Carroll bailed until January.

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Yo..... Roomie!
Yo..... Roomie!
More details are beginning to emerge regarding the latest controversy to surround Andy Carroll.

Earlier today it was reported that Carroll would have to appear in front of Tynedale Magistrates Court to answer a charge of assault.

The verdict of the hearing is that Carroll has been bailed, with the rather strange condition that he must stay at captain Kevin Nolan’s house attached to the bail order.

The usual clauses of not being able to contact prosecution witnesses in the meantime will also apply, and Carroll will have to tread carefully for the forseeable future. Unfortunately it means Carroll must face another day in court which is scheduled for the 10th of January.

According to The Sheilds Gazette, Carroll was charged with assaulting an ex-girlfriend in Ponteland some time after 4:30am yesterday morning. I’m not going to guess what was going on, but Carroll needs to learn to stay away from situations like that in my opinion.

Anyway, now that little bullet has been temporarily dodged it will allow Carroll to focus solely on the upcoming court case due to start a week today where the big number nine will be appearing to answer a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Which brings me onto behaviour, something Carroll clearly needs to learn something about. As Alan Shearer has said in the past, there is more to being the number nine than just giving your all on the pitch. It carries a certain profile that demands that the wearer of it, in this case Carroll, conducts himself in a certain way. Kind of like a role model if you will.

Now I have calmed down a little about the whole escapade I realise that none us know any of the details of what went on so it would be unfair to pass a judgement on the lad. What I will say is that Carroll needs to learn pretty quickly to calm his temper and stop reacting to provocation. If he can’t stop that then he needs to make sure he doesn’t put himself in those kinds of situations in the first place.

It’s time to grow up, Andy!

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118 Responses

  1. I am assuming that Nolan has come forward to act as a guarantor for Carroll. That is on and beyond the duty of a skipper! We owe him and even more Nolan’s wife a debt of gratitude.

  2. Jettson – I’m not sure if they are together now to be honest……

    Carroll gave his address as the Jessie Dean hotel, so why would he do that if he could just trot of home to Mrs Carroll?

  3. he’s nobbing some lass I know man, and god knows who else! Funny thing is she thinks they are some sort of a couple haha, modern footballers man, grade A shaft lickers if you ask me.

  4. Let’s wait for the facts but I fear this is starting to have a wiff of disaster about it!

    He needs to grow up and appreciate the priveleged situation he is in.

  5. Come on Ashley, there’s a TV show in this :lol: AC having to have Chrimbo at Nolan’s house (hide the chocolate Mrs. Nolan):lol:

    Wait and see what the facts are, although he really doesn’t seem too be learning :( Good thing Big Kev is a model proffesional, it might rub off :)

  6. Stu,
    he’ll have his own courtroom at this rate. At least he’ll have somewhere to kip.

  7. TOONSY – No notes about who brought this to the attention of your good self first I see?!?!?!?

  8. toonsy,
    let’s just make sure there are no teenage girls to bray at Nolan’s house party, hey?

  9. AC should get to grips very soon with his position and what it means to waer the shirt and be the nmbr 9!!
    It is not acceptable to be in this position (guilty or not!!)
    Big thanks to Captain Nolan for doing this, a model pro there and something for which he should be congratulated on, im sure he has plenty of spare rooms (or is it wings in Darras hall??)
    C’mon Andy, see sense mate, your letting everyone down!!

  10. Latest news ; hughton was given the ultimatum before the Wigan game that anything other than a result then he was sacked. Colo saved his job.
    Kinnear is waiting in the wings!!!

  11. @16 – if JK comes back then relegation comes with it, along with no crowds!!
    MA CAN NOT be so daft again can he??
    tyneside revolt beckons if that happens!!

  12. I had a dream few weeks ago that jurgen klinsmann will be our next manager? Lad’s,would he be good enough? ;)

  13. Boolocks – surely the crowd will beg for Shearer and he will come back?! I wouldnt mind Martin Jol if the worst happens but it is still too early to even be talking like this surely? Fat boy has to have learnt? Though the price of failure is too high these days.

  14. Woa, lads – lads!! You gullible muppets. Shinton comes on here with a wind-up like that now and again. It’s just him having a laugh by seeing how many over-reactions he can generate, that’s all.

    What scares me is the number of over-reactions he CAN generate. Where the hell is your loyalty, fellas?

