Carroll shows Taylor how to do it!

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The latest hot topic regarding Newcastle United has to be the signing of Andy Carroll to a new long term contract with the club.

It shows just how much Carroll loves the club. I mean genuinely loves the club. He has shown commitment and has stated that the only thing he ever wanted to do was play for Newcastle.

He is living the dream at the moment, the dream that you or I will have shared at some point no doubt.

It would be nice to see the same commitment from Steven Taylor if I’m being honest with you, but I have my doubts over the intentions of the adopted Geordie. I understand I will be treading a fine line on this one and some people may not like what I am writing but at the end of the day it is my opinion.

My gut feeling is that Taylor, despite his claims in the press that he wants to stay at Newcastle, will be fixing up a move away in January. I will happily be proved wrong mind as I would much rather have him in the squad than be without him.

His contract talks have dragged on for too long now in my opinion, and there still seems to be no resolution in sight. Unfortunately for the club, Taylor holds all the cards now.

But why has there been no deal as yet? Is money the problem? Some will point towards the club and say that they won’t offer the wages that Taylor may be after. I would answer that by pointing to Hatem Ben Arfa and Cheick Tiote. Both new signings, both international players, both agreed wages at the club, sensible wages no doubt.

Getting back to Carroll, I don’t doubt that he will have got a nice pay rise to go with his new five year deal, but they will be sensible wages that the club are willing to pay. There lies the problem with Taylor in my opinion.

If Taylor really does want to stay then why will he not accept what is a reasonable offer from the club? Is he expecting too much? Does he think he is worth more than he is being offered? Or does he believe he can get a better deal elsewhere?

The answer to that question will no doubt reveal itself at some point in the future, but I have had my suspicions over Taylor’s motives for some years now, longer than I have been writing on this site for, and I have mentioned it on here a few times now.

I think Taylor gets away with a lot because he is a “local lad”, or is classed as one at least. Fair enough as everyone has an opinion and all that. I guess it just takes me a little longer to trust again after the numerous times he and his representatives have tried to angle a better deal at the expense of the club. How carefully leaked stories to none other than Louise Taylor came from within the Taylor camp some time back in an attempt to force the hand of the club. Those things are quite often forgotten.

The fact is that no one player is bigger than the club, and if that is how Taylor views himself nowadays then perhaps the time is right for the love affair to end.

What do you reckon?

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45 Responses

  1. Toonsy :lol: who really knows what is going on, and we may never know what is happening or happened.
    But you are right no player is bigger than the club including Captain Tugboat.
    As I said earlier but you ignored me I honestly think Taylor will struggle to get his position back as I think the pairing of Colo and Willo is a good pairing and barring injuries I dont think the pairing should be broke up, by the way have you heard owt about Colo’s injury ? .
    As for Willo I liked the guy before we even signed him and I even said on here when we first found out that we we’re after him that I thought he would surprise a lot of folk ;) .
    But I still think Taylor would fit in at RB :)

  2. Dave 55k is roughly what he was on at Marseille. We would have to match that or get Marseille to pay a percentage. Can yo see them doing that?

  3. Batty there is no fooling you mate you know what he is like ;)
    Toonsy so you are saying that £55k is sensible and do you think Taylor is looking more than that ?

    “Some will point towards the club and say that they won’t offer the wages that Taylor may be after. I would answer that by pointing to Hatem Ben Arfa and Cheick Tiote. Both new signings, both international players, both agreed wages at the club, sensible wages no doubt.”

  4. Dave – For a lad the quality of Ben Arfa who has played in Champs Leagues, for his country etc, yes, I think 55k is sensible.

    Whether Taylor is looking for more? Who knows? But realistically what has he ever done to warrant being able to call the shots?

    A full internationsl? No
    Improved from where he started out from? No
    Irreplacable? No

  5. Batty – I know Stevie T is a shyster mate. Just as bad as Ash in my opinion ;)

    It’s only the simple ones who can’t see he is using the club ;)

  6. after 3 shoulder operations maybe newcastle are reluctant to offer him a long and lucrative contract.

  7. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Taylor was cast aside because he was too close to Big Al, and there fore mightn’t be a member of Nolans fan club :)

    Toonsy @ 9 IMO when you resort to name calling because someone has a different opinion to yours you have lost the argument ;)
    and would I be right in saying that Benny has only 1 cap for the senior frogs ?

  8. Toonsy thats a cracker mate > Batty – I know Stevie T is a shyster mate. Just as bad as Ash in my opinion

    So Taylor is as responsible as the Fat controller for getting us relegated :lol:

    I’ll have a pint of what yer on :)

  9. Dave – Nope, he has had eight caps for France.

    It’s not an argument either. It’s my opinion that Taylor is a w@nker and that won’t be changed…

    Edit – “I’ll have a pint of what your on” – An insult? Does that mean you have lost the argument, Dave?

    My point being, Steven Taylor is a shyster, and has always been a shyster who hides behind his mock Geordieism to screw the club. Just like Ash

  10. big dave @ 1
    totally agree, and it’s nice to see someone having a longer memory than 2 weeks regarding Collo and Willo. Can you remember a time when you have been so confident in our centre back pairing? I can’t!!

    Regarding Taylor again, totally agree, I actually think his best position is right back, and I think he the attributes to become our first choice full back. At centre half, well, toonsy said it unfortunately, has he improved over the years? No, and that’s the mitigating factor for me. Purely based on this, I wouldn’t be bothered if he was to leave.

