authority on the game at an early stage.
    i’ve done the same thing in the past (without such catastrophic outcome). there – i’ve got that off me chest

  16. “i still cant see that he would intentionally want to cause such injury – but merely wanted to stamp his authority on the game at an early stage.”

    I’d ask Xabi Alonso’s chest or Stuart Holdens leg about that in fairness.

    I could get your point if it was a one-off. Unique. But it isn’t. That is the third horror tackle in the space of around 6 months. If he is so shyte at it that he ends up injuring people then perhaps he should pack in.

  17. Tattyhead
    Disagree on the DeJong thing. I don’t think for a minute he went out to break his leg but I do think he thought he would rough him up a bit early on to let him know he was there problem was it went pear shaped big style.I think he knew excatly what he was doing and don’t think the pitch or whatever else has out to do with it in this situation. Bl**dy Alan Shearer isn’t laughing now is he with our star player out. Pity he didn’t have more to stay when Henry was fouling Barton instead of laughing with his cronies in the MOTD studio at his over the top tackling. He should hang his head in shame at that.
    To be honest my message was more on the wider issue of GBH on these players rather than the Ben Arfa thing which has been done to death. The complete incompetence of the FA, their spineless unwillingness to act retrospectively just winds me up and the pathetic excuses being wheeled out in the media to defend these thugs is amazing

  18. Hi there 1979gooner

    Thanks for the link and good to see your support. At the moment I am corresponding with the FA & Premier League regarding both De Jong and the referee and this information is indeed a welcome tool to be used! As you might guess all they are doing is palming me off. With this added information, I can feel another email coming on. :D

    Like you have just said Geordie Deb, the fact that the FA can act but won’t is both cowardly and disgraceful. How many more legs of talented young players have to be broken?

    Wenger has been ploughing a lone furrow on this subject for so long now and has been vilified for doing so. The media / press were making little of the tackle until the Dutch manager got involved.

    The trouble is, this sort of play is engrained into the British pysche and is seeming impossible to change.

  19. Mags agree with you especially regarding the British psyche and that’s whats going to hold us back in world football. As long as we have the Fat Sam’s, McCarthy’s, Pulis’s and all the other old clogger ex pro’s waffling on as so called pundits condoning this stuff nothing will change. As i said let’s see what happens when it’s one of the FA golden boys on the receiving end of one of those – stable door, horse and bolted spring to mind. Good luck with your campaign against the FA

  20. Gooner-cheers for that link, quite amusing. As the article says, numerous tackles seen already this season tick numerous boxes on the FA’s rule set, yet nowt gets done. Bloody useless they are.

  21. De Jong knew what he was doing, very early in game go in as hard as possible in an area of no consequence – thinking at worst will get a yellow but prob just a warning so early in game (henry must of got a shock against wigan)
    the reason you have to do your enforcer early is that the ref is a lot more likely to show leniency so early in game and you have a better chance of ensuring the tackled party knows the score early – de jong must have been surprised not to even get a warning but refs let a lot of things go so early in game.
    De Jong has history so he knows going in so hard is likely to do damage, he doesn’t care as he sees this as his job!

    Sooner its stamped out the game the better, lets face it the only players we would lose would be players such as de jong, cattermole, k henry, shawcross etc – hardly a big loss to football

  22. Tell you what, I wouldn’t want to be putting in a tasty tackle next weekend. I reckon the refs will be all over it ;)

    I fancy there being a few reds next week. I may go put a bet on it :D

  23. kin england – why dont they just fvck off and stop breaking up the season, no one gives a toss about them, they barely scrape 50,000 paid for tickets from a cachement area of over 60 million

  24. I for one care about England! Bit annoyed at the reason why Carroll hasn’t been picked and absolutely fckin furious that Capello’s idea of bringing through the youth is asking Heskey to come out of retirement (is this man on drugs?) And picking 33 year old Kevin Davies, when we have a good up and coming player who scores more goals than him.

    Rant over!

  25. Deb I also think it was a shame that our own manager didn’t take his chance to blast the thuggish tactics.
    After the Wolves game he didn’t blast Henry, He instead said that the game needs players like Henry :( .
    Then after citeh he just talked about the penalty decisions and never mentioned De Jong leg breaker.
    I have seen other teams supporters justifing there thug players by stating that it wasn’t that bad as even CH didn’t mention the tactics.

  26. True Big Dave. I must admit I was surprised that CH didn’t have a go over the Henry antics. Big mistake there and hopefully learnt his lesson, that there’s times to be diplomatic and keep your own counsel and times you need to stand up and be counted. After the Wolves match he needed to blast the tactics being used and especially that thug Henry not say the game needs players like him – foolish in the extreme!