  15. Christ on a bike – we’ve not even had that bad a start.

    All this talk of sackings and possible replacements is effin ridiculous.

  16. RAFFO half the team might be ganning,C.H.side-kick at hibs to be there new manager mmmmmmmmmmmm

  17. I’ll be gutted (and worried) if we lose Calderwood. I strongly suspect that he’s the reason our defence was turned around so dramatically. But he deserves his chance, of course – can’t blame him for trying for a job like that.

  18. i’m with wor bobby on this one – fat ash’s finger is on the trigger & he thinks the world of jfk.

    taxi for hooters…

  19. Oh, for chrissakes. So predictable and gullible. Have you lot not noticed that ‘stability’ thing that’s happened over the past year?

    Yes, we may lose the odd deputy coach; that’s normal because they all want to be a head coach somewhere. But CH is going nowhere, and nobody is panicking or looking for exit doors. We’re 13th, one win off 9th. We’ve looked dodgy at home, but have also had some amazing results and shown all the fight that was missing 2 years ago.

    Anything you hear or read about sackings or departures is just bunkum and we all ought to have learned that by now. A supporter’s reaction to any suggestion of CH going should be “no bloody way”.

    Those who go straight into who they’d like to see replacing them need to go and work out why they even claim to support the club.

  20. LETS just back those at the club whoever it is or might be,what else can we do its wor club at the end of the day

  21. Toon Chicken says:
    October 18, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    It’s not been that good a start when you consider the teams we’ve played imo.

  22. CH is the best manager we’ve had for donkey’s years. He’s achieved extraordinary things in extraordinarily poor circumstances and so far is on target to do what’s needed this season too.

    He’s also a calm, intelligent, moralistic, respected Englishman. The idea that Ashley is considering whether to keep him is utterly daft. The idea that some ‘fans’ are thinking the possibility anything but a bad and ridiculous thing is just embarrassing.

  23. The Daily Mail article is a fcking disgrace! It has been written by a journalist who is banned from St James’ Park and don’t we know it!

    How this paper or any other paper for this matter can get away with writing this is beyond me.

    Although Ashley did look a right grumpy git! So would I if I thought I might have to spend a couple more million in January though…

  24. Stu – I didn’t say it was a good start tho – just not THAT bad – certainly not bad enough to start talking about Chris getting the sack.

    If we’re still 14th come the end of the season then anyone thinks the season has been anything short of a success is deluded.

  25. Stu – agree that it’s not what you’d call a good start given the opposition. But it’s hardly a disastrous one, is it? Ask any liverpool fan!
    I’m enjoying this season more than any for years. I still go into each match thinking there is the possibility – if not always the likelihood – of winning. That’s partly due to the way the Prem is this season, but largely because we’ve got a decent, fired-up team.
    The lack of depth and quality means we get found out now and again, but the sheer guts and creativity is just as likely to come through, which is when you get a Chelski or a Villa type of match. We’ve only failed to score in two games, which says a lot.
    I wouldn’t say we’re looking great, but are we really going through anything we didn’t expect at the beginning of the season?

  26. TC – “If we’re still 14th come the end of the season then anyone thinks the season has been anything short of a success is deluded”.

    Why? The club stated its target and 14th exceeds it. How would you not classify that as success? We aren’t going for Europe here, regardless of whether you like it or think we should. Survival is the target. End of.

    But don’t forget that we beat last year’s target by 23 points!

  27. AAAAH!! TC – so sorry – just re-read your post and you were saying the opposite to what I thought. Apologies, fella. Entirely agree with you!

  28. I actually think it’s been a pretty poor start when you consider we’ve lost to Stoke and Blackpool at home and only got a point against Wigan at home. But to sack Hughton? Fckin hell, man! Even NUFC fans must think that’s a bit premature, surely?

    It will be interesting come Christmas if we’re bottom three though…

  29. strange old game this,who would expect l/pool to start so bad in bottom 3, everton to play so bad at home,gunners beaten at home by so called 2nd raters ect etc,we will be alright ime sure, have faith

  30. What an idiot and great timing when he’s up in court for another assault charge next week; he will end up in jail at this rate.

    But this also looks to me like C.H has given them Monday off, otherwise why would he be out at 4.30am on monday morning? Time to step down C.H and let someone who can take control of this team in?