  11. ‘Whether Taylor is looking for more? Who knows? But realistically what has he ever done to warrant being able to call the shots?’

    Toonsy, he has a good routine where he pretends to have been shot by a sniper. All the top clubs are looking for those sorts of qualities in a player. ;)

  12. DJG – Would those same qualities be constantly being caught out of position and making errors? He is good at that aswell ;)

    It’s ok though. He can make as many mistakes as he wants because at least he tries :roll: :lol:

    He hasn’t improved in seven years, but that is ok because at least he tries :roll: :lol:

    And so on…..

  13. Toonsy @ 13 :lol: mate that was a super bite, i’m having trouble reeling you in ;) you need to change your bait :lol:

    As for ” i’ll have a pint of what yer on ” IMO is nothing like calling folk “simple” because they have a different opinion than yours mate.
    You could be right about Taylor being a Tanker but the trouble is we will never really know what goes on at the club.
    As for Benny’s international career I thought he only had 1 Cap so thats even better ;)

  14. Does anyone else know about Colo since The Tantrum Toonsy wont answer me :) ,
    Im just glad Jay Jay isn’t about to hear one of our own being crucified :lol:

  15. Toonsy it just says TBC I thought it might have been just a wee strain and would have been ok after 2 weeks rest ;)
    on a complete different topic did anyone watch the CG Table tennis ?

  16. Dave – Not heard owt about Colo tbh. I’m hoping along the same lines as you, that the rest will do him some good. Still, we have Campbell anyway so we have cover :)

  17. Jay did you see the abuse that Toonsy one is giving wor Taylor like, I dont know what is happening with him but he has got real nasty lately ;) and he was always so nice and easy going before.
    Jay what did you think of Norn Iron holding Italy to a draw mate ;)

  18. toonsy – you have it in for Taylor. Shame on you!

    On a brighter note, great to see X factor back on!

  19. Taylor isn’t committed big dave, I only defend the committed players. I was suprised by the draw big dave, great result.

  20. Dave – on one occasion against City, Cambell gave Adebeyor a couple of yards start and still got to the ball first. He’s still top notch imo.

  21. Calm down, toonsy. I’m just making the point that you obviously have it in for him. Personally I think he’s probably our best centre half.

  22. Just Snapped de Jong on FIFA and he had to go off injured straight away :D better still, ameobi did it to him and didn’t even get carded :)

  23. Dunno if it’s already been mentioned and it may be from the daily fail..But along with reporting Ben Arfa’s rep’s refused to let De Jong visit him in hospital, they’re also saying we have sent a video (after the written letter to the FA), to Referee’s chief Mike Riley of key decisions throughout the game asking for his “observations”.
    The video consisted of footage from Williamson’s fair challenge on Tevez, Lescott’s challenge on Shola and Tevez’ goal celebration. I actually didn’t realise that Tevez had already been Yellow Carded before leaving the field to celebrate the penalty and we’re arguing that surely warrants a second yellow card.

  24. Sol ‘IS’ 2nd fastest in the prem, after walcott. Tested over the last 2 seasons.
    It’s a pathetic fallacy when ‘pundits’ trot out : “He’s lost a yard of pace”…

  25. stu,
    Sol skinned adebayor every time head to head, in that game, great to see.
    Glad someone else noticed.

  26. Ross,
    & lescott’s stamp on Perch, de mong’s kicking out at Tiote, still no free kicks or cards.

  27. I wouldn’t bang on to much about our perceived solid centre back pairing, we’re averaging 2 goals a game against us – hardly a great average

  28. FF11 – Agreed. There’s a lot of people saying how great we’ve performed but when you look at the facts its not great.

    Take the Villa ‘freak’ result out and we’re probably the lowest scorers in the league. I’d rather spread the goals out, not score more than half our tally against one team.

    Like it or not, we’re in a relegation scrap this season. We aint got good records in them.

  29. i know it’s only the sunday papers but just seen that apperently we want Niko Kranjcer from spurs on a pre-contract agreement in january for the summer on a free, presumming we stay up i guess, great bit of buisines if it comes off :D

  30. Sol ‘IS’ 2nd fastest in the prem, after walcott. Tested over the last 2 seasons.
    It’s a pathetic fallacy when ‘pundits’ trot out : “He’s lost a yard of pace”…


    Stats don’t tell the whole story. A ford modeo has a higher top speed than a lotus elise, but which one would make it round the track quicker?

  31. i was a big fan of tayls a few years back, but since then it seems like every 2 years there’s an issue with his contract. He hasn’t developed like we thought he might have and he’s running off with his teammates lasses. I’m sick of him quite frankly and i highly doubt that he would get the same kind of defense if he were a cockney gobsh!te as opposed to a geordie one. I doubt he has any friends left at the club and he probably wants out and these contract talks are just his claim to innocence. I watched the depor game as well and have to say his injury looked a bit dubious. I don’t know whats going on behind the scene but i do know i’m sick of hearing his name and contract in the same sentence every 2 summers.

  32. What a $h|te comment. You seem to want to pack his bags for him. Pathetic way to get a few people to click on your article. You’ve hit rock bottom and started to dig with this unprofessional and un-NUFC cr@p.

  33. I love X factor so much….I get so much piece and quiet its so good, Have not a clue what dripple is on and never will. give me rado 5 and football manager I am happier than a cockney in Sports Direct in the Lonsdale section.