Dyer’s warning to Carroll.

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Dyer: Naughty boy on Tyneside.
Dyer: Naughty boy on Tyneside.
Former Toon midfielder, Kieron Dyer, has come out with a warning to Andy Carroll, as the latest episode in the Carroll saga unravels with news of his latest brush with the courts and an incident involving an attack on his new Range Rover.

Dyer, who spent who spent no less than eight years on Tyneside and has had a significant portion of his career ruined by injury, was involved in various incidents while on Tyneside. These included a violent encounter with teammate, Lee Bowyer, on the pitch, also having his car vandalised, as well as “roasting” allegations and a memorable run in with Sir Bobby Robson. He said of his own time at Newcastle:

“They called us the Brat Pack, and I suppose we were at the time. There was myself, Craig Bellamy, Jermaine Jenas, Titus Bramble, Carl Cort – we were young lads who had a lot of money, single, living away from home.

“We were enjoying life off the pitch and we got up to all sorts. But that is the problem you have in a city like Newcastle.

“We were doing well on the pitch and we were intent on enjoying ourselves off it, but we got into too many scrapes. We attracted the wrong sort of attention and there are things I did which I just can’t believe when I look back.

“That is what happens when you turn young men into millionaires in a city where they receive so much adulation just for being footballers. There are so many dangers when that happens, so many pitfalls – I fell into a lot of them.

“I look at Andy Carroll and you can see the same problems. I hope he gets himself sorted out because he could become an excellent player.”

Here’s hoping for the sake of both the team, and himself, that he does.

Meanwhile, Dyer himself will be fighting, though not in the literal sense, hopefully, for a place in the West Ham team to face Newcastle United at the Boleyn Ground / Upton Park on Saturday.

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14 Responses

  1. Please give dyer a good reception, get the feeling we’ll regret it if we don’t, bit like Adam Johnson and nzog.

  2. Dyer is actually a canny lad, he was very emotional in a post match interview when he had just found out that SBR had died.

  3. I quite like the lad, and he’s been pretty honest about himself here. Seriously talented, too, and such a shame about the injuries.

    I was at the match where he had his fight with Bowyer and I remember thinking it was just a symptom of something much, much worse.

    Let’s not give him and Parker a rough time at the weekend – they were both decent enough players for us and didn’t leave under a cloud as far as I’m concerned. Besides – they’ll only work harder to score against us if we boo them.

  4. Jay Jay – yep, probably. Genuine, gut-wrenching regret going on there, I think. When you think how we feel about SBR, imagine how he must be with everything the great man did for him.

  5. agreed about parker anyway..
    apparently he didnt wanna leave at the time. fat sham wanted barton didnt he, so parker was bait.
    he is and was brilliant a player i respect alot, i hope he doesnt get abuse
    dyer on the other hand, im sure he was fairly public in his desire to leave at the time

  6. Dyer has been a right little turd. But this interview shows he knows it and I can’t help but feel sorry for the fella. Besides – he put in some cracking games for the Toon.

  7. IF Carroll is hanging about with slogs and their pimps, how long till the gamblers have him compromised and he has to start missing critical shots to insure the bookies make their spread? The integrity of the team and league are on the line when this stuff happens. I hope the NUFC & EPL have investigators that will get to the bottom of this and keep this kid from ending up like some boxer who is told before the match which round he is to go down.

  8. Despite the off-field problems, Dyer was the attacking catalyst in our midfield for many years. We have yet to replace his mobility and intelligent running up and down the centre of midfield. I remember watching him come on as a sub for us once – and the entire game visibly sped up 50% as soon as he had his first touch. Class player.

    He didn’t get SBR the sack – that’s such warped small mindedness. That’s like a couple getting divorced and blaming it on the kid. It was the board, plain and simple.

  9. “It was the board, plain and simple”

    Agreed the board at the time were plain and simple.

  10. I have a lot of respect for Dyer and Parker. They put in some excellent performances for the toon and we at least got back the money we paid for them so I don’t think people can be unhappy with them. Dyer played over 280 games for us and helped us see Champions League football while Parker was made club captain despite only being here for two years. All in all, I hope they don’t get booed, for I think people sometimes forget what they did for the club. Dyer has owned up for what he did, not many people do that these days.