  31. I’d go for Steve Clarke if Calderwood goes to Hibs. Although the chances remain nil, considering he was on about 8 times as much as Hughton is on at WH.

  32. MA wrote checks last year to get NUFC back into the EPL. Job done. Now he is seeing those bodies, who are better than most Championship players are not up to snuff (at least not yet) in the EPL and investment will have to be made, or squad youngsters will have to be given a chance to see if they can fill the bill.

    I would be absolutely dumbfounded if MA were thinking of canning CH. Maybe a scout or two is on the line, but maybe another scout or two is what is needed to find the bodies that can do the work on the pitch.

    Here is a prime example of the managers dilemma. The best attack for NUFC comes down the left side. But Carroll is strongly left footed. This makes a daunting challenge for getting crosses deflected into the net. Carroll seems to have tons more energy and promise than Shola, but Shola is nicely two-footed. So who do you put in the game? If WR or another RW could reliably send in good crosses, Carroll becomes the monster we all think he can be. Let’s hope #9 works on his right leg (rather than his middle-which always gets him in trouble) and the work is done on the practice fields, not in the prison yard.

  33. DJG says:
    October 18, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    “Time to step down C.H”

    Why on eath would you want him to do that, DJG? Do you never learn anything from anything?

  34. I’m guessing that DJG is about 5-6 years old and last season was his first full season supporting the Toon.

  35. Don’t think CH has done anything wrong. We might not be playing fantastic, but thats because we don’t have the players to – not Hughtons fault.

    The only game he’s messes up tactically was against Stoke in my opinion.

    It’d be a mistake not to let him see the end of the season at least.

    Think the story is bollocks though.

  36. “But this also looks to me like C.H has given them Monday off, otherwise why would he be out at 4.30am on monday morning?”

    it happened 4.30am sunday morning…..

  37. Haven’t got a clue Batty – but something needs to be done pronto! Perch and Willo? They’re back up at best, but then again so are RTaylor, Simpson. STaylor is the best bet with Campbell (can he stay fit). The real problem has been there for a long time now – no pace through the middle. I’m sure CH knows this – thus the Benny signing.
    Up front Shola for me is No 1, Ranger 2, Caroll 3. The rest are pants!

  38. Lets not forget that Hughton only had approx £3.5 million to spend after promotion! I think even Blackpool spent more than that.

    Lets see where we are at Christmas and see how we’re playing before even looking at changing anything.

  39. clueless chris has door mat on his head ,thats how the players treat him ,and has enter tattooed on his arse but only fat ash sees that

  40. I had a fight with wor lass and didn’t see her for three days…….. Then the swelling went down and I could see her out of one eye. :-)

  41. Chris Hughton is one of the last decent, intelligent men in football and deserves the undlited respect and support of all of us.

    There: colours, post, nailed.

  42. RICHIETOON eye eye,was that before or after the speeding job.
    if things are true it would j.carver for me like

  43. Dammit. Liked Calderwood, but you can’t blame him. Good luck to the fella.

    Back to Bigger Lad: NUFC.COM say he’s pleaded self-defence. Reckon he’s at Nolan’s house with a frying-pan shaped bruise on his head?

  44. If Mike moobs is even considering sacking Hughton then is a more of a first rate twat than i thought.

    Its his fault all the guy had to spend was £5m, No way enough to expect a comfy saunter to midtable.

    Hughton can take a bit of flack for not taking Perch out of the firing line when he’s had Campbell on the bench on a fair few occasions, He could have moved Colo to right back and benched Perch, Saving us about half a dozen points.

    Although to be fair to hoots if Taylor, Campbell and Simpson were fit, Perch would have had time to gradually adapt and not have to hit the ground running by playing every game.

    Still Hughton should be given full support certainly by Ashley whos chubby rear he saved big time last season.

  45. Stu, re the Daily Mail article, Colin Young is a sunderland supporter and just cant help himself, thats why they print as many anti toon articles.

  46. Batty – I was going to but I saw Worky was beavering away writing about Calderwood, so I’ll have something to eat instead ;)

  47. @JJ For me CH was tactically at fault on Saturday too. Zog was obviously the main threat in that Wigan side, Chrissy even said as much. So why put Guthrie on the right, when he’s clearly not going to be fully match fit and can’t stay wide?

    Say what you want about the shortcomings of Wayne and Raylor, at least they know where they’re supposed to be. Perch was woefully out of position for both goals, but I’m sure that’s partially because he had to do all of Guthrie’s wing work too.

  48. Let’s guess who shall be the new Assistant Manager….

    Alan Shearer,JFK,KK,Peter Beardsley? :lol:

  49. batty says:
    October 18, 2010 at 6:12 pm

    “lee clark as beardos number 2 sack clueless chris”

    If Ashley sacks “Clueless Chris”, we’re gannin’ to get Wee Jimmy Krankie, batty. :-)

  50. Not bothered Calderwood’s gone. he was a total route one, ”hoof it ” merchant , just ask Forest fans. Bring on Beardo or Poyet and we’ll see some decent football.

    Not fussed about Carroll either. Maybe now we’ll see some football on the deck for a change.

  51. Beardsley as no2 for me, n I kno perch hasn’t been great but rtaylor is not the answer for id play colo their played their lots for deportivo n brin in sol to partner willo

  52. Beardsley to take over for me, put Hughton in charge of the reserves because he’s a coach not a manager. So Barry Chuckle has left aswell. Didn’t take long for him to make his mind up did it?

    Beardo = Genius. Saved the club before, will pull us owt the sh!te again.

  53. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    October 18, 2010 at 6:51 pm

    “How worky,
    did y’get my donation?”

    Aye, I did, and it was very generous. Thanks Clint!!!

    I’m just gannin’ through a list writing to everyone to thank you all, but it’s gannin slowly because I’m back deein’ more work on the site now.

  54. icedog says:
    October 18, 2010 at 6:36 pm
    never dull being a toon fan,sad at times but never dull


    That really ought to be the club’s motto, plastered in 15 foot letters from the top of St. James, that light up at night bright enough to be seen from France…

  55. Jesus H Christ, sorry for the swearing, but what the hell is wrong with this stupid brat andy effin carroll, does he have two brains cells to rub together. This is the second time in less than a year he is in trouble with the police. It would have been the third time if Stephen Taylor had of made an offical complaint, he Carroll, would be in jail by now. And all you lot saying lets hear the facts first, face the facts, he is a yob that is too handy with his fists. He is as bad as Joey Barton was; Barton should never been given the chances he had at our club, he should have been sold as soon as possible. Sell Carroll in January, stuff the 5year contract he has signed, surely there must be a clause in his contract about not getting into trouble with the law.

  56. Timed the signing of that contract well if he goes down at some point? Will we subsidise another criminal. We’re like a charity home for jailbirds.

    Who really knows what’s gone on recently? But several incidents doesn’t bode well for the kid. What a waste of talent if he blows it.

  57. Barton has had one chance at our club & he’s behaving himself for now, so ease off.
    Carroll, you’ve got a point there like.

  58. Maybe Taylor didn’t make a complaint because he started it ? who knows, I don’t cos I wasn’t there obviously you were.

  59. Ice…forgot wu anniversary the other day, got home she battered me with the vacuum cleaner……talk about Dyson with death :lol:

  60. RICHIETOON :) shame on her beating up a old geezer like,dave has a walking frame ime sure he would lend you,he has a spare

  61. BIG DAVE can you lend richietoon one of your walking frames m8,his mrs has kicked his one good leg

  62. S Taylor started what? Said something that Carroll did’nt like, Taylor’s was the one who ended up with his jaw wired shut.

    Carroll is well over 6ft, big and strong as we are constantly being reminded by CH, why does he need to assault a teenage lass, the second time he has assaulted a girl. Unless she came at him with a weapon in her hands, that is his only defence.

    He either needs to shape up or be shipped out asap.

  63. I didnt say he started it,I said we weren’t there so we dont know…for all we know he hit Carroll first,Carroll hit him back,it only takes one punch to break a jaw…so if that happened should he be punished for having a harder punch than Taylor?
    Like I said we werent there for any of it,let the law sort it out,if he did wrong he’ll get punished then he can be hung out to dry mate.

  64. @114 Spot on Richietoon, also a lot of these posts are assuming his guilt (even though it doesn’t look good for him) – but in the eyes of the law you are innocent until proven otherwise..

  65. lets keep in mind its an ex girlfriend accusing, couple of mates have been accused of abusing their lass’ after bad break ups and what not but none of it was true. also give hoots time, but if he is going then i would want o’neil

  66. I remember giving wor lass a good kicking after she came at me with a wet sponge – cheeky cow deserved it