Hughton challenges fringe players to step up.

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Ranger: Hoping for a place the neet!
Ranger: Hoping for a place the neet!
Chris Hughton has challenged his fringe players to step up and perform tonight as they prepare to face Arsenal in the last 16 of the Carling Cup.

The United boss wants the players to build on their feel good factor and add Arsenal to their list of League Cup victories.

Hughton looks set name a second string XI tonight against the Gunners, just like he did at Stamford Bridge when he named an entirely new XI from the side which beat Everton days before.

United’s boss told the Press Association:

“There is nothing that lifts and breeds confidence like winning football matches, and whether that’s the same team, whether that’s a completely different team or whether that’s a mixture, it’s a feeling that goes through the club.

“That would see us going into the Sunderland game certainly more confident.”

Hughton is expected to call on the young talent at his disposal again tomorrow with the likes of Shane Ferguson, Tamas Kadar, Haris Vuckic and Nile Ranger all pushing for starts.

“Young Ferguson did very, very well in the last game; Vuckic, it’s a tremendous opportunity for him, as it is for Tamas Kadar, who missed out on the last game, but is now back in contention again.

“But the responsibility I have is to try to get the right balance. We are healthier at the top end at the moment and it will be a good opportunity for me very much to use the squad I have.”

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31 Responses

  1. oh, I would love for Ranger to show Arsenal what they missed out on. Hopefully there will be fewer thug pictures like this, and more pics of him scoring and celebrating his goals with the first team

  2. Paul, I was gonna ask where you found a picture like that of Nile, but then I just googled it myself and it was on the first page HA

  3. AndyT-

    Agreed mate. I’d be over the moon to see Ranger score a hat trick against the gooners like!

  4. Toonsy-

    What’s shakin’ bro? Sorry I been gone for so long. Just been busy. Workin on some school stuff to finally get my damnable degree after more time than I’d like to admit to.

    I DID however meet the only actual Geordie who lives in Nashville though. She’s pretty cool, no doubt. She wanted to test me to see how big a Toon fan I was so she asked me if I knew the difference between a Geordie and a Mackem. LMFAO!!

  5. OHurley, I’d be over the moon to see any of our players score a hat trick tonight. Hell, I’d be happy 3 own goals from Arsenal!

  6. So what did I do? Sang every bloody verse of Blaydon Races. Not really, mind. That woulda been kinda lame seein’ as that we were in a quiet bar at lunch time. But I COULD. And that’s the point.

    Now- HWTL and let’s blast the gunners!

  7. sky sports reporting on lower crowds in the cup games last night, with them predicting 27 to 28,000 at SJP tonight.

    Get the feeling Wenger will really want to win tonight … no cup since 2004(?) … should be sacked ;)

  8. AndyT-

    LOL yeah, that would be the most hilarious loss ever. Can you IMAGINE the look on Wenger’s face if his team scored 3 own goals?! PRICELESS.

  9. Shrews Mag-

    It would be a shame of Arsenal sacked Arsene Wenger. Sure he needs to win something, but he’s an exceptional manager. I’d hate to see him lose his job. But on the other hand, when he’s playin’ the Toon I could care less. Feck him, the frog b@stard.

  10. I think all of football would go absolutely crazy if Wenger was sacked for not winning any silverware in the last 5 years. He has single-handedly developed one of the most positive, attacking sides in English football.

    I’d love to kick them out of this cup tonight though

  11. O’Hurley – Just joking mate … hence the ;) just a swipe at fickle fans of these top 4 clubs :)

    Agree that he’s a top man … but hope he has a nightmare tonight … along with his team … :)

  12. Cant believe that its being reported on SSN that the betting on Hughton leaving the club has been suspended, WTF is going on at our club?

  13. shrews,
    i was chatting to a gooner about the game, last night, & he was saying just that: ‘Sack Wenger’. I said & get who, he said ‘i dunno, anyone’… Weird or what?
    FFF=Fickle Football Fans.

  14. bbb,
    nowt to do with the club mate.
    It’s all about CH not having his contract renewed yet.
    The media will extrapolate the usual bullsh.
    F*** ’em, with a baseball bat!

  15. what if, colin left because the board told them they needed to turn it around or get the sack? Also the reason why hoots doesn’t have a #2 yet is because the fat bastard is looking to sack him so won’t sign a coach for a soon to be sacked manager? I think that has to be boll*** but there are strange signs. If it’s true it’s ridiculous. We are in 9th with an overacheiving team (at times). Hoots had 5 mil to add to a newly promoted squad.
    Tell me i’m just losing my mind…

  16. CF – and here’s me just joking … I can’t get my head around that one … some fans do not know how well off they are :(

  17. Shrews mag

    Which top 4 clubs are u talking about ? I would say now there is a top 5 of who could realistically challenging the premier league


  18. bbb SSN have to pad their program out with any old shit,and also have to justify employing David Craig

  19. Summer – no chance spurs getting anywhere near the title. I am not a betting man … but even I would put good money on that one … :)

  20. Still no assistant manager then? Still no contract talks for Hughton?
    Ashley’s selling up!

  21. I think you have to consider them. They are in the champions League. They are probably the least likely of those to win